by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 21A: I stopped as his ass clamped on my pole. It took all of my will not to shoot. As he relaxed, I resumed my love in him. Mark's cock softened only slightly and the new assault on his prostate only made it renew its efforts. Twenty minutes after his first cum, he experienced another bout of sexual joy. He squeaked as his dry cum racked his body. Again I stopped until Mark relaxed. Again I resumed my love with Mark and I finally was ready to fill Mark with my seed. With one final thrust, my dick expanded and the first of eight shots entered Mark's body. The only sound I made was as a beast roaring. Mark said it was frightening and sexy. After I finally was spent, I collapsed on Mark, who turned me over. My cock was still in him and he snuggled on my body. We fell asleep and I was so happy. I did not think anything could destroy it.


We were awoken by a knock on the connection door. I kissed Mark and got up. Frank was there and saw me in all my glory. He smiled at me and I just looked at him.

"What?" I asked groggily.

"Well, unless you're planning to go to the competition as you are, I would suggest something a little more formal." he said.

At that point I realized I was nude and began to laugh at the situation. I told him we should be ready in about fifteen minutes. I woke Mark and we grabbed a quick shower. As much as I wanted to have him right then, I decided to hold off until that night. We finished, dried off, and got dressed. Frank told me to bring my workout clothes. I was curious why Davy and Mark were not asked, but I obeyed orders. We got in the van and arrived at the recreation center. We went in and got to our seats. Frank and John went to prepare for the contest. There were various divisions and the guys we were supporting were in the heavyweight division, so they would be going last. Peter and Josh found us and we were going to cheer for all three. Capt. Andrews was in the light-heavyweight group to pose and we yelled and whistled as loud as we could. I noticed how these guys posed and took in every nuance to where one should position himself. Capt. Andrews won his division and we jumped up and down. Finally, John and Frank were to come out for the heavyweight division. Again, the five of us yelled and whistled equally for both of them. While they were posing, Capt. Andrews came to get me.

"Billy, grab your stuff and follow me." he said.

I grabbed my bag and followed the captain to the dressing area. He told me to put on my shorts and nothing else. I did so and then was led to the weight room. I did a short workout and worked by muscles. I then wiped down and Capt. Andrews landed me what looked like a Speedo. I put it on and then Peter's dad put oil on my body.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Well young man, you have impressed a lot of people here." he replied. "You are going to show off this body today."

I felt my body flush and everyone began to laugh at my shyness. I heard thunderous applause and the heavyweights came off the stage. I saw both Frank and John with trophies, but I did not know who got what. The top three in each weigh class went back on start for a final pose-down for the military champion. I began to pace as I thought I was going to throw-up. After a few minutes, there was another round of deafening ovation. Then all of a sudden I heard my name. One of the guys in the room pushed me up the stairs and I saw Frank waving me out. I was nervous, my body was shaking. Frank leaned down and whispered to me.

"Just follow what we're doing." he said. "And focus on Mark."

I began to flex as the other contestants and I found Mark in the crowd. He beamed at me while Peter, Josh, and Davy were yelling. The multitude got into the what was happening and began to chant.

"GO BILLY!! GO BILLY!!" they bellowed.

I guess I am a bit of a showoff and I got into what I was doing. After several minutes we stopped the emcee brought a trophy to the stage and presented it to me.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is for a future bodybuilder." he said. "When this young man develops fully, he will be unstoppable."

As I took the trophy, I blushed all over and the other contestants came over and congratulated me. We all went to the dressing room and I saw John with a second trophy, that declared him the overall winner. We began to wipe the oil off our bodies, then dressed. We met up with the others and we went out to dinner. Frank and John talked about Frank losing a bet, but we could not figure out what it was about.

"What bet are you talking about?" I asked.

"Well the loser has to do what the winner says tonight." John explained. "I won."

We all smiled at the possibilities. John said we were to meet in their room at 2000 hours and included the Andrews. We finished our meal and went to our rooms. John told us to bring our libidos and wear nothing.

