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The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 22: "Your mom said she knew you're gay." I told him. "She wasn't happy about it. But she knew we loved each other. She just asked for me to love and protect you."

Mark turned his head and I kissed his lips. We fell asleep and I did not have a nightmare, but did have one dream. My mom appeared to me and just said to take care of Jimmy, Danny, Mark, and Davy. She kissed my forehead and I felt peace in my heart and soul.


The days that followed seemed to be a blur. The camp commander's office organized the memorial service. Friends from all over came to the service, including the Andrews. We even received a condolence card from Arnold Schwarzenegger. The service was so glowing to both sets of parents. The camp commander spoke, as did John, Frank, and others in their outfit. I told John and Carl that I would speak at the service. When it was my time, I got up and went to the podium. I saw Mark and my brothers looking at me, with Davy sitting with them.

"First I want to say Mark, Jimmy, Danny, and I appreciate the outpouring of respect here today." I began. "My dad and mom were wonderful people. They instilled in us discipline and gave us unconditional love. Colonel and Mrs. Berlson loved their son. We're going to miss them very much. The one thing I will say is I hope to follow in my dad's footsteps and become a Marine. Sempre Fi."

They finished the service with a 21-gun salute and Taps as the caskets were taken from the chapel. We were scheduled to leave at one that afternoon, so the general came to the five of us and gave us his own personal regrets. We left with John and Carl to the Jacksonville airport with hearses in tow. The caskets were loaded and we departed for the Raleigh airport for our flight to Boston. Mark's parents were to be sent to Hartford and the funeral home that Carl contacted would pick up the caskets. Mom and Dad's funeral would be that morning, then we would have the Berlson's that afternoon.

When we arrived, John rented a minivan and we drove to the hotel. We got two rooms, which the five of us were in a double-double (two double beds), while Carl and John got a king room next door with a connecting door. We met with the funeral director and finalized the funeral. Though we did not attend any particular church, Mom was Catholic and Dad was Episcopal. The director arranged with one of the local churches to preside over the service.

After dinner, we got ready for bed. We knew it was going to be a long day. My brothers wanted to sleep with me, so Davy and Mark got in one bed and my siblings got on either side of me. John came in and called me into his room. I got up and closed the connecting door.

"Billy, do you still want to speak at the funeral?" he asked.

"Yes I do." I replied.

"If you feel that you can't make it, let us know." John told me.

"I know I can." I retorted. "But what's the matter?"

The two men looked at each other, then back at me. They hemmed-and-hawed, then Carl pulled out a thick folder and handed it to me. I opened it and saw the police report of the accident, then the photos of the cars. I had a suspicion that they took out the pictures of our parents. I wanted to know, but again I did not. There was more information about the person who caused this disaster in our lives. Mr. Arthur Resner was an attorney and a lobbyist. He had six DUI charges that he paid a fine and got on with his life.

"SIX DUIS!?" I shouted in disbelief. "And they never suspended his license?"

"Worse." Carl said. "He might get off on this charge. The trial is going to be in two days."

I sat there dumbfounded. This bastard could get off. My mind whirled with what I read and a plan formulated in my brain.

"First, John, let's sue this guy." I said. "Guilty or not, let's serve him with papers and sue him for millions."

"We'll call a lawyer when we get home." Carl said.

"Uh-uh." I replied shaking my head. "Tomorrow morning, before the funeral. Mom had an attorney. Let's call him and let him start the ball rolling."

"Damn son, you're a mercenary." John uttered.

"Nope. Just pragmatic." I rejoined. "Besides, its easier with a civil jury to win and most lawyers would take the case on a contingency."

It was agreed that Carl would talk to the barrister before the funeral. As it turned out, when I gave him the man's name, we found out that he practiced in Boston.

I went back to my room and sandwiched myself between my brothers. They snuggled up to me and I kissed the tops of their heads. We fell asleep and I had a dream that we won the lawsuit and money fell from the sky. We were grabbing it and danced as we did.

Morning came and John was knocking on the connecting door. We were jarred out of a sound sleep and I got up. I walked to the door and opened it in my briefs. I was rubbing my eyes and tried to clear the cobwebs from my brain.

