The Journal Of Aristides   

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Author's note: The Journal Of Aristides is a work of fiction, indeed, fantasy. It has no setting in time or place your imagination may place it perhaps in Ancient Rome, the use of Greek and Latin style names may lead to that or you may think of it as being in an unidentified future where the mores of times long gone are once again the fashion. Wherever and whenever you imagine it to be set, my hope is that it provides enjoyment.



The Journal of Aristides


Book the Third


"Yesterday you told me, Aristides," Menedus began our lesson, "That you had a preference for younger boys."

"I do," I agreed, before blushing a little as I added, "Younger boys to beg favours from, though I find the granting of favours to older ones most pleasant as well, though I have done little enough of that since Romulus left."

"Such preferences are completely natural," Menedus assured me, "And now, Aristides, I have a more difficult task for you, another test."

"I will try my best to satisfy you," I told Menedus, knowing now the importance of these tests.

"When you look upon those younger boys, Aristides, what is in your mind? I wish you to answer me, not in the polite language of a lesson, but in the actual words that match your thoughts. I require no `I wish to beg the favour of his hand or his mouth,' but the thought as it is in your head."

I blushed furiously then, for I understood exactly what he meant, and I knew not if I could speak such words in his company. In the short time I had lived in the dormitory I had heard those words many times, for though boys always made their requests in the proper manner during the day, in the secret of the dark other things were whispered. `I want to fuck you up the arse' was a phrase I had heard whispered by older boys, and indeed, Romulus had whispered such to me in the secret place of his bed. In the hidden language of boys a rod was a cock, seed was spunk and the third favour was a boy offering his arse to be fucked. Those words I could use with boys in the dark, but uttering them to my tutor in the light of day was a different matter altogether.

"Come Aristides," Menedus said, sounding impatient, "You spy a pretty boy of ten years, what, exactly, are your thoughts?"

"That I want to fuck him up the arse," I blurted out, ashamed to say the words.

"Is that all?"

"No," I confessed, "I want to spunk in his mouth as well."

"Excellent," Menedus beamed at me, "Now tell me why it was so difficult to say those words when you would have felt no embarrassment at confessing that you wished for the favour of his mouth and the favour of using him from behind?"

"Because to request favours is polite and mannered, and to say the other things is ....... well ..... is crude and dirty in a way, I suppose."

"But is not the intent the same, whatever the words?"

"It is," I agreed, "Though sometimes, when it is just boy and boy and in a bed intending to play those games, being crude and dirty seems the right thing to be. I could not imagine," I continued, emboldened by the lack of disapproval from Menedus, "Being in bed with Romulus and him asking politely for the third favour. I can more than imagine, for he did so often, him saying to me that he needed a fuck."

"Needed, not wanted or desired?" Menedus asked.

"Needed was the word he used. I knew well enough he always wanted and desired that," I giggled.

"So Romulus did not request favours from you, he merely told you what he needed?"

"Of course. From the first I told him that he had no need to request, for his request would always be granted, and that he could take his pleasure from me in any way he wished and at any time he wished."

"And you did not think him saying `I need to fuck you,' as being crude, dirty and unmannerly?"

"Of course not," I said as though the question was stupid, "We were boys having fun and the cruder and dirtier it was then the more fun it was as well. It may not have been proper behaviour, but all we were thinking about was getting his cock in my arse." I surprised myself at how easily the dirty words were slipping off my tongue now.

"And rightly so," Menedus approved, "But why then, do you not simply say to the boy of ten who has aroused your interest, that you wish to fuck him and will he kindly bend over now so you can stick your cock in him?"

"Because that would not be proper behaviour," I giggled at the thought and at Menedus using dirty words as well. "Romulus and I could talk like that because we were lovers and nothing that we did together was wrong for us. To behave in that way to another boy, an ordinary boy, not a lover, would be to treat him with disrespect."

