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The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 20: Mark looked at me and my cock, but would not touch it. I began to wonder why, but he explained what he wanted.

"Dad got us our own room." he said. "I want it to be like a honeymoon. I want you to make love to me like we had just gotten married. Can you hold off until tomorrow?"

I just gazed into his eyes and I nodded. I could not refuse him anything and I was not about to start. We kissed passionately and held each other. We fell asleep and I was happy.



About six the next morning I awoke and I heard someone outside the tent. I put my shorts on and found Dad standing at the backdoor with a cup of coffee. He saw me and smiled.

"So are you ready for the trip?" he asked.

"I am Dad." I replied. "So are you off?"

"In a few minutes." he retorted. "Just do as John and Frank tell you."

"I will." I answered.

"You know son, you are developing quite well." Dad said. "You're going to be larger than your old man."

I blushed and hugged my dad. He returned the embrace and kissed my forehead. Mom came out and asked if it were a private moment. She kissed me and hugged me.

"Give your brothers a kiss and hug before you take them to Mr. Whittington." she said.

"I will." I told her. "Just have a good trip and come back safely."

My parents rolled their eyes. I went back in the tent and cuddled with Mark. I heard my parents leave with the Berlsons. An hour later we got up and grabbed some breakfast. After we cleaned the kitchen, Byron, Paul, and Jeff departed. A few minutes later, John and Frank arrived to pick us up and drop Mr. Whittington off. I grabbed my little brothers and gave them huge hugs.

"Now remember to behave for Mr. Whittington." I told them. "Or I will punish you when I get back."

"We will Billy." Danny promised. "We're gonna miss you."

"Same here bro." I said.

I gave them three kisses each and told them they were from Mom, Dad, and myself. Mark, Davy, and I grabbed our bags and got in the van Frank rented to go to Fort Bragg. The trip was relatively short, but with three boys, the phrase are we there yet? came up quite often. John took it in stride.

"No wonder I don't have kids." Frank remarked.

We finally arrived at the army base and were directed to the recreation center. We went to the registration table, where Frank and John signed in and given their packets. They took us to the back and there were a great assortment of bodybuilders from every branch of the military. We found an area that was set up with weight training equipment. There were several guys working out and I grabbed a couple of dumbbells and began to workout along with them. For some reason I became the center of attention.

"Damn kid, you sure know how to move that iron." one airman said.

John was standing behind me and just smiled. I continued for a few minutes more. As I put the weights down, one guy came up and asked when I started to workout. I explained when I started and that John and Frank were training Davy, Mark, and myself.

"Well if you join up, you should compete." one marine said. "Take your shirt off."

I did that and began to pose. There were several whistles and catcalls. I began to laugh and sort of joked around. All of a sudden, it was as if the seas parted. Arnold Schwazenegger appeared and three preteen looked at him slack-jawed. He came up and shook my hand.

"You are doing well young man." he said. "Keep up the good work."

"Uh. Uh. Sir." I stuttered. "These are my friends Mark and Davy."

He shook their hands and he even offered to take his picture with us. We got his autograph and he asked how old I was and where I was from. He was there to judge the contest and he even offered me some tips on training. After we finished our star-gazing, John and Frank took us to our hotel and we went to our rooms. Somehow we got two suites at very good rates. John and Frank would share their suite with Davy, while Mark and I got the other one. There were Jacuzzis in the suites and we smiled when we saw them. We did tell Davy we wanted him to join us the next night, but we wanted this night for ourselves. Davy was very sweet about it and we decided to give him special treatment the next evening.

Frank and John said they were going to the gym to workout and we joined them. After we changed, we found the weight room. I started my session, but we noticed there were a couple of teens next to us and they began to stare at me. They were about 15 or 16 and were pretty developed themselves, but were amazed at my physique and that I was pushing more weight than they were. After a few minutes, they came over.

"Hi." the taller one said. "I'm Peter Andrews. This is my little brother Josh."

"I'm Billy Mattsen." I introduced myself. "This is Mark and Davy."

"What are you doing here?" Peter asked.

"See those two guys there." I responded. "They are friends of my dad and they've been training us. They're here for the competition."

"See the guy next to them." Josh pointed out. "He's our dad. He's here for the same competition. We're from Camp Pendleton."

"We came from Camp Lejune." Mark said.

"Man you seem to really be into weights." Josh uttered. "We do it for football and baseball."

"We do it so we can really build ourselves." I said.

"Where are your parents?" Peter asked.

"DC." I replied. "Mark's dad is talking to the head of the NSC and he going to take my dad and John with him as his aides."

"That's cool." Josh replied. "Where are you staying?"

Davy told them and it turned out they were at the same hotel. We all decided to meet at the pool later that night. We all approached the three men, who were talking about the competition.

"Dad." Peter said. "This is Billy, Mark, and Davy. They're here to watch Frank and John in the body building competition."

He shook hands with us and introduced himself as Captain Peter Andrews. When he saw my body, he let out a low whistle.

"Damn boy, you're sure build for your age." he said.

