by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 24: Mark dove on my rod faster than a fat person at a buffet. I was already semi-hard and in matter of nanoseconds I was fully erect. I pushed up so Mark would have all of me, but this allowed him one extra advantage. As my butt went up, Mark inserted a finger into my hole. Once he hit the sweet spot, my hormones took over. I grabbed Mark by the head and fucked his throat continually. He kept pressing my prostate and my second load detonated in his mouth. Four more rounds filled his throat and stomach, which he relished. My beastly utterances resounded off the walls of our room. I collapsed in an exhausted heap and my beloved cleaned me off. He moved up and deposited some of my seed into my mouth and we kissed until we fell asleep - happy and in love.


The next couple of weeks went by. The punishment and detention was tough. During the detention, Mr. Whittington worked me like a new recruit. I was put through a Marine PT schedule everyday.

"Let's see if we can work off that hostility." the teacher said to me.

After I finished that, I then went home to workout. One thing the physical training did was to build up my body even more. I was also given extra chores to during my restriction. The hardest part was not being able to see my friends.

The plan to take down Joe Markson began its journey two days after the gym incident. I had my little brother Jimmy to pick a fight with me and to call me a dirty faggot loud enough for people to hear. I also timed this when Joe was behind us when we walked home. Joe had seen my brothers at the assembly, but was never formally introduced. So when Davy, Mark, Danny, and I walked home and left Jimmy, Joe casually sauntered up to my brother.

"Man, you sure stood up to your brother." he said to Jimmy.

"Leave me alone." Jimmy told him.

"Hey but, I agree with you." Joe responded. "You're brother is a dirty faggot. So are his friends."

"But now I'm in trouble." Jimmy began to cry. "I'm not allowed to walk home alone. Billy always walks me home."

"Hey, I'll take you home." Joe answered.

The pair walked home and they talked along the way. What Joe did not realize was that my brother told me everything that was said. When Jimmy arrived, he ran to me and hugged me tightly.

"I'm sorry I was mean." he cried.

"Hey bro, don't worry." I told him. "It's all part of the plan. Remember we're helping Carl."

Jimmy began to smile and he wiped his eyes and nose with his arm. He told us that Joe and his dad loved to bad mouth Dad and John all the time. He also told my brother that I thought I was above it all and my shit don't stink. I was getting angry, but I kept my temper.

"Don't worry Jimmy." I said. "Joe will get his."

This continued every school day. I would get Danny from school and Jimmy would taunt me. Joe then would walk him home and they would talk. Jimmy would tell my what they talked about, but it made him upset. But the plan seemed to unfold nice and easy.

One day, about three weeks into the plan, Joe asked Jimmy if I make him suck me. Now Jimmy was prepared for this and at first said no emphatically like I told him. But we knew Joe would keep at him, where Jimmy would reluctantly say yes.

"You mean he made you take his dick in your mouth?" Joe asked.

"Y-Y-Yeah." Jimmy stuttered, ready to cry.

"Did you like it?" Joe queried.

"Not at first." Joe lied. "But I've gotten used to it."

"Would you do me?" Joe inquired.

"I thought you hated faggots like Billy?" Jimmy asked.

"It's just helping a friend." Joe told him. "And I'll do you."

Jimmy told him he knew of a fort in the woods behind the house. They went there and Joe looked around. He unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. Jimmy could not believe what he saw. It was only 2", thin, and uncut. It was all he could do not to laugh. He knew it was small and Danny was bigger than this boy. He licked the tip and Joe shuttered.

"Drop your pants." Jimmy said. "That way I can get at it better."

Joe reluctantly did this and revealed a hairless groin and an almost non-existence nutsac. Jimmy moved in and swallowed the shaft with no problem. Joe groaned and fucked Jimmy's mouth. It was obvious that Joe had never had a blowjob before, because in less than a minute, he experienced a body shuttering orgasm.

"UNGH!! UNGH!!" he groaned and became weak at the knees.

