by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 1: My life went on as a regimen. I would go to school and then to the gym with John. Afterwards we would go to our secluded spot for fun with our most important muscles. I could cum twice to his once, usually with John fingering my hole. I also began to do it to him, feeling his ass contract on my fingers while he shot his load into my mouth. After I would go home, and more often than not, my brothers and I would have some fun. On the weekends, I would work out during the day for several hours. Most of the marines that were there were supportive, except Bill Wilson, who - along with others involved in the bet - received reprimands and company punishment. My body developed quite well as my pecs and abs defined better than expected. My legs were really developing. John then surprised me by telling me he wanted to talk with my dad.


I was afraid what John was going to my dad about. John came over to the house and he and my dad sat in the living room with my mom. After some small talk, John spoke to my dad about me.

"Gunny, as you know I'm going to the Inter-Service Bodybuilding Contest in a month." he said. "I was wondering if I could take Billy with me so he could see what he is training for."

I was flabbergasted when I heard his request. My parents looked at each other and then me. My heart was beating heavily on what my parents would do or say. Finally my father spoke to John.

"John I know you are helping Billy." he began. "But I feel he is too young to go on a trip without us."

"Please Dad." I begged, with puppy-dog eyes. "Can I prove I'm responsible enough to go?"

The look worked on my mom, but my dad was a totally different story. He was a man of proof and I would have to do that for him. My mom did look at me and winked that caused me to relax a little.

"Billy, you must show us you are mature enough for this." my dad said. "If you can prove that you are old enough, then we'll let you go."

I ran to my dad and hugged him, which he did not mind when no one else was around, but with company it was formality. He whispered for me to get down and we shook hands. I gave my mother a hug and she kissed me on my cheek. John and my dad talked about what would be involved at the tournament. John told my dad that this would be a great opportunity for me to get `pointers' from the other contestants. John left, but he gave me a wink as he left. My dad called me into the living room to talk.

"Billy, now to prove that you're mature." he began. "I am going to have you do some tasks around the house. If you complete them satisfactorily, you can go."

"You mean like the tasks of Hercules?" I said as I grinned and flexed my muscles.

My parents laughed and my dad nodded. He sat down and wrote my `tasks' for the week. Dad called me to him, had me sit down, and showed me the list. There were seven chores to do and a space to check them off as I completed them. They were everything from mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges to cleaning the garage. But the biggest task was to baby-sit my brothers on Saturday night. My dad said that if I can complete the tasks, he would agree to allow me to go to the competition.

I decided to start the first task and began to mow the yard. I was lucky that it was small yard to work. I finished the mowing in an hour and put the clippings in the garbage. I then got the clippers and trimmed the three hedges in the backyard. As I put those clippings in the garbage, I called my father out to inspect the work. He was very meticulous in his inspection and then turned to me and smiled.

"Well done." he said. "You passed the first test."

I smiled at the work I had done and was ready for more. I moved to the garage to start in on that, but my father stopped me in my tracks.

"Hold on." he said. "You need to pace yourself son. You'll burn yourself out. You're too driven Billy and you need to slow down."

"But I want to get a jump on things dad." I replied. "Besides I want to be able to work out with John tomorrow, too."

"Just slow down." my father told me.

I began moving some junk out the garage to the curb for trash pickup. I had several empty boxes, jars, old magazines, toys, and some other stuff ready to go to the dump. My parents were amazed at my energy, but were worried that I might be doing too much. I finally finished getting the junk to the curb and decided to quit. I was extremely dirty from the yard work and the garage. My parents saw this.

"Get into that bathroom and take a bath." my mom ordered.

I knew better than to argue, so I stripped down and tossed my clothes in the hamper. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the true development of my body. My pecs were developing quite well and my abs were showing the signs of a solid development. I flexed my arms and I liked what I saw as I felt each bicep becoming rock hard. I also noticed my developing maturity. The hairs around my dick were coming in nice and black. Though not thick, there was a nice bush that was coming through. I raised my arms and noticed a few hairs that were just appearing. I had seen my dad without his shirt and knew how hairy his chest was. I had wondered if I would me as hairy as the man I admired most in this world. I also noticed my dick and enjoyed the sight of my member. Even soft it was over 3" and now it was developing to a nice hard 5.5" now. Ever since I started the 7th grade, when I took a shower after PE, I noticed I had a large dick compared to almost all the boys, though there were a few 8th graders who were larger, but not by much.

