by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 25: I mentioned that Joe still loved to be fucked. Milly knew of this and they had several dildos, including a two-headed one that they both enjoyed. Joe enjoyed having Milly strap on a dildo and fuck him in the missionary position in a true meaning of love. They also had a neighbor, Martin Peters, who was gay and a total top. They would have him over for hot three-ways several times a month. Milly said Martin had a nice 9" cock, but she only allowed Joe to fuck her. They were soulmates and she would not have it any other way. Joe did join the Marines and was a great leader that his men supported.


We finished the school year and life seemed to go on normally. Mark, Davy, and I would workout at the gym. Jimmy and Danny would tag along and stay with Tony in his office, where they left satisfied. I continued to grow in size and I continued to amaze everyone, especially myself.

Summertime meant two things. First trying to relax from school, though we actually liked school. It also meant birthdays. Between June and August, all of us had birthdays. Davy's was first, then Jimmy's, mine, Danny's, then finally Mark. John and Carl had birthdays in September. Now usually we had parties and we got to pick the theme.

Davy was a little homesick, not for where he lived, but for his friends, Akio and Peter. I went to John and Carl.

"Hey guys, can we invite Davy's friends down for his birthday?" I asked.

"Already been done." John responded. "They'll be here on Friday for a week. See, great minds do think alike."

"Just don't tell Danny." Carl added. "It's to be a surprise."

I hugged my two dads. Our adoptions were being finalized and we loved these two men. They treated us equally and fairly. Their discipline was meted out justly, but sometimes I felt too justly.

Trying to keep this secret would be hard. But the one thing I learned is that certain secrets are well worth keeping.

Friday arrived and Carl was setting up for the party. Davy loved baseball, so it was agreed that we would go to a baseball game in Myrtle Beach, then spend the day at the beach. John had the day off and went to the Raleigh airport that morning. The rest of us had packed overnight bags and we were waiting for Davy's dad. I had a smirk on my face. You know the kind you get when you know something great and wait for the information to be revealed. This was not lost on Mark or Davy.

"So why the grin?" my cousin asked.

"What?" I replied as innocently as I could. "I guess I'm happy this is our first birthday with you."

"Yeah, and what else?" Mark pressed, since he knew me too well.

"Nothin'" I fibbed.

It could not be called a lie since it was hurting anyone. About an hour later, John came through the door and stood at the threshold. Davy ran to his dad and began to frisk him. John laughed and only said Happy Birthday Son. Davy did not find anything on the big man and the face of dejection appeared on his face. At this point John moved to his left and Davy saw his friends. It took him a few seconds and then squealed with joy. He jumped into his father's arms and hugged the man with all his strength. He then ran to Carl and hugged him tightly too. He then turned to his friends and the trio hugged in front of the entire neighborhood. They came in and we got to see Davy's friends. Peter was 5'3" and kind of thin. His hair was black and his eyes a nice brown. Akio, who I had thought would be short, was just under 6' and started to fill out. His hair was black also, but with some blonde streaks and long. He had the greatest eyes that almost looked cat-like.

"Hey guys, these are my two best friends." Davy said. "Peter, Akio, this is Carl, Jimmy, Davy, Mark, and Danny."

"Damn Davy, you weren't joking." Peter said. "He's built."

His comments were directed at me and I could only blush with embarrassment. We all shook hands and we took their bags to Davy's room.

"Grab some clothes for an overnight trip." Davy uttered. "We're going to a baseball game, then spend the day at the beach."

The pair tossed some items into Davy's overnight bag. Carl had rented a sixteen passenger van and we climbed in. Of course Carl and John were in the front, then Danny and Jimmy, then Mark and myself, and in the back were Davy, Peter, and Akio. We were asking each other questions about each other. They asked me about my training program and Akio asked a question that I should have been angry about, but actually took pride in answering.

"You takin' `roids?" he queried.

"Nope, all natural." I responded as I flexed. "And if I did, those two guys would wear my butt out."

"Trust me Akio." John said. "Billy is a phenomenon. His body seems to develop naturally."

