The Hookup a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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I have to admit that I wasn't expecting to see any kids when I set out to get laid on Friday. Being a 30 something in a rather densely populated city, I tend to get plenty of action. Over the years my “little black book” has filled up with a satisfying assortment of hot, hung and horny men that I can call on at a moments notice. While I'm certainly no nymphomaniac, I like to find myself in the throes of gay ecstasy at least three times a week, usually with a different partner each night.

One of my favorites is Donald, a 50 something divorcee who's hung like a horse. I've heard of men with the mythical “dad dick” but had never seen any empirical evidence that they really existed. Then, about five years ago, I found Donald in a m4m chat room online and we exchanged pics. Back then I was a 26 year old bottom with a fresh face and a twinkishly hairless body, which made me an attractive hookup for the silver daddy. Donald was freshly single and just out of the closet, but he was no amateur in bed, as I would quickly discover.

As soon as I dropped my pants and bent over for him, he buried his face in my ass and ate me out for damn near 15 minutes. Then he slipped his lube coated finger in my quivering hole and finger fucked me until I damn near shot my load. Finally, he finished me off by laying me on my back and sliding his horse cock up my ass, taking me for the first of many missionary thrill rides in his bed while my untouched cock spouted cum all over my chest.

Over the years, I've had a lot of different partners and experiences, but Donald is a regular on my weekly circuit. When I'm in the mood to top, I have a plethora of lovers to choose from. When I'm in the mood for romance, I can call on about five or six different lovers who are eager to wine and dine me in front of a crackling fireplace. When I'm feeling adventurous, I have access to some of the kinkiest men in town.

But when I'm in the mood to bottom, or to wrap my lips around a juicy cock, I only have one preference. So on Friday morning, when my ass started to throb with the urgent need for deep stimulation, I fired off a text to Donald. When he replied that he would be happy to see me that night, I felt the flames of desire intensify and I felt frantic to see him. We exchanged texts all day and I could feel the fire in my rear end spreading until it was a full blown inferno.

So when 7pm rolled around I sped over to his apartment complex, anxious for the chance to blow him to completion, then offer him my ass for a deep rooting. I sent him a text as soon as I pulled up to his building and saw the front door open, so I checked myself out in the rear view mirror before stepping out of my car and making a fast beeline to his apartment. He was standing at the door, smiling as I walked up while the sound of cartoons caught my attention.

Hey Jesse,” he said, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and planting a wet kiss on my lips, then he ushered me inside.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the site of Donald's two boys, 12 year old Ian and 18 year old Caleb. The boys are smaller, cuter versions of their daddy, and it's always a pleasure to get an eyeful of the pair. Ian has short black hair and an adorable grin that never fails to take my breath away. His smile is accentuated by a set of shiny braces that adorn his teeth, adding to his boyishly cute smile.

Just like his baby brother, Caleb's braces are always on full display. The fresh faced cutie has the same winning smile that his daddy always wears, but his boyish features are still so prevalent that he could easily pass for a young 15 years old. He stands about six or seven inches taller than his brother with a slender build. Unlike a lot of boys his age, acne hasn't taken its toll on his complexion, adding to his innocent aura.

It was no surprise that the small boy was sitting on the couch with his eyes glued to the television while Caleb's brilliant eyes were on me from the minute I spotted him. My cock jumped in my pants when I saw that the boys were freshly showered and ready for bed, dressed in nothing but their tidy white briefs.

When Donald closed the door, the cute boy finally spoke.

Hi Jesse,” Caleb said with a polite but disengaged tone, then he looked up at his dad. “Is he spending the night?”

He might,” Donald said noncommittally. “It just depends, son.”

Okay,” the boy said with a cheeky smile, and I knew that he wanted the answer to be yes. “What time do we have to go to bed tonight?”

Just turn the TV off before you hit the hay, and you can stay up as long as you want to,” the man said, then he leaned in and planted a kiss on my lips. With a casual tone, he explained, “It's my weekend with the boys.”

