by Pink Panther

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August 1960

It was Monday morning. Having returned from holiday on the Saturday, Michael had spent Sunday afternoon with his Uncle Jack, who'd made it very clear how much he'd missed his favourite nephew. Now, with his parents safely at work, the twelve-year old stretched out on his bed, waiting for Chris to arrive. He wondered how his friend's trip to Cornwall had gone.

The doorbell rang. He trotted downstairs to answer it. Chris, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, was waiting in the porch. He was sporting a deep summer tan.

"Wow!" Michael exhaled. "Good to see you! You're so brown! How was the holiday?"

"Yeah, it was good," Chris responded, stepping inside. "What about you?"

"It was okay," Michael said guardedly, closing the front door. "It was a bit boring at times, but I knew it would be."

They drew each other into a kiss.

"I've really missed this," Michael said, easing away. "Come on, let's go upstairs."

They strolled into Michael's room, closing the door behind them.

"I was hoping I'd meet someone so we could have some fun together," Michael continued, "but it didn't happen. There were some boys that we saw on the beach pretty much every day. A couple of them looked really nice. I'd have liked to get to know them, but they spent most of their time playing cricket, and when they weren't doing that, they were messing about in the sea. I wanted to ask them if I could join in, but I'm no good at any of that stuff. I'd have felt out of place."

"So what did you do?" Chris asked.

"Well, Mum let me go exploring on my own, as long as I promised not to go too far. That was good. I've never been allowed to do anything on my own before. One day I walked along the beach and past some rocks till I reached this bay that was completely deserted. There was a cave there, so I went inside. If I'd actually met someone, it would have been ideal. But I hadn't, so I had a wank and walked back. What about you? You didn't meet anyone, did you?"

"Actually I did," Chris admitted, looking rather uncomfortable.

"Well, go on," Michael demanded. "No secrets, that's what you said."

"His name was Greg," Chris confided. "He was thirteen. The first day we were there, his family set up right next to us. They had a daughter Judith, who's the same age as Charlotte. Well, Charlotte and Judith hit it off immediately, so our parents started chatting. Then Greg appeared."

"Yeah? So what was he like?"

"Gorgeous! A bit taller than you, with a really beautiful body."

"And good looking too, by the sound of things."

"Yeah, very! Blue eyes, blond hair and a real killer smile. I couldn't stop looking at him. The thing was, he seemed to be, you know, eyeing me up. I sort of sensed that he wanted us to be more than friends. At first, I was quite worried. I thought he might be . . .you know, a bit pushy. But for the first couple of days he played with me and Robbie, and he wasn't pushy at all; he was really nice.

Then the next afternoon, Robbie decided he was going to build a sandcastle. Greg asked me if I'd like to go for a walk. I asked Mum and Dad, and they said it was okay as long as we were back by half past four. We went up onto this headland that juts out from the end of the beach. It was completely deserted, and apart from the path along the edge, it was covered in bracken.

Of course, I knew why we were there. For a moment, I started worrying again. I knew I'd have to tell you and I didn't know what you'd say. Then I asked myself what you'd do if you were in my place. Well, that was it. Greg led us into the bracken. It came up past my shoulders. We pushed our way through until we were well away from the path. When we sat down, we were completely hidden. Neither of us needed to say anything. We just started feeling each other up. After a couple of minutes, we were naked. I don't even know how it happened. It just did."

Michael was seriously put out. He'd expected Chris to have an ordinary family holiday, spending his time playing with his brother. After all, Chris was shy, wasn't he? Not that confident around people he didn't know. But this boy Greg had obviously got under his skin.

"Wow!" Michael said, doing his best to hide his feelings. "Er . . so what was his cock like?"

"About the same length as yours, but a bit thicker. You could just see his pee-hole past where his foreskin ended. There was a small patch of hair above it too. It looked perfect on him."

"Nice! So what did you do?"

"For a bit, we just stroked each other. Then he asked me if I'd ever done it before. I told him I'd messed around with one of my friends from school. He said he had too, but it seemed like stroking and wanking each other was as far as they'd gone. Then he asked if I'd ever done anything else. I should have just said no, but I hesitated. He said. `You have, haven't you?" and asked me what I'd done.

Well, I'm useless at telling lies, so I told him that we suck each other. He asked if I'd suck his. I could have said no, but he was so nice and so sexy, I really wanted to do it. So I got his dick in my mouth and started sucking it. He went nuts! From the way he was twitching and gasping I thought he was going to have a heart attack or something!"


"Yeah, well after a bit I stopped and asked him if he'd suck mine. He seemed pretty nervous, so I told him we could suck each other at the same time. I could see he was still a bit worried about it, but he didn't want to look like a softie by saying no. Anyway, we got into a sixty-nine. It was super! I came in his mouth and he came in mine. He shot loads more than we do. Some of it ran down my chin. It was all white and creamy. I guess that's because he's older than us."

"Yeah, Jez's spunk's like that. Mine's gone sort of cloudy, not completely clear like it was a few months ago."

"Well, Greg was in heaven! He said it was the best experience he'd ever had."

"So was that as far as you went?"

"Not exactly. The next day, I asked him to kiss me. Well, he really didn't want to. He said it was queer. It's weird, isn't it? He'd sucked my cock and let me cum in his mouth, but he was worried about kissing. Anyway, I talked him into it. He was really nervous to start with. He'd hardly open his mouth. Then suddenly, he got it. He pretty well stuck his tongue down my throat! After that, he couldn't get enough of it."

"Sounds wonderful!"

"Yeah, I certainly wasn't complaining. Fortunately, Robbie had found a couple of lads his own age to play with, so Greg and I were more or less free to do as we liked."

"Lucky sod! I wish I'd met someone like that."

