by Pink Panther

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June 1960

With no homework to do, school exam week gave Michael more time to relax than he normally had. Having worked conscientiously all year, he'd revised during the half term break and the week that followed it. There was little more he could do. With that in mind, his routine of daily sex continued uninterrupted.

During Chris's visit on the Tuesday, they discussed the exams they'd done, and the ones that were coming up. For reasons that Michael couldn't explain, their conversation made him more confident and determined. Chris wanted him to do well. That was certainly part of it. He wanted Chris to do well too. If he did really well, the elfin boy might even beat the obnoxious Carver. That would be something to celebrate!

Finally, they reached the end of Friday afternoon. With their last exam, geography, completed, the ordeal was over. Michael headed for home to relax while he waited for Chris to arrive.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

By contrast, Alex found the week every bit as hard as he'd expected. The tedium of invigilation during the day was followed by long evenings marking exam papers. He managed to fit in the choral society rehearsal, a meeting with Whitney on the Wednesday and with Stainham on the Thursday. Apart from that, he worked almost non-stop.

Having been through the process once, he was more efficient than he had been the first time. In particular, he knew how to interpret the mark schemes without having to ask. And with his Upper Sixth group doing their A-level exam, he had fewer papers to mark and one fewer mark scheme to learn.

Even so, it was still very time consuming. Checking that he'd marked every question and totalled the marks correctly was purgatory. But it was worth it. The results his classes had produced were even better than he'd dared to hope. By midday on Saturday, he was almost there. He only had 3-Blue's papers left to mark. He'd do that on Sunday. The rest of the day was his.

At ten to two, the doorbell rang. He opened the front door, Whitney sauntering in without waiting to be asked. Heading for the lounge, the boy took his usual place on the sofa.

"So how have the exams gone?" Alex enquired, sitting down next to him.

"Pretty well, I think," Michael said casually, stretching his legs out. "Have you marked our maths papers?"

"I have," Alex said, knowing what the next question would be.

"Could you tell me how I did?" Michael asked, giving the man a seductive smile.

"I can tell you that you did better than last time," Alex said guardedly. "But that's all I'm going to say. For more information, you'll have to wait till Monday, the same as everyone else. And you are not to say a word to anyone, d'you understand?"

"Yes sir," Michael acknowledged.

For the moment, it was all the information he needed. As far as he was concerned, better than last time was more than acceptable.

"Sir," he ventured. "Stainham told me you massage his feet."

"Yes, he asked me to. He's a dancer. His feet have to do far more work than yours or mine. At times, they get tired and sore. Massaging them helps, it's as simple as that. I will admit it did have a benefit I didn't expect."

"What d'you mean, sir?"

"Well, on each occasion that I've done it, he didn't have an erection when I started, but he certainly did after I'd worked on his feet for a minute or two."

"Sir, that's weird!"

"I agree. I've no idea how it happens, but I'm not complaining."

"What about sucking his toes?"

"Ahh, now that's a different matter. He didn't ask me to so that. After I'd massaged his feet for a few minutes, my hands started to ache. I had to stop. So, I tickled the soles of his feet, just for a bit of fun. Of course, he squirmed and giggled like most kids would. Then I began sucking his toes. I really have no idea what prompted me to do it. He absolutely loved it!"

"He is quite strange, isn't he?" Michael suggested.

"He's certainly different," Alex countered. "But he's a good lad. Earlier in the year, he was really struggling with his maths. But he came and asked for help, and basically pulled himself up by his bootstraps. That takes guts. I've lots of time for anyone who can do that."

"Yes sir," Michael responded, sounding a little chastened. "What time will they be here?"

"Anytime in the next ten minutes or so. Is it your turn to fuck King?"

"Yes sir."

"Good! You're going to get another wish come true. Mr Brown wants me to have King on his tummy."

"Wow! I've got to see that!"

"And so you shall. Just don't get squeamish if I have to gag him. I can't let him make too much noise, not at the weekend."

