The Journal Of Aristides   

This collection is a work of fiction and contains material that may not be suitable for some readers. It is a work of erotica and features encounters between boys and a boy and men. If such material is not to your taste, or it is not permitted for you to access such material, you should read no further and leave now.
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Author's note: The Journal Of Aristides is a work of fiction, indeed, fantasy. It has no setting in time or place your imagination may place it perhaps in Ancient Rome, the use of Greek and Latin style names may lead to that or you may think of it as being in an unidentified future where the mores of times long gone are once again the fashion. Wherever and whenever you imagine it to be set, my hope is that it provides enjoyment.



The Journal Of Aristides


Book the Fifth


As I neared my fourteenth birthday Menedus had given me permission to allow the attentions of men. I was aware that I was older than many boys in this regard, more than one boy of ten years in the Household had already sampled the delights of granting his favours to an adult male, and those who had made no secret of it, indeed enthused about the pleasure that brought and how it was different, though in ways they could not fully explain, than the pleasure that was to be obtained from boys.

Thus I began to seek the attentions of men, taking care to exhibit myself fully to those that watched the Household boys at exercise. Of those there were always many, as was only natural, for who would not wish to observe some hundred naked boys running, jumping, throwing and wrestling?

From the time that I had recovered from the period of unnatural behaviour that I had suffered, caused by the loss of my lover, Romulus, I had displayed myself mostly to the youngest boys and to the occasional older one to whom I felt some inclination for the granting of favours, and had ignored the men who stood around, all hoping, no doubt, that a boy would indicate his availability for courting.

I had ignored them, but, I soon discovered, they had not ignored me, for the moment I began to display myself in their direction I noticed that many gazed upon my body with admiration, and on the faces of many also was writ large the desire to use my flesh. Such attention and desire pleased me much, and often did I harden to my full size and hid not that from their eyes, but displayed it with a smile upon my lips.

That such was normal and proper behaviour I knew, for I had seen many boys doing thus, and indeed seen more times than few, a boy leaving his exercise with a man's hand around his waist or shoulder, though if that man were his lover or merely one to whom he wished to grant casual favours to, I knew not.

The casual granting of favours to boys and men is a natural and proper thing, for all boys need the pleasure that the granting of favours brings to maintain a healthy mind, and men also, for even if he has a lover, is it not natural for a man to desire to enjoy the flesh of more than one boy?

I was, though, the adopted son of Claudius the Librarian and of higher status than the common boys of the Household and it was not deemed proper behaviour for me to grant favours wherever I wished, though it was not considered ill-mannered or improper for me to grant and request favours wherever I would from boys. Claudius insisted, though, that he should deem what man was suitable to fuck me and what was not, and it was right and proper that he did so. He minded not that a man should wish to use me only for casual pleasure, but only that before I granted the favour of my arse I should be courted in a proper manner, and indeed, to be courted so is most pleasant, and the fuck, when it comes, is of greater enjoyment.

My choice fell first on one Hector, a man of some thirty years who held a post of some minor importance in the Treasury, and when Claudius gave his permission, he began to court me most earnestly, praising my body and my beauty, gifting me with small presents of jewellery and making clear he desired that I should grant him the total sum of all my favours.

I found some surprise that he told me, with no hesitation, that he desired me not for a lover, but as a boy who would give him pleasure for a month, perhaps two; that when the delights of my flesh were no longer new to him he would seek his pleasure from a different boy, for he had no wish to take a single lover, but to enjoy the delights of as many boys as he could while he was still young enough to do so.

This I found to be most refreshing, for as a boy not yet of fourteen years, I too had no wish for a single lover, but to experience the pleasures that come to a boy from the attention of men and not from one man alone. That such was proper and natural behaviour I had no doubts, for all know it is the duty of a boy to give his body for the pleasure of men and not to confine himself to one man alone till his mind be ready to take a lover.

Hector courted me in a mannered and proper way and I let it be known that I was ready to bestow my favours on him and would welcome a request to do so and this was made and granted. I was entranced by the manner and skill with which he used his mouth and tongue on me, discovering in great detail the delight it is to the flesh when the mouth of a man kisses and licks under the arms and even more when used upon the nipples.