"Yeah, definitely. I don't like doing anything when Robbie's around. It's not that I don't think he wouldn't want to do it, but he's only ten. I just wouldn't feel comfortable with it."

"So Greg didn't fuck you?"

"Not then. I wasn't planning for it to go that far. And he was on cloud nine as it was. Well, he didn't actually say anything, but a couple of days later we were doing a sixty-nine. He got his hand between my legs and started feeling my bum, you know, like you do, so I knew what he wanted; I just pretended I didn't. I mean, we built up to it for ages before you bummed me. Anyway, he did it again the next day and the day after that. Eventually, he asked if he could fuck me. I'm not going to lie; I could have turned him down, but he'd got me so horny, I wanted him to do it. But we couldn't do it right then because we didn't have any lube. So after we'd finished, we walked into town. I went to the chemist's and bought a little jar of Vaseline. It's not as good as K-Y, but I knew it'd work. The next day, he fucked me."

[At that time `the chemist's' was the usual term for a pharmacy.]

"Yeah, my uncle uses Vaseline. Mr Faulkner did too, until we visited one of his friends who'd got some K-Y. So how did you do it?"

"Me on all-fours, him kneeling behind. The bracken was so high, there was no danger of his head sticking out. And it's the easiest way, isn't it? It still hurt a bit when it went in, but once he got going, it was fantastic!"

"Did you cum?"

"Not while he was bumming me. He sucked me off afterwards. That was pretty incredible too. The only problem was I didn't think about how much he'd cum. While we were walking back, some of his spunk leaked into my underpants."

"Yeah, I've had that happen. Was that how you did it every time?"

"No, a couple of days later he had me lying on my side with one leg cocked up while he spooned up behind me. We've never tried that. I really liked it. But every time after that he had me lying on my front. You were right. It does hurt doing it like that. But I didn't care. It was the best ever! Every time we did it, I came while he was fucking me. And he absolutely loved it!"

Michael was speechless, unable to think of anything to say.

"You don't mind, do you?" Chris asked.

"No, of course not!" Michael insisted, putting on the best face he could manage. "I've been with lots of boys. I've told you. Would you let me fuck you like that?"

"Yes, of course!"

"Come on then," Michael said, fondling his friend's crotch. "Let's get naked!"

Fifteen minutes of sensuous foreplay culminated with Chris on all fours. Kneeling behind, Michael parted his friends bum-cheeks. He leaned forwards, aiming his tongue at Chris's pucker. He couldn't help seeing the reddening around his friend's anus, irrefutable evidence of the action it had been getting. Finally, they were ready. Michael placed a pillow in the middle of the bed.

"I'd better put this here," he said, spreading his shower towel over it. "If you came when Greg was fucking you, you'll probably do the same for me."

Chris lay face-down, the pillow beneath his hips, his legs spread apart. Michael lowered himself on top, guiding his cock onto his slender friend's anus. He licked his lips. He'd waited ages for this. Though annoyed and disappointed that someone had beaten him to it, he wasn't going to let that put him off. He pushed it in.

"Ohhhh!" Chris protested, gasping for breath. "Wow! Now do it, Mike! Give me your spunk!"

He lay in total ecstasy as Michael's five-inch penis drove repeatedly over his sex-button, his nostrils filled with friend's warm, musky breath. Nothing, he decided could ever feel better than this. Slowly, inexorably, his orgasm began to build. Suddenly, he bucked and shuddered. His fingers clawed at the mattress, his bum-hole clamping tight around Michael's cock. A moment later, his dick began to pulse, the tingling sensations reaching an almost unbearable climax. Little jets of boy-cum, spurted onto the towel."

"Oh fuck!" Michael gasped, his orgasm following almost immediately. "Oh! Oh! Nnnnnnggg!!!"

He gripped Chris's shoulders as his spunk squirted over and over into his friend's bottom. For a while, he lay where he was, a completely spent force. It had definitely been worth waiting for. He was sure he'd never cum as much as that. Finally, he withdrew. He flopped down on his side. Chris turned to face him. They drew each other in, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss.

"Did you see your uncle yesterday?" Chris asked, looking Michael right in the eye.

"Yes. He hadn't seen me for three weeks. He was all over me! I told him afterwards I'd make him wait three weeks every time if it got him going like that."

"So what's he usually like?"

"Okay, I guess, but we've been doing it for two years now. I still enjoy it, but it's not usually that exciting. But yesterday it was."

"Oh, I see. When are you seeing Mr Faulkner?"

"I said I'd go round this afternoon, about quarter to four. He's been staying with his parents. He's probably not back yet. I can to come to yours after lunch if you want, but I'll have to leave around half past three."

"Yeah, that's fine! We can play cards. If Robbie joins in, Dad says he'll teach us to play bridge. It's a really good game, but you have to have four people."

"Yeah, okay! I'd like that." Michael paused for a moment. "Chris, would you like to meet some of my other friends, you know, like Jez?"

"I'm not sure," Chris said guardedly, his shy side coming to the fore. "It'd be better if there were four of us. It might get a bit awkward if there were only three."

"Okay, Stainham's back from holiday next week. They've gone to Los Angeles. He tans a bit like you, so God knows what colour he'll be when he gets back. I'm sure you'll like him."

"Okay, but I definitely don't want to go to Mr Faulkner's place."

"Yeah, I know that. I wouldn't even ask. And I promise you won't have to do anything you don't want to do."

Chris took a deep breath, still not convinced that this was a good idea. But in the circumstances, he didn't feel he was in a position to argue.

"Fair enough then!" he conceded.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

"Good to see you!" Alex greeted, welcoming the fair haired twelve-year old into his flat. "How was the holiday?"

"Okay," Michael answered, sauntering into the lounge. "A bit boring, but I knew it would be."

"Have you seen Newton since you got back?"

