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The Lives I Have Loved

Chapter II

Guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” he didn’t really look up.

I hope so kiddo,” Smith responded.

With that Mason made his way down the hallway and out through the lobby to the darkening street outside. He stayed deeply buried in his own head the entire walk home. Would he give the man what he wanted to get the stories out of him? Would he be able to really admit his darkest secrets? In the end he decided that he would write two essays. The first would be about his mother dying and his loathing for his father. The second or the truth as he saw it, would be about his sexual orientation and the deviant expressions of his anger and rage towards his brothers and father. He hoped that the first one worked, but he was not sure.

To say that Mason Chambers lost sleep that night would be an understatement. The true fact of the matter was that he could barely shut his eyes. He was actually somewhat afraid to since every time he tried his mind would be flooded with the sordid images of all the depravities that had been carried out by his own hands in the Chambers household. On more than one occasion Mason found himself standing heavy in the doorway to his younger brothers' room, watching them intently as they slumbered away in the dark. He stood there, at a crossroads, standing on the sidelines in his own mind as the options he had before him played out a brutal match to the death to determine his next step. Would he dare to risk everything for a chance to bare his soul before the sharp eye of Mr. Smith, trusting that his confession would somehow result in a cleansing of his battered conscience? Or would he choose to betray his own feelings and attempt to fool the man with a generic tale of loss regarding his mother that could potentially blow up in his face and ruin any chance he had at getting to not only complete his assignment, but also the one chance he had ever had to divest himself of the enormous secret that was buried in his heart, slowly tearing him apart. There was too much to think about, too much to worry about, a legion of thoughts racing through his tired mind. Mason stumbled backwards from his loom at his brothers' door and raced to the kitchen where he tore into his father's liquor cabinet and grabbed one of the many half empty bottle of clear liquid, cranked his head backwards thrusting the vessel to his lips and swallowed all of the poison he could bare. The warm vodka rushed all too easily down his throat and Mason fell forward into the counter top, bracing himself with his free hand and crashing his head down upon the cold tile surface. He sobbed away into the loneliness of the sleeping house and battled back the thoughts raging in his head until the alcohol took hold of his young body and he slumped to the floor.

GET UP!” Mason's eyes hazily attempted to scan the room as his ears bled from the booming of his father's angry voice and the crashing together of a cast iron skillet and a large metal serving spoon.

Unngh...aaaaahhh” Mason's head tore from the inside as he fought to keep the room from spinning.

I SAID GET THE FUCK UP YOU SON OF A BITCH,” the boy suddenly felt his whole body reel in pain as the first of several kicks landed into his side and back.

STOP! PLEASE!” Mason pleaded as his eyes finally focused on the cruel and snarling face of his father looming over him, still holding the skillet.

Just who the fuck do you think you are boy?” The man shoved his son into the wall and got within an inch of the still confused teen's face, “you think you're man enough to come in here while I'm sleepin' and help yourself to my top shelf vodka you sorry fat fuck?”

Dad, I , I didn't... wait I can explain...just..” fear gripped the boy's soul.

I work hard all day to come home and get what little sleep I can only to wake up in the morning to find my good for nothing fat fuck pussy of a faggot son passed out on the kitchen floor like some homeless drunk?!?”

Dad stop, please, I'm sorry,” Mason began to sob.

Oh you pathetic little cunt, you disgust you know that??? Do know just how sick you make me you muthafucker??? You're stupid, fat, useless around here, and a sniveling little cocksucker.” with that he shoved the boy back down to the hard, cold tile of the kitchen floor. Mason gathered up into a ball on the floor and wept at his father's brutality. He opened his eyes to see his twin brothers now standing next to their father, joining him in a look of utter loathing.

I tell you what faggot,” his father wore a devil's smile that immediately dried Mason's eyes and chilled him deeply, “you wanna be a worthless drunk living on the streets...I'll treat you like one.”

Mason could never have imagined what would come next. There were so many ways throughout his life that his father had humiliated him, but this took things to a completely different plane. Mason watched in horror as his father unzipped his tailor made suit pants, fished out his meaty cock, aimed it directly at the beaten teen's face and let loose a flood of hot, stank, piss immediately drenching the boy. The twin's looked on in disbelief at first and Mason, for a split second, thought he caught a glimpse of empathy cross their young faces. All too soon those looks would vanish and be replaced with mirror images of their father's disgust.

