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The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER10: I sat on my bed and wondered what kind of kid Michael would be. I just hope he was as great as his dad.



When I was born I guess I was different. My dad was black and my mother was white. My dad's family was what most people call middle class, while my mom's family was filthy rich. My maternal grandparents would call me nappy or jungle monkey or just ignored me. My mom was beautiful, but had severe problems. She would party and take drugs. Her parents blamed me for all her problems. My dad's family was great. They made me feel loved and my uncles played with me.

I realized when I was five how different I was. When I went to school for the first time, the white kids would not play with me because I was black and the black kids would not associate with me because they said I was passing. My skin tone is one of caramel - almost like I have a permanent tan. My hair is straight and brown, while my eyes are dark brown, where people have described them to be black. I did have two friends, one Latino and one Japanese. Peter was Latino and we got along almost from the start. We always played together and had sleepovers. When we were in the second grade, a new boy joined the class. His name was Akio. His parents had just moved from Japan some of the kids picked on him, so Peter and I went to help him. I jumped on one kid's back, while Peter hit another kid in the stomach. They scattered and I held my hand out. This cute boy took it and I pulled him up. We introduced ourselves. From that point on we were the Three Musketeers. We went everywhere together and our friendship was strong.

I also knew I was gay when I was young. I would look at my uncles' large cocks. They let me measure them once and they had 12" each. My dad had a larger one, though I had never seen it. My uncles taught me how to jerk their poles and eat their cum. I loved the taste of it and always wanted it. They also taught me to suck dicks and I was able to take most of their thick slabs of meat. They also showed me the magic button. Peter, Akio, and I also experimented with each other. One sleepover, when we were 10, we got into a game of I'll show you mine if you show me yours, though we had seen each other on many occasion. I had the longest, Peter has the thickest, but Akio' was the cutest. It was not long or thick, but so sexy. He felt ashamed until I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it. I bobbed up and down on his pole and Akio moaned loudly. I then felt Peter spread my cheeks and began to lick my bum. I pulled off and turned to Peter.

"What are you doing?" I asked in a surprised tone.

"Something my cousin showed me." he replied. "You'll like it."

He continued to lick my boypussy and I went back to work on Akio. As Peter's tongue penetrated, it hurt slightly, but felt really good. I moved back on his tongue to get some more of it in me. After a couple of minutes, he stopped and put in his finger. I tensed, then relaxed at the pleasure I was feeling. He found my prostate and my dick grew hard. He then pushed in a second finger and then a third. With each successive intrusion, the more I liked it. Peter removed his fingers, then I felt something different. My friend put his rod at my hole and pushed in. I yelped, but Peter did not remove his thick cock. He allowed me to adjust to him. He continued to move forward until I felt him against my cheeks. Though there was some pain, the fullness and pleasure caused me to moan. He began to fuck me slowly and I continued to work on Akio. I loved the fullness of the cock in my ass and I pushed back to get more of him in me. Peter sped up his thrusts and he would occasionally brush against my prostate, which would really excite me. At one point, he hit my prostate hard and I had a massive dry orgasm. I loved the feeling of my ass clamping around his cock. And as I squeezed with my ass, Peter spasmed in my ass. I also increased the suction with my mouth and Akio followed suit as he spasmed violently. We collapsed on the floor and huddled together. I kissed Akio, who resisted at first, but then opened his mouth to greet my tongue. I then did the same with Peter, who readily opened for my tongue. After an hour, I could feel Akio's hard cocklet and wanted to feel him in my hole. I got on my hands and knees again.

"Fuck me Akio." I said. "Please fuck me."

He got behind and slipped in nice and easy. Though he was not large, he knew how to use his dick, even at that young an age. He moved around my hole and it was as if my ass was one giant prostate. I stretched my mouth to suck Peter and took him all the way down my throat. We lasted almost half-an-hour, but as before, the sensation overcame me and I experienced another orgasm as powerful as the first. The chain reaction worked from there, as Akio spasmed violently, and then Peter forced his dick more into my mouth with his seizure.

We continued as suck and fuck buddies for the next couple of years, and I had fucked both my friends. And though they loved my dick in their ass, I was a bottom, because I loved the feel of a hot dick in my ass. A few times I was able to have my Uncle James fuck me too. It was slow and methodical, which he did with love and tenderness. He never rushed me and actually let me set the pace.

A year after we started our explorations, my mom took me aside. I had seen her become thinner and weak. She had gone to the doctor and found out that she had AIDS and she was going to die soon. Her parents of course blamed me for this, as they did everything else that went wrong, but Mom said that when she died I would live with my father's parents. I had met my dad on several occasion when he came to visit and I was in awe of him. He was a huge, muscular man and a marine. He seemed to be a true he-man. He loved me because he would write to me at least once a week and called me every other day. I knew he loved me, but since he was in the military and single, he could not raise me properly. And I was afraid he would hate me if he found out I was a faggot, He would probably disown me before he killed me.

Within six months my life was turned totally upside down and inside out. Mom progressively got worse and died in the hospital. I cried bitterly and the funeral was small. I was kept in the background and her parents made sure my belongings were packed before we got back from the cemetery. When the last person left, I was taken to my paternal grandparents house, with not even a good-bye.