"Why does Mr Brown want you to do it like that?"

"To prepare him for what he'll face when he goes to his public school. Let me explain. Public Schools are like senior boarding schools. Boys start there when they're thirteen. Most of them stay there for five years before going up to university. So you've got a community of between four and five hundred teenage boys, many of them just as horny as you are, especially the older ones. Of course, most of them would prefer to be having sex with girls, but there aren't any available. In any case, girls get pregnant, which complicates things. What they do have available are young, good looking boys, like King will be when he starts in September. As I understand it, the prefects at the school King will be going to all have their own rooms. We expect him to get quite a few invitations, especially if they find out that he's an experienced and willing performer, as we believe they might. Let's just say that `on the tummy' is the traditional position for an older boy to have a younger one."

"Wow! Was it like that when you were at Public School?"

"Pretty much. At my school, the prefects were mainly in twin rooms. During my first year, I was shared by the school hockey captain and his roommate."

"Didn't you mind?"

"Not really. I loved having sex, and to be fair, they treated me very well. Of course, I was into fucking younger boys by then, but any sex was better than none. In any case, I could see how things worked. I knew my time would come."

Michael was stunned, unable to think of anything to say. He found what he'd just been told quite unsettling. He almost wished he hadn't asked. Just at that moment the doorbell rang. Alex went to answer it.

Michael brightened immediately. In the next few seconds, King and Mr Brown would appear. Seeing them would make him feel better!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Having just deposited his boy-cum in King's bottom, Michael carefully pulled out. He felt wonderful, on top of the world. Fucking the slim, blond lad always had that effect. As Mr White joined King on the bed, he sauntered across to the armchair and sat on Mr Brown's lap.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?" the young choirmaster whispered, "fucking your spunk into King's boy-hole."

"Yes, sir," Michael admitted, giving the man a mischievous grin. "It was super! Mr White says he's going to have King on his tummy."

"That's right. When King starts at public school, lots of older boys will want to have sex with him. I need to make sure he's ready."

"So will he have to have sex with any of the older boys that wants him?"

"I hope not. If he's lucky, he'll find someone nice who'll look after him and keep the wolves away. But I didn't, at least not straight away. During my first three weeks, I was fucked by lots of older boys. I'm not sure how many, at least a dozen. Most of them, I didn't really like. Fortunately, the school captain took me under his wing. It was better after that. He still wanted to fuck me, of course, but he was gentle and considerate. He wanted me to enjoy it too. Most of the others couldn't have cared less."

"Sir, that's terrible!"

"You're right. It wasn't very nice. Life can be like that sometimes. But it made me determined that I'd never treat a boy like that. Why d'you think I don't have a boy your age?"

"I don't know, sir."

"It's because I couldn't find one who really wanted to do it. Oh, there were a couple who'd have gone along with it, but that's not the same thing."

"I understand, sir. King really likes doing it, doesn't he sir? And the other boy."

"You mean Jessop? Yes, they both do, and that's wonderful, knowing that they love what we're doing as much as I do. And you like doing it too, don't you?"

"Yes sir."

Michael looked across towards the bed. Having pulled a pillow into the middle, Mr White spread a towel over it. The main event was about to take place.

"Okay," Alex said quietly. "You know what to do."

King lay down submissively, the pillow beneath his hips, his legs spread apart. Carefully lowering himself into position, Mr White forced his glistening cock into the boy's anus. He continued to push down, pinning him to the bed. King exhaled like a burst balloon, the air squashed out of him.

"Good boy!" Alex encouraged.

Despite his misgivings, Michael couldn't look away. A moment later, Mr White began to fuck. He was metronomic, relentlessly pounding the leggy boy's bottom. As the seconds ticked past, King's quiet whimpers turned first to moans, then to gasps.

"Oh! Oh! Ohh!!" he panted, his feet flailing uncontrollably.

With his fingers digging into the mattress, his penis jerked over and over, pumping sticky boy-juice onto the towel.