C'mon boys,” the patriarch belched to his youngest spawns, “help me hose down this flaming faggot”

The twins obeyed their father and pulled the fronts of their underwear down, released their little tools and joined their father in the humiliation. Mason just lay there, limp on the floor as the only family he knew emptied their bladders onto him in an ultimate display of disgust and betrayal. The two hot little prepubescent cocklettes that had so many times been the lust filled object of the teen's nighttime rituals had now become weapons used in his humiliation. Mason retreated within himself and silently begged for death. When they were through and satisfied with their shaming of the broken teen the twins retreated to their bedroom to finish getting ready for school while their father adjusted his clothing, collected his things and left to wait for them in the car. Mason remained there on the kitchen floor, broken and alone, he fell back to sleep.

It would be four hours before his eyes would open again and shake him from the silence of his sleep. The boy slowly sat up against the rosewood cabinets and steadied himself. The racing thoughts that had plagued his mind last night were gone and had been replaced by a singular, yet overwhelming sense of grief. All of the sudden he wretched forward and spewed a stream of foul vomit from his gaping mouth. The collective stench of his family's piss that had been patiently swirling in his nostrils had finally gotten a chance to register with his embattled mind. The hung over teen, now soaked in three separate bladders worth of urine and a healthy coating of his own vomit, drug himself to the bathroom, freed himself of his rancid clothing, ran the shower, and collapsed into the tub.

As the hot water washed over his naked flesh he equaled the spray with an outpouring of his own tears. Sobs turned to wails, then to screams of rage, and finally to a kind of low howling that could best be compared to that of a wild bear mourning over a slain cub. His ragged body convulsed intermittently as he cried and then lay still, spent of all his energy, as the now cold water filled the pockets created by his body and ultimately flowed out through the drain, taking most of the foulness of the morning with it. When he regained his strength he picked himself up adjusted the water to eek out what remaining heat was available and quickly washed himself.

As more of his strength returned, Mason was able to dress himself and venture back out into the house. He cleaned up the mess that had been made in the kitchen knowing full well that to leave it would surely bring on another outburst from his father. Mason had never seen him like this before and he was filled with a new kind of fear. The future, which had at one time seemed hopeful as long as he could just get through three more years of his family's verbal abuse, now looked empty and dark. Physical violence and humiliation of this sort had never been an issue in the home, but now... all bets were off. Just as he finished mopping the floor, the phone rang startling him out of his own anxious thoughts.

Hello,” he said sheepishly recognizing his father's cell phone number on the caller id.

I need you to understand something Mason,” he sounded cold, “We are never going to talk about what happened this morning. You understand? Not one fucking word about it ever...”

Yes sir,” Mason felt a single tear spill down his cheek.

You crossed a line that can never be crossed and I did what I had to do,” he sounded now like he was trying to convince the both of them, “ I said, not a fucking word. If you have a problem with that, then you know where the door is. And oh, in case you had any plans of telling anyone, you can forget that it? Get that right the fuck outta your mind. You aren't gonna fuck up my home and my family with your faggoty bullshit. Now you're my son, and I love you, and you can stay in my home till you're 18 but then you're gonna have to get the fuck out. But if you try anything that jeopardizes my life or your brother's lives...I'll kill you my damn self... and you can count on that. Do we have an understanding?”

Mason felt his stomach turn as he muttered, “Yes sir, we do”

Good,” he snarled, “now I think that you should just rest at home today. I have already called your school and let them know that you're if you go there they'll suspect something's up and that takes us back to our understanding...right?”

Yes sir,” Mason's fear was slowly being replaced by hatred.

Good...great...well then, that's settled,” he sounded warmer but still removed, “I will see you when I get you son.”

Those last three words burned into Mason's broken heart and the teen remained silent, paralyzed by his own overwhelming agony.

I said... I LOVE YOU son...” his words hissed through his obviously clenched teeth.

Love you too Dad,” and with that the line was terminated and Mason dropped the receiver onto the kitchen counter. Mason could feel the remaining light in his beaten down soul surrender to the darkness that invaded his entire being.