Menbedus actually clapped his hands together in delight when I said that, as though I had found the solution to a very difficult problem. "Now," he said, "I wish you to imagine yourself to be a man of my age and your preference for boys has not changed, it is still boys of ten you desire."

"There is nothing unnatural about that," I protested, "Many men enjoy young boys."

"But let us imagine that you are unable to court such a boy, that none you know wish to grant you their favours."

"Then I think my hand would be overused," I giggled.

"And your mind? Would you always be in the best mind to do your work? To be sociable with your friends?"

I tried to imagine this possibility, think how it would affect me, and I thought of the way I had felt when the older boys had started calling me unnatural. "I think I would get very angry and frustrated," I said, "And become a person that nobody would want to know."

"You would," Menedus beamed at me again and I felt I was doing well in this particular test. "And what, he asked, "Could you do to prevent this happening? To stop the anger and frustration?"

To this I had to answer that I did not know, for truly, I did not.

"You would purchase a slave," Menedus said simply, "Buy yourself a piece of flesh of an age that satisfied you and use it when and however you wanted."

I knew about slaves, of course. At least, I knew some people kept a slave or two, but I hadn't thought that they kept them for use in that way. Slaves were simply property, and I'd taken no more notice of them than I had of furniture, but now Menedus had said what he had, I realised that the two that Claudius owned were boys in their mid teens, and mid-teen boys were Claudius' favourite.

"Is that why Claudius owns slaves?" I asked.

"Naturally," Menedus shrugged, "A man with the responsibilities that Claudius has finds little time to go courting. Like any other man, he needs something to fuck."

"What happens to Claudius' slaves when they get too old for him to fuck?" I asked. Thinking about it, I realised that I'd never seen any slave about the house other than the two mid-teens.

"That," Menedus told me, "Is one of the glories of the Empire, a demonstration of the good and sensible way our rules have been devised for the good of all. We have no use for slaves other than for, basically, fucking, and that means we have no use for slaves that are not boys. In times past we, like other countries outside the Empire, used slaves to work the fields and the mines and such like. We have no need for that now as citizens of the Empire do those things for pay so that they can live in whatever comfort they can aspire to, but other nations still use slaves that way. Now, when a slave is too old for use for pleasure, it is bought back by the slavers and exported, sold again where it is wanted. In return, we import from those countries young slaves, items from five years and upward to be sold for pleasure here, and so used until they are perhaps sixteen or seventeen, when they are sold again and exported."

"Is not five too young to be used for pleasure?" I asked, surprised that any would want flesh that age.

"That, perhaps, you will ask again later, for now we will visit the slave market and complete this lesson there."

Thus I made my first visit to the slave market in the city that was the heart of the Empire and was first struck by how similar it was to other markets I had seen. Traders were selling boy flesh as traders sold meat, spices, clothing and other goods; some traders specialised in items of some quality, others sold goods that were clearly less so, and the prices demanded reflected the quality of the goods. Those who sold cheap items had them on display, standing naked for all to see, feel and discuss the cost; those who dealt in quality had nothing on show, but kept their goods inside, revealing each item separately as requested by a potential customer, much as a dealer in quality jewellery might do.

There was a place selling food and drink opposite the traders' stalls and shops and I sat there with Menedus sipping a freshly squeezed orange and staring at the slaves on display. Some were indeed very young and I wondered again what use they might be for pleasure.

Menedus, when I had finished my orange, led me to a shop that had no slaves on show, and inside it was set to tables as though it were a place for eating. We were greeted warmly, for by our dress it was clear that we were people of some quality, and seated at a good table, presented with a menu from which Menedus selected some pies and pasties for us to eat. I wondered why we were there and what this had to do with the subject of slaves, and while I wondered our plates of food were brought to us by two naked boys whose ages I guessed to be no more than seven at the most.

The food placed carefully upon the table, the boys then went on their knees, one before me and one before Menedus, lifted our tunics and began to suck on our cocks while we ate. I have to confess that it was a most pleasant experience, the food was excellent and the little slaves most skilled, sucking to please us and not, yet, to make us spunk.

