by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER11: If my dad only knew what kind of fun I liked. It was time to catch the plane, so I hugged and kissed my grandmother. My uncles and cousins came by to say good-bye and they hugged me tight. I grabbed my bags and we left for the base. As we boarded, we were sitting together and they let me have the window seat. I had never been on a plane before and it was scary, yet very exciting. As the plane took off, I felt my heart racing with the engines, but finally settled down after we were at cruising altitude. Dad sat on the aisle because of his size and Sgt. Mattsen was next to me. I looked out the window and thought about Mom, Grams and Grandpa, and my uncles and cousins. I began to cry and Sgt. Mattsen held me close to him. Why he did this, I do not know, but it felt great. I thought he must be a great dad and that it would be great to live with him.

The flight was only just over an hour and we landed at Pope AFB in North Carolina. We got my bags and went to my dad's car. I was beginning to get really nervous on who I would be living with.


John's car pulled up the driveway and I saw Dad, John, and a cute boy get out. They got two suitcases out and they walked to the door. I popped the door open and smiled.

"Well it's about time, you guys." I said, as I grabbed the bags. "Let's get Michael settled and you two get to the galley. Mom wants to see you."

"You know John, this is a marine." Dad said with a smile.

We went to the kitchen. Dad and John stopped by and introduced Mom to Michael. He looked at my mom intently and I wondered why. I led him upstairs and he was set upon by Jimmy and Danny. Mark was on my bed and he stood to shake hands with Michael.

"Okay, everyone out." I said. "I'm sorry Mark, but I want to talk with Michael alone. Don't worry."

As my brothers and Mark left, I hoisted the bags on his bed and showed him the closet and dresser space I made for him. We then sat down and I looked at him. He had a scared look on his face.

"Michael, first let me ask." I said. "What do you want to be called?"

"Davy." he replied. "Everyone called me Mikey, but my two best friends called me Davy. God I miss them."

"I appreciate that." Davy said. "But my friends are real special."

I picked up on the real special emphasis he put on the words. At that point I knew Davy was gay. I figured that I better explain our situation at the house.

"Davy, just so you know, you're not alone." I said with a smile. "And just so you know Mark is my lover."

Davy looked at me in disbelief. He could not believe that someone would be open about their homosexuality. I smiled at him and sat next to him. I held his hand and just gazed into his eyes. He lowered his head and sighed.

"If my dad finds out." Davy said. "He would kill me. I mean look at him. He's so macho and I'm not like him."

I began to laugh so hard, I fell of the bed. Davy was trying to figure out what was so funny, but I kept laughing for several minutes. When I was finally able to get myself under control, I looked up at Davy and smiled.

"I hate to burst your bubble." I said. "But your dad is gay too."

Davy stared at me in disbelief. I saw his look and got up. I opened the door and called for John to come to the room. When he came in, I had him sit down and I looked at father and son.

"John, I think you should know Davy is just like his father." I said smiling.

I leaned down and kissed John on his lips deeply. I could feel Davy staring at us. John was tense and I caressed his monster. I released the kiss and smiled at the two of them. I took Davy by the hand and led him to his father. John scooped his son in his arms and hugged his son. They began to cry and I knew I better leave before I joined them. I went to Jimmy's room and sat next to Mark. I told them I wanted to tell Davy how things were between all of us, especially with John. There was a knock on the door and Davy came into the room. He sat down by me and we looked at each other.

"Billy, thanks for being there for Dad." he said. "He told me about you and him. And about Mr. Whittington too."

"You'll like Mr. W." I said. "He's fair and treats all people equally. And he loves your dad and he will love you."

"I hope so." Davy said.

"He will." I replied. "But while you are here you should get used to us. Mark is my boyfriend. Danny and Jimmy are little horndogs too."

"You're kidding." he replied.

If I had not held those two back, they would have attacked Davy. Their little cocklets were straining in their pants and I pulled them out. Davy smiled, while Mark began to suck Jimmy's rod. Davy began to work on Danny's cocklet, while I unzippered Davy's pants and found a hard 7" rod. I swallowed it to the base. The three mouths worked expertly on their respective poles. Danny stiffened and moaned as his dry orgasm tightened his body. Jimmy was soon after as he spasmed violently in Davy's mouth. I then enjoyed our new friend's boy cream in my mouth as his hard cock spewed 6 shots in my mouth. I then shared it with Mark, Jimmy, and Danny.

"MMMM." Danny said. "Tasty."