I settled in a nice routine, with my grandmother making sure I was happy but with discipline. My grandfather and uncles make sure that no one would ever be cruel to me and my uncles would play with me. And I still had my friends come over to play. My mom's will was read and I received everything she owned, which included a trust fund that her grandparents set up for her. Though she spend quite a bit of it, there was still money enough to send me to college and live comfortably after. Like I said, they were rich. My maternal grandparents tried to challenge my inheritance, but the judge still found in my favor. My paternal grandparents were my guardians and I was happy. I heard Mom's dad died shortly after the will and his wife moved to Florida. I also heard Mom had an older sister they disowned. What loving people!!

But when everything was going smoothly, two major disasters happened. First, Grams, as we grandkids called her, found out she had diabetes. Then a couple of months later, Grandpa died of a major heart attack. I cried more at his death and I was inconsolable at the funeral. My dad was there. He and I talked about the future. This confused me. About a week later, Grandma took me aside and she sat me down.

"Mikey." she said with tears in her eyes. "My sweet boy. I can't take care of you anymore. I don't want this, but I'm very sick and I'm afraid I could not raise you properly. I don't want to let you go, but it's for the best. Your daddy's coming to get you and you will be living with him."

"Grams, I don't want to leave you." I cried and held her tight.

"I want you to stay." she said. "But you need someone who can raise you. Don't worry. I'll still call and write you baby boy."

I cried in her arms and she rocked me back and forth. Here was the family who loved me and now I was going to be torn away. Though I loved my dad, how was he able to raise a boy on his own? I never wanted to love anyone again but my friends.

I had to tell Peter and Akio about my leaving. To say they were upset was an understatement. We had been lovers, but most important inseparable friends who looked out for each other. As we grew, I was the first to shoot cum, then Peter was next. My cock at 12 was a nice 7". Peter's rod was 5.5" but very thick. Akio had a sweet 3.5" and I loved the suck it and feel it in my ass.

We did have one last night together. I began to suck Akio only and give him tender love. I moved up and down slowly and elicited moans of delight from my friend. As I moved faster, Akio moaned louder and I could feel his balls tighten. I was braced for another spasmodic climax, but he lurched forward and his cock ejected three short shots of boy cream. I kept it on my tongue and cleaned his dick. I then kissed Peter and put some of the new found joy on his tongue. I then kissed Akio and put some on his tongue. I let them taste the sweet cream that I experienced. I swallowed the last of my friend and smiled.

"Congrats babe." I said. "And tasty too."

We had sucked each other and I had both my friends fuck me, which they did tenderly. Akio also rode my dick twice that night and we all cuddled under the covers with me in the middle. Akio was a bottom too, but Peter loved being a top, and I could see both of them together in the future. My Uncle James came in the room and smiled at us. My uncles knew I was gay and they did not care. They both were bisexual and I loved to suck them and loved James' cock in my ass every so often. My other uncle, William, was married with two children, and he still loved me like a son. My cousins were both girls but they were fun to be with because they loved to tease me about getting more boys than they did. I knew I would miss my family very much.

I packed my bags and was waiting for my father. He did tell me that I would be living with his sergeant's family on a temporary basis. They had three boys and I would be in their oldest boy's room. Dad told my his name was Billy and he began to train him on weights and bodybuilding. Just what I needed, a muscle-bound redneck who would kick my ass if he found out I were gay. We waited and my dad finally arrived. There was a white man next to him and he was introduced as Sgt. Mattsen. I shook hands with this man who looked sexy with his muscles and short hair. Dad hugged Grams, then Sgt. Mattsen shook hands with her. As we sat down, my dad dropped a bomb on me.

"Well if everything goes right." he said. "We will be moving to Washington, DC."

I bit my lip and looked at him. He explained the position he would have, along with Sgt. Mattsen. He also gave me a bigger surprise.

"Well I will be competing in the Inter-service Bodybuilding Contest." he said. "And you will be coming along."

"Won't I be staying with the Mattsens?" I asked.

"Yes, but Sgt. Mattsen and his wife will be in DC for meetings on the new post." Dad explained. "Billy will be coming along, as well as his friend Mark. So you guys will have fun together."

If my dad only knew what kind of fun I liked. It was time to catch the plane, so I hugged and kissed my grandmother. My uncles and cousins came by to say good-bye and they hugged me tight. I grabbed my bags and we left for the base. As we boarded, we were sitting together and they let me have the window seat. I had never been on a plane before and it was scary, yet very exciting. As the plane took off, I felt my heart racing with the engines, but finally settled down after we were at cruising altitude. Dad sat on the aisle because of his size and Sgt. Mattsen was next to me. I looked out the window and thought about Mom, Grams and Grandpa, and my uncles and cousins. I began to cry and Sgt. Mattsen held me close to him. Why he did this, I do not know, but it felt great. I thought he must be a great dad and that it would be great to live with him.

The flight was only just over an hour and we landed at Pope AFB in North Carolina. We got my bags and went to my dad's car. I was beginning to get really nervous on who I would be living with.


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