Mason shoved the rest of his rage deep within himself, at least for the moment, and collected his keys before heading out the door. He knew his father and the twins would not be home from soccer practice until 8pm as they usually stopped for dinner so while he had no intentions on going to school, he also wasn't going to just sit around the house.

Mason's fear and hopelessness began to give way to anger and then to resolve as he made his way to the hospice center; and as he rounded the corner and headed down the hallway towards room 62 the same though repeated in his head: if he wants the truth...if he wants my darkest secret....he'll get it...let's see if he can handle this!

Smith didn't even get a proper greeting out of his mouth as he laid his book down on the tray table above his hospital bed when Mason cut him off...

You want my deepest darkest secret eh?” he was breathing heavily and tears were welling up in his beautiful blue eyes.

C'mon son,” Smith said calmly, “calm down a minute and tell me what's going on with you.”

NO!” Mason shouted clinching his fists, “if you want it you got it but if I don't get this out of me RIGHT NOW I think that I'll lose my mind!”

Sensing the boy's urgency Smith motioned for him to close the door and beckoned him to begin.

Mason poured out his heart over the next 30 minutes pausing only intermittently to catch his breath before diving headfirst back into his catharsis. Smith just laid silently in his bed as he took it all in and watched the tortured boy for signs that he was through. By the time Mason had finished and collapsed into the chair placed next to the bed, head in hands, he had confessed everything. He had started with the death of his mother, then told of the cruelty he endured at the hands of his father and brothers over the years. He held nothing back as he chronicled his nightly missions and spared no detail when discussing his attacks on his drunken father. And when he had finally caught up to the previous night's madness and this morning's brutality he managed to get it all out through a fair helping of tears.

Mason did not look up as Mr. Smith began to speak, fearing his rebuke and well deserved disgust. But as the man spoke, his words began their soothing work and the boy raised his head and looked directly into the man's caring eyes.

Thank you son,” his warm tones enveloped the hurting teen, “your honesty is only matched by your bravery. I know that was a hard tale to tell...well perhaps not as hard given the events of this morning...but nonetheless the result is the same.”

Mason listened intently over the next hour as the old man, weakened by the cancer that was at that very moment ravaging his whole body, helped him to frame his life experiences and gain some different perspective on the whole thing. When questioned, Mason answered honestly, when permitted he asked his own questions, each time seeking to clarify or gain a better understanding of the wisdom being passed down. In the end the boy felt stripped of energy but full of life once more. The day had been a long one and his young body simply could not keep up with the demands both emotionally and physically. And it was for this reason that he surrender to sleep once again though this time untethered by the grips of alcohol, safe from the abuse of his father, and free from the secrets that had first welcomed the darkness into his soul. Smith watched as the boy slept soundly and without warning gave himself over to the present moment and allowed his eyes to purge tears of empathy, sorrow, and joyful remembrance. Yes, he decided, he is worthy.

Mason would eventually awaken to find the moon had replaced the sun in the sky and its light illuminated the hospice room just enough for the boy to make out the motionless figure of the old man resting soundly in the bed before him. Mason wiped his eyes and took care of the small trail of spit that had formed a line from his mouth to his chin. As he moved upright in the soft chair he became aware of a folded piece of paper in his lap. He couldn't read it in this low light and he didn't dare turn on a light for fear of wakening the sick man. Instead he collected himself and made his way out of the room and down the hallway to the rear exit wanting to escape unnoticed by the evening shift.

When he had made enough headway towards home to satisfy his need to beat his father and brothers home, he stopped under a streetlight and leaned against the cool metal as he read the note.

My Dear Mason,

I wanted to offer you my thanks for blessing me with your courage and your story today. I know that it seemed easy enough in the moment to bare your soul that freely but I imagine that right about now you are beginning to feel the enormity of your actions and I wanted you to be assured that your secrets are safe with me. As you will no doubt learn over the days to come I a man who values discretion and trust very highly. As I give you my silence, I must ask now for yours if we are to proceed. If I see you tomorrow afternoon I will take it that you are prepared to begin documenting the lives I have loved. Trust me when I say to you now that I take each and every one of them as seriously as I do yours. Please honor them.



