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The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 3: "Do you ever think about guys," he asked hesitantly. "you know...when you jack-off?"

I knew Mark was gay, but I did not want to scare him by revealing too much.

"Sometimes." I replied, telling a half truth. "Do you?"

"Yeah." Mark said.

"Who?" I asked.

"I can't tell you." he said as tears welled in his eyes. "You would hate me."

"No I wouldn't." I said. "We're friends, best buds."

"I-I-It's you." he said. "Now you hate me."

I pulled him close to me and held him tight. I felt his body quiver from the tears he was shedding. I stroked his hair and body as I tried to calm him down.

"Mark, we have a lot to talk about." I said. "I'm gonna baby-sit the two monsters Friday night, so why not come over and help. We'll have a sleep over that night too."

Mark began to chuckle with the word monster for my brothers. He looked at me and nodded. We fell asleep in each other's arms after I kissed his forehead. I was a light sleeper and still am, so when Dad came to get Mark when his parents arrived, my eyes fluttered open.

"Dad, can Mark come over Friday when I baby-sit?" I asked him groggily.

"It's okay with me." he said. "I'll ask his parents."

Mark and I smiled weakly as we were still half asleep. I told Mark that I'll see him at school, then I dropped off to sleep almost immediately.


The next thing I knew my dad was waking me to get ready for school. Dad was dressed in his usual fatigues and I dressed quickly. I scrambled downstairs and found Mom sitting with Danny and Jimmy. I wolfed down my cereal and toast so fast, my mother thought I would choke.

"Let's head out kiddo." Dad said. "Time to face the firing squad."

I got up, kissed my mom, and said good-bye to my brothers. Dad and I loaded into his Jeep and we headed to my school. Now I attended middle school on the base so it was a short distance to get there. Dad and I entered the school and sat in the front office. We waited for 30 minutes for Mr. Johnson. Mr. Whittington came in and shook hands with my father.

"You ready for this?" my teacher asked.

"Yes sir." I said with as much bravado as I could muster. Mr. Johnson ushered us in. Joe and his father, another gunnery sergeant, were sitting in the office. As we took out seat, Mr. Johnson began.

"Sgt. Mattsen, let me start off by saying I have talked with Sgt. Markson about the events of yesterday." the principal said. "I also heard the rumors and found the person who was responsible for starting them."

He then pointed to Joe and all eyes turned to the boy I knocked across the gym. Joe lowered his head and Sgt. Markson turned to my dad.

"Well, I'm sorry that my son did what he did." Joe's dad said. "But your son went way overboard with my son's stupidity."

"Sgt. Markson, I know what I did was wrong." I said, before my dad could say anything. "But when he was laughing at me, I just snapped. And this was before I knew he started this. If it weren't for his mouth, I would not be here. This just proves that words hurt."

My dad pulled me down in my seat and clamped his hand over my mouth. Sgt. Markson did not look pleased at me, but there was nothing he could do to me. Joe glared at me and I secretly extended my middle finger and smiled.

"Well you boys will be punished." Mr. Johnson said. "First Joseph, because of your part, you will be given one week's detention. William, because of the circumstances involved in the matter, you will also receive one week's detention. You could have injured Joe severely. And you will both serve it with Mr. Whittington. And if I hear of any further disturbances between you two, it will result in one month's suspension."

"Yes sir." we both said almost in unison.

We left the office and my dad reminded me to tell Mom that he will be home late. I told him I would tell her and he left for work. I went to class with my pass and enjoyed the day. I ran into Mark between second and third periods. I told him what happened with the principal and that I would not see him for lunch this week.

After fourth period I had lunch so I reported to the gym and I ran into the stragglers. I saw a couple of friends and said hi to them. Mr. Whittington was in his office and I knocked on the door. He waved me in as he was on the phone. I just heard `I love you' as he ended the conversation.

"Billy have a seat." he said. "Your dad and I talked yesterday. You know I'm an ex-marine and I know your father. We were both in Grenada together. He's a great guy."

"Wow, I never knew that." I said.

"We also talked about you." he said. "He mentioned that you were possibly gay and that I should talk with you."

I was wondering where this conversation was going. I liked Mr. Whittington and now even more since he and Dad were friends. But I began to question in my mind why this man was interested in my being gay.

"Billy, just so you know, I'm gay too." he said. "Your dad thought I could help you through the rough spots."

I sat there dumbfounded. Here was a man, who wore a wedding band, telling me he was gay. I admired this man for his strength and decency. There were no pets in his class and no one just got by, you earned your grade.

"Mr. Whittington, do you have a lover?" I asked rather bluntly.

"Yes and no." he responded. "Yes he is my lover, but no in terms that he is much more than that. We live together, but because he's a marine, we have to keep a low profile."

