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            The Guardian

Installment 8


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 15 – The Party. 

To my surprise, there were actually a few slices of pizza left after the vultures finished attacking the table.  In fact, a lot of things remained, so I put everything away while they were relaxing and letting their food settle.  Once I felt they were ready, I went in to get them, so we could start the activities Tyler had planned. 

"What are we supposed to call you?" Crawford, one of the black players asked as we were walking into the other room. 

"My name is Blake, so I suggest you call me that," I offered in return. 

"No way!" he objected.  "My daddy would whoop my butt if I ever called an adult by just his first name, so I'll call you Mr. Blake.  It's alright to use your first name, as long as I put the Mr. first." 

"That's fine," I agreed and soon all of the boys were calling me Mr. Blake.  It was less formal for the boys than using my surname, but took them off the hook with their parents for being too informal. 

Since that had been settled, Tyler split the baseball team into two groups of 7, since he was going to host and not play.  He also put Ethan on one team and Marcus on the other, so they could be part of this as well.  Some of the things Tyler had me pick up earlier in the week were a couple of pads of easel paper and some markers, so there would be something large enough to use for team Pictionary.  He also had made his own list of themes they were to draw.  He wrote them down on index cards and then folded the cards up and put them in a box.  The person who was going to draw for each team would pull an index card from the box and that was what he had to try to draw and then get his team to guess what it was.  This activity turned out to not only be fun, but the boys laughed a lot along the way too. 

The first clue was 'grand slam homerun', so the boy drawing the clue started by drawing a baseball field. 

"Baseball diamond," came the first guess and the boy shook his head in response. 

"Baseball game," someone offered, only to learn he was wrong too.

"Our baseball team," someone else shouted, only to have his guess rejected as well. 

After the boy added an outfield fence, he drew an arch from home plate and extended beyond that barrier.  Unfortunately, it looked as if the arch originated from the groin of the stick figure he'd drawn at home plate, so one of the boys yelled, "Peeing over the fence." 

"That would be one really long pee," someone else joked, but I didn't see who had spoken.  "He'd have to have a fire hose between his legs."

Everyone was in hysterics after that exchange, so we had to wait a couple of minutes for everyone to calm down again before they continued.  Then someone yelled "home run," but the boy doing the drawing kept looping his arm in front of his chest to indicate there was more. 

"Tyler's home run," Marcus shouted, only to be disappointed, and then the boy started drawing stick figures on each base until someone figured out what he was getting at. 

When the first boy came up from the other team, he picked the clue 'homework'.  After thinking about it for a few seconds, he started by drawing a house, which was the first guess shouted out by one of his teammates.  Then he drew a stick figure out in front, supposedly sawing a board.

"Building a house," came the next guess, only to be told he was wrong.  Then the boy added a second stick figure mowing the lawn. 

"Doing chores," someone offered incorrectly, so the boy started pointing to the house and then the two stick figures.  When they didn't get that, he pointed to the house and held up one finger and then the two stick figures, before holding up two more fingers.  One of his teammates finally figured out what he was getting at and shouted out the correct answer. 

The second boy from the first team pulled out the clue 'Animal Farm' and began by drawing the animals.  The boys were busy trying to guess the type of animals they thought they were, all of which were immaterial,, so the boy attempted a different approach.  Now, he quickly drew a barn and some fences and then pointed between those things and the animals. 

"Ranch," a boy from his team suggested and the boy tried to get his teammate to go from ranch to farm using hand signals, but the boy didn't catch on. 

"Old McDonald," Ethan chirped and the boys started to use his hands like he was pulling something apart.  He was trying to get them to add 'had a farm', but no one else could figure out what he was doing.  Try as he might, no one guessed what he was getting at before the time ran out, so he had to tell them.  His team groaned when they heard what it was. 

The second boy from the other team came up next and he picked the card that read 'bath time'.  The boy looked confident as he began and started drawing a bathroom, but then he pointed at one particular item.  "Bathtub," someone guessed, so the boy held up his hands, palms facing each other a few inches apart, and then moved them closer together, to indicate they needed to shorten the word.  After he did this, someone else shouted "tub," but he shook his head no.  That's when someone else say "bath," and the boy drawing pointed to his nose to let him know that was correct.  Unfortunately, the boy didn't understand the signal and shouted out "bath head" next, which had all the boys laughing.  Then the boy drew a clock and after a guess of "bath hour" and "timed bath," the boy pointed at the one who said the last guess and then moved his hands to indicate he wanted him to switch the words.  That's when someone figured out the correct answer, so that team went ahead 2 - 1. 

The game went on until one team won 7 - 5 and every boy, except for Marcus and Ethan, had a chance to draw.  We didn't feel the younger pair would be able to draw well enough to do this and didn't want them to get frustrated trying to illustrate a clue the others would be able to guess.  As soon as the game ended, I pulled them aside and explained this to them and they both seemed to understand, so no one was disappointed or unhappy. 

After that game ended, the boys decided to go out to the yard and play tag.  It was a wild and hectic game as boys scurried about in different directions, but they sometimes inadvertently ran into each other too.  This happened because they were often so busy watching the person trying to tag them that they didn't see the guys around them, so when they turned quickly to run away, they would end up crashing into one of the others.  No one got seriously hurt, but there were more than a few more laughs as they banged together or were knocked on their ass. 