"Yeah, he came over this morning. You should see him. He's really brown. You'd think he was Spanish or something. It seems he had a really good time."

"Really? Tell me more."

"He met someone, lucky sod! I wish I had."

"The someone being?"

"A thirteen-year old called Greg, good looking, nice body. His sister's the same age as Newton's little sister. The two girls wanted to play together, so the families got chatting. That's how it started."

"And what happened with Newton and this boy Greg?"

"When they could get away from the others, they went up on the cliffs where they could hide in the bracken. Newton reckons they both knew what they wanted."

"I see! So how far did they go?"

"The whole way."

"Really? Are you sure he wasn't making it up?"

"I'm sure. I saw his bum. I could see the marks. He'd definitely been fucked, not just once either."

"So much for the shy, innocent boy then!"

"Yes sir, I was shocked. He's usually pretty uncomfortable around people he doesn't know. I didn't think anything would happen even if he did meet someone."

"It sounds as though you weren't too pleased about him having sex with this other boy."

"No sir, I wasn't, especially as he'd let the boy fuck him with him lying on his tummy. But I couldn't really say anything, could I, not after the number of boys I've been with."

"So he knows about that?"

"Yes sir, not the details, but he knows I've been with other boys."

"Then I suppose you couldn't. I take it you gave him a good seeing-to?"

"Oh, yes sir! I had him lying face-down with a pillow under him. We've never done it like that before. It was fantastic! I shot loads more than I usually do. And he loved it! He came while I was fucking him."

"Very nice!" Alex purred. "I love it when that happens."

"Yes sir. I suppose you'll want to fuck me like that."

"Yes, but there's no rush, is there? Let's just build ourselves up to it."

"I asked Newton if he'd like to meet some of my other friends, you know, like Taylor. He said he wasn't sure, but it'd be better if there were four of us. I told him we'd have to wait till Stainham got back. I think those two might get on really well. I mean, they're both brain-boxes. And I promised he wouldn't have to do anything he didn't want to. So he said he'd give it a try."

"Excellent! I don't suppose there's any chance of bringing him here?"

"None at all, sir," Michael said firmly. "He told me he didn't want to come here before I'd even mentioned it."

"Oh well, it was worth asking. Come on then; the bedroom awaits!"

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Tuesday. Alex had been back at home for eight days. The previous week had passed very pleasantly, with Whitney visiting him on a further three occasions. He'd fucked the lad in a different position each time. But plans were in place. As well as having sex with Newton, Whitney had got back together with his friend Taylor. The two of them were due to come to the flat two days later.

Meanwhile, he needed to re-establish contact with Stainham. The promise of sex with the young dancer was the main reason that Taylor had agreed to visit the flat again. Now he had to deliver. With more than a little apprehension, he drove towards the town centre.

Before going on holiday, Stainham had agreed to meet him outside the Kings Head at half past two. But that was more than three weeks ago. While he was reasonably sure the lad wouldn't have forgotten, in the interim, anything could have happened.

Stainham did not have his phone number. None of the boys did, not even Whitney. If the lad didn't show up, Alex mused, he probably wouldn't see him again until school restarted. That would be a major disappointment. He turned towards the Kings Head, his heartbeat noticeably quicker than normal. As he approached the meeting point, a smile broke out across his face. Stainham was there waiting for him, exactly as arranged.

On the journey back to the flat, Alex was regaled with stories of the Stainham family's visit to Hollywood, the places they'd visited and the people they'd met. The lad was full of it.

"Dad and I went to see this film producer," he said excitedly. "All the time Dad was talking to him, the guy was eyeing me up. If I hadn't known the score, it could have been really embarrassing. As it was, I just pretended I hadn't noticed."

"I can't say I'm entirely surprised," Alex replied. "The place does have that reputation. Was your father aware of the attention this man was giving you?"

"Oh yes," Stainham said nonchalantly. "It's why I was there, `to oil the wheels' as Dad put it."

"Really? How did you feel about that?"

"Oh, fine! I was only window dressing. Dad wouldn't have let anything happen. I was just there to give the guy something cute to look at, you know, to get him in a good mood. Well, it worked. Dad got the deal he was looking for."

"Oh, I see! I take it your dad doesn't know what a horny boy you are."

"No, at least I don't think he does. He wouldn't be too worried though. He'd just tell me to be careful."

Alex nodded thoughtfully. Welcome as his unusually liberal attitude was, Mr Stainham was clearly far more aware of men with a sexual attraction to boys than most parents were. The problem was that, as a result, he was much more likely to become suspicious.

A few minutes later, they arrived at the flat.

"Is it just you and me today?" the boy asked, parking himself on the sofa.

"Yes," Alex confirmed, sitting down next to him. He stroked Stainham's hair. "I thought we ought to spend a little time getting to know each other again."

"Mmmm!" Stainham cooed. "Are you going to give me a foot massage?"

"Do you want one?"

"Yes please, sir!"

"Then a foot massage you shall have."

"Are you going to fuck me?"

"We'll see. It's been more than three weeks. You'll be very tight. I don't want to hurt you. I made a mistake when I had you on your tummy. This time, I want to make sure you're ready."

"That's why I like coming here," Stainham said, snuggling right up. "You always look after me."

"I want you to enjoy what we do," Alex said gently. "Otherwise, you might not want to come back."

That was partially true, Alex reflected. A more important consideration was that he didn't want to send the lad home struggling to walk properly, especially after what he'd just learned about the boy's father.

"Are you ready then?" he asked.

Stainham grinned and nodded. Standing up, Alex extended a hand. After helping the youngster to his feet, he led him to the bedroom.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

As Alex had feared, in the preceding three weeks, Stainham's anus had tightened considerably. Although he took his teacher's index finger with no problem, the insertion of a second finger caused him to wince and emit a strangled cry. While penetration would certainly have been possible, the lad would have found it very painful. It wasn't worth the risk, Alex decided.

