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            The Guardian

Installment 6


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 11 – Growing Closer. 

The little bugger did it to me again!  I knew I had to respond, because I couldn't let him get away with this. 

"You know that's not an option," I stated, as I stared him down and flashed him a dirty look.  "What would you like me to BUY you for your birthday?" I repeated, since I thought it might be best to rephrase the question. 

"I don't want you to buy me anything," he answered.  "What I want is you to give me the best present possible and the one I would enjoy the most." 

"You certainly aren't very good at keeping promises, are you?" I challenged, somewhat annoyed.  "Did you forget about your promise that you'd never do anything like this again?" 

"Come on!  My birthday is only once a year," he groaned.  "It's not like I'm asking you to do it once a day, once a week or even once a month, but that would be nice."  He tilted his head and gave me a look that said, 'You'll do that for me if you love me.  Won't you?'

"And if I do this, then you'll keep finding excuses or other reasons why I should do it over and over again," I countered.  "Next time you'll ask me to do it for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, the spring solstice, Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the winter solstice, Christmas or New Year's Day and those are only the ones that come to mind now.  I'm sure you'll manage to come up with even more reasons to do it besides those and it just won't end."  

"I hadn't thought about anything like that, but it's not a bad idea," he teased, and I shot him a dirty look for his effort. 

"Ok, if you don't want me to buy you a present, do you want a party?" I followed, changing course. 

"Maybe," he said, while appearing as if he was concentrating on something.  "If I make the school baseball team, then I might have you invite my teammates.  That could be fun." 

"That's an interesting idea," I agreed.  "When will you know if you make the team?" 

"Tryouts start a week from Monday, so I should know a couple of weeks before my birthday," he explained. 

"Tryouts start a week from Monday?  When were you going to share this information with me?" I wanted to know, since I thought it was something he would have mentioned before now.  "It means you'll be staying after school to do this, so I'll need to make other arrangements for your brothers.  I'll have to check with Mrs. Riordan to see if they can stay with her again."

"I thought you already knew about this," he shot back.  "Don't you go on the school website?" 

"No, that's not something I've been doing," I replied, feeling foolish that I wasn't aware it was something I should be doing.  "You've got to remember that I'm new at this job.  I've never been a parent before or had kids in school." 

"Ok.  Come here and I'll show you how to get on," he offered, as he turned toward his computer.  I walked over behind him and he typed in the address. 

"This is the site you'll need to get on," he continued, as he hit enter.  "Then you can click on this to find out about school activities or this one to find out about sports.  Everything is there that you'll need to know.  There's also a tab for the cafeteria and that's how we printed out the school menu for the month." 

"Oh, I see there's a link for homework too.  What's that one about?" I asked and this caused Tyler to groan in response. 

"Each teacher has a page where they list the homework they'd given out each day or for the week," he mumbled, hoping I wouldn't catch on. 

"Great.  Now you just need to give me a list of your classes and teachers so I can check it out each night," I stated, tongue-in-cheek, since I knew he was squirming in his seat. 

"You don't need to do that, because I won't lie about having homework or getting it done," he replied, as he turned around to see what I was going to say. 

"Ok, I'll trust you for now and things will stay the same as they've been, unless I discover you're pulling a fast one on me," I agreed, and I heard Tyler sigh. 

"Thanks, but I won't do that," he confirmed.  "I don't want to give you any reason not to trust me." 

That was good to know and I thanked Tyler for pointing these things out to me.  I also told him I'd check the site out a little later, because I had other things to do now.  Before I left his room and headed across the hall to my bedroom, I advised him to think a little harder about what he wanted for a birthday present or he might not get anything. 

I should have gone grocery shopping today, but I was still tired from the last couple of days, so I decided to put it off until tomorrow.  Then I had another idea, so I grabbed my hamper and started out of the bedroom. 

"Grab your dirty clothes and bring them downstairs," I told Tyler on the way by.  "You can help me do the laundry." 

"I thought we were going to the park," he shot back, with a surprised look on his face. 

"We will after lunch, but we need to get this done too," I pointed out.  "We can do some of it now and the rest when we get back from the park." 

"Ok," he sighed, as he began to do as I asked. 

I had Marcus and Ethan bring down the hampers from their rooms too and heard the boys sliding the hampers down the stairs a little while later.  I guess that's better than having them fall down the steps while carrying the hampers. 

Doing laundry didn't take a great deal of energy, so I had no trouble starting the first load, but I told Tyler he could move everything from the washer to the dryer when it was done.  I also asked him to put the next load into the washer after he'd started the dryer and reminded him about the settings.  I'd already separated the next pile to be washed, so he wouldn't have to do it and I wouldn't have to worry that he was mixing the colored items in with the whites. 

After he agreed to do that, I went to the kitchen to see what we needed from the grocery store and began to make my shopping list for tomorrow.  We had more than enough food to survive on until then, but we were out of some items, so a trip to the store was still necessary. 

The boys were actually being quite helpful, probably because they thought they had to or else I wouldn't take them to the park.  As they say, one hand washes the other and it's good that they were learning it now.  I was glad they could see that being responsible and helpful would be rewarded and a lack of cooperation would cause them to lose privileges.  It's a lesson they should be able to benefit from throughout their lives. 

