The Journal Of Aristides   

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Author's note: The Journal Of Aristides is a work of fiction, indeed, fantasy. It has no setting in time or place your imagination may place it perhaps in Ancient Rome, the use of Greek and Latin style names may lead to that or you may think of it as being in an unidentified future where the mores of times long gone are once again the fashion. Wherever and whenever you imagine it to be set, my hope is that it provides enjoyment.



The Journal Of Aristides


Book the Sixth


So it was that by the time my sixteenth birthday neared I had shared the beds of each and every one of the great men of the Empire, save, of course, for Claudius and the Emperor himself. Men they were aged between some thirty and seventy years, men of varied tastes in the flesh of boys, but all, as is natural and proper, much inclined to enjoy that flesh.

To all I granted unfettered access to my body, and much I enjoyed the attentions that they bestowed upon it. Though those of more advanced years were no longer able to fuck me, still they enjoyed my body and took great delight in my cock, and, indeed, from the use of their fingers and tongues in my arse. I cared nothing for the age of the man I lay with, for it was both my duty as a boy, and my pleasure also, to permit men access to my body for their pleasure and relief, and, indeed, all gave me pleasure in return, even the eldest amongst them, and what should it matter to a boy if the man who caresses him be young or old? Indeed, I discovered that the older the man the more intent he was on my receiving delight from his attentions, and his long experience and skill in pleasuring boys extracted joy from me in a manner that younger men were unable to achieve.

Much did I learn from the skilful placing of me with men who enjoyed boys in such a wide variety of ways. Without such skilful tutoring I knew I would have been as so many other boys, anxious to fuck the arses of those younger than me, and to have my arse fucked by older boys and by men. It is, of course, most natural that a boy should wish to fuck and be fucked, but I learned that there are more, and more varied pleasures that a boy may enjoy.

I did not ignore the pleasures I obtained from my slaves, for the desire for young flesh had not left me, nor had the need to take relief from anger and frustrations by inflicting pain and having my adverse feelings soothed by the screams of those items.

Thus it was that, days before I became sixteen, and being a boy as healthy in mind and body as a boy may be, I received notice that, on the night of my birthday, I would be required to be in the bed of the Emperor, for he had selected me as his new favourite.

To be chosen so is a great honour, though I knew I had been prepared for such position by the placing of me with every member of the Grand Council and I had given my body freely and willingly to them for their enjoyment and all had expressed themselves most satisfied with my endeavours in their beds.

My two years as Junior Favourite were uneventful, the Emperor, being now of considerable years, made few and little demands upon my flesh, taking much of his pleasure in watching while Marcus, the Senior Favourite, fucked me nightly. The Emperor did, at times, use his hands upon my body, and he did require me to be naked at all times when in his private presence, for much pleasure he took from gazing on the form of boys of sixteen years. Indeed, he kept a stable of some twenty slaves of that age, and, at meals, he would have those slaves entertain him and his favourites and guests by sucking and fucking amongst themselves for our amusement.

Marcus reached the age of twenty and I became then the Senior Favourite, a boy of sixteen years from the Household, taking my place as Junior. This was Drusus, a fair-haired and most pretty boy, possessed of a cock that I had great urge to sample. Being but two years younger than myself I had been with Romulus when he joined the Household and thus I had not fucked him during his earlier years, though that omission I now had freedom to rectify, and soon he demonstrated to me the delights the arse of an older boy can give.

I took also much pleasure in his company, for he talked freely of his tastes and we dispensed entirely with proper and mannered language between us and had much amusement from discussing which of the Emperor's Guards we thought would provide his arse with the best fucking. Drusus was much enamoured of strong young men, and much regretted that his position as Favourite prevented him from offering himself as flesh for the satisfaction of the Guard's needs.

I was but little passed my nineteenth birthday when the Emperor expired, and I talked with Drusus much about how that would affect us. At nineteen I was almost old enough to be granted a position from which I could rise, if I had merit enough, to one of importance in the Empire, but Drusus, at seventeen, had far fewer hopes that he would be so placed. It was thus with some anxiety that we waited for the Grand Council to elect a new Emperor, and it was with some great measure of disbelief that we learned of their decision, for their choice fell not upon a member of the Council, but on a youth of nineteen.

