by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 2: I could not read his face. I had seen him with this look and it was looking at the faces on Mount Rushmore. As he was leaving my room, he turned and looked at me.

"Meet me at my office tomorrow afternoon." he said.


I laid back down and wondered what he wanted to say that he could not at home. I remained awake most the night and got very little sleep. I heard Mom come home and listened to Dad tell her that I would be at his office in the afternoon. I finally drifted off to sleep and woke up feeling like I was ran over. My ass cheeks still felt sore, but I prepared for school all the same.

I dragged through my classes and almost fell asleep twice in Biology class. My teacher woke me as I nodded and kept me after class. She did ask what the matter was and I told her I just could not sleep last night. I continued and really did not notice the stares the other kids gave me. It seemed that word of the previous day spread through the school. Some kids seemed to avoid me, while others just whispered and pointed. I saw my best friend Mark Berlson and even he did not say anything nor acknowledged me when I said `hi'. After lunch I became more aware of what was going on around me and I noticed the stares. I ran into Mark in PE and he avoided me like I had a disease. I thought this was strange, but I continued my day. When we were playing basketball, I noticed that no one wanted me to play, which I thought was strange since I was a good player. Mr. Whittington, the teacher, noticed this and called me to the side.

"Billy, it seems everyone heard about yesterday." he said. "That's why you're getting this treatment."

"But why?" I asked in an upset tone. "I did nothing wrong. The guy tried to rape me!!"

I was close to tears and my PE teacher, whose job was to build our bodies and make us men, had his arm around me. Everyone heard my outburst and stopped to see what was happening. I was there as tears streamed down my face and Mr. Whittington tried to comfort me. Mark approached and put his hand on my knee, upon which I looked up.

"Oh, so now you want to me be friend!" I said with venom in my voice.

Mark moved back with a deep hurt on his face. I began to feel bad until I saw Joe Markson laughing at me. A rage boiled in my mind and, before anyone could stop me, I hopped from the bleachers and charged Joe. As I approached, Joe's eyes grew wide and I lowered my head. My right shoulder connected with his abs and knocked the breath out of him. My momentum carried the both of us to the wall on the far side of the gym, which was a mistake on my part. As we connected with the wall, I saw stars and collapsed to the ground in a heap. I recovered almost an hour later with the teacher, Mark, the school nurse, my dad, and most of the class standing around. Mr. Whittington and the nurse had concerned looks on their faces. Mark was relieved to see my eyes open. The class was whispering about what happened, most said, `Man, he's got a temper'. My dad just had an annoyed look.

"Sgt. Mattsen." the nurse said. "I would suggest you take this hard-headed son to the hospital to be checked out."

"I will." my dad said. "Assuming I don't kill this boy."

There were several kids snickering or just out-right laughing. Some of them were saying I was in trouble.

"Billy." Mr. Whittington said. "Mr. Johnson wants to see you first thing in the morning, with your father."

"Yes sir." I replied and looked at my dad.

All the class had showered and changed, with the exception of Mark. I got up and Mark came to the locker room with me to shower and change. We sat on the bench in front of our lockers with a very awkward silence between us. I finally turned to him and looked at his face.

"Mark, why have been treating my like shit?" I asked.

"Well you know that what happened yesterday got around school." he replied after a moment of silence. "I didn't know what to believe. Joe and others said you tried to get in that guy's pants and suck his dick."

"Mark, I don't like the guy." I said. "He tried to rape me while I was working out. I guess he didn't like my remark about his dick is smaller than Danny's."

This made Mark laugh and sort of cut the tension. We began to strip to take a shower. As I removed my shorts and briefs, I thought I had noticed Mark glanced at my dick and ass. I knew guys checked each other out, but this seemed more. When I looked at Mark, his eyes darted away quickly.