We spent a good deal of the morning doing laundry and cleaning the house, but then I took them to the park after lunch.  We spent time working on their fielding first and then I let them each hit quite a few pitches, before I had them take turns pitching to me.  We were there for nearly three hours and each of the boys was showing improvement, so I felt doing this was well worth the effort.  When we got home, we were all tired and dirty, so I felt we should get cleaned up before dinner. 

Since I was also quite filthy, I decided to shower in the master bath first, while Tyler was cleaning up in the boys' bathroom.  I had Marcus and Ethan strip down to their underpants and then put their dirty clothes in the laundry room.  Once they'd done that, I told them they could play video games in the family room or just chill out until Tyler and I got done and then I'd give them their baths.  They had no problem with that, so I headed upstairs to clean up.  Tyler made sure he was wandering naked down the hallway when I reached the top of the landing, so I figured it was intentional to give me a good show. 

Once I finished showering and had put on some clean clothes, I found Tyler in his bedroom.  I asked him if he'd do some more laundry for me while I was giving Ethan and Marcus their baths and he agreed he would.  After we both came downstairs, I separated some more items out for Tyler first and then I took Ethan upstairs for his bath. 

"I like baseball," Ethan announced as I was washing him.  "Will I be able to play on a team too, like Tyler and Marcus?" 

"I think so," I replied.  "I've discovered there is a t-ball league in the area for 5 and 6 year olds, so I just have to find out when the signups are." 

Ethan was quite pleased with this news, so I started shampooing his hair and then I rinsed it and dried him off.  I had him put on some clean clothes after we finished and then I sent him back to the family room, so he could tell Marcus to come up here next.  Marcus came upstairs a few minutes later, so I told him to take off his underwear while I finished filling the tub.  He did as I requested and then stepped into the tub, so I started to wash him too. 

"So did you have fun at the park today?" I asked as I was cleaning his body. 

"Yeah and you were right," he added, but didn't elaborate. 

"About what?" I wondered, since I had no idea what he was talking about. 

"That you could help me with throwing and catching," he replied somewhat sheepishly.  "I'm doing a lot better now, since you told me to do those things.  I just want you to know I 'preciate it.  Thank you." 

"You're perfectly welcome, sport," I responded.  "I'm glad I could help." 

About that same time, I was washing his midsection and his little penis started to stiffen.  Before long, it was standing tall and proud, as it pointed away from his body.  Since this hadn't happened before, I wondered if it might have something to do with our earlier conversation where I he wondered if I was going to do sex stuff with him when he got older.  It was right after he asked me if I was having sex with Tyler.  I didn't say anything about his erection and waited to see how he was going to respond instead. 

"Why is my pee-pee doing that?" he asked, as he looked at me and then glanced down at his penis. 

"Boys get erections for many different reasons..." I started to answer, but he cut me off. 

"What's a 'rection?" he wanted to know, as he studied my face. 

"An erection is when your pee-pee gets stiff, like it is now," I advised him.  I then stuck my finger out and placed it on top of his penis, so I could push it down a short distance before letting it bounce up again.  Marcus giggled when I did that. 

"That tickled a little," he explained, after he stopped laughing. 

"Sorry about that," I offered.  "I probably shouldn't have done it.  To answer your question though, sometimes you can get an erection simply because you have to pee really bad." 

"But I don't gotta do that," he stated, now looking at me more seriously. 

"It might have happened because of the way I rubbed it when I was washing you or it could just be an indication that you're growing up," I added. 

"You mean like Tyler?" he wondered, as he looked at me expectantly. 

"Yes, that's what I mean and you might be starting that process now," I offered. 

"Yeah, I'm almost 10 now, so I prolly am," he pointed out. 

"Yes, your birthday is in May, which is just 3 months away," I observed.  "That's not too far off."  Marcus smiled when I said that. 

"Does that mean I'll be getting hair down there and my pee-pee will get bigger like Tyler's too?" he wanted to know. 

"That will happen soon enough, but probably not for a couple of years," I replied, so he wouldn't get too excited.  "However, since you are getting older, I think you should start calling it by its proper name.  It's your penis, not your pee-pee." 

"My peanut?" he asked, looking at me confused.  I had to stifle my urge to chuckle so I didn't upset him. 

"Not peanut.  It's your pe-NIS," I explained, this time putting a greater emphasis on the second syllable. 

"So this is my penis?" he asked, as he grabbed it for emphasis. 

"Yes, that's correct," I concurred.  "Since you're growing up and are no longer a little boy, I want you to start using the proper name when you're referring to it." 

"Ok," he agreed.  "Will Ethan have to call it that from now on too?" 

"Probably not, because he's still a little boy," I replied.  "I don't have a problem with him calling it his pee-pee, at least until he gets older like you." 

"Yeah, only us big boys call it a penis," he confirmed, as his chest puffed out a little. 