All of the boys were good about letting Marcus and Ethan play too and didn't try quite as hard to get away from the younger pair, so those two could also be successful.  The little ones often took the opportunity to gloat that they'd caught the bigger boys, but the older guys were all good sports and played along. 

Once they finished doing that, Tyler went inside and grabbed my football, so they could play a game of touch next.  Ethan decided to sit this one out, but Marcus wanted to play, so it worked out well with 8 on a team.  I refereed and had Ethan keep score, after I went inside and grabbed a notebook and pencil so he could write the scores down.  The boys had a fun time playing, although some weren't quite as good as the others, but the game was still close. 

After that ended, I fired up the grilled and began getting ready to feed the hoard again.  Tyler and Marcus came to help me carry things outside, but before long several others were offering to help too.  I filled the grill with hamburgers and hot dogs, but there were also potato, macaroni and tossed salads too, along with the chips and drinks left over from lunch.  I had also bought more than enough buns for each type of item, along with putting out the condiments they could add to them.  I began to wonder if I'd run out of food before they were full, but luckily there was still enough left that I could eat my fill too. 

As soon as I finished chowing down, I went inside and got the birthday cake.  I then set it on the counter in the kitchen and placed two candles on it; a '1' and a '3', before calling everyone inside.  We all sang 'Happy Birthday' to Tyler first and then I had him blow out the candles.  Once he'd done that, I told everyone the ice cream flavors we had, as I started cutting the cake and dishing out the ice cream.  I made sure everyone got their share, after Tyler was served, because he got his share first, since it was his birthday. 

As the boys were finishing their cake and ice cream, I had Tyler start opening his presents.  He got some pretty nice gifts, which were very appropriate too.  Since I'd noticed that some of the boys went in on a gift together and there weren't any duplicates, I figured his teammates must have talked this over first, before deciding what to get him.  Tyler received a couple of different batting gloves, one for each hand, a pair of compression shorts, a batter's ankle guard, a batter's elbow guard and an Atlanta Brave's cap.  We do live in GA and it is Tyler's favorite team, so that worked out well too. 

After seeing some of the gifts, I eventually concluded the reason some of the boys had gone in together on the items was due to the fact they were fairly expensive.  It was really nice of the boys and their parents to do this, however, and Tyler loved everything he had received.  He made sure to thank the boys who had given each gift after he opened it and everyone seemed satisfied. 

Then, I had Marcus and Ethan give him their gift.  They had me buy the aluminum bat that Tyler had seen and fallen in love with when we shopped for his duffel bag.  When I went back to pick it up, I was very surprised at how much it cost.  It certainly wasn't cheap.  Then I gave him my gifts.  First, I presented him a new pair of baseball cleats, before I gave him his second gift.  It was a smart phone, which I wanted him to have for two reasons.  First of all, so I could get a hold of him in case of an emergency and second so he could call me when they had an away game and were getting close to home.  This way, the other pair and I wouldn't have to wait in the car for so long again, as we had done while waiting for him after his first away game.  Overall, he was very pleased and had made a nice haul. 

After cleaning up the wrapping paper and disposable dishware, it was starting to get dark, so the boys agreed to go outside and play hide and seek next.  Marcus and Ethan wanted to play too, but Ethan stuck close to his brother, since he was still a little afraid of the dark.  Marcus didn't seem to mind though and took Ethan's hand, as he led him to a good hiding spot.  The boys played that game until I called them to come inside for the night. 

"This has been a lot of fun!" Jamal, one of the four black players on the team told me when he came inside. 

"Yeah, it has been," Antonio, one of the three Hispanic players agreed.  "Thanks for inviting us." 

"It's been my pleasure," I informed him, before someone else commented. 

"You were right about the best teams being friends too," Nathan added.  Judging by his accent, I suspected he was one of those on the team that was the product of a long line of southerners.  "We're not so different after all and we've done pretty well so far, but we've had a lot of fun too.  I think we're just going to keep getting better as a team, since we all get along so well." 

"I'd certainly agree with that," I added, as the boys headed toward the family room for the night. 

"You're still going to tell us a ghost story, aren't you Uncle Blake?" Tyler wanted to know. 

"Sure I am.  Just come get me when you're ready," I confirmed, much to his delight and relief. 

Marcus also planned to sleep in the family room with the others tonight, but I wasn't sure Tyler knew what he had up his sleeve. I saw Marcus slipping his sleeping bag into the family room earlier, so I took it he was just doing this on his own. Maybe he had asked Tyler first, but I wasn't so sure about that. Ethan, however, had decided to spend the night with me instead and we were going to sleep in the living room.  That would give the older boys some privacy, but I'd still be close enough if any problems arose during the night. 

Ethan was currently on my lap and we were talking when a parade of boys came running out of the family room, clad only in their underwear.  They were all making faces, while some were also holding their noses and others were making gagging sounds. 

"What's wrong?" I asked concerned, as they came rushing into the room. 

"Dylan farted and it stunk up the place!" someone shouted, but I couldn't see whom. 

"It wasn't me!" Dylan protested, but no one seemed to believe him.  Dylan was one of the boys whose parents I suspected had moved from a northern state, since he didn't speak with a drawl. 

"It doesn't matter who did it," Tyler offered diplomatically.  "We'll just stay in here until the smell goes away." 

The others quickly agreed and some of them decided to use the toilet or grab a snack while they waited.  I was more than happy to help them find something to nibble on. 