It was with some trepidation that I approached Claudius to seek explanation for this decision, whereupon he informed me that I had shown myself to be an ardent upholder of the customs and traditions of the Empire, to be a youth of considerable intelligence with a great desire to learn, and that it had been the unanimous decision of the Council to elect me. I was, Claudius said, the ideal choice, that I would serve the Empire by upholding all that it held dear and that I had the youthful enthusiasm to enhance its glory and to better the life of its citizens. The Empire, he told me, is bound together, not by the actions of men of status, but by the flesh of boys, for without a boy to pleasure him no man can be in harmony with himself and disharmony is chaos.

This I knew to be true from my own dark days, and I believed also that a greater harmony could be achieved, for our customs of formal and mannered proper behaviour placed limits on the freedom of boys to give all the pleasure to men that they were capable of giving, and resolved to see if this were true also in places other than the Imperial city, if men and boys in more distant parts of the Empire behaved in the same manner.

Thus my first action as Emperor was to inform Drusus that he would shortly become Senior Favourite, and that he would accompany me on a brief tour of some distant towns and villages, and that he should select ten of the Imperial Guard to go with us.

"Select the ten you would most desire to be fucked by," I told him, "For the new Emperor would sample the bodies of common boys and you have freedom to give your arse where you will."

"Not just my arse," Drusus confided in me somewhat shyly, for what he had to say, while not improper, may be considered by some to be near to most unmannered, "My cock also craves attention, and not from the mouths and arses of younger boys alone."

"If my hands, mouth and arse be of any interest to you," I told him, "Then I would find great delight in giving pleasure to your cock."

Indeed, that was true, for Drusus had a cock that held much promise of delight, and I had come to understand from the attentions that my body had received in the hands and mouths of members of the Council, that a boy may find great pleasure in being used for more than simple fucking.

"It is not proper," Drusus said sadly, "For you are the elder, and custom dictates that you must use me for your pleasure and think not of mine."

"Custom only," I said, "It is not law, and you and I will set precedent for custom new, for it is not right that both younger and older should not take full delight and pleasure in the flesh of the other. That I say as Emperor," I smiled at Drusus, "But as a friend, may I request the pleasure of sucking your most delightful cock?"

Indeed we became fast friends at that moment and sealed that friendship when Drusus seeded my mouth and my arse both and did so as many times thereafter as I did his.

Thus I presented my first proclamation as Emperor for the approval of the Council, for though I had no need to do so, I thought it wise to seek their agreement, and such agreement was forthcoming with no delay.

I banned the wearing of loincloths for all boys between the ages of ten and sixteen and dictated that the length of a tunic should be no greater than sufficient to barely reach below the tip of the foreskin when soft. My purpose in thus doing was to encourage boys to have greater awareness of their cocks and of the delight men took in the cocks of boys, and indeed, the delight boys also took in the cocks of other boys. The length of the tunic I dictated was a maximum, and if any boy wished to reveal more, or indeed all, of his cock, then he was at liberty to do so. I insisted also that the custom of `Older fucks younger and younger gives willingly to older' was now a thing of times past, and that men and boys should fuck in the manner that pleased them best at the time. I also insisted that formal language should be dropped, and that it was both proper and mannered for older to say to younger, `I'd like to seed in your mouth', or, and very importantly, `I'd like to suck your cock.' At Drusus' insistence I also included that the reverse was also mannered and proper, and that younger could freely ask older to suck and fuck him.

