by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER13: We cuddled under the covers and we fell asleep in each others' arms. I had a dream that Mark, Davy, and I were walking down the street. We came upon two men who were holding hands. I saw it was John and Mr. Whittington. They called us sons and we walked down the street further. Danny and Jimmy came running up and jumped into the men's arms. I was happy, but confused. Where was Mom and Dad. We walked to a large house and entered. I was ready call for Mom and Dad, but nothing came out. We sat in a family room and were talking. Every time I tried to talk about Mom and Dad, dread filled my body. I woke up and Davy was sound asleep on my chest. I went back to sleep, but felt something wrong was going to happen.


The week proceeded with almost no incident. I took Davy to school and introduced him around. I showed him where his classes were and we did have a couple together. When we got to lunch, I had my last day of detention. Since Mark was not there, Davy joined me. We entered Mr. Whittington's office and he smiled when he saw me, but glowed at Davy's face.

"So how is it going boys?" the PE teacher asked.

"Not bad Dad.' Davy said.

This caused the big man to cry. We looked at each other and went to him. He grabbed the both of us and hugged us tightly. He sobbed on our chests for several minutes until he was able to maintain his composure. He looked up at us with his tear-stained face.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I thought I would never hear anyone call me dad." Mr. Whittington replied. "Now I have a son."

Davy kissed his new father on the cheek, when a knock came at the door. Byron came in with a note for the teacher. The man rose and went to his bathroom to splash water on his face.

"What happened?" the red-head asked.

We explained what happened, but Byron began to laugh. Davy was ready to hit the other boy, but I got between them.

"Byron, you need to apologize." I said. "This is a very emotional time for all three."

"Damn Davy, I'm sorry." Byron said. "I didn't know. Friends?"

Davy shook Byron's hand and they hugged. Mr. Whittington came out to see the sight. He smiled at the three of us and we started to laugh.

"Well your punishment is done Billy." the teacher said. "You can go."

All three of us ran from the office, but I turned around and went back. I went to the man and hugged his body. He gave me a hug back and I left again. We made it to the lunchroom to see Paul eating. We sat down in a little huddle and I told them of the campout on Friday.

"Tony from the gym will be joining us." I said. "This is going to be one fun campout."

We went through the day until we got to PE. Davy got a locker with Mark and me. We dressed and went to play basketball. Davy pulled me to the side.

"Billy, I'm not good at sports." he said. "I can't dribble or shoot."

"Don't worry." I said. "Most of the kids don't play well. Just stay away from Joe."

I pointed to Joe Markson and explained why I had detention. We went to play and Joe tired to harass Davy, but I got between them. Joe tried some cheap shots, but I returned the favor each time. The final shot came when I passed the ball to Davy and told him to shoot. He threw it wild, but hit the backboard and it went in. We swarmed my cousin and hugged him or patted him on the back. Joe came over and sneered at him.

"Lucky shot half-breed." he said with a laugh.

What Joe did not realize was Mr. Whittington was behind him. The teacher's hand clamped on the boy's shoulder. He dragged Joe to his office and you could hear Mr. Whittington yell all over the gym. The rest of us went to the shower and changed to go home. When we finished, Mr. Whittington came out of the office and called Byron, Davy, and myself to his office.

"Boys, report to Mr. Johnson's office right now." he said.

We got nervous but went to the office as we were told. We were in the front office until the principal called us into his office. As we entered, Mr. Whittington, Joe, and his father were sitting there.

"Boys, I just need to ask a question." Mr. Johnson said. "Did Joe Markson call Michael Berlson a half-breed?"

"Yes sir." we said.

"Sgt. Markson, I warned your son what would happen if he were involved in another incident." the principal said. "Joe, you are here by suspended for one month pending an expulsion hearing."

"WHAT!?" the boy cried out. "YOU'RE FUCKIN' KIDDING!"

"No I am not." Mr. Johnson said. "Sgt. Markson I would get your son an attorney."

We were excused and grabbed our stuff. We left the building quietly, but exploded in laughter when we were off school grounds. We were met by my dad.