I found I had no difficulty now in using the base words, and indeed, they seemed the correct words to use in the present situation.

A while thus passed while we ate and the little slaves sucked on our cocks until the owner of the establishment approached Menedus and enquired if we contemplated a purchase.

"Indeed so," Menedus replied, much to my surprise, a surprise that grew even bigger when he continued, "My pupil, a boy under the protection of the Librarian Claudius, has need of a slave. He would care for an item of not more than ten years, perhaps a little younger if you have such for sale."

The mention of Claudius had the trader rubbing his hands together in anticipation of a sale, and he hurried off, no doubt to find items for our inspection.

"Have I need for a slave?" I asked Menedus, puzzled as to why that should be so.

"Indeed you do, Aristides," he told me, "For you are of an age now when you find you wish to use your cock more frequently than before."

That this was true I could not deny, for since I had been able to eject seed my need and wish to do so had grown by the day.

"You live not in the dormitory so boys are not available for you at night, a time when you need one most, and thus it is most proper for you to have a slave that you can use," he paused and slipped me a sly grin, "And fuck whenever you choose."

The trader returned with three naked young boys that he presented to us.

"One eight, one nine and one ten," he said, pointing to the items in turn. "I do, of course, have more stock in all three ages. These are but samples to give the young gentleman an indication of what there is to offer."

I stared, fascinated by the items. The youngest one was black, the first such I had set eyes on; the middle one of skin that was almost white and with hair so fair it seemed to have little more colour than the skin. The last was dark haired and with skin nearer to mine in colour, a light olive. None had the beauty of the boys of the Household but all were decent enough to look upon and I knew I would have no reservations about plunging my cock into any of them.

"Does the young gentleman have a colour preference?" the trader asked, "The skin of the black has a different texture to the white and to the olive. Perhaps you would care to feel, young sir, discover which you like best."

He brought the items close to me so that I was able to inspect their skin with my hand, and indeed the black was very different, slightly rougher than the skin of the boys of the Household, and though I was much taken by the difference of it I found I liked the complete smoothness of the white more than the others.

My choice was not made easier by the activity beneath my tunic, though the slave was skilled and knew when to ease his efforts so my spunk did not yet squirt.

"As for the ages," the trader continued, "The item at present doing its duty between the young sir's thighs is six years. Would the young sir wish to consider that age as well?"

I looked at Menedus, wondering what he would say if I selected something as young as that.

"You are purchasing a slave," he told me, "An item to use for your pleasure. This is no test, select something you feel will give you satisfaction."

"Have no fears about using it for fucking, young sir," the trader said and I understood that one did not use a slave from behind, one fucked it, and the wickedness of that appealed much to my young mind, "The hole stretches easily enough to accommodate a cock of almost any size. Care needs to be taken at first in order not to damage the hole itself, but after the first three or four fucks, entry will be simple enough."

"No," I decided after some thought, "I think nine or ten, and I like the white one better than the others."

"Very well, young sir," the trader rubbed his hands again, "I will bring what I have of that age and variety for your inspection."

He left, leaving the white item of nine behind, and I turned to Menedus, "Am I truly purchasing a slave for my use?" I asked.

A choking sound came from beneath the tunic of Menedus and he gasped and sighed before he answered.

"You are, indeed, Aristides," he smiled, "And I have no doubt that you will be using it the moment we return home. And I must congratulate you upon your restraint, I have already near drowned the item between my legs."

I giggled and, as the circumstances seemed to permit comments that would normally be too ill-mannered to make, I told him that, being but thirteen, I had used my hand twice already this morning.

"And will have no need to use it again, morning, noon or night," he grinned at me and we laughed together.

The trader returned with three more of the white ones, but the best of the four was the one he had brought out first. It had nice long legs, was slender and reasonably good to look at. It didn't have a cock worth bothering with, but that was only to be expected in an item of only nine years, and to be honest, I wasn't concerned with its cock, but with its mouth and arse, places where my cock was going to go.

