The Lift

All the usual disclaimers apply; don't read if you shouldn't, and if you don't like the idea of man/boy sex you wont want to read anyway.


The Lift; a short story by Ivor Sukwell

The car purred to a stop beside me and there was a gentle hum as the window on the passenger side slid down.

"You want a lift?"

I looked across at the driver, the man who'd asked the question. He could have been anything between thirty and a hundred; well, not a hundred, perhaps, but when you're fourteen and a half anyone over about thirty is simply `a man'. Old enough to be your father, or, if he's a bit wrinkly, your grandfather.

This one wasn't wrinkly as far as I could see, but he wasn't not-wrinkly either. Somewhere between wrinkly and not-wrinkly and he was driving a Range-Rover. Not one of the latest versions that look like they've been squashed down, but not one of the really old box type ones either.

"Yeh, wouldn't mind," I said.

I'd just started trekking home from the Athletic Club, a three mile walk. I could have caught the bus, there were enough of them, but I walked so I could save the fare money for fags. No problem, it was an early September evening, no rain and the twilight along with the street lamps meant that I wasn't walking in the `dangerous dark'.

"Hop in, then," the driver said, so I did, putting my kit bag on the floor between my feet.

"Where to?" he asked and I told him. "That's a good three miles," he said, "Why didn't you get a bus?"

"Walking gets you fit," I grinned, "And I can get some fags instead of giving the money to Stagecoach."

I could tell that amused him and he gave a little shake of his head, you know, the way adults say "Kids!" without using words.

I got myself comfortable, my legs spread out a bit because of my kitbag between my feet. This meant that my right thigh was pretty close to the gear lever; it was a manual not an auto, but not a problem because there wouldn't be a lot of gear changing to be done on the straight road and my leg wasn't in the way of him getting at the gear lever anyway.

He did have to shift from first through to fifth, though. First to second he managed with no problem, second to third the back of his hand touched my leg and third to fourth it touched my leg even more.

Now that was a bit of a give-away because his hand didn't need to get anywhere near my leg for that one, and when he went from four to five I got another brush on my trackies.

He left his hand on the gear shift lever after doing that one, well, he had his thumb on the lever knob but his little finger was just touching my leg.

Okay, so now I knew for certain why he'd offered me a lift.

I let him know I knew by moving my right leg a bit closer to the lever, pushing it just a bit against his wandering finger.

His finger made a few little circling motions against my leg, and when I didn't object he got a bit bolder and moved his hand from lever to thigh.

"Tell me if you mind," he said.

"I will, and I don't," I said back.

I hadn't done anything with a boy for over a week, and when you're fourteen and a half, a week is a long, long time.

You have to be well careful at school because if it got around that you were into cock then that would be the end. Dead. Simple as that.

Well, probably not actually no-longer-breathing dead, but as good as. No-one would go near you. Life, as teenagers know it, would be effectively over.

So if you did have a cock-mate, then the odds were that he didn't go to your school and you didn't get to see him anywhere near as much as your cock wanted. Or his either.

I did have a cock-mate, and a pretty good one, but he lived more than four miles away and went to a different school so we weren't able to do the things we wanted anywhere near often enough.

Now, I'm into boys basically, but when you're fourteen and a half and your cock's in need with no boy around to see to it, then the next best thing is a man.

So you can tell I didn't mind at all that this guy had his hand on my thigh and the sooner it went somewhere higher up the better.

"How old are you?" he asked. Not the first time I've been asked that!

"Not old enough to smoke," I said with a grin.

"I can tell that," he grinned back without looking at me because he was driving and it's not a quiet road.

"But that don't stop me," I shrugged, giving him a bit of an opening, "Don't stop me from all sorts of things," I said, just so he knew it was an opening.

He had his hand properly on my leg now and he gave it a bit of a squeeze which was nice, but it was only going to take about ten minutes to get home in his car so it was time he got a move on.

"Any particular things?" he asked me.

I shrugged. "You know," I said. A teenage answer, but surely enough to give him the clue that he could carry on with his hand.

"You sure you don't mind?" he asked me again and did at last start his hand moving upwards.

"I mind that we're about a third of the way home already," I said, making it well clear that he should get a move on.

"Could always take the long way round," he suggested hopefully.

"We could," I agreed and he got the hint at last and put his hand where it ought to be.

He found what he was hoping to find because I was hard already, had been since his finger first brushed my leg, and because under my trackies there was just me he found out straight away just how hard I was.

For a kid of fourteen and a half I've got a pretty decent cock, just over five and a half inches and not skinny inches either, so there was enough of me for him to feel.

"Nice," he sighed with a smile.

"Could be nicer," I said, and pulled the waist band of my trackies away from my stomach so he could delve down inside.

He delved. Straight inside. It felt lovely.

My cock loves being seen to and it don't get anywhere near enough of it.

