The Journal Of Aristides   

This collection is a work of fiction and contains material that may not be suitable for some readers. It is a work of erotica and features encounters between boys and a boy and men. If such material is not to your taste, or it is not permitted for you to access such material, you should read no further and leave now.
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Author's note: The Journal Of Aristides is a work of fiction, indeed, fantasy. It has no setting in time or place your imagination may place it perhaps in Ancient Rome, the use of Greek and Latin style names may lead to that or you may think of it as being in an unidentified future where the mores of times long gone are once again the fashion. Wherever and whenever you imagine it to be set, my hope is that it provides enjoyment.



                                                                            The Journal Of Aristides


                                                                                   Book the Last


Marius demonstrated to me immediately that my choice of him as Favourite was not mistaken. He presented his body to me for my pleasure with great enthusiasm, always eager that I should take full enjoyment from his flesh and was much gratified when I did so, and I understood that the more abandon I displayed when I used him, the greater was his delight in being used.

"Do me proper always," he insisted, "I want to enjoy being a boy."

It was not the first time that he had made clear to me that he wanted to enjoy being a boy to the full and I came to understand what it was that he meant. The Empire rightly teaches boys that their duty is to give men pleasure and all boys throughout the lands do that most willingly, as I had myself done, but our teaching is that a boy should give pleasure to those older than himself, willingly offer up his flesh to be used. We do not teach that a boy also has needs and that those needs are satisfied by being used in a full and proper manner.

Our culture looks at the needs of men, that men have a natural desire to use their cocks and that desire is satisfied by the use of a boy's hands, mouth and arse. Such use and satisfaction is most natural and proper, but what of the boy? He will, of course, gain pleasure from the use of his mouth and arse, but what of his cock? It is assumed that he will satisfy his cock's needs in the hands, mouths and arses of boys younger than himself, and again this is most right and proper, but still the custom is that the older, be he man or boy, satisfies the needs of his own cock and pays little or no heed to the needs of the cock of the younger.

I understood now why I had been given to elderly men, men who had cocks that were past an age when they could be used to fuck boys, and they had sought, and found, their pleasure in using mine, and greatly had I enjoyed being so used. Marius did not need to learn that lesson, he knew by instinct that his cock was a delight to him, and although he did much enjoy using it for fucking, he enjoyed more still having it used, and that my hands and mouth upon his cock was a matter of constant delight for him. And not just upon his cock but every inch of his flesh also, just as I had done when old men treated me thus.

My proclamation banning the wearing of loincloths for boys and the shortening of the tunic had, Marius told me, done much to increase the pleasure of boys, for all boys want their cocks to be seen, admired and used but our customs had made it improper to display such wants. I had to confess that my motive for that proclamation had been that I, and all other men, much enjoyed the looking at the cocks of boys and that I had considered not the boys themselves. I, as all other men till they be old, had forgotten what it is to be a boy and have the needs of a boy and thought only of the pleasure that we may take from them.

I sought then once again the advice of Claudius, for I had a wish to create a new Department in the governance of the Empire, one that was concerned solely with the physical and mental health and well-being of boys, for I wished it to become the custom that boys should rightly and properly seek to have their needs satisfied by making their cocks openly available for casual pleasure. "I never cared who wanked me as long as I got wanked often," Marius told me and that, I thought, should become the new and natural way of thinking for all boys.

Claudius was much pleased with my thinking and told me it was for reasons of that nature that I had been elected as Emperor and that the Council would be in full agreement with me, for surely it must follow that the more pleasure a boy could get from having his cock used then the greater pleasure he would be for men who liked or needed to use the cocks of boys for their own pleasure.

I debated much with both Marius and Drusus on the wording of the proclamation I would make, and many of such debates and conversations did take place when all were naked and in bed, for what better way to consider the needs of boys than to do so while enjoying the flesh of boys?

Marius, who talked still in a country manner and not with the mannered language of the Imperial city, stated that it wasn't just the cock that boys enjoyed having admired and felt, but that all parts of the body were included in a boy's enjoyment of being a boy.

"I did often have my legs felt by men when I served them food and ale," he said, "And much I liked that. True, I did like it more when their hands did go higher and under my tunic, and never did I wear a loincloth once I found that men liked to feel my cock."