"Remember you have to see the doctor." he said. "Hi boys. You want to come along?"

We all climbed into the car and dad asked how the day went. I explained what happened during PE and what happened to Joe Markson. Dad did ask if we provoked the situation and we all said no. We pulled into the base hospital and we met a friend of Dad's who ushered us through the check-in process. We sat in the office, the doctor came in, and introduced himself as Dr. Peterson. My dad explained the situation without going into detail of how it came about. The doctor asked everyone to step out so he could examine me. He checked my eyes and ears, my reflexes, and then sat down.

"Billy what would you be doing that makes you pass out?" he asked.

I tried to avoid the question, but he kept probing. I looked at him and wondered what would happen if he heard me sexual disposition. I figured it was this or having to go to a civilian hospital.

"Doctor, I'm gay and I have a boyfriend." I said. "I will not reveal his name, but I have had sex with a few guys and this seems to happen all the time."

"Does it happen when you masturbate?" he asked.

"Yes sir." I responded.

He had me remove my pants and briefs. I was embarrassed by doing this, but he began to manipulate my cock and it sprung to its full 6". He slowly stroked my dick and the pleasure was overwhelming. But what happened next was truly surprising. The doctor took my dick in his mouth and began to bob up and down. I grabbed his head and face-fucked his mouth. I felt the cum boil up from my balls. I grabbed the back of his head and released the load from my balls. I fell back on the table and I woke up as the doctor looked down at me.

"Billy, I want to have you come in for a MRI next week." he said. "We need to find out why you lose consciousness when you ejaculate."

He called my father in the room and explained he wanted to set up an appointment for a MRI for the following Monday. When the time was set, I got up to leave but I turned to the doctor.

"Dr. Peterson, does this mean I have to stop having sex?" I asked.

"Well it doesn't seem to have hurt you." he said. "But I would take it easy. Go slow."

We left and Dad drove us to the gym. I saw Tony in the office and talked with him.

"Is John here?" I asked.

"He came in a few minutes ago." the college student replied. "Why are you late?"

I explained I had a doctor's appointment and what happened at school. Tony began to laugh and I explained that Byron was my guest, so he came with us to the locker room. We saw John in the weight room and we had to relate the reason why we were late. We changed and John was waiting with Frank. We began and the workout was hard, but well worth the effort. Dad came in and talked with Frank and John while Davy and I worked out. Dad showed some exercised to Byron that he could do while he waited for us. A little while later Mark came in and we told him what happened to Joe Markson. My love laughed so hard that he cramped up and Dad had to calm him down. When we finished, we showered and dressed.

"I can't come over tonight." Mark said. "But I will see you guys tomorrow."

"It's okay babe." I replied. "Call me tonight."

"Have fun tonight." he said as he winked at Davy and myself.

We drove home and Dad was talking about the upcoming bodybuilding contest and the trip to Washington. We arrived at home and Mom met us at the door. Dad took the two of us to the side and told Mom about what happened at school.

"Now you see what happens when you use your head." Mom said.

"Yes ma'am." I responded. "But does an elbow to the gut make me wrong?"

I explained what happened during the basketball game. Dad laughed, but Mom gave me her patent frown. I tried not to smile, but Dad's smile was contagious.

"What am I going to do with you?" Mom said.

We had dinner and the night went as normal. That night I made love to Davy twice and I did pass out both times, but still loved the feeling of his ass on my cock. I knew I would miss my cousin when he would move in with his fathers. As the week progressed, there were no further problems. We would suck and finger-fuck my brothers each night and I saw the love they had for Davy. Mark came over a couple of times that week and we both fucked Davy. I also felt it was alright for Davy to make love to my boyfriend, because I was there. We were so tight as a trio, it seemed like we were brothers. Davy considered Danny and Jimmy as his brothers, so we were family, not just cousins. Even during our workouts, John seemed to be a second father to all of us. He told me that I seemed to adapt to working out so well, that I could be a bodybuilder. Our week was so great that when the campout on Friday arrived, we were so excited, we could not keep still.


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