"Sorry, he said soothingly. "You're too tight. I thought you would be. We'll have to leave it for today."

"Okay. Can we suck each other off?"

"Are you sure you want to do that? You know how much I cum."

"Sir! I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want to do it."

"Okay then!"

They moved into a sixty-nine. Alex found himself bathed in a warm glow, having his penis lovingly sucked by the delightful Stainham, who was doing it simply because he wanted to. As a cocksucker, the lad wasn't quite in Whitney's class, but what he lacked in finesse, he more than made up for in enthusiasm. It wasn't long before Alex felt the first stirrings of his impending orgasm.

"I'm going to cum," he warned, giving the boy time to pull away.

Stainham kept sucking. A few seconds later, he was slurping down everything Mr Faulkner had to give him. Finally, the man's orgasm subsided. Now it was his turn. Holding Mr Faulkner's head, Stainham jabbed his throbbing cock repeatedly into his teacher's mouth. Little jets of boy-cum squirted out, liberally coating the man's tongue.

After savouring it for a few seconds, Alex swallowed it down. It had been quite a session. He'd been just fifteen years old the last time he'd cum in a boy's mouth. He'd forgotten how good it could be. After visiting the bathroom, they got dressed.

"Will you be able to come here again on Thursday?" Alex asked.

"Yes sir."

"Excellent. Whitney will be here. He'll be bringing a friend with him. Taylor's thirteen, nearly fourteen actually. He's just about to start Third Year."

"Is he at Woodchurch too?"

"No. Whitney met him elsewhere. I really can't say more than that. If you want to know, you'll have to ask them."

"But he's okay though?"

"Oh, of course. I wouldn't let him come here otherwise. He sounds a bit rough, but actually he's a really nice lad."

"Okay. So what will we do?"

"Well, we'll all mess around for a time. Then Whitney will fuck you. You should find that quite easy. After that, we'll have to see. I think Taylor will probably fuck you while I do Whitney."

"Sounds really exciting," Stainham, said, an evil grin on his face. "What's Taylor's cock like?"

"Bigger than Whitney's, not as big as mine."

"That should be okay then. So when will I be getting yours?"

"Soon, Saturday maybe?"


0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex picked up the phone and dialled.

"Hello Martin, it's Alex," he said as the young choirmaster answered the call.

"Good to hear from you. Have you seen Whitney and Stainham yet?"

"Yes, Whitney was here yesterday, Stainham came over this afternoon. On Thursday they'll both be here, together with the boy Taylor that I told you about, you remember, the tall, skinny lad with the very large cock. While they're here, I'll arrange things for Saturday. I'll call you on Thursday evening to confirm. So have you seen Noel again?"

"Oh yes, he's been here three times now. As a matter of fact, he was here this afternoon. He's wonderful!"

Alex winced. Martin seemed to be getting himself into a situation where he'd find it hard to let go. But this wasn't the time to talk about it. He'd raise the matter when they could discuss it man to man.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex sat on the sofa, his arm around Stainham's shoulder. Whitney and Taylor were due to arrive within the next few minutes. The sexy young dancer hadn't met Taylor before and was clearly nervous. The doorbell rang.

"Remember to call me Mr White," Alex said, heading towards the entrance hall. A few seconds later he returned to the lounge, two boys following behind.

Stainham's eyes widened. Taylor's appearance was a complete surprise. The lad was a beanpole! He hadn't expected that. He did look a bit rough, but that was mainly because he was poorly dressed, a cheap t-shirt, a cheap pair of jeans and well-worn gym shoes. But none of that concerned him. Taylor had beautiful eyes and a warm, friendly smile. That was what mattered.

Taylor strode across to the sofa, sticking out a bony hand.

"Hi," he said. "I'm Jez. You must be Troy! Good to meet you!"

"Hi Jez," Stainham replied, standing up to accept the handshake. "Good to meet you too!"

"I do wish you boys wouldn't be so familiar," Alex said disapprovingly. "You've only just met."

"Sorry, sir," Taylor said in a tone of mock apology.

"I guess you and Whitney will want a drink. There's orange squash, but I've got some lemonade if you'd prefer it."

"Please!" the boys chorused.

After Whitney and Taylor had downed their glasses of lemonade, they followed the others into the bedroom. Alex immediately began to undress Whitney, leaving Taylor and Stainham to get to know each other.

Stainham quickly got to work, eager to find out what the tall, skinny lad had in his pants. After helping Taylor remove his t-shirt, he opened the top of the lad's jeans and set to work undoing the fly-buttons. He was shocked to find that the young teenager wasn't wearing underpants, the boy's rock-hard cock completely exposed.

"Bloody hell!" he exclaimed, his eyes out on stalks. "That's a monster! It's nearly as big as Mr White's!"

"Do you like it?" Taylor asked.

"Yeah, it's a beauty! Are you going to stick it up my bum?"

"I'd love to if you're okay with it."

"He will be once Whitney's fucked him," Alex interjected.

Taylor smiled. He definitely liked the sound of that.

"D'you want to suck it?" he asked.

Stainham didn't hesitate. He knelt on the floor. Leaning forwards, he took the thirteen-year old's penis into his mouth. He sucked it eagerly, working his tongue over the smooth, shiny head.

"Easy!" Taylor warned. "I don't want to cum yet!"

Stainham let him go. They swapped places.

"Sexy underpants!" Taylor said.

"Yeah, they're called briefs. I got them in the States while we were on holiday. You'll be able to buy them here soon. Some of the top London shops already have them."

After quickly pulling them down, Taylor devoured the smaller lad's stiff, four-inch spike. It felt wonderful, hard and hot in his mouth, the sensations enhanced by the boy's sexy fingers running though his hair.