"Ok, the smells gone," Tyler announced a little while later.  "Uncle Blake, you can come in now to tell us the ghost story." 

"Yeah, that sounds great," Curtis offered.  He was another whose family I felt had lived in the south for a long time, since he had one of the most noticeable accents. 

"Ok.  I'll be right in," I agreed, before checking with Ethan to see if he wanted to join us.  I didn't want him to be scared and have a bad dream later, so I offered to tuck him into the sleeping bag first, but he didn't want to be left behind. 

"I can do this with the big boys too," he assured me. 

Once that had been cleared up, we walked into the family room with the others.  They were all sitting on their sleeping bags on the floor, still only clad in their underwear, as they waited to hear my story. 

"I don't know if you boys have heard about the 'Trail of Tears' in your history classes," I began, "but during the early part of the 1800s five Native American tribes were forced to leave their homes in the Deep South. They were told they had to move to an area west of the Mississippi River and make a new home there, which was very far away from where these tribes had lived for hundreds of years.  Some of those tribes were from around here too and when they were forced to leave, some of the medicine men placed curses on the land.  They also placed curses on the men that were making them to leave the area, along with cursing their descendents. 

"Since that time many strange things have happened," I went on.  "Occasionally someone would hear what sounded like a war cry and then someone else would be found dead in a nearby field or desolate area.  The person who died would typically not have any visible wounds on his body, but he would have a look of pure horror etched upon his face.  At other times, it would even appear as if the body they found had been scalped, but those in charge often blamed the damage on one of the animals that scavenged the area. 

"Over the years, most people felt the curse had died out, but then someone else would hear a war cry and another body would be found.  Just a couple of weeks ago, the police found the body of a man not too far from here." 

"I heard about that, but my dad said the guy just fell off his ladder and broke his neck," Jon interrupted.  He was another boy whose parents I suspected had moved here from a northern state. 

"That may be, but it doesn't explain the war cry that a number of other people reported hearing first, shortly before the body was discovered," I challenged, to plant some doubt in his mind. 

"Maybe what they thought was a war cry was just some animal howling or something," Nathan suggested. 

"That's a possibility," I agreed, although trying to look skeptical about it. 

"Is that story really true, Mr. Blake?" Paul asked.  He was another suspected northerner. 

"Yeah, my papaw told me all about it," Stanton assured him.  From his use of the southern term for grandfather, I felt his family had been in the south for a long time too. 

"It sounds like a boogeyman story that adults tell to scare their children," Trent, one of the other black players offered. 

"I don't think so," Carlos, one of the other Hispanics countered.  "I believe in curses and stuff like that." 

While the boys were debating this point, I excused myself to use the toilet.  Instead, it was just an excuse for me to go out the backdoor, so I could move around to the side of the house.  Once I was there, I let out my best imitation of a Native American war cry and then quickly ducked inside again, so I could go back and rejoin the boys. 

"Mr. Blake, did you hear that?" D'Wayne, one of the other black players asked when I entered the family room.  His eyes were as wide as saucers and many of the others in the room were suffering from the same condition. 

"Hear what?" I asked, playing dumb. 

"It sounded like an Indian whooping it up outside," D'Wayne replied. 

"No, I didn't hear a thing," I lied.  I could tell my little prank was really getting to the boys. 

"I'm glad there are a bunch of us sleeping in here together," Juan, one the other Hispanic boys stated.  "Are you going to sleep in here too, Mr. Blake?" 

"No, but I'll just be in the living room with Ethan, so I won't be very far away," I offered, to reassure him. 

As the boys continued talking about the story and what they heard, Ethan and I went back to the living room.  That's when he looked at me and asked a question. 

"Did you make that noise?" he asked, and I gave him my dumbest look in response. 

"What noise?" I asked, playing ignorant. 

"The noise we heard that the boy asked you about?" he pressed, eyeing me suspiciously. 

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I professed, but I wasn't convinced Ethan believed me. 

A short time later, I saw Tyler fly by us, as he raced upstairs.  I figured he just needed something from his room and then I saw him come back down again.  Except this time he was carrying his plastic ruler. 

"Hold on there, champ!" I shouted out before he got past us.  "What's going on?" 

"The guys all agreed that we would measure our dicks to see whose was biggest," he told me, with a grin.  "It wasn't my idea.  Really!  Jacob was the one that brought it up, but everyone else agreed it was a good idea and wanted to do it." 

"Are you sure?" I asked, slightly doubtful.  I wondered if he might have even put Jacob up to suggesting it.  Jacob was another boy I suspected had moved here from the north, but I also knew he and Tyler were becoming close. 

"I'm positive," he announced, forcefully.  "You can even come in and see for yourself." 

"No, it's probably better if I stay in here, especially if that's what you're planning to do," I pointed out.  "Just make sure no one is forced to do anything he doesn't want to.  I don't want to hear any complaints from them or their parents later, because I'll just pretend I had no idea what was going on." 

"Ok, that's cool, but there won't be any problems," Tyler stated, as he headed toward the family room again, but then he suddenly stopped.  “Would you come get Marcus though? He's too young for this stuff and I don't think my friends want him staring at their dicks.”

You can tell him to come out here with Ethan and me or I can come in and get him after you guys are dressed again,” I suggested and Tyler nodded his head in response.

