This is fiction, don't read this if you shouldn't legally be doing so but otherwise enjoy. Everything is consensual and fantasy in this story.

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Robbie Meeks was once an innocent little boy. He was a humble neighborhood celebrity who unknowingly charmed his entire town with a delicate face, adorable eyes, and glowing na´vetÚ. Everybody saw him as the area golden child, a cute well-behaved boy they all wanted for themselves. And Robbie was exactly the honeysweet child everyone thought he was.

The perfect son... until a randy city-boy named Compton moved next door. Compton was a promiscuous and savvy kid for years, who wasted a gifted intellect on the internet. He was soaking in obscenities from shady blogs and forums and waiting for a chance to use them. Predictably, Compton was a grade A pervert who saw Robbie... a little differently.

Like others, Compton loved the soft effeminate-but-boyish features that made Robbie look "gentle" and "pure" without even trying. But where others saw a cuddly boy who was naturally affectionate, Compton saw skin hunger and latent sexuality. The first innocuous fondlings confirmed Compton's suspicion, with the boy getting hopelessly aroused in an instant. (Robbie's love for popsicles and lollipops suggested a keen oral fixation to boot.)

Compton had the horniest mind in the world and a cock that was always hard, yet even he was never more aroused by anyone but Robbie. The older boy saw the kindest boy in the world paired with the sexiest tightest body on earth. Robbie had the perfect pink lips for sucking, a perfect pert bum for fucking, the perfect soft skin for biting... and it was Robbie's new destiny was to be Compton's slutty hypersexual counterpart.

Compton was proud of his catch. Here was Robbie, a drop-dead cutie who had all the girls swooning over him. He was class president of their grade school, and a golden child whom everybody loved. Robbie's parents fawned over him, and his little brother looked up to him like the coolest boy in the world.

And in less than a month from their first meeting, Compton had already enjoyed the little nymphet's body more intimately than anyone else ever had or would. The delinquent city-kid loved holding so much power over Robbie - that he knew how to coax every drop of sexuality from Robbie's tight ripe flesh, until the smaller boy oozed with an uncertain young pleasure that was all for his taking.

The doe-eyed Robbie never knew what hit him. He was hooked by Compton's "guidance" and helpless to figure it all out. There was nothing Robbie could do to stop his fall from grace.

Even in front of others, Robbie was always being stirred into heat by Compton's invisible hand. At any point where Robbie was in arm's reach of Compton, his body would be steadily worked into a lust beyond his years. It never ended. Robbie was subtly revved up while in public, mercilessly teased and sometimes fucked when nobody was watching. And then worst of all, even in his rare moments of privacy Robbie would still be unable to stop fantasizing more about Compton's succulent cock. It was hopeless! There was never a moment for Robbie spare a clean thought... Compton's presence was always there.




9:00 PM, Tuesday.


Robbie's mother called in every night to check up on her boy. The two friends tested into a private boarding school for the gifted, and were sharing a room. It was well over a year and Compton still loved chatting with the parents about their darling Robbie, usually while their precious son's mouth was filled with his slimy erection.

"I love the stories you tell us, Compton!" gushed a chipper Mrs. Meeks. She was such a fortunate mother for her son to have an older boy in his grade, who could show him the ropes and wasn't afraid to ride him hard. "Glad you're making sure our baby boy is holding together. I know it's a lot of trouble, but will you promise to keep staying on top of him?"

"Ooh... yeah, definitely. We go out all the time, I make sure to keep him off his butt most of the day... and we only do homework when we're staying in... Robbie loves homework."

Robbie blushed upon hearing this. 'Doing homework' with Compton was a unique experience... it involved finishing both their assignments, but only while sitting naked on top of Compton's probing manhood. As hard as math could be, Compton's penis made it even harder to think as it massaged him so deeply inside.

And yes Robbie was a bright kid, but it was hard to concentrate while getting fucked and fondled and teased right to the edge, over and over and over again. His hips would squirm against Compton's throbbing cock inside of him, shuddering while his dorm-mate whispered exactly the words that would set him off the most.

For the sake of an upcoming test or major project, Robbie sometimes wished he could simply adapt or acclimate his body to the pleasure. But it would never happen - Compton was such an artist with Robbie's body. He was always too much for little Robbie to handle, always ready to blow right past the pretty boy's composure.

Compton's hands knew where to caress the weakest spots of Robbie's flesh, and his big contoured cock could reach the even weaker spots inside him. Just a simple breath against his ear made Robbie cringe, but Compton knew the right words to force shuddering screams and dropped pencils.