"Come on!" Alex urged. "Let's get on the bed!"

The boys quickly complied. Over the next fifteen minutes, they sucked, they kissed, they fondled; each of them dividing his attention among the other three, and receiving the same in return. At last, it was time to bring matters to a conclusion. Alex handed the tube of K-Y to Whitney, who squeezed some onto Stainham's fingers. In his turn, Stainham carefully coated the twelve-year old's cock.

"How d'you want me?" he asked.

"On all fours, feet over the bottom of the bed," Whitney told him.

As Stainham moved into position, Alex got off the bed, sitting in the armchair to get a good view of the action that was about to follow. He gestured for Taylor to follow him, the thirteen-year old squatting down on the floor next to him. Whitney, meanwhile, sauntered round behind the kneeling boy. Moving in close, he thrust his cock into the lad's anus.

"Ohhhh!" Stainham gasped. "Oh yes! Go on, Whitney! Fuck me! You know what I want!"

Licking his lips, Taylor looked up at Mr White, a broad grin on his face.

"It'll be your turn soon," Alex whispered.

Whitney set to his task, metronomically fucking the smaller lad as though his life depended on it, Stainham's quiet squeaks and moans making him hornier by the second. The boy was beautifully tight. In contrast to Newton the previous week, it was obvious that he hadn't been fucked recently.

With his orgasm approaching, Whitney tightened his grip on Stainham's well-muscled thighs. A few more thrusts and he was there. Spunk bulleted through his cock, spurting out into the boy's cute little bottom. That had been worth waiting for too, he decided. His balls were aching, Stainham's arse having pretty well sucked him dry. After taking half a minute to recover his composure, he carefully withdrew.

"Get on the bed," Alex whispered into Taylor's ear. "Lie on your back with your head at the foot of the bed."

As Stainham moved out of the way, Taylor lay down as he'd been asked to, not at all sure what would happen next.

"Where d'you want me, sir?" Stainham asked.

"You know," Alex said quietly. "Like you were with Mr Brown."

Facing towards the foot of the bed, Stainham obediently knelt astride Taylor's chest.

"Hold your cock straight up," he said, looking down at the scrawny lad lying beneath him. "I'm going to sit on it."

After a few small adjustments, Stainham's recently violated hole was perfectly positioned. He took a deep breath and pushed down. He gasped as Taylor's thick six-inch penis stretched his tight anal ring. After another deep breath he pushed even further down, the hard teen rod reaming his boy-tunnel.

"Okay, Whitney," Alex said quietly. "You know what happens now."

"Yes, sir, but it's never been yours before."

"No, more usually Mr Brown's, but there's a first time for everything."

With his feet well apart, Whitney bent over, resting his hands on the bed. Alex moved in behind, thrusting his cock into the twelve-year old's bum. Placing his hands around the lad's thighs, he impaled him completely.

Without waiting to be asked, Whitney bent over a little further, his lips closing over Stainham's dick. At such gatherings, it was almost routine for the boy who'd just fucked the other one to be spit-roasted. Whitney had been through the experience several times, and had always enjoyed it.

"Right," Alex said calmly. "Stainham and I will do the work. Whitney and Taylor, keep still and enjoy it."

Immediately, Stainham began to ride Taylor's cock, simultaneously driving his penis into Whitney's mouth. Standing at the foot of the bed, Alec fucked Whitney ferociously, safe in the knowledge that the harder he fucked, the more the lad would enjoy it.

Lying on the bed, Taylor could scarcely believe what was happening. With his eyes riveted to the sight of Mr White's penis pounding Whitney's arse, the tingling in his cock was driving him almost insane. He'd had some great sex before, but this was the most exciting yet. All too soon, his breathing became harsh and shallow.

"Oh fuck!" he groaned. "I'm gonna cum!"

Instinctively, he pushed down on Stainham's thighs, holding him in position as volley after volley of creamy teen spunk spurted into the smaller boy's bottom.

"Ohh!" Stainham squealed. "Now I'm cumming too!" A moment later, little jets of boy-juice squirted into Whitney's mouth, the twelve-year old swallowing every drop.

"And now it's my turn!" Alex announced, before energetically depositing his spunk in Whitney's rectum.

Finally, they disengaged. Alex withdrew first, enabling Whitney to release Stainham's boy-dick. That in turn allowed Taylor to lift the smaller lad off his super-sensitive penis.

"You two had better go to the bathroom," Alex said, addressing himself to Whitney and Stainham.

As they disappeared out of the room, he sat down on the chair by his desk, gesturing for Taylor to sit in the armchair.

"Well," he enquired. "Was it worth the trip?"

"Yes sir!" Taylor confirmed. "That was wild! Stainham's a super fuck! But he's a right little fairy, isn't he?"

"I'm not sure you should say that to his face," Alex advised.

Taylor gave him a puzzled look.

"Earlier this year," Alex explained, "another boy in his form, a particularly unpleasant young man, not all that big, but bigger than he is, decided to pick on him, calling him names and threatening to punch him in the face. Stainham kneed him in the balls."

"Wow!" Taylor replied, a big grin on his face. "I'd have loved to see that! I hate kids who try to show they're hard by picking on smaller kids."

"Stainham's a dancer," Alex went on. "Although he's small, he's quick and he's very agile. You're much taller than he is. I take it you'll have done the high jump at school?"

"Yes sir, I'm quite good at it."

"So what height have you jumped?"

"Five feet two."

"And you are how tall?"

"Five feet seven."

"Stainham is five feet two. Twice this season he's cleared five feet four."

"That means the bar would have been over his head!"


"Fuck! That's incredible! Oh, sorry sir!"