"The Emperor assumes," the proclamation read, "That all citizens of the Empire, be they boys or men, are persons with natural tastes and inclinations, and the Emperor wishes that all men should be free and unrestrained by any past custom to enjoy the flesh of boys in any manner that is natural, and that all boys should take the greatest pleasure possible in being boys and in being objects of desire for men and for boys alike.
"It is accepted," the proclamation continued, "That should a man wish to take a boy for his lover, the boy must be courted in a proper and traditional manner, and any stipulations and conditions as to the time he will keep the boy as his lover be made clear during the courting procedure. Thus if a man has a proper and natural preference for boys of fourteen, he is obliged to state this fact so the boy is aware always that, on his fifteenth birthday, he may search for a different lover. Should both man and boy find they wish to continue their relationship beyond the boy's fifteenth birthday, they are free to do so.
"When a man desires a boy for casual pleasure only this must be stated so the boy is not lead to think that he may have found a lover, but know that his flesh is required for passing pleasure only. For a man to require a boy thus is a thing most natural and in no way improper, save only that the boy is made aware and gives free consent to the use of his flesh for that purpose.
"No man or boy above the age of twelve shall request, require or obtain by other means the arse of any boy below the age of ten for fucking, though any may use fingers and tongue on the arse of such boys having obtained the permission of the pater familias to do so. For those who have the natural desire and inclination to use flesh younger that the age of ten for fucking, establishments will be set up in all towns and larger villages and equipped with slaves for that purpose. Such establishments will be furnished also with slaves of all ages from six to sixteen years for free use by any citizen unable to afford the purchase of a slave for his pleasure.
The Emperor desires that all citizens of the Empire, men and boys, should find pleasure in the bodies and flesh of boys, and that, so pleasured and satisfied, they will do their duties for the greater glory of a contented society."

Claudius sent me word that the Grand Council was most pleased with my proclamation, which was being circulated throughout the Empire even as he wrote, and begged that he, accompanied by his latest lover, a boy of sixteen years named `Arbus', (a name most suited, Claudius wrote, as he had a cock like a young tree) should be permitted to join my tour through the lands of the Empire. This wish I granted instantly, for much I valued the advice of Claudius.

The Empire, though large, remains a manageable size and one can ride it from one end to the other in ten days or so. It has neither expanded nor contracted for generations, Emperors and Councils seeing no need for further conquest and barbarian nations no wish to invade and be defeated. The main reason for conquest, Claudius informed me, was to gain wealth and slaves, the actual governance of conquered lands being an expensive problem. Once the Empire had wealth enough to sustain itself and its citizens, it had no need to steal from others, and as the only slaves required were boys and could be obtained by trade, the need for conquest disappeared.

It took a month to cover land that could have been covered in one third that time, but I wished to gain a feel for the citizenry, their wants and needs. I also wished to sample local boys whenever I could, and had to confess that they made a refreshing change from the over-mannered and always beautiful boys of the Household. Many I fucked who were neither beautiful nor mannered, but still they were a delight to my cock, the cocks of older boys giving me much pleasure also.

I travelled not as Emperor, but as a young man of status who wished to complete his education by seeing the Empire so that, when he returned to his duties, he may better fulfil them by knowing all there was to know. As Emperor I could have required boys for my pleasure, but I chose instead to request of them the delights of their bodies and was much gratified to discover that, even in the furthest reaches of the land, all boys knew their duty to their elders and came willingly to my bed that I may enjoy their flesh.

I was pleased also to find that my order banning loincloths and stipulating the maximum length of a tunic was observed also, and many boys I saw in towns and villages who wore tunics shorter than the maximum and displayed much of their cocks for all to see. Some traditionalists, I learned, had been displeased by the order, but boys everywhere had welcomed it and took much pleasure in the new found freedom that it brought.

A week into our return, by a different route to that of the outward journey, we stopped for the night at a local tavern, a place with much custom and full of people, both travellers and local. The boys serving, I noticed, had amongst them one who wore his tunic short indeed, displaying almost half of his young cock. He was, I guessed, some twelve years of age and far from beautiful by Household standards. His fair hair was an uncurled mass upon his head, his nose upturned with nostrils too wide, and his mouth also was wider than perfect. He was, in addition, freckled on both face and arms, his legs, though shapely, fuller than they needed for their length and his body broader and stronger seeming than would be acceptable by standards of beauty. Despite those defects, and also being of an age greater than I would choose for a casual companion for my bed for the night, still he arose desire in me and I called for him to serve me at table.

He approached in manner proper to a serving boy, though a hint of a smile slid upon his face when he observed how I did view his cock.

