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The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 21B: We got in the van and went to my house. Our parents were supposed to be back that afternoon, so we wanted to wait for them. As we approached the house, there were two military police cars and a staff car in the driveway. As we got out, a colonel came up to us and asked who we were.

"My name is William Mattsen." I told him. "We're waiting for my parents."

"Son, I regret to inform you that your parents have died this morning." he said.

I don't remember anything after that as I heard a scream and I blacked out.


I do not know how long I was out. The next thing I knew was my brothers were crying and John was next to me holding my head. My eyes fluttered open and I did not see Mark, but heard him crying also. I began to get up, but John held me.

"Don't move." he said with grave concern.

I tried again and felt my head began to swim. I reached to the front of my head and I felt a knot the size of an egg. I looked in John's eyes and the grief was evident.

"John, it's not true." I started to yell. "Mom and Dad are alive and they're coming home. It's a lie."

"Billy, no it's not." the big marine replied. "Your parents were killed by a drunk driver. So were Mark's."

The reality hit me hard and I turned to see my brothers and boyfriend on the couch with Davy. The MPs and the colonel looked at me and ordered that I be taken to the hospital. John and Mr. Whittington collected the five of us to take me to the base hospital. The MPs and the officer tried to take Mark and my brothers, but it was then my anger shown through.

"Mark, my brothers and I are under the care of Mr. Whittington and to corporal until out parents return." I screamed. "So take you fucking hands off them."

"Young man, mind your manners." the colonel said.

"Bite me." I seethed. "I'm not a marine. Your in my house, not yours."

John grabbed me and bent me over his knees. I felt his hand crashing down on my ass. The harder I tried to wiggle away, the harder the swats came. After ten, John lifted me up and put me on my feet. I rant to my room, locked the door, and began to cry. I just did not understand why. Was it because my parents were dead or now I was the head of my family? A knock came at the door.

"Billy, open the door." Mr. Whittington said. "Let's talk."

"Go away." I said through the tears. "Leave me alone."

"You need to go to the hospital." he retorted.

"Leave me the fuck alone." I came back with.

This continued several minutes, first with m PE teacher, then John, the Mps, and the colonel. They knew they could not break the door down, since it was a private home. Finally it stopped for a couple minutes. Then another, more soft knock was heard.

"Billy, can we come in?" Jimmy asked.

"Who's there?" I asked in reply.

"Me, Danny, Mark, and Davy." my brother replied.

"PPS?" I queried.

"Super PPS." he answered.

PPS was power pinkie swear. This was a bond between us that bound us to be truthful. I opened the door and the four come in the room. The lost look on my brothers' faces hurt me. I grabbed them and we hugged. It dawned on me how selfish I was, when there were others destroyed by this tragedy.

"It'll be alright." I said, as I tried to convince them as well as myself.

I looked over their heads and saw the pained look on my lover's face. I broke out hug and grabbed Mark tightly. I took Davy's hand and the five of us held each other. We did not want this circle to break. We spent the better part of two hours crying and holding each other. Finally, we all were cried out and we went downstairs. As we approached the living room, we only saw John and Mr. Whittington.

"What happened to the colonel and the Mps?" Mark asked.

"We explained that since you boys were under our charge." Mr. Whittington replied. "They agreed to leave you with us, but have Children Services in to help bring the matter to a legal conclusion."

It was agreed that we stay at our house. John took Mark and Davy to their houses to get a change of clothes. We stayed in my room, while the two men slept in my parents' bed. I was about to object, but my thoughts then moved to how they were there for us. Mr. Whittington took me to the hospital to get my head examined. The doctor had X-rays taken and found no real damage, but said I would have a headache for a day or two. He prescribed some Tylenol and explained the symptoms of a concussion. We left and got home just before midnight.

"Carl, what's gonna happen to us?" I asked.

"I wish I could answer that." he answered. "I guess your relatives will come and get you."

"The only relative we have is John." I said. "Do you think they would allow him to adopt us?"

The man only shrugged and I worried about being separated from Davy, John, and Mr. Whittington, but especially Mark. I went in the house and John was there.

"Carl, we need to make sure the boys are excused from school." he said.

"I'll take care of that tomorrow." his love told him. "Then we need to make plans for the funeral."