"Oh yes!" Alex growled, a note of triumph in his voice. "You'll be very popular with the prefects at your new school if you cum like that!"

He resumed his fucking, giving it everything he had. It took no more than a dozen thrusts. The whole room seemed to explode around him, volley after volley of thick, creamy semen spurting into King's rectum.

For almost half a minute, they lay motionless, like a wonderfully erotic sculpture. Michael was still staring at them. He was enraptured. He'd seen Mr White fuck boys like that several times. With Southcott, he'd been even rougher than he had on this occasion. But this was different. He couldn't explain why, but it was. Was it because King had cum, as he (Michael) invariably did when Mr White fucked him like that? He wasn't sure. Finally, Alex withdrew. As he stood up, King pushed up onto all fours. He was leaking profusely.

"Come on, Whitney," Alex said smiling. "Do your job."

Kneeling down behind, Michael expertly licked the spunk from King's legs, working his way upwards until he was lapping at the teenager's doubly-violated hole. At last, the lad's sphincter closed up, stemming the flow. He got off the bed.

"Right, Whitney," Alex said brightly. "I shall leave you to Mr Brown's tender mercies."

"How d'you want me, sir?" Michael asked, smiling at the young choirmaster.

"Exactly the same way, of course!" the man told him.

Michael moved into position. He was going to enjoy this. Even lying stretched out, he could take Mr Brown's modest five and a bit inches without any pain when it entered him. In addition, the young choirmaster was around thirty pounds lighter than Mr White, heavy enough to keep him firmly in place, but not heavy enough for it to be uncomfortable. Best of all, the man's rhythmic thrusting stimulated his prostate quite beautifully.

He lay perfectly still, smiling serenely as Mr Brown worked his magic. After a short while, his penis began to throb against the pillow. Had he not fucked King no more than fifteen minutes earlier, he would have cum. As it was, the choirmaster's breathing was becoming harsh and ragged, his orgasm almost upon him.

"Oh yes!" he gasped. "Now take my spunk, sexy boy!"

"Oh, yes sir!" Michael urged. "Fill me up!"

He was not disappointed, Mr Brown's spunk spurting repeatedly into his bottom. After a few seconds the man gently pulled out, retiring to the chair by Mr White's desk. Michael got to his feet, pleased to find that his bum was very messy but not leaking.

"Off you go!" Alex instructed, lifting King off his lap. "We'll see you in a bit."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

"So how was it?" Martin asked.

"Wonderful!" Alex gushed. "Beautifully tight, of course. And he took it superbly. I thought I might need to gag him."

"Yes, he did very well! I don't think any of the prefects at this public school will fuck him any harder than you just did. Whitney was as delightful as always. He's a bigger lad than I'd normally go for, but he's a beautiful fuck, and obviously loves it."

"Oh yes, he can't get enough of it. To the best of my knowledge he's been fucked by four adults and three slightly older boys. During the Easter holidays, he met a local boy at the swimming pool. His name's Taylor. He's a couple of inches taller than Whitney but as thin as a rake. He can't weigh more than seven stone. But he's got a big cock for a thirteen-year old, almost as big as mine. I've seen him at the pool several times. He lives on the council estate just across the road."

"I wouldn't have thought he'd have been Whitney's type."

"He's not bad looking, he's got a big cock and likes sex. That's more than enough for Whitney to be interested. As it happens, he's a nice lad and definitely not stupid."

"I take it he's one of the boys that's fucked Whitney?"

"Yes, King and Maitland being the others."

Over the next few minutes, Alex recounted how Taylor had lost his cherry and the events that had followed.

"I'm delighted," he concluded. "It worked out far better than I thought it would. Oh, I don't expect to see him again, but he treats Whitney with much more respect than he did before. As I understand it, Whitney's fucked him a couple of times since."

"Yes, Whitney's very versatile, isn't he?"

"Oh, he's like I was at his age. He loves it both ways. Including Taylor, I think he's fucked six different boys so far."

"Does that include Stainham?"