I should tell you about Mark. He and I met when we were five and our fathers were stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. My dad was a sergeant and Mark's dad was his platoon commander. Now enlisted kids and officer kids usually did not mingle, but Mark and I hit it off when we met in kindergarten. We were inseparable and spent time at each other's homes. Mark knew my brothers and considered them like brothers since he was an only child. We were separated when Dad was sent to Paris Island, SC and I was 7. Mark and I cried and I wanted to run away, but I knew better. Mark and I wrote each other and called, but it tapered off to almost nothing until I turned 11. We packed up again for Cherry Point, NC. What my dad did not tell me was he was personally selected by the company commander for his assignment. We pulled up to the house and were gathered by three people - Major Berlson and family. When I saw Mark, I almost jumped out the car without it stopping. We wrestled and hugged on the lawn. We had a sleepover the first night and it was as if the four intervening years never existed. We caught up and found that we both loved football and played in youth leagues.

Mark and I are total opposites. Where I have dark hair and green eyes, he had blond hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. We were both the same height, but I developed muscles and Mark was rather husky, but not fat. I was more extroverted, where he was more quiet and reserved. I also developed first with hair around my cock, but Mark was a late developer. His own dick was small and he was very self-conscious, but I did not make fun of him and would not allow anyone to do so within our earshot.

As we showered, I kept noticing Mark looking at me and his own dick grew to its full 3". He was embarrassed and turned his back to me. I thought about putting my hand on his shoulder, but after what I said to him, I knew he would not want my comfort. I noticed what a cute ass he did have and I sprung a woodie. I turned my back to Mark, but I could hear the slapping of meat and heavy breathing from my friend. I decided to join in and thought of swallowing his beautiful rod. I heard Mark groan and his body fell against the wall of the shower room. This set my orgasm to shoot a load all over the shower floor.

"Wow!" Mark exclaimed, which caused me to turn. "When did you start shooting?"

"For about two months now." I told him.

We finished showering and dressed. He asked if he could get a lift home. I told him I was supposed to go to my dad's office, but if he wanted , we could drop him off. I did fell the bump on my head, but I had the strangest exhilaration knocking Joe Markson to the ground. I did ask Mark what happened to Joe and Mark said he was on the ground for several minutes trying to catch his breath.

"Billy, I'm sorry what I did today." he said.

"Hey Mark, you know me." I responded. "I was upset that you would believe the rumors. But you're my best friend anywhere and I can't be mad at you for long."

We left the locker room and Dad was talking with Mr. Whittington. They saw us come out and they shook hands. I told Dad that Mark wanted a ride home and he said that would be fine. We all went to the car and Mark and I got in the backseat.

"Now someone explain what happened." Dad said.

I explained about the rumors and how everyone was avoiding me. Mark looked down as I continued. I told my father that while in gym, no one wanted me to play and the teacher was explaining what was happening. I then saw Joe laughing at me and I wanted to pound him senseless. Next thing I knew was people were staring at me.

"Well you probably will be suspended." Dad said. "But your teacher wants you to come out for football next year. But right now mister, you're in deep trouble. You're mother will definitely be upset."

"Yes sir." I said with as much remorse as I could muster, but I could not help but smile.

We got to the company building and my dad told me to wait in his office while he took Mark to his dad's office. I entered and I saw John sitting in a chair. He turned, saw me come in, and smiled weakly. He patted the chair next to him and I sat down.

"So what's this I heard?" he queried. "You tackled and beat a kid bloody?"

"Actually I just tackled him." I replied. "I knocked myself out when I hit the wall."

"So why did you do it?" he asked.

"Rumors." I responded. "The word was I tried to get into Bill's pants. Joe seemed to think it was funny and it set me off."

"We've got to curb that temper of yours." John said to me. "If we can harness it you would excel in anything you do."

Dad had come in the office when he heard John's final statement and said amen. I heard a click as he approached us. He came around, sat on the edge of his desk, and looked at the both of us. He finally broke the silence when he cleared his throat.

"Now we have something to talk about." he said. "I've talked with the both of you and there seems to be strong feelings between you."

John and I looked at each other, not knowing what to say. I began to fear the worst, but John placed his large hand on mine and squeezed. My dad saw this and began to speak.

"John, I want to ask you something." he began. "Do you love Billy and have you hurt him in anyway."