"I want to help." I said. "I have to. I'm the man of this family now."

The two men looked at each other, but knew it would be hard to argue with me. They agreed and we were to get the details when the bodies were to be returned. I went to my room and found everyone on the floor in sleeping bags. I stripped and got beside Mark. I spooned against his back and fell asleep. I had a dream we were driving down a deserted road and a tractor trailer barreled into our car. I saw an explosion and my entire family died. I woke up screaming and Mark was holding me.

"SHHHH!!" he said. "It's only a dream."

I grabbed my soul mate and held him tight. I was so scared I would lose everybody in my life. Jimmy and Danny woke up and hugged me. We were so scared. I guess we made so much noise that we woke Davy. We sat in the darkness just holding each other. Finally we dozed off again and I had another nightmare about another car crash. When I woke up, I began to wonder if this would continue. My night was fitful, as was for my brothers and Mark.

When morning came, we got up very tired. We got our showers and dressed. John and Carl were in the kitchen making breakfast. They saw us and gave us half-hearted smiles.

"How are you guys feeling?" John asked.

There was no answer. What could we say, we were happy? They put eggs and bacon in front of us, but none of us were hungry. We nibbled a little, but left quite a bit of food.

"Come on guys, not eating won't help." Carl said.

"We're not hungry." Mark responded.

"My tummy don't feel good." Danny related.

"Dad, can we go to Billy's dad's office?" Davy asked.

"How come?" John asked.

"I want to get Dad's stuff." I answered. "Then we want to go to Mark's dad's office to get his stuff."

The two men debated whether this was a wise thing to do. They finally relented after an hour. Before we left, the phone rang and John answered. He was told that the bodies were to be flown to Pope AFB at five that afternoon. Carl stayed behind to get the funeral arrangements finalized.

John took us to my dad's office first. As we entered, all the marines came to us and offered their condolences. My brothers were crying and I took their hands. I turned to a corporal to see if I could get a couple of boxes.

"Corporal Murphy, could I get some boxes to pack my dad's stuff?" I queried.

"Billy, we put some in the office." she replied. "Do you need some help?"

"No thanks." I responded.

I went in with our little group and we got Dad's personal effects. My brothers and I decided to put one thing each in our parents' caskets. I decided on Dad's ceremonial sword. Danny wanted to put in a picture of the three of us Dad had on his desk. Jimmy found Dad's tank models. He used to regale us with tales of how he was with a tank company. My brother found a Sherman tank had as a model. We put those things aside and boxed the rest. We asked Mark and Davy if they wanted to put something in with these items. They both declined, but I told them if they decided to so, to let us know.

We then went to Colonel Berlson's office. His secretary was at her desk and she had been crying. She saw us and tried to smile, but she got up and hugged Mark. My love just hugged her and cried also. She finally let him go.

"I'm so sorry Mark." she said. "We got word this morning. Billy, I'm so sorry about your parents. Your dad was a wonderful man."

"Thanks Mrs. Prescott." I replied. "I just wish our parents were here and this is a huge nightmare."

"Me too." she retorted. "Who are these fine boys?"

I introduced my brothers and Davy to her. When I explained he was cousin, she got a strange look on her face. I had seen it a couple of time when someone saw ethnically different people. All I could think was what a bitch. We got the colonel's personal effects and left without saying goodbye to the secretary.

We drove home and we saw Tony and Jeff's cars in the driveway. Our friends were in the house waiting for us. They gave their condolences and tried to lighten the mood.

"Hey, I heard you got a trophy from the tournament." Tony said with a smile.

I nodded and was embarrassed. Here I was getting praise and my parents did not even know. They would never see the trophy. I was ready to throw it away, but John stopped me.

"Never let your family down." he said. "Your mom and dad would be so proud of that trophy of yours."

"But they'll never see it." I retorted.

"They know." John told me. "They're looking down on you and your brothers and smiling. They know you're being brave. Just be yourself."

"I wish I could be sure." I responded. "I just wish I could know."

Jeff, Paul, Byron, and Tony looked at the trophy. They joked about how I was the next big thing. We sat down for lunch, but ate very little. Our friends left, but told us they would be back the next day.