"Davy, we need to tell you something." Peter said with a sad look. "My moms found us in bed. My `rents threw me out."

"Where are you living?" my cousin asked.

"With Akio and his family." he replied. "His `rents are cool with us."

"So are you two dating?" I inquired with a grin.

They both smiled and held hands. I had noticed a bruise on Peter's face, though it was faded. I knew someone had beat him and I did not know if it were his parents or someone else. I decided to talk to John and Carl that night. If anyone could get to the bottom of a problem, it was Carl. I whispered my discovery to Mark, who saw what I did and nodded.

We got to the hotel we were staying. We got three rooms, one for Carl and John, one for Mark, Danny, Jimmy, and myself, and the third for Davy, Peter, and Akio so they could catch up. John and Carl had the middle room with a king bed and there were connecting doors to our rooms. We put our bags down and I went to Carl's room.

"Guys, I think Peter was hurt." I blurted out.

"Are you sure?" John asked.

"I think so." I replied. "There's a fade bruise on his face. I could be wrong, but you heard him talk about his parents."

"I'll talk with him." Carl promised. "Just don't say anything for right now. Now get ready for the game."

I went back to my room and we all met to go to the baseball game. The Myrtle Beach team played the Charleston, SC team, which was a Yankee minor league team. When Peter and Akio found this out, they were cheering for the Riverdogs. The rest of us were acting as if we did not know them. We saw Charleston lose and we harassed the Yankee fans all the way back to the hotel, but all in good clean fun. We had dinner, then went to our rooms.

Mark and I got Jimmy and Danny bathed and ready for bed. And like any night, the only way we could get them to sleep is to play their favorite game, Eat the Puppet's Weiner. I was always prepared and got the bottle of lube out of my bag. We got our fingers nice and wet, then took their not mini-sausages into our mouths. Mark swallowed Danny and began to finger the still virginal boycunt. As I took Jimmy's 3.5" to the base and balls, I could tell he was getting fucked regularly by Paul. My little brother was a hot bottom and always be. He really loved Paul and I knew from my friend he cared so much for Jimmy. We played with their cocks, balls, and asses. Now, for some reason, Danny was becoming very dominant. He took his small hands and grabbed Mark's hair and forced his head up and down.

"Yeah boy, suck my cock." he uttered. "Suck it good."

I heard this and was surprised. My baby brother was going to be a very dominant top, but he needed to learn about love. Danny's body tightened and his pelvis just rammed straight up hard.

"AAAAYYYYYYYEEEEEE!!!" he cried out.

His dry orgasm ravaged his body and after a minute, his body eased. His body relaxed on the bed and a smile crept over his face. He released Mark's head and then grabbed my love's hand. He urged Mark up and kissed him.

I worked on Jimmy's cocklet and ass. My little brother kept pressing his ass on my finger and he loved being fucked. I just wanted him to be happy. The pressure on his prostate had him screech with pleasure.

"Oh fuck me." he begged. "Fuck me. Hard."

I kept moving my finger in and out of his hold. The more I did, the more he squirmed. I felt him stiffen and push his dick deep into my throat.

"UUUNNNNGGGHHH!!!" he moaned.

Jimmy thrashed on the bed for a couple of minutes and I let his cock out of my mouth and my finger out of his boytwat. My two brothers were spent from what Mark and I did. We pulled the blanket over them and we then took our shower. Mark washed my back and ass, where upon I reciprocated. My cock was raging and Mark knew what I wanted, but he had other ideas for the night. We finished our shower and dried each other off. As we went to our bed, Danny looked at us.

"Gonna fuck your bitch?" he asked.

I wondered where he heard it, but I was seeing red. I went over to him and yanked him over my knees. I then proceeded to spank my baby brother. He squirmed and tried to get loose, but my grip on him kept him in place. I really was upset with him because I did not stop at ten swats. I continued to brighten his cheeks a nice cherry red.

"STOP!!!!" he cried. "PLEASE STOP!!!"

John and Carl came in and John caught my hand on the down stroke. Carl made me let Danny go.

"What is going on?" John demanded.