Looking around the room, I spotted a picture of the boys that looked to be rather recent. While I was staring at the photo, Ian got up and made a beeline for the bathroom in the hallway. As he walked past us, I set my eyes on his plump bottom, appreciating the fact that it was a full fledged bubble butt with a grin. The slender boy stood at about 4'10” tall and might have weighed 70 pounds at best. Donald's hand rubbing up and down my back broke me out of my spell. I blushed because I was worried that he'd caught me red handed checking out his son, but he simply offered me a wink and ushered me down the hall to his bedroom.

The boys get cuter every time I see them,” I said when he closed the door, and he gave me a proud smile.

Yeah, my boys are little heart breakers, that's for sure,” he said, and I could have sworn that I saw his chest swell.

I responded with a tender smile, prompting him to lean in and plant a deep kiss on my mouth. As our kiss grew more passionate, we found ourselves disrobing in a hasty fashion, which led us to get in his bed.

An hour later, I was clinging to Donald's chest while he snored softly beside me. He had his arms wrapped around my torso while I used my fingertips to play with his chest hair. The afterglow of three powerful orgasms had set in on me and I found myself completely sated for the moment. The uncontrollable flames that had been burning in my body were doused with Donald's man sperm, leaving nothing but a smoldering afterglow while I cooed with contentment.

Five minutes later, another urgent need gripped me and I made a beeline across the hall to the bathroom. Even with two youngsters in the apartment, modesty isn't a hangup with Donald, so I didn't bother with my boxers. After draining my hose, I cleaned up a little bit in the mirror and made myself presentable, then I crept down the hall to look for something to drink, parched from a marathon session in Donald's bed.

Making my way down the hall to the kitchen, I peaked my head into Ian's room, taking stock of the sleeping little boy with a warm smile. Continuing down the hall, I smiled when I heard the patter of Caleb's light footsteps in the kitchen, wondering what he would say when he saw me without clothes.

Disregarding that, I walked into the kitchen and my warm smile turned to a knowing grin when I spotted the teenager standing at the counter, still dressed in nothing but his briefs. Letting loose with a chuckle, I took stock of the way his underwear hugged his plump rear end and the tops of his skinny thighs as I approached him from behind.

Hey kiddo,” I said, swatting his tale as I opened the fridge and fished out a bottled water.

Hey Jesse,” he said with a naughty smile of his own. “I heard you and my dad getting busy.”

Oh yeah, what of it?” I said with a cheeky smile. “Are you jealous?”

Maybe,” he said with a playful inflection in his voice while I rested my chin on his shoulder and looked at the plate of food he was standing in front of. “I haven't seen you in a while.”

With that, he puckered his lips and leaned in for a kiss. I reciprocated immediately, planting my lips to his and slipping him some tongue. He let loose with a soft moan, melting into our tongue tango while I slid my hands into the seat of his briefs and gave his warm buns a firm squeeze. The feel of his hot flesh against my skin always works like a maximum strength aphrodisiac for my libido. And just like that, my raging hardon was suddenly back with a vengeance, even after a pleasure filled ass fucking in Donald's bed.

We let our lips part and I quickly yanked his briefs down, revealing his bare bottom. I squatted to place myself at eye level and parted his cheeks with an urgent moan, then I lustily tongued his hot pucker while he placed the flat of his palms on the counter and pushed back with his hips. The smell of his desire was powerful in my nose, rolling off of his boy pussy like steam from a fresh baked pie and making me weak at the knees.

Before I could get a handle on my passion, I found myself forcing my mug into Caleb's crevice with a lecherous swell in my groin while he let loose with a boyish moan of his own. I felt his rear end stir against my face and knew that he was grinding his boy pussy back into my feasting mouth, so I doubled down on my efforts. My reward for this was a strong thrust of pheromones and a cascade of ass juice that I greedily lapped away as soon as it was excreted.