"We've got crashmats of course. We couldn't have him jumping into a sandpit. That would be far too dangerous. But it shows you how quick and springy he is. From what I've heard, the boy who got kneed in the balls never even saw it."

"Serves him right!"

"Yes, that was what most of the other boys seemed the think. Right! What are you doing on Saturday afternoon?"

"Nothing much. I'll probably go to the pool. Why?"

"Mr Brown, a friend of mine's coming to visit me. Stainham's going to be here. I was going to ask Whitney to join us, but I thought it might be interesting if you came instead."

"I don't know. What's Mr Brown like?"

"Oh, you'll like him. He's a couple of yours older than me, but you wouldn't think so. He's about your height, slim, blond hair and blue eyes. The first time he came here, back in January, I didn't realise it was him. He looked about seventeen. Ask Whitney or Stainham. They'll tell you."

"So what will we have to do?"

"Well first, Mr Brown will undress you while I undress Stainham, and we'll mess around for a short time. Then you'll have sex with Stainham while Mr Brown and I watch. After that, I'll fuck Stainham, while you get spit-roasted, like Whitney just was."

"So how big's Mr Brown's cock?"

"A bit bigger than Whitney's but nowhere like your size."

"Well, that sounds okay as long as the other boys don't mind."

Just then, Whitney and Stainham reappeared in the bedroom.

"Hey," Taylor said warmly, putting his arm around Stainham's shoulder. "Mr. White's been telling me about you kneeing this kid in the balls when he tried picking on you. You're okay! I wouldn't have thought you had it in you."

"Oh, Parker's all mouth, isn't he, sir?" Stainham said, making light of the incident. "You should see him in the gym. He's useless."

"It still takes guts to take on someone bigger than you are," Taylor replied.

"Yeah, maybe," Stainham said, snuggling up to his new friend.

"Whitney," Alex said. "On Saturday afternoon, Mr Brown's coming over. I've told him that you and Stainham will be here, but the thought occurred to me that it might be interesting if Taylor took your place. Mr Brown hasn't met him yet. It seems like the ideal opportunity. Would you mind? It will just be this one occasion."

"No sir, that's okay," Michael said casually. "I'll be able to go to Newton's house. He's always saying he never sees me at the weekends."

"Is that your friend from the swimming pool?" Taylor asked.

Michael grinned and nodded.

"Excellent!" Alex said, smiling at Taylor and Stainham. "I'll pick you boys up at half past two, usual place."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Saturday afternoon. Arriving at Chris's house, Michael locked up his bike and rang the doorbell. To his surprise, instead of inviting him in, Chris came out to join him.

"Where are we going?" Michael asked as they set off along the road.

"You'll see," Chris replied.

After a few minutes, they turned onto a footpath. Having crossed a field, they passed through a gate and into a wood. Turning off the main path, Chris guided them through the bushes until they were in a small clearing. On one side was a large log, part of an old tree trunk that had blown down in a gale. Michael looked around. They were completely hidden from view.

"Well?" Chris demanded.

"You mean here?" Michael queried, surprised by his friend's boldness. And that wasn't the only thing. For the first time ever, Chris was taking the lead.

"Yeah!" the lad answered confidently. "Right here. Nobody can see us."

He moved in close, lifting the hem of his friend's t-shirt.

"Are we going to strip off?" Michael asked.

"We can if you want. Or we can leave our shorts and pants round our ankles if you think it's safer.

"Yeah, let's do that. But I haven't brought the K-Y."

Chris fished in the pocket of his shorts. Grinning mischievously, he produced a small jar.

"The little jar of Vaseline!" Michael said, grinning.

"Yeah, there's still plenty left. Are you okay then?"

"Yeah, of course I am!"

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Taylor and Stainham sat on Mr White's sofa. Despite the assurances that he'd received, the skinny thirteen-year old was anxious. What would happen if he didn't like Mr Brown, or whatever his real name was? The doorbell rang. Alex, sitting opposite them on the armchair, went to answer it. Taylor took a deep breath. He was about to find out if Mr Brown was like he'd been told.

Moments later, Alex returned, ushering Mr Brown into the lounge. Taylor smiled. The man's appearance was everything he'd been told to expect. This was going to be fun! As Mr Brown approached, he stood up.

"Good afternoon sir," he said. "I'm Taylor. Pleased to meet you."

"I'm pleased to meet you too," Mr Brown replied, smiling as he looked the boy up and down.

When the arrangement had first been explained to him, he'd been somewhat disappointed that it wouldn't be Stainham that he'd get to fuck. But Taylor was nicer looking than he'd imagined, and being so remarkably slim, the lad was bound to have a tight little bottom, which sometime in the next forty minutes, he'd take great pleasure in filling.

When they reached the bedroom, Taylor found himself paired with Mr Brown, just as Mr White had explained to him. He stood passively by the bed, allowing the young choirmaster to undress him. Within a couple of minutes, his underpants were around his ankles. He kicked them off.

Mr Brown, who stood five foot seven and weighed in at a little over nine and half stone, (135 pounds) was slim and trim, with barely an ounce of fat on him. Seeing Taylor naked, his eyes widened. Although the boy was the same height as him, he judged him to be around two and a half stone (35 pounds) lighter.

Then there was the lad's penis. It was magnificent. Had they not been in company, he'd have asked the boy to fuck him. But in a gathering like this, it simply wouldn't do. He needed to uphold his status, which meant that he had to be the one doing the fucking. But he could suck the lad; that was expected. Seated on the bed, he leaned forwards, his lips closing over the young teen's cock. He sucked it hungrily.

Basking in the magical sensations. Taylor ran his fingers through the man's wavy blond hair. A few months earlier, he'd been surprised when the first blow-job that Whitney gave him was so much better than anything his brother had ever managed. Mr White and Mr Brown were even better.

"Easy, sir," he warned. "You'll make me cum."