Marcus' penis had begun to deflate by this point, so I went ahead and shampooed his hair, rinsed it and then dried him off.  However, I still had a problem to solve and needed to make a decision as to whether I should let him wash his own privates from now on, seeing he had an erection after I washed that area for him tonight.  On the other hand, maybe I'll just wait and see if it happens again before I go to that extreme, since he'd just decided to let me start bathing him again.  It seemed important to him that I do special things for him too, like giving him a bath, so if we don't have a repeat performance, then I'll just keep doing this for him.

Once we went down to join the others, I decided to check and see how Tyler was making out with the laundry.  I quickly saw that he was doing quite well, although his folding skills needed a little work.  Fortunately, however, he'd been putting their school clothes on hangers, so they were in good shape.  I guess the underclothes and play clothes would survive as they were this time. 

During dinner, I thought it would be a good time to clear up a few things with the boys.  With that in mind, I used this opportunity to talk to them about tonight and tomorrow. 

"I'm going to finish the laundry tonight, but I'll be going over some things with Tyler in the dining room in between the time I spend taking care of the loads," I announced, which gained me a grin from Tyler.  "What are you two going to do while we're doing that?"  I asked Marcus and Ethan. 

"Maybe watch TV or play video games," Marcus answered, and Ethan quickly nodded his head in agreement. 

"That's fine and we'll come in to join you when we're done," I agreed.  "Tomorrow, you boys will have to go with me to the grocery store so I can do some shopping, but what do you want to do after that?" 

"I want to go to the park and practice baseball again," Tyler eagerly suggested. 

"We can do that, if you want to," I agreed.  "What do you think, Ethan and Marcus?" 

"I want to do that too," Marcus confirmed. 

"Me too," Ethan added. 

"Ok.  Do you want to do what we did today or try something a little easier?" I followed, since I didn't know if they wanted to work that hard again. 

"Same thing," they all pretty much agreed. 

"Ok, that's fine with me," I concurred.  "We'll do the hitting and fielding like we did today, but when we get to the pitching I'm going to spend most of the time with Tyler.  His baseball tryouts will be in another week, so he'll start playing sooner than either of you and I want to help make sure he's ready in time.  You can play catch with each other or do something else if you want.  Is that ok with you boys?"  Marcus and Ethan both nodded in agreement, since they understood why I was doing this. 

Once we'd cleaned up after the meal, I moved the load from the washer to the dryer and then started another load in the washer.  After that, I grabbed some printer paper and a pen, before I led Tyler into the dining room.  While we waited for the dryer buzzer to go off, I started drawing diagrams and explaining some more things he should know about pitching. 

First, I drew home plate and explained that some had a border around the edge, but it was still part of the strike zone.  I also explained that the normal strike zone was from the letters on the uniform, or basically the arm pits, down to the knees.  I also told him that a strike is determined where the ball crosses the batter and not where the catcher catches it.  He was already fairly familiar with this information, but I still went over it to be certain. 

After that, I drew another diagram with a stick-figure of a batter standing next to home plate.  I then drew a box above home plate and next to the batter to illustrate the strike zone.  Now that this box was formed, I divided it in half, from top to bottom, and then into three sections, by drawing two more lines from side to side.  The first of those lines was drawn at about mid-thigh height on the stick figure and the next one was about even with where the stick figure's belly-button would have been, so the strike zone was now divided into six smaller sections. 

"When you're pitching, you have to remember where each hitter makes contact with your pitches," I stated.  "Not all hitters can hit pitches in all six areas equally well." 

"I know I can't," Tyler admitted.  "I try, but I can't seem to do it." 

"I know and that's fairly common with boys your age, but it's also true for nearly all batters, no matter how old or how good they are," I confirmed.  "You just have to watch how the batter swings during his practice swings and remember what pitches he makes contact with when he's up at bat." 

"I'll try, but that's an awful lot to remember," he cautioned. 

"I know, but the more you can remember the better you'll do," I urged.  "You'll also be able to make some decisions about how to pitch to the batter by where he's standing in the batter's box too." 

I then explained to him how to do that, but I also told him to challenge most hitters with his four-seam fastball first, if he didn't know anything about the person.  The four-seam fastball will travel the fastest of any of his pitches, as long as he throws them all with the same motion.  I told Tyler if that pitch blows by the batter, then there's not much sense in throwing anything else, just keep changing the location where he's throwing it.  I explained that 'the batter can't hit what his bat can't catch up too', so there's no reason to throw him another type of pitch. 

However, I warned him that if the batter looked as if he'd timed that pitch, then he should use one of the changeups to throw him off stride.  If the batter was swinging for the fastball, but the ball came in at a slower speed, then the best he would do was hit it weakly or pop it up.  Tyler listened carefully to what I had to say and tried to absorb everything I told him, although I assured him I'd break this information into smaller chunks and we'd work on it in bits and pieces over time. 

As soon as Tyler and I finished, since I didn't want to give him too much information at one time, we went to the family room to join the others.  Marcus and Ethan were playing a video game when we arrived, but they quickly ended their game so we could all watch TV together.  I knew what I was going to do next might cause a problem, because it was time to explain something to Ethan. 

"Ethan, I told Marcus earlier that the two of you could take turns sitting on my lap from now on, because he wants to do it too," I began.  "I think it's only fair."

"Nuh uh," Ethan quickly challenged.  "We can both do it at the same time." 