"Would it serve," I asked them both, "If it were decreed that any part of a boy's flesh that is exposed to sight may be freely felt by any who wishes to so feel, but that a boy should not be felt to the point of seeding save with his consent?"

"So anyone, man or boy, younger or older, may, by custom, have freedom to feel and enjoy the exposed flesh of any boy?" Drusus enquired.

"A boy being one that is between the ages of ten and sixteen," I defined.

"If you say there is no minimum length to a tunic and that a boy may, if he wishes, wear one so short that his cock and balls are in full sight," Marius suggested, "Then any boy who has need for his cock to be felt can get it felt as much as he wants."

"You," I assume," I said to Marius, " Being now naked, are in much need now of having your cock felt."

"Felt and sucked," he agreed, "And my mouth and arse in need of filling both."

Marius was, indeed, a perfect choice for Favourite.

 I turned my attention next to the matter of the boys of the Household. It was a matter of no immediate urgency for I had both Junior and Senior Favourites, and as Marius was but thirteen and Drusus seventeen, there were three years to pass before I would need to appoint any new. I appointed Rufus, a delightful youth of some twenty two years, and a youth who Drusus was much taken with, to research the Library for the Laws and Customs that did govern both the matters of Favourites and of the Household boys.

It seemed that there was but one Law, and that was that the Emperor should select always two boys for his personal use and pleasure, but Custom alone had come to dictate that one should be older and one younger and that, as reward for the service done to the Emperor, the older should be found a position of some minor importance as reward for the duty he had performed. It was Custom also that dictated that the boys chosen for the Household should be beautiful in form and face and of good mind as well, and that the Emperor, wishing only the most beautiful of boys for his bed and pleasure, would choose his favourites from the boys of the Household.

I had no wish to change the Custom of selecting boys of beauty, but as I had now broken with Custom and taken a Favourite from outside the Household, it seemed to me that some other purpose for those boys should be found. It was Marius once more who provided the solution.

"I see no sense in keeping near a hundred boys and youths of great beauty if you cannot fuck them," he stated, once again showing that a common man or boy may speak more sense than the mannered men of Court. It was tradition that the Emperor should not seek pleasure from the boys of the Household, for it was from amongst them he would select his Favourites, and it would do little good for the smooth running of the Household should cause for early jealousies be given.

I, too, saw little sense in having near a hundred boys of beauty and using not the charms and delights they had, and therefore decreed that henceforth, that the duties of those boys were to satisfy the needs of the Emperor, his Favourites and all men of the Grand Council, subject always to them consenting after proper courting. I changed also the dress of those boys, replacing the tunic with a short gown, open at the front, so the full beauty of those boys was always available to sight.

Needless to say, I took full advantage of this new Custom, enjoying much the arses of the youngest and the cocks of all who had cocks that pleased me.

My body contented thus and my mind whole, I turned my attention to the matter that concerned me most, for greatly did I wish to better the smooth and ordered running of the Empire.

It is a matter self-evident that no man can properly fulfil his tasks and duties unless he be content in body and in mind, and that no man can be so content unless he has a boy for his bed at night. It is also a matter of no hardship for any to see that the number of men greatly exceeds the number of boys, so that if all men are to have flesh in their beds for pleasure, for many it must needs be the flesh of a slave.

That slaves should be purchased of an age to give men pleasure is a thing most natural and proper and has been so since the time when the Empire was but a single city, for how else may men enjoy the pleasures of young flesh when men outnumber boys so greatly? In those past times sufficient slaves were obtained by conquest of other nations, their boys taken and sold in the markets of the growing Empire, though only those with the means to purchase pleasure flesh so, were able to keep their bodies and minds content. As the Empire grew and barbarians of conquered nations became citizens of the Empire, they too became in need of boys, and when the Empire reached its present size and abandoned conquest, slaves had to be obtained by trade and not by war.

It never was a custom of the Empire, even when only a city, to use slaves for any purpose but pleasure; they were not used, as in so many nations, for menial work and labour, those tasks were performed then, as they are now, by citizens, for how else could a citizen of low status hope to obtain sufficient wealth to purchase young flesh for his use? Thus slaves, when of an age where no longer of use for pleasure, were sold to nations that needed slaves to work, thus providing the means to purchase new young flesh for sale in the Empire.