Carl called a funeral home and made the arrangements for them to pick up the four caskets. At four we went to Pope AFB and were told where to go to meet the transport plane by the security police office at the main gate. The funeral home director met us and asked what kind of service we wanted. I knew Mom and Dad had plots in Massachusetts and Mark's parents had plots in Connecticut. We explained there would be a memorial service here and actual burials would be done later.

"And what attire do you want them in?" he asked.

"Well our dads in full dress uniforms." I responded. "I know there is a dress my mom was so beautiful in. Mark, what about your mom?:

My sweetheart could only shrug his shoulders and shook his head no. I explained that we would find something for her and get it to them by morning.

"Who will be paying for the funeral?" the man queried.

"The government will pay for the men." Carl answered him. "Send the bill for the women to me."

I began to argue, but both John and Carl explained that until our parents' assets could be released to us for use, they would cover the expense. I continued to argue, but it was a losing battle.

The C-130 landed and taxied to a stop near the terminal. After what few passengers deplaned, the cargo followed. Four gray caskets were brought off and loaded into the hearses. I asked the funeral director to make sure our parents were to be presentable for viewing at the services. It seemed to be as the scene from The Godfather when Marlon Brando wanted James Caan to be viewable. After the hearses left, we went back home. I went to me one refuge and started working out with a passion. I worked on all parts of my body intensely. John came down to the basement and told me that dinner was ready.

"I don't want any." I told him. "I just want to workout."

"Come on Billy." he responded. "Don't starve yourself."

I don't know what came over me. Here was the man I fell in love with and what I did next made no sense to me. I picked up a weight plate and chucked it in his direction. It missed him and crashed into the clothes dryer. John rushed me and yanked me where I was so we were eye-to-eye. The anger blazed in his eyes and he saw the fear that came over me. All of a sudden I cried like a baby and John hugged me tightly.

"I-I-I'm scared." I bawled. "I want Mom and Dad."

John sat on the weight bench and cradled me like a baby. He rocked back and forth as he rubbed my back. I cried because I was afraid, but of what? Afraid because of the lose of my parents? Afraid because now I was the head of the family? Afraid that someone might separate the three of us? Or afraid of losing Mark? My mind whirled with all the possibilities. I cried so much, I exhausted myself and fell asleep in John's arms.

I had a dream that I was in a bright, white room. At a table there were four people. I could not see their faces because of the brightness. I did not want to go to them, but an unseen force pushed me towards the table. As I grew nearer, I began to recognize them as our parents. I ran to the table, but was stopped by the same force. The four looked at me and smiled, even Mrs. Berlson.

"Honey, don't worry." Mom said. "Nothing will happen to you boys. Your dad and I made provisions for that. And you will be the best person to take care of your brothers, Mark, and even Davy."

"Billy, take care of my son." Mrs. Berlson told me. "I'm not happy that he's gay, but I know you love each other. Be good to each other."

"But what if they split us up?" I uttered with a break in my voice.

"Son, that will never happen." Dad replied. "And you will be there for your brothers, Mark, and Davy. You're a natural-born leader and will be special when you become an adult. And just so you know, that's a great trophy you got. Be proud of it, but never be pompous."

They got up and, as if they hugged me, but never touched me, I felt their love in my heart. I knew then things would be fine. They left and disappeared into the light. I was jarred awake and I saw John looking at me with a bewildered glance. I lifted my head from his massive chest.

"John, I'm so sorry." I said. "I know things will be alright."

"How can you tell?" he queried.

"I saw Mom, Dad, and the Berlsons." I replied. "They told me. I know it sounds strange, but I know it's right. Though they never said anything, you are a big part of it. But please forgive me for being a little shit."

I hugged him with all my might and John soothed my anxiety. He caressed my head and told me he forgave me. He then proceeded to put me over his knees again and began to spank my ass. Though I wanted to get out from the devastating blows, I also knew I had it coming. After I got my punishment, we went to the kitchen and everyone was sitting around the table.

"First, I want to apologize." I said. "I've been a jerk and I ask for your forgiveness."

"Yeah, you have you twerp." Jimmy said as he punched my arm.

"Listen, everything will be alright." I told my brothers. "We won't be split up, trust me."

I hugged them tightly and kissed their cheeks. I then moved to Mark. I held him for several minutes as he cried. I just kissed his forehead and temples. I rubbed his back and kept him in my arms.

"Shhhh baby." I whispered. "Everything will be okay."