I didn't hear any noise or shouts coming from the family room for the next half hour, even though Marcus didn't come out either, but I assumed everything was fine.  Then, out of nowhere, I began to hear some angry shouts, so I jumped up to race in there.  I quickly checked on Ethan first and noticed he had already fallen asleep, so I just left him where he was. 

When I entered the room, the boys were all standing in a circle, well more of an oval, and their underwear was on the floor or around their feet as they stood facing each other. 

"Sorry!" I began after walking in on them.  Once I saw how they were dressed, or more accurately undressed, I quickly covered my eyes and started to turn around. 

"It's ok," Jacob assured me.  "Coach Hendricks walks in on us in the locker room while we're naked all the time.  We don't care, do we guys?" 

I heard various mumbles of "no", "it's ok" or "we don't mind," so I slowly lowered my hand again. 

"Even if you don't mind, I'm sure your parents would, if they found out I was in here with their naked sons!" I informed them, in case they hadn't figured that out for themselves. 

"We aren't going to tell them.  Are we guys?" Jacob followed, and everyone confirmed they wouldn't do that. 

"That's good to know, but let's clear this up quickly.  So what was all the shouting and noise about then?" I asked, to determine the original cause of the disturbance. 

"Some of the guys with extra skin on their dicks are trying to cheat!" Jacob proclaimed.  "They want us to measure that too, which isn't fair!" 

That's when I realized what the problem was and thought I should use this situation to educate them a little.  I'd already found out from Tyler that the sex ed class at school didn't teach them very much, so maybe I could fill in a few of the gaps.

"First of all, the guys with the extra skin on their penis are just uncircumcised," I began, when one of the other boys cut me off. 

"It's funny you said it that way," Trent announced.  "When we were talking about our dicks and cocks, Marcus told us to call them penises.  He said that's what big boys call them." 

"Marcus also said he was a big boy now and knew what he was talking about, because he got 'rections sometimes," Stanton added, with a giggle. 

"Ah, yes.  That goes back to a couple of conversations I had with Marcus to explain a few things," I replied, as I looked around for my middle child.  I found him standing behind one of the other boys and his tighty whities were on the floor too. 

"I see he's participating in your little competition as well," I commented, as I glanced at him.  Marcus, maybe you should stay in the living room with Ethan and me.”

"Nah, he's cool. He was just proving he was grown up by doing this with us," Dylan told me.  I looked at Tyler quizzically, to see if he still wanted me to take Marcus out. "He's certainly brave though, because my little brother would never have the guts to do anything like this, especially with guys a lot older than he is." 

As the other boys were all murmuring their agreement, Tyler spoke up. “It's ok and he can stay if he wants.”

Marcus, on the other hand, appeared to be torn between wondering if I was going to be mad at him or whether he should be proud about how he'd just been praised.  After seeing I didn't look upset, he stepped forward a little more and stood a little taller; to show the other boys he wasn't scared. 

"Ok, if everyone's all right with it, but back to my original point," I began again.  "The boys with the extra skin on their penis are just uncircumcised.  You were all born that way, but obviously some of your parents decided to have the extra skin removed surgically, for one reason or another..."

"You mean they had it cut off?" Antonio blurted out, interrupting me again, as a look of disbelief crossed his face. 

"They had it done by a doctor," I explained.  "Some religions, like the Jews and some Muslims, do it for religious reasons, while some parents choose to have it done for hygienic or aesthetic purposes.  Still others may have different reasons for choosing to have it done." 

"Did it hurt?" Juan followed, while looking at some of the circumcised boys. 

"I was just a baby when it was done, so I don't remember," Paul stated. 

"Same with me," Tyler added, which seemed to be good enough for Juan. 

"That's why some of us weren't taking showers with the rest of the team," Antonio admitted.  "Sometimes if some other guy happened to see one of our dicks while we were peeing, he would say stuff like it looked 'gross', 'disgusting' or 'deformed', so we didn't want to have that happen in the locker room too.  Now we know what to tell them, if anyone says anything like that again, so we're not so concerned about it happening any more." 

"I'm glad you feel that way, because you certainly don't have anything to be ashamed of or embarrassed about," I confirmed, as I smiled at him. 

"I didn't want to take showers either, but not because of that," Jon announced, looking slightly embarrassed.  "I didn't want to take a shower because my dick wasn't big like the other guys and I just started getting hair down there." 

"Yeah, me too," Paul chimed in.  As I looked at those two boys I could see that they weren't as physically mature as the other boys. 

"It's only because you two are just entering puberty," I informed them.  "That's the period when your body starts to grow and mature, but it doesn't happen to all boys at the same age.  Some start younger while others don't start the process until they're even older than you are now, but you'll develop just like the rest of them.  In fact, you'll probably be more like the others either this year or next, judging from where you are now." 

"I can't wait, but I'm just glad the other guys haven't been making fun of us because of it," Paul added. 

"I'm sure it's because they all went through it not too long ago, so they remember what it was like," I reasoned.  "I also take it by looking at you this way that you're not all in the same grade." 

"No.  Some of us are in 8th grade and the rest are in 7th," Jacob told me.  "All of the 8th graders raise your hand so Mr. Blake can see who is older."

When they did, I noticed that Jacob, Trent, Juan, Curtis, Crawford, Antonio and Nathan all raised their hands.  That explained a lot. 

"So it's not cheating then, if they want to measure the extra skin?" Jamal blurted out, since we'd drifted away from that question without clearing it up. 