"Where's the fire?" I asked groggily.

"Time to get up." the large jarhead said. "Everyone dressed and ready for breakfast in thirty minutes."

"Okay. Sure." I muttered.

I turned and felt a swat on my cheeks, which put a spring in my step. I looked at the clock in the room and I saw 7:15 in the morning. The others were awake but not out of bed. As I started to pull Danny out of bed, a pillow connected with my head. Jimmy popped me with the headrest and that put me in a fighting mood. I grabbed the nearest pillow and swung. Jimmy fell flat on the bed and I struck Davy. I started laughing, but he was not. He got a pillow and went at me. Mark, not wanting to be left out, got one and it was a full-fledged pillow fight. We were laughing and having fun when John came in the room. This was an opportunity too good to pass up. We all went after this large man with pillows swinging all over his body. Carl, who smiled at the boyish energy, tossed his mate a weapon and the marine wiped out the troops but one. I faced off with the man I care so much about. I used the hit-and-run tactic, but he was just toying with me. He timed my movement and swung like he was teeing off at the Masters. The pillow connected with my chest and jaw, so I flew over one bed and bounced off the second bed, then landed between them. The feeling of exhilaration was euphoric. Davy said I looked like a stuntman in an action movie. They all rushed to me to see if I was injured or not. I just smiled and got up.

"Are you okay?" John asked with a concerned look on his face.

"I'm cool." I replied. "It was fun."

"Let's not go flying without a plane." he said. "Everyone get ready."

We got ready in almost record time. We got our showers and dressed in our dark suits. I knocked on the door and John came in wearing his dress blues. He was so handsome in them and I wanted to wear them. We went to breakfast in the hotel restaurant, them Mom's attorney met with us in John's room. Matthew Markinson was in his early forties. He sat down in one of the chairs and was introduced to everyone.

"First, I'm sorry about your parents." he began. "I knew them well and they were fine people. So I understand you want to sue the man who caused the accident."

"Yes sir." I answered. "He has several DUI priors and he was only given slaps-on-the-wrists. He might get off this time and he should be made to pay. And what's more, can we sue the senator who was giving the party? He should have realized that this guy was too drunk to drive."

"This kid has some definite plans." the attorney uttered. "I'll say the worse case scenario is the case gets tossed out. For your parents sake, and yours, let's go for it."

"Mark, do you want to join in?" I asked.

He only nodded and it was agreed that though the attorney was on retainer, he would take the lawsuit on contingency of twenty-five percent. He would have the papers drawn up and served in the courtroom the next day. Mr. Markinson also mentioned he had the wills and would be glad to read them when we were ready. John suggested after the trial tomorrow we would fly back to Boston for the reading.

The service was nice. The priest oversaw the actual funeral, but the turnout was small. Since Mom and Dad had no family except their three offspring, only a few friends were able to come. Jimmy, Danny, and I went to say our final respects, followed by Davy, Mark, John and Carl. The three of us placed an item in their caskets, then Mark and Davy brought something with them to put in. As we left the chapel of the funeral home, we drove to the cemetery. I gave the graveside eulogy and all seven of us placed a red rose on the caskets. We watched as they were lowered. There was a marine detachment sent to give Dad full military honors. I was presented the flag and we went back to the limousines. The flag, though cloth, seemed to weigh a ton. The enormity of the deaths were finally taking a hold.

We arrived back at the hotel, loaded into the van and drove to Hartford. We arrived at the funeral home for Mark's parents and had the serve in the chapel there. It was a Lutheran service and again it was a small service. Mark spoke about his parents and the pain was etched in his face. I wanted to hold him to give him some of my strength. Again, there was a Marine detachment to give full military honors. My love was presented the flag and we departed for the funeral home.

Once again we left in the van back to the Boston area. We arrived the attorney's office and he greeted us with a huge smile. We sat at a conference table and his secretary brought us sodas. A couple of minutes later, there was a knock on the door. A man in his late fifties entered and shook Mr. Markinson's hand.

"Gentlemen, this is Charles Green." our attorney said. "He is your parents' lawyer Mr. Berlson. He brought your parents' wills."

