by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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Hi. Let me introduce myself. The name is William Mattsen. I am now 25 years old and very gay. I stand 6'4" and weigh 294 pounds of solid muscle. People look at me and try to figure if I am on steroids. I have to prove I do not use drugs almost all the time, but when I prove I am all natural from head to toe, I get the last laugh. As far as the rest of me, I have jet black hair and green eyes. I have been told they look like emeralds, but I think of them as orbs that are mysterious. The one part of me that people are usually amazed at is my dick. Soft, it measures 8.5", thick and veiny. Fully hard, it grows to 12" long and almost 8" thick. One long vein runs the length from the head to my balls. I have two low hangers that carry golf ball sized nuts.

As I look back on my life, one would never have guessed I was gay. I was born into the military. My dad was a marine and served in Vietnam and Grenada as I grew up. I was in awe of my dad. He kept himself in shape, never smoked, and rarely drank. The only flaw on his body, if you call it a flaw, was a marine bulldog tattoo on his left bicep. He would constantly flex it for me and my two brothers and we loved it. My mother was what people call a natural beauty. Red hair and green eyes, she was statuesque with a sense of humor and discipline. Though dad was the head of the house, mom was the true boss. If we got out-of-line, Mom was there to bring us back. I knew I wanted to look like Dad but I knew I wanted Mom's sense of fairness. As I said, I have two brothers James, or Jimmy, and Daniel, or Danny. They both have red hair and blue eyes. I guess we all got a share from out parents, Dad with his black hair and blue eyes.

When I was 12, Dad was stationed at Cherry Point, NC. Now I was into exercise and I enjoyed weightlifting. Dad bought me a weight set with bench for my birthday the year before. I began to develop a little muscle and tone to my body. I asked Dad one day if I could go to the gym on the base to try out the weights. The only problem was I had to have an adult to supervise me and my dad did not have time to be there with me. I continued to nag him until he asked one of his men to go with me.

John Berson was a PFC in my dad's platoon and always worked out. When I first met him I stood in total amazement of him. 6'6" and 275 pounds of solid muscle. He was black, very amiable, and looked out for my brothers and me. I would constantly pester him about weightlifting. I thought he was a god and was happy that he would spend time with me. I never thought much on his touching me on my back or ass. My cocklet would get hard at his touch. I never thought about being gay, but I enjoyed being with John.

One Saturday, he came by to pick me up and took me to the gym for work out. We arrived early so we were the first ones there. Even though I had a good weight set, I was amazed at all the equipment at the base gym. We went to the locker room and changed. As John exposed himself, I stared and could not move. The deep chocolate skin rippled with muscle. His ass was hard, taut, and very muscular. I then noticed his dick hanging down at least 7" soft and very thick. It was also the first uncut penis I had ever seen in my life. John noticed my staring at his groin and he smiled. I had already taken off my shirt and pants, and my pre-teen dick began to grow in front of him. My 5" was straining against my briefs and very uncomfortable.

"Don't worry about that." he said with his arm on my shoulder. "Guys do get hard all the time."

We dressed, locked the lockers, and went to the weight room. John began to show me how to develop each muscle area. He moved behind me to show how to properly use dumbbells and I could feel his hardness against my body. His heat threw my mind into sexual overdrive as I rubbed up against him. John did not move away, but actually moved towards me and I felt his dick swell against my back. This continued for several minutes until John stopped it.

He got up and moved me to start with the bench press. He spotted me and I began with 100 pounds. He was amazed I was able to handle it with some ease. I was able to rip off three reps of ten. But I was distracted with the last three. I peered up and John's snake inched down his shorts. I had trouble lifting the bar and this god helped me. As John looked down and smiled, I saw a drop of liquid appear on the massive head. As the bar went into the cradle, I reached up and touched the cockhead and the liquid. John shuddered and looked at me play with it, sniff it, and finally taste it. I reached up again, but John stopped my hand and placed it on the bar. Several marines entered to work out. Some of them knew John and some knew me because of my dad. One guy, Bill Wilson, who knew John and my dad came over. Bill, though not as muscular, was very buff.

"Hey John." he said. "Who's your little shadow?"

Bill smirked at me and saw I was irritated. John glared at him and held me down.

"Listen shithead." John replied. "This kid wants to develop his muscles. And from what I've seen, he will have a great body someday."

Bill started to laugh and the others began to join in with him. John escorted me to the scale and weighed me and everyone saw I weighed 115 pounds. John then put me on the bench again and added 15 pounds to the bar. I proceeded to work the bar 12 times with very little trouble. Many stopped laughing and began to watch the kid on the weights. John added another ten pounds and again I pushed off another ten. John bent down and whispered in my ear.

"Let's have some fun." he said. "Do you think you can do 10 more if I add 10 pounds to the bar?"