I got in the shower and began to soap my body all over. It felt wonderful and really got my juices flowing. My cock grew to its full rigidity and some precum was oozing from the tip. I took it to my lips and enjoyed the flavor. I slowly stroked my rod long and played with my balls. I leaned against the back wall of the shower and moved my left hand to my ass. I slowly moved it in and finger-fucked myself as I stroked my rod. The intense feeling that moved through my body had me moving my hand on my cock faster and worked the finger in and out of my pucker. The urge to shoot worked its way through my being until the first volley hit the front of the tub. The intensity overwhelmed me because I did not remember what happened until I saw my dad as he stood over me with a wry grin on his face. I felt so humiliated as I felt him dry me off and carried me to my room. I felt so mortified that he would not allow me to go to the competition. My dad pulled out a pair of briefs and t-shirt, then a pair of shorts and sat beside me.

"Billy, I knew you were a fast mover." he said. "But like I said, you move too fast. Now don't be embarrassed or ashamed at masturbating. Every guy does it, so it's a natural thing."

"Dad, are you ashamed of me?" I asked as tears filled my eyes.

My dad pulled me onto his lap and held me tight. I could smell his masculinity through his shirt. I felt like a five-year-old again on his lap - secure and happy. I knew my father loved me, but he was a marine and also knew he wanted his boys to be men.

"Billy I love you." he said. "I see a lot of myself in you and even more. You also have your mother's love and compassion and that makes you such a great person. I want you to be happy with your life."

I hugged this man who, not only gave me life, but also was a great person. All the men in his platoon respected him with undying loyalty. They would die at his command because he looked out for them. I thought that if I was half the man that my father was, I would be happy. My dad kissed my forehead and plopped me on my feet.

"Mom's got dinner ready." he said. "So get your ass in gear and move out."

"Yes sir." I replied with a grin since I knew this irk him a little.

My father had almost no use for officers, but he knew they were necessary to military well-being. He said most officers were a waste of space and air. His only respect for an officer was one who was `prior enlisted' because they knew what the common private had been through. My dad said that the company commander, Lt. Colonel Berlson, was the one he admired because he enlisted along with my father and they were friends. It was Colonel Berlson who requested my dad to lead this platoon.

"Boy, I work for a living." he said with a slight frown, but then laughed.

"Yes Gunny Sergeant." I said as I snapped to attention.

We both laughed all the way downstairs. My mom and two brothers were at the table when we arrived. We sat, my mom said grace, and we began eating. My brothers looked at me and Jimmy smiled at me. Danny began to giggle and my mother asked him what was funny. He said nothing and she told him to finish eating. We did finish and my brothers and I cleared the dishes for my mother. We went to my bedroom and started to play Yahtzee. As we played, Jimmy looked at me and began to fondle his dick. I motioned to the door and Danny went to lock it. Once he did that, I pulled their pants down and both their cocklets stood out in front of them. I led them to the bed and had them lay opposite. I moved them so Danny's legs were over Jimmy's and their balls touched. I took their hot little rods in my mouth and proceeded to move up and down on their poles. The feeling of their cocks touching had both my brothers in ecstasy and they writhed on my bed. I also played with their smooth, small ball sacs which caused their sex drives to move into overdrive. Both shuddered from their dry climaxes and were sweating profusely. At that moment my mother called them.

"Jimmy. Danny." she called out. "Time for your bath."

They pulled their pants up and started for the bathroom. I went with them and turned on the water to get it right. My mom came up to get them ready for bed, but I told her I would get them ready.

"Okay, but no horsing around." she told me. "Billy you are responsible for them."

"Thanks Mom." I replied.

Both my brothers thought they would give me a hard time, but after a swat on their ass cheeks, they knew I was not playing. They got undressed and then plopped into the tub. Though Jimmy thought he was too old to be bathed, I made sure he was clean all over. I had him stand up and spread his cheeks to get his rosebud clean. I slowly stuck a soapy finger in his hole, which caused him to wince in pain and he clamped his ass muscles shut. But after a couple of minutes he loosened his muscles and I slipped my finger deeper. Jimmy moaned and pushed his body back onto my digit. His 3" stood proudly forward and Danny clamped his mouth on it. Jimmy's body took over as he moved his body back and forth. He fucked Danny's mouth and he made sure he enjoyed the pleasure in his ass. I kept brushing against his immature prostate, which made him reach the brink several times. I finally pushed hard and caused my little brother to quiver and spasm severely. After he finally stopped, I lowered him into the tub to rest.