Davy took my pants down and swallowed my 6" cock to the base. Davy could swallow and manipulate a dick like a master. Danny and Jimmy proceeded to take Mark's 4" and worked on his balls also. They way the three worked our cocks, Mark and I would not last long. I grabbed Davy's head and flooded his mouth with seven shots of my cum. I passed out and when I recovered, everyone was looking at me and Mark was holding my head in his lap.

"Man you cum a lot." Davy said.

"My only problem is I pass out." I said. "And I'm forceful."

"I'll say. John's son said. "I wish I had a boyfriend like you."

"Oh man, speaking of." I said. "I've got a few friends coming over. I know they are gay and they want to meet you."

"Playing matchmaker huh." he said.

"Hey what are friends for?" I replied laughing.

We straightened up and went downstairs. John was talking with Mom and Dad. Davy kept staring at Mom, so I finally had to say something.

"Davy, why do you keep staring at my mom?" he said.

"Well my mom had a sister." he replied. "And she looks like my mom. Mrs. Berlson, do you have a sister?"

"I did." Mom said. "Her name was Veronica. She was very pretty and my parents made our lives a living hell."

"Is this her?" Davy asked as he took his wallet out.

He showed a picture of his mother to Mom, who recognized her sister immediately. Mom began to cry and she hugged Davy tightly. It hit me to realize John was my uncle and Davy was my cousin. I jumped onto John's lap and hugged his body and yelled Uncle John. Danny and Jimmy followed suit and we made John feel so special. I grabbed Davy and hugged my cousin. Mark hugged our new friend and we were laughing when there was a knock at the door. I answered it and Byron, Jeff, and Paul were standing there. The three entered and I introduced the three to John, Mom, Dad, and Davy. They sat down and we talked.

"We're going to the gym later guys." I said. "Dad, is it possible for Byron to come with us?"

"He will be your guest." Dad said. "And your responsibility."

"Yes sir." I responded.

We all went to our room and I noticed Jeff brushed his hand on Davy's arm. Davy ran his fingers along Jeff's arm and I could sense a smile from each of them. Byron lifted Danny on his shoulders and Paul began to tickle Jimmy. We got to the room and we sat down. Davy and Jeff were close to each other, while Byron had Danny on his lap. Paul and Jimmy wasted no time by kissing each other. I began to laugh a little.

"Well obviously we know who likes who." I said with my arm around Mark.

My tongue sucked into my love's mouth and we held each other. My cock was very hard and I could feel Mark's too. I knew I wanted to make love with him, but we also were supposed to go to the gym soon. I broke the kiss and I saw the three other couples in passionate kisses.

"Okay, I hate to break up the orgy, but we have to get to the gym." I said. "So let's get it into gear."

I grabbed my gym gear and Mark had left his stuff in my closet. Paul, Jeff, and Byron were going to play basketball, while Tony would keep an eye on my little brothers. We stomped down the stairs and my mom looked at us sternly.

"Come down those stairs like gentlemen." she said.

"Yes ma'am." we replied

John and Dad took us to the gym. Tony was glad to see Danny and Jimmy. He gave Byron a ball and the eight of us went to the locker room to change. Frank was there ready for his workout. As we went to the weight room, John began to show his son how to develop his muscles. Frank worked with Mark and me. I noticed how well I was developing and Mark's body began to firm quite well. Frank was the task master and made sure we did everything correctly. Dad worked on his body and the hair on his chest glistened with sweat as it was matted to his body. I went to get some water and to look in on my brothers. I saw Tony on his knees sucking my brothers' cocklets. I also saw him pulling his meat, though I could not see how big it was. I went back to the weight room and finished my workout with a hard-on straining in my jock. We went to take a shower and Byron, Paul, and Jeff were already taking their showers. Jeff was 17, stood 6'1", and weighed about 165 pounds. He was not muscular, but his muscles were tight on his body. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He did have six uncut inches swinging between his legs. Paul was 5'4" and weighed 110 pounds. He was thing but had the same brown hair and eyes like his brother. He did not have a hair above his cock, but he was still cute. As we finished our showers, we dried off and then dressed to go home. Danny and Jimmy had silly grins on their faces and I knew the reason why. We got home and Mom met us with dinner. Mark had to go home, along with Jeff and Paul. Byron said he could stay so we got cleaned up. I took my brothers to my room.

"Okay, what's up with Tony?" I asked.

They looked at my as if I had lost my mind, but I gave them the I know look. Jimmy was scared, but Danny began to cry. Davy came in and wondered what was happening.

"All I want to know is did he make you?" I said very seriously.

"No." Jimmy replied emphatically. "We were playing around and he played with us. His thing is huge too."

"Well I guess this I have to see." I said as I smiled at Davy.