He fell to the ground and lay on his back. Jimmy unzipped his shorts and revealed his own 3".

"Okay, your turn." my brother said.

Joe was staring at the one-eyed worm. He took it in his hand and began to stroke it. Jimmy enjoyed the manual manipulation he was getting. Joe then leaned in and began to suck the hard boy rod. Jimmy was shocked, at first because Joe was doing that, but how expertly the preteen used his mouth. Jimmy's excitement grew because of this new development. His body and cock stiffened and his dry orgasm shook his body. He let out a groan so loud it resounded in the woods. As he slumped down, he looked at Joe, who had a look of self-loathing on his face. The older boy began to get up, but Jimmy put his hand on Joe's chest.

Now the groan was a signal for us to come. We had set up two video cameras in the fort to capture the moment. Mark also took pictures with a telephoto lens. We approached and heard Joe's life.

"Joe, you did this before." Jimmy said.

Joe could not look at my brother and just nodded. Then the story came out as Joe began to cry bitterly.

"My mom died when I was born." he recollected. "My dad blamed me. He decided that since I took his wife, I would be his bitch. He has pictures of me when I was one sucking his cock. He has pictures of me at two getting fucked.. He fucks me all the time and sometimes he rents me out to other guys. I'm a lowly piece of shit."

It was at this point we came in the fort. Joe jumped up, wide-eyed and ready to run. I came to him and pushed him against the was. He closed his eyes, prepared to take the punches he thought was going to land on his body. Instead I hugged him and this shocked everyone. He clung to me and cried. Several minutes later, we all sat down.

"Joe, why?" I asked. "Why be mean to me?"

"I thought if I could put up a tough front, no one would learn my dirty secret." he answered. "I thought you were an easy target."

"Do you like sucking and getting fucked?" I queried.

"Yeah." he said. "I just hate my old man."

My mind went to work. If we could trap his dad, then he would go to prison and Joe would be free. I told everyone to meet at our house and we would talk to John and Carl. We got in the house and Carl had just arrived home.

"What is going on?" he asked when he saw Joe.

We explained the entire situation about the school board meeting, the set-up, and the revelation about Joe. We told him that Joe's dad had the pictures and we needed to get him out of that environment.

"First, what you guys were doing was wrong." he said. "We'll discuss that later. Joe, where does your dad keep the pictures?"

"In a strongbox in his closet." Joe answered. "He has the key."

"Don't worry." Carl told him.

He called John at his unit and told him what was happening. John had a couple of friends in the military police and he could call them to start the investigation. Carl said we would go to Joe's house to wait for his father and the MPs. We drove over and Joe let us in, then showed us where the pictures were. Carl knew that we could not take the pictures for evidence, so we went to the living room when the MPs arrived. They came in with a warrant and Joe showed them the strongbox. A couple of minutes later, his father arrived.

"What the fuck is going on here?" he demanded.

"Sgt. Markson, we have a warrant for your arrest for rape and child porn." the MP sergeant replied. "We also have a search warrant for your premises."

Joe's dad tried to run, but was stopped by Carl, who was at the front door. One of the MPs handcuffed him and read him Article 31 of the UCMJ. They found the key to the strongbox and here were literally hundreds of pictures of his growing up and being sexually abused by his father and other men. They also found a few videotapes, which we learned of Joe's abuse. The MPs led him off and took Joe along to make a statement.

"May I come along?" Carl said. "This boy is going to need an advocate."

The MPs reluctantly agreed, so John drove us to the building. Our teacher stayed with Joe the entire time. As we waited in the front of the building. Some of the marines knew John well and had congratulated him on his win at the tournament. John introduced me and explained what a hit I made. I was so embarrassed that I felt my entire body turn red. Carl came out with Joe an hour later and both were crying.

"That sick bastard." our teacher said. "I just hope he rots in Leavenworth."

Joe hugged the man and apologized incessantly about wanting to get him in trouble. We just stood there not knowing what to do. After just a few minutes, Joe stopped crying and he came home with us.