"Let me put it this way," I offered.  "I don't think the boys that are uncircumcised should take advantage of the fact that the others had the skin removed, because it wasn't really their choice.  If those boys can retract, or pull back their foreskin, that's what the extra skin is called, then I think their penis should be measured that way." 

"Will you measure everyone for us, so there aren't any more arguments?" Jacob asked next. 

"I think you boys should do that on your own," I declined.  "If I did it, it would mean I might come into contact with your penises and I don't want to create any problems if that happened." 

"We wouldn't care.  Right guys?" he quickly asked, and even though they all seemed to agree, I still declined to take part in their little fact finding mission.  I left them alone and went back into the living room instead. 

About 40 minutes later, I saw Tyler heading back upstairs to put the ruler away.  When he came down again, he stopped to fill me in on what happened.  "Crawford had the biggest cock," he announced, even though I hadn't asked.  "He only beat out Jacob and Jamal by just a little though, but he still had the biggest dick."  After saying this, he returned to the family room with the others. 

I didn't hear any more commotion from in there, although I did peek in on them later, when I got up to pee.  They all seemed to be sleeping peacefully and in their own sleeping bags.  I also noticed that Marcus was curled up next to Tyler, so I was glad to see that Tyler was looking out for his little brother. 


I then went back and finished up the night in the living room with Ethan.  I wanted to be there in case he woke up, because I was afraid he might get scared if he found himself someplace other than his bedroom without someone familiar nearby. 

When I got up Sunday morning, I was a little stiff from sleeping on the floor.  As I glanced over at Ethan, I saw he was still sleeping, but I didn't hear any noise or movement in the family room either, so I figured those boys were still sleeping too.  Therefore, I just sat in one of the chairs until I saw the others were starting to get up. 

It was about twenty minutes later when the first boy emerged from the family room.  It was Nathan and he was heading toward the bathroom, with his morning wood leading the way.  He didn't seem to be embarrassed that I saw it, because he merely smiled and said, "Good morning, Mr. Blake," as he passed by. 

Once all of the boys were up, I told them I had purchased several different types of cereal they could choose from, but I was also going to prepare some scrambled eggs and pancakes.  Then I added there would be toast available too.  Tyler even agreed to make the toast and butter it, while I worked on the scrambled eggs and pancakes.

Over the next hour or so, I fed the troops and then they all went back to the family to get dressed.  They were all presentable and their bellies were full before the first parent arrived and they started leaving for home.  Each one thanked me before he took off and told me he'd had a great time.  I could tell from watching Tyler's face that he was thrilled with how this went and I suspected he had probably just moved to the top of the social ladder, at least with this group. 



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 16 – Conflicting Desires. 

As soon as the last of his teammates had left, Tyler thanked me too. 

"That was a great birthday party, Uncle Blake," he announced, while giving me a hug.  "Everyone said they had a really great time and they all thanked me for inviting them.  I know we're all going to be closer as a team now, because we've all become friends.  Oh, and I was told to thank you for telling the guys about that stuff last night.  They all thought it was neat that you were willing to explain the differences and helped them understand all of those things.  They told Marcus and me that we were really lucky that we could go to you whenever we had a question about things like that." 

"Well I'm glad it worked out and I was able to help," I confirmed.  "I just hope no problems arise from any of this later." 

"Don't worry, it won't.  All the guys really like you, so no one will do anything to get you in trouble," he assured me. 

"I certainly hope not," I stated.  "Now I want to explain something else to you.  I'm going to sew pockets into both your backpack and the duffel bag.  It will be a place where you can keep your phone, but it will be out of the way at the same time.  This way you can leave it in your backpack during the day, so you won't get in trouble with your teachers, but you can also move it to your duffel bag, so you'll have it with you when you're playing sports.  You be able to take it with you when you are at practice or go on road trips, but can't keep it on you while you're playing.  The pockets will keep your books and other things you have in there from crushing the phone or making phantom calls on it.  I'll do this today, so you'll be all set for tomorrow." 

"Thanks, Uncle Blake," he told me.  "You always think of everything."

"I try, little man," I assured him, as I turned Tyler around and smacked him on the butt. 

"Hey, what was that for?" he shouted, as he turned around to face me again. 

"Well I haven't given you your birthday spanks yet..." I replied, but Tyler didn't wait for the rest of my answer.  Instead, he spun around, bolted out of the room and flew up the stairs to his bedroom. 

I didn't see much of Tyler for the rest of the day.  I wasn't sure if he was hiding from me or merely catching up on his sleep, since I wasn't sure how well he'd slept during the night.  He might also be using this time to think about yesterday and envisioning all of the boy meat he had seen.  I'm sure; at least as far as he's concerned, that bonus alone was worth it. 

I also decided to use this time to sew the pockets into his backpack and duffel bag, so they'd be ready for him to use the following day.  This way he could keep his phone with him without me having to worry that it would get lost or damaged.  I sewed the one in the backpack just inside and below the zipper on top and underneath where the top piece connected to the side panel.  It was where he could get to it easily, but also away from the heavier items that might crush it.  I then sewed the pocket into the duffel bag and placed it inside and just below the zipper on one of the end sections, for basically the same reason. 