Robbie would shake and cry and laugh and eventually faint, leaving behind his best attempts at sexualized schoolwork. It was rarely flawless, but Compton enjoyed correcting the work while Robbie napped. He was always finished by the time Robbie woke up, rewarding himself with a blowjob from his slut.

"I'm so impressed to hear about your schedule," praised Robbie's mother. "We're glad you're such a good influence on Robbie, I know all the kids think he's so cool but you should know he's really such a susceptible boy. I just wouldn’t want somebody to take advantage of him!"

"Yeah don't worry," replied Compton, "I have him on a real short leash... You should see what I do to get him ready in the mornings. He can make a real mess of himself."

Robbie turned a deeper shade of red, knowing full well what Compton really meant. Compton thought this super-blushing made Robbie look cute, so he pushed an extra inch into Robbie's mouth.

The truth is, Robbie went to sleep every night with Compton's cock and a load of good-night cum inside his hole. He would never know what exactly drove his sleeping mind so crazy - if it was having a cock resting and twitching so deeply in him all night, or if Compton was actually awake and teasing his sweet spots… but every morning, Robbie would wake up hornier than he was the morning before.

Compton was always there when he awoke, ready to feed Robbie his cock for a morning snack and then ask him about his wet, wet dreams.

Robbie’s life was saturated by constant arousal, yet nobody knew where to look. If you ask his classmates, Robbie always walked very slowly on his way to class with Compton and never talked to anyone. Naturally his friends assumed he just wasn't a morning person. But if you asked Compton, he would tell you it was because Robbie had a prostate plug in his rear, a ring around his cock and a morning load of cum in his mouth. Robbie was only allowed to swallow when the starting bell would ring.

"But that's enough from me," smirked Compton. He pushed Robbie's panting face away from his cock - the boy really got into blowjobs, no matter how much he tried to pretend it wasn't true.

"Time for *Robbie* to talk," Compton replied. A bridge of precum lingered between his cock and Robbie's mouth. Robbie licked it clean and smiled with Compton's cream still dripping on his teeth.

Smiling, Compton bid farewell to the mother of his horny little pet.

"He looks about ready."



The Magic Words



Robbie laid on his bed with the phone, biting his lip nervously. Compton flipped him onto his stomach.

"Hi mom," Robbie chirped nonchalantly. He stifled a whimper as Compton pushed his chest down against the bed. Robbie's ass was lifted into the air. His knees were still together, granting his pert cheeks an attempt to conceal the lubed hole between them.

Compton parted Robbie's pearly buttocks with his cock and slowly penetrated Robbie's entrance.

"Y-yeah Compton is taking care o-oohh! Care! He's tuh...tunh... taking care of me..."

His daily talk with his mom was always his most embarrassing and decadent point of the day. It was one of those moments when Compton loved to start slow, then pick the worst possible moment to start pounding Robbie's ass as hard as he could. Compton would play Robbie like an instrument while Robbie would try (and fail) to pretend he was still an innocent darling son.

"No, sorry mom I was just distracted. Yeah don't worry, I pay attention in my cla... aaah... ass... in my... aAAhh... in m-my classes, nnnnnhhh...! So…  ohhhh-hhhhard! Ah! Ah! The c-classes mom, nnnhh sorry…"

Compton smiled and pinned Robbie face-down on the bed, with Robbie's perky ass pressed lewdly against his cock. The fact that Robbie loved being fucked in this position made him all the more powerless to control his pleasure. This slender beauty was completely at Compton's mercy, trapped on the phone with an oblivious mother while Compton whispered dirty truths into Robbie's other ear and plowed a hard drooling cock into his bum.

"Mmmnnnhh... y-yeah mom I have a... a cock... nnNnh I mean a c-couple of testi... tests next week..."

The poor boy was never good at keeping quiet, especially not after hours of  'homework'. To hide his moans and squealing, Robbie always smothered his face into the pillow when his mother spoke. But Compton's interests conflicted. He loved that Robbie would eventually flush red from his face to his chest, then all over his body, getting hornier and louder and redder with each passing embarassment. Robbie was always a glowing pink nymphet by the time Compton was satisfied.

"AhhhHNNhh! Yeah, I-I know... ohhHh... I knnNnow I'm a big brother... Ahh... ahHHHhh... I'll sssset an example... unnnh..."

Compton made sure Robbie's biggest and loudest cum of the day would come at the time to say goodbye to his beloved mommy. Because, as mothers will do, Robbie's mother insisted her son end their call "properly".