I explained to him what Danny said. They looked at each other, then at Danny. There was an almost deafening silence with the exception of Danny's sobs. I was still seething and John led me from the room to his. He sat me down and sat across from me.

"Calm down Billy." he said. "You need to take it easy."

I sat there angrier than I have ever been. How could my brother even dare say that? And what's worse, who taught him that? I began to calm down, but I was still pondering the two questions in my mind. I heard Danny stop crying and I started to get up, but John put his hand across my chest.

"Are you okay?" he asked. "Because you're not going in there if you're still mad."

"I'm okay." I responded. "But all I could think how could he say that and where in the hell did he learn it? Mark has been like a brother to Jimmy and Danny."

"Let's find out." John stated.

We went back into the room. Jimmy was still under the covers. Mark was on our bed and Danny was in Carl's arms. He glared at me then turned his head.

"Billy don't love me." he said bitterly.

I went over and sat down beside him. I tried to take him in my arms, but he blatantly refused to let me.

"Danny, I do love you." I told him. "But what you said was totally wrong. It was rude. Why would you even say that to Mark? And where did you even hear that?"

"You." he replied matter-of-factly.

I sat there with probably the most stunned look I ever had. Danny said he had hear Mark and me in a wild lovemaking session and I had said it over and over. The embarrassment on my face was there for everyone to see.

"Danny, what is said between Mark and me in our room is for us only." I explained. "And definitely not to be used in public. Finally, when you said it was totally wrong. You understand?"

He shook his head no. I had to explain it in a way he would never do something like this ever again. But the example I was going to use was totally against my nature. I whispered it to John, who looked surprise, but agreed.

"Danny, if I turned to Uncle John and said you like to get fucked, don't ya nigga bitch, would that be right?" I questioned.

At that moment, everyone's eyes popped wide and their jaws dropped, except John's and mine. I saw Davy, Akio, and Peter in the doorway nude.

"I heard Daddy Carl say that when they were in bed together." I revealed. "I was going to the bathroom and I heard it. But I would never say that to Uncle John. Now you understand?"

Danny nodded his head and reached for me. I took him and held him. I rocked him back and forth on the bed and I knew things were going to be okay. I leaned him back and looked into his face.

"You should never say that to anyone, unless they want you to." I continued. "And you will never, ever say that again to anyone in the family. I love you and Jimmy. And I love Mark. It's a different love, but I will never let anyone harm you. But if you or Jimmy ever get out of line, I will punish you like Dad would have. Let's face it, if you said that in front of Mom or Dad, you would have gotten worse. Now you should apologize to Mark."

"I'm sorry Mark." Danny said crying.

He went to Mark, who picked him up, kissed his forehead, and kept telling him it's okay. This continued for several minutes and Danny stopped crying.

"How come people say things like that?" my baby brother asked.

"Fantasy." Carl answered. "Some people like to play act to make love more exciting. But what Billy said is right. It is only for the two people who are doing it."

"And remember when you meet that special love of yours, don't automatically say things like that." I emphasized. "That would have him or her walk out on you fast."

When I mentioned her, Danny scrunched his nose and said yuck. We laughed, but I had a feeling my baby brother will love being bisexual. Mark let Danny go and we put him back to bed and tucked both my brothers in tight. We all gave them a kiss goodnight and Mark and I got in our bed. After John, Paul, and the other boys left, Mark and I spooned. My cock, softened during the excitement, rose to full majesty and my love reached for it. He put it at his love chute and I slipped it in gently. When I was balls deep in him, I reached for his hard rod. We fell asleep like that.

During the night, I had a dream Mark was a female and I was making deep, passionate love to him. I was on my back and he/she was riding me slowly. I played with Mark's tits, squeezing and pinching. I reached around to finger his/her ass, but found I was fucking that hole. My hand then reached for the twat and I played with the larger than normal clitoris. Mark's head rolled back and he/she yelled I'm cumming. The orgasm contorted the body above me and that caused me to blast. That realization brought me to consciousness and I saw it was happening. Mark was riding me and Danny was sucking Mark's pole. I felt wetness on my balls and knew it could only be Jimmy. I roared loud and long and I shot seven times in my lover's boytwat. I had felt the last few drops of cum ease into Mark and my bladder had other plans for me.