He took my cock in his mouth with great frequency, my balls as well, which was a great delight to me for it was a feeling new to me, boys having little skill or interest in the sucking and licking of balls. My arse he kissed and licked much also and often pushed his tongue into my hole before fucking me, and I knew not in which I took the greater pleasure, his tongue or his cock.

He had great skill in the withholding the discharge of his seed, a skill that enabled him to fuck me for what seemed hours at a time and that I much delighted in, for Romulus had given my arse a great longing to be filled by cock, and Hector fulfilled that need most properly.

It was clear to me that there was much difference in the manner in which a man took his pleasure from a boy than when an older boy receives favours from a younger. Boys have always their own pleasure in mind, care but little for the enjoyment of the other. A man takes great pleasure in the giving of pleasure, so that, in turn, the boy may take great delight from his use.

This, I thought, was something it was proper for me to learn and I asked Menedus if it were fitting to learn such things from my use of my slave and to practise them on it, for it is not usual to care if a slave enjoys its use or not.

Menedus assured me that it was indeed a proper use of a slave and thus I began to learn the use of the mouth and tongue in those places where Hector had so delighted me. I did notice that my slave, though still barely nine years of age, did emit noises of pleasure and delight when I used my tongue on its hole, and did fuck with more enthusiasm after I used it so.

As the day of my fourteenth birthday drew near Claudius did indicate that he would provide me with a second slave and Menedus informed me that it was the wish of Claudius that I should obtain something that would satisfy my desires. It was well known to all that my tastes did run to younger boys and Claudius was of the opinion that I should properly explore those tastes, they being completely normal and natural.

Thus I was taken for my third visit to that same trader as before with intent to purchase an item of, at the most, eight years of age. The trader did, indeed, furnish me with several items of that age to view, but regretted that he had not one with the white skin and hair of my previous purchases. He begged leave to present me with a special item for my consideration, but indicated to Menedus that its price was far more than that of any other item he held, indeed, two of the slaves I was presently viewing could be obtained for less. Menedus informed him that the price was not a matter of importance and the item was presented.


I was overcome both with delight and with disappointment; delight because the item was most pleasing to the eye, its skin the colour of a ripe acorn, its face most pretty, its legs long and its arse most tempting. The disappointment was in its seeming age, for though the size of an item of perhaps six years, it was apparent that could not be so for its cock was of a length beyond that, indeed beyond many of the boys of ten years in the Household.

I expressed my pleasure at its appearance but my disappointment at its age, whereupon the trader smiled and told me that it was of no more than six years and that it was an item most rare. It had, he said, been farmed for slavery, bred for the purpose of use in men's beds. Its cock had been tightly bound from the age of one year, and stimulated most frequently to hardness, and when it grew hard, it was unable to expand in girth but only in length. Weight had also been attached to the foreskin so that also stretched and that now, when hard, a bud of such skin remained, at least equal in amount to that of an untreated item when soft.

Further, its hole had been stretched by it being plugged with rubber objects and the size of those increased so that when it became comfortable with one, a larger one replaced it. Thus was its hole stretched and widened so that now, at six years, it would take a cock the size of the one I owned with no difficulty and had been trained to use the muscles of its arse to stimulate a cock most wonderfully.

I took much delight in the ownership of that slave and used its body as often as I was able, delighting also in obliging my other, white skinned slave to use it also, for the combination of the white and acorn flesh was most pleasing to the eye.

More men now courted me, wishing to indulge themselves in the delights my young body offered, and, with always the permission of Claudius, I yielded to their courting, for now I wished to experience the attentions of men in some abundance. That all of such affairs were brief, they did not seek a lover and nor did I, was of great advantage, for I was able to experience the natural pleasure of a boy in permitting my flesh to be used and enjoyed by men, and to take my pleasure too from the way in which I was used, so different from the manner in which I had before been used and enjoyed by older boys.

The next of significance to seek my favours was no other that Archus himself, the Master of the Household Boys. He was a member of the Grand Council and his position one of great status and importance, for he it was who was responsible for the selection of boys for the Household. His agents were spread throughout the Empire, seeking young boys of exceptional beauty, and from them only the most beautiful were chosen, for the Household took in only ten new boys each year.