Efficient though this system is, still only citizens of some means have wealth to purchase slaves and the common man must make himself content with but passing and infrequent use of a boy. Thus many of the citizens of the Empire are not properly and naturally content in mind and body, and being so disordered can perform their duties to the Empire but in part, not fully and eagerly as a man who nightly has a boy to enjoy will do.

That every citizen, even those of the lowest status, should have the right to enjoy flesh of an age that suited his needs best, and that he should be able to enjoy that flesh each night, seemed to me a basic right of all, and thus did I determine that the means be found to obtain a slave for any who had no means to purchase one. There was no need for such slaves to be of the highest quality, though I refused to contemplate the importing of mutilated stock, for I would not offend public sight and decency by permitting any cock that had no foreskin to be present in our lands.

A new Department of our Government was created, its Head being made a member of the Grand Council to signify the importance I held it to be. This Department was named Public Health and Wellbeing, its first task to conduct a census of the entire Empire to note the needs of each and every citizen, from the highest to the lowest, so that it was known the preference of every man, the age of the flesh he most desired to fuck.

A secondary task of this most vital of Departments was to determine the number of our towns and villages, for I had pledged to open an establishment in each where slaves of all ages from six to sixteen were to be available for public use; this, in some small measure, to alleviate the great needs of the common man. Some private establishments of this nature did already exist, but only in the largest of our towns and cities, and as fees were charged for the use of the flesh therein, they aided not the common man.

To raise the finance for these establishments and for the purchase of the slaves to be used therein, I raised a Health Tax on the wealthy, and though at first there was much complaint at such a tax, the improvements in the performance of their duties by common men resulting from the small satisfaction they received from the free use of slave flesh did much to lessen those complaints.

Nature and Fortune aided my next step, and that they did so convinced me of the rightness of my decision to provide all men with a slave for pleasure. The Empire is blessed with much fertile land and has always produced more in grain and meat that is wanted for our needs. The small increase in the performance of their duties by common men as a consequence of the establishments that had been created, increased also the surplus of our produce and this we did use in exchange for slaves with other nations. Nature then decreed that a nation most eager to trade with us suffered from a grievous drought and had much need of grain and meat, and in the dealing with their embassies I was again made aware of the wisdom of my choice of Marius as Favourite.

As is the custom, both Drusus and Marius attended me and members of the Grand Council at the meeting with these embassies. Marius chose to wear a gown like those worn now by Household boys, displaying to the full his ample delights. This he insisted on doing, though I advised against it, for the nation with whom we now received embassy from used not boys for pleasure as civilised men do.

They hid not their displeasure when Marius appeared thus before them, and hid it not either when their refreshment was served to them by boys of the Household attired in similar manner. Their displeasure affected their reason and they bargained most poorly and Marius, as was his right as Favourite, spoke his words to them.

"Why," he asked, "Does your nation require grain and meat from us, when our customs, which are most natural, offend so your barbarian manner?"

"We wish for your supplies, not for your customs," they did answer him.

"And why need you food from us?"

"Because our harvest fails through fault of drought and we can feed not our people."

"And if you had fewer mouths to feed would you need still our grain and meat?"

"Tell me," asked Marius, "Does your barbarian nation mutilate its boys?"

"Circumcision is practised some in our lands but is not common."

"Then," Marius said most calmly, "If you would send to us all the boys between the ages of six and sixteen of your nation who are not mutilated, we will, in return, send you supplies sufficient to meet the needs of all who remain in your lands, provided you have boys enough. One ship load of grain for one ship load of boys."

This was a price so small to pay for boys that I believed not for one moment that they would agree, but, as Marius had calculated, they were all so offended by the sight of the naked flesh of the Household boys and of Marius himself, that they were anxious to leave our presence and agreed to such a trade.

"They like not our customs much," Marius said when the embassy had left, "And the sight of cock is an offence to their unnatural religion. That they came to us at all betrayed that they had nowhere else to go for food, and they care so little for their common people that selling their boys was of no concern to them."

Marius, though yet not fourteen years of age, had made his mark with the Grand Council and would clearly rise to high office.