I looked at him strangely, because I didn't understand how he thought they could do that. 

"Ethan, I'm not sure that will work," I pointed out, only to see him shake his head. 

"He can sit on one leg and I'll sit on the other," he offered, while looking at me as if I should have figured it out for myself. 

"We can give it a try, but I suspect it will seem pretty crowded and maybe even uncomfortable.  If this doesn't work, then you'll just have to start taking turns," I conceded. 

After we found something to watch, I sat on the sofa and Ethan climbed up on my left leg, while Marcus slid onto my right.  It was kind of congested, but I noticed that both boys were doing their best to make it work.  It was also very intimate, since both boys leaned their heads against my shoulders as they watched TV.  I glanced over at Tyler as he was taking his seat beside me and could tell that he would have liked to been part of this group too.  Instead, he just sat beside me and made contact with my body as best he could. 

Both boys on my lap fell asleep before the show ended, so I asked Tyler if he thought he could carry Ethan upstairs, while I carried Marcus.  He assured me that he could, so I let him pick Ethan up, while I followed behind with Marcus.  I let Tyler go first as we went up the stairs and then I watched as he laid Ethan on his bed.  I carried Marcus to his room, took off his clothes and put on his pajamas.  After I tucked him in and kissed him goodnight, even though he didn't know it, I went and did the same thing with Ethan.  Then I went back downstairs to make certain everything had been taken care of. 

When I came upstairs again, I went in to say goodnight to Tyler, but quickly discovered he had a question for me instead. 

"Since I couldn't sit with you downstairs, can I sleep with you tonight?" he wanted to know.  "I promise to be good, but I just want to be close to you for a while, like my brothers were." 

"I could feel your body touching mine downstairs," I countered. 

"I know, but it wasn't the same.  I was kind of being blocked by my brothers, so it wasn't as special as before," he pointed out.  "Please.  I promise to be good." 

"Ok, as long as you keep this promise, because you don't have a very good track record with doing that," I relented, while warning him at the same time.  I definitely understood his point, because the two younger boys got to cuddle with me and Tyler felt left out. 

As soon as he heard my answer, he began jumping around like a little kid and I could see his penis bouncing around in his boxer briefs.  Totally excited, he followed me across the hall to my room and hopped into bed, while I went into the master bath to brush my teeth and pee. 

"Thanks for letting me do this," he gushed, as I started to slide under the covers.  "I really missed being close to you while we were watching TV, but this makes up for it and makes me feel much better." 

"It's probably going to be that way from now on," I warned.  "I agreed to do it for Marcus, because he was feeling left out, being the middle child.  It's also why he asked me to start giving him a bath again, so he didn't feel like you and Ethan were getting more than he was." 

"I don't mind, as long you let me sleep with you whenever it happens," he stated.  "Otherwise, I'm the one who will be losing out." 

I had to think about this for a minute.  Was it actually a problem for him or just an excuse?  Then again, it's possible it was just another con job.  After thinking about it and looking at his face, I judged he was being sincere this time.  I know he's been getting the most attention from me, but he'll also be the first to leave home for college or whatever.  I know that's still some time off, but it will go by quickly and I don't want either of us to have any regrets when the time comes. 

"Ok, as long as it's just for sleep," I relented, yet again. 

Tyler immediately wrapped his arms around my neck and gave me a squeeze, but he also kissed me on the cheek.  When he released me, I kissed him on the forehead. 

"Good night, champ," I told him, before I leaned over and turned off the lamp. 

As soon as I was in position for the night, he slid against me and threw an arm and leg over my body.  I could also feel his bulge pressing against my leg, but he didn't have an erection this time.  I thought that was a good sign and felt confident he wasn't going to try to wheedle me into having sex with him again. 



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 12 – A Budding Star. 

After going to the grocery store Sunday morning, we came back home and put everything away.  When I checked the in-box on my computer later, I discovered the manager from the restaurant had emailed me and attached the photo he'd taken of us.  Fortunately, Matt and Kelly had some photographic stock for the printer, so I printed out a copy and took a few seconds to admire it.  Now I would have to find a frame to put it in, so I could keep it on my desk at work. 

After lunch, I took the boys back to the park, where I worked on their fielding and hitting again.  When we finished doing that, I began to work with Tyler on his pitching one more time.  I had been impressed that during our earlier outings he had been using the rubber fairly effectively, so this time I decided to focus on his effectiveness with the different pitches and with pitch location.  I gave him a quick rundown of the signals I'd be using: 1 for a four-seam fastball, 2 for a two-seam fastball, 3 for a three-finger changeup and 4 for a folk ball.  I told him I'd put my glove where I wanted the pitch, so he could use it as a target, and then we began. 

I was pleasantly surprise to discover that each of his pitches had a noticeable natural movement to it.  His four-seam fastball did a little hop, yet it still stung my hand when it hit the mitt.  His two-seam fastball tailed off a little to one side, so it would ride in on right-handed hitters and move away from left-handed batters.  His forkball had a nice little drop to it just as it reached the plate, and his three-finger changeup seemed to float to the plate, which should baffle the hitters.  I was also quite impressed that he delivered each of these pitches with the same motion, so it would be hard for the batter to guess which pitch was coming.  I was absolutely thrilled with how he was doing. 