While I was doing that, I also thought about Tyler's party and realized something else.  Even after seeing all those boys with their dicks hanging out in the family room, I never got aroused.  The only time that has happened to me has been when I've been with Tyler.  I wasn't sure if I should be pleased that I hadn't been sexually attracted to the other boys or dismayed that I do get aroused by Tyler.  It was something I would have to think about further and then make some kind of decision as to what I was going to do about it. 

Tyler came down to join the rest of us for lunch and dinner, but that was about it.  Then after dinner he came up to me to talk about something. 

"During my party, Jacob and Dylan both said things to me that made me think they were interested in fooling around sometime.  Do you think they really might want to do that?" he wondered. 

"First of all, I have no idea what was said or how they acted, so only you can be the judge of that," I replied. 

"After he measured my dick, Jacob whispered to me that I had a nice one and he'd like to see more of it," Tyler verified.  "Dylan said something like that to me later too, when no one else could hear.  What do you think I should do?" 

"Are you interested in either of those boys?" I shot back, to see what he had to say. 

"Yeah, kinda, but I'm more interested in you," he stated, while flashing me a sly grin. 

"Be that as it may," I replied, "if you're interested in doing something with either boy, then you'll have to let him know.  I just want to warn you that whatever you decide to do, just make sure it's only done in a safe place, where no one else will be able to discover what you're up to." 

"How about here, up in my room?" he wondered. 

"That would be fine, but how would they get here to be with you?" I challenged, pointing out the flaw in his plan. 

"What if I asked one of them to stay over sometime?" he offered.  "Then we could do things, because I know none of you would mind or bother us." 

"You could only do it on a non-school night," I pointed out. 

"I know, but you wouldn't mind if I did that.  Would you?" he wanted to know. 

"Not at all," I concurred.  "I'd much rather see you doing it with someone your age and in the safety of our home, then trying to convince me to do those things with you." 

"I still want to do stuff with you too," he confessed, "but since you don't want to do it very often, I thought this would be good for me to do in between." 

When I first heard Tyler mention this idea, I was hoping that if he started messing around with another boy that it would take me off the hook completely.  However, it merely seems as if Tyler wants to use one or both of these boys to sate his desires when I won't give in to him.  I guess it's still a partial victory for me, but maybe he'll change his mind later and want to do things with one of them full time. 

Tyler's mood gradually changed again and he suddenly seemed to be moping around the house, but I wasn't sure why.  It might have been that he was just busy thinking about setting things up with either Jacob or Dylan and merely working the idea out in his mind, so I didn't give it a second thought.  Then later, as Tyler was walking back to his room after taking his shower, I passed him in the hall.  Not only did the expression on his face appear as if he had just lost his best friend, but he was walking with his shoulders slumped slightly forward.  When he glanced up at me, I noticed his eyes were puffy and watery too, but it didn't appear as if it was the result of the shower he'd just taken. 

"Hey!  What's wrong, champ?" I asked when I saw him. 

"Nothing!" he exclaimed, as he pushed his way past me. 

I didn't understand why he was suddenly so unhappy, especially after the great weekend he'd just enjoyed.  So I thought I'd better follow him, to see if I could find out what was wrong.  When I entered his room, he was sitting on his bed, with the towel still wrapped around his waist, but he was looking down at his knees.  I wasn't sure if he even saw me enter, so I walked up to him to see if I could find out what was going on. 

"What's the matter?" I pressed.  "You should be happy after your great party, so why do you look so miserable?" 

"Because you don't want me and I didn't get the one present I wanted the most," he spit back. 

"What are you talking about?" I followed.  "Of course I want you here with me.  I love you boys and don't want anything to ever change."

"But you don't care if I do stuff with other boys and you won't do what I want," he responded, as the tears began to stream down his cheeks.  "I love what you got me for me birthday, but the one thing I really wanted you never gave me." 

"So all of this is because I didn't give you a blowjob?" I asked, still partially confused. 

"See!  You don't even realize how important it is to me!" he blurted out, as he began to cry in earnest. 

Suddenly, his earlier comments became clear.  He was telling me about possibly fooling around with the other boys to make me jealous.  When that didn't happen, he became depressed instead. 

"Tyler, I don't want to see you unhappy on your birthday," I told him, as I slipped my arm around his shoulders. 

"Then why didn't you give me the one thing I wanted most?" he challenged, as his body stiffened and he glared into my eyes. 

"Because I've been giving in to you far too often as it is and I didn't want you to start thinking I'd do it whenever you wanted," I replied, although I knew already that he wasn't going to accept my answer. 

"I wasn't asking you to do it all the time, just for my birthday," he shot back, defiantly. 

"Well that isn't until tomorrow, so why are you getting so upset now?" I followed and his head suddenly shot up, as he looked into my eyes. 

"Do you mean you still might do it?" he asked, as he waited for my reply.

"I don't want to mislead you, but never count anything out until you are sure it isn't possible," I answered.  I said it this way so I had time to think about this some more. 

His face suddenly lit up and he threw his arms around my neck, as he kissed me on the lips.  "I hope you mean that," he whispered in my ear after our mouths separated.  I decided it would be best to distract him from those thoughts for now, so I came up with something else to chat about. 

"Since tomorrow is your birthday, what do you want special for breakfast?" I asked.  It took a few seconds for his mind to change gears, but then I could see him thinking hard about my request. 

"How about waffles topped with strawberries?" he wondered. 

"Your wish is my command," I replied. 

"I wish it was really like that all the time," he countered and I knew precisely what he meant.