As a reward for his words and deeds I requested him to select three boys from the Household for his pleasure that night, and he chose one of eleven years and two of fifteen, and fucked all three more times than once. He took his reward and pleasure in my bed, though Drusus I permitted to present his flesh to a young Officer of my Guard with whom he had become much taken, a handsome man of some twenty five years and possessed with cock enough to pleasure any boy, and truly Drusus had an arse that itched much, and though I liked his cock well enough I scratched that itch but little, for though I had learned now of the delights of cock still I liked best arse much younger than his.

The young boy Marius chose had an arse most sweet and him I fucked with delight when Marius was engaged with the cocks of the older boys, and with their arses also, for I insisted not that the former custom of older fucking only younger need be kept by any. Indeed, I enjoyed also the cocks of those older boys, for I was coming to much appreciate the pleasure that is cock, and that there is enjoyment more to be found in the body of a boy than just the delight of his arse.

The quality of the stock we were sent in exchange for grain was not of the highest, and in return we paid not with grain of the highest quality also, but all mattered little for the slaves we acquired were for the relief of the common man, and a man who has been forced by circumstance to sleep alone welcomes any flesh of an age that meets his natural taste when it is presented to him to enjoy both night and day.

The best of that stock were selected by the Department of Public Health for use in the establishments now able to be set up in all towns and larger villages and great was the demand for the use of that stock, so much so that it became clear to all that the Empire had much neglected its duty to its citizens of low status, for no matter how poor a man may be, his natural needs and desires are no lesser than those of even the Emperor himself. Every man requires a young arse to fuck if he is to function properly as a man, and if the Empire expects its citizens to do their duty for the Empire, then the Empire must do its duty for those citizens and ensure that all have young flesh to enjoy.

The slaves that first trade brought us were but sufficient to meet the needs of the most common of men though the keeping of the records of what man had been supplied with what flesh was an arduous task and the Office of the Census grew much in numbers, and would grow more as more slaves were found.

Fortunate we were that more nations there were that were willing to exchange boys for grain, and, as the production of grain increased throughout the Empire as a result of the increased number of men performing their duties better as their mental and physical health improved, we became able to acquire more slaves for the satisfaction of citizens.

Such was the success of this trade that a number of poorer nations that found always great difficulty in producing food for their people became client nations of the Empire, supplying us with slaves in exchange for grain. Some obtained the flesh we needed by war, the more enterprising amongst them we encouraged to oblige conquered peoples to breed freely, using those subject peoples as farms to produce boys as we produced sheep, pigs and cattle.

In ten years, Drusus informed me, for he was much adept with numbers and had already determined that he wished for placement in the Treasury, when those client nations had their farms in full production, not only would every citizen in the Empire own slave flesh suitable for his pleasure but we would be able to refresh the slave stock each year and make a profit on so doing, for always were there peoples outside the Empire wishing to purchase slaves of sixteen and seventeen years of age for use in their fields and mines. It had always been policy of the Empire to sell on slaves too old for use for pleasure and the Treasury was much pleased at the forecast of future income from the greatly increased number of the items we could export.

Those who earned their wealth by the selling of slave flesh complained not that the Empire gave slaves for free to common men, for their trade diminished not, for citizens with the wealth to buy flesh wanted still to select slaves of their choice, items of greater quality for their pleasure and relief. It was my ambition also, to arrive at a time when every citizen in the Empire, of high and low status alike, should be granted a slave at no cost to him, for in the owning of flesh for pleasure all men should be equal. For citizens of low status I decreed that slave flesh should be kept for two years at least before it could be exchanged for something new. Well I understood that a man who, by his nature, likes flesh of ten years, cannot be expected to find relief and pleasure when that flesh becomes older, but, as yet, we imported slaves not enough to enable men to change the flesh they had more frequently.

To the traders in slaves I handed the task of managing the exchanges in flesh that time made necessary, for when a slave becomes too old for one man to enjoy it reaches an age where another finds its flesh most desirable. For each such exchange the Empire made a small payment to the trader, thus he too gained more wealth.

Drusus drew near to his nineteenth birthday, and though I found much need for his mind, I had none for his flesh for my desires extended not to youths of such age. Marius also was growing old, now fifteen years, and though his cock and arse still pleased me much. I had learned that the cocks of boys of ages from fourteen to sixteen gave great pleasure, not only too those men no longer able to fuck, but to all who took the trouble of learning that using the cock of a boy gives much delight not only to the boy but also to the man who uses it; and I had discovered also that, sweet as the arses of younger boys may be, the arse of a boy of fifteen is also a great delight to use.