"Oh yes, he's fucked Stainham a couple of times. Actually, he's been working on another boy from my form. Newton's gorgeous, a bright lad too. It wouldn't surprise me if that didn't come to fruition fairly soon."

"Sounds delightful!"

"Absolutely! I'd love to get my hands on him, but it won't be straightforward. He's quite shy and very sensitive."

"How does Whitney manage to have sex with these boys?" Martin enquired.

"He's an only child and both his parents work full-time. After school and during the holidays, he has the house to himself. But he's sensible. He doesn't make a mess, he helps with the chores and he's doing well at school. His parents don't suspect a thing."

"Jessop will be keen to see him again when we come back in September."

"Oh, we'll look forward to that!" Alex answered, smiling. "Have you got anyone lined up from the year below?"

"Yes. Long's very nice, and I know he'll be more than willing. It'll take a while, of course. You like them slim, don't you?"

"Yes, definitely."

"You'll like him then!"

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael sat on the toilet, Mr Brown's spunk running out of him.

"Are you looking forward to going to your new school?" he asked, looking up.

"Of course!" King replied, smiling. "It's a big new adventure, isn't it?"

"Mr Brown had a horrible time when he first went to public school," Michael went on. "He told me about it."

"Yes. I don't know the details, but he did have it pretty rough at first."

"I hope that won't happen to you."

"Oh, I'll be alright. He's told me that as soon as I get there, I have to find Jarvis. He was two years ahead of me. He was the first boy I ever did it with. I've got to ask him to introduce me to . . . you know, someone who'll look after me."

"D'you think he will?"

"Oh yes; he's really nice. He actually took my cherry."

"Really?" Michael queried, standing up to wipe his bottom. "I thought Mr Brown would have done it. Mr White would have. He likes taking boys' cherries. He's told me. There's this boy at school called Stainham. Mr White got into his pants a few weeks ago. He could have asked me to take Stainham's cherry, to make it easier for him, but he didn't. He took it himself."

King didn't answer. Michael looked at him. The blond lad had gone bright red.

"What are you blushing for?"

"We met Stainham last Sunday," King admitted, taking Michael's place on the toilet. "You weren't supposed to know."

"Oh, that's okay. I'm not going to say anything. How did you get on?"

"Very well! He's really sexy and he's got a tight little bum. Have you fucked him?"

"Yeah. He's a bit strange though. He gets Mr White to massage his feet."

"What's wrong with that? My feet get sore sometimes. He could do mine if he wanted to."

"Ask him next time you're here. It's not a problem!"

"Thanks!" King acknowledged. He looked up at Whitney's burgeoning erection. "Are you ready for round two?"

"Yeah!" Michael said, his face breaking into a broad smile.

King knelt on the floor, his mouth closing over the younger lad's penis. He sucked it hungrily, right down to the root. Once again, Michael was transported to that magical planet where normal rules don't apply. He stroked King's hair, revelling in the wonderful sensations the boy was giving him. As he'd cum barely half an hour earlier, the intensity built very slowly. But build it did, King's stamina more than equal to the task. Finally, Michael could stand it no longer.

"Ohhh!" he groaned. "Oh yeah!"

Little jets of boy-juice squirted into King's mouth. After a few seconds, Michael eased himself away.

"That was wonderful," he panted.

"Thanks! I loved it too. You know when we come here in two weeks' time, that will be it. School finishes a few days later."

"Okay, but let's stay in touch. Next time you're here I'll give you my address and telephone number."

"Yeah, I'd like that. Now that I'm a bit older, during the holidays, I might be allowed to come here on the train. I'll have to ask my mother."

"Not your father?"

"No, he's not around that much. He's an actor. You might have heard of him, Oliver King."

"Wow!" Michael said, his eyes widening. He thought everyone must have heard of Oliver King. The man was a star, and extremely good looking.

"Are you ready for a second round then?" he added, grinning.

"Have we got time?"

"Sure! It's only quarter past three. Don't worry about them. They won't mind!"