I lifted his chin and kissed his lips. I looked into his eyes and smiled. We sat down and I finally ate. I nudged my brothers to eat. This was the most we ate since we got the news of our parents. Mark began to eat and I took his left hand and gave it a squeeze. After we finished, we all pitched in to clean up. We stayed in the house again. John went to his house and Mark's house to get some clothes for Davy and Mark, as well as to make sure they houses were secured.

We got ready for bed. Mark, Davy, and I got my brothers bathed and put them in bed. Davy said he would stay with them. The three of us got our showers and prepared for bed. We sat in my room in our underwear before Mark looked at me.

"Why the attitude change?" he inquired.

"Don't think I'm strange." I answered.

I explained the dream. I gave them the full details of what I dreamt. I saw the skepticism on their faces. I told Mark what his mom said about being happy and the look of disbelief spoke volumes.

"I know it sounds strange." I said. "But that is what I saw. Just trust me."

Davy went to bed and my love took my hand. He led me to the bed and he pulled me on top of him. I kissed him with all the passion I had in my body. Our tongues danced with love in our mouths. Our dicks were solid and rubbed through our boxers. Precum oozed onto the fabric and we were wet.

"Make love to me." he hissed in my ear.

I licked his neck and ears. When I sucked his lobes, he ran his fingers up and down my back. I worked to his chest and toiled on his hot boy tits. I sucked and nibbled them until they were hard and very sensitive. I moved down, running my tongue along his abs. When I got to his cock, I licked up the lift side, flicked the head, then down the right. I circled my tongue around the head, then down the shaft.

"OH GOD BILLY!!!!" Mark moaned. "OH SHIT!!!!"

I swallowed his rod into my mouth. My head bobbed off and on very slowly, as I used my tongue on the underside. I then moved off and worked on his balls. I loved taking them in my mouth. I swallowed them and played with them. As Mark moaned louder, it was time to bring him to orgasmic nirvana. I moved back to his cock, but not before I wet two fingers. I plunged his hard 4" back into my gullet and I worked my fingers into his pleasure room. I found the hard nut maker and played with it. Mark began to hump my mouth and I knew this would cause his impending climax. As I fingerfucked his boytwat, I could feel his muscles ready to clamp with the impending bliss. When the initial shock of happiness hit, Mark let out a sound I had never heard before.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" he squealed and his tone crescendo to a high falsetto, then lowered.

Mark's body jerked several times. When he finally calmed down, Carl and John came into the room. When they saw what was happening, they quietly shut the door. Mark finally descended from the ultimate high and smiled at me. I reached to the nightstand and got the lube. I make sure my iron prick was very well moistened as well as the sweet hole of my love. I lifted his legs on my shoulders and placed my hard dick at the rear entrance. I pushed forward and it slid in with no problem.

"Oh yeah baby." I groaned softly. "I love you my sweet love."

"And I love you Billy." Mark responded. "You make me feel so special."

I leaned down and kissed my love. I slowly moved my rod in and out. I loved the silky smoothness around my flesh and the precum continued to lube his ass walls. Mark's cock, which was semi-hard, sprung to full stiffness beneath me. We made love for almost half-an-hour. When I got close to climax, I would stop and kiss my soulmate. I then started again, then stop. When the pressure built up to the point of no return, I slammed home. The first shot rocketed out and filled Mark. I growled like a bear and shot six more loads. It eased deep into his bowels and the ecstasy crossed out faces. His own cock rubbed against my hard abs and this brought Mark to a full climax.

"OH FUCK ME!!!" he cried out.

Though I finished unloading my life essence into Mark, I was still fully hard and embedded in his body. It took a little while, but we were spooning without me taking my 6" out. I held him tight and kissed his neck.

"Billy, you were joking about the dream, weren't you?" he asked.

"No I wasn't." I replied. "But there was something I never told you."

"What?" he inquired.

"Your mom said she knew you're gay." I told him. "She wasn't happy about it. But she knew we loved each other. She just asked for me to love and protect you."

Mark turned his head and I kissed his lips. We fell asleep and I did not have a nightmare, but did have one dream. My mom appeared to me and just said to take care of Jimmy, Danny, Mark, and Davy. She kissed my forehead and I felt peace in my heart and soul.


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