Smith was right, over the few moments leading up to the reading of his note the severity of Mason's confessions had begun to present itself at the doorstep of his young mind. It wasn't that he had finally told someone about his life, no that was actually the easy part believe it or not. No, the reality was that now Mason realized that after all was said and done and his secrets were out in the open, well at least to one other soul, he would have to return to that life. It would have been better, he thought, had he just been able to spill his guts out to Smith and then be whisked away to a new life somewhere he could simply just start over. But that was not the case for Mason Chambers. There was nowhere else for him to go.

As Mason slipped his key into the lock of his father's home, he took a deep breath and got his mind right. Mason had lived the past 10 years in isolation, this would be nothing new, but he was not sure how he would ever be able to look into their eyes without becoming instantly overwhelmed with sadness over the knowledge that they hated his very existence. The teen made his way inside the house and to his bedroom. He knew there would only be a few more minutes before all his questions regarding how life in the home would be after this morning would be answered; and when he heard the garage door lumber open, he drew a sharp breath and tightened up his body. Fuck it he concluded, I'm tired of waiting. With that decided, he mustered all of the energy he could find within himself and left his room to face his tormentors head on.

But there would really be no great confrontation. Mason stood silently in the hallway as his father moved right past him with the twins in tow. Allan and Adam stared straight ahead as they past their older brother.

Into the shower you two”, the man, now somewhat a stranger in many ways to his son said.

Yes daddy,” the twins chirped in unison. Mason noticed a distinct lack of any emotion in their voices. He had expected them to be cruel, or rude, or at a minimum their normal obnoxious selves.

Mason's father disappeared into his own bedroom and locked the door behind himself. The teen stood still in the hallway dumbfounded by the lack of any engagement at all. This was almost worse he thought to himself as he slumped back into his room. Fighting would have been better than this, hell anything would have been better than to have them not even acknowledge his presence at all. He had always felt like the invisible boy in his family, but now it seemed he really was. He began to cry and sat on his bed holding his head in his hands. A few moments later he felt an unmistakable presence in his room. He lifted his head and wiped the tears from his eyes to find the twins standing in front of him still clad in the towels they had used to dry themselves after their shower.

What do you two want?” he had wanted to sound angry or at least hateful, but he lacked the strength to muster the emotions.

We wanted...well you know...we uh..” Allan stumbled, visibly uneasy with the content of his message

What he means to say is that we wanted to talk to you about what happened this morning,” Adam took over for his struggling brother.

What? Did you two want a second go at tearing me down?” Mason mustered a snipe.

Oh man,” Allan regained his ability to speak clearly.

Dude...” Adam continued for him, “that was way fucked up man. I mean I know we've never really been anything but fucking pricks to you Mason...pretty much our whole lives... but it was always because we just wanted to do what made dad happy and laugh and shit like that.”

Yeah but we never wanted to hurt you,” Allan cut in.

You two could have fooled me all of these years,” Mason shot back.

Yeah...” Adam looked at his twin and then to the floor, “we have really been assholes.”

So what makes you figure that out now?” Mason wondered aloud.

Well a couple of things...” Allan continued, “first was the way dad acted on the way to school this morning. He went fuckin' mental man...and not just the whole piss...well you know...he just kept going on and on about you and how you were the devil or some shit and how you were trying to destroy him.”

Yeah it was like we weren't really there with him in the car...or more like he was somewhere else, “ Adam chimed in.

Totally and like when we did try to say something he just got louder and louder and he fuckin' threatened us that if we told anyone what we did this morning he would beat our asses bloody. He's really lost his shit dude.” Allan continued.

And then there was practice,” Adam looked down at his shoes as he spoke, “you 'member Kevin Bradshaw? Well like his dad finally died of cancer or some shit and Kevin was at practice but like all torn up and shit.”

Yeah,” Allan agreed, “you know he was always hangin' out with his dad and they were joined at the hip.”

So like then tonight at practice he was all broken up and shit and he was saying like he loved his dad so much and like he shouldn't have even been at practice but like how his dad had always loved to watch him play so he wanted to be there for him.” Adam looked up at Mason as he finished with a confused look on his face.

Ok...” Mason didn't quite know where the twins were going with this. He wanted to believe they were making an attempt to be closer to him but his well trained defenses were involuntarily up and at full alert.

