by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 23: Eight violent spasms filled Mark's mouth. I could tell by the contractions on my rod from his ass muscles. The third one cause my balls to rocket jism into Davy's boytwat. I unloaded eight blasts of cream into his bowels as I growled on Mark's solid piece of pipe. The force of my mouth caused Mark to spasm with his intense orgasm. The squeals he uttered echoed off the walls. After we ebbed from sexual exhilaration, we disentangled only to have Mark to lap my boycream out of Davy. He then kissed each of us and shared the mix of Davy and me. The three of us swallowed the juices as if they were the greatest vintage of wine. We fell asleep and enjoyed the peaceful slumber.


We decided to have a yard sale for items we wanted to dispose of that belonged to Mom and Dad. Mark also wanted to dispose of items of his parents. John and Carl decided to get rid of unnecessary items also. Mom and Dad's clothes were and easy decision, but other things were very difficult for us to let go. Mom's jewelry was hard, since we saw her wearing it. It was not expensive things, but it was the sentiment of seeing her in it. After we rummaged through their stuff, I found a videotape labeled For Billy on His 13th Birthday. My birthday was a couple of months away, but I was so curious as to what was on the tape. I gave it to Carl so he could place it in a safe location. The items we decided to sell were placed in boxes by the front door. We decided to have it on a Saturday and planned for it.

The following Monday, we all went back to school. Mark, Davy, and I took Jimmy and Danny to school first. Their friends were there and acted as if nothing happened. I saw my brothers run off to play I was somewhat happy. I did visit with their teachers and the two women agreed to let my brothers go with what was need for their dealing over our parents' demise. We then went to school and most of our friends who had seen us over the tragedy, came up and asked how we were doing. They did not get maudlin about it, just concerned.

The day went well until PE. Joe Markson, the idiot who I ran into the wall, saw me in the locker room. He decided to take a potshot at me and my current living condition.

"Now he can kiss Pissington's ass all night long." he chided.

I was ready to ram his head into a locker, but Mark and Davy grabbed my arms and held me back. Joe laughed and went to the gym. I finished dressing for the class and went with Mark and Davy. We were learning to wrestle and we began to pair up. I decided to take Joe on. We started in a neutral position and as we locked up, he whispered in my ear.

"Your parents deserve to die." he said softly. "Just for having a faggot for a son like you."

I saw red and I grabbed his shoulders and shoved him down. I then grabbed him by the waist and hoisted him in the air and dropped him on his head and back. I lifted his shaken body and clamped a full nelson on him and bent him forward. Joe began crying and begged me not to hurt him anymore.

"Listen bitch." I seethed. "My mom and dad were always proud of me. If anyone deserves to die is your sorry ass."

I kept pushing forward and the boy I had locked in my arms whimpered. I then felt two sets of hands trying to pull me off. Suddenly I felt a large arm encircle my neck and pulled me off Joe. Mr. Whittington was pulling me to the bleachers to calm down. Joe was still crying and looked at me in fear. I still tried to get at him and glared with murder in my eyes.

"Calm down Billy." Mr. Whittington said. "What happened?"

I repeated what Joe said to me in the locker room and when we were wrestling. The teacher looked at him.

"Is this true?" the PE teacher asked, knowing what the answer would be.

"N-N-No sir." Joe answered. "He's lying and he's crazy."

"Mr. Whittington, he's lying." Paul spoke, pointing at Joe. "He said what he did in the locker room and about Billy's parents."

"You couldn't hear that." my victim retorted. "I whisp..."

He realized what he just said. He tried to run, but two others grabbed him and brought him before the teacher. The student teacher, Peter Phillips confirmed what was said in the locker room. Joe struggled against the grips, but could not move.

"In my office. NOW!!" Carl growled. "Both of you."

All three of us entered the office. Mr. Whittington leaned on his desk while the two of us stood there. I began to wonder why I was called in, but I soon found out.

"Billy, you could have maimed this boy." he said. "And I know you shouldn't be using language that you did. You have two weeks detention."

"But, I..." I started, but knew the look he gave me.

"As for you Joseph." he turned to my enemy. "You and I are going to see the principal right now. I'm recommending expulsion."

He grabbed the boy by the arm and marched him out of the office. He told the class to shower and change. He left the student teacher in charge and we went to the locker room. The others asked what happened and I told them. Some said it was a raw deal, but I sat on the bench to reflect. Yes, I could have hurt Joe severely, but he did insult my dead parents. The more I thought, the more I knew I needed to control myself and emotions. We showered, dried off, then dressed. We were on our way our when Joe came back with a stunned look on his face. He just looked at me and then went to his locker. As we were leaving, the PE teacher called me back to his office. He had me sit down, there sat in his chair.

