The Journal Of Aristides

This collection is a work of fiction and contains material that may not be suitable for some readers. It is a work of erotica and features encounters between boys and a boy and men. If such material is not to your taste, or it is not permitted for you to access such material, you should read no further and leave now.
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Author's note: The Journal Of Aristides is a work of fiction, indeed, fantasy. It has no setting in time or place your imagination may place it perhaps in Ancient Rome, the use of Greek and Latin style names may lead to that or you may think of it as being in an unidentified future where the mores of times long gone are once again the fashion. Wherever and whenever you imagine it to be set, my hope is that it provides enjoyment.


The Journal Of Aristides

Book the First

I was surprised when Claudius summoned me to his presence for it was common talk amongst the boys of the Imperial Household that the Emperor's Librarian had no time or use for boys of my tender age.

Such talk among the boys was not to suggest, in the way that boys snigger and imply, that the noble Librarian, Claudius, had leanings that were any other than natural; several of the older boys knew that to be true, and when boys talked of such matters at night, as boys will do, asserted forcefully that the noble Claudius had leanings that were as natural as any other man.

My station was in the Imperial Library, though being but ten years of age, my duties were mostly those of learning, duties I fulfilled as earnestly as I could as it was well known that the Emperor favoured those who learned well, and that to rise to a position of any importance in his Household, an active and enquiring mind mattered as much, if not more, than other attributes.

My studies, as I say, I performed diligently and knew of no complaint by my tutors, and none by those who supervised and instructed our training in matters of the body, for again it was well known that the Emperor held firmly to the old Greek belief that a healthy body must be mated to a healthy mind.

So it was that, having received the summons to attend Claudius at his dwelling and my classes being finished, I washed myself free from the dust of the day, dressed in my best white tunic and presented myself to my tutor, Archides, for his inspection. He made some adjustment to my tightly curled blond hair, hair I wore curled in the old, heroic Greek manner, for the Emperor liked all things Greek, altered slightly the hang of my tunic, and sent me to Claudius.

"Ah, Aristides," he greeted me and in a manner that made me believe I was not summoned for any failing, and I wondered again if it were the other matter that he wished me for. If that were indeed the case, he would not find me uncooperative, for I knew the duties a boy owed to a man.

Claudius, I believe, sensed my uncertainty and smiled at me, not in the way that older boys sometimes smile at me when they would seek a favour from me, but in the way that Archides would smile if I had shown some particular skill with a problem he had set.

"I hear good reports from your tutors, Aristides," he said, "But it is not for that reason I have asked you here."

Again I wondered if what was said about Claudius was wrong and I prepared myself to ask how I may serve his wishes. But he spoke again.

"It is my son, Romulus, who asked that you attend here. He speaks much of your skill in lessons and still more of your abilities in exercise."

I fear that I did not control my features as a well-bred boy should; though I managed not to smile I could not prevent a twinkle of delight from showing in my eyes. Romulus was a young youth of fourteen years; a most comely youth and should he wish to seek favours from me I would most gladly give them. A boy of the high status that the son of the Librarian had would not seek the company of any of my tender years to give compliments on his lessons, nor on his athletic ability, and my heart beat faster in the hope that he would seek favours from me.

Several times older boys in the dormitory where we slept had made such requests and I had not refused them; at first I had done so from my sense of duty, for it is a sign of good manners that a boy should accede politely to such requests from those older than he, but very soon I viewed such requests with delight, for I found the granting of those favours to be most pleasurable.

Romulus awaited me in the courtyard garden, a place of relaxation where a fountain played and flowers bloomed, and Claudius summoned a slave to lead me there, having first requested my company at dinner later in the evening. I accepted his request with as much grace as my eager excitement would permit, for it was still some five hours till that time and surely Romulus would seek more than just one favour in that time.

Romulus was a boy of considerable charm and elegance as befitted his status. He was not educated in the general school as I was, having, again as befitted his status, a private tutor, and so I had but little acquaintance with him, but knew him to be a boy of some beauty who was like to rise high in the Emperor's favour; it was well known that the Emperor liked to have about him youths who possessed both beauty and intelligence, and why should it not be so, for do not all men desire the company of a boy or youth who can give pleasure to the mind as well as to the eye?