It was weird man,” Allan took over, “the only thing I could think of the whole time he was talkin' and then all through practice was...I sure as hell don't get along with my dad like that

Totally!,” Adam cut in, “I was like fuck man, I don't even think my dad has ever even said he loved me”

Mason was immediately taken back to the morning's phone call from his father where those very words had been uttered in undeniable hatred.

Well I know I certainly don't love him,” Mason sniped, “that's for damn sure!”

Look Mason,” Allan looked down again in what could only be described as shame, “what we are trying to say is....”

We're really sorry,” the twins confessed in unison.

Mason wanted badly to lower his guard, he wanted a lot of things, “I hear what you to are saying but you had to know that I'd have a hard time believing any of this after so many years of eating shit from the three of you...”

We know man,” Adam agreed without argument or hesitation which caught his older brother by surprise, “we just wanted you to know is all.”

Well,” Mason acknowledged their apparent earnest and wanted to offer his own olive branch, “I appreciate what you guys are trying to do and how hard it must have been to say what you have...I just need some time to figure some things out in my head...does that make sense?”

Yeah,” Adam spoke again, “well I guess that's all.”

Well if it is then I'll say good nite to you both,” Mason still didn't feel he could muster any expression over a flat stare.

So what do we do know?” Allan posed, “I mean, from this point are we supposed to act and I don't wanna be mean or shitty to you at all but dad is gonna expect us to or he'll get all weirded out and flip some more.”

That's true,” Adam confirmed.

Well you guys should do what you think is right,” he thought about it a moment before adding, “but I totally get what you're saying. Look if you have to join in with his bullshit because you're afraid of what he'll do then I understand. I guess it would just make it better if I knew how you really felt.”

Yeah totally,” Allan brightened, “like you'd know we were acting and shit and like when he's not around we'd all be cool.”

Well,” Mason offered, “it will be a little different for me... but I get what you're saying. You just need to know though that I'll be staying away a lot more and avoiding him like the plague. So if you don't see me or I ignore you when I'm here don't think it means I am mad at you or anything.”

No,” Allan understood, “that makes sense.”

With that Mason turned to walk away into his bathroom when Adam stopped him with a question that ripped the ground right out from beneath him. Mason?” the boy sheepishly began.

What?” the teen turned around to look his younger brother in the eye.

Does that mean that you won't be coming to visit us at night anymore?” he looked truly concerned.

Huh?” Mason was amazed that he was able to get an actual word out as his mind actively scrambled under the weight of what Adam had asked.

C'mon dude,” Allan smirked, “did you really think that we slept that hard?”

Besides... we have to drink Wild Turkey with dad every time he takes us fishing...did you really think a little shot o' NyQuil would keep us down?” Adam added.

So wait...” Mason braced himself, “you two have been awake the whole time? And you let me keep doing those things anyway?”

Um...yeah....and um...YEAH!” Adam laughed.

Mason was truly stricken dumb by the revelation that his brothers had not only not been sleeping when he had molested them time and time again over the last few years, but that they had clearly liked it enough to want to keep it going.

“So....?” Adam threw out his original question, “are you still gonna mess with us?”

“ you want me too? Mason scratched his brow while he tested the boys out.

The twins looked at each other, laughed for a second, an then answered in unison, “HELLYEAH!”

Mason laughed at their enthusiasm, “ do you want it the same way I've been doing it...or would you prefer that since it's out in the open now that we just play out in the open?”

“Both,” Allan quickly responded.

“I don't understand,” Mason pondered.

“Well...” the other twin took over for his brother, “we want you to do it like you have been but we want to be able to wake up if we do and keep playing...if that's cool with you.”

“Oh I think something like that could happen,” the teen flashed a devil's smile as he eyed his brothers up and down.

“Cool!” they sang together.

“Well then you two better head off to bed now and get fast to never know when I'll decide to come and wake you up!” the older sibling pointed out.

The twins giggled and darted off out of the room. Mason heard the door to the bathroom shut and the water begin to run so he concluded that the twins were probably getting a shower. Just then Adam appeared in his doorway again.

“Back so soon?” Mason joked.

“I just wanted to say I'm sorry again ya know...” Adam looked sincere, “I know that you must still hate us in a lot of ways and that there's really nothing we could ever say to make up for what we've done. I...I just want you to know that I...we...mean it.”