Joe's dad received close to 600 years for child pornography and child rape. The ironic thing was when he got to Leavenworth, they stuck him in general population. He was raped for several weeks, then they found him dead with his throat slit and his cock and balls cut off and shoved down his throat. We heard the investigation was barely done. The only good thing that came out of it was his military life insurance was still effective and it went to Joe.

Joe stayed with us until the final disposition of who would take him. Carl made sure he had counseling. Joe did come to the realization that he was bisexual. He loved looking at females, but he also loved sucking and being fucked.


When we got home that night, John and Carl sat us down. I knew this was not going to be pleasant and I was prepared for the worst.

"Guys, I know what you did was to help me." Carl said. "But blackmail is illegal. You need to realize two wrongs don't make a right."

"But one good thing came out of it." I stated. "We got that sick fuckin' freaky bastard off the streets."

What happened next will be something I will never forget. Carl grabbed me and yanked me over his knees. I thought John could hit, but compared to Carl, they were love taps. His hand came crashing on my butt at least fifteen times, but I lost count. I tried to squirm, but he held me tight. My cheeks were burning and when Carl let me up, I wondered if I could sit again.

"Language young man." he said to me. "You need to watch your works, especially in front of your brothers."

"But you guys say the same thing." I retorted. "It ain't fair."

"Now list..." Carl said, but John interrupted.

"You're right." the large black marine responded. "Tell you what, well have a cussing jar. Anyone who uses the wrong words has to put in a dollar. Deal?"

We all agreed, but with the way we spoke most of the time, that jar would be filled quickly. John found a large jar and put it on the kitchen counter.

"Here are the ground rules." John said. "All curse words are out of bounds. You must be honest and put the money in when you swear."

"What if we're making love?" I asked, squeezing Mark's hand.

"No exceptions." John replied.

"Well, that will be the one exception." Carl said. "Let's face it, we do utilize choice words."

"And how." Davy said smiling.

"Joe, you can sleep with Davy tonight." John said. "Now, let's have something to eat."

"What about their punishment?" Carl asked.

"Well, they were planning to go to the waterpark with their friends." John answered. "I believe they got their tickets. Well, instead they will be cleaning and doing yard work this Saturday."

Our jaws dropped. Even before we could utter a protest, John just gave us a look that kept our mouths shut. It reminded me of the look Mom gave when it was pointless to argue. After dinner Davy, Mark, and I were cleaning the kitchen.

"Thanks a lot." Davy said sullenly.

"Yeah big man. Thanks." Mark echoed.

Before I could say anything, John came in and stood there. He heard what was said and then cleared his throat.

"Ahem." he said. "Don't put all the blame on Billy. You could have refused, but you went along with the plan."

I smiled, but that was short-lived. John turned to me next.

"Billy, you are a natural-born leader, just like your dad." he began. "You can get anyone to do anything, no matter how dumb. That is a gift and a curse. If you were a marine, then you could lead troops to hell and back. But be careful, because it can lead to trouble."

I nodded and smiled. A natural lead. Just like my dad. That seemed to be better than the Medal of Honor.

We finished the dishes and got ready for bed. Mark, Davy, Joe, and I took our shower together. It was a tight fit, but we managed. Joe was very embarrassed about his cock and balls.

"Hey, don't worry." Davy said. "They'll get bigger. Besides, look at those guys puny penises."

Mark and I popped Davy on the ass. We finished and went to bed. Mark was still upset with me, so he turned to face the wall. I spooned against him and he tried to push me away. I was too insistent and he finally relented.

"Okay, but no sex." he said.

Now, let's face it, we're tow horny guys under any circumstances. But I would never force my love into anything he did not want to do. So I just snuggled against him, with my raging hard-on resting against his ass.

We had just started to nod off when there was a shrill cry of pain. Mark and I jumped out of bed and ran to Davy's room. John and Carl were there and my brothers soon followed. Davy was standing in a corner and Joe was sitting in bed yelling.