Romulus gave much pleasure to my eye when the slave left me with him in the courtyard garden. He was sitting on the step of the fountain, the water a moving background to his face. His skin was of light olive colour, his cheeks a hint of rose, though if that were natural or skilfully applied by a slave I knew not. His eyes were dark, they seemed black in the bright light of the sun, and wide, for kohl had been used around them in the Greek manner.

His hair was, like mine, in the Greek style, curled tightly, though, unlike mine, it was black not fair. He wore a tunic the colour of lemon leaves, bordered with the colour of the fruit of that tree, a combination that fitted his complexion most perfectly.

All this I noticed, though my eyes lingered longer on his form, for that was one that would attract the gaze of any, be they boy or man. His form was slender, as befitted a boy of fourteen years, but his shoulders and chest were strong, his vigorous pursuit of athletic activities leaving their mark upon him.

He was sitting with one knee drawn up, his arms resting upon it, hand closed together in the manner of a Greek boy statue, his face turned to me with a smile upon his lips.

All this I noticed, but my gaze was drawn lower, for the tunic that he wore was of summer length, and drawn up by his sitting posture so the skin of his thighs was revealed to me. At that did I stare, for his legs were long and shapely, and I cursed in my mind that he sat with the leg nearest to me the one that was drawn up, so I could not see further, discern his loincloth.

"Aristides," he greeted me, "Come sit beside me and give me the pleasure of your closer company," and when I had done so, arranging myself so his eyes could search no further than my own, for I wore no loincloth and did not wish him to think I offered myself too freely, though, being but ten years of age, I had little to see there that would be of interest to man or boy, he thanked me most politely for acceding to his wish to see me.

"Much have I admired you for some time," he told me, "You are a boy of exceptional beauty."

That I was a boy who pleased the eye I knew, are not all those chosen for the Emperor's household boys of some beauty, but I knew also that those who praised a boy's beauty had hopes to gain favours from him.

"May I be permitted to express that any beauty I may have is as nothing compared with yours," I cast my eyes down as though unworthy to look upon him.

That I had chosen the right words to say was evident when I felt his gaze on me deepen. "Such beauty as I have is as the dark is to the sun," he said, "You dazzle all who dare to look upon you."

"Then I shall shade my face that you may look your fill," I smiled, for I knew for certain now that he desired favours from me and I longed for him to ask so I could grant his wish.

"Covering your face would do little to hide your beauty," he said, continuing to flatter me in the manner of one who hopes for reward, "For the beauty you have cannot be hidden."

"You flatter me, Romulus," I smiled to show the flattery was appreciated, "I begin to think you would seek favours from me."

That those words were too soon said, I know, but I was but ten years of age and not used to being courted so, boys in the dormitory were more direct when asking favours.

"I am sorry," I apologised, "My words are too forward. You may see beauty, but no manners and for that I beg your forgiveness."

"There is nothing to forgive," he smiled at me, "For I do indeed seek favours, and have no knowledge of the proper way to court a boy, for this is something I have not done before."

"Your courting pleases me much," I told him, smiling also, "And never have I been asked for favours in a manner that pleased me more. I know not how to play this game as it should be played, for I am but young and have no understanding of the moves I should make, and for mistakes in my behaviour I beg for your understanding."

"I too have yet to learn the rules," he smiled widely, "Though I believe it is a game that could be a pleasure to play. Perhaps we could learn it together at a later time. But for now I would sooner reach the end than make mistakes upon the way."

I could not restrain my happiness at his words and behaved instantly as a boy of ten behaves. "Let us then go directly to the end," I said with a light laugh, "And knowing that I am being too forward in saying so, I wish that you would make your request."

Romulus laughed delightedly, and my heart raced as he composed himself and made formal request. "Aristides," he said in formal manner, "I beg that you will look upon me with favour and grant my request."

"Romulus," I replied in like manner, though I could not keep the delight from my face, "My heart is full of joy that you should request favour from me, and will grant that favour in any manner you wish."

"In any manner?" Romulus seemed to hesitate and I understood why, for I was but ten years of age and he supposed that I knew not of all the ways in which favours could be given.

