by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 18: When his ass gripped my cock, it caused me to blast five healthy loads before it trickled. I moaned on Davy's hot rod and increased my suction. This instigated my cousin to expel his boy juices into my mouth with great intensity. After we were spent, the three of us collapsed on my bed. Mark and Davy snuggled against me and we fell asleep.


The next couple of days were uneventful, if you consider my mom bringing my grandmother home and having an award given to me as uneventful. I tried to make it simple by going through my normal schedule. I went to school and the kids still crowded around me. I tried to shrug it off. I went to classes, and had lunch in the gym office with my friends. I would do my workout and go home. When we got home on Thursday, Dad left us a note the he was going to get Mom. They would pick up KFC on the way home and we were to finish our homework. We sat at the kitchen table and we worked hard. My parents came through the door and we rant to greet our mother. She was so happy to see us as she hugged and kissed us. I informed her of the assembly the next day and about the photographer at the gym.

"Just don't ever do that again." she said to me. "I don't ever want to see you harmed by anyone again."

"Don't worry, never again." I responded.

Mom produced a small blue urn and put it on the fireplace mantle. She told us that it was our grandmother's ashes. I do not know why, but I decided to be a smartass.

"Grandma." I said. "I thought you would be taller."

The smack I got on the back of my head stung for several minutes. My mom glared at me, then sat on the couch. She had my brothers and me to sit down.

"I know your grandmother was not in your lives." she said. "But that was her loss. But never, ever disrespect an elder."

"Yes, ma'am." we said in unison.

"Besides, she left everything to us." Mom continued. "That's close to $50 million. We are selling her house and furniture. But when all is said and done, that will leave us quite a nest egg."

"She left him nothing." she replied. "But he will get his fair share. Just don't tell him. I will tomorrow."

I hugged Mom tightly and we got ready for dinner. After we finished, my brothers and I cleared the table, then I did the dishes. I took the twin terrors to get their baths. We finished our nightly cleaning and I put them to bed. I kissed Danny and he hugged me tightly. When I put Jimmy to bed and kissed him, he held me.

"Billy, I'm still scared." he said.

"Don't worry." I replied. "Dad is home and he'll make sure we're safe."

I left my little brother falling asleep and went downstairs. Mom sat me down and she held me close, then began to cry.

"My sweet boy." she said. "You thought you acted bravely, but never do that again."

"Mom, I was so scared." I told her. "But I just reacted. I tried to do what Dad would have."

"Well you're dad is a little crazy." Mom explained. "He will charge ahead without thinking. But he is a wonderful man."

"Trust me Mom." I responded. "I will never do that again."

"You get some sleep." Mom said. "I'll see you in the morning."

I went to bed and laid in the darkness. Was I crazy for doing what I did on Monday night or just did something foolish? I finally fell asleep with the promise to myself to be smart in all my actions.

I got up and dressed for school. As I went in the bathroom, I noticed the changes my body was going through. My muscle tone was really forming and my biceps really peaked for a twelve-year-old. My abs were rippling and I noticed dark hairs starting to form on my pits and along my legs. My bush was becoming thick, which really shocked me. I dressed and went downstairs and Mom cooked us breakfast. We ate with gusto and we each gave reasonable burps.

"That was rude boys." she said.

"But that was a compliment to the chef." I replied.

Mom rolled her eyes and told my brothers she would get them for the assembly. We grabbed our bookbags and headed for school. Jeff pulled up and we climbed in with Paul. We said Byron, Mark, and Davy and they hopped in with a very tight fit. Jimmy and Danny sat on Davy and Byron's laps, while Mark sat on mine. I started to fondle his cock and he squirmed. Everyone saw what I was doing and giggled at the sight. As we got to the elementary school, Danny and Jimmy got out.

"Remember, Mom will get you a little later." I reminded them.

They gave me a hug and ran to the doors. Jeff dropped the four of us off at school and we ran in the building. We stopped at our lockers and put our stuff away. The first part of the day was normal. People left me alone and I got through my classes without incident. Just before lunch we had the assembly. I was called to the principal's office, so I grabbed my books, dropped them in my locker, and arrived at the front office. Two police officers were there, so I sat near them.

"So you're the batman." one of the officers said.