"Gunny, I do love this crazy kid." John replied. "And I would do nothing to harm him."

I felt a tingle when John said he loved me and something special that flowed between us. My dad turned his attention to me and wondered how he would ask me.

"Son, do you love John?" Dad asked. "And why someone older than you?"

"Yes I do love him." I responded. "He's kind and gentle. He wouldn't do anything I wouldn't want."

"John, you must realize that this is serious." Dad began. "First being gay is a court-martial offense. Also having sex with a child is criminal on a military installation as well in a civilian court."

"I know, but I love Billy." John answered.

"Dad, please don't do anything." I begged. "I love him so much."

"Billy, I know you were gay last night." Dad said, as his pants bulged. "I know you didn't want to show me your hard cock, but you kept looking at me. So your dad needs some loving, too."

He unbuckled his belt and opened his fatigue pants to reveal a hard 8" dick as it dripped with precum. He opened his shirt and revealed his hard, hairy chest. John and I looked at each other and smiled. Here was the man who was my hero, wanting attention from his son and one of his men. We wasted no time as John revealed his massive body, hard abs, and cock. I stripped and felt small compared to these gods. My hard 5.5" was also leaking, but I was on my knees as I took my dad's rod all the way to his crotch. I tasted the pole that made me and I felt a strange euphoria. John worked on my dad's nips, flicking them with his tongue, and gently pulled with his teeth. My dad moaned with all the attention he was getting. I removed my mouth from his cock only to wet my finger. I dove immediately back to his dripping rod as I got my finger nice and wet. I slowly worked my finger to his hairy butt cheeks and spread them. My finger searched for his rosebud and I found it. I eased it to my first knuckle and my dad tensed. After a short period he relaxed and I moved it more into his hole. I worked it around until I found his magic button. I massaged it and it resulted in pleasurable moans from my dad. I looked up and I saw John and Dad kissing passionately. I felt jealous, but I worked on Dad's dick. I hit his prostate hard and it shot his sex drive into overkill. Before either one of us knew it, his load blasted like a bazooka at point-blank range. The first volley unloaded into my throat and I thought I would choke. Some cum spilled from my mouth, but I swallowed as much as I could as fast as it entered my mouth. Eight heavy loads filled my stomach as my dad went soft. I stood up and had a pouty look on my face. Both men noticed the look.

"What's the matter son?" Dad asked.

"You were kissing." I responded. "Why?"

Both men got on both sides of me and held me. I felt somewhat better, but I could not understand why the man who said he loved me kissed my dad with great passion.

"I'm sorry Billy." John said. "I know I hut you and please forgive me. But your dad is one sexy guy."

I could not stay mad at John and I planted a passionate kiss on him to show him that. I then turned to my dad and kissed him with great passion. John was right about my dad being sexy. Dad lifted me up on his desk and laid me on my back. He then moved to the side and swallowed my rod to the base. Obviously he had done this before and sucked me like an old pro. John lifted my legs and exposed my hole. He ran his tongue around it, which had me squirm on the desk. The tip of his tongue began to probe my hole, but met with some resistance. As he kept it up, I relaxed and felt his talented tongue push deep into the hole. John had the longest tongue I had ever seen and he could give anyone a good fucking just with that. My eyes rolled in my head as he began to tongue-fuck me long, but gently. My precum flowed into Dad's mouth, who seemed to like the taste. I knew I would not last long and I warned my dad about my impending load.

"I'm gonna cum Dad." I whispered.

This did not matter as he kept sucking me like an all-star. John's tongue lapped my hole and continually grazed my prostate. My head lurched back and the first volley entered my dad's throat. I blacked out for several minutes and, as I became aware of my surroundings, both men smiled at me.

"Billy, you are one heavy shooter." my dad said. "Like father, like son."

John stood there and looked at the both of us, father and son, and how much we were so much alike. My dad did show me pictures of him when he was my age and they were right. We looked at each other and smiled. I was so much like Dad that I knew what he was thinking and my dad nodded.

"On that desk jarhead!" I ordered, with a smile on my face.

