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The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 16: That night I got my brothers ready for bed as usual. We did not have our fun time because my mind was full of questions. How could a woman be so hateful to her own children and grandchildren? She never visited or called. Maybe a card or present for our birthdays or Christmas, but no love. No wonder Mom and Davy have the hate for her. My brothers stayed with me and we slept quietly.


As we got up, I made sure my brothers were ready for school and we went to get breakfast. Mom and Dad were in the kitchen having their coffee. I got their bowls, the cereal, and milk. I poured the cereal and milk, then Dad pulled me to the living room. He pulled his wallet out and handed me $200 in twenties.

"This is for emergencies." he said. "There is plenty of food and Mark's mother will be by to make sure you three haven't torn down the house."

"Don't worry Dad." I responded. "We'll be good. I'll make sure Jimmy and Danny are taken care of."

"No parties." Dad reminded me. "Mark and Davy may come over, but no one else."

"You got it." I said.

"We'll be back on Thursday." he told me. "Just make sure everything is locked up at night and everything is okay."

He gave me a hug and a reminder of my doctor's appointment at one that afternoon. I went to the kitchen and gave Mom a hug and kiss, then she gave my brothers a hug and kiss before they left. I went upstairs and put the money in the top drawer of my dresser. I ate breakfast, gathered my stuff, and we went to school after I made sure the house was secure. We were lucky the house had an alarm system and Dad taught me the code to set it. I dropped Jimmy and Danny off at their school and reminded them I should be by later to get them.

I got to school and met up with Davy, Mark, and Paul. Byron was not at school and I wondered what happened to him. We talked about my grandmother and Davy's resentment was unmistakable. I told them they could come over, but had to tell Paul we would have to wait for the weekend. We went to classes and about 12:30, John had come to school to collect me. He signed me out and he drove me to the hospital. We signed at the desk and went to the doctor's office, where he greeted us.

"Where's your dad?" he asked.

"My grandmother died." I replied. "My parents went to claim the body."

"I'm sorry." the doctor said. "We can postpone this."

"Why?" I asked him. "I never knew her, so no big deal."

The doctor prepped me for the CAT scan and as I laid there, I felt the space being tight. The doctor wanted to create a sexual encounter, so John obliged him as my friend removed my preteen cock out of my pants and began to suck it. My dick hardened fast and John manipulated me. I began to breath heavily and the sensation built in my body. As my body tensed, the fist volley blasted into John's mouth. My head spun and I blacked out again. As I came to, John smiled at me and the doctor looked in my eyes with his small flashlight.

"How do you feel?" he asked.

"Tired." I replied.

John helped me up and we went to the doctor's office. He produced the pictures of my thick skull and there seemed to be a bright red area in the limbidic system. As the doctor pointed out the area, he began to explain what was happening to my brain.

"When your sex drive becomes excited, your limbidic system heightens." he said. "Yours is definitely very overactive which creates your body to react by passing out. It is much like a pressure valve. I am going to order a MRI to make sure there is no problems with your skull."

We went down and I got on the table, where I was slid in the tunnel. For about twenty minutes, I closed my eyes and tried to relax. Every so often, I voice announced they were going to check various parts of me. Finally it was over. I came out, then went back to the doctor's office. I did explain that when I have been having sex with Mark lately, he had rubbed my head gently and I remained alert. The doctor was amazed at the revelation.

"I understand you workout." he said.

"Yes sir." I responded. "Everyday."

"He's very good at it." John added.

"That might be a contributing factor." the doctor said. "Your aggression level is at a peak. This is a part of the limbidic system. From what I am seeing it is not causing any long-term damage."

He told me that he wanted my exercise routine and sexual activity noted along with any after effects. He had the MRI pictures and noticed a small fissure on my skull. He seemed to be worried, but told me not to be concerned.

John and I left the hospital and he drove to school to pick up Davy, then got Jimmy and Danny from school. He dropped us off at the house so I could get my gym gear. Mark knocked on the door, then burst in. He gave me a kiss and asked how I was doing. I told him I would explain later. We all got in the car and left for the gym. As we got there, Danny and Jimmy found Tony, who took them to his office. John pulled me to the side.

"Remember to monitor what you do today." he prompted.

"I will." I replied as I pulled out a notebook.

We changed and went to the weight room. Frank was there and John pulled him aside. They kept looking at me and I walked over to them.

"It's not nice to whisper about someone." I said with a smirk.

They both swatted my butt and I started my workout. I explained to Mark that the doctor wanted my activities monitored. I worked out hard and I made sure Mark noted what exercises I did, my reps, and how long I was working out. John and Frank were making sure I was not pushing too hard, but I pushed to the limit before I eased off. After two hours of work and sweat, I was finished. We all went to the locker room and took our showers. I looked at Mark and wanted to make love to him right then, but I also knew better. We finished and got dressed. I collected my brothers, who had their silly grins that told me Tony had sucked them. We left for the house and I felt good, but somewhat tired. Davy and Mark wanted to know about the doctor's appointment and I said I would tell them at the house. We arrived and I turned off the alarm, the unlocked the door. I proceeded to the kitchen and put the frozen lasagna in the oven to cook. We sat at the kitchen table and I told them what the doctor told me about my limbidic part of the brain. They looked at me, then just smiled.