"Alright then," King agreed.

"D'you want to fuck me?" Michael asked, grinning mischievously.


Michael positioned himself over the toilet. A moment later, King's penis was right inside him, thrusting repeatedly over his prostate. The lad was relentless, two minutes growing into five and five into ten. Michael was in ecstasy, his dick becoming almost painfully hard. Eventually, the thirteen-year old's breathing began to shorten.

"Oh!" he squeaked, his voice at least an octave higher than normal. "Oh, I'm going to cum!"

His cock pulsed and throbbed, his teen spunk spurting into Whitney's bottom. Finally, he pulled out.

"That was super!" Michael said. He stood upright. "Okay, we'd better go."

"Aren't you going to use the toilet?"

"No, I like having your spunk inside me. I'm going to keep it there for now."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Ten minutes later, King and Mr Brown said their goodbyes and headed back to school.

"You were in there a long time," Alex said, giving Whitney a knowing grin.

"We were talking mainly. Did you know King's dad's a famous actor?"

"No, I had no idea."

"You've heard of Oliver King?"

"Of course! I'd never made the connection. That's obviously where the boy gets his looks from."

"Yeah. You know I was worried about him starting at public school? Well, he said Mr Brown's told him that when he gets there, he has to find a boy called Jarvis who used to be one of Mr Brown's little group. He actually took King's cherry before Mr Brown fucked him. Well, King's going to ask Jarvis to introduce him to someone . . . you know."

"Yes, Mr Brown and I talked about that a little while ago," Alex said quietly. "I'm pleased they've sorted it out. It should make King's life much easier."

"Mr Brown had a horrible time when he started at public school," Michael said baldly.

"So I believe," Alex responded. "From what Mr Smith's told me, he was a late bloomer. Most boys can cum before they leave prep school. He couldn't. Apparently, he was small for his age and very pretty. It's not surprising that he had the wolves after him. I wouldn't be too concerned about King. He's far more robust."

"When Mr Brown started at public school, would all the older boys have wanted to have sex with him?"

"Oh no!" Alex assured him. "Not even most of them. Out of eighty boys in my year, there were a dozen or so, maybe fifteen, something like that. And most of them only wanted it because there were no girls around."

"Oh, I see!" Michael said, grinning. "You're one of the exceptions then!"

"Yes. So what were you doing in there apart from talking?"

"King sucked me off. Then he fucked me."

"Hmmm! I hope you haven't used up all your energy."

"I thought it was you who'd be needing the energy," Michael said, smirking.

"Well, I'm ready if you are," Alex told him.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Late on Sunday morning, Alex finished marking 3-Blue's exam papers. The results were a triumph, a total justification of all the work he'd put in. Among the express group, the lowest mark was eighty-five, with Northam scoring ninety-one and Calladine a remarkable ninety-seven. Of the others, Laws was top with seventy-three, while Stainham had scored a respectable sixty-two. Only Dodd, Parker and Townley had failed to achieve the expected standard, and even they had scored in the mid-thirties.

Alex was glowing. In large measure, he'd done what he set out to do. So what if had dabbled in some forbidden pleasures along the way? The boys concerned certainly weren't complaining. And having produced such outstanding results, it seemed most unlikely that anyone else would complain either.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

On Monday, for the period before morning break, the boys of 3-Blue trooped into Alex's classroom. This was the important one. His other classes all expected to do well. Their results contained no major surprises, nor even many minor ones. 3-Blue was different. After the debacle of the previous year, nobody really knew what to expect from them. The way he conveyed the message that they had done better than anyone expected would be crucial. The last thing he wanted was for the boys to become complacent. There was still a great deal of work that they would have to master.

The boys filed in and sat down expectantly. He called them to order.

"I have marked your exam papers," he said evenly. "In a few moments, I will return them to you. I would like you to check through them to make sure that I've marked every question and that I've added up the marks correctly. With more than a hundred and thirty papers to mark, it's possible that an odd mistake may have slipped through."