"No, don't Daddy." he cried out. "It hurts. Please no."

John went to the bed and grabbed the boy. Joe struggled in his grip, but could not escape. Davy's face mirrored his fright, not knowing what was happening. Carl tried to soothe the boy's nerves, but the damage Joe's father did to him was extensive.

"I'm calling Social Services tomorrow." Carl said. "He needs a lot of therapy. They can probably recommend someone."

"I'll sleep with Jimmy and Danny." my cousin said.

That set off an argument who he was going to sleep with. The gist was not the inconvenience, but since they both loved him, they both wanted him in their bed. Carl decided all three would sleep in Davy's bed, since it was a double bed and Joe would sleep in Jimmy's bed.

We went back to bed and Mark and I resumed our position, where I held him tight. I thought of what I would do to anyone had done to my family or friends that Joe's father did to him. Several gruesome scenes came to mind that would make Stephen King look like Mother Goose. I fell asleep against Mark. I woke up a few hours later with my hard pole deep in his ass and my sweet guy moving back and forth.

"I thought you said no sex." I whispered.

Mark turned his head and smiled. He kept moving his body and I grabbed his hard cock. I do not know how long he had been using me as his live dildo, but I knew I was close and I could feel he was too. I began to ram myself into his hole harder.

"Yeah bitch, take that." I seethed. "Take my dick. You know you like it. You love it. Say it whore."

"Fuck me." Mark groaned. "Fill my pussy. I'm your bitch."

This spurred Mark to move faster and I felt his cock expand in my hand and his orgasm hit hard.

"UUUNNGGGHHH!!" he uttered with staccato breaths.

This threw me into sexual overdrive. I slammed my cock hard and deep. My nutsac released my white love potion into my beloved's ass. I had my face buried into Mark's neck and all one could hear was muffled groans. Six times my dick spasmed and shot. Mark's beautiful ass was milking me for all I was worth. As I eased my softening pole out, I turned Mark to face me. We kissed deeply and held each other. After a few minutes, I broke the kiss and looked at Mark.

"So what made you change your mind?" I asked.

"Because I want you to know who is in control." he replied with an evil grin on his face.

"Yes master." I said, mimicking a character I saw in an old horror movie. "But Joe is so fuc... messed up."

"Yeah." Mark replied. "Let's go look in on him."

We got off the bed and went to Jimmy's room. We heard him crying and we went in. He turned his body as he heard the door open so not to let us see him crying. We walked in and sat on the side of the bed.

He nodded, but kept crying. Mark and I sat there for a few minutes, not knowing what to do. We got up to leave and Joe grabbed my arm. We sat back down and Joe grabbed my waist and he bawled like a baby.

"I'm a worthless piece of shit." he said over and over.

"No you're not." Mark and I tried to reassure him.

After a long period, it seemed like hours, Joe stopped crying and he sat up.

"My life is so fucked up." he said.

"Don't worry. Carl will make sure you get all the help you need." I said. "But tell me the real reason. Why pick on me?"

"I told you. You're popular and a nice guy." Joe replied. "I figured if I could beat you, I would have all that. But damn, you're so strong."

"I work out everyday." I told him. "I will tell you, what you said about my parents almost got you killed."

"I'm so sorry." he muttered. "I guess since I don't have nice parents, no one should. Can we be friends?"

I grabbed him and hugged him. I whispered something in his ear and he smiled at me. Mark and I got up to go back to bed. We settled down and Mark looked at me.

"What did you say to Joe to make him smile?" he asked.

"Something that Carl told me." I answered. "But I don't want to say in case of a SNAFU."

We snuggled up and fell asleep to a wonderful tomorrow.

True to his word, Carl got Joe the therapy he needed. A friend from college had a private practice and specialized in children ranging in ages 10 - 19. Joe went to see him everyday at first.