"We already knew that you're oversexed." Mark said with a grin.

"Mr. Horny." Davy chimed in. "Always ready."

John came in and sat with us. He helped fill in what the doctor said and smiled at the remarks my lover and cousin said.

"Just remember to be careful on what you do." he said. "But I want to thank you for talking to me about Davy's wish."

"My dads and I kissed and I sucked them both." my sweet cousin said.

"Natural born." John added.

"Oh, like father, like son." I replied with a laugh.

Davy made a salad for dinner, then the doorbell rang. Mark answered it and Bill came in. The timer then went off for the oven and I turned it off, then removed the large pan of pasta. Danny and Jimmy came down and I checked their hands, which were filthy. I ordered them to the bathroom so they would wash up. We all finally sat down and Mr. Whittington served up the dinner. We all ate, joked, and talked about everything. The phone rang, so I answered it and Dad was on the other end.

"Hey Dad." I said.

"How's everything Billy?" he asked.

"Okay." I responded. "Mark, Davy, John, Bill, and the twin terrors are eating right now."

"Let me talk to John." Dad told me.

I handed the phone to John and he talked with my dad. The conversation lasted about five minutes and I knew part of it consisted of the doctor's visit. John then handed the phone to Jimmy, who talked briefly, then Danny. My baby brother handed the phone back to me and I finished with Dad.

"Just remember what the doctor told you." he said.

"Yes sir, I will.' I told him.

"Here's your mom." Dad told me. "I love you."

"Love you too Dad." I replied.

"How are you Billy?" Mom asked.

I told her about the doctor's visit and what was said. Like Dad, she told me to follow the doctor's instructions. She said they would be back on Thursday and told me she loved me.

"I love you Mom." I said. "Just be safe."

"My worrier." she said. "We'll call tomorrow."

"Night Mom." I replied and I hung up the phone.

After I put the phone on the cradle, I went to finish dinner. John and Bill graciously did the dishes as I got Jimmy and Danny ready for bed. They argued it was too early, but they knew they could not argue the point with me. Davy and Mark helped with the bathing and we kept my brothers happy. We made sure they were clean, then dressed for bed. I agreed they could watch a movie if they behaved and if they had no homework. Jimmy got his math book out and worked on it. I would glance at it and my brother was very good in math. After Jimmy was finished, they got on the couch and I put in Aladdin. They were watching it as I began to work on my homework with Davy and Mark. John and his love kept an eye on my brothers while we worked. As we finished, we went to the living room and my brothers were asleep on the couch. Jimmy had his head on John's lap and Danny on Bill's. They carried them to bed and came back down. I turned off the movie and we started to watch VH1. There was a Van Halen video playing and I pretended to be David Lee Roth. Mark and Davy joined in and we just had fun. John and Mr. Whittington were standing there and laughing. As the song ended, we saw them with tears streaming down their faces. We decided to be rude and mooned them. They started to chase us. As we ran, our pants fell to our ankles and tripped us up. We were fair pickings after that. Bill got me and put me over his lap. I felt the sting of his hand on my cheeks and I yelled. John had got Mark and slapped his cheeks. Davy tried to pull his pants up, but after my punishment, his dad got him. After we were sufficiently disciplined, we stuck our tongues out, then backed to the wall. John just rolled his eyes and our PE teacher just sighed with resignation. They had to leave, so we said goodnight. I hugged the men who were there for me when I needed them. I then kissed Davy, but saved the longest and most loving for Mark. I guess we held it too long because Davy had to remark.

"Do I have to get the hose?" he said grinning.

We all said goodnight and I made sure the house was locked up and the alarm was set. I went to bed and laid down. I had drifted off to sleep, but was interrupted by an alarm going off. I got out of bed and found my brothers in the hallway. I grabbed a baseball bat, then pushed them into my room.

"Don't move." I whispered.

I began to tip-toe down the stairs and saw a dim light coming from the living room. I moved slowly when the phone rang. I jumped a little, but held my breath several seconds until it stopped. The light held still during this time. I saw a figure in the dark by the television and stereo. As it stayed there, I snuck in the living room and swung with all my might. I connected with something and heard something cracked, followed by a scream.

"SHIT!!" the voice yelled as a thud echoed.

The flashlight fell and I swung down. I heard more cracking and a whimper. I then went to the light switch and turned on the lamps. A teen about Jeff's age was on the ground trying to hold his left leg and ribs. I went to the phone and dialed 911. I asked for the police and explained the situation. They told me a patrol car would be sent over. I then called John, followed by Mark's parents. As soon as I hung up the phone, I went to the living room and the thief tried to get up.