He looked around the room. He had the boys' full attention.

"Before I return your papers, I'm going to say a few words. Only three of you have not performed to the standard we expect from you. That means that twenty-nine of you have. Given the situation when we started, that is an outstanding achievement. You can be rightly proud of what you've done. But, and this is important, you have achieved what you have because you did what I asked you to do and worked very hard. Over the past few months, your working habits have improved out of all recognition. That improvement has to be maintained. There must be no slipping back. You will still need to work hard. The foundations are there; we now have to build on them. Okay, I'll return your papers."

He went around the room handing them out, working from lowest to highest as he invariably did. He handed Stainham his paper. The boy beamed at him. A few moments later he came to Laws, the lad seeming almost overwhelmed to have done as well as he had.

"See me at the end," Alex said quietly. "I need a word."

He moved on. Finally, he came to Calladine.

"But for one mistake, that would have been a hundred," Alex told him.

"Thanks, sir," Calladine responded, giving him a wry grin.

"Okay," he announced, turning to address the class. "If you have any queries about the way I've marked something, please ask. If you think I haven't added up the marks correctly, let me have a look at it. Apart from that, the rest of the time is your own. We'll get back to work tomorrow."

There was a quiet buzz around the room, the boys chatting among themselves. There were a few queries, all of which he was able to resolve. At last, the bell went for break. As requested, Laws stayed behind.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" he said.

"Yes," Alex responded. "With the mark you scored, you're a marginal pick for the top maths set. I'll back you if that's what you want. But you'd need to be totally committed to it. It will be tough."

"Who'll be teaching the top set?" Laws asked.

"I believe it will be Mr Brett."

"And who'll we have otherwise?"

"I'm not sure," Alex admitted. "I'll need to ask Mr Fleming. I'll let you know what he says."

"I want to stay with you, sir," Laws said emphatically. "I would never have done as well as this if you hadn't been teaching us. I think most of the boys feel the same way."

"Thanks," Alex said, smiling appreciatively, "but I'm not sure you'd have said that a few months ago. What happened after your last report?"

"Dad had a word with me. He didn't shout. He didn't get angry. He never does. It might have been easier if he had. He just sat me down and told me how disappointed he was and how I'd let myself down. Then he said he was withdrawing my privileges until Easter, and if I wanted them back, I'd have to earn them. Well, there was nothing I could say. I knew he was right. I just had to get my head down and get on with it."

"Very good," Alex said, picturing the scene. "Okay, off you go! You're missing your break."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

At lunchtime, Alex found Neil Fleming in the staff room. His conversation with Laws had raised some questions. It was time to find out what the answers might be.

"Could I have a word?" he asked.

"Yes, of course," Neil answered, smiling.

"When I returned their exam papers to 3-Blue, a number of them asked who'd be taking them next year. I told them I didn't know."

"Well, I don't know either," Neil said. "I separate out the top group then divide up the others. I won't be doing that until next week at the earliest."

"Apart from the boys who'll be in the top group," Alex ventured, "I was wondering if I could keep the rest of 3-Blue together."

"Well, it's not what I'd planned to do," Neil said thoughtfully. "In normal circumstances, I'm not sure I'd even consider it. But I accept these are not normal circumstances."

"It is what quite a few of the boys seem to want," Alex told him.

"That's understandable. I've looked at their exam results. Considering the problems they've been through, they've done far better than I thought they would. They've certainly done better than they would if I'd taken them. I wouldn't have been able to put in the amount of time that you have. You've done a wonderful job."

"Thanks," Alex said quietly.

"How many of them are going to make the top group?"


"That would leave you with twenty-seven. That's okay. But the one you can't keep is Parker. When I spoke to his mother at parents' evening, I told her that next year he'd be in my class, so that will have to happen. But you can keep the others if you want."

"Thanks! I'm sure the boys will appreciate it."