"Mr. Whittington, when did you know that you were gay?" I asked.

"I was about 10 when I watched my brother playing with himself." he responded. "He caught spying on him he made me suck his dick. When he came in my mouth, I loved it. We would continue this until he left for college. I also had a lover in high school, but he moved away."

"Do you regret being gay?" I asked.

"No because I have to be me." Mr. Whittington replied. "Just like you have to be you."

"Can I ask what am I to do?" I asked. "I love a man, but I'm falling for someone else."

This man, who opened his life to me, came around and sat next to me on the sofa. He pulled me close to his tight body and I felt his muscles through his shirt. I felt safe and the smell was sweat and musk. I got hard and I had my books over my lap so I hoped he would not notice.

"I'm going to tell you a story." he started. "When I was in the marines, I fell in love with another marine. He was strong, masterful, disciplined, and downright sexy. My main problem was he was married, so I thought I had no shot. One day, we were on training maneuvers, and while I went to the woods to urinate, I saw the man I fell in love with taking a leak also. I got up the nerve and I approached him and he saw me. He smiled at me and motioned me over. He told me he noticed me looking at him. He kissed me passionately and I felt his power. I knelt before this man like he was a god and I took his manhood in my hands, then my mouth. The taste was wonderful and his precum was ambrosia. I sucked that dick as if I were a baby suckling on him mother's tit to get life and nourishment. I was rewarded with cream that I readily drank. When we finished, I thought that would be it and we would never do it again. But we met again and again for several months. We made love and he was forceful, but loving. He never tried to force me into doing anything I didn't want . We actually went to Washington, DC on business, but spent all our free time making love. But there came a time almost after Washington, that he had to choose between me and his family. It was a very tough choice, but his wife was suspicious he was having an affair. He loved his family and could not hurt them, so we broke it off.

Somewhere in the recesses of my memories, I remembered my dad went to Washington for a conference that his commander thought he would get a lot of good information. I remembered he went with a lance corporal. I also remembered a series of fights between my parents, but did not know what they were about.

"Mr. Whittington." I said with trepidation. "You mean you and"

"Yes Billy." he replied. "Me and your dad. He had to make a tough decision, but he did it as must you. You are a good kid, but you have to learn that tough decisions aren't easy."

I wanted to run, but I sat there stunned. Now it made sense to me. All the fights and how my father, who was this standard of the heterosexual male, knew how to suck a cock like an expert. Mr. Whittington saw my confusion and just held me until the lunch bell rang. I grabbed my stuff and began to leave, but the teacher spoke.

"Billy, I want you to know I will be here for you if you need to talk." he said. "Besides, I know what your mother went through. I think my partner is cheating on me. I just will take it one step at a time."

He then gave me a pass to my next class and I ran off. Thought swirled in my head and I could not concentrate on my classes. My teachers had to call my name several times just so I could get my assignments. I went to gym, but I sat on the bleachers. Mr. Whittington, allowed me to sit out. Mark came over and tried to get my attention, but to no avail. Class ended finally. I changed and headed to the gym. I put on my workout gear and John arrived. He changed, but also noticed my preoccupation. We went to the weight room and I worked out like a man possessed. I thought that if I exercised like a madman, all my thoughts would leave and I would be at peace. John finally stopped me and we sat at a far end of the room to talk.

"Billy, what is going on with you?" he asked.

"Nothing." I muttered.

"You know you can tell me anything." the big man said.

"It's nothing." I said.

"Okay, let's stop." he said. "We'll stop training for a while."

It finally dawned on me that I was really screwing up. Here was a man who loved me and cared what happened to me. He was trying to make me a better person and now I was blowing this special relationship. John began walking away and I caught up with him.

"John, I'm sorry." I said. "Can we go somewhere to talk."

We quietly went to the locker room and then to the showers. Not a word was spoken as we dried ourselves, then dressed. We got our gym bags, then drove to our secluded area. I stayed silent for what seemed an eternity. I finally turned and looked at John.

"Why is this happening now?" I asked crying. "Why is this week so shitty? If it's not one thing, it's another."

"What's the matter babe?" John asked.

I explained what happened in the principal's office and how I got a week's detention. I did tell John that I knew I should be punished, but I did get lucky that it was lunchtime. I then explained what occurred with Mr. Whittington and the deep, dark family secret that came out. I told John that this was all messed up. How could Dad cheat on Mom? He always said he loved her.

"Does it upset you that he cheated on her?" John asked. "Or is it that he did it with another man?"

John hit me with a wake-up call. Could I secretly be homophobic? Could I be a hypocrite with this? I thought that I was different that my dad had an affair with a man, but my teacher's words echoed through - be yourself. It finally hit me that it was that Dad cheated on Mom and I would have been upset even if the other person was a woman.