I nodded my head. They joked with me and said I was the toughest burglar alarm. I smiled but was very nervous. One mentioned my muscles and no wonder I broke the thief's leg and ribs. The police chief came out with the principal. They saw the cops joking with me and told us we needed to head to the auditorium. I was led to the stage with the chief and we sat down. I saw my family in the front row, along with John and the Berlsons. As everyone quieted down, the principal approached the microphone.

"As most of you know, one of our students captured a burglar this week." he said. "The police would like to present the young man with an award. May I introduce our chief-of-police, Thomas Marks."

The head of the local police stood, shook hands with the principal, and cleared his throat. He gazed down at me and gave me a slight smile.

"Criminals do their best when people are unaware or unprepared." he said. "But on Monday, one thief was surprised by a young man. Fro his bravery for stopping a thief who had already robbed seven houses. William Mattsen, I would like to present this plaque and medal for valor. Also, there was a reward of $10,000 for his capture., so here is a check for that amount."

He handed it to me and I just stood there with a stunned look on my face. The kids were cheering and my brothers were yelling the loudest. After five minutes everyone finally sat back down and the principal asked if I would like to say a few words. I approached the microphone and gazed at my classmates. My mom smiled at me and Jimmy stroked his tongue out. I smiled at cleared my throat.

"First I want to thank the police for the award and check." I started. "Time to party, unless my mom puts it in the bank for me. I just want to say, what I did wasn't smart. If the guy had a gun, he would have killed me and my brothers. I'm glad I could help the police, but this was stupid. I have been praised and treated like a hero, but I thought I was defending my home. I really was endangering my life and my brothers. The true heroes are the police and the people who were there after I knocked him down. The Berlsons, Mr. Whittington and Davy's dad John were there when I called. My parents are always there for me. Finally my friends, Davy, Mark, Byron, Paul, and my brothers are always there for me always. Jimmy and Danny, I'm sorry for putting you in danger."

There was stunned silence that permeated the entire auditorium. Suddenly the police chief began to clap, followed by the principal, then the teachers, finally the students. I walked off the stage to my mom and gave her the check and the award. She kissed and hugged me, which under normal circumstances, it would have embarrassed me. But I needed her comfort and welcomed it. I felt my dad's hand on my shoulder and he gave me a huge smile. My brothers hugged me and I returned the embrace. The Berlsons congratulated my speech, followed by my friends. Mom said something that did surprise me.

"You may have a party for your friends." she said. "Let's have it in two weeks."

I hugged her hard and thanked her. She said she would pick up my brothers from school. The principal dismissed us for lunch and we headed for Bill's office. We waited until he arrived, then got comfortable to eat.

"Some speech." the gym teacher said. "That showed maturity. Your dad would have done the same thing on Monday night. You are quite a bit like him."

"That's what my mom said." I replied. "I reacted first."

"Under certain circumstances, that would work." Bill said. "But on Monday, no."

Everyone nudged me and I pushed back a little. We did joke around and I told them my mom agreed to a party in two weeks. As we finished lunch, we went to our final classes. I spent most of the classes making out a guest list. Since Mom never said how many I could have, the list grew longer. By the time I had to go to PE, it was about fifty people. Mom would go ballistic, but I knew I could cut it down. We had fun a playing wall-ball. After class, I grabbed my stuff and headed for the gym. Mark and Davy caught up with me.

"So who did you invite?" Mark asked.

I showed them the list and they both whistled. I was ready to get my brothers, but remembered what my mother said. We got to the gym and saw Frank going to the locker room. We got to our lockers and changed into our gear. John came in almost immediately after we finished dressing. He kept me aside ad sat me down.

"Good speech." he said. "Just remember what you said."

"I will." I replied. "I don't ever want to go through this week again."

We went to the weight room and John told Frank about my speech. I went through my workout with great intensity and Mark noted what I did for the doctor. After two solid hours, I stretched and flexed.

"We better watch out John." Frank said. "He'll look better than us."

For some strange reason I started to do the Hulk Hogan poses. All four began to hoot and cheer me. This brought a small crowd of other Marines, who were trying to figure out what was going on. They cheered me on and I began to blush. We went to the locker room to shower. Some of the marines asked John and Frank who I was and they told them who my dad was. We showered and dressed quickly. John reminded us he would be by for the campout that night. I went to my house and Mom was in the kitchen making dinner.

"Mom, remember we're going over to Davy's for a campout." I said.