Without failure or delay, Robbie screamed louder and sexier each day. Always red-faced and sometimes even crying in humiliated ecstasy, he would squeal in helpless orgasm and declare to the phone,

"I luhh-llhh-love you, mmh-mmMHHmommiehhh... I'll be a-a-uhh-unnh-UHhh! UNH! AHHhh! a good... BOYYyy!...AANNNnhhh! AAAhhh! AAAnNNHHhh…!! <click>"

The words grew more incoherent, more tainted by sex every time. The audio of Robbie's speech was worth millions with the right audience.

There were many squealing, moaning, sighing, and screaming variations of this goodbye. Robbie's mom always thought her son was just being emotional. Instead, these changes in pitch and frequency only had to do with the tempo at which Compton felt like fucking their baby boy to an explosive anal orgasm on that particular day.

"I love you, mommie! I'll be a good boy."

It was a simple mantra that Robbie had spoken all his life. It was also a mantra that Compton intended for Robbie to strongly associate with intense shameful sex.

Compton liked to call them "the magic words".

And to the pervert's pleasant surprise, it worked. Compton never broke the routine, never did less than his best while he groomed Robbie Meeks into the perfect erotic boy.

Every night, it was a miracle that Robbie could even get the words out of his semen-glazed schoolboy mouth. He spoke incoherently each time, his body melting against a steel invader, his precious hole pushing helplessly against a well endowed cock.

Every night, Robbie felt warm taps of cum splashing inside him, at the same time that he promised his mommy he would be a good little boy.

Every night, Robbie became more and more of a liar, because he had been fucked yet another time and cum even harder this time than the last. Compton's own ropes of cum seemed to shoot deeper inside of him over time, as the older boy became even more practiced in breeding his little slut.

"I love you mommy, I’ll be a good boy."

Robbie could hardly remember how to say those words without moaning uncontrollably. Sometimes, he would fall right asleep when he ended the call. Usually Compton would just stay inside him, harden up and chain another few hours’ worth of fucks and cums into his hole for good measure. And he would only let Robbie orgasm when he promised loudly again and again to be a good little boy.

In all its success, this was a major part of Compton's careful grooming. Compton prided himself on sexualizing even the innocent facade that Robbie presented to his mother. He made sure the poor little sex kitten had no refuge from his body's humiliating needs. That Robbie's subconscious would always remind him of his true dirtiness even when he was "safe" and alone, lying about himself before his dearest mommy.

The first time Robbie spoke "the magic words" at home, it sent a well-known shudder down his spine. And Compton was glad to find out that every time after that, it had the same subliminal effect. It made the boy sigh, hyperaware of his empty hole. It cursed little Robbie with a drooling hard-on and lust for a stronger body to take him. It made him grind his little ass against the chairs, wishing against his will that there was a cock to make him squeal. It would make him remember what it was like, to have another person split him so wide and fill him so deep... the mere thought of it making his mouth hang agape. The shudder never left or weakened, and Compton's psychological trigger never lost its magic.

It was all about the little things. Whenever Compton saw Robbie getting *really* into a good fuck, Compton would kiss him gingerly on the forehead like his mommy always did. He would stroke Robbie's hair like his mommy did, and probably always had since the Robbie was a baby. And Compton made sure since the start of their friendship to often use terms of endearment and pet names in the exact same way, too.

"You feel how deep I can fuck you, Robbie-baby?"

"Get ready to cum all over your sheets, sweety-boy..."

"Aww, is Robbie-pie leaking like a faucet from just sucking my cock? You're a fucking slut, babe..." 

In the heat of the moment, it all hit home. It all gave their sex a Freudian intimacy that Robbie never consciously noticed. He was a straight-laced boy who loved his mommy, and the innocent facade Robbie presented to her and the world was now another weakness that made him ripe for further plucking.

Compton found this delicious. He loved its kinkiness, that it gave Robbie a sexual frustration and attachment to him that the poor boy never understood. He loved the hypocrisy of Robbie's innocent reputation at home and at school. Most importantly, Compton could see it in Robbie's eyes that it was yet another secret that turned him on something rotten.



"Compton asked me to give you lots of snacks while we're at camp," Danny taunted. "Eat up, pretty boy... God, you're so fucking hot!"

Robbie loved the feeling of Danny's cock in his mouth, and the constant cum that seemed to stream from it. Being forced to swallow so much of this boy's seed, and being on "rental" to him by Compton, made him feel like more of a slut than he had ever felt in his life.

"I think I'm going to cum already...," groaned Danny. "But don't stop this time, I know I want another one before the brats get back from the pond..."