"How would it be for you," I asked him, "Should the Emperor decree that what a boy has on display may be felt by all who pleased?"

"Not needed here," he grinned at me, "Here we goes on if you like what you see then you may find also if you like what you feel."

"An admirable custom," I agreed and reached for what I could see.

"And if you lifts my tunic higher then you will see more and can feel more," he offered, and so I did.

From the size of his cock I altered my opinion of his age and placed him now at thirteen, and from the feel of his balls, able to seed.

"And should I like what I feel and wish you for my bed tonight?" I asked him.

"Then I will be there when my work is finished," he agreed, and so he was.

True to his word he returned to our table, washed and in a clean tunic, though one longer than before for his cock now showed not.

"It is not fitting that I should offer what is not now available," he explained, "For I have been taken for the night."

I invited him to sit with us for a while for, though he was but a common boy and already granted me the use of his body for the night, I felt it mannered to woo him some, though he gave me not the chance to do so.

"I hope you are not one of those fancy, city types, who want a boy only for his mouth and arse," he stated while sipping at the wine I had poured for him, "I have a cock like you and like most to be used in all ways possible."

"Have no fears," I assured him, "Your mouth and arse I will use indeed, and not just with my cock; my tongue will go there also."

"Tongue in my mouth I have had," he said, "And like it much, but never one in my arse."

"You will like it much," Arbus grinned, "My Claudius feasts there morning noon and night and I would that he did so more."

"Indeed," Drusus affirmed, "It is a thing most pleasant for a boy, though be warned, Aristides finds it not easy to take his mouth from a boy's arse."

"And as for your cock," I told the boy, "My mouth wishes to sample that as well, and to taste your seed."

"Then let us get to bed," the boy smiled broadly, "I fear the night may prove too short."

I took him so to bed and did indeed use him in all ways possible. His name is Marius, and he taught me that night how wonderful it is to be fucked by a boy of thirteen, and truly, the night did prove too short. So much so that I declared a need to stay a second, and that proved even more delightful than the first.

"I have found my Junior Favourite," I declared to Claudius when we had left the inn and Marius behind, "Though he be a boy of no great beauty and of no status, I can think of none other who could provide me with such pleasure in my bed."

"The Emperor may choose his favourites where he will," Claudius said, "Remember only that some suitable placing for him must be found in seven years time."

"I have such a position in mind already," I said, "For it is my mind to create a new Department in our government, one whose sole responsibility it will be to take care of the welfare and well-being of all the boys in the Empire, for the happier boys are that they are boys then the greater pleasure men will gain from them."

Thus it was that the Imperial Secretary did send a letter to a country inn, many miles from the sophistication of the city, requesting that a thirteen year old boy by the name of Marius did present himself at the Imperial Residence in one month's time, for said Marius had been chosen to be the Emperor's new favourite.

Marius was not happy when he arrived at the Imperial residence. I met him and greeted him, not as Emperor but as Aristides, the youth of status who had enjoyed his flesh for two nights in a tavern.

"I have no wish to be an Emperor's bed boy," he complained, "I want to be used by many and much. I want to enjoy being a boy not be stuck with some old man who probably won't be able to stick it in me more than once a month. Someone must have told him I'm a good fuck and that someone must be you."

"I did indeed tell the Emperor that you are a lot more than just a good fuck," I said to him in a mannered way, "And I can promise you that the Emperor will get his cock in you many times more than once a month, and that, although you will be permitted to fuck with no other man than him, all the boys of the Household are available for your use."

A little that did dispel his ill-humour and he agreed that he took great pleasure in fucking boys and in being fucked by them also, and his mood improved greatly when I said to him that, as it had been a month since the Emperor's cock was last in his arse, his arse may be in need of filling as much as the Emperor's cock was in need of entering him.

"I would have you as my Junior Favourite," I told him and told him also what his duties were. "You are to be my bed boy, my boyflesh and my bedflesh and my companion also. You will share my bed at night as will Drusus, my Senior Favourite, and he will fuck you also and use your cock and all your body as you will his."

He gave me a most wicked grin and wanted to know how long it was till bedtime.