"Baby, I gotta pee." I said.

"Okay, let loose." he replied.

I could not believe my ears. My love, the person closest to me than anyone else in the world, wanted me not to urinate on him, which was kinky enough. But he wanted it in his body. I tried to push him off, which I could have done easily, but he remained steadfast in his resolve. I could not hold back.

"Jimmy, move." I ordered.

I released the golden stream of warm liquid. It seemed like I was a dam and the water was being released fast and furious. I could feel it fill Mark and I saw two things. First, his stomach became distended and second, Danny was still sucking his cock. This caused Mark to have a second dry cum quickly. I also felt two things. One, my piss and cum flowed down my cock. Two, Jimmy, who I had told to move, was licking the mixture up. The liquid mixture and my brother's tongue had a strange reaction over me.

"What the fu...?!" I exclaimed. "OH FUUCCK!!"

I shot quickly. Though the thought of tasting someone's urine repulsed me, the way my brother worked my dick had me exploding. I saw stars and passed out.

A few minutes later, Carl and John were around me and I heard Jimmy say it happened again. Mark was still on my lap and I tried to comprehend my surroundings. My love slowly got up and my semi-hard cock was glistening with cum and urine. I went to the bathroom, followed by Mark. I proceeded to empty my bladder a second time. Mark then sat on the toilet and all you heard was liquid filling the bowl. My mind was still racing at the string of events.

"Tell me, when did you decide you get peed on or in or whatever?" I asked.

"I had read about it." Mark answered. "I wanted to try it. But I knew you."

"Yeah, you knew I would have said no." I responded. "But now that you tried it, how was it?"

"Wild." my love said. "I could feel your piss fill me up. I'm sorry that I startled about doing it."

"And Jimmy was taking it in his mouth." I uttered. "Does that mean he likes drinking pee?"

"I told him what I was planning and he wanted to see what it would taste like." Mark explained.

"Did you really like it?" I queried.

Mark nodded his head affirmatively. My mind was trying to comprehend why anyone would want to be peed on and what pleasure could come of it. I grabbed a washcloth and cleaned my cock and balls. Mark hand finished relieving his bowels and wiped himself clean.

"You wanna try it?" he asked suddenly.

"Huh?" I said in disbelief. "NO. NO FUCKIN' WAY!!"

"You would if you love me." he stated, trying to use guilt.

"NO!!" I uttered more sternly.

"Pleeeeeeease." he begged.

"Nuh uh." I responded.

He then hit me with the one thing he knew I would not refuse. If Mark wanted me to do anything, he would look at me with puppy dog eyes, I did not know how he did it, nor still is able to do it. He would make his eyes wide and sad, then he would pout his lips and quiver the bottom one. My resistance broke down."

"All right." I relented. "But if you ever tell anyone, I will literally kick your ass."

"Deal." Mark said. "Kneel in the bathtub."

"I did as my love said and was on my knees facing his cock. A few seconds later, a stream of pale yellow liquid emerged from the slit and splashed on my chest, abs, and groin. I did not know the reason why, but the feeling was a mixture of loathing and eroticism. My mind tried not to be turned, but a message from my carnal place in the brain caused me to become erect. Mark started to wave his dick around and some of his urine hit my face.

"Move it." I said sternly.

"Oh, my bad baby." he said with a smirk.

"It ain't funny." I retorted.

Upon uttering the statement, a couple of drops of pee hit my tongue. My natural reaction was to spit, but the taste seemed to stick to my taste buds. The tangy taste was mild, but it still revolted me. Mark saw the disgust and anger in my eyes. He grabbed a washcloth and wiped me down, but my cock was still raging. Mark pulled me up and got on his knees to me. As his mouth neared, I grabbed his head and plunged my cock all the way in his throat. He sputtered and gagged, but my rage over took my good senses. I just abused his mouth like a common two-bit whore. I glared down at him and I saw his eyes begging me to stop. He whimpered so pitifully, that my brain said STOP!! I pulled out of his mouth and he backed into a corner. I collapsed in the tub and curled into a fetal position. I began to sob and I heard Mark's cries. There was a knock and Carl wanting to come in the bathroom. Mark scooted to the side and our father came in. He could not make out the situation.