"Well you better get cleaned up for dinner." she replied. "And make sure your brothers are clean too."

"Yes ma'am." I told her as I ran up the stairs.

I found Danny and Jimmy in Danny's room. They were in a sixty-nine and fingered each other. I heard the moans grew louder and both began to spasm in unison. After they finally relaxed, Jimmy saw me at the door with a large bulge in my pants.

"Hey, time for dinner." I said. "Time to wash up."

They climbed off the bed and followed me to the bathroom. We washed up and I made sure they were properly dressed for dinner. We arrived as Dad came through the door. We ran to hug him and he returned our affection. We went to the dining room and sat. Mom brought the food out and we served ourselves. We said grace and began to eat.

"So how many kids are you going to have for the party?" Mom asked.

"Well how many can I have?" I replied

"Twenty will be enough." Mom told me.

"Well, it's time to cut the list." I retorted.

"Okay, but make sure I have the final list." she explained.

I nodded, with a mouthful of meatloaf. We ate and talked about everything, except the assembly. My parents knew I had enough of the limelight. After we finished, I went to get a change of clothes. Danny and Jimmy came in the room and wondered what I was doing.

"You better get your clothes together." I told them. "We're going to Davy's for the campout."

They ran to their rooms and made sure they had clothes for the next morning. We came down and our parents were in the living room.

"Remember to behave yourselves." Dad said. "And Billy, you're in charge of your brothers."

"Yes sir." I said and swatted their butts.

"DAD!!" they cried out.

Dad laughed and Mom gave us a hug and kiss. We turned to leave when I decided to be a smartass again.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do." I smirked.

Mom's hand crashed on my butt so hard I lurched forward. Before I could say anything, there was a knock at the door. Davy was there and he came in to say hi to my parents. Mom motioned for him to sit down. He did and Mom sat next to him.

"You know your grandmother died." she said. "She left everything to me and your cousins, but nothing to you."

"Typical." he responded.

"But I don't care." Mom replied. "You're family and you are entitled to the money. Besides, I think there are those who would give me grief if I didn't."

Davy kissed Mom and hugged her hard. Mom reassured him that we were family and nothing would change that. As he released Mom, we went to the car. Bill was driving and he wanted to know what took so long. Davy explained what Mom told him. Bill did ask how much, but Davy nor I could tell him. We got to the house and we stormed the through the door. We had put our stuff in Davy's room, when there was a knock on the door. Jeff, Paul, Byron, and Mark came in and threw their belongings in Davy's room. We went downstairs and Davy's dads sat us down.

"Alright, here are the rules." John said. "The tent is set up in the backyard. You are to remain in the backyard and do not disturb the neighbors."

"YES SIR!!" we all uttered in unison.

And if you have to use the bathroom, put your shorts on." Bill told us.

We nodded and headed to the tent. Bill pulled Jeff and me to the side.

"Now Jeff, you are in charge since you are the oldest." John said. "Make sure the boys behave themselves."

"I will." he said.

"Billy, if anyone get out of line, you are to discipline them." the large marine said.

"Sir, yes sir." I replied.

Jeff gave a quizzical look and John explained that I probably was stronger than he was. I smiled and suggested an arm wrestling contest. Jeff and I sat opposite each other and locked hands. When John said go, I put Jeff's hand down quickly.

"Damn, he is strong." the teen said as he rubbed his shoulder.

We walked out and found everyone joking around. Mark brought his boom box and we played some music. We then stripped and paired off. Davy and Jeff were in a hot sixty-nine. Danny and Byron were kissing passionately. Jimmy was eating Paul's boycunt with pleasure. Mark was holding my body tightly and I began to kiss him with great eagerness. Our tongues battled for supremacy and our dicks rubbed together. As we broke out kiss, Mark looked at me with a smile. As he began to raise his legs, Jimmy came over.

"Billy, I want Paul to do what you and Mark do." he said. "But he said you won't let it."

"He's right." I told my brother. "The first time will hurt and I don't want you to be hurt."

"But I want it." he cried. "He's not making me. I wanna."

"Okay, but I will observe so you aren't hurt." I said. "Paul, if he wants to stop, you must do so."

"Billy, you know I love Jimmy and don't want to hurt him." the tow-headed boy said. "You're the boss."