It is not fitting, however, that an Emperor should have but one Favourite to share his bed, and I consulted with the Grand Council for their opinion on this matter.

"There is no Law," I was told, "That dictates the number of Favourites an Emperor may have, though Custom has been for many years that two is a suitable number. It is expected," I was reminded, "That the Emperor will choose for his favourites, boys who are like to rise to high position in later life, to select them not just for the natural enjoyment of their bodies, but for their minds as well, for their potential to rise, perhaps, to become members of this Council in the course of time."

It was made clear to me that my choice of Marius, a boy of common stock and not of the Household, was a choice most inspired, and that it was clear that he would rise early to high rank, and that it was in full accord with the customs of the Empire that he should do so, for rank and position in the Empire is gained by merit and not by birth. It was further agreed that Drusus should be released early from his position as Favourite and take position instead in the Finance of the Department of Public Health and Welfare a Department now called by all the Department of Slave Flesh a position where his skills would be still of great use to me and to the Empire, while his place in my bed should be filled with younger flesh, a boy more suited to my tastes and needs.

I consulted also with my Favourites, for they knew well my mind and tastes, and both, I knew, would speak plain to me and of my duty to the Empire.

"It is well known," Drusus said to me, "That you have much liking for arse of ten years."

"And of less years than that," I agreed with no shame, for there is no shame in a man liking arse of any age of boy.

"But to appoint one of such an age as Favourite would be a thing not well done," Drusus told me, "For a boy that age, though you find him sweet to fuck, is not yet of an age where his mind may be clearly seen."

"And well you know," Marius said, "That I mind not at all if you bring such arse to our bed at times, when the need for such relief and pleasure is great in you. But look no younger than thirteen for a Favourite, for arse of that age is still sweet to fuck and from cock that age you will also get pleasure."

"At that age also a boy's mind may be known," Drusus affirmed, "You chose not Marius for his body alone, though his body is most desirable."

They advised me well, for I had the boys of the Household to use when the need for young arse arose, and, as Emperor, I could summon any boy in all the Empire to my bed for casual relief if I so wished, so never was there need for my mind to be disturbed by an unsatisfied longing for young flesh.

Thus, at the age of twenty one, I began a second tour of the Empire, both to see how the reforms I had promoted were working and to search for a new Junior Favourite. I had fucked all of the younger boys of the Household, and though their beauty and their bodies I much enjoyed, none did I wish to have as Favourite.

This was a longer tour than the former and much I enjoyed it for it was, in sort, a holiday. I kept no count of the numbers of the boys I did enjoy, but sampled freely the arses I desired and the cocks that pleased me, and was welcomed everywhere for the reforms I had made and for the improvements in men's happiness that they had brought. Everywhere I saw men with smiles upon their faces while they worked, often with their slave beside them so they could enjoy its flesh when pausing from their labours

Everywhere I saw also that boys had heeded well the message of my proclamation about dress and that the common length of tunic was now one that reached not below the navel and that boys of all ages did display their charms for all to see and feel. I recalled the early words of Marius, that he wished to enjoy being a boy, and it seemed that now, throughout the Empire, boys were able to satisfy that natural want, able to freely enjoy their bodies where they wished.

Drusus made it his duty to ensure that I encountered every boy in every town and village who was thirteen years of age, and some who had not yet obtained that but were of development such that their cocks had begun to grow and could make seed.

"Look not at their forms and features for beauty," Marius instructed me, "For the bodies of all boys have beauty, but true beauty comes from how they use their bodies and the delight they take in being used. Look first into their eyes, for there will you see how much pleasure they take in being boys and in being used as boys should be used."

This advice was true, for in some I saw a longing to be used for pleasure, in some a willingness, and in some an understanding that they needed both to be used for pleasure and to take pleasure in being so used. They were those that longed for a man to fuck them but also for that man to give pleasure to their flesh in all ways it is possible to do so. Boys, indeed, who thought as Marius thought. Those I took to my bed, and Drusus did keep record of each and every one, and of my thoughts of them and the thoughts of Marius also, for he too took his pleasure in their bodies and, being himself still a boy, understood well their minds and thoughts.