"Billy, I didn't want to have to do that." he started. "But you have to remember you're stronger than all of the boys in the class. If you did permanent damage, there would be severe repercussions. Not only for you, but others."

It took a couple of minutes to sink into my brain. It dawned on me that not only would I be in trouble, but so could my teacher and parent. I also realized I could be put in a juvenile facility and not be there for the people I love the most. I looked at the man in front of me and I just nodded my head.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Whittington." I told him. "I deserve the detention."

"Oh, you're not getting off that lucky." he rejoined. "You also have two weeks restriction. Except for school, you are to spend the next two weeks in your room."

My eyes bulged and my jaw dropped. I was so flabbergasted, my brain could not form words. It seemed like I was a convicted murderer who was placed in solitary confinement. As the shock wore off finally, I had to ask one question.

"Can I at least workout in the basement?" I queried.

"Alright." Mr. Whittington answered. "We don't want you to get flabby."

I smiled and got up to leave. Carl told me to go straight home. When I left the office, I was met by Paul, Byron, Mark, and Davy. I told them about my additional punishment and we were walking home.

"Joe got expelled." Paul said. I heard him tell one of his friends. He plans to go to the school board and lie that Mr. Whittington touched him."

"He's got no chance." I said. "We need to tell Mr. Whittington."

As we approached the elementary school, Jimmy and Danny were with their friends. All of us went to my house. Danny and Jimmy went to their room while the rest of us sat to plan Joe Markson's downfall. One of Mark's passions was photography. He had taken great pictures of us at the competition. He had his own equipment to develop them. So it was decided to blackmail Joe into silence. Since the board meeting was not for a month, it gave us time to devise our strategy. I called Jimmy to my room and sat him down.

"Jimmy, we need your help." I told him. "Joe Markson is trying to get Mr. Whittington in trouble."

My brother asked how he was trying to do this and I explained the situation. I told him of our plan and his part in it. Though Jimmy shuddered at the thought of the plan, he agreed because it would help the man who cared and love us. I also told him that we would be there to prevent anyone or anything from hurting him.

The rest of the afternoon was actually mundane. We began to workout for a couple of hours. Paul and Byron were amazed at my stamina with weights. John and Carl came home about the same time. The large marine was told of the incident at school and the subsequent disciplinary action. Paul and Byron said good-bye and the three of us made dinner. We got around the table and talked about what happened at school, but omitted what Joe was planning and what we were going to do.

After dinner, we cleaned the dishes, did our homework - which we had plenty to make up, then got ready for bed. Davy decided to sleep with my brothers in one room. Carl and John put their queen size bed in Jimmy's room and we used Danny's room for some storage. As Davy, Mark, and I showered, we talked about the feasibility of the plan.

"As long as every little detail is worked out." I said. "This will be a full-fledged operation."

Davy went to his room and Mark and I went to ours. I dreamt that this would happen, but later in life. But now we were going to be together. We kissed and I just looked into Mark's eyes.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"I just want to drink in your face." I explained. "I want to always remember this."

We lay on the bed and I caressed his body, trying not to miss a spot. I kissed him deeply and pulled his body closer to me. I kissed his face, down to his neck. I gave him love bites all over his neck, especially the Adam's Apple. I worked down his chest and sucked on his nips. We each lick, suck, or bite I felt Mark's cock jump with excitement. As I kissed further down, I ran my tongue over his developing abs. As I went even further, I ran my mouth around his cock and sac. The moans that emanated from his soul made me want to give him ultimate pleasure. Mark raised his legs and I began to circle his wonderful hole. I teased the opening, bringing the tip just inside, then withdrew it.

"Don't tease please." he begged. "Get me wet."

I dove in and shoved my tongue deep into his preteen twat. He squealed with delight and tried to get more of it in him. His pleasure sound and thrashing assured me of his readiness of being made love to by me. I removed my tongue and inserted a finger. I then grabbed some lube and made sure my pole was sufficiently moistened. I make sure his legs were positioned on my shoulders. I slid my dick slowly into the warm nether region of my love. I pushed until my hairs were against his smooth buns. Once I was in, Mark grabbed my head and pulled me to him. I was expecting a kiss, but received a startling revelation.

"I'm yours." he seethed. "Now fuck me hard and deep. I'm your bitch and yours to do with however you see fit."