"What is going on here?" he asked.

Mark told Carl of the entire state of affairs, including my raping his mouth. We were both still crying and Carl could not figure out why I was shedding tears. My mind was telling me I was a worthless piece of shit for abusing someone I would die for.

"Billy, you need to stop crying." Carl told me. "We need to talk."

I could not and after several times of talking to me, he slapped my cheek, not to hurt me, but it did sting. My reaction was not one of a boy being struck by a parent, but one of a man being hit by another. I balled my fist and connected on Carl's jawbone. I actually knocked him backwards and my hand stung. Mark had a shocked look, Carl grabbed his jaw, then looked at me in disbelief. The next thing I realized was he was laughing, followed by Mark's sniggers. When I grasped on what I had done, the hilarity hit me and I burst out laughing.

"Damn boy, you are getting strong." Carl said.

"I'm sorry I hit you." I responded.

"Well, let's say it was not what I was expecting." he told me. "But you will defend yourself when the occasion arises. But you must realize and understand what happened cannot reoccur."

"I feel like a piece of shit for abusing Mark." I replied. "I don't know why I did it."

"You're becoming a teenager." Carl answered. "And Gold help us when you hit your true growth spurt."

"Mark, I'm so sorry." I told my love.

"I know you shithead." he uttered and hugged me.

We kissed and Mark licked his lips after we broke it.

"Chateau du Mark." he said wryly. "An unpretentious taste and quite full-bodied."

"Yeah, with a hint of smart-ass." I retorted. "I'm sorry baby."

He just led me to the bed and we climbed in. Jimmy and Danny were in their bed, starting to nod off. Carl and John went to their room and closed the connecting door. My cock, which always seemed to have a life of its own, eased where it was most comfortable - my lover's ass.

We got up the next day, showered, dressed, ate breakfast, and headed for home. The week with Peter and Akio was fun. They were introduced to our friends and we had a couple of campouts. We learned how much they were in love and that Akio was really a true bottom. They also went with us to our daily workouts. Peter, who had a skinny body, was working out with the help from John. Akio, whose body began a nice muscular development, tried to keep up with me, but had to quit after an hour. They both watched me workout in awe. They told Davy how they were impressed with my body and my work ethic.

I did get to see the both of their cocks when we showered. Peter had a thick, uncut rod that actually hit 8". I also saw Akio, whose pole was thin, but still rose to a nice 6.5", also uncut. The seven of us would get together at night and have fun. Akio loved to be with Mark and myself, while Peter and Davy had fun with my two brothers.

One night, Danny showed how much of an alpha male he would become when Peter asked if he and I could spend the night together. Danny begged if he could join us, and, after much begging, I relented with the promise he would obey me or be punished. We got ready for bed and said goodnight to the hottest four bottoms I had known in my life. The three of us were in bed and Peter turned to me.

"Billy, I want Akio to feel as good as I do when we make love." he said. "Could you prepare me? The last time I had a cock in me was just before Davy moved."

"Peter, you realize that I am much thicker than Akio." I told him. "I don't want to hurt you."

"How about me?" Danny volunteered. "I'll be glad to fuck that hot Spic ass."

My reaction was total shock. My baby brother utilized a racial epithet. I was wondering where and how he heard that line. Of course, the recourse I had to issue was in no doubt. I grabbed my brother and pulled him to my desk chair and proceeded to spank his behind hard and furious. He was reaching back to stop the hits, but they kept coming.

"Please Billy." he cried. "I'm sorry. I'll be good. I'm sorry. I'll stop."

I finally stopped and saw Danny's butt was scarlet. I propped him on his feet and held his arms. He knew I was extremely angry and he was in deep trouble.

"Now where did you hear that term spic?" I demanded.