"Sir, yes sir!" John responded.

John laid his huge body on the metal desk. It seemed so small compared to his bulk. John's hard 13" dripped the clear honey that I lapped up like a dog at his water bowl. I took his massive meat in my mouth and took 10" before my gag reflexes kicked in to play. My dad stared in amazement that I could swallow so much in one move. I continued to move up and down until John's hairs tickled my cheek. Dad decided to get in the act by wetting his fingers and shoved two deep into John. This resulted in John bucking his hips forward to my mouth, and he remained there for a minute. He eased back and my dad finger-fucked John's hole very masterfully. Dad leaned in and took the large ball sac into his mouth and they filled his mouth so that he looked like a squirrel storing his nuts for the winter. I maneuvered my mouth over John's rod that made him fuck himself on Dad's fingers. I felt his cock expanded in my mouth and I knew that I would get a tasty load to savor. The first discharge entered my throat and I drank it down with passion. Each successive load gave me the best protein drink I could every enjoy. As the last dribble of juice came out of the thick black straw, I continued to suck and would not let go. John had recovered to pull me off his rod.

"Damn, that's sensitive." he cried out.

My dad and I laughed as I was caught between the two men and kissing the both of them. The phone rang and my dad answered it. Mark's dad was on the other end and from the gist of the conversation, we were leaving to go home soon.

"Okay guys." my dad said. "Straighten yourselves up."

We all dressed quickly and my dad inspected the both of us to make sure we passed muster. We were in order and my dad went to get Mark from his dad's office. They came back and we headed for the car. John followed us in his car.

"Mark's going to join us for dinner." Dad said. "His parents have to go to a dinner a the officer's club."

"Cool!" we both shouted out in unison.

We started to wrestle in the backseat until my dad told us to stop. All four of us showed up and my mom was wondering what was happening. My dad told her Mark's parents had to go out and they were going to look after him. John was going to join us so I could train after dinner. My mom asked what happened at school and my dad explained the situation to her. I got a stare from Mom that would put fear in Mike Tyson. Dad told her he was going to school with me when I face the principal. Dad had said if I was suspended I would be cleaning the company office during that period of time. As we sat down for dinner I felt a slap against the back of my head. My mom looked just pointed one of her long, slender fingers at me. Dinner was fun as we talked and laughed. Danny and Jimmy were happy that Mark was going to be here for a while. After dinner, Mark and I did our homework, then headed to the basement. My weight set was in a corner and I used it as a much as I could. John, Mark, and I were in the basement and John removed his shirt. Mark gasped at his muscles and we began to laugh.

"Those are huge." Mark said, his mouth gaped opened.

"All from hard work." John said. "Go ahead and touch."

Mark tentatively stroked John's bicep and I noticed my friend's pants bulged quickly. He then touched the left pec and John manipulated his chest so Mark could feel them ripple. Mark's breathing became erratic and he realized what he was doing. He lowered his hand and began running to the door. I caught him and held him. Mark began to cry and we sat on the steps.

"Billy you must think I'm weird." he said. "Touching a grown man and getting a woodie."

"Mark, you know better than that." I responded. "First we're friends and I don't think you're weird. Second, John is really built and I know I would love muscles like his."

"Billy, I'm sorry about today." Mark said.

"Okay guys." John said. "Enough of the feel good society. Work out time."

I went to the weight bench and John spotted me as I worked out for almost an hour. Mark saw how John instructed me on how to develop each of my muscles. Mark also saw how nicely my muscles were developing and he sprung another woodie. I knew at that moment my best friend was gay.

"Hey Mark, you wanna try?" I asked.

Mark nodded in the affirmative and went to the bench. John showed him how to start and slowly worked him through an easy session. Mark felt his arms and began to run them.

"Man, I'm so sore." he stated.

"I know, but after a while it's a good pain. John told him. "I've got to go. Now I'll see you tomorrow and don't be late. Also, I'm going on 3 day maneuvers so you will be on you own for training. I worked it out with Tony at the gym and Frank Peters from another unit will be there to keep an eye on you . Don't give him a hard time."