"That one," I said pointing at it, and, as I pointed, I spunked in the mouth sucking me.

"Good choice and good timing, young sir," the trader beamed and dismissed the three unsold items. "Now, young sir, where would you wish the ownership bands to be placed?"

I recalled that the slaves of Claudius had a red band round both wrists and realised that they were what the trader meant by ownership bands.

"Is it possible to have one for each wrist and also for the ankles?" I asked, thinking that would somehow make my item look even more sexy, desirable and fuckable.

"Of course, young sir," the trader beamed again, no doubt very happy with his sale, and proceeded to produce a type of tape, measure the required lengths, and after enquiring of my name, to inscribe on each length, `Property of Aristides'. "I will see to the registration," he said to Menedus, "And send the bill to the secretary of the Librarian if that is satisfactory?" and when Menedus agreed that it was he presented me with the item, saying "This is now your property, young Aristides, I hope you have much pleasure with it."

"Does it have a name?" I asked Menedus as we made our way through the streets, feeling somewhat of a spectacle as I held a rope in my hand, the other end of which was looped round the neck of the item that had been bought for me.

"Probably did before it was taken as a slave," Menedus shrugged as though it was a matter of no importance, "But not now. People have names and slaves aren't people. Slaves are property, a bit like a dog or a horse, only even more so. You can give it a name if you want to call it something, but don't give it a people name; it has to realise that it's a slave, not a real person."

I thought about that and understood that it made sense, and then had a fit of giggles at the thought of what I'd call it came into my mind.

"An idea for a name?" Menedus enquired and I realised he knew me far too well.

"One I'd call it in private, but one I think it may not be proper to use when others are about," I giggled more.

"The name being?"

"Fuck Flesh." I went red as I said it, knowing that, even in these circumstances, I was being a little extreme.

"A very appropriate name," Menedus nodded, "It describes what it is and leaves it in no doubt as to its function and purpose. I see no reason why it should not be called that in the house as well as in your bed."

"Do you think it speaks our language?" I asked, wondering that if it didn't it wouldn't understand what it was being called.

"I have no idea," Menedus shrugged, "But it will learn it soon enough if it doesn't. But I think you have little intention of using it for conversational purposes, so it matters little."

"I want to get it home and fuck it," I said, and meant it.

"That is, after all, what it is for," Menedus agreed, "But, from this point onwards we will revert to more mannered language. Except, of course, for those times that you are referring to your purchase."

"I will do so," I agreed, but couldn't resist adding, "It was fun talking dirty, though."

"A time and a place for such things," Menedus smiled, "And now you are once again a well-mannered boy of some status and you will confine your use of such language to appropriate times and places."

Once home I hurried Fuck Flesh to my room and ordered it to assume a position in which it could be fucked, but it clearly had no knowledge of our language and I was about to put it in position myself when there was a knock on my door. I opened it to reveal one of Claudius' slaves bearing a small jar of what seemed to be some kind of ointment.

"The master begged that you should take this," it said, "And apply it to the hole you are about to enter before doing so. It eases entry and avoids damage. The master also suggested that you should lay it on its back and lift its legs high, that way its hole will be well presented for entry."

The slave bowed and retreated and I considered his message, Romulus had entered me in many different ways and that was one of them. It was a most pleasant way to be entered and I saw the sense in positioning Fuck Flesh so that its hole was as wide open as possible, so I positioned it thus, applied copious amounts of ointment to its hole I cared not if my entry hurt it or not, but damage I did not want as I intended to use its hole often arranged my cock up against a spot that seemed far too small and tight to take a cock of even my limited size, and pushed.

At first I thought I would fail in my endeavour for its hole was clamped tight shut and I therefore increased my efforts, pushing harder against it. I felt a slight easing of resistance and pushed harder still, wishing to make the most of the advantage I had gained, and then I felt the tip of my cock break into the hole, the slippery ointment and my pushing overcoming its determination to stay closed. That moment was accompanied by a gasp, a squeal and then a scream as the head of my cock followed the tip and lodged within the hole.