He shook hands with us and we sat down. Four documents were laid out on the table. After skimming over the legal garbage that come with will, the crux of the wills were simplistic.

"How did you find him?" John asked.

"Simple, we're partners." Mr. Markinson answered. "He told me that Mrs. Berlson was a client for several years."

"First all your parents' possessions are to go to you three boys." Mr. Markinson said. "With the exception of what your mother inherited. That will be split between you three and someone named Davy."

"He's our cousin." I said. "This is him."

I pointed to my cousin and the lawyers looked at him. The look on their faces was non-judgmental but more understanding.

"So that explains the last part of the will." the solicitor articulated. "Your parents said that if they both die, you were to live with the Berlsons. If they cannot care for you, then your Uncle John will be your legal guardian. He and Carl Whittington are to adopt you."

It took several seconds for us to comprehend, then we rushed John and Carl to hug them. After the excitement was over, we sat down again.

"Now Mark, of course you receive all your parents assets and possessions." Mr. Green explained. "And if they were both dead, you were to live with the Mattsens. Should they could not care for you, they request that John Berson be your legal guardian."

"WE'RE GONNA BE BROTHERS!!!!!" I yelled.

Five boys jumped up and down, while they hugged each other. We then hugged John and Carl. We were a true family. The lawyers stated they would have the adoption paperwork prepared and finalized within the month. They did explain that it would have to be done in Massachusetts since North Carolina does not allow gay adoptions.

"How did you know?" Carl asked.

"It's so obvious." Mr. Green said. "Besides the following will add more insight on the subject."

Mr. Green produced a videotape and inserted it into the VCR they had in the conference room. He pressed the play button and Mark's mother appeared on the television screen.

"Mark, my son." she began. "If you are watching this, I am dead. There were many things I wanted to say to you, but did not. My family never showed their emotions and feelings, so my sweet son, I am very sorry. I love you so much. I also know about yourself and Billy. Though it is not a life I would have chosen for you, I know you two are very much in love. Billy, please love and take car of my son. I want you both to have a wonderful life together."

I held Mark's hand and just mouthed the words I will as if in a silent prayer. The lawyers gave us a breakdown of what we actually inherited and explained they would be available if we needed them. We thanked them, left, and returned the rented minivan. We had a flight to Washington, DC that evening and we just made it. We arrived and got hotel rooms in Arlington. This night was Mark and my brothers in one bed and Davy and I in the other. The ironic thing was we had been so busy with the funerals, the wills, and the trial, the five of us never thought about sex, just to be there for each other. John and Carl on the other hand, never let their drive slacken. We could hear them in our room and we would giggle just thinking of our two dads making love.

"Ride `em cowboy." I uttered with a snicker.

We laughed and Davy hit me with a pillow. I kissed my new brother and spooned against his back. We fell asleep and the peace of happiness and family filled my soul.

The next morning we rose, dressed, and had breakfast in the restaurant. The trial was to be held in Washington, so we took the Metro to the courthouse we were told it was to be held. It was the first time we ever rode a subway system and it was so much fun. We asked one of the marshals at the entrance, after going through metal detectors, which courtroom to go to. We arrived and sat on the benches behind one of the tables. There were several defendants talking with their lawyers. Court was convened and we sat until the man who make us orphans was called. The charges were listed and he had the audacity to plead not guilty. He did wave a jury trial and the facts were presented by the district attorney. The judge seemed to glare at this man and that gave me hope. The defense tried to present a case but it was weak at best. The judge wasted no time presenting his verdict - GUILTY on all four counts of vehicular manslaughter.

"Before I pass sentence, do you have anything to say?" the jurist asked.

A non-sincere I'm sorry was uttered by this man who turned our lives inside out. I rose and just looked.

"Your honor, may I say something?" I asked, my voice wavered.

"Who are you young man?" he asked.

"William Mattsen, sir." I replied. "And I would like to make a victim impact statement."

"You seem to be very well versed on the law young man." the judge said. "And it is your right to do so."

