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The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER12: Though I did get a little light-headed, I released six shots of cum into Mark’s mouth. As we fell into an exhaustive sleep, I held Mark on top of me and kissed the top of his head.


Sunday was a rather dull day. Mark’s parents decided to go to his grandmother’s house and he would be gone all day. Paul, Byron, and Jeff went home, but promised to visit later in the week. Davy, my brothers, and I decided to play some games in our room. After a couple of hours, Danny and Jimmy became tired so they decided to take a nap. Davy and I cleaned up the room. We sat on our beds.

“Billy, how long have you known you were gay?” my cousin asked.

“I guess since I was 9.” I replied. “When I first met Mark.”

“I know.” Davy said. “My friends and I loved each other.”

“Davy I noticed you like to be fucked.” I said. “Pardon my bluntness.”

“Yeah, I love the feel of a hot dick in my ass.” he said. “I have topped, but I prefer being a bottom. And Jeff is so loving.”

“I’m glad Davy.” I said. “And your dad is so awesome.”

“Have you ever sucked him?” Davy asked.

“Yep.” I replied. “He’s huge.”

“All the men in my family are.” my cousin said.

I looked at him in amazement, but he explained how he used to suck his uncles and how big they were. I stared in astonishment, but Davy just smiled at me.

“Billy, would you ever fuck anyone but Mark?” Davy asked.

“No. We’re in love.” I said. “Mark is the only one in my life.”

“Well you are nicely hung for a white boy.” my cousin said with a smile.

I threw a pillow at him and we began to wrestle for a while. Though I was stronger, Davy was wiry. He was able to twist around me. I felt his hard cock against my hip and I knew he could feel mine. I honestly thought that if Mark was not part of my life, I would date my cousin. I looked into his deep brown eyes and I kissed his full lips. Our tongues darted in and out of our mouths. I would never want to let my cousin go, but Mark kept popping into my head. My emotions were conflicted and I just wanted to run. Davy, however, lowered the zipper on my jeans and pulled my raging hard-on out. I did the same to my cousin and I was ready to drop to my knees to take his cock. We got on the bed and moved into a hot 69. Our heads bobbed up and down on each other’s rods. I played with my cousin’s nuts and we were so involved that we did not see my brothers come in the room They had dropped their briefs and were stroking each other off until we all exploded with tremendous climaxes. I swallowed Davy’s sweet cum and he took my load fully.

“Okay you guys, dinner time in two hours.” Mom called out.

“We better get to the gym.” I said.

We grabbed our gear and went down the stairs quickly and were met by Mom’s disapproving glance. I saw John at the door smiling at us and we left for the gym. Frank was there as he waited on us. I saw Tony and said I would catch up with them.

“So Tony, you and my brothers seem to get along.” I said innocently.

He looked at me suspiciously as I smiled at him and grabbed my crotch. He smiled and grabbed his. I leaned in and whispered in his ear.

“Later stud.” I said. “Just pull it out.”

He unzipped his pants and pulled out a 9” hard uncut cock. I would have swallowed that sword, but I needed to get my workout done, so I left for the locker room. I changed and went into the weight room. Frank and John worked us hard, especially me. My muscles strained, but I felt there was great development. My legs were becoming more muscular and my abs developed into a nice six-pack. After the workout, we showered and I whispered in Davy’s ear. We giggles and the two marines were wondering what was going on.

“Nothing.” I said. “I just need to talk with Tony after we finish.”

“Okay, but hurry.” John said. “You know your mother about being late.”

Davy and I finished our shower and dressed quickly. We found Tony in the office and we said hi. He glanced at us and we smiled at him.

“Okay, what is going on?” he asked.

“Well big man, next Friday we’re gonna have a campout at my house.” I said. “And you are most cordially invited.”

“Now why would I want to do that?” Tony asked.

“Danny and Jimmy.” I said as I flicked my tongue. “Besides I would imagine you would want more cock.”

“How did you know?” he asked with a pallid look on his face.

“I saw you yesterday.” I said. “And I asked my brothers. So are you gonna come over?”

“You got my ass.” he replied.

“Yep.” I said. “But you’re my buddy. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“Billy, thanks for not telling.” Tony said.

“Like I said Tony, you’ve been there for me.” I replied. “Even when John wailed on my ass.”

“You deserved that.” he expressed.

“But that asshole tried to ruin John.” I responded.