"Yeah, I'll try." I whispered back. "What have you got in mind?"

"Let's bet loud mouth you can do it." he said. "If you do, you get the money. I want to shut that idiot up."

John then added 10 more pounds so the bar was at 135. He then turned to Bill and looked in his eyes.

"I bet you $10 that he will press that bar with 135 pounds on it." John said. "What do you say?"

"How many times?" Bill asked.

"Name it." John replied.

I became panic-stricken thinking what if he wanted more than 10. Bill thought the look was that I could not do it even once and to my relief he responded.

"5 times." he said.

Several of the men wanted part of the bet and John just winked. He took all bets and everyone stepped back. I lifted the bar and quickly pushed the bar five times and put it back in the cradle again. I just smiled and John handed me the winnings. I got a little cocky and almost did something stupid.

"Double or nothing." I said in a loud tone.

John grabbed me and planted his size 13 on my butt. I could see that he was not happy at this point. We walked silently to the locker room and I sat down. I worried that John would not help me. I began to cry and John sat down next to me.

"What's wrong Billy?" he asked.

"What did I do?" I asked. "Please don't stop training me."

John was confused what I was thinking. He saw that I was fearful of not seeing him. At this point the held me tight and I felt his body all over me.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to leave." he said. "At least until I'm transferred. You just got too big for your britches and you needed to get a swift kick."

I looked into his eyes and saw the kindness that shone. He was a protector, a trainer, a friend, and what I did not know, a lover. He would be the man who taught me that being gay was fine.

"Billy you're a great person." he said. "But you need to put in perspective. You have the possibility to develop larger than me. But you need humility."

I smiled at him and we readied ourselves for the shower. We entered and I stood next to this mountain of a man. We showered and I kept glancing over to look at John's body, especially his cock. My own dick rose and slapped against my groin with a few hairs sprouting through. I was amazed that the hairiness around his dick and huge cum-filled balls. His scrotum hung low and his balls were huge, even to an adult. John smiled at me and winked. He slowly cleaned his dick, allowing it to grow magnificently before my eyes. It finally stretched to 13" of hard and very thick meat. I looked around and saw no one. I reached over and put my hand on the shaft. Even my hand could not close around it. I began to slowly stroke it, hypnotized by it, as looking at a cobra. But after a few seconds, John stopped me and shook his head. He nodded his head to the entrance and I shook my head in acknowledgement. We finished and dried ourselves by our lockers. We dressed in silence and went to John's car. He began driving and went off the base to a wooded area to park. As he turned to me, I saw a concerned look on his face.

"Billy, we need to talk." he said. "You need to be honest with me. Do you think you're gay?"

I may have been a bit naïve, but I knew what gay meant. I had heard the term at school with others along with homo, faggot, queer, among others. I knew I was gay, but somewhat afraid to reveal my sexuality. I nodded to John, who did not change his expression.

"Have you ever done anything with anyone?" he asked.

I shook my head no. I knew what he felt because if anyone would catch us, John could go to prison for child molestation. I could never do anything to John and knew he would tell me we could not do anything, though I would do anything for him. What happened next surprised even me.

"Billy, I'm gay." he said. "Though I can't tell anyone, I met a lot of guys who are gay in the marines. I just don't want you to get with someone that would hurt you."

"John, I just want you." I responded. "You're a special person and I want you to teach me."

I leapt across the seat into his arms and hugged him with all my might. Feeling the taut muscles burgeoning made me hard as my jeans tented. I saw John's dick solidify and snake down his left leg. I reached to his zipper and lowered it. I fished his ebony piece of wood out. I saw the precum ooze out of the piss slit and I lowered my head. I flicked my tongue across the head and lapped the sweet juice. The more he produced, the more my tongue worked. I had read something about oral sex, so I lowered my mouth wide onto the head. John was so thick I could just get the head into my mouth. I tried to move my head up and down, but after only a couple of inches, my gag reflexes kicked in and I began to sputter and drool all over his dick. John pulled me up and smiled at me.

"You know, you don't have to do this." he said.

What happened next surprised us both. I just forced my mouth on his and ran my tongue deep in his throat. My mouth controlled his and I heard a passionate moan emanate from him. After several moments I pulled back and stared at him.

"Damn." he said finally. " You are a great kisser."

"Well I only kiss the one I love." I said, lowering myself so my head was at his crotch.

I opened wide and slid 3" into my orifice. I moved up and down, learning to relax, occasionally gagging. I was able to take 5". I reached and played with his nut sac, feeling them tighten. I knew he was ready to shoot and I was about to get my first taste of cum.

"I'm ready to shoot." he said, moaning loudly.