Danny, not to be left out of anything, spread his sweet buns. I slowly worked my finger into him with soap, but it seemed to go in easily. I hit bottom and Danny's little 1.5" cocklet stood out and he pulled Jimmy to it. Jimmy devoured it with gusto and enjoyed the sweet little dick in his mouth. Danny seemed to have fun controlling Jimmy and Jimmy did not care. I pressed Danny's prostate hard and his spasms seemed to last forever. After he finally stopped, he collapsed in my arms. I lowered him in the tub and I heard my dad call to us.

"You boys better be finished before I come upstairs." he yelled.

I got Jimmy out and dried him off. As he dressed in his pajamas, I got Danny ready for bed, and we all went to Danny's room. I tucked him in bed and kissed him on the forehead. He hugged me tight and kissed me on the lips. Jimmy kissed Danny, who returned the favor. I turned off the light and left the door ajar. I them put Jimmy to bed and we kissed as I finished tucking him in his bed. He whispered he loved me. I told him the same because it was true. I loved my brothers and I would do anything for them and protect them. My dad called me down and my parents were in the living room. I sat down and my dad looked at me.

"Billy, you seemed to be growing up fast." he said. "We saw you putting your brothers to bed. We know that we can trust you to be mature in going to the competition, so you can."

I jumped up and hugged my dad hard around his neck. I must have been deceptively strong because he had to pry me off. I then hugged my mom and kissed her on the cheek. My dad sat me on his knee and began to speak.

"Now that you're going you can stop worrying about your tasks." he said. "You can slow down."

"Dad, a mature person would finish the job put to him." I replied. "But I'll slow down."

All my dad could do is laugh and my mom joined in with him. I scooted off my dad's knee and gave my parents a kiss goodnight. I went to my room and finished some math homework I still had to do. I heard the phone ring and my dad answered it. I finally finished when my dad popped his head in the door. He came in and sat down on my bed.

"Billy I need to talk with you." he said.

"Sure Dad." I replied. "What's up?"

"I know that you like John." he said solemnly. "But he called a little while ago and told me something that could destroy that relationship."

I stared at my father and worried at what he might say. What could John have done that would worry my father. I saw the face of a man who was trying to pick the right words to say to me.

"John told me that he was spotted in a place he wasn't supposed to be." my dad said. "He was in a club that was for homosexuals. He said Bill Wilson saw him coming from the club."

"So what are you going to do Dad?" I asked him with concern in my eyes for John.

"I don't want to report him." he said. "He is a good Marine and I don't want to lose him. But if Bill goes to the commander, John will be booted out. My concern is that are you upset that John is gay?"

"No Dad." I responded. "He told me the first day we started training. All I care about is that he's a great person. I'm just worried about him."

"Billy, you do have your mother's compassion." my dad said to me. "We'll have to wait until Monday."

I gave my dad a kiss on his stubbled cheek. He got up and left my room. I saw the concern on his face and I wondered how I could help. I got ready for bed and laid in the dark and tried to figure what I could do. I saw myself hitting and kicking Bill Wilson, use weight plates, or perhaps hitting him in the balls. But I decided these would have been impractical since the man was much larger that myself. I then remembered when I got even with a bully who was picking on Jimmy. I spread a rumor that he was trying to molest my little brother. This caused the boy to stop almost immediately, even though he did try to beat me up. It turned out that he was all talk and no show. My friends did say I was somewhat devious. So I hatched my plan in my head and decided to go for it.

We got up and went to church that morning. After we got back, John was pulling up to talk with my dad. I went to change and came in the living room to see John in tears and my dad was trying to comfort him. My mom saw me and began to stand. I shook my head and went to John, who felt my hand on his arm.

"John, we don't care about your lifestyle." I said. "You're a good man and dad said a great Marine. I know I'll be there for you."

John looked at me and wondered how much my parents knew. He saw me wink at him quietly and began to smile a little. I began to tug on his log of an arm to go to the gym, but my mother said John might not want to go.

"That's okay." he said. "Billy needs to work out because he's getting soft."

He playfully tapped my chest and I punched his abs since I knew that my punch would not hurt. I kissed my mom and said I'll be back later. We went to the gym and we saw Bill Wilson's car in the parking lot. John did not want to go in, but I told him he had to be in the gym with me. Most of the staff knew me, but just in case a new person was there, I would not to get in trouble. I went to the locker room and changed. As I grabbed my towel I walked in the weight room and, just as I expected, so was Bill Wilson. I went to the weight bench and acted as if he was not there. He saw me and gave me a smirk that I wished I could slap it off his face. He moved over to the heavy bag and began punching it. I ignored him, but he decided to run the knowledge that he had.