My tour completed there were some two hundred boys marked down by Drusus as possible for Favourite and the choosing of one from amongst such a number was, I felt, to be no easy task. All, being boys, had bodies that were pleasing to my eye, and all had flesh that I knew could give great pleasure. Drusus it was who proposed that I should not re-visit these boys, but that they should be brought together and told that from amongst their number I would select my new Favourite. Natural selection, Drusus told me, would reduce their numbers, for many would show natures not suited for a favourite.

And so it was; brought together thus, many boys did show at once great wanting to be chosen, the position and not the duty largest in their minds. They Drusus did send back to their homes and also all who showed any signs of jealousy that another may be chosen in his stead. Thus were the numbers reduced from two hundred to twenty, and that twenty I did take again to my bed, both to enjoy their delights and to discover more of their minds.

From that twenty I did find a choice not possible. I indulged myself most fully in their charms and found with all that the more I delighted in their flesh the more pleasure I gave to them, and all spoke most freely to Marius of the delight it was for them that I not only found great pleasure in their flesh, but gained pleasure also from their enjoyment in being used.

Unbeknown to me, Drusus did send message to the Council that the Emperor had great problem with his choice, and that there were boys, twenty in number, all most suitable to be selected as Favourite. It seemed, Drusus wrote, a great loss to the Empire if these boys were to return to their homes, for they would all, in time, do much service for the Empire, and would grow to be youths and men worthy of high position. Would it not be, Drusus wrote to the Council, a thing most beneficial to the Empire, if the nineteen boys not selected as Favourite, were to become the Emperor's personal Household boys and to be educated such that they may take positions in the Department of Slave Flesh where they would do great service?

It was with some surprise I thus received a communication from the Council proposing exactly that course of action, and in the knowledge that all these boys would be rewarded for the greatness of their minds and natures, I took them all again to bed and enjoyed again the delights of their bodies.

My choice, after much fucking, sucking and kissing, fell finally on Rubius, a boy not yet thirteen, but one who had developed enough to have a cock that had begun to grow and could spurt thin, but most delicious seed. He was a boy of the lowest status and from a small village. From an early age he had known by instinct that his duty was to help men when they needed help and had, from the age of six, made his hands and mouth available to all who needed them. He had given freely of his arse also, from before the age of ten, to those who used him kindly and had grown much to enjoy men's hands upon his body and their cocks in his mouth and arse. He had so done not because it was his duty alone, but because he took much pleasure in being used by men for their relief and pleasure, for greatly he enjoyed being a boy and able to please men so.

He did tell Marius that, though it would be great honour to be chosen as Favourite by the Emperor, he cared not if he was not chosen so, for there were still some men in his village, men of slightly greater wealth, who had not yet been gifted slaves and still had need of his body for their relief and well-being.

When I learned from Marius that this was indeed his mind, I made him my choice, and sent order to the Department of Slave Flesh that suitable slaves be found at once for each and every man in that village and that such was the Emperor's gift to them for producing a boy so worthy of being chosen as Favourite.

I made announcement to all the boys that I had selected Rubius and was delighted that all showed nothing but pleasure in my choice. That pleasure was greatened when I told them of the Council's decision that they should all become my private Household boys, and that though I and both my Favourites could call upon them at any time for the pleasure their bodies gave, that they were free also to seek pleasure for themselves wherever they wished, for I was determined that all should enjoy being boys.

That done, I released Drusus from my service, telling him to move at once into the rooms of the Officer of my Guard he liked so much and to take also position in the Finance of the Department of Slave Flesh, for that Department still had much work to do.

Rubius I took to bed again, with Marius also, and much did we feast upon his flesh, and much he delighted in our doing so, confessing, with a grin most wicked though also most natural, that much he liked us feasting on his arse, so much so that he did believe he liked it even more than being fucked.

He liked it also when both Marius and I enjoyed his flesh at the same time and said that never had boy enjoyed so much pleasure as he when one used his mouth and tongue upon his upper body and the other did so to his legs, balls and cock. And much he liked it also when one seeded in his mouth while the other seeded his arse.