"Indeed, Romulus," I said, "For though I be but ten years of age, I know that favours may be given by hand and mouth and from behind as well." I felt that, again I had been too forward and sought to give explanation, "I live and sleep in a dormitory full of boys and have learned of the favours that a boy can give."

Understanding grew on his face and a smile followed it. "Then if I should ask for all three you will not think it ill-mannered of me?"

"I care not if it be ill-mannered or no," I said, "For we are boys and it is the duty of the younger to grant favours to the elder. And I would beg you not to think it forward and ill-mannered of me to grant those favours, not from duty, but in delight that you have requested them."

"Then let us be boys," Romulus grinned, "For my cock yearns for your touch and for your mouth."

"And my hands and mouth yearn so for your cock," I grinned back, my stomach churning with desire, and should you wish to use me from behind, that also I yearn for."

"Come," Romulus jumped from where he sat, no longer a formal, mannered person of status, but a boy eager to start on that game boys most enjoy, holding a hand for me to grasp and follow him to a part of the garden more secluded where that game could begin.

I lay beside him on the grass and could not restrain my hand from searching under his tunic for that I wished to hold. To my delight, Romulus proved that he had been as hopeful of the success of his request as I had been for it to be made, for there was no loincloth to obstruct my hand's search and I grasped his boys' rod of pleasure with a sigh of delight.

It was a rod of ample size, not the largest I had held in my hand for there are boys of greater age than fourteen years in my dormitory who had begged favours from me, but size was of no importance to me at that moment; it was the rod of a boy who had courted me most flatteringly, the rod of a boy I wished to grant every favour to that he had wish for.

I permitted my hand to savour every detail, the softness of the skin above the hardness beneath; the way that skin ended in a bud beyond that hardness. Most of those rods of pleasure I had held before had less skin than that, unable to restrain the rod beneath from poking through, but Romulus had one different from that, one I liked more for that extra bit of skin was an extra delight for me to feel and fondle.

I was already wondering how it would feel in my mouth, wondering that even while I explored the size and fullness of the balls beneath the rod, revelling in the smoothness of the wrinkled skin there; Romulus, being a well-bred boy of good family, did not permit the growth of unsightly hair upon his body.

I knew my hand, unskilled as it was, was giving pleasure to Romulus for he sighed while I fondled him, his eyes closed and a smile upon his lips. I moved my face closer to his so that he may kiss me if he wished. Many boys, I knew, did not that when they played together, and I dared not be too forward should Romulus be one of those, but I needed not to fear, for when he sensed the closeness of my breath upon his face he pulled me closer and his lips met mine.

Our lips stayed closed at first, for it is a strange thing with boys, that one may take the other in his hand, in his mouth or even from behind, but be too shy to take his tongue where he is eager to take his rod.

Our shyness lasted but moments and we parted lip from lip, Romulus looking me in the eye, an unasked question lurking in his eyes as it was in mine.

"If you wish, I would like it that you so wished," I said softly, too shy to say the words more loudly, to be thought too forward.

"I wish," he breathed on my face, and when our lips met again they did not so closed but open, and mouths also so tongues could extend and meet and swirl together.

I know not why it is, but when a boy's tongue is in my mouth his rod feels so much better in my hand and I feel a desire to have it there forever, save for the times when it is elsewhere in my possession, and so it was now.

Romulus withdrew his mouth from mine, whispered to me that he did not wish for matters to end in my hand. My heart leapt again for I wished not that either, and wriggled down so I could take him in my mouth.

Though but ten years of age I had learned quickly that I liked having a boy in my mouth; to be honest, and as a boy of some small status I know I must always be nothing other than honest, to say I liked having a boy in my mouth is to understate the truth, for what feels good in the hand feels so much more than good in the mouth.

I know I was still but learning how to grant this favour with any skill, but I did my best, keeping my teeth well hidden and using my tongue as well as I could. Romulus placed his hand on my back, the other on my head, not to hold my mouth on him but to express the pleasure I was giving him, and I increased my efforts until I felt his rod stiffen even more, felt his stones draw up, felt the flow up his rod, felt it burst in my mouth.

I clamped my lips tight around him, determined that no drop would escape, and savoured the spurts of his seed in my mouth, savoured that unique taste that I had so quickly learned to enjoy.