I had Jimmy lay on his stomach and put a sleeping bag under his pelvis. I got the lube and greased my fingers and handed it to Paul to get his cock ready. I inched a finger into Jimmy's hole, which he took easily. After a minute, I put a second finger in him, which caused him to wince a little, but then began to moan in pleasure. After a few minutes, I put in three fingers. Jimmy yelped in pain and tightened his muscles quickly.

"Billy that hurt." he whimpered.

"I know, but this is about as thick as Paul's penis." I said. "Do you want me to stop?"

"N-N-No." he cried.

I let Jimmy familiarize himself to the fullness of my fingers in his boycunt. As he relaxed, I moved them slowly around his hole. He groaned to adapt, but then began to moan. After a couple of minutes, my little brother moved back on my digits. I slowly removed my fingers. I asked Paul if he had ever fucked someone. He said no, so I told him what to do. He placed his cockhead at the sweet pink hole of Jimmy and pushed forward. Jimmy resisted the intruder and I laid beside him to reassure him. Paul tried again and the sphincter muscle relented. Jimmy showed signs of pain, so I ordered Paul to stop. Jimmy's eyes were streaming tears.

"Do you want him to stop?" I asked as I stroked his face.

"NO!!" he cried out. "Let me get used to it."

My brother had gritted his teeth and acclimatized to the interloper. As I saw his face muscles relax, I motioned for Paul to slowly inch forward. As Jimmy felt discomfort, Paul stopped. This continued until all of Paul's rod was fully entrenched in Jimmy's ass.

"Are you okay?" I asked my brother.

"Yeah." Jimmy said weakly." "I feel so full."

"Paul, please go slow." I said.

Paul did just as I said as he pulled out to the head, then pushed back in just as slowly. Jimmy moaned ever so slightly, but became louder with each thrust of Paul's pelvis. Jimmy's cocklet was rubbing the sleeping bag and his prostate was being hit by Paul. The feeling of his orgasm flowed through his body and his torso snapped back.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!" he cried out.

I saw his body shake and his ass flexed hard. This caused Paul to release his load deep in m brother's body.

"OH FUCK!!" he yelled.

He shot five rounds of boycum into my brother. As they finally felt the ecstasy subside, Paul collapsed on Jimmy, then rolled to his side. He cradled my brother in his arms and his dick slipped out. Jimmy turned and they kissed deeply. I tapped my brother on his shoulder and he looked at me with a silly grin.

"How do you feel?" I asked. "Are you hurt?"

"So happy." he replied. "My butt is a little sore, but so full of Paul."

"Billy, thanks for letting us do this." Paul added.

"Just never hurt him." I told him. "Or I will hurt you badly."

He nodded in agreement and they unrolled their sleeping bags. They fell asleep holding each other. Mark and I went to our sleeping bags and we just held each other. I saw Danny and Byron kissing and fondling each other. Jeff and Davy were like a pair of rabbits as my cousin rode his lover's cock hard. Their moans echoed through the tent. Mark fondled my cock and I knew what he wanted, or so I thought. He greased me cock and his hole, then laid on top of me. He reached behind and guided it into his body. As he was impaled on my pole, he snuggled his body to mine and hugged me. I felt his ass muscles massage my cock.

"Billy, I love you." he said.

"And my sweet, I love you so much." I responded.

"Let's just fall asleep just like this." Mark told me.

Who was I to argue the point. I held my boyfriend and we nodded off. I dreamt I was on a bed and I had something massaging my entire body. My cock seemed to be harder than ever. The feeling of shooting was impending at it felt like my rod was engulfed by an invisible being. My balls began to tighten quickly and I saw my pole explode, but none of my juices landed on me. I was being milked long and hard. I uttered no sound and my body seemed to float. As the last shot left my body, I woke up. Mark looked at me with a sleepy smile. I looked at him and smiled back.

"Looks like someone had a hot dream." he said.

"Yeah." I replied. "I guess someone had a fun dream."

"I dreamt I was being pleasured by a powerful being." Mark said. "I could not see the face, but the body was awesome. I knew it was you."

"I dreamt that I was on a bed being massaged." I told my sweet love. "I felt hands all over me, making me feel so wonderful. Then something swallowed my cock so velvety smooth. I knew it had to be you."

"Liar." he said with a playful nudge.

My dick was still in his ass. It was meant to be there and I held this one person I would spend the rest of my life with tightly. We fell back to sleep and I never felt more happy than at that moment.


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