"Actually, I do have a vested interest here," Neil admitted. "I know what will happen if we split them up. Parents will start objecting, and I'll have to sort it out. We can justify keeping them together on the basis that they were badly let down last year, and having got them back on track, we want them to build on the progress they've made. Don't say anything yet though, I'll speak to the boss, see what he thinks. I'll let you know."

"Actually, you taking Parker will be good," Alex said. "He's the one boy I really don't get on with. Just recently, I found out why he's so difficult. If I'd known earlier, I'd have handled him quite differently."

"Really?" Neil queried.

Alex quickly ran through what Derek Laws had told him.

"Well, it's not an excuse," Neil observed, "but I can see that it must be difficult for him. I'll bear it in mind."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

July 1960

It was Friday afternoon. Michael headed for home feeling very pleased with life. He was having the best week he could remember. In every subject he'd scored more marks than he had in the pre-Christmas exams, and moved a few places up the rank order.

When all the results were added together, he had moved up from thirteenth in the class at Christmas to ninth this time round. His mum was delighted, and that mattered to him more than almost anything. As a bonus, although Carver had still finished in first place, it was only by a few marks. Chris had beaten him in some subjects, while Grainger, another very likeable boy, had finished ahead of him in others. With those two snapping at his heels, the bumptious lad's dominance was under serious threat.

Even Michael's sexual encounters had acquired an extra sheen. Having successfully negotiated the school exams, he'd been able to relax and enjoy his pleasures to the full. Tuesday had been the highlight. Not only had he got his index finger into Chris's bum, he's managed to get the first joint of his middle finger in there too. He was almost there!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

As soon as he reached the house, he went straight to his bedroom and changed out of his school uniform. He checked the time. It was five past four. Chris would arrive in around fifteen minutes. He ran through what he hoped would happen. They'd take off all their clothes and mess around for a while, kissing and stroking each other. They might suck each other.

Eventually, Chris would get onto all fours and Michael would finger-fuck him, beginning with just his index finger. As soon as he thought Chris was ready, he'd add his middle finger, as he'd done during their last meeting, only this time he'd push it right in.

He couldn't be sure what would happen next. Chris might protest. If he did, Michael would immediately remove his middle finger and apologise. But what if his elfin friend didn't protest? They'd be one step away. There was be only one place they could go after that.

But it wasn't that simple. He wasn't even sure if Chris knew what all this preparation was leading up to. So, should he ask him if he could take that final step? Or should he just do it? If he did ask him, what should he say? He had lots of questions, but very few answers.

He was so deep in thought that the ring of the doorbell startled him. He hurried down the stairs, his heart already pounding. He opened the door.

"Hi!" Chris said brightly, stepping inside.

As soon as Michael had closed the front door, Chris drew him into a passionate kiss.

"Wow!" Michael whispered. "You're eager today! Let's go upstairs."

Once inside Michael's room, they quickly removed their clothes, finishing off by pulling down each other's underpants. Getting onto the bed, they snuggled up close. For the second time in just a few minutes, they moved into a spontaneous kiss. On a sudden urge, Michael kissed his friend delicately, sensuously, like Stainham did. Chris went wild for it. Michael had never seen him so worked up.

Breaking the kiss, Michael lowered his head onto Chris's tummy, his lips closing over the younger boy's penis. He sucked it gently, working his tongue over the tip of the head where it was exposed beyond the lad's foreskin. After a minute or so, he let it go. In an instant, his cock was in Chris's mouth. There was no question of him having to ask. It just happened.

"Would you like to get on all fours?" Michael asked as Chris let him go.

Chris didn't hesitate. Within a couple of seconds, he was in the perfect position. Michael began licking the lad's bum-hole. Chris moaned with pleasure.

"Come on!" he urged. "Stick your finger in!"

After coating both his index and middle finger with K-Y, Michael set to work. "Take your time," he told himself, carefully inserting his index finger. Having pushed it in as far as it would go, he began to finger-fuck, Chris moaning and gasping as he did so.

Withdrawing to around halfway, he inserted the tip of his middle finger. There was no protest. Very slowly he pushed it in deeper, until both fingers encountered the elfin boy's prostate.