"Maneuvers?" we both exclaimed.

"Yeah." John replied. "But no slacking off."

"Okay." I said. "Mark you wanna join me?"

Mark was very shy in his response, but mouthed yes. John looked at the both of us and wondered if it would be feasible to allow two 12-year-olds in the weight room.

"Don't worry." I said. "We'll be good."

"Okay." John said. "You better or you'll face me."

I nodded and we headed upstairs after John put his shirt back on. John made his good-byes and Mark and I went up to my room. We sat down and began to play a game of Monopoly when Danny and Jimmy charged in dressed in their pajamas. They jumped at us and four boys were wrestling, tumbling, and making a ton of noise. When my dad walked in, I was tickling Danny's stomach and Mark was working on Jimmy's feet.

"HALT!" my dad ordered.

Four boys looked up with silly grins on our faces. My dad tried to look mad, but he knew what it was like to be a boy. He walked over and lifted me up by my shirt collar and began tickling me. The others joined in and I was laughing so hard my sides hurt and I was crying. We then heard a feminine voice break through the din.

"Just what I need, another son." Mom said laughingly. "All right you two, bedtime."

Danny and Jimmy kissed everyone goodnight and went to their rooms. Mom told Mark and me to get ready for bed and Dad motioned to the bathroom. I went to get a shower and Mark joined me. As we were finishing, Mark turned to me and hugged me.

"Billy, I just want you to know how sorry I am." he said. "I should have known better."

"Actually, what upset me was that you're my best friend." I replied. "I was mad that you believed the rumors."

"But why did he do that?" Mark queried.

"Well you met John." I responded and Mark nodded. "Well that bastard was calling John names so I insulted his manhood."

"How?" Mark inquired.

"I said his dick was smaller than Danny's." I said with a straight face.

Mark looked like a deer caught in the headlights, then began to laugh hysterically. His head went back far enough that water filled his mouth and he began to choke. I leaned him forward and slapped his back. Mark spit out the water, I got out, grabbed two towels, and wrapped one around Mark's smooth body. I sat him on the edge of the tub and I dried off. As I bent over to dry my legs, my ass was exposed to Mark and I saw that he was looking at it intently. I did not know if I did it on purpose or unconsciously, but it exposed my best friend to another part of me he would not have seen if left up to his own resources. I finished and I helped him dry off, as he seemed to be in a daze. I finished and I grazed his hard dick with the back of my hand. Mark let out a gentle moan and turned deep red. We walked back to my room with towels wrapped around our waists. I gave Mark a pair of briefs and he put them on, though they were a little tight around the waist. We hopped into bed wearing just our underwear and got comfortable.

"Billy, can I ask you something?" Mark asked.

"Sure bud." I replied. "Anything."

"Do you ever think about guys," he asked hesitantly. "you know...when you jack-off?"

I knew Mark was gay, but I did not want to scare him by revealing too much.

"Sometimes." I replied, telling a half truth. "Do you?"

"Yeah." Mark said.

"Who?" I asked.

"I can't tell you." he said as tears welled in his eyes. "You would hate me."

"No I wouldn't." I said. "We're friends, best buds."

"I-I-It's you." he said. "Now you hate me."

I pulled him close to me and held him tight. I felt his body quiver from the tears he was shedding. I stroked his hair and body as I tried to calm him down.

"Mark, we have a lot to talk about." I said. "I'm gonna baby-sit the two monsters Friday night, so why not come over and help. We'll have a sleep over that night too."

Mark began to chuckle with the word monster for my brothers. He looked at me and nodded. We fell asleep in each other's arms after I kissed his forehead. I was a light sleeper and still am, so when Dad came to get Mark when his parents arrived, my eyes fluttered open.

"Dad, can Mark come over Friday when I baby-sit?" I asked him groggily.

"It's okay with me." he said. "I'll ask his parents."

Mark and I smiled weakly as we were still half asleep. I told Mark that I'll see him at school, then I dropped off to sleep almost immediately.


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