I kept him in my mouth till he began to soften, then took him from there and eased the skin of his rod back so I could lick every last drop from him, working the skin up and down to squeeze out any drips that remained still unejected. Satisfied that my task was complete I came from him, not from beneath his tunic for that was up high around his waist now and he showed no wish to pull it down, but up to a position where we were once more face to face.

"My thanks, Aristides," he breathed, still slightly gasping from his efforts in ejecting his seed, "Never has that been done for me better."

"My thanks to you, Romulus, for permitting me to have the pleasure of granting you a favour."

"A favour I feel I may have to ask for again."

"Tis some four hours till dinner," I grinned at him, "And in that time I would grant you every favour you would wish."

"A little while before that is again ready for use," he giggled lifting his now soft cock with one finger, "But till it can once more stand on its own, could I beg for your mouth on mine again?"

"No need to beg," I grinned in delight, and put my mouth on his and felt his tongue search inside, seeking, no doubt, to see if I had left any of his seed unconsumed.

"It is not my place to beg for favour," I said to Romulus later, and my cheeks were burning with the audacity that I should speak so, "But I much wish that you would use me from behind."

I waited trembling for him to berate me for my lack of manners in so forgetting my place, but instead of doing so he smiled wide, and with a face as red as mine confessed that he much wished to do so but had not dared to ask so much, though I had told him before that I would refuse no request from him.

Eagerly I presented myself on hands and knees for him and he went into me as tenderly as he could, though there was some pain, for being thoughtless boys, we had brought nothing to ease and aid his entry.

The pain I minded not for he was in me and the pain faded soon into the pleasure the granting of this favour always brings, for since the first time I gave permission for this to happen I have much liked the delight it gives me and I confess for a great longing to be entered there.

We played again the games that boys so like to play, and then, at dinner, Romulus begged permission from his father, Claudius, to take me as companion.

This I had not expected and knew not how to answer when Claudius asked me if I wished also for that, and like a foolish boy croaked that I did wish it much.

Claudius gave his blessing and complimented Romulus on his choice and that night I slept not in the dormitory but in the bed of Romulus, and slept not elsewhere till Romulus was of an age to be taken by the Emperor as favourite, when he moved from his own bed into the most exalted bed in the land.

That happened not for a year and a half, and in that time Romulus and I learned together much about the ways boys can grant their favours and give pleasure to those that ask for them, though neither had chance to show what we had learned to any but each other, for Romulus desired no other boy but me and I was content to give myself to none but him.

We learned also how to court a boy, for though Romulus had no wish to court another, and Claudius made it known that no man was welcome to court his boy, we knew the time would come when the highest in the land would seek Romulus for his bed, for he was growing into a youth of exceptional beauty and had a mind to match. A boy needs to know how to behave and respond when one of power and culture seeks him for his bed, and with the aid of the tutor, Menedus, we learned and practised the moves of the game.

Romulus had no need to court me now, though we often played at it, for I confessed to him that I wished him to use me in any way that gave him pleasure, and when pressed by him, my face buried in a pillow to hide embarrassment, I admitted that my greatest delight was when he entered me from behind.

I know it is natural for a boy to gain pleasure that way, but, being but ten years of age, I thought it ill-mannered to confess to the delight it gave me,

My fears and embarrassment were groundless, for Romulus confessed that, though he liked much my hands and mouth, his greatest like was to expel his seed inside me, and this he did, both at nights and in the mornings, and, shortly before the Emperor had begun to court him and I had grown sufficiently to make the matter possible, I entered him that way to his great delight, though I had no seed to eject in him.

When Romulus left for the Emperor's bed, Claudius did bid me remain in his house and continue my education with the tutor, Menedus, and this I did for it had given me great access to the Library and I wished that to continue.

Claudius did not seek reward for his generosity for boys of my age held no appeal for him, though he confessed to me that were I two or three years older he would have pressed me much for favours. To this I answered that, when that time came, I would receive such pressing with pleasure, and eagerly grant him the favours a man desires from a boy.

Thus, at the age of not yet twelve years, I found myself in need of a boy or a man to seek my favours, for much I needed to give them, and most of all my body ached to be used and filled.