"Oh!" Chris gasped. "Oh yes!"

Michael continued to push, reaming his friend's virgin tunnel. He expected that at any moment Chris would tell him to stop. But he didn't. Eventually, both fingers were buried in the lad's rectum. Very carefully, Michael began another finger-fuck. His friend's quiet moans and squeaks were all the encouragement he needed. It was going better than he'd dared to hope.

As a final step, he slowly turned his fingers in a corkscrew action. For a moment. Chris's sphincter tightened around them, but just as quickly, it relaxed again. Michael took a deep breath. He'd done everything he could. He'd reached the moment he'd been waiting for.

"Can I bum you?" he whispered, allowing his fingers to slide out.

There was a pause. Time seemed to stand still.

"Yes," Chris confirmed, so quietly it was barely audible.

Michael smeared his penis with K-Y and shuffled in close, guiding it onto the boy's anal ring.

"Please don't mess it up now," he said silently.

Expecting stubborn resistance, he began to push, gradually increasing the pressure. But his earlier efforts had paid off. After no more than two seconds, the boy's sphincter opened up. Michael could hardly believe it. He'd finally got his cock into Chris's cute little bum! The feeling of exhilaration was indescribable. But the job was not finished. Holding the lad around the thighs, he slowly pushed in deeper, revelling in his friend's exquisite tightness. He thrust over the boy's prostate.

"Ohh!" Chris squealed, his excitement quite palpable.

Moments later, Michael's tummy made contact with his younger friend's bottom. After a brief pause, he began to fuck with long, measured thrusts. Wishing to make it last, he tried to keep himself in check, but his surging hormones dictated otherwise. Inexorably, the pace began to increase.

In the circumstances, he was never going to last long. Suddenly, the whole room seemed to shake, a whole kaleidoscope exploding in front of him.

"Ohhh" he groaned. "Oh yes! I'm going to cum!"

He thrust his cock in as far as he could. In the next instant, it began swelling and pulsing. Jet after jet of sticky boy-juice spurted powerfully into the younger lad's bum, Michael feeling as though it would never stop.

Finally, it was over. Michael sank down over Chris's back, the room swimming in front of him. To say that he was elated would be a major understatement. He was on the highest high possible. Even taking Jez's cherry didn't come close.

As his breathing began to recover, he gently withdrew. His balls were aching.

"Oh!" Chris moaned. "I need to cum!"

Michael quickly knelt down by the side of the bed.

"Come on!" he urged. "Let me suck you off!"

Kneeling up on the bed, Chris turned towards him. Michael plunged down on his friend's throbbing prong. He sucked it hungrily, as though he might never get another chance. It only lasted a few seconds. Chris held Michael's head, several jets of watery cum squirting onto his friend's tongue.

Michael carefully let him go. He joined Chris on the bed, the two of them sprawled out. As their lips met, Chris sensuously licked his own spunk out of Michael's mouth.

"I love you, Chris," Michael whispered.

"I love you too," Chris answered.

All too soon it was time for him to leave. Michael stood at the front door, watching his beautiful friend cycle away. He could hardly believe they'd done it. As Chris disappeared from view, he wandered back up to his room. He lay on his bed, replaying it in his mind. Nothing, he felt certain, could ever be better than that!

But as he lay there, the all too familiar guilt began to gnaw away at him. What they'd just done should have marked a turning point. It should have been a life-changing event, when Chris had become his, he'd become Chris's, and everyone else could go to hell. Deep down, he knew that was what Chris wanted. It was certainly what he deserved.

Only it wasn't going to happen. The very next day, Mr Faulkner would take him to his old prep school where he'd have sex with Southcott and Mr Smith, the lad's music master. Maybe, he speculated, during the summer holidays he could extricate himself. He and Chris would be together, just the two of them. He dismissed the idea. He enjoyed having sex with lots of different boys, some men too. However much he loved Chris, giving it up was out of the question.

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