"I guess you're a little faggot." he snarled. "Just like that faggot nigger you like to hang out with. What do you do, suck each other's dicks?"

At that point a spark ignited in my brain as I wanted to just kill this bastard. I kept working out and tried not to let him get to me. A minute later he came over and stood at the head of the bench. I could see his pouch up his shorts leg and he was getting hard. He just leered at me as I continued to try and ignore him.

"So why nigger dick boy?" he spewed. "Why not good ole American white dick?"

I popped up from the bench and spun around. I just glared at him and was ready to lunge at him, but my common sense came to me. This was almost too good to me true. I knew if I goaded him, he would do something very stupid. Let's face it, racists are usually the morons of the universe.

"Well I'd rather be a faggot and suck dicks." I began. "Than an asshole who gets fucked by dicks. Besides my baby brother probably has a bigger dick than you have, and he's 5 years old."

I started for the door. I felt an arm grab me and then a hand backhanded me. I saw stars for a minute and then I was forced to the floor. As my mind cleared, I saw Bill drop his shorts, and I knew it was now or never.

"RAPE!!" I screamed. "RAPE!!"

In a matter of seconds, John and three others ran into the weight room and saw Bill Wilson with his shorts to his ankles and I was kneeling before him. John shot over and hit Bill Wilson so hard he fractured the man's jaw. Two of the attendants came over to me to see if I was alright. The third called the Mps and my parents. In minutes four marines arrived with pistols, arm bands, and cuffed the bastard on the floor. My parents arrived a few minutes later as they were carting the still unconscious figure to the car.

"What in the hell happened?" my father demanded.

Everyone tried to talk at once until my father roared for silence. He then turned to me, saw the bruise on the left side of my face, and demanded to know what happened. I then explained what occurred from the time I walked into the weight room to the time John and the others rushed in to save me. I did not leave anything out, including my words verbatim. My mother was shocked at my language, but hey, I was a growing boy. The MPs wanted to take a statement from me and my parents took me to their office. John followed in his car and we all went into an office. I retold the events again, almost word-for-word, and then I signed a typed statement. When we got outside my mom grabbed me and held me tight.

"Mom!" I protested, but to no avail.

After she released me, my dad was ready to take me to the hospital, but I said no. I said that, other than the slap, I was fine. I told them I wanted to go back to the gym to finish working out. John drove me back and we went to the weight room. Tom Peterson, one of the attendants, saw us come in and came over to talk.

"Are you okay? He asked me with a concerned look.

"Yeah." I said. "He's not so tough. We just came back so I can finish my workout."

"You're one tough son-of-a-bitch." Tom said. "I would hate to get you mad."

We laughed as John and I began to workout. Tom left and I then turned to John. I saw his magnificent body lifting the weights and his muscles peaked and strained with each lift.

"Well I guess your problem is over." I said. "That redneck's reputation is shot to hell."

John looked at me and noticed the Cheshire cat smile I had on my face. He began to get suspicious that I had planned the whole thing. John developed a dark look on his usually bright face.

"Did you plan this." he demanded. "Did you set Bill up?"

I did not like the look on John's face, but I could not lie to him either. I began to explain what I had planned.

"John, I had planned to set him up." I began. "But his pea-brain actually helped the matter. I did suspect him of being bi, if not gay. I didn't expect the slap on to be on my knees and his shorts on the floor."

"You could have gotten hurt." he said with anger in his tone.

"I know, but I couldn't let him ruin you." I replied. "You're too good to be smeared by his sorry ass."

What happened next was a true surprise to me. John pulled my on his lap. He pulled the back of my shorts down and revealed my smooth ass. I felt the strong slap of his hand hit my skin and the initial reaction in my brain was to cry out, but my body would not react in that manner. I grimaced, closed my eyes, and felt the onslaught continue. I did try to squirm away, but John held me fast and I knew my butt would be more red that a stop sign. The sound echoed in the weight room and Tom came in and saw the sight. I looked at him and shook my head no through my tears. I noticed him looking at my ass and his dick bulged in his pants. Finally John stopped and he put me on my feet. I could not touch my cheeks because the heat from the spanking radiated. I tenderly pulled my shorts up and the pain ravaged my body. We went to the locker room and I went to the shower to cool my buns. As I stood under the water, I could not look at John. I knew I had angered him, but he must have realized I did it out of love. I began to cry, but I could not figure out why. I did not know if I was upset that John was mad at me or that I lost his love and respect. As I wept I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up to see John standing there with a puzzled look.