After we finished with that, I explained when he should pitch from the windup or from the stretch positions, but I also went over the balk rules with him, so he could avoid making those mistakes.  Then, I worked with him on his pick-off moves, especially to first base, before we called it a day. 

"Wow, I feel really good about how I'm doing.  What do you think, Uncle Blake?" he asked and I could see the excitement radiating from his face. 

"I think you're doing fantastic and we still have next weekend to do even more work before the tryouts," I replied, to his delight.  "I think you'll do very well this year." 

"Thanks, Uncle Blake.  That means a lot to me and I'm really glad you could help me like this," he gushed, as he gave me a hug. 

"It's been my pleasure and I can't wait to see you play," I shot back. 

When we got home, we were all tired and dirty again, so Tyler and I went up to shower first and then I gave Ethan and Marcus their baths.  Marcus didn't have an erection today, so it wouldn't be necessary for me to make any changes.  I was relieved that it had only been a one-time thing and I wouldn't have to deal with it again. 

After that, I went next door to speak with Brenda Riordan, because I needed to ask her if she'd be willing to watch Ethan and Marcus again, starting a week from Monday.  I wanted to do this in person, rather than over the phone, so I could explain to her about Tyler's tryouts and see her reaction.  I told her it would only be for about a half hour each day before I picked the boys up.  Then, they could ride with me to pick Tyler up or go with me to watch his games.  I also informed her that if Tyler made the team, he'd probably be staying after school every night for the rest of the baseball season, so he could go to practice or games.  She had no problem with this and agreed to help out. 

The rest of the night was very laidback and relaxing.  We spent some of the time after dinner watching TV, so Ethan and Marcus both ended up on my lap again.  I didn't mind and they both seemed to enjoy it, but I knew this meant Tyler would be joining me in bed later, to make up for missing out.  I didn't mind him doing that either, as long as he behaved.  To tell the truth, I was actually enjoying having him sleep with me too. 

Monday morning started out as usual and that's the way the entire week went.  The only thing that happened differently was that after dinner I'd sit down with Tyler to talk about baseball or we'd get on the computer and pull up a video that I would use as a training aid.  As we watched the video, I'd point out some of the things I'd been explaining to him, occasionally even replaying that portion, so he could actually see what I meant.  By the following weekend, he had a pretty good understanding of the things we'd gone over. 

When Friday night rolled around, I was tired and didn't feel like cooking, so I took the boys back to the same diner we had visited before.  We had a different waitress this time, but the manager noticed us and waved from the kitchen, to let us know he remembered who we were.  I made certain the boys saw him do this and we all waved back in appreciation. 

The boys and I each enjoyed what we ordered, but this time I purchased the desserts, so the manager wouldn't feel obligated again.  When we went to pay the bill, he came out of the kitchen so he could point to the picture he'd taken of us on our previous visit.  He had framed it and there was a note below it that read, 'Outstanding Customers'.  We all thought that was really nice and thanked him for it, as we said goodbye and headed home. 

That night I ended up with all of the boys in my bed, because each one decided he wanted to sleep with me again.  I knew why Tyler wanted to do this, but I wasn't sure if Ethan and Marcus just liked being near me or if they were missing their parents and didn't want to be alone.  Either way, I had no problem with it.  This time, however, Marcus slept in the middle next to me on one side.  Ethan had agreed to change places with Marcus, since he had slept next to me the time before.  Luckily, Ethan didn't think about sleeping on my other side or I might have had a problem with Tyler.  As usual, Tyler cuddled against me again, once we were all in bed. 

Saturday we went grocery shopping and then I took the boys to the park.  After going through our standard hitting and fielding practice, I worked with Tyler on his pitching again, while the other pair hit the playground equipment.  I was really impressed that Tyler had such good command of his pitches, since he hadn't been doing this for very long, so I primarily focused on pitch location.  In fact, by the end of our time at the park it was getting to the point where I felt that if the catcher gave Tyler a good target, then Tyler would hit it. 

After we finished up with that, I worked with him on his pickoff moves again, so he'd be able to keep the base runners from getting a big lead and stealing.  He was doing fairly well with that too, although I warned him about balking.  After I pointed out a couple of little mistakes he had made, he agreed he would work to avoid doing those things again. 

When we got home, Tyler and I jumped in the shower and then I gave Ethan and Marcus their baths.  After we were all downstairs again, I did a couple of loads of laundry, while the boys did their own thing.  Before bedtime rolled around, the various boys announced they wanted to sleep with me again, although Ethan made it very clear that it was his turn to sleep next to me.  Marcus had no problem with that, so I agreed to let them share my bed one more time. 

I've got to admit that I was enjoying and looking forward to having all the boys in with me.  Tyler would cuddle with me on one side, but quite often whichever one was sleeping next to me on the other side would do the same thing.  I would then spend the night wrapped in the loving embrace of the boys that had willingly accepted me as their new dad. 