Archus was the oldest man yet to use my body, for he was beyond fifty years of age, a matter that concerned me not at all, for men of all ages rightly desire to use and enjoy boys and it is the duty of all boys to give pleasure to men, no matter what their age may be.

From Archus I learned a new and most important matter; that as men age their desires change and while they may take less pleasure in fucking boys indeed may no longer be able to grow hard enough to effect an entry they take increasing delight in other parts of a boy, the prime part being the cock.

This was a matter of great surprise to me, for while I had, as all boys do, looked upon the cocks of older boys, it was in such a way as to decide if I had a desire to suck or be fucked by a particular cock and not because I considered the cock itself to be a thing of beauty.

"All men," Archus told me, "Take great delight in two parts of a boy, his legs and his cock. Boys, I know, believe that men wish only for the use of their mouths and their arses, and, naturally and rightly, men wish for that, but even a man as young as twenty five will find greater pleasure in the arse of a boy who is in possession of a delightful cock than in the arse of one who but owns something more ordinary. The legs of a boy draw first a man's attention, creating a desire to sample the delights of the cock of that boy. If you wish to catch a man then let him view your cock."

I had at first been surprised when Menedus and Claudius began to speak in such terms with me, to use that language that boys use amongst themselves, but now I understood that such was the natural way of things and that we had been taught to be always polite and mannered, to `request the third favour' and not simply say to a boy that one wished to fuck him, for whilst all boys know it is their duty to give pleasure, they need also to understand that they are indeed granting favours when they give that pleasure. We are not barbarians, ones who will simply take any boy they wish, use him and discard him. We own slaves for that purpose and know that boys must always be treated with manners and respect if we wish to obtain favours from them.

Archus owned ten slaves and his stock ranged in ages from fourteen to sixteen, ages, he explained to me, when the cock is at its best. These he paraded for my inspection, encouraging me to view closely, not the small and subtle differences in each cock, to feel them all and again note how each was different from the others, in the length of the foreskin, the ease in which that foreskin could be peeled to reveal the pink head beneath, the differences in feel when each cock was wanked; so many subtle differences that I wondered that, till now, I had viewed cock only as an item to suck or be fucked by.

"Learn, Aristides," he instructed me, "To appreciate the beauty of a boy's legs and the even greater beauty of his cock," and he demonstrated to me the absolute delight it is for a boy when his cock is appreciated fully by a man.

Archus most kindly encouraged me to use his stock to gain appreciation of the delights cock has to offer, and this I did with increasing enthusiasm, appreciating them not just with my hands and mouth but also by bringing them in contact with other parts of my flesh, finding it most pleasant to rub one around my face and throat and, to my surprise, pleasant also to hold one beneath my arm and have it move there as though it was fucking, Between my thighs also that gave much delight, though I must confess that I had all fuck me as well, for, as always now, my arse had a great desire to be fucked.

I found that I liked best the cocks that had sufficient skin on them to remain almost completely hooded when hard, the skin not peeled back from the head as happened with some boys, for I found the sight of an exposed head less attractive than when it remained covered. This lead me to ask if it were true that some nations mutilated their boys and removed that skin at birth or at some later time, for I had heard this rumoured.

"Indeed it is true that some barbarian peoples do commit that disgusting act and mutilate boys so," Archus informed me, "And true also that some nations are so removed from civilised behaviour that not only do they mutilate boys, but permit also the disgusting growth of hair upon the body."

I shuddered at hearing that, for what could be worse than a boy who had no foreskin and had hair where no civilised person would permit hair to be. I thanked the gods that such evils were not permitted in the Empire, and thanked the gods also that Archus took much delight in my cock and gave me huge pleasure when he did so. I knew not before then that what had seemed to be before but the most basic of pleasures, that of wanking, could be so exquisite when performed by a man who delighted in cock. Just with his hand, Archus could keep me in a state of heightened pleasure for more than an hour at a time, so that my cock and balls did ache to spurt seed and did spurt most copiously when al last permitted to do so.

Claudius permitted me not to take further suitors but presented me instead to members of the High Council and in the time till my sixteenth birthday neared I shared the bed of each and every one of them. Much was I flattered and proud that I was considered worthy to provide pleasure and relief to such men, for all were of the highest status and held positions of great responsibility and my pride was great in that, by giving them my flesh to use, I was assisting in the running of the Empire.