"Oh, yes," he sorta sighed as his hand wrapped round me, and I was thinking pretty much the same.

He grabbed the whole thing to start with, like he was testing how well it fitted into his hand, and I reckoned it was a pretty good fit felt like it to me, anyway.

He pressed it against my stomach next and slid his hand slowly down the underside so he could test how well my balls fitted as well.

I reckon that was a nice surprise for him cos he did another, "Oh, yes," when he got there, and his fingers checked around to see if his first impression was correct.

It was; I keep my balls well smooth. That was my cock-mate's idea; he loves licking and sucking away at my balls between mouthfuls of cock and he complained once that they was a bit hairy. He never had to complain again!

I shave me legs as well. Not that there was much in the way of hair there before I shaved them, but Dave, that's me cock-mate, reckons me having baby smooth legs is dead sexy.

I reckons he's right, an' all, cos he shaves his as well now, and they do feel so much more lush when we're messing about in bed.

Anyway, once this guy found out how smooth me balls are, he had a finger around to see about me pubes. I don't shave them off because I have to go in the showers after athletics and football, and I figured it'd be a bit of a dead give-away if I turned up all of a sudden with no pubes.

It is tempting, though; might even pull a few more boys if I did. Who knows?

I do trim them, though, so there's no hair what can get in the way of just feeling cock. I hated that when I wanked before I sorted it, and I guess it must be nicer for anyone who wants a go at my cock as well.

Anyway, the guy was enjoying himself with my cock and that meant I was enjoying myself as well. I love having my cock played with.

He was concentrating on the head now, his fingers twiddling around with my foreskin. I got a pretty long one and it stays all over the head when I'm hard. Peels easy enough if you want to peel it, but I like it best when I'm wanking or being wanked when it stays unpeeled. Feels nicer and takes longer to cum.

"Nice cock," he told me.

"Glad you like it," I grinned back.

"Shame there's not enough time to deal with it properly," he said.

"What you on about?" I asked. "Would have taken me the best part of an hour to walk home, so you got plenty of time."

He hadn't thought of that, had he!

"True," he finally agreed, "But still can't suck it while I'm driving."

"Find somewhere to stop where you can suck it, then," I told him. I love having my cock played with, but I love having it sucked even more.

"Nowhere I know of round here," he said, "But I suppose I could always take you to my place."

Now that was a bit better, he was beginning to think properly at last.

"You could," I agreed, "If it's not too far and you gets me home when you've finished."

"Very close," he said, "And of course I'll get you home afterwards."

"Sounds like a plan, then," I agreed.

A few turns and side roads later we were at his place. I didn't recognise the area, but if it turned out not to be too far from mine it could be useful. If he was any good with cock, that is.

I expected him to just get my trackies down and get on with seeing to my cock, cos that's what most of the blokes who'd picked me up before had done, but he turned out to want to make the best use of his time that he could.

"Wouldn't fancy getting all your kit off, would you?" he asked, "I think boys look at their best naked."

Well, I couldn't disagree with him there, could I, cos that's how I think boys look best as well, so I kicked off my trainers, pulled off my shirt and dropped the trackies, stepping out of them so he could get a good look at all I had to offer.

"Oh, yes!" he said yet again as he gave himself a good eyeful, "You are one lush boy."

Well, it's nice when a guy says nice things about you before he gets started, so I bounced my cock up and down a couple of times to let him know I appreciated it.

"Like a bit of boy now and again, do you?" I grinned at him.

"Not just now and again," he grinned back, "As often as I can get my hands on one."

"Know what you mean," I sniggered.

"Like boys as well, do you?" he asked with a wicked sort of grin.

"Course I bloody do," I snorted.

"I meant as well as men."

"Oh. Yeah, I don't mind a bloke having a go at me if he wants, like, but I likes boys best."

He had me on the sofa by now and was running his hands all over me and that felt bloody lovely.

"Had many?" he wanted to know.

"Boys or blokes?"


"Wanked with a few kids and been seen to by three of four blokes," I told him. "Me mate Dave's the only kid what does more than just wank."

"What does he do?" He had his head down where it should be now and was kissing me around me cock, but not going for it with his mouth yet.

"Whatever he's in the mood for," I sniggered, "I don't complain."

"He fuck you?"

"Has done," I shrugged. To be honest, Dave and I fucked each other whenever we got the chance. We did it once, just to find out what all the fuss was about, and when we found out we did it loads more.

He stopped asking me questions for a bit then, cos his mouth was full of my cock, and I never asked him anything cos I didn't want him to stop sucking and give me an answer.

"Want me to get my kit off?" he asked me when he reckoned he knew pretty much what I tasted like.

"Your choice," I said, "I ain't gonna complain if you does."

"Some boys just like to be played with," he explained, "Don't want to actually do anything, just lie there and be seen to."