Sunday morning, I started doing more laundry after making the boys breakfast, but later I took them all to the sporting goods store, so I could buy Tyler a duffle bag.  It was for him to use to carry his baseball glove and the clothes he was going to wear for the tryouts.  I also purchased a couple jockstraps for him, because I felt it was time he started wearing one.  He gave me a sideways grin when he saw me checking them out and making sure I got the right size for him, but I knew he was also grateful. 

When we got home, I told Tyler to take the duffle bag upstairs and pack everything he would need in it, including a towel, if he intended on taking a shower afterward.  He flashed me an evil grin after I said this, so I knew it meant he was looking forward to seeing the other boys in the shower too. 

Tyler had been up in his bedroom for a short time when I heard him yell down to me.  "Uncle Blake, will you come up here for a second.  I need your help." 

I wasn't sure what he wanted, but I went up to see, nonetheless.  When I walked into his bedroom, he was clad only in his new jockstrap and he spun around, as he showed it off. 

"I wanted you to see how sexy I look in it," he teased, as he spun around again.  "I'm hoping some of the other guys will think I look sexy in it too."  After saying this, he let out an evil laugh. 

"Just be careful that you don't work yourself into any embarrassing situations, or should I have said em-BARE-ASS-ing situations, and don't wind up with any enemies because you made a pass at a guy that wasn't interested." 

"I know, but I sure am gonna look," he pointed out with a sinister grin. 

"Then try not to get an erection.  That would be a dead giveaway and get the others looking at you differently," I teased. 

"I know and I'll try not to do anything stupid or something that will get me in trouble," he confirmed. 

"Smart boy," I told him, as I turned around to leave. 

When I went back downstairs, I told Ethan and Marcus to make sure they had everything ready for tomorrow too and they said they would.  While they were doing that, I went back to doing more laundry.  I was becoming such a domestic god. 

We went to the park again in the afternoon and I ran it identically to the previous day.  When we returned home after we finished, we all cleaned up and I did the last load of laundry.

After dinner, I watched TV with the boys and Ethan and Marcus automatically came over to sit on my lap.  It was becoming a real ritual for that pair and about half of the time they would fall asleep while leaning against me, especially after they had a strenuous or busy day.  However this time there was a slight scuffle between the pair as they were getting comfortable, as each one fought for a little more room. They stopped once I warned them that I wouldn't let either of them sit on my lap again if this continued. After making faces at each other, their tussle ended and we finished the night in peace. That might have been due to the fact that they both fell asleep again, pretty much as I expected.

Of course, after Tyler helped me carry them upstairs he followed me into my bedroom so he could  sleep with me again, which he always did after the other pair had monopolized my attention earlier.  I wasn't thinking a thing about it when he did it,  but this time he announced that he had a different take on why he was there. 

"I want to sleep with you tonight because I always sleep really well when I'm with you.  Since I want to be totally rested for tryouts tomorrow, this will give me the best chance," he explained after we got in bed.  "I think if I slept alone in my room, I'd probably spend most of the night worrying about the tryouts, so this should help me out a lot." 

To assist him with his goal, I slid my arm under his shoulders and pulled him against me, as he wrapped his body around mine.  He was my boy and tonight I would do my best to help him prepare for his big day. 

I have to admit that we both slept very soundly, so I hoped that meant he'd do well at his tryouts.  After we were all ready that morning, and before the boys got on their buses, I wished Tyler good luck and reminded Ethan and Marcus that they were to go to Mrs. Riordan's house after getting off the bus today. 

"I'll pick you up at my usual time and then you'll come with me when I drive to the school to pick Tyler up," I informed them. 

They seemed to like that idea and didn't complain about having to spend time at the Riordan's house.  It's not that they didn't like her or didn't want to spend time there, but their earlier objection had merely been about not needing a babysitter.  Since Tyler wouldn't be home with them today, they both realized they weren't old enough to stay by themselves, so they quietly accepted what I told them. 

All day at work I kept thinking about Tyler and praying he would do well at his tryout.  I kept glancing at the picture of all of us on my desk and decided that I was also going to take some action shots of the boys in their baseball uniforms this year, so I could keep a copy on my desk too.  I guess I really am becoming a big family man, and a proud one at that. 

As soon as I was able to leave for the day, I raced home, picked up Ethan and Marcus and then drove to the school.  I wasn't sure how long Tyler and the others would be there or when they would finish, but I didn't want to leave Tyler waiting alone.  After locating the practice field, I watched what was going on for a few minutes, but then the coach called the team over to speak with them briefly, before he let them go.  Tyler quickly spotted the car and ran over to speak with me. 

"I'm going in to take my shower now," he stated, with a wink.  "Just park out in front of the school and I'll meet up with you there." 

After telling him that would be fine, he raced off to the locker room, since he didn't want the others to finish up before he got there.  As he was moving away from us, I immediately began to move the car, so I'd be where he was expecting. 

"You mean Tyler's going to take a shower with the other boys?" Marcus finally wanted to know after listening to our previous conversation. 

"Yep, that's what big boys and athletes do," I confirmed. 

"So they can all see each other's penis?" he followed, obviously having trouble grasping the idea. 

"What's a pemis?" Ethan wanted to know. 

