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The Journal of Marques Dodd

Chapter One: Last Night

June 8th

Wow. Okay. I'm not even sure how to start this thing. It's been at least ten years since I've tried keeping a journal, but I have to have something to tell this to, even if it is a word program on a computer. It's about what I saw last night when I came home from drinking with my friends.

First, let me say that I was buzzin' like a bee, but not so badly that I couldn't drive my car home safely. That's one thing I won't do. When you get in the car and feel like the thing is moving and you haven't even started it yet, that's a sure sign that you aren't ready to attempt driving. I've spent the night in my car on more than one occasion when I've been that loaded. I'm not tryin' to be the cause of any accident, or hit and run, because I was too silly to wait the liquor out. And with the way these cops are in this town, I'm not tryin' to give them any more reasons to pull me over and harass me. Skip a DUI, try DWB (driving while black). Sounds stupid, but I've been pulled over more times for that than I can count.

Anyway, I get home and get a second buzz completely unrelated to the drink. It's nice to walk into ones own apartment instead of ones parent's house. I've been in my place for two months already and the newness factor still hasn't completely worn off. I got my place for a good price in a good neighborhood. I'm upstairs, so I don't have to hear anybody's loud ass kids running around like psychos, or people fucking in the middle of the night, reminding me that I have nobody in my life to get busy with.

I hit the bathroom, piss like a race horse, then step outside on the patio (my patio that I pay rent for thank you very much) and have a cigarette. I know, I know. I'm just full of bad habits, aren't I?

The apartment complex is shaped like a "U", so when I walk out on my patio, I'm looking at the other set of apartments across the parking lot. Most of the other windows were dark, except for the person downstairs and directly across from me, and another apartment upstairs and off to the right.

I'm smoking and thinking about the crazy lines my friend David was trying to use on this girl at the bar earlier. I see movement down below out of the corner of my eye and spot a cat walking along across the way. It's one of two cats that hangs around (since there's a no pet policy) and it usually chills out at the front door of one of the apartments across the way with the other cat of the complex. Whoever lives at that apartment always leaves a little quilt out in front of the door and puts food and water out, so I assume the cats are theirs.

I watch the cat as it goes about its business for a moment, before I start looking away. That's when I notice that my neighbor across the way has his patio blinds open. All the patios in the complex have vertical blinds and all the windows have horizontal blinds. The blinds weren't wide open, but in that way to where if a person was standing at a certain angle they'd be able to see inside. Where I was standing on my patio just happened to be that certain angle and I could see somewhat into the front room. Due to the angle, I could only see small portion of the front room. There was a black entertainment center sitting against the wall with the usual items in and on it. The pretty good sized television that was sitting inside the entertainment center was on, and what looked like a commercial was playing. I was about to go on back to my business when somebody walked into view over to the front of the entertainment center.

Whoever it was looking for something on top of the entertainment center. I was about to look away once again when realization hit me. I was seeing a bit more of that person than I should've been able to see. I blinked a couple of times to make sure my eyes were clear and stepped all the way to the edge of my patio. The person searching the entertainment center was dark skinned, a little on the short side, and completely naked.

"Oh shit!" I thought "What is this all about?"

The person at the entertainment center found what they were looking for, took it, and turned around, but stood where they were. They looked like they were talking to someone.

If I hadn't been sure about what I was seeing before, I was damn sure of what I was seeing at that moment. I now knew the sex of the person. Male. I knew this because he was sporting what looked like a semi-hard on.

"Aw sookie now!" I spoke, but not loud.

I took a look around just to make sure nobody else was out and now looking up at me. Besides the cat, I was still the only thing out there.

I looked back at the patio window just as the naked person was thrusting his hips forward, making his semi slap up against his stomach. He did it a couple of times before he stopped, gave it a few slow tugs, laughed, then walked out of my view.

I'd forgot all about my cigarette. It'd burned itself out. I ducked down, pulled out my pack and took another one out. I lit it and stood back up, eyes right back on my neighbor's place. I knew it was none of my business. I knew I shouldn't have been looking. But I couldn't help myself. I'd never seen people, actual people, in the process of something sexual. Yeah, there's porn, but that wasn't live and right across the way from me.

I stood my crazy ass out there long enough to have two more cigarettes on top of the one I'd stooped down to light. Whoever it was never did come back to give me a second glance.

After my second cigarette was done, I had to remind myself what I was standing out there for and made myself go back into the apartment.

"How would you like it if some perv was lookin' in on you gettin' busy?" I asked myself after I'd stepped back inside.

"They wouldn't. Because I wouldn't be leaving my blinds open for someone to see me in the first place." I answered back.

Still, I can't sit here and lie and say it didn't give me a rush. To see somebody in an act like that, but them not being aware of my presence, was some hot shit. Guess at the heart of it everyone has a little voyeur in them. And sitting here thinking about what my little voyeur saw has made something else that had was little before get a lot bigger. So, uh, I'm about to make sure my blinds are closed, and put on a little show for myself. It's been a couple of days since my last self service, and god-damn if isn't gonna feel good to let some white cords rip.

All I've got to say is that if the opportunity presents itself again that I will take advantage of it. I'm not going to have a stakeout every night on my patio as a result, but you can bet when I go out for a cigarette; I'll be keeping my eye out for it. Man...I hope all my other entries are gonna be as good as this first one, LOL!

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