"John, it's because he always said he loved Mom." I replied. "How can anyone cheat on the one they love?"

"Billy, it's hard to say why people do what they do." John said. "You just need to know your dad loves all of you. He made a mistake, all-be-it a big one. But we all make mistakes which we regret for the rest of our lives."

"I know John." I said. "But it hurts to know this. How can I look at him with respect?"

"Bobby just remember this." John replied. "As long as I have known your dad, all of you have been his pride and joy. All I ever heard was how well Billy was doing or how cute Danny and Jimmy were. And don't get me started on how beautiful and wonderful you mother is. He loves you all and you should always remember that."

"I know John." I said. "But it's gonna be hard not to think about it."

"Just love your dad." he said. "The memory will fade. By the way, why did your teacher tell you that story?"

I began to hem and haw around the question. I did not know how to explain to this man that I have fallen in love with that I am also falling in love my best friend.

"Ummm." I began hesitantly. "I'm torn between two decisions and I asked my teacher after he told me he's gay."

"What's the decision you have to make?" John asked.

"My feelings for two people." I said and expected the worse.

"You're in love with Mark, aren't you?" John asked.

"Yes I am." I said, with my head lowered. "I'm sorry. I love you too."

John lifted my face and began kissing me passionately. I returned the love fervently. I loved John and I did not want to hurt him. I felt his rock hard cock through his fatigue pants and I fumbled to pull it out. John did the same with my own pre-teen rod. I opened John's shirt and reached under his t-shirt to play with his rock hard nips. He reached under my shirt and played with my nips. I did not know how sensitive the nipples until John played with them. I moaned and squirmed with this technique. John then wet a finger, lowered his head to my cock, swallowed it, pushed his finger into my rectum, and tweaked my nips alternatively. The multiple sensations had me moaning and moving around. This love that John showed also sent me into sexual overdrive. The first volley blew out of my dick and deep into John's mouth. Every time John pressed my prostate, the more cum seemed to flow. After the third or fourth blast I lost consciousness. I did not know how long I was out, but when I came to, John was holding me.

When I recovered my strength, I decided to return the favor. I dove on the hard 13" and took it to the base. I became an accomplished cocksucker that John's sweet black licorice stick went easily into my mouth. I tasted his precum as it flowed steadily on my tongue and down my throat. I fondled the big cum filled balls with one hand and pushed a dry finger deep into his ass. This caused John to wince, but soon he began to moan like a banshee. He begged me to shove in a second finger to fuck him, so I obliged my friend and lover. This caused more and more clear honey to seep into my mouth. My fingers worked overtime in his hole. His taut ass muscles squeezed my fingers to the breaking point.

"Three fingers!" John cried out. "Fuck me with three fingers!"

I shoved a third finger hard into John's ass, which caused him to utter a deep sigh of pleasure. My fingers moved in and out of his ass or I would wiggle them around his ass. My jaw was getting pounded by his massive meat, so I decided to take full control and pushed hard on his prostate. John exploded with an intensity. The first volley of cum rammed into my throat that I began to choke. More and more white juice plowed into my mouth and I had trouble to swallow it. Much of the jizz oozed out of my mouth and onto John and my legs. After 10 intense loads and a couple of small dribbles, John's rod softened.

I released it and looked at John's face. His eyes were closed and he seemed so relaxed. I stroked his face gently and he seemed to be in a deep sleep. I began to worry since I had my special chore to do and it was getting late. I began to shake John, but he seemed not to wake up. I started to lap up the extra spooge on his leg. This stirred John as he began to laugh.

"Stop!" he ordered. "I'm ticklish."

"Faker!" I said. "Besides I'm trying to get this wonderful protein off you."

John noticed the spilled cum on my leg and he scooped it up with his finger and fed it to me. He continued to do this until it was removed from our bodies. I noticed a pained look on John's face. It looked like John was missing something and I was going to ask, but decided to keep quiet. A small tear flowed from John's eye and down his cheek. I put my finger to his face and wiped it. John hugged me tight and I knew I had to ask.

"What's the matter John?" I queried.

"It's hard to explain." he replied as he wept.

"Do you think that Dad could help?" I asked.

"I don't know." John answered. "I just don't know."

"Well let's head to the house." I said. "Dad should be home soon."

We drove to the house. My dad did get lucky with the off-base housing. Each of us got a separate room, which was lucky for me. Being the oldest, I wanted privacy, though I loved my brothers. We pulled up the driveway and I got out of the car. I went in and checked my chore - clean the gutters. I got the ladder out and turned on the water to the hose. I placed the hose nozzle in my belt and climbed the ladder. As I sprayed the gutters out, my dad pulled up the driveway. He saw me on the roof and told me to be careful. I told him I would. John was at the door and he met Dad. He looked up on the roof and saw me. He gave me a half-smile and stilled had the pained look his face. They went in the house and then to the den. I was wondering what he was thinking or feeling. I did not want to see him in pain. After I finished, I climbed down the ladder, put it away, and shut off the water. I entered the house and my mom met me at the door.