That we brought boys from my new private Household to share our pleasures was a thing most natural and thus I entered the third year of my time as Emperor in as contented mind and body as any who had gone before me, with boys in my bed who took great delight in all the pleasures of the flesh and with a government that was dedicated to providing all citizens with slave flesh to salve their needs.


This ends the Journal of Aristides, my later reign as Emperor will be no doubt recorded by History. I have set the Empire on a course for glory, an Empire where all boys may freely enjoy the natural pleasures of being boys and where all citizens may enjoy boys, both for their own pleasure and for that of boys as well. Boys may suck and fuck, be sucked and be fucked where they will, and all citizens will soon own a slave to use for their relief, for it is in the nature of all men that they should need young flesh and in the nature of all boys that they should need to take pleasure from being boys.




It is thirty years since I wrote the journal of my young life, a document brought to my notice once more by Marius, who offered the opinion I should not leave all to those who record history to tell of my achievements.

Marius is now the age of forty four and still my regular companion, sharing my bed at nights when his duties take him not elsewhere. Lest any think his sharing of my bed be in any way unnatural or improper, it is not so, for we each use not the flesh of the other, but only that of boys as nature decrees. Lest any wonder how this may be so I would make plain that the bed is large and boys share it also at all times, for Marius is also a man of natural tastes and inclinations.

Marius is now Director of Slave Flesh, and Rubius, who I chose as my Junior Favourite to follow him, has risen to be Minister for Education, and much of the achievements of my reign as Emperor have resulted from their dedicated work for the glory of the Empire.

With the aid of Marius the success of the client nations of the Empire in breeding flesh for market has exceeded all my expectations. As good farmers do, they gave much attention to the improvement of the quality of their stock, and raided into distant lands, breeding carefully the studs they took so that now they produce flesh of all shades from the whitest to the blackest, and now citizens of the Empire may select not only the age of the slaves they desire, but the colour also.

So great is the production from these farms that now every citizen in the Empire, even those of the very lowest status, owns two slaves gifted by the state, and many own more than two, for the wealth of citizens has grown much and many men are able now to purchase flesh of some high quality.

Every boy who has reached the age of seeding also has a slave to use, for though, as is proper and natural, boys give freely of their favours, still do boys, when they can seed, have great and natural need to use their cocks, and it is a natural need of boys to wish for younger flesh to fuck at nights, and for the well-being of their minds and bodies, and for their education also, the Empire provides them with slaves to use.

It was in the education of boys that the Empire had its greatest success. As I recorded in the first books of the Journal of my youth, it was the custom for men to use boys for their pleasure, but thought was given little to the pleasure of boys. Thus boys did grow to men who also used boys for their pleasure and thought not of the boys they used till they grew old and sought ways other than fucking to take delight in the bodies of boys.

Claudius it was, by giving my young body to the oldest members of the Grand Council for their use, that gave me to understand that a boy may gain huge pleasure from the use of his flesh, and that, for a boy, it is the most natural thing of all that his cock should be a thing of pleasure and delight. It is a thing most obvious that a boy who has had his body used for pleasure in all the ways it can be used, and that the man who uses him takes pleasure also in giving a boy delight, will grow himself into a man who, in his turn, knows how to please the boy he beds.

Thus did the Empire, by degrees, establish schools in every town and village, where boys may learn to read and write and number, for such are useful skills, and to learn also how to take and give proper and natural pleasure from their own bodies and from the bodies of men.

Skilled teachers were needed for this and those came from the reformed Household. Still were chosen the most beautiful of boys, their duty to learn to be fitted for high position and to serve the Emperor and Council with their bodies when so needed, but also many more were chosen also to learn to become the teachers that were needed.

These boys were of an older age than those who began in the Household proper, boys who had started to seed, and they were selected, not for their beauty, but for the interest and delight they showed in their cocks.

These boys also, as is right, natural and proper, were used much for pleasure, but only by men who understood the full glory that is a boy's body so that these boys came to understand that there is pleasure to be had and gained from all a boy's flesh, not just his arse and cock. Their training done, they went to teach in their turn, so that all boys in the Empire, before they came of age to seed, knew well how to pleasure men and how they may take pleasure themselves from being used.

All boys now present their flesh uncovered to the gaze of all and may take their pleasure where they will, for a boy is a boy for but a few short years and it is right and proper that men and boys alike should take delight and pleasure in those years.


Aristides Imp.



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