"I'm okay with doing stuff as properly as you want," I told him. I reckoned that meant I'd probably get fucked, but that was fine by me as long as he didn't have something enormous to stick up me. "Don't you get a bit pissed off with boys who just want their cocks done and nothing else?"

"Not at all," he said, giving the inside of my right thigh a long, nuzzley kiss, "I adore boys, and if all one wants is a good wank or a suck, then that's fine by me. I get a lot of pleasure from just making him spunk."

"Fair enough," I agreed, "But I'm up for anything you want."

"Including fucking?" he asked in between licking my balls.

"Yeah," I said, "As long as your cock's not too big. I don't want to get split in half!"

"I'll let you decide," he grinned, and started stripping off.

He weren't small, but he weren't huge either, probably just an inch or so longer than me and a bit thicker. I reckoned he'd go in without too much trouble, and to be honest, I did fancy something a bit bigger than Dave going up me.

Dave's quite small, really, and I often wished he had something more to use in me. He never made any complaints about what I put in him, so I reckoned my arse would stretch to what this bloke had if Dave could take mine easy enough.

Once he'd got his kit all off he stood in front of me so I could make up my mind if I was going to let him go in or not, and I leaned forward and had a mouthful of him. Well, I just can't resist a cock that's close to my face like his was.

"Give it a go," I said when I'd had a decent taste.

"In bed, or here on the sofa?" he asked. "Bed's better for cuddling and kissing, but the sofa's more dirty."

"Let's go for dirty," I said, so we did.

He fetched some lube and asked if I wanted condom or not.

"You clean?" I asked.

"Yeah, completely."

"Bareback, then," I grinned, "Bet you like it that way best, anyway."

"How did you guess," he grinned back and we got down to business.

Bugger me, but did he know what to do to a boy or what! I had no idea that getting kissed under the arms is sexy until he did it to me, and what he did to my nipples almost made me spunk just by itself!

I don't reckon there was one inch of my front he didn't feel, lick and kiss, and what he did with his lips and tongue to my cock had me a moaning wreck!

When he turned me over and started licking up and down the backs of my thighs I thought my balls were going to burst, but that was all like nothing at all when he got his mouth inside my crack and started work on my hole.

I knew what rimming and tonguing was, of course, but I'd never had it done before, and when he started with his mouth on my hole I almost screamed from the intensity of the feelings he was giving me.

"My real favourite," he whispered in my ear when his mouth was tired from eating my hole, "Is sucking out a boy's spunk before I fuck him."

"Go for it," I barely had the strength to say, so he did.

He sucked me with three fingers up inside me, poking around on that bit that Dave only manages to touch now and again with his undersized cock, and I gave him a huge mouthful. He never wasted a dribble!

Then, cos I was all weak and floppy from spunking, he got me in position and in he went.

I hardly felt a thing when he went in, well, apart from him going in, of course, but not a hint of any pain, just sheer, utter, pleasure at having cock in me.

He fucked me long and slow; he fucked me short and fast; he fucked me deep and hard and I loved every single fucking moment of him fucking me!

Dave got nowhere near that! Perhaps I should be looking for a boy with a bigger cock!

He held me nice and tight when he'd spunked inside me, and said nice things like how good a fuck I was and what a lovely body and cock I had, and I told him he really did know what to do to a boy and that I'd had the best sex ever.

"You still prefer boys to men?" he asked me as we sat naked side by side, his hand wandering up and down my thigh.

"Boys turn me on," I said, thinking about it, "But if what you just did to me is anything to go by, then men have a lot going for them!"

"Some men," he cautioned me, "There are those who just want to get their cock in a boy and don't care a toss about what it feels like for him."

"You ain't one of them," I told him, "That was fucking amazing!"

"More than pretty good for me, as well," he smiled, "Thanks."

"Won't mind at all if you give me a lift again," I grinned at him.

"But you'd rather have a boy?"

"Sort of. Yeah, I suppose I would, really. But I'd like to do stuff with you again, if that's alright."

"I'd like that as well," he squeezed my thigh, "But if you prefer boys I might be able to help out. Unless you get plenty of them already, of course."

"Like I should be so lucky," I snorted.

"I know a few who'd be willing to play games if you want."

"You do?" All eagerness now.

"Boys I can guarantee are well into cock," he said, smiling at me.

"Yes, please!"

"Youngest is only just thirteen, oldest is sixteen. Any good?"

"Too fucking right it's any good!" I almost shouted.

"When you next going to be walking home?"


"Shall I arrange to pick you up on Tuesday, then? And have a boy with me?"

"Too right!" I agreed instantly, "And any time you want to fuck me, then my arse is yours!"

"Deal," he smiled.

Fuck me, but was life suddenly looking up! All because I got a lift home!


Hope someone enjoyed that little story.