John tried to pull my head off his cock, but I was like a starving man waiting for food. I continued sucking long and hard, occasionally scraping my teeth on his shaft. Then the first blast exploded from the hot dick. It hit the back of my throat and I began to cough. The second blast unloaded and I tried to swallow and cough at the same time. John continued to release blast after blast of white juice, while I finally was able to drink, but some of it seeped out of my mouth and, his dick and balls. John finally was spent. His dick slowly softened and slopped out of my mouth. I continued to lick the head to get every bit of this man. John finally gained some composure and pulled me to him. He licked the spillage from around my mouth, while I felt his tongue around my mouth. I swallowed it and he tasted his own juice.

We continued and I felt his hand on my dick, caressing the hardness. He then deftly undid my jeans and slid my dick out. John lowered himself and swallowed my hard 5". He lightly stroked my hairless balls. I felt the tongue swirl all over my dick and I loved the feeling. Since I was just started the throes of puberty, I only began to produce a small of watery cum. Most of the time the pure bliss of orgasm would rock my body. I began to feel the sensation of an explosive orgasm surging from my groin and spread through my body. With a suddenness, my body pulsed with an ecstasy I never felt by stroking myself. My entire body lurched forward, with my groin hitting John's face. My body shook with the jolt of electricity that John brought to my soul.

As my body began to relax, I thought John would move off me, but he only removed his mouth to wet his finger. I had read what I thought he was about to do, but the realization made me a bit nervous. John planted his mouth back on my dick and began sucking, then played with my balls. I felt his finger rub the area between my balls and ass. He worked slowly down, rubbing his finger on my hole. The more he played, the more relaxed I felt until my hole felt his finger enter slowly. There was some pain, but not to the extent I feared. My initial reaction was to tighten, but John wiggled the part he already had in me, which tickled. I relaxed again and his big digit entered me slowly until it was all the way. He then hit something I did not know was in me, but caused my dick to get harder than ever. John fingered my prostate, making me to moan and growl like an animal. The noises I was making were surrealistic and sounded that they were from someone or something else. As John continued to manipulate my dick with his mouth and my ass with his finger, my body shot into overdrive. The pleasure of his finger slowly fucking me made me know I was gay. All of a sudden I saw stars and everything went black. By the time I recovered, I saw John leaning over me, stroking my brow and hair with a concerned look on his face. My dick was still out, but limp and covered in cum. It was not watery like I usually produce, but thick like John's. I thought John had cum again, but I noticed his cock was clean. John then began to explain what happened.

"My God!" he exclaimed. "You shot a huge load. I must have unleashed something in you."

John explained that I shot a massive volley on my first shot. He said that I seemed to be an endless fountain of jizz. John said I almost made him choke. He leaned in and kissed me, allowing me to taste my own cum on his tongue. I loved this man who created a new person. John and I finally got ourselves together and he drove me home. As he pulled up to the house, I smiled at him.

"I'll be here around noon." he said. "Just be ready for a hard work out."

"Oh I will." I replied, stroking his dick.

I bound out of his car with my bag in my hand and plowed through the front door, almost knocking over my dad. As we both gathered ourselves, he looked at me and began laughing.

"Damn Billy." he said. "If this is what happens after one workout, I better beware."

"If you only knew Dad." I replied. "If you only knew."

I ran upstairs and dumped my bag on my bed. My two brothers ran into my room and tackled me. How I loved my brothers and would die for them. We had our share of fights, but what brothers do not. As they ganged up on me, trying to tickle me into submission. I lifted my baby brother and put him at the foot of my bed. Jimmy tried to subdue me alone, but could not. He did reach into my pockets and found the money I won at the gym.

"Where did you get this?" he asked. "Did you steal it?"

"No you dick head." I replied. "I won it."

"I'm telling Dad you stole someone's money." he retorted. "And that you called me a dick head."

With that, he was off with the money in hand. Jimmy dashed to the living room and was showing the money to our father, who then saw me bolting in with anger and fear in my eyes. My dad looked at me and told my brother to leave. I was totally scared, wondering what he had planned.

"Where did you get this?" he asked in a firm tone, showing me the money.

"It was a bet." I answered, knowing the truth could do no harm.

"What?" he responded skeptically. "How?"

I began to explain when Bill Wilson came to the gym and the events leading up to my doing 5 reps on 135 pounds. My dad looked at me suspiciously, then called John. Listening to the one side of the conversation, my dad heard the story of the bet. I did hear him tell John he wanted to see all involved on Monday in his office. As he hung up, he turned to me.

"Well you told me the truth." my dad said. "But you should know gambling is wrong. I will take this money and put it in your savings account."

"But Dad." I protested. "It's my money."

As I saw my dad reach for his belt and I knew I overplayed my hand. I decided to be a man about the situation and looked my dad in the eye, or as best as I could.

"Dad, I'm sorry." I said. "I'm wrong and you do what's best."