"A-A-At s-s-school." Danny trembled.

He explained how a couple of older kids were picking on a kid named Arthur Lopez. I knew his older brother, Jamie, at school, not well enough to be a close friend, but a nice person. I knew his dad was from Cuba and worked as a janitor and his mom was in the public relations liaison office on the base.

"Danny, that word is like calling Uncle John or Davy a nigger." I explained. "It's wrong. If I ever hear you use that word again, I will whip you worse than this. And if those boys are mean to Arthur again, tell me and I will tell his brother."

Danny told me who the boys were and I knew about them. They gave a new meaning to trailer park trash. Even rednecks would be embarrassed by these yokels. The fathers were drunks and barely supported their families. One of the boys had an older sister in my class. To say she would spread her legs for anybody would be an understatement. She had her legs in the air more than Baryshnikov. I would joke that just looking at her would give anyone herpes.

I told Danny that if he was to remain, he would have to apologize to Peter. My brother looked at Peter and apologized profusely. Peter was very forgiving and he hugged Danny. I then explained to Danny if he was going to loosen Peter's love canal, he could have to moisten the hole. My brother reached for the lube on the nightstand, but I shook my head and finger.

"Nope, you're gonna eat his ass." I told Danny.

"That's gross." he replied.

"Well, you have done it before." I retorted. "And this is a further way you are to show how sorry you are. Now it's either that or you're grounded for a month. And that means Jimmy's and my birthdays."

Danny began to tear up, but he went to the well to be able to go to the other birthdays. Now I had made sure that Peter was clean because I actually was going to eat his hole. I had our new friend to lay on his stomach. Danny spread his smooth cheeks and exposed that pink, tight rosebud. There were a few wisps of dark hairs, but they were so small. Danny's tongue tentatively reached out and the tip touched the tender tidbit. He tasted the soap and sweat combination and just thought it was not bad. His small licker started to probe deeper, but Peter tightened his hole since no one ever rimmed him. The feeling of sensuality overcame him and his hole became more receptive.

"Oh fuck." he exclaimed. "That's feels so good."

As Danny's tongue began to slide in and out, I began to wet my middle finger. It was bigger than Danny's cocklet, so it Peter could take this, then he would be able to take the hot 2" dickie. I pulled Danny's head off and placed my digit at Peter's pucker. I pressed it in to the first knuckle and Peter clenched hard.

"OUCH!!" he cried out.

"Don't worry Petey." I said. "I won't move it until you're ready. Danny, let him suck you."

Danny moved to Peter's head and presented his 2" cocklet to Peter's lips, who swallowed it, including the balls. I saw Danny's head shot back and his body spasmed.

"UNGH!! he moaned loudly.

I knew he had a hair-trigger and his dry cum shook his body to the core. As Peter released his rod, Danny fell back to the headboard, with his pole still hard. I was working my finger in and out of Peter, who was actually matching the rhythm of my fingerfucking.

"Oh that feels so good." the hot Latino uttered. "I guess you're gonna fuck me."

"Let's try the kid's meal before we supersize." I replied.

"Hey!" Danny complained.

"Don't worry bro." I responded. "You'll be supersized soon enough."

We all laughed and Danny seemed to recuperate to have a go at Peter's love hole. He lined his pricklet at the pink opening and rammed it home. Even though he was not bit, Peter felt some pain on the insertion. Danny was like a rabbit with quick, short strokes and holding onto Peter's hips tightly. I knew I would have to teach my brother the art of lovemaking. In a couple of minutes, Danny's body stiffened and he let out a little squeak. He collapsed on Peter's back, but remained hard. I lifted his chin and kissed his lips, which he returned in kind. I then kissed Peter, who rammed his tongue into my mouth. Damn, he is so fucking hot, I thought. As I broke our kiss, I looked at Danny.

"Okay, now it's time to teach you the difference between having sex and making love." I said.

"Huh?" my brother responded with a dumbfounded look.

"What you did was fuck Peter." I explained. "You want your partner, whether male or female, to have as much, if not more pleasure as you."

"How?" Danny inquired.