I wiped Danny's eyes and he smiled. I washed his face and kissed his forehead. We went down to dinner and the evening was very enjoyable. There was a knock on the door and I answered it. Mr. Whittington was there and I ushered him in the house. I could see he was nervous about meeting his new son. We entered the dining room and he saw Davy. The big man `s heart melted and picked the boy in his arms and kissed him. John got up and hugged the two in his arms.

"Well son, here's your other dad." John said.

"We need to get his room ready to move in immediately." the gym teacher said.

"WHOA!!" I said. "Davy and I just met and were becoming friends. It can wait a week. Besides, I want my cousin to stay a while."

Everyone looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Davy and whispered in John's ear, who nodded. Mr. Whittington lowered his new son. My cousin stood next to me and we hugged tight. It was agreed that Davy would stay a week with a campout tonight and Friday night. Dad had an old field tent that he and John set up in the backyard. The five of us cleared the dishes from the table and prepared for the campout. Byron called his father to stay over. I could tell from Byron's face his father was drunk. I felt sorry for Byron because of his family life and because he was a friend. I called Jeff, Paul, and Mark to come over. They all could make it so Dad took me to get some snacks and drinks. We came back and everyone was in the backyard with sleeping bags getting settled. I came in with the food and drinks and I was almost attacked. Dad pulled me aside.

"Make sure everyone behaves." he said. "I'll keep Mom occupied tonight."

"Yeah, I bet you will." I said with a smirk.

He popped me on the back of my head, then hugged me. He told me how proud he was of me. I smiled at him, then entered the tent. I saw the sleeping bags arranged by those partnered up earlier. We sat, ate, and talked for a while.

"Well Paul and me have been fooling around for a while." Jeff said. "But man Davy is so sexy. Sorry little brother."

"Hey, I always thought Jimmy was so cute." Paul replied as he held my little brother next to him.

"And Danny is so adorable." Byron said. "Can I keep him?"

"Sure. How much you want for him?" I said jokingly. "Besides, this one has been the love of my life and always will be."

It was a warm night for March, so we stripped and everyone showed he wares. Jeff, of course was the biggest with 8.5". Davy was next with his very healthy 7", followed by me. Paul had a nice 5" and my Mark's 4.5" was so sexy. My little brothers' cocklets were so delicious at 3" and 2". I pulled Paul and Byron aside.

"No fucking my brothers." I said very seriously. "They are virgins. Don't force them to do anything."

They agreed and we got on our respective sleeping bags. I began to kiss Mark so deeply that I was oblivious of what was going on around me. I felt Mark's hand on my and mine found his hole. I inserted a finger and found it was slick. I looked at my lover and he smiled at me. He showed me the bottle of KY and was slicking my cock for out pleasure. I did look and saw Jeff was getting ready to mount Davy, who looked so happy. Paul and Jimmy were experiencing a hot 69 as were Byron and Danny. Mark was on his back and his legs were at his chest. I leaned in and put my cock at his boypussy and pushed in. Mark's eyes closed and I thought I had hurt him. I was ready to pull out, but he stopped me.

"This is so awesome baby." he said as he wrapped his legs around my waist.

He pulled me in to my bush and I kissed him. I began to slowly move in and out of his hot hole. I loved him so much and knew we would be together forever. The tightness and silky smooth texture of his boycunt made me so excited. The exhilaration built and I was ready to shoot.

"OH BILLY FUCK ME!!" Mark cried out.

I slammed harder and harder into Mark, who cried out as he body shook with a massive dry orgasm. His ass muscles clamped down on my dick and seemed to pull the cum straight from my balls. I saw stars then blacked out again. A few minutes later everyone was around me with the exception of Mark, who was still under me and caressing me.

"That was wild." Byron said. "You passed out and were still fucking Mark."

"Billy are you okay?" my dad asked.

"I-I-I guess so." I replied still recovering.

"I'm taking you to the doctor on Monday." Dad said. "Now everyone to sleep."

"Yes sir." we all said together.

My cock had slipped out of Mark's hole and we snuggled close. I held my love close and we fell asleep. I had woke up to see Davy riding Jeff's rod and Jimmy was sucking the 7" prick of our cousin. Paul was having his ass eaten by Jeff while he ate Jimmy's boytwat. My dick was hard, but I refrained from touching it. Mark felt my cock and swallowed it before I could say anything. I saw Danny and Byron sleeping sweetly. As if orchestrated by the orgasm god, five boys in that tent shot in unison. Though I did get a little light-headed, I released six shots of cum into Mark's mouth. As we fell into an exhaustive sleep, I held Mark on top of me and kissed the top of his head.


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