"I'll have to make sure we have some frozen strawberries first, but if we don't I'll make a quick trip to the store," I advised him.  "If you hear the car start, then you'll know that's what I had to do, so keep an ear out for your brothers until I return.  I'll even pick up a can of whipped cream to squirt on top of the strawberries." 

As I suspected, we didn't have any strawberries, so I made sure I had everything else I would need before I ran to the store to get the strawberries and whipped cream.  Once I had completed my errand and felt everything was in order, I turned in for the night and set the alarm. 

I was up early the next morning and had everything set up before Tyler came down to join me.  As soon as I saw him, I gave him a kiss on the lips, which wasn't normal for me, and wished him a 'Happy Birthday'.  Then I told him I'd start making the waffles, while he went upstairs and woke his brothers.  I had his plate ready when he came back down and then I started fixing the same for his siblings. 

"Wow!  We don't usually get this," Marcus observed as he began to eat. 

"You can thank your brother for it, since this is what he wanted for his birthday breakfast," I announced. 

"Thanks, bro," Marcus told him.  "Will Ethan and me get to tell you what we want on our birthdays too?" 

"Of course," I answered, which earned me a huge smile in return. 

After the boys got on their buses, I headed to work.  I spent the ride and part of the day thinking about whether I was going to honor Tyler's birthday request.  Personally, I wanted to do it, but as a parent I knew I shouldn't.  I couldn't keep giving in to him every time he cried or pouted.  Then again, I didn't want to ruin his special day either. 

I argued with myself off and on throughout the entire morning and afternoon.  I still hadn't made up my mind by the ride home, but I still had a little time to think about it, because I'd promised Tyler that I'd let him choose the restaurant we'd go to for dinner.  After retrieving Ethan and Marcus from next door, we drove to the school to pick Tyler up from his practice.  Once he was buckled into his seat, he announced he wanted to go to Dominick's, an Italian restaurant, so that's where I took them. 

After looking at the menu, we all decided on what we wanted.  Tyler had Lasagna, Marcus wanted Ravioli, Ethan stuck with the Spaghetti and meatballs and I ordered Eggplant Parmigiana.  The food was delicious and we were all stuffed, so I ordered three cannolis to go, which we would have later.  I would split one between Ethan and Marcus and then there would be one for Tyler and myself.  

Tyler was pleased with his meal and thanked me afterward, but so did the other boys.  Then, I drove home, so we could relax.  After making sure their homework was out of the way, we had our dessert and then I took Ethan and Marcus upstairs for their baths.  Just as I was finishing up with Marcus, Tyler showed up and he had a huge grin plastered across his face.  There was no doubt about what he was expecting, but I still hadn't made up my mind as to whether I was going to give in to him. 

Once the other two were in bed, I ran downstairs to close up, but then I grabbed something at the last second.  I took it upstairs and left it in my bedroom, before going over to Tyler's room so I could speak with him.  He was still all smiles when I walked in, so I hoped this would go well. 

"Ok, you can sleep with me tonight, if you want," I began. 

"Of course I want to!" he exclaimed.  "Are we going to do the other thing too?" 

"Maybe, but I want that part to be a surprise," I answered. 

This made Tyler give me a strange look in return.  I hadn't said 'no', but I hadn't said 'yes' either.  I think he was still afraid I was going to turn him down when he crawled into bed beside me.  Once we were both settled, I rolled over stared into his lovely green eyes and finally made up my mind.  I wanted him tonight, as much as he wanted me to have him. 

Without thinking about the ramifications, I leaned toward his head and placed my lips over his.  When he opened his mouth this time, I let my tongue slither between his luscious lips, as I kissed him deeply and passionately.  While I was doing this, I was also running my hand over his chest and tauntingly tweaking his nipples, before I allowed that same hand to roam up and down his chest, until it eventually reached his groin.  At first I merely rubbed his boy parts through the fabric, which made Tyler squirm and moan into my mouth as his boyhood stiffened.  Eventually, I slipped my hand under the waistband and began fondling the entire area, skin on skin. 

Tyler was now thrashing about under my touch, while getting worked up more and more every second.  Since I didn't want him to ejaculate prematurely, I pulled my hand away again and moved it back up to his chest for a few moments.  That's when Tyler pulled away from me and spoke. 

"What's wrong?  Why did you stop?" he demanded.  "That felt wonderful and I was really enjoying it." 

"Maybe a little too much," I observed.  "I was afraid you were going to shoot before I did what you wanted." 

"I could have done it again later, if that happened," he claimed, and being young and resilient I was sure he could have. 

"I know, but I want to build up to the moment, without the added mess just yet," I replied. 

Tyler accepted my explanation, since he was fairly certain he was going to get what he wanted.  Satisfied, he moved his lips back to mine, but this time he was kissing me and it was just as passionate as before.  While he was doing this, I started to slide his boxer briefs down his legs and he reached down on the other side to help me do it.  When they were finally down by his ankles, he kicked them off and they landed on the bedroom floor. 

Now that he was completely naked, I rolled away from him and reached for the object I'd left on my nightstand earlier.  He couldn't see what I was doing until I rolled back and began spraying whipped cream on his nipples. 

"Hey!  That's cold!" he chirped, as he began to squirm around beneath me.