Davy looked at me and I explained what happened with John and Bill Wilson. I told my cousin what I did and how I was able to get John off the hook, but he did spank my ass red with his large hands. Davy looked an me dubiously.

“Damn, you take chances.” he said.

“For family and friends, hell yeah.” I said.

Frank and John collected us and we said good-bye to Tony. John drove us to the house and we got washed. The three of us came down the stairs and Mom and Dad were sitting at the table with Danny and Jimmy. John had left to be with his love, but said good-bye. He gave Davy, Jimmy, Danny, and me a kiss. We sat down and had a great dinner. The four of us did the dishes and we kissed Mom and Dad goodnight. Davy and I prepared Jimmy and Danny for bed. All of us got in the bath and we splashed each other for a while. Davy and I began to wash my brothers carefully. Their cocklets stuck out from their bodies. I began to suck Danny and Davy took Jimmy’s hard rod in his mouth. We each slipped a finger in their holes and worked theme until their dry orgasms spasmed their entire bodies until they collapsed in our arms. We washed their hair, then ourselves. We dried my brothers and our bodies. I carried Jimmy and Davy babied Danny to their rooms. I dressed Jimmy in his briefs and pajamas, then kissed him goodnight. I looked in on Davy and Danny, and saw my cousin kiss my baby brother. We walked to our room still naked and I felt Davy grab me from behind. He kissed my neck and this make me melt. I turned and returned his passion. Our cocks were hard and I knew what he wanted. I wanted to resist, but was weakening. The phone rang and my mom answered it.

“Billy. It’s Mark.” she called. “He needs to talk with you.”

I went to my parents’ room and picked up the receiver.

“Hey baby.” I said. “What’s up?”

“The car broke down.” Mark said. “We won’t be home until tomorrow. Can you get my assignments for me?”

“Sure.” I said almost in a whisper. “But we need to talk. Davy wants me to fuck him. I can’t do that because I love you. But damn, he’s so hot.”

“Sweetie.” my love replied. “I know you love me, but I also know your sexual drive. As long as you don’t fall in love, have fun. But be careful.”

“God, I love you.” I said. “I love him because he’s family, but you’re my love and soulmate.”

“I love you and have fun.” Mark said. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Night.”

“Night my love.” I replied.

I went back to my room and Davy was sitting on his bed with a dejected look on his face. He could tell from my love for Mark that I would not be putting my preteen cock in his bum. I took him by his hand and we kissed.

“Davy, you know I love Mark.” I said. “But he said we can make love if you want.”

“I hope Jeff is as loving as Mark and you.” Davy said with tears in his eyes.

I led him back to his bed and we kissed tenderly as I fell back on the mattress. Davy kissed my body all over until he got to my cock. He dove down and swallowed me entirely. He moved his body around so his sweet hole was at my face. I had opened his cheeks and saw his luscious pink hole. I dove in and showed my tongue into my cousin’s hole. He pushed back as I tongue-fucked his ass. I put two fingers in his hole as I began to stretch his ass open. I felt him moan on my cock as he got it nice and wet. After several minutes, Davy came off my cock and turned around. He smiled at me and held my dick in his hand. He put it in him all at once. The tightness of his hole was awesome and my mind went into overdrive. He began to ride my cock and his own 7” slapped against his stomach. He leaked precum all over our bodies as I knew I would not last long. The cum churned from my balls and ready to rise through my shaft. My dick seemed to grow as the explosion was forthcoming. I pushed my body up and my head back. I remembered releasing a loud growl as the first blast shot from my missile. I then felt glob after precious glob of Davy’s cum shoot from his rod. I blacked out again and Davy was on me as he caressed my head. I was able to recover but saw the concerned look on Davy’s face.

“Don’t tell my dad.” I said. “He’ll make me stop having sex.”

“Okay, I won’t.” my cousin said. “Besides, I’m done for the night.”

We cuddled under the covers and we fell asleep in each others’ arms. I had a dream that Mark, Davy, and I were walking down the street. We came upon two men who were holding hands. I saw it was John and Mr. Whittington. They called us sons and we walked down the street further. Danny and Jimmy came running up and jumped into the men’s arms. I was happy, but confused. Where was Mom and Dad. We walked to a large house and entered. I was ready call for Mom and Dad, but nothing came out. We sat in a family room and were talking. Every time I tried to talk about Mom and Dad, dread filled my body. I woke up and Davy was sound asleep on my chest. I went back to sleep, but felt something wrong was going to happen.


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