After the initial shock, I proceeded to ram my stiff rod as he requested. I would pull back to the head, then shove it in harder. With each forceful blow, Mark's demeanor changed. He turned into a slut of the first order. He would grab my arms pulling me down. He sucked and bit my neck, leaving several marks. He kept shouting I'm a pussyboy!! or Fuck me stud!! or my favorite Breed my bitch hole!! I was so excited of the outpouring of profanity from a normally reserved person, I slammed harder into him. Mark's cock was trembling and his dry orgasm hit him hard.

"OH MOTHERFUCK!! SHIT!!" he screamed. "YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!!"

When I felt him start shaking, I pulled out. After a couple of minutes, Mark calmed down, but I was not finished. Though I was close, I was able to stave off me release. Mark opened his eyes and smiled, then saw I had not shot my load.

"Okay, you wanna be my bitch." I said, with mock authority. "On all fours."

Mark complied without a word. I spread his cheeks and shot some spittle onto his hole. I put my flesh cannon in place and rammed it completely deep. Mark's head shot up and I worried that I hurt him. A loud moan eased my fear so I began to continue pounding his boypussy. I reached under his body and found his 4.5" rod solid. I stroked his wonder pole and continued to fuck him hard. As I got close to shoot my load, I pulled out and rubbed Mark's nutsac. In a couple of minutes, my soulmate jerked up, almost hitting my face.


His body spasmed relentlessly and he collapsed on the bed. I fell on his back and kissed the tasty neck of the love beneath me. I licked and sucked Mark's earlobes and this really excited him. I leaned to his right ear.

"Now for more fun, bitch." I whispered.

I turned over and I started to tweak the nips while sucking the earlobes. Mark squealed and quivered violently. I stopped the manipulation of his skin and pushed him back up. At this point he knew what I wanted and grabbed my still hard, leaking rod. He lowered his love chute over it and allowed the head to enter. Mark wiggled his body to tease me, then slammed all the way down. It felt like he almost broke my hips. He ground his ass on my pelvis. I reached up and took his cock in my hand and began to stroke it. My sweet love started to ride my love muscle with abandon.

"Ride that dick baby." I moaned. "I'm gonna shoot a huge load in ya."

"Oh yeah Billy." he responded. "Fill me with your love. Breed me."

At this point I knew I would not last long. I had delayed my own pleasure twice. The white cream was ready to fly into the bowels of my sweetheart. I also knew Mark was going to have his third moment of delight. His cock got even harder and he threw his head back.


His body spasmed with the same intensity as before and his ass muscles clamped down as hard I thought they would sever my pole and kept in him forever. The pressure was to great for me and I unleashed a torrent of cum deep into Mark. I could give no warning because the feeling was so overwhelming. I uttered an animalistic growl and with each of my eight shots, it grew louder. I must have been so loud that Carl opened the door. All he could do is smile and shake his head.

"Ah youth." he said as he closed the door.

Our heaven finally receded which seemed to last an eternity. Mark collapsed on my body and our sweat mingled and I wrapped my arms around my beloved. We kissed as I maneuvered us on our sides. My cock had slid out, but remained semi-hard. I looked at Mark and saw the contentment on his face.

"Happy baby?" I asked.

"More than you will ever know." he answered.

"Tell me, where did this side come from?" I queried.

"I dunno." he replied. "It seemed right. And it was so hot don't you think?"

"Yeah." I told him. "But surprising. But do you want our relationship to be master and slave?"

"Maybe once in a while." Mark responded. "Besides, variety is the spice of life. But what did you mean that you wanted to remember me as I am right now."

"Well, this is the first night we will be spending together all the time." I explained. "Every night until we die."

"Like a married couple." he said.

"Now one last thing before we sleep." I uttered. "Clean my dick you cumhound."

Mark dove on my rod faster than a fat person at a buffet. I was already semi-hard and in matter of nanoseconds I was fully erect. I pushed up so Mark would have all of me, but this allowed him one extra advantage. As my butt went up, Mark inserted a finger into my hole. Once he hit the sweet spot, my hormones took over. I grabbed Mark by the head and fucked his throat continually. He kept pressing my prostate and my second load detonated in his mouth. Four more rounds filled his throat and stomach, which he relished. My beastly utterances resounded off the walls of our room. I collapsed in an exhausted heap and my beloved cleaned me off. He moved up and deposited some of my seed into my mouth and we kissed until we fell asleep - happy and in love.


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