I didn't respond and merely flicked out my tongue and began licking up the tasty treat, before I started working on the tiny nubs.  I licked, nibbled, nipped and sucked on each one for quite some time, as Tyler gyrated below me.  Once I felt I had paid enough attention to that area, I sprayed a line of whipped cream down his chest and into his bellybutton.  Then, I began to lick that up too.  As I worked my way down his chest, I stopped briefly to pay homage to his navel and lap up the huge dollop of white cream I had deposited there.  Tyler was panting quite loudly in anticipation now, as I moved ever closer to his pride and joy. 

Once I'd finished with his chest, I covered his groin in whipped cream next and then began to slowly lick it off.  First, I used my tongue to travel over his sensitive scrotum, as I cleaned that area off completely, and then I lifted my head slightly, and allowed my tongue to journey up and down his rigid shaft a couple of times, as I licked that area clean as well.  I also swirled my tongue around his helmet and teased the tiny slit at the tip, before I pulled back and slid back to his face.  I quickly squirted some of the cream onto his nose and mouth and then I started to lick and suction it off of there as well.  Tyler started to flick his tongue out as well and eagerly licked my lips, since some of the whipped cream had smeared there.  When I saw he was enjoying this, I put a little more whipped cream on both of our faces and we attacked each other again. 

Once we finished doing that, I sprayed another streak of the sticky white treat from his nipples to just below his navel, and then once again licked my way down his body.  As soon as I reached his scrotum, I covered the entire area one more time and then not only sucked up the tasty residue, but I also nipped and tugged playfully on his sac for a while.  After doing that for a brief time, I slurped the watery orbs contained within that fleshy pouch into my mouth, so I could suck and toy with them as well.  Once I had done that for several seconds, I lifted my head and worked my way back up his quivering pole again.  This caused Tyler to frantically buck his hips up and down on the mattress in tortured delight, but also in anticipation of what was to come next, until I finally reached the crown.  After teasing him with my tongue a little longer, I lowered my mouth over his throbbing shaft and let my head drop downward until my lips were resting against his pubic mound. 

I heard Tyler gasp when I closed my mouth around his shaft and began working on it with my tongue.  Then, I started bobbing my head up and down over it, like the bouncing woodpecker on the toothpick holder.  Every time I lowered my head, Tyler thrust his hips upward, and then he relaxed again as I pulled away.  At that moment, I was the Master playing a delicate and lovely tune on a very fine and precious instrument.  When at last we reached the crescendo, Tyler thrust his penis as far into my throat as it would go, as the final chords of this delicate and explosive performance played out.  It was a work worthy of the greatest maestros - Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, as Tyler's body collapsed onto the sheet, completely spent and exhausted. 

As I reluctantly pulled off of his penis, I lifted up and turned my head so I could look at Tyler.  On the pillow, I saw the head of an angel, whose face was glowing and as radiant as any image ever created that depicted one of those heavenly creatures.  Not even the most marvelous canvases or sculptures that had been meticulously crafted by the most talented artists to have ever lived could begin to compare.  Da VincI, Michelangelo, Donatello, Botticelli and Raphael all paled in comparison and were incapable of rendering an equal to the perfection I had lying beside me.  There was no way I could deny it any longer; I had without a doubt fallen deeply in love with this cherub from God.  Although my heart was about ready to burst and was shouting with joy, my brain was telling me I'd made a huge and terrible mistake.  It was screaming at me that he was just too young and the age difference between us was just too great to make this work.  I didn't want to believe it, let alone admit the voice might be right, but I had a nagging and foreboding feeling that this second voice was probably the one giving me the accurate advice.

Once Tyler recovered from his mind-blowing orgasm, he sat up, wrapped his arms around my neck and began to kiss me passionately again.  His mouth was all over my face, like the suction cups on the tentacles of an octopus or giant squid, and it was more than obvious that he had enjoyed what we'd done. 

"That was absolutely incredible and better than I could have ever hoped for or imagined," he informed me, as his arms wrapped tighter around my neck and his mouth attacked mine.  "You've never kissed me like that before and you haven't done some of that other stuff since the first time you did this for me, but where did you get the idea about using the whipped cream?" 

"Since this was one of your birthday presents, I decided to turn you into a sweet and tasty dessert," I explained.  "I hope you liked it."

"I loved it!  It was the best birthday present ever!" he gushed.  "Thank you sooooo much and I really love you.  I wish we could do this forever." 

I knew he was thrilled, and so was I, except for this nasty little voice in the back of my head that was swearing, calling me a fool and telling me that I'd just fucked up big time.  I did my best not to listen to it, but it just wouldn't shut up and go away. 

After a few moments, I talked Tyler into taking a shower with me, since we were both a little slimy from the residue left behind by the whipped cream.  We washed each other thoroughly, as we removed the stickiness from our bodies, and then we dried each other off before getting in bed.  As Tyler was cuddling against me and getting comfortable, I wondered if I'd done more to help or harm him tonight.  Was I leading him on, only to crush his spirit and heart later?

As Tyler slept peacefully beside me, with his body pressed tightly against mine, I kept asking myself this same question.  Then another voice suddenly spoke up.  It wanted to know if it was so wrong to love him and provide him with so much pleasure, while the other voice kept answering 'yes' and ordering me to stop this while I could.  I knew I probably should, but I had enjoyed it too and wanted to do it even more.  Which voice was going to win out and convince me?  Even more importantly, would Tyler be satisfied with whatever choice I finally made?



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