Mason's own compassionate nature was working against him, “You know Adam... as much as I want to still hate you...and should still hate you, all I have ever wanted was to be close to you and Allan. Now I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't still real unsure of both of your intentions and that it will take me awhile to not be on my guard around you... especially since you both will need to keep up the charade in order to keep dad at bay... bu, against my better judgment I am willing to try. But if you betray me this time, I will never make the same mistake again.”

I understand,” Mason noticed tears forming in his little brother eyes. This too was a new experience for him as he had long since disregarded the young boy as being human enough to feel anything other than self love, “hey Mason?” the small boy looked lost and began to tremble as he searched for words. Witnessing his struggle Mason's heart broke for the young child. What if he hadn't always acted that way because he was a little shit? the teen pondered, what if all this time he was just doing what he had to do to NOT be the one dad targeted? In an instant the older brother felt enormous pity for the confused and tormented little boy standing in front of him, shaking in the doorway to his room. Mason stepped towards him and the smaller brother instinctively braced himself for impact. Mason's heart sank further as he now wondered just what had it been like being with their prick of a father all of these years. Mason had always seen it from his perspective. He had always assumed that the twins had it better because they weren't the ones being humiliated...but what was it actually like to have to be alone with him and to actually have to engage him? What if all of this time he had been the lucky one because at least he knew where he stood with the often foul tempered man and because of this never really had to worry about when his mood would turn as it never was anything but hostile between them. Mason's own eyes began to leak as he pulled his little brother into his own body and held onto the now balling child. Mason hung on tightly as the boy shook and rocked, lost in his release. Mason just held him as there was really nothing to say at this point. After a few minutes Adam began to regain his composure and Mason loosened his tight hold. Words were not needed as the two brothers looked into each others eyes.

The pair was jerked back to reality when they both heard the shower cut off. Adam wiped his eyes and then held his stare as he slowly backed out of the room and at the last moment turned and left. Mason's head was aching. The teen closed his door and walked slowly over to his bed, collapsing on the soft mattress. His head now spun as he tried to process all that had happened. It's a funny thing, love...hate. Mason pondered how he could go from such intense disgust to such overwhelming compassion in an instant. He lay on his bed for the next two hours as all of the events of the day swam laps in his mind. He drifted in and out of consciousness but never fully gave in to sleep. Around 3am he was pulled fully into the realm of the living by the unmistakable hardening of the flesh between his thick legs. His young mind, which had only moments ago been a turbulent sea of emotions and unanswered questions, was screaming out in singularity of focus. Images of his father's rage-filled attack were now replaced by a lone vision of the two sleeping boys in the next room. Time to get up he thought, licking his lips, there's work to be done.

The twin's naked bodies glowed in the moonlight as Mason stood hungrily in the doorway to their room. I guess neither of them wanted to be left out, he laughed to himself as he surveyed the two bare forms spooned together on Adam's bed. Mason stood over them, a look of love and passion replaced the evil stare that normally took residence on his face. He extended his right hand and slowly ran a single finger down Allan's body beginning at his shoulder, dipping along the line of his side and then traveling upward along the hip until it rested softly on the plump mound of his 10 year old ass. His hand now spread open he gently kneaded the warm flesh. Allan stirred at the passionate touching but did not awaken. Mason lowered himself onto one knee and leaned forward planting a single kiss at the small of the still slumbering boy's smooth back. He tasted the boy's flesh and breathed deeply taking in the fresh scent of the recently cleansed boy's skin. Mason allowed his tongue to drag along the surface as he made his way down to the boy's fault line. His tongue followed the crease all the way down to the wrinkled epicenter, aided along the way by the separation of his cheeks. Mason swirled his tongue around the sleeping boy's hole and tasted nothing but a hint of fresh soap. He began to lick directly at the opening for a moment before snaking his wet tongue into the tight wrinkle. Mason heard a distinct moan of pleasure as he entered the boy with his tongue and he knew that he was beginning to awaken. He plunged in deeper causing a gasp to escape from the now fully aroused boy. Mason retracted his tongue and raised his head to look over at the now panting young boy, fully heated by the passionate massaging of his most tender place. Mason pulled on his leg causing Allan to shift to his back. He then spread the boy's legs giving him access to the small ball bag snuggled up tightly below the now hardened 4 inches of cut boy meat. Mason's mouth watered as he eyed his prize and Allan's expression of deep lust gave him all the incentive he needed to suck the bag quickly into his mouth as he squeezed and jacked the hot prick. Allan cooed and moaned as his older brother manipulated his small shaft causing Adam to stir and roll over to discover the hot scene playing out in the bed. Seeing that the other twin was now awake Mason spit the now loosened ball sac from his mouth and sat back up onto his knees.