I just smiled and explained that John and Frank were the ones who trained us. We went back to the our workout and the Andrews boys kept up pretty well. We were sweating, so we headed for the showers. As they eight of us entered, I noticed the two teens sneaking peeks at my body and smiled. I noticed their also. Peter had a nice brown, hairy bush and 4" dangling between his legs. Josh had 3" and a fiery red mound of hair encircling his rod. I also glanced at their father. He was a very big man with black hair and it seemed he shaved his chest and legs. The thick slab of cock swung between his legs and I wondered what it would taste like. Josh had bent over and he had a gaping boypussy hole and I knew he was regularly fucked. I began to get hard and wished I could fuck that hot hole. After we finished showering and dried off, we dressed. The contestants had a dinner they had to attend, so this left the five of us to our own resources. We decided to eat at Burger King, then go swimming in the hotel pool. Frank and John dropped us off at the hotel, then went to the rec. center. There was a Burger King a couple of blocks away, so we went in and ordered our food. We talked about what we do for fun, leaving out the good fun. After we finished, the five of us went to the hotel and set off for our rooms to change. We grabbed towels and met Peter and Josh at the pool. We jumped in and began to horse around. I was not a strong swimmer, but I could paddle enough not to drown. Davy was an excellent swimmer. Mark was good, as were the brothers. Occasionally we would brush against each other, so there were five very hard boys when we left the pool. We wrapped our towels around our waists and got to our suite. We all sat around and it got quiet.

"If we tell you something, will you keep it secret?" Peter asked.

"Sure." I replied. "What is it?"

"We're gay." he said. "So is our dad."

Davy, Mark, and I looked at each other and just smiled. I then reached for my love and gave him a romantic kiss. I then gave my sweet cousin the same tonsil cleaning. The two brothers sat there thunderstruck. After we broke our kiss, I looked at them and smiled.

"Mark's my lover." I said. "And Davy is my cousin."

"You're shitting me." Josh responded.

"Nope." Davy said. "And I have a boyfriend at home too."

"And John is gay too." I explained to them. "He's Davy's dad. It's a long story."

I noticed they were tenting up in their swimsuits and I licked my lips. We jumped them and pulled off their only clothing protection. Peter had a nice 6.5" cock and Josh had 5" of delicious teen meat. We began to make them as part of our family. Mark worked on Peter's nips and Davy attacked Josh's I worked on their nut sacs and allowed the pleasure of the mouths to go to the two guys I loved.

"Hey, no fair." Josh moaned. "You gotta strip too."

We obliged and removed our swim trunks and revealed our hard cocks. Davy's rod pointed directly at Josh's mouth. He maneuvered his body over Josh and enveloped the hard 5" while the red-headed teen swallowed his 7" deep into his mouth. Mark presented his 4.5" to Peter and took the 6.5" of teen meat into his mouth. As the four bobbed on and off the cocks, I began to finger and tongue the two teencunt. I pushed a finger into Peter's hole as I snaked my tongue deep into his brother. Both boys were hot asses and tight. After a few minutes, I switched positions. I would alternate between them and playing with their prostates over and over. It did not take long for the four to reach the ultimate release. Josh was the first to explode and I felt him clamp my finger six different times and his moans were unmistakable. Davy was soon to follow and watched his body spasm, so I knew he was spewing his cream down Josh's throat. Peter soon unloaded his contents into Mark's gullet. Mark's body spasmed and I knew his day cum overtook his body. The odor of sex pervaded the room as the four collapsed into a heap on the king bed. After a few minutes, Davy looked at me and smiled.

"Damn, that was hot." he said.

"Someone here hasn't gotten off." Josh said.

"This is for my love tonight." I told them. "But there is always tomorrow."

We got on the bed and fell asleep holding onto each other. After about an hour, the door opened and the three men came in to see the sight of five boys asleep in the nude. I awoke and smiled at them.

"I guess you found out our little secret." Capt. Andrews said.

"Don't worry. Don't ask, don't tell." John said.

The teens' dad woke them and took them back to their room. Davy went with John and Frank to their suite. Mark and I went to the Jacuzzi and filled it. When the water was just at the right level, we turned on the jets. We climbed in and felt the force of the water hit our bodies. We sat next to each other and kissed without abandon. My cock was so hard, it hurt. I wanted to hold my love all night long. When it became too much, I turned off the jets.

"Let's make love Mark." I said.

We got out and dried each other off. I then picked Mark up in my arms and carried him to my bed. I laid him gently on it, then got the lube. I coated my pole and put three fingers deep into his boycunt to coat his insides. I raised his legs and my cock connected with his hot hole. As it slid in, the love in Mark's eyes spoke volumes to me. When I was fully in him, I let his legs go and they wrapped around me. I slowly began to fuck the sweetest hole on earth. Every time I pushed forward, Mark would moan with great pleasure.

"Oh Billy, fill me with you." he uttered.

I leaned in and kissed my soulmate. His own cock was hard and it rubbed against my abs. I could feel his cock get harder and it felt like it was ready to explode. His first orgasm shook his body.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!" he cried in my mouth.

I stopped as his ass clamped on my pole. It took all of my will not to shoot. As he relaxed, I resumed my love in him. Mark's cock softened only slightly and the new assault on his prostate only made it renew its efforts. Twenty minutes after his first cum, he experienced another bout of sexual joy. He squeaked as his dry cum racked his body. Again I stopped until Mark relaxed. Again I resumed my love with Mark and I finally was ready to fill Mark with my seed. With one final thrust, my dick expanded and the first of eight shots entered Mark's body. The only sound I made was as a beast roaring. Mark said it was frightening and sexy. After I finally was spent, I collapsed on Mark, who turned me over. My cock was still in him and he snuggled on my body. We fell asleep and I was so happy. I did not think anything could destroy it.


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