I pulled Danny off Peter and instructed the hot Latino to lay on his back and raise his legs to his chest. I positioned Danny so his dick is lined to the teencunt. He then plunged in, but I held his hips so he could not move. I then moved his hips slowly in and out, even stopped him so to move his pelvic area in circular motions. This did cause pleasure moans from Peter and Danny. My brother was a quick learner and let him go. Peter instinctively put his legs around Danny and caressed his cheeks. I knew Danny was not big enough to touch Peter's prostate, but the moved I showed must have done something, because Peter's balls contracted and he shot his teen cream all over.

"OH BAABBY!!" he cried out.

Six volleys of cum sprayed over Danny and Peter. With the first contraction of his ass muscles, Peter caused Danny to have his third orgasm of the evening. All you could hear was spasmodic squeaks as Danny's body shook and twitched. With the last of their throes of passion, Danny fell on Peter's body and the moderately hairy legs dropped on the bed. Danny's cock softened and slipped out of Peter. He fell on his back and I began to give them both a tongue bath. I tasted Peter's cum for the first time and in this instance I could say he tasted hot and spicy. I fed some to Danny and he lapped it quickly. After I finished, I lay down with Peter between Danny and myself.

"Billy, you're right." Danny uttered. "That was awesome."

"Thanks Billy." Peter added. "Now I can do the same for Akio when we make love and make it last."

"Hey guys, no problem." I responded with a smile.

"Wait a minute." Peter said. "There's one guy who hasn't gotten off yet."

Danny and he jumped me and held me down. Danny knew of my propensity to be dominant, so he snuck into John and Carl's room and found some handcuffs. I found out later where he go them, but at the moment, it was irrelevant. The duo cuffed me to the headboard and then began to work me over with their mouths and hands. They started to with my head as they licked and kissed my face, ears, and neck. The pair gave me very prolonged, wet kisses. They proceeded to my chest, where each attacked a nipple. They licked, bit, and sucked like newborns for the milk. This had my cock flowing precum on my groin and stomach like a broken water main.

"OH SHIT YEAH!!!" I moaned. "Suck them tits you hot bitches."

My arms could not move much, but they flailed. The dynamic duo then moved to my abs and ran their tongues along the six pack ridges. The pair lapped the existing precum off my stomach, but not off my crotch. They avoided my cock and balls and looked down my legs to my feet. Then what happened next almost had me shoot. Danny on my right and Peter on my left licked and sucked my toes and feet.

"OH MOTHERFUCK!!!" I yelled. "OH GOD!!!!"

My arms pulled hard on the cuffs and I heard a creak, but did not pay much attention to it. They worked their way back up. Peter then engulfed my cock and Danny worked on my balls. I became incoherent and thrashed on the bed. The intense feelings from my brother and new friend had me going crazy with lust. Danny raised my legs and began to eat my boycunt as if it were his last meal. His tongue swirled around my hole and my arms lurched forward, breaking the headboard. My lasting power was almost nil. My balls tightened quickly.

"I-I-cum-cum." was all I could utter."

The first of ten shots of cum blasted with great intensity. It caused Peter to gag and he pulled off as the second hit the wall at the head of the bed. The third also hit the wall, with the fourth landing on my nose. Each subsequent volley moved lower on my body until the last was on my abs. My ass muscles clamped on Danny's tongue so he could not move. My body twitched and he handcuffs and parts of the headboard was going with my hand movements. I let out a roar that caused everyone to come to the room.

"What the hell?!" Carl uttered upon seeing the cuffs and headboard.

Danny explained after my ass muscles relaxed. My eyes were glazed over and though I heard voices, my comprehension was nil. John and Carl looked at me and I slowly began to understand my surroundings.

"Billy, how do you feel?" John asked.

"That was fucking fantastic." I replied with a goofy grin.

"That's it." Carl said. "You're getting a full physical. Doctor tomorrow."

I was still to euphoric to argue. John removed the cuffs and I was surrounded by Peter and Danny, while everyone else went back to their rooms. I fell asleep, still with the great feeling of pleasure going through my body.


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