OK,” he smiled, “since you both want to be part of this...then we're going to change the rules a bit.”

What do you mean?” Adam worried that his brother was going back on his earlier agreement to continue the nighttime sex games.

I mean that if you two wanna play...then you too have to play...” he smirked.

Like you want us to do things to you?” Allan realized the implications of Mason's words.

Well yeah...but I was thinking that for starters... I would have a little fun watching you two play with each other.”

The twins looked at each other and then at their big brother with confused gazes. While they had spoken together about their awareness of and appreciation of their brother's nighttime activities...they had never thought to try it with each other. To be truthful...each twin suddenly felt kind of stupid. They shared an unmistakable look of DUH! with each other before returning a unanimous “OK!”

Mason directed the pair over the next hour in a symphony of prepubescent love making. Each boy took his turn receiving and giving oral stimulation to every inch of his mirror. Allan and Adam reeled in their new found lust for each other and became instant addicts, freshly drunken on each others intoxicating juices. Mason worked his subjects into a living piece of sexual art and never let up as he pushed them to higher and higher levels of animalistic intensity. With each new set of instructions he pushed their personal boundaries until he was sure that they had surrendered all resolve and given themselves over to his every desire and whim. Each time he suspected that they were nearing an orgasm he would intervene and send their bodies crashing down still grasping towards the prize they had been repeatedly denied. He watched as they slurped and sucked, kissed and bit every inch of their bodies, lovingly taking in all the beautiful sights of their debauchery. When it came time for them to take it up a notch they did not hesitate and Mason took this as a clear sign that they would ultimately and willingly undertake whatever depravity he could muster. By now the boys were begging their older brother to allow them their release.

Please Mason,” Adam panted, “I need to cum so fuckin' bad man....”

Yeah dude...” Allan drunkenly belched, “I need to do it so bad I feel like I am going to explode!”

Oh not quite yet boys,” Mason grinned, “before you can cum there is another matter that needs attending.

Mason glanced down at his own plump cock. The twins were on him in no time and took turns sucking his teen cock into their mouths and passing it between them. Mason almost lost his balance as the assault on his young prick sent him on a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. His senses were in overdrive as every fiber of his being was being assaulted with pleasure. He grabbed them both by the back of their heads and held their faces together instructing them to puff out their lips. He then rammed his cock between their faces and fucked them like that for a few minutes, reveling in the sensation of the dual stimulation. He then instructed them to suck and spit on his teen cock getting it slicked up to the point where their hot saliva was dripping off of it making a puddle on the mattress below. His next direction made both boys growl with lust. He had Allan lie face down on the bed bending at the knees so that his hot little ass was nicely raised. He then helped Adam lie on his back on top of his brother with his knees pressed back to his chest. Mason eyed the mirror image created by the two boys lying back to back exposing both of their sweet little buds. He wasted no time going to work lathering up both the hungry boycunts, giving them each a serious bathing. The twins grunted and moaned as their respective holes were wantingly molested. When the teen was satisfied that they had been adequately lubricated he stood up and positioned himself at their neighboring entrances. Allan's eyes widened as he realized what was coming next. Mason just stared into his eyes as he drew closer and as Allan winced in anticipation of the fully erect teen cock piercing his flesh he heard Adam growl a deep and guttural mixture of pain and ecstasy. Allan's eyes flew open as he felt his brother tense beneath him. Mason pressed further and further, inch by inch until Adam was fully impaled on his straining cock. Since there had been no finger preparation, the boy's tunnel was maddeningly tight. Mason grunted and groaned as his teen prick strangled inside his little brother's cunt. After a moment was given to allow everyone concerned to adjust, Mason began to slow fuck the young boy. Allan rode atop his twin brother's back and a lustful smile snaked across his face, growing wider with each howl of delight poured out of Adam's gaping mouth. Mason watched his younger brother's face and knew he was loving hearing his twin call out in pain drenched passion. The teen grabbed onto the boy's balls as they bounced with each thrust and clamped down with each corresponding thrust into the other's hot ass. Allan shrieked at first when his older brother's grip sent waves of pain through his small sac but soon melted into groans of pure animal lust as he felt his pouch being abused. Mason thrust his thumb deep into the boy's pussy hole and gripped him tightly. He began to pick up his pace and watched as Allan's head lashed back and forth with each deep stroke. Adam's cries of pleasure only intensified and Allan's smile returned. Mason looked down at the boy and smiled back.