At the appointed time we entered their suite, where both John and Frank were wearing nothing but smiles. A knock on the door sounded and I answered it. The Andrews family was there in just t-shirts and shorts.

"Come in and strip." John said.

There was no hesitation as the three threw their clothes on the floor and sported very hard pieces of meat. Capt. Andrews was very impressive with 8.5" of thick mancock.

"Okay, here's the deal." John said. "Frank lost and his punishment for losing the bed is to be the plaything for the boys. And since Billy made quite an impression on everyone, he should have first shot."

"John, I would rather have someone else." I told him.

"Who?" he asked, but with a knowing glance.

"You." I replied.

"Billy, I thought you would never ask." the large man said.

The others decided to go from the smallest rod to the largest, so Mark got first dibs on Frank's hairy hole. Capt. Andrews explained that John was going to take his officer's cock up his enlisted hole, but he would wait. Mark was nervous, so led him through the steps on his first fuck. As he put lube on his dick and in the hole, he placed his rod at the entrance. He pushed forward and Frank welcomed it with very little discomfort. I put lube on my straining pole and deep in John's mancunt. The velvety smoothness seemed to take me to another world. Mark and I looked like a pair of pistoning engines as our movements were synchronized. I saw Mark's expression and he was really enjoyed himself. Frank's expression was not one of displeasure either. Mark's thrusts became frantic and his body stiffened.

"UNGH!! UNGH!!" he moaned loudly

As his head snapped back, the erotic scene of my sweet love actually fucking someone made me go past the point of no return. Three more hard shoves into John and I erupted my jizz into his body. I made the same animalistic sound from the night before. Six rounds of boy juices filled John's bowels After I collapsed on his broad back, I felt my dick slide out. I moved to John's front and I kissed him gently.

"Thanks John." I said wearily.

"You're going to be a monster." he said. "In more than one way."

Mark and I went to the Jacuzzi in the room. We filled it, turned on the jets, and cuddled so we could watch as the two burly marines were being used as high school sluts and loved it. After Mark, Josh replaced him in Frank's hole. Capt Andrews positioned his hard cock at John's manpussy and pushed forward. I knew John could accommodate the large missile since he could take Frank and Mr. Whittington. Josh kept ramming hard into Frank, who's large member dripped precum on the bed. Capt. Andrews, however, was slow and disciplined. With each push forward, John pushed back and his own snake poured juices on the sheets below. John pushed one last time and we could tell he was spewing his white cream into Frank. As he finished, his rod slipped out and he joined us in the whirlpool.

"Was that your first time?" I asked.

He nodded his head and smiled. Mark and I gave him a kiss as we watched his brother mount Frank's ass. It was obvious the older Andrews teen was an experienced top. He, like his father, was deliberate in his movements. Davy was patient as he watched the two men being fucked, one of which was his father. Capt. Andrews did a bit longer, but he began to slam hard into John.

"Yeah corporal." he said. "Take this hard officer's cock."

"Sir, yes sir." John snapped back.

A few minutes later, we noticed the large balls of the captain moved northward. Another thrust and his entire body snapped to attention.


We saw his body spasm several times and John kept pushing back on the thick slab of beat. Capt. Andrews finally withdrew his pole and watched his son.

"Yeah, take this officer's boys' cock." Peter said. "Take this hard cock sarge."

A few more thrusts, we saw Peter spasm and groan. As he finally finished, his blasts and pulled his semi-hard rod out, his father grabbed him and pushed him on the bed.

"You better than that." he said very angrily. "You will respect your elders."

"I'm sorry sir." Peter replied.

"You must be punished." his father said. "John, I want you to fuck this sorry hole."

We were all surprised, but John obeyed the captain. Peter's father lifted his legs in the air and John put his 13" baby maker at the teencunt and pushed forward. Peter's face grimaced and he grunted as his body was being invaded. In a matter of a couple of minutes, John was fully embedded in the teen's hole.