Robbie couldn't believe the balls on this boy, and the sheer unfocused sexual output he was being subjected to. A night with Danny was like a night with the Emory brothers. Those five Mormon boys may have cum a lot, but if any one of them traded places with Danny then Robbie would have never come close to swallowing it all.

Danny didn't nearly have Compton's stamina, much preferring fast, hard, intense fucks and quick cums. He wasted no time and the sex was always about him, unlike Compton - who delighted in torturing Robbie with pleasure and turning the middle Meeks child's own sexual needs against him. Compton made sure Robbie remembered and shuddered at the thought of every single time they fucked. With Danny, it was all a constant blur of hard dirty sex. His body was drained of cum, and filled with exponentially more of Danny's cum in return.

Whenever Danny fucked poor Robbie's little bottom, it rarely lasted more than 15 or 20 minutes. But the young stud compensated for this with the sex drive of a racehorse, always ready for more in less than a minute and always cumming just as much each time.

"Fuck, you made me hard again you fucking queer... you're fucking cuter than a girl!"

Danny would complain, blaming his constant erections on hapless little Robbie. And of course, he was responsible for taking care of Danny's constant boner - until it sprung up yet again, ready for more of Robbie's tight young body.

In fact, it was even out of control. Robbie barely had time to do anything else but ride and suck on Danny's hung cock. During the beginning of the day Danny would fuck Robbie's ass every time he wanted to cum, but by noon the dribbling sperm would become too much for Robbie to hide. So during the afternoons Danny would fuck Robbie's rosy little mouth instead.

"Shit... I came so much in you that I'm sore. I'm glad you're so damn soft... and tight... fuck!"

Robbie himself was a fantastic sexual partner, probably the best that Danny ever had. Danny would cum especially fast whenever Robbie gave him those special afternoon rush-blowjobs, and the older boy took great pride in rewarding his companion with a mouthful of sperm each time.

"Shhiiitt... I'm gonna bust a huge nut right now... gonna make you fucking gulp... nnnh!"

Danny delighted in the knowledge that he was pumping the class valedictorian literally full of his cum. There were hushed rumors that Robbie was really repressed and loved taking the cock... but it was more of a popular fantasy than something people took seriously. Danny made sure to take pictures on his smart phone, to add this boy extraordinaire to his conquests.

"AuughHHhhhhH!!" Danny moaned through gritted teeth and came yet another time inside of Robbie's mouth. He came down to earth, impressed by Robbie's enthusiasm.

"Man, I never thought THE Robbie Meeks would be such a slut!"

Robbie was too preoccupied to respond with more than an appreciative groan. He slowly slipped his lips off of the bigger boy's cock, milking the shaft with his tongue to make sure he got every drop along the way. It was such a mouthful of cum that he was pouting slightly, and he swallowed it all with an audible gulp.

"Fuck!" Danny yelled. Just watching Robbie's face at his crotch was reviving the erection that just subsided. There wasn't any way for him to get off without getting turned on again by how much Robbie fucking loved his cock.

"I guess here we go again..."






I'm working on some other series as well. I could use feedback!

One story is about a young Chinese boy taken into sexual subservience by a wealthy bigoted Englishman. It's almost finished and is an attempt to mix old imperialist thinking with sexual domination/ submission.

Another story is inspired by the premise of the Nifty story "Tooth Fairy". It's about a wealthy privileged kid named Simon whose life changes after a perverted technician rigs his computer and webcam. The man also bugs his home with spy cameras and microphones. The pervert posts a constant, live stream of these cameras onto the internet and Simon quickly becomes a star. Strangers send the boy letters, sex toys and outfits that lure him into their fantasies - and soon he goes too far and enjoys too much to turn back. (What things would you ask to see? What would you send? What might you include in these letters to put nagging thoughts of sex on his impressionable young mind?)

I also have a story premise about a mother who aspires for her son Maddie (Madison) to be a child actor, and signs him up for a sexual blockbuster movie about alien molestation. (Silly premise, what kind of stuff do you think might happen on set?)



Some other ideas involve Robbie.

Compton has been making Robbie keep a dream journal - what do you think would be in it? Share your own wet dreams, or some dreams you think Robbie might have.

More camp adventures? Will Danny fuck Robbie's brains out in front of Katie?

What happens when Compton grooms Robbie's little brother Aly to be Danny's personal toy? How will Robbie feel, knowing that Danny has fucked his big sister, fucked the girl he likes, fucked him, and now even the little brother he was supposed to protect? And most importantly, how will Compton use this against Robbie to make him even more of a sexual deviant?



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