You like hearing him scream don't ya Allan?”

Fuck yeah...” Allan growled, “he loves that big cock up his little ass.” Adam just kept howling and clawing at the mattress as his hole continued to welcomingly swallowed Mason's cock.

Well...” Mason laughed as he pulled his cock all the way out of Adam's tortured passage and without warning rammed it into Allan's waiting hole to the hilt.

Mason was sure glad that their father's bedroom was clear on the other side of the house as he was sure the screams that were now pouring freely from Allan's mouth could be heard in space. Adam continued to moan as his now obscenely stretched and abused hole convulsed, trying desperately to close. The young boy just laid there still drunk with lust as his freshly assaulted prostate quivered in his body. Mason rabbit fucked Allan's young body as the once smirking twin struggled to control his spasmodic body. Mason kept this up for a good 10 minutes before bending down to pick Allan's overwhelmed body off of his brother and bring him close to his standing chest. The teen's cock never left the hot wetness of Allan's sheath as he slowed his rhythm down. Mason pressed his face to his younger brother's and Allan instinctively parted his lips to allow his brother's tongue to invade. Allan was only spurred on by the detection of his own ass juices as their tongues danced. Mason broke the kiss and bent the boy out from his body. Allan understood and took over for his big brother sliding himself up the teen's thick cock before plunging back down. Adam, now back to his senses and able to force his hole to mostly close get off of his bed and joined the other two in the middle of the room. Not knowing why he was doing it he knelt down in front of Mason and took the teen's balls into his mouth as he continued to fuck Allan's sloppy chute. Mason's head began to spin and he knew that he wouldn't last much longer, not with this intense of a double assault. So the teen pulled Allan off of his cock, set him down next to his twin and proceeded to pump rope after rope of searing hot teen cum all over their young faces and chests. He stumbled backwards and crashed into Allan's bed. The twins rushed to him fearing that something was wrong and took positions on either side of him, still covered in the older brother's spunk.

Are you ok Mason?” Adam was genuinely worried.

Yeah dude... are you alright?” Allan was equally concerned.

I....I'm...oh fuck me....I'm..” the teen could only spit out single words as he fought to get his breathing under control, “I'm awesome!”

The trio started laughing and collapsed into a ball of hot sweaty flesh on the bed. When Mason had fully recovered he sat up against the headboard with a twin at either side.

That was fucking amazing...” Mason said wiping the sweat from his brow, “are you two ok?”

Both twins admitted a little pain but other than that reported themselves to be in great form. Each boy admitted to no less than five dry orgasms as a result of the hardcore raping of their tight little asses. Mason laughed as he remembered fondly the days of prepubescent multiple orgasms. The trio lay together in Allan's bed for another few minutes before Mason ushered them into the bathroom to inspect the damage to their boy cunts and make any needed repairs. Each boy had significant redness and swelling around their holes and Allan had a slight amount of blood. Mason cleaned them up and applied a healthy amount of salve to their abused bums. When he was finished he saw them both back to their room and tucked each of them in with a hug and a kiss. They all knew that reality would hit soon enough as the morning was fast approaching and they would have to resume their roles. But for now the brothers enjoyed a closeness that they had never before felt.

As Mason settled into his own bed he relived the day again in his mind, only this time there was no fear, no confusion, and no anger...not even for his father. Mason realized that his father was who his father was, and while the brothers would have to be very careful to keep their new secret, he knew that ultimately their love for each other would grow and that it would be enough to keep them. Mason knew as well that his father's bizarre behavior might get worse and that he might have to act...but for now he was happy with the knowledge that he was no longer the odd man out in the family. As he drifted off to sleep he remembered Mr. Smith's note and couldn't wait to bring the old man up to speed on all that had transpired.

To be continued…

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