My dad stood their dumbfounded for almost a minute, then began laughing hard. He came up to me and gave me a hug that almost broke my ribs. After he put me down, he sat down and looked into my eyes.

"Okay, why the change in attitude?" he asked.

I finished what happened after I won the bet. After I got cocky, how John gave me a swift kick in my pants, and how he said that a man takes responsibility with humility and honor.

"John's right." my dad said. "You're a good kid, with a good head on your shoulders. And obviously very strong. Now you're learning to be a man."

I smiled, but not for the reasons my dad thought. John began to explore my manhood. My dad gave me a swat on my ass and I headed for my room. Danny was still there crying.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"Did Daddy hurt you?" he asked, tears flowing down his cheeks.

"Nope." I said. "He and I just talked. "Where's Jimmy?"

"He's in our room." Danny said. "He thinks you'll beat him up."

"Go get him." I said, almost like an order.

Danny took off and while I waited, I took off my t-shirt. I noticed in the mirror I was developing a nice tone and as I flexed my muscles, I know I would not be skinny.

Jimmy and Danny came in, Jimmy with fear in his eyes. I grabbed his head and put him in a headlock and rubbed my knuckles on his head. He swung his arms trying to get loose but there was no escape. I finally let him go and sat at my desk. I pulled my two brothers to me and hugged them.

"Jimbo." I said. "I'm not completely mad at you. But I'm hurt to think I would steal. You know better than that."

"I'm sorry Billy." he said.

I held them in my lap, with Danny almost sitting on my dick. The feeling was so wonderful, I began to get hard. Danny felt it and leaped up, pointing at me.

"Billy's pee-pee is hard." he said.

Jimmy reached over and felt my raging hard on. After he grasped it, I saw his own cock tent his pants. He stroked my dick and I just moaned. Danny came over and touched my dick. I knew this was wrong, but what I was feeling made me happy. Danny little cocklet pushed his shorts out.

"Can I see your pee-pee, Billy?" my baby brother asked.

"Go lock the door." I instructed him.

He went over and did that. I stood up and dropped my pants and briefs. My 5" stood out in all its magnificent. My brothers were amazed at the dick and the hair that was arriving on my body. They played with my balls and were fascinated with how big they were. I looked at them and decided on something.

"Okay, you saw mine." I said. "Now I get to see yours."

Jimmy and Danny looked at each other and then dropped their bottom wear. Jimmy sported a sizable 3" on his cute 10-year-old body and Danny had a very cute 1" woodie that looked delicious. I began to caress both of them, one dick in each hand. I had both of them moaning as they enjoyed the manipulation. Then both of them gave me a big surprise.

"Suck us." they said in unison.

"How would you know about that?" I asked.

"Matty showed me." Jimmy said. "And I showed Danny. We so it every night."

All I thought was three gay boys in a family. Boy, would Mom and Dad freak out. I pulled them to my bed and had them face each other. I put Danny's legs around Jimmy so both their hot little dicks were together. I dove on them and licked all over their sweet boy meats. They were moaning and groaning as I swallowed them to their sweet marble-sized nut sacs. I moved up and down on them and they both bucked their hips to drive further into my mouth. All of a sudden Danny stiffened and his breath shortened drastically. Jimmy followed suit quickly as they both seemed to flow their beings with their dry orgasms.

As they finished they looked at me and smiled. They both grabbed me and began to dive on my cock and balls. Danny moved up and down on my dick as Jimmy moved to my balls and worked on them. For these two, the manipulation was wonderful. They switched off every few minutes until almost an hour my body was ready to unload me. Danny was on my dick as my dick released my first volley. It hit him by surprise and he pulled back, but Jimmy dove on my leaking cock. Danny licked his lips then moved to get more juice from my dick. The fought over my rod to drink my sperm. As I finally stopped, they got up smiling.

"Wow!" Jimmy exclaimed. "You can make the stuff come out."

"That tasted good." Danny said. "Can I have more?"

"You have to wait." I said. "But we have to keep this our secret."

We swore that we would never tell anyone our secret to anyone, not even our friends. It was a shame we lived on the base since we could not build our own place to go for fun.

My life went on as a regimen. I would go to school and then to the gym with John. Afterwards we would go to our secluded spot for fun with our most important muscles. I could cum twice to his once, usually with John fingering my hole. I also began to do it to him, feeling his ass contract on my fingers while he shot his load into my mouth. After I would go home, and more often than not, my brothers and I would have some fun. On the weekends, I would work out during the day for several hours. Most of the marines that were there were supportive, except Bill Wilson, who - along with others involved in the bet - received reprimands and company punishment. My body developed quite well as my pecs and abs defined better than expected. My legs were really developing. John then surprised me by telling me he wanted to talk with my dad.


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