Meanwhile, Davy put his own 7" deep into Frank. As both the father and son began to fuck their respective holes, we watched as they moved as a unit. The two looked at each other and smiled. Davy's orgasm came upon him quickly as he spasmed several times and squeaked with each shot. He finally was spent and slipped out of Frank's ass. Capt. Andrews came over to the NCO and whispered in his ear, which Frank nodded with a sadistic smile on his face. Capt. Andrews straddled his son's torso and fed him his engorged rod. As it slid in slowly, the large black member rammed Peter's teenpussy. It was obvious that Peter had been fucked before, but nothing as massive as John's cannon. Capt. Andrews was fucking his son's mouth deeply and you could see the cheeks billow and collapse. I knew John was close as his large low hangers were pulling tight to his body. One massive thrust and his body spasmed violently as he filled his thick cream into Peter's stomach. After several minutes, the large black tube slid out of the hole. As he got up, Frank took his 9" and rammed deep into Peter. The thrust was so violent that you could hear the teen's muffled yelp of pain. Frank pushed his hard rod in and out of the boy. Peter must have been punished like this before because his groans of pain became moans of pleasure. He pushed back on Frank and I knew it would send the handsome stud over the top. About five minutes later, Frank rammed one last time and bellowed as his body emptied the seed of life into Peter's body. This set the teen over the top as his cock erupted six rounds of juices all over his father's back. This also cause his mouth to suction on Capt. Andrews' pole and filled his mouth with jizz. After they finished the men got up and we went to carry Peter to the shower. We washed his used and abused body all over and watched the cum flow from his gaping hole. As we finished, it was decided we were to go to bed, because of the early start. Davy, Mark, and I got to our suite and the Andrews left for their room. I got in the middle of the king bed and the three of us snuggled up and fell asleep.

We were awaken by a knock on the door. John was there when Mark answered it.

"Time to get up." he said.

We looked at him and I blew him a raspberry. He came towards me and Davy moved off the bed. His large hand came crashing down on my bare buttocks and I yelped in pain.

"I'm sorry." I cried out as another blow struck. "Oh God I'm sorry."

After a third, I managed to roll off the bed before another one could connect.

"That will teach you a lesson." the large black marine said.

"Yes sir." I replied as I gently rubbed my ass.

"We leave in thirty minutes." he said.

The three of us got in the shower and cleaned ourselves. As we finished and dried off, we found our clean clothes and dressed. We packed our other clothes and found John and Frank talking. We went to the lobby and met up with the Andrews. Peter was still walking a little awkwardly.

"How do you feel?" I whispered.

"I'm still leaking cum." he replied. "They filled me up."

We checked out and the eight of us went to Shoney's for breakfast. We got to a large table and we all had the buffet. We ate and talked. The five of us exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses. When we finished, we drove the Andrews to Pope AFB for their flight back to California. As we said good-bye, Capt. Andrews took me aside.

"Billy, keep up your training." he said. "You will be an outstanding man."

"I will sir." I responded. "And I'm glad we met you and your sons."

He shook my hand firmly and I returned the grip. We saw their plane off and then left for home. The trip was not long and by early afternoon we were pulling up to Davy's house. As we got out, Jimmy and Danny ran up to greet me.

"How was it?" they asked together.

I told them about it and showed them my trophy. They admired it and then I asked how they enjoyed their weekend. I could see in their faces their furtive smiles so I had suspected what happened. Mr. Whittington came out and greeted us. He hugged his son and then Mark and myself.

"I hope these two behaved themselves." I said.

"They were as good as gold." he replied.

"Uh huh." I responded with a knowing look.

We got in the van and went to my house. Our parents were supposed to be back that afternoon, so we wanted to wait for them. As we approached the house, there were two military police cars and a staff car in the driveway. As we got out, a colonel came up to us and asked who we were.

"My name is William Mattsen." I told him. "We're waiting for my parents."

"Son, I regret to inform you that your parents have died this morning." he said.

I don't remember anything after that as I heard a scream and I blacked out.


NOTE: Well here is another chapter with a very strange twist. I know what I did was something out of left field, but I plan to bring everything together in the next few chapters. Please send you comments to me at Please put the title in the subject line and where you are from so that I may add you to the Readers' List.


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