Mr Brown got to his feet. Knowing what was expected, Taylor helped the man remove his clothes. Finally, he knelt on the floor to remove the young choirmaster's underpants. He smiled. The man's penis was exactly as it had been described. At just over five inches, it was much the same length as Whitney's, but a little thicker. It was almost identical to his brother's, which he'd been sucking for the past eighteen months. After running his tongue over the semi-exposed head, he took it into his mouth, steadily working his way down.

Mr Brown was delighted, ruffling the lad's hair in appreciation. Taylor was an accomplished performer, just as his host had said.

"I think it's time these boys had some fun together," Alex suggested.

Getting onto the bed, Taylor licked his lips. The opportunity to fuck Stainham again was what had brought him here. As the young dancer joined him, he wrapped his arms around the smaller boy's back, drawing him in. They kissed sensuously.

The scrawny thirteen-year old could hardly believe what he was doing. Prior to the Whitsun holiday, he'd been convinced that kissing was something he'd never do, a bridge he wouldn't cross. But finally he had, and discovered how wonderful it could be. For reasons that no-one seemed able to explain, kissing a boy made him hornier than ever. Even better, it appeared to have much the same effect on his partner, helping him to get to where he most wanted to go.

"You were wearing underpants today," Stainham whispered as he broke the kiss.

"Yeah. I don't usually wear any, but I knew Mr Brown was going to fuck me. I don't want to make a mess in my jeans."

They moved effortlessly into a sixty-nine. Taylor was comfortable with this, confident. He slid his hand between Stainham's thighs, his index finger locating the lad's bum-hole. He picked up the K-Y from the bedside cabinet. Having coated his first two fingers, he inserted his index finger into the boy's anus, slowly pushing it in as far as he could.

He began to work his finger in and out. Stainham was wonderfully tight, he noted, tighter than he'd been after Whitney had fucked him. Withdrawing his finger to about halfway, he pushed his middle finger in behind it. Stainham wincing at the sudden intrusion.

"Are you okay?" Taylor asked.

"Yes," the boy answered. "Just take your time."

Very carefully, Taylor resumed his finger-fuck. Within a short time, Stainham relaxed, clearly enjoying the experience.

"Ready?" he asked.


"Okay," Taylor said, squeezing some K-Y onto the lad's fingers. "You know what to do."

"So how are we doing it?" Stainham asked as he slicked up the leggy boy's penis.

"Stand at the foot of the bed and bend over," Mr Brown said. "There's a good boy."

With Stainham in position, Mr Brown lay down, his head directly below the youngster's boy-dick.

"Okay Taylor," he ordered. "Stick it in!"

"Yeah!" Stainham added. "Give me your cock!"

Mr Brown watched enraptured as the skinny lad's disproportionately large cock slowly disappeared into the smaller boy's bottom. Watching a cute boy having his anus stretched was one of his abiding passions, especially when the stretching was being done by a well-endowed boy like Taylor.

"Right!" he urged. "Now give him a good seeing-to!"

Moments later, Stainham was being fucked. It started quite steadily. Gradually, the pace increased until they reached the sweet spot, Taylor's hard cock thrusting rhythmically over his prostate. He began emitting quiet moans and whimpers, the pleasurable sensations coursing through his boy-parts driving him almost to distraction.

Mr Brown's eyes were riveted to the action. Since he'd begun teaching, he's never been involved with a boy who had a cock as big as Taylor's. It was on a par with those of the sixteen and seventeen-year olds who'd fucked him when he'd started at public school. Watching the lad in action was a special thrill.

A couple of minutes passed. Stainham was desperate for release. Taylor would only have to stroke his penis a couple of times and he'd cum all over Mr Brown's chest. But he knew it wouldn't happen. Once they'd finished, he'd cum in the thirteen-year old's mouth while he was fucked by Mr White, and Taylor by Mr Brown.

"Ughhh!" Taylor grunted. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes!" Stainham gasped. "Fill me up!"

In the next instant, the bigger lad's cock pulsed deep inside him, rope after rope of creamy teen spunk flooding into his boy-tunnel. He was shocked. Taylor had cum far more than Whitney or King.

As soon as he'd regained control of his breathing, Taylor pulled out. Mr Brown immediately got off the bed, guiding the scrawny boy across to the armchair. For his part, Alex drew Stainham onto the bed.

"So how was that?" he asked. "It looked like you were enjoying yourself."

"Oh, yes sir! It was super!" He paused. "Sir, may I go to the toilet? I'm pretty full already."

"Hmmm! You should be careful what you ask for," Alex quipped, gently nuzzling the boy's ear. "On this occasion, it seems like you got it. Off you go then!"

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Chris bent down, took the jar of Vaseline from the pocket of his shorts, and stood up again. After smearing some over Michael's penis, he turned around. With his feet well apart, he bent over, resting his hands on the log. Straight away, he felt his friend's cock pushing against his hole. He relaxed, allowing it to slide into him. It was strange, he reflected. Only a few months ago, he'd have been horrified by the idea of having another boy's dick up his bum. Now it seemed the most natural thing in the world.

A moment later, Michael began to fuck him. He loved it. The sensations were quite indescribable. And there was something primal about doing it out in the woods. It was as though they were two jungle boys, or maybe young Vikings, wild and uninhibited, indulging in the pleasures that their bodies could give them. Boys being boys.

"Play with my cock!" he urged.

Within a couple of seconds, Michael's fingers were wrapped around his penis, gently wanking him. It didn't take long. Almost without warning, his body was overtaken by crazy spasms. His dick jerked into life, jets of watery boy-cum spraying the old tree trunk.

Behind him, Michael was fucking even harder. Soon, the boy began to gasp, his long fingers tightening their grip on his thighs. Suddenly, the movement stopped, the lad's penis buried deep inside him. It swelled and pulsed, his friend's spunk spurting into his bum.