"Keep your ass down motherfucker or I'll start swinging again." I ordered.

He slumped on the floor, when my brothers meekly entered. I glared at them and told them to get to the kitchen. A knock came at the door and I opened it. Four cops were at the door and eight more were at the bottom of the stairs. They entered and I showed them to my handiwork. I then realized I never turned off the alarm, so I did. Another knock came and John, Bill, Davy, Mark, and his parents were there. They came in and I was then questioned by the police. I told them about going to bed and be awaken by the alarm. I than told them about finding the thief and swinging with the baseball bat. One of the officers called for an ambulance.

"Looks like you broke his leg and ribs." he said.

The police investigated the house and found he pried open the kitchen door. Mark's mom were looking after my brothers and one of the cops tried to pry the bat out of my hand. I did not realize I still had it and was so scared my knuckles were white from gripping the bat. As he took it, he led me to a chair. It was at this point I realized the full extent of what happened. I began to cry and could not stop. The first person to my side was Mark and he held me. I cried for almost fifteen minutes and could not figure out why I was shedding tears. Davy came over and then my brothers ran to comfort me. The police read the burglar his rights and he wanted me arrested for assault. The adults began to laugh, except John. He lurked over the thief.

"Listen shithead. If it were me, they would be calling a hearse instead of an ambulance." he growled.

The ambulance arrived with the EMTs and they loaded the teen on the stretcher. As they wheeled him out, Mrs. Berlson said she would take Jimmy and Danny home for the night. They began to protest, but I said okay. Mark asked if he could spend the night, but his mother balked at the idea. Colonel Berlson relented though when John and Bill said they would be staying. I stopped the EMTs as they were wheeling the thief out to ask him a question.

"Why did you continue coming in the house when you heard the alarm go off?" I queried.

"I didn't see a car so I thought the house was empty." he said. "I figured I could get in and out before the cops arrived. I never expected this."

"Man you are dumb." I said.

"I have to ask, where are you're parents?" one officer asked.

I explained the situation about my parents having to claim my grandmother's body. I also explained the adults that were present were the ones I was required to call for any problems. I told my brothers to get their clothes for the next day and their school bags. As they went upstairs, Mrs. Berlson asked if I was alright.

"Just scared." I said. "Thank you for looking after Danny and Jimmy."

"I'll be over to get Mark." she said. "Just get some sleep."

"Yes ma'am." I replied.

John left to get some clothes for Davy and the Berlsons took my brothers with them, after I gave them a big hug and kiss. I told them to behave. As Mark and Bill were sitting with me, I closed my eyes and tried to relax, but could not.

"Billy, why did you come downstairs?" my teacher asked. "He could have been armed and would have killed you."

"Mr. Whittington, I just wanted to protect my brothers." I replied. "I just didn't think."

"You are a tough kid, but think about what you're doing?" he said. "And after this you can call me Bill away from school. I will say this, you did show restraint. Most people would have continued swinging away."

I smiled a little and John came in the house. He called the hotel my parents were staying and apprised them about the situation. Dad wanted to talk to me, so John handed me the receiver.

"Are you okay?" he asked with concern in his voice.

"Yes sir." I answered. "But plenty scared now."

"You should be." Dad said. "What you did was not smart. You could have been hurt or killed. But you did call the right people afterwards."

"I'm sorry Dad." I said with a tremor in my voice.

"It's okay." he told me. "I understand you broke some bones."

"I did." I said with a little pride in my voice. "His leg and ribs."

"Just remember to call the police if this ever happens again." Dad told me. "Your mom wants to talk to you."

"Billy, are you alright?" Mom asked, very concerned.

"I am Mom." I told her. "Just real scared."

"As long as you boys are okay." she told me. "I'm not going to harp on what your father said. Just be sensible next time."

"I will Mom." I replied. "Jimmy and Danny are at the Berlsons for tonight."

"Just listen to John and Mr. Whittington." Mom told me sternly. "They're in charge tonight."

"I will." I retorted. "I love you Mom."

"And I love you Billy." she said. "You're a good boy, just don't grow up too fast."

I hung up the phone and we all locked up the house. I turned on the alarm again and John made sure the kitchen door was secured. Bill and John went to my parents room, while the three of us were in my room. I was so tired I fell asleep with Davy on my right side and Mark on my left. I dreamt of burglars breaking in and I had tried to fend them off with a bat. There was so many of them, they eventually overwhelmed me and I was being pummeled. I woke up screaming and the two I loved tried to calm me down. John and Bill ran in and all of them held me. After several minutes, I finally relaxed and laid back down. Bill suggested we all get in my parents bed. Davy, Mark, and I were in the middle and the two large men were on either side of us. We fell asleep and I did get through the night with a small troubled dream.


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