"What's the matter Billy?" he asked.

"I-I-I don't know." I stammered. "I just don't want you mad at me."

"Finish up." he said. "We need to talk."

Even though the cool water eased the pain on my ass, it was difficult for me to put on my pants and then sitting down to put on my socks and sneakers. We went to John's car and I tried to get comfortable to no avail. John drove to our spot and he stopped the car. After he turned off the engine, he turned to face me.

"Billy, I don't know what was going on in your head." he said. "You realize you could have been severely hurt or even killed. That bastard loves to kill. I could not lose you because I love you so much."

I began to cry again after he said this to me. This was the first time that John ever used that word to me. It was at this point John held me tight and I felt so small in his arms. I had never felt so loved and happy and I knew that I wanted this to last forever. I peeked up through John's massive arms and saw tears flow from his eyes. I reached up, wiped a tear away, and hugged this man tight. John leaned down and kissed me so lightly that I tasted his salty tears. His mouth opened to me and we kissed passionately. We finally broke our kiss and I saw the pure love in John's eyes.

"We won't speak of this again." he said. "You should tell your parents, but I will leave that decision up to you."

I knew John was right, but I also knew the end results if I did. We headed to my house and, as we entered, my parents were sitting there along with 2 Mps. They were waiting for me and they explained what would occur. They got my story again, which I repeated since it was not a lie. They left after a few more details and then it was time to face the music.

"Mom. Dad." I began. "I have to tell you something."

They sat there and waited for me to speak. I told them about my plan, but that it went awry when Bill Wilson slapped me and forced me to my knees. I said I was trying to discredit him, but obviously it was stupid and I was sorry for what I did. I told my parents that John found out and let me know in no uncertain terms that what I did was stupid and wrong, as I rubbed my still sore ass.

"Billy, go to your room." my dad said. "We'll talk with you later."

I departed and went to my room. Now usually this meant to close the door and sit on my bed to wait for the inevitable. But I was a budding teen with some defiance, so I left the door open and planted my desk chair at the opening. Jimmy came running to my room, but I pointed back to his room. He had a disheartened look and he peeked at me. I winked and he ran to my arms. I hugged this sweet brother of mine.

"I'll talk with you later." I whispered. "Just go to your room and wait until everything blows over."

Jimmy kissed my cheek and headed to his room. I listened to my parents talk with John. My dad said to him that he was seriously thinking not allowing me not to go to the competition. John said that I was young and thought I was helping, but found out that I was not as mature as I thought. My father chuckled at that, but my mom was still silent. She finally spoke to say that I needed to be punished and my dad agreed. My heart sank at the sound of this and I knew that the competition was lost. My mom told John that, though she did not normally approve of others disciplining children not their own, but she was happy that John cared to make sure I did not forget what I did was wrong. My dad said he would talk with John the next day and give him the decision. John left and I closed my door quietly. I sat on my bed and waited for my parents. The only problem was they really made me wait and wait. Dinner approached and we were called to eat. As we ate our Sunday dinner, we all sat in silence. Usually my little brothers would talk up a storm, but everyone felt the tension. As I cleared the table, I went back to my room. Jimmy and Danny came to my room to see if I was going to give them a bath. I shook my head no and as they left, my dad walked in.

"You two sit down." he said with a very stern look. "I want you to know what your brother did."

My father told my two brothers what happened today and what I tried to do. He told my brothers that he was glad I was not severely hurt, but he was very disappointed in me. He then told them to go to their rooms until bath time. Those two moved so fast I swore I saw smoke. My father then turned his full attention to me.

"Billy, I know you think what you planned was mature." he said. "But it was foolish and you're lucky you're not in a hospital or worse."

"Yes sir." I said. "I just didn't want John to be hurt. He's a nice guy and friend. Besides Bill Wilson's an asshole."

My dad seemed to get mad, but then he just slumped in his seat, then laughed loudly. He shook his head and tried to regain his composure. After my dad finally stopped laughing, he looked at me again.

"Billy, do you realize what that asshole could have done to you?" my dad asked. "Do you know you could be dead? Bill Wilson is one sadistic human and would have killed you."

"John told me about him." I replied. "But Dad, why keep someone who's a racist and sadist?"

"I don't know son?" he told me. "He kept his racism under wraps and had a clean record, except that little betting incident. Now he's looking at a lengthy stay in Fort Leavenworth. I hope you understand that if your plan worked and he really did nothing. Could you have lived with yourself?"