After a few seconds, Michael withdrew. Chris quickly pulled up his underpants and shorts, the bigger lad's cum still inside him. He smiled, remembering the first time Greg had fucked him. He'd done the same thing then, only for the teenager's spunk to start leaking into his underpants as they'd walked back to the beach. But Michael didn't cum as much as Greg did. Today there wouldn't be a problem.

They made their way out of the woods, two boys completely as one, each of them happy to be in the other's company. They didn't talk about what they'd just done. There was no need. It was what made their friendship special, and they both knew it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Stainham returned to the bedroom to find Taylor on his knees, sucking Mr Brown's penis. Grinning, he got on the bed with Mr White.

"Okay now?" Alex asked.

"Yes, thank you sir. Are you going to lie on your back like Mr Brown does?"

"Not exactly. I'll want you to sit on my cock though."

Alex glanced across. Taylor, still kneeling on the floor, was putting K-Y onto Mr Brown's dick.

"Pass me the tube when you've finished," he said curtly.

Taylor handed it over. Alex gave it to Stainham. Without waiting to be asked, the boy expertly coated his teacher's penis.

Alex shuffled up the bed, using the pillows to prop himself up against the headboard.

"Now come and sit on my lap," he whispered, pointing his dick towards the ceiling.

Stainham understood immediately. With his back to Mr White and his feet on either side of the man's knees, he carefully lowered himself onto his teacher's large cock, adjusting his position until he felt it pressing directly against his bum-hole.

"Okay!" Alex urged. "Down you go!"

Stainham obediently pushed down, gasping as the head of the man's penis passed through his sphincter.

"Good boy!" Alex breathed.

Very gently, he pulled the boy onto him until the lad's bottom made contact with his pubic hair, the youngster's spine resting against his chest. He slipped his hands under Stainham's arms, gently massaging the boy's small, pale nipples.

"Okay, young man," Mr Brown said, addressing himself to Taylor. "You know what to do."

As he got onto the bed, the thirteen-year old's eyes almost fell out. With the position they were in, he had a perfect view of Stainham's boy-hole distended around Mr White's cock. Had he not seen it for himself, he wouldn't have believed the lad's anus could have stretched that much. It didn't seem possible.

"Shit!" he thought, recalling his own experience of having the man's penis inside him. "That's what mine must have looked like."

He positioned himself on all fours, knees forward and apart, his bum pushed well back to make the classic Z-shape. Mr White crawled in behind him. A moment later, the young choirmaster's dick was up his arse.

"You've got a lovely tight boy-hole, haven't you, Taylor?" he man said lustfully. "Now get your mouth round Stainham's cock!"

Taylor leaned forwards, his lips closing over the smaller lad's steel-hard penis. It wasn't a problem. He'd loved sucking cocks from the day his brother had showed him how to do it.

"Right boys," Alex said, his voice exuding quiet authority. "Just keep still. Mr Brown and I will do the work."

With that, he thrust his hips upwards, driving his cock into Stainham's bottom. It was the third occasion on which the young dancer had been fucked and sucked at the same time, but with Mr White's cock being so much bigger than Mr Brown's, it was the wildest yet. Although the entry had been somewhat painful, it was hugely exciting.

For Taylor, however, it was new territory. He'd never imagined himself sucking a boy's cock while a man pounded his arse, but that's what was happening. The boy's hard spike pumped in and out of his mouth, while the man's dick stimulated his prostate. His penis was becoming harder with every thrust. It was man-boy sex at its most explosive. Within two minutes, Stainham was the first to cum, shooting his boy-juice into Taylor's mouth. The two teachers followed shortly after, each of them filling their boy's bottom with prodigious amounts of creamy spunk. After a few seconds, they carefully untangled themselves. The two boys immediately headed for the bathroom.

"Well?" Alex asked, sitting on the chair by his desk. "How was it?"

"Quite extraordinary!" Mr Brown gushed, sinking into the armchair. "Taylor's a bit rough, of course, but he's very nice, and his boy-hole's beautifully tight. It's always like that with boys as slim as he is. And what a cock! I haven't sucked one that size since I was fifteen. That's ten years ago. Thanks for arranging things. You must allow me to return the favour some time."

"You mentioned that the younger lad you'll be targeting is very slim."

"Long? Yes he is. Of course, it means it'll be quite a while before he'll be ready for Arrowsmith to take his cherry."

"In the meantime, you've got Jessop to keep you happy."

"Oh, I'm not complaining!" Mr Brown said, smiling. "I'm in a very fortunate position."

"And you're still seeing Noel?"

"Oh yes! He's an absolute delight. I know it sounds strange with our backgrounds being so different, but we really understand each other. I think it's because I went through much the same experience when I started at public school as he did when he was sent to the boys' home."

"So what's going to happen when school starts up again?"

"I'm not sure, but I can't just abandon him."

"You can't let any of your other boys know you're seeing him."

"I know. That's the problem, or at least part of it. But don't worry, we'll work something out."

"Well please be careful, I don't want you landing yourself in hot water."

"I will. It'll probably only be for a few months. As soon as he's old enough to leave school, I have a couple of contacts that might be interested in taking him on. He'd have to start as an office boy, of course, but if he's got as much about him as he seems to have, he'll be able to work his way up from there. And he'd be well looked after, in return for . . . you know."

"Would you be happy with that?" Alex queried.

"Oh yes. He's never had a chance. All I want is to make sure he gets one."

Alex smiled. Martin, aka Mr Brown, was a good man. He looked after his boys. He wanted the best for them. He'd take care of Noel until the lad was old enough to step out into the world. Then he'd give him the chance to make something of his life. What did it matter that they were having sex? Martin was helping the boy more than anyone else ever had.