"First of all, this man ruined four lives." I started. "And made four boys orphans because he could not stay sober. My two brothers Jimmy and Danny are looking to me for guidance, which is unfair for a 12-year-old to take upon his shoulders. And my best friend Mark has no one but my brothers and me and my uncle and my cousin. Your honor, our parents cannot die in vain. Please make an example of him. But we do have a surprise for him."

I motioned for a bailiff and he served the lawsuits on Mr. Resner. The man looked like he had been shot when he read that we were suing him for $60 million.

"Order." the judge announced from the bench. "Mr. Resner, I hereby sentence you to 15 years for each count to run consecutively. What you did is inexcusable and from your past record, you need to be kept of the street. Next case."

The seven of us left the courtroom and toured the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial. We then left for National Airport (Reagan) and flew to Raleigh, then back to Jacksonville. We drove back to our house and we were exhausted.

As we sat down, Carl and John told us we had to decided which house to live. The obvious choice was ours had enough room for all of us, though Jimmy and Danny argued who would room with Davy. Since our house and Mark's house were rentals, all we had to do is put Mark's stuff in storage. Carl and John's house was a different matter since they were buying. Their household items were stored, but they had to sell the house. It took a while but it was sold at a decent profit.

"John. Carl." I said. "Would you be upset that we don't change our last names?"

"We wouldn't have it any other way." John replied.

"We're here to take care of you." Carl added. "But never forget your parents."

We kissed these wonderful men and went to bed. It was fun trying to get my brothers ready for bed. They splashed in the tub and the three of us dunked them in return. We got them in bed and I whispered in their ear that I would always be there for them. I kissed them gently and they hugged my neck. Mark and Davy did the same.

"Mark. Davy." Danny said. "I'm glad you're our brothers. We love you. Besides we need to get rid of Billy. He's all old."

I tickled them and was so glad I now have four people who I love with all my heart and soul and they love me in return. Davy, Mark, and I showered together and we got each other hard. We finished, dried off, and ran to the bedroom. We jumped into bed and began kissing each other. Two of the greatest people I really cared for were going to give me their love. They forced me on my back and Davy got the lube from my nightstand. I knew that Mark was doing to ride me, but I was wrong. After my cousin moistened my cock, he then applied some to his hole. He grabbed my pole and squatted over it. As he lowered himself, the tightness of his hole was amazing. He bottomed himself on my 6" and the look of bliss on his face was awesome. Mark then positioned himself over me with his dick directly over my mouth. I welcomed it as a piglet did its mother's teat at feeding. My love lowered his mouth on Davy's hard 7" piece of light chocolate. He kept just an inch in him as my cousin's movement also allowed him to fuck Mark's mouth. My soulmate began to lift and drop his hips to feet me his meat. It was a bit awkward, but we were a sexual piston. Since we had not any sexual encounters in a few days, the impending climax was monumental. Davy was the first to fire as I felt his hefty nut sac rise. His breathing was sporadic and his body went stiff.


Eight violent spasms filled Mark's mouth. I could tell by the contractions on my rod from his ass muscles. The third one cause my balls to rocket jism into Davy's boytwat. I unloaded eight blasts of cream into his bowels as I growled on Mark's solid piece of pipe. The force of my mouth caused Mark to spasm with his intense orgasm. The squeals he uttered echoed off the walls. After we ebbed from sexual exhilaration, we disentangled only to have Mark to lap my boycream out of Davy. He then kissed each of us and shared the mix of Davy and me. The three of us swallowed the juices as if they were the greatest vintage of wine. We fell asleep and enjoyed the peaceful slumber.


NOTE: Well another chapter done. I did say that all would be right with the world in terms of the boys. They are a family, but the next chapter will cause a few problems for Billy with his old enemy. But have no fear, all will still be right with the world. If you have any comments about the story, either good or bad, please email me at Please be sure to put the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so I may add you to the Readers' List. In the last chapter, I did want to ask for your prayers for my baby brother was sent back to Iraq early in January. He is the baby of the family and we care for him very much. He has two boys, one 16 and the other 11. I am very lucky that my nephews only live 15 minutes from me so I can check on them. But I am not their father and I know they will be heart broken should any harm comes to their father. Please keep my brother in your thoughts. I would greatly appreciate that.


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