I looked down and the statement hit home very hard. I shook my head no, not able to look at my father. I knew what I did was wrong, though my motivation was honorable. I saw my dad stand and I thought that now I was about to get another spanking. But my dad sat down and hugged me close. I felt tears fall from his eyes. This was the first time I could remember I saw him cry. I hugged him tight and remembered the masculine smell that emanated from him. I kept this memory locked deep in my mind. I kept repeating `I'm sorry' until my mom walked into the room. She saw my dad's face and walked over and sat on the other side of me. My dad let me go and left to compose himself. I turned to my mother, who gave me a big surprise with a slap across my face. She then hugged me and began crying. She finally let go and looked at me deep in my eyes.

"If you ever do that again." she said. "I will give you such a spanking you'll never sit down. Do you realize what could have happened?"

"Yes ma'am." I replied. "Dad and John made that very clear. Mom, I'm so sorry I was so stupid today."

"Billy, your father and I could not bear to lose any of you boys." she told me. "You have been a pride to us and we want you to be happy and safe."

"I swear I won't do that again." I stated. "Believe me, that was scary."

"Alright." my mother said. "Your father and I will talk about your punishment. Get yourself ready for bed and get your brothers' bath done."

I kissed my mother's salty cheek and got my brothers herded to the bathroom. Jimmy and Danny wanted to know what happened and why our parents were so upset. I told them it was not their concern, but then they gave me pouty looks. I told them I would tell them later, but not now. After they got in the tub, Danny decided he was going to be mischievous and began splashing water all over me. I was soaked, so I decided to strip down and climbed in the tub with them. We were horsing around so much that we did not hear our father enter. My brothers were trying to dunk me when we heard him yell. We looked up with a mix of shock and smiles on our faces. Jimmy decided to be adventurous and splashed Dad with water and soaked his pants and shirt. Danny and I were shocked and thought that our brother was going to die. But Dad did something unexpected by stripping down and showed us his full glory. Though my dad was not as large as John, he had great muscles and hair covered his chest, arms, legs, and his groin. His dick was large soft, at least 6" soft and very thick. The sight of his body made me rise to a full 5". Dad picked up Danny and Jimmy from the tub, tickled them unmercifully, and fell to the floor with them. My brothers little cocklets sprung to life. It was an amazing sight to see my father, the god of discipline, show his fun side. I remembered his playing with me, but it seemed a distant past since I got older. I then worried what would happen if my mother walked in the bathroom.

"Where's Mom?" I asked.

"She went to the Petersons." my dad replied. "They heard the story and wondered if you're alright."

I was embarrassed about my erection and what my father would think. I knew it was wrong about my feelings for my dad, but I thought he was the hottest guy next to John. I tried to get the image of my father's body out of my mind, but it was hard since he was there in front of me in all his wonderful glory. I got out of the tub with my hard cock. I knew how embarrassed I was at that point, but it seemed to get worse when Danny opened his mouth.

"Wow Billy!" he said excitedly. "Daddy's pee pee is bigger than yours!"

I could feel my entire body turn red. I could not believe my baby brother would say such a thing and I gave him a look that would kill. Dad finished drying my brother and they ran to their rooms to get dressed for bed. I began to dry myself when Dad kissed my cheek and left. I finished, went to my room, and put on my pajamas. I hopped into bed and relived the day's event. Though I know what I did was dangerous I also felt exhilarated and somewhat proud of getting Bill Wilson. As I glowed at my achievement, my dad knock at my door.

"Billy, are you awake?" he asked.

I looked at him and leaned up on my right arm. He came over and sat on the side of my bed. As I looked at my dad, it seemed as the night before. He seemed to be searching for the words to tell me. There seemed to be a pained look on his face.

"Billy, John and I had talked for awhile." he said. "We did discuss his homosexuality and how he was to handle the situation. He also mentioned something and I have to ask you. He said you and he have messed around. Is this true?"

My eyes widened and I laid there in fear. I would not know what his response be. I knew I could not lie, but what would he have said if I told him I was gay. I know my dad was fine with John being gay, but his son being the same could have set him into a tirade. I decided a man would face the facts so I looked at my dad in the eyes.

"Yes Dad, we have." I said, prepared for the worse.

"Okay Billy." he responded stoically.

I could not read his face. I had seen him with this look and it was looking at the faces on Mount Rushmore. As he was leaving my room, he turned and looked at me.

"Meet me at my office tomorrow afternoon." he said.


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