When I had first been entered, before I was selected for the Household, it had been by a boy little older than myself and his rod so small it hardly deserved the name of twig, and though it had hurt some it had been only enough to make me gasp. More gasps and a squeal or two had followed after when older boys began to train my hole, for that is what they did, it being the custom in my village, but it had been only after several such entries that I had taken a rod of even the size I now possessed.

No doubt going from never before entered to taking a cock of the size of mine, small though it still was, was a thing that had pain attached to it, but that concerned me not. Nor did the screams coming from Fuck Flesh when I pushed my cock in further, the screams of a slave are a thing of no concern, and I pushed in until I had my entire length inside.

It was an amazing feeling hot, wet and tightly gripping; slippery and gripping at the same time. I moved my cock inside it experimentally, to see if it was possible to fuck something so tight, and as I moved Fuck Flesh's screams turned first to moans and then to sobs.

My cock, though it was so tightly gripped, moved with little effort and I increased my movements, slowly grasping the rhythm that had seemed so natural for Romulus to achieve. I grasped the legs of my slave to give greater impetus to my thrusts, using my hips to drive my cock in as deeply as it would go and fucked my new possession with abandon until my spunk spurted. That was my fourth time that day and it did not happen rapidly and by the time I was finished I was gasping for breath and the slave beneath me was sobbing uncontrollably.

I pulled my cock from it, which for some reason produced another howl, and let its legs fall, taking myself to wipe my cock clean and wash the sweat from my face. Dressed then in a clean tunic, and leaving the slave where it lay still sobbing, I made my way to Claudius to thank him for his gift.

"I am in your debt," I told Claudius when he granted me audience, "It is a gift most unlooked for."

"Nonsense," he smiled at me, "I gave one to Romulus for his twelfth birthday. I disposed of it when he begged you for his companion, he had no further need of it and it was far too young for my tastes. Its value I took as credit to offset against the cost of purchasing yours when the time came."

"No wonder Romulus was so good at f......" I held the word back just in time, "At giving me pleasure," I managed, but only with a blush.

"A slave has two purposes," Claudius said, politely ignoring my near lack of manners, "For pleasure, of course, but also for using to learn how to fuck properly."

I gaped at him, my mouth open in shock that he should use that word.

"Romulus, it appears, learned that art well." Again he ignored my impolite behaviour, standing before him with my mouth open wide.

"He did indeed, Sir," I affirmed, "As well as any boy could I swear."

"Of that I am glad," Claudius said, "And as Romulus is no longer here and I have dared to take you in his place, I trust that you will not disappoint me and will use your slave to learn that art for yourself."

"I will do that, Sir, and try never to give you any disappointment. But may I be so bold as to enquire what you mean by `dared to take me in his place'?"

"The articles of adoption are with the Emperor's Secretary as we speak. By tomorrow, if you agree, you will become my adopted son."

"Sir," I gasped, "I do not understand. I am a boy of no noble birth; I am not worthy to be an adopted son of yours."

To my surprise, Claudius laughed, and when he recovered he said, "Menedus tells me that you have passed every test presented to you and now I know why. Your birth matters not a fig, your nobility is in your mind. I will be proud to have you as my adopted son."

"And I proud to be so, to be thought worthy of being so."

"Then all is settled," Claudius said. "Now I have work to do and you have a slave to see to. I'm sure you're already aching to have another go at it."

I was, and cared not if the slave was ready or no. I needed another fuck.

It was still sobbing when I went back to my room, but it had changed position and was lying on its side. I completed the change so it was on its stomach, threw my tunic on the floor and mounted it, pushing its legs apart with a knee and going for its hole. That was still open a bit and glistening with the ointment and some of my spunk that had leaked out, good enough to get in, I thought, and plunged my cock in it again. This would be my fifth spunking of the day and it still only mid-afternoon I was going to be fucking Fuck Flesh for quite a while!