"Not a pemis.  It's a pe-NIS and that's the right name for your pee-pee," Marcus told him, before I could respond.  I noticed Marcus had also emphasized the second syllable of the word, as I had done with him, but Ethan merely nodded his head and seemed to think about it for a minute. 

"Ok, I get it," Ethan merely mumbled a few seconds later. 

"You mean none of the boys care that everyone else can see them without anything on?" Marcus eventually asked, since his original question hadn't been answered. 

"I'm sure it takes time for some of them to get used to doing it," I explained, "but after they realize they've all got the same things between their legs, they get over it." 

"Do they all have a big penis like Tyler?" he followed, getting it all out in the open. 

"Most of them probably do, but it's possible some of them haven't grown that much yet," I answered.  "Not all boys hit their growth spurt at the same time, so some might have smaller penises." 

"Will I have to take shower if I play baseball on a team?" a little voice piped up, after Ethan had absorbed our conversation. 

"You'd only do that if you play on the school teams," I replied.  "You'll take your bath or shower at home when you play on a summer league team." 

"Ok, but I could do it," Ethan countered, while not making a big deal about it. 

"I guess I could too, as long as it was only boys in the shower, because girls play on some of the teams too," Marcus followed.  "I just didn't know that the school teams did that together, so I was a little surprised." 

"I understand and it's not a big deal," I assured him, and then we sat and waited for Tyler to join us. 

After Tyler was buckled in, I started the car and we headed home.  "So how do you think you did?" I asked as we were driving away. 

"I think I did pretty good," he responded.  "The coach only hit us grounders and fly balls today, before he had some older boys throw batting practice to us.  It was almost like we do on the weekend, so I thought I did fine." 

"Did he ask what position you wanted to play?" I asked after Tyler had finished speaking. 

"He passed around a sheet that we wrote our names on and listed where we wanted to play," he answered.  "He said tomorrow he'd work with the infielders and outfielders separately, but he wouldn't get to the pitchers and catchers until the end of the week.  We have to practice on Saturday too." 

"I had a feeling you probably would," I confirmed.  "So what position or positions did you put down?" 

"I wrote down third base, outfield and pitcher," he stated, just before we pulled into the driveway. 

After we went inside, I encouraged the boys to do their homework, while I worked on dinner.  Later, after we finished eating, I checked Marcus' homework while Tyler finished his.  He had more than his brother, which is typical with kids in higher grades. 

Even though we didn't watch television later, which meant Ethan and Marcus hadn't claimed squatter's rights on my lap, Tyler still wanted to sleep with me. 

"I slept really good last night and I think it's part of the reason I did so well today, so please let me sleep with you again," he pleaded. 

"And I suppose this is going to go on all week?" I followed, while eyeing him suspiciously.

"Just until I make the team," he whined, practically hopping up and down in anticipation. 

"Ok, I guess I can live with that," I agreed, which earned me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

"Thank you.  Thank you," he growled after releasing me.  "I know I'll do much better this way.  Oh yeah, you were right about the showers too.  Only a few of the other boys took showers like me, but at least I got to see some of them naked."  He had a huge grin on his face after telling me this. 

The fact that he slept better with me and would, therefore, do better at tryouts might be true, but I had a feeling this was just another of his con jobs.  To be honest, I didn't mind though.  I think I enjoyed having him cuddle against me all night long as much as he did. 

The rest of the week went much the same way, with me rushing home to pick up the younger pair and then driving to the school to get Tyler.  At least now I knew I didn't have to drive quite as fast, because I just had to be there in time to meet him in front of the school after he finished his shower.  I always asked him how he did and the response was generally positive.  On Thursday and Friday he said he got to pitch a little and the coach watched how he did, but he felt good about that too.  He also told me later, in private of course, that more of the other boys had started taking showers too.  He said most of them claimed they had just forgot to bring their towels the first day, so now he was able to see a lot more floppy dicks after they got done. 

When Saturday arrived, I decided to stick around to watch the tryouts after dropping Tyler off, and Ethan and Marcus were eager to do that too.  It turned out that the coach had planned to have an intrasquad scrimmage today, so he could see how well the boys did in a game situation.  Tyler got to start off pitching, which I thought was a good sign, and he did a decent job too.  After he threw a couple of innings, the coach also tried him out at third base, short stop and left field.  I thought he did well at every position, so I felt really good about his chances to make the team.

Once they finished, Tyler went in to shower, while we waited for him in the car.  When he came out, I couldn't wait to ask him this question.  "Well, did you make the team?" 

"I don't know yet," he replied.  "The coach says he wants to go over everything and think about it first, so he'll call each of us tomorrow night to let us know." 

I could immediately tell that Tyler was going to be on pins and needles until that happened, so I'd have to distract him from thinking about it.  One of the things I tried was having him help me do some yard work first, since I needed to get that done as well.  Being a homeowner and a single parent, I had plenty of things to do both inside and outside the house. 

Tyler and the other pair didn't put up much of a fuss about helping me, since they knew I'd probably do something nice for them later.  We were all pretty dirty by the time we finished up, so Tyler and I went upstairs to shower first. 