Finally, I could wait no longer. My cock was aching with need and I needed to bury it in an ass right away. So I pulled my face from between Caleb's buns and stood up straight, anxious to penetrate the boy. I knew that he wanted it too, and badly, because as soon as I was standing again, he began grinding his ass against the head of my raging hard on. Placing my hands on his hips, I took a firm hold and pushed in with one easy thrust, burying my cock all the way up his chute while we moaned in unison. His tight bottom was throbbing and grabbing every inch of my cock, from the base all the way to the crown, and it felt amazing.

Are you ready, buddy?” I asked, and he nodded urgently. Giving in to both of our needs, I began to thrust, feeding him full strokes while he looked to his right and smiled. I planted a kiss on the nape of his neck, then I turned my head to the right and spotted little Ian, watching with a hard grin on his face and a tent in his boy briefs. His eyes were trained on my cock, which was running fluidly in and out of his brother's boy snatch, and his lips were moist with saliva. I moved my hands from Caleb's hips to his shoulders, letting Ian get a better look at the action that he was witnessing.

Are you getting a good eyeful this time, kiddo?” I asked him, and the 12 year old nodded slowly, almost as if he were in a trance. “It looks like you walked in just in time.”

One more time, the little fellow nodded his answer, watching with a transfixed smile as I plowed his big brother's rear end. I looked up at Caleb's face, noting that he was grinning with satisfaction while I hammered his boy pussy, then he turned his head and puckered his lips again. Always happy to makeout with the little cutie, I French kissed him deep, making sure that Ian could see our tongues dance while my cock ran in and out of his brother's hole.

I felt a glob of precum land on the top of my foot and realized that Caleb was close to reaching his climax. I was close, too, and I knew that soon I was going to breed the teenager. Wanting to make sure that I gave the moaning bottom as much pleasure as I could, I increased the momentum and force of my thrusts. This kicked up a powerful aroma that made my head spin as the pleasure of our act started to take its final toll on me. I broke my kiss with Caleb and looked over at Ian, whose little nose was working double time, sniffing the aroma of gay sex that was drifting into his nostrils with a look of sheer desire on his face.

That was all I could take. I fed young Caleb five more thrusts, then I buried my rod all the way up his ass and unloaded while he moaned with satisfaction. His sphincter was opening and closing around the base of my stalk while I filled him up with my man sperm, and I found myself mesmerized by the site. As I was watching Caleb's hungry boy pussy clamp down around my dick, Ian's shadow caught my eye, prompting me to look right again. My pleasure swelled when I noticed that he was now leaning in, his grinning face just inches from my cock and his brother's tight boy pussy. He had the naughtiest expression on his face and he was sniffing loudly while I seeded his brother's hole.

He was watching with captive eyes as I slowly withdrew my cock from Caleb's vice like sphincter, his mouth dripping with desire the whole time. When the head emerged with a moist crackle, Ian's watering mouth was hanging open and he had to catch his breath. He leaned in and placed his little nose up to my stalk, almost making contact with it while he enjoyed a deep whiff of the cum and ass juice that was dripping down its length.

In the meanwhile, Caleb went to his knees and slipped his mouth over the end of my shaft, snapping little Ian out of his spell. The horny 12 year old looked up at me with needy eyes and bit his lower lip, then he watched as his big brother enjoyed the spoils of his conquest. While Caleb was basking in the afterglow of our sex by sucking lustily on my shaft, I reached down and ran my fingers through Ian's short hair and smiled.

Would you like a kiss, buddy?” I asked him, and he nodded up at me with lust filled eyes. “Let me see those cute lips of yours.”

With that, cute little Ian puckered his lips and I leaned down, planting my lips to his and feeling his warm breath fill my mouth. Knowing what he wanted, I slipped my tongue into his mouth and he moaned urgently, then he wrapped his skinny arms around my neck and we made out for a full two minutes. When we broke our kiss, Caleb pulled off of my shaft with a slurp, then he pulled his undies up and mussed his little brother's hair with a smile. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, I led the boys back to the couch, where we cuddled and watched TV.

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