The other thing that Carl had in mind was what he told me. A friend of his at Child Services knew of a lesbian couple who foster parented gay children. Joe would live with them, if only on a temporary basis. Carl's friend said that they might be able to adopt him.

We all went to meet his foster mothers. Lila and Joyce were not the stereotypical lesbians. They were very lovely, who always were dressed fashionably. Lila was white and Joyce was oriental. They made Joe feel welcome into their home. A girl came out and introduced herself as Milly. Her father also sexually abused her since she was three. She had been living with the two women for about a year and she said they were a great couple. Lila got up and just put her hand on Joe's shoulder. This was the cathartic release he needed. Being without a mother made him realize what he missed all the years of his life. He buried his face into her bosom and cried. She just rocked him and rubbed his back.

"Hush Joe." she said. "No one will ever hurt you ever again."

After a long while, almost an hour, Joe finally stopped crying, but would not let Lila go. Joyce came to him and he grabbed her also in a hug. Somehow they managed to sit down and the women went over their rules.

"First, we respect everyone." Joyce said. "And that also goes for privacy. If a door is closed, knock and get permission to enter. That also goes for your room. Second, no drugs, smoking, or alcohol - EVER! Third, if you ever have a friend over and things become intimate, use protection."

Joe nodded and we knew he was in good hands. We got up to leave and Joe ran to give Carl a hug.



Joe never came back to school. Lila and Joyce preferred to home school their charges. We did get to see them quite often and Joe's therapy went well. He did have several issued he had to deal with, but the therapist was helping him.

Now it seemed that Milly and he were more than housemates. Because of their backgrounds, they realized they had a lot in common. They began to date, at first to the chagrin of their mothers, but then with their blessing. Joe explained Milly was a nymphomaniac. She had a dildo that was utilized every night. Joe would hear her moan and have orgasm after orgasm. He would beat his cock and finger his ass to that image. One night, Milly snuck into his room and climbed into bed with him. The one thing she did not do is laugh at his size. Joe told me she sucked him, then rode him several times that night. Joe said he was scared, but the feeling of normalcy gave him a lot of confidence. Lila and Joyce knew it was happening, though they did not totally approve, with the pre-teens' backgrounds, but did not stop them either. The two actually fell in love. Now Joe's rod did not grow much, only to about 4.5" and still thin, but that did not stop Milly from loving him. She told me he was the best lover she ever had, because he was truly caring in bed. They married straight out of high school and I was the best man.

Joe also had one major mechanical problem. He had a very low sperm count and what sperm he had was basically non-functioning. He would never have a child of his own. Both of them asked me to be the surrogate father. Of course I did it the scientific way. Since pussy was never held my sexual attention, I donated the sperm. My baby makers were able to get Milly in motherhood the first time at bat. Actually she had triplets, two boys and one girl. They all had black hair and green eyes. I guess my genes are truly dominant. We agreed to tell them the situation when they were old enough to understand. I was also asked to be their godfather. I never felt so proud as to have my worst enemy as my good friend, help him out when I could, and have three children that I could spoil when I came to visit.

I mentioned that Joe still loved to be fucked. Milly knew of this and they had several dildos, including a two-headed one that they both enjoyed. Joe enjoyed having Milly strap on a dildo and fuck him in the missionary position in a true meaning of love. They also had a neighbor, Martin Peters, who was gay and a total top. They would have him over for hot three-ways several times a month. Milly said Martin had a nice 9" cock, but she only allowed Joe to fuck her. They were soulmates and she would not have it any other way. Joe did join the Marines and was a great leader that his men supported.


NOTE: I do apologize for taking so long to post the story. I have been working on three stories and they do take a while to complete. I am planning a change for the new year. One story does take a while to research since it is dealing with historical events. I also have been looking after my two nephews that live close by for my brother who is in the Middle East with the army. I hope that you do like the story as it is going. I do understand that I have been going off some wild directions, but hopefully they help the storyline. If you have any comment, either good or bad, please email me at Please include the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so that I may add you to the Readers' List.


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