"Can I shower with you this time?" he asked, while looking at me hopefully.  "The shower in your bedroom is big enough for both of us.  I know, because I heard Mom and Dad showering together sometimes."

I was automatically going to say 'no', but then I thought if it would serve as a distraction so he didn't worry about making the team I would do it.  He was thrilled when I gave in and started taking his clothes off and tossing them through the doorway and into his room. 

"I hope you plan on picking them up later," I said, once I saw what he had done. 

"Yeah, don't worry.  I will." he assured me as we moved toward the master bath.  "Will you wash me too?" he asked after we got in the shower.  "You do that for Ethan and Marcus, so will you do it for me too?" 

I merely looked at him and rolled my eyes.  "They're also a lot younger than you," I pointed out. 

"I know, but please!" he whined. 

"Ok, I'll do it this time," I agreed, while trying to make it sound as if I didn't really want to. 

I knew I'd be giving in to him before I actually agreed to do it, but I did it this way because I wanted to make him squirm a bit first.  I then proceeded to wash his body, from his head to his feet, and true to form he got an erection when I washed his package. 

"Ummm, will you take care of that for me too?" he asked, while glancing down at his boner.  I let out a sigh before I answered. 

"How do I keep getting roped into these things?" I mused, as I grasped his penis and started stroking it. 

I was losing all of my self control when it came to Tyler, but it didn't bother me as much as I thought it should.  I knew I wasn't harming him, because he was the one asking me to do these things with him.  Not only that, but I was even beginning to look forward to doing them with him.  I also couldn't wait to see how he was going to try to bamboozle me the next time he wanted to get away with doing something.  It was becoming a game with us, but I didn't mind losing. 

This was the first time I'd masturbated him standing up and he leaned against me as I was doing it.  Since he had seen those other boys naked in the shower earlier, he was already slightly horned up, so it didn't take long before he was spewing his seed against the shower wall.  I thought his knees were going to buckle when that happened, so I wrapped my other arm around his waist and held him up, to keep that from happening. 

"Damn, my head was spinning that time and I got a little dizzy," he informed me, once he regained his strength. 

"I imagine it was because you were thinking about doing this with the boys you showered with in the locker room earlier," I teased. 

"No, it was because I was thinking about doing it to you too," he quipped.  "Please, can I do it to you next?" 

"Tyler, it's bad enough that I've been doing these things to you, but allowing you to do the same thing to me would be taking it to a whole other level," I replied.  "I don't think that is a good idea." 

"Come on.  Please," he whined, while giving me his most seductive look.  "I just want to know what it's like to do it to someone else, in case I ever get to do it with one of the boys my age." 

I just glared at him and didn't say a thing. 

"Pretty please," he whined again.  "You were the first to do anything with me and I want you to be the first I do it to." 

I suspected he was just about to get down on his knees to plead his case, so I made my decision before that happened. 

"You know that you're making me break all the rules I set when you first approached me," I pointed out, while making a face. 

"I don't mind, so can I?" he persisted. 

"What do you mean, 'you don't mind'," I sniped, as I began to tickle him.  "Ok, I guess we can do it this once," I relented, as stopped tickling Tyler and he hugged and kissed me yet again. 

As soon as he finished doing that, he reached down and began fondling my scrotum and penis, before he wrapped his hand around my now turgid member and began to stroke it.  I'd almost forgotten how good another hand felt when doing this, but it seemed even better when the hand giving me pleasure was smaller and very smooth.  Tyler soon had me panting and getting closer to my release, but I could hear that he was panting too.  Was he getting winded from the effort or was he just as excited doing this to me, as he was when I was doing it to him?

Before long my semen was spurting onto the shower wall and floor, so once I came to my senses again, I made sure to rinse it all down the drain before we exited the shower.  Then, Tyler wanted me to dry him off too, which I did, and then he wanted to dry me.  After we finished, he went over to his room to get dressed, while I did the same. 

As I passed by his door on the way downstairs, I told him to bring down his hamper, as I carried mine.  Once I dropped my hamper off in the laundry area, I took Ethan and Marcus upstairs to give them their baths.  As soon as I finished with each one, I asked them to take their hampers downstairs too.  Tyler had agreed to do a couple of loads for me, since I'd given in to him, and he was still doing that when the boys dropped their hampers off to. 

Just as I got downstairs, the phone rang, so I answered it. 

"Tyler, it's for you," I told him, after I went to get him. 

"Who is it?" he wanted to know. 

"I have no idea, but it's a man's voice," I replied.  Actually I had asked who was calling, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise for him. 

Tyler went to answer the phone, but when he hung up after he'd finished talking, I heard him let out a huge scream. 

"I made the team.  I made the team," he shouted, while running back and forth and jumping up and down.  "I asked the coach why he didn't call tomorrow, like he said he was going to do, and he said he was calling all the starters today.  Not only did I make the team, but I'll be starting too." 

He was dancing around even more, as his brothers came out to see what was going on.  After telling them the same thing, we all congratulated him. 

"That's terrific news," I told him, since I was as proud of him, as he was happy. 

"Yeah, that's great, bro," Marcus added, smiling. 

"I knew you'd get picked," Ethan told him, as he gave his brother a hug. 



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