"Get cleaned up for dinner." she ordered.

She kissed me on the cheek and went to the kitchen. Danny and Jimmy were in Danny's room playing a game when I went to my room. They came running into my room.

"Billy, are you gonna give us our bath tonight?" Danny asked as Jimmy looked on with eager eyes.

"I will." I told them. "But I have to get cleaned up or Mom's gonna be mad."

"Billy, what's wrong with John?" Jimmy asked. "He's been talking with Dad for a while."

"I know." I replied. "He's been like that for a while. I wish I knew."

My brothers left my room and I went to the bathroom to clean up. I washed my face, neck, pits, and chest with warm water and soap. I put on a clean t-shirt and shorts and went down to dinner. John was leaving as I got to the bottom of the stairs. He waved weakly and Dad came out with a shocked look on his face. He could ot look at me, so I knew what part of the conversation was about. We went to dinner and the silence was deafening. My dad avoided eye contact with all of us, especially Mom and me. Mom asked what happened at school and I told her about the detention.

"You were lucky." she said. "Do your detention like a man and don't you ever do that again."

"Yes ma'am." I responded.

After dinner, I went to my room to do my homework, but I kept going over the day's events in my head. Why did Dad cheat? Why was John so upset this afternoon? I finished when Mom popped her head in the door.

"Billy." she said. "Your dad and I are going over to the Martins for an hour. Keep an eye on your brothers and get them ready for bed."

"Okay Mom." I responded. "Have fun."

She and Dad left the house a few minutes later. I finished my homework and then got my brothers for their bath.

"Okay guys, to the tub." I said.

They did not need a second request. They shed their clothes and their little cocklets stuck out like divining rods looking for sex. They ran to the bathroom and their cute asses wiggled. I shucked my clothes and my rod stuck out in full force. I filled the tub and we all got in the tub. I washed my brothers' bodies, especially worked on their holes because I wanted to try on them what John did to me yesterday. I inserted my middle fingers into each of their rectums with soap to clean them. They both squealed with delight and moved on my fingers. As I finished and rinsed them, they thought the fun was over. I got them out and dried them. Both had pouty faces and I told them to go to my room. Their faces beamed and they ran to my room and jumped on my bed. I came in and they were kneeling with their dicks sticking out.

"Jimmy get on your back." I said, which he did. "Now raise your legs."

Jimmy did as he was told. His pink pucker shone in all its glory. I told Danny to suck Jimmy's sweet prick while I surprised my little brother. I ran my tongue from his little nut sac, down the little ridge, to his winking bung hole. When my tongue touched the hole, Jimmy jumped and his dick rammed deep into Danny's mouth. I played around the hole, never touched the center, and I enjoyed the power over my little brother. I finally poked the tip of my tongue at the hole and met with some resistance. After several attempts my tongue probed deep into Jimmy's nether region. He squirmed all over the bed and his dick kept avoiding Danny's mouth. Jimmy's body kept bucking on my tongue and I lapped his boypussy. The sweet, clean taste of his hole had me love eating mancunt. After several minutes Jimmy's body stiffened and his hole clamped down on my tongue. His body arched and he emitted a squeal of delight several times until he collapsed on the bed. He looked so cute with his eyes closed. His eyes finally fluttered open and he smiled weakly.

"What did you do?" he asked. "That felt so good."

"I just ate you out." I replied. "It definitely makes you feel good."

A thunderstorm suddenly hit and a loud boom come from outside. Both my brothers clung to me and I comforted them as we snuggled under the covers. The phone rang and I got up to answer it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Billy, it's Dad." the voice said. "We're still at the Martins and the storm is bringing a lot of rain. We're going to be here until it eases. Is everything okay at home?"

"Yes Dad." I responded. "Jimmy and Danny were scared so they jumped on me. They're in my bed just to be safe."

"Okay son." Dad said. "We'll be home PDQ. And we need to talk tomorrow, okay?"

"Sure Dad." I said. "I love you Dad."

I hung up the phone and went back to my room. Jimmy and Danny huddled in the bed as they waited for my return. I told them about the phone call and Danny began to cry. I told him that Mom and Dad would be home soon and they were to stay with me that night. I decided to make Danny feel good, so I had him lift his legs and exposed his hole. Jimmy began to suck his little cocklet while I rimmed his sweet hole. Danny was more animated than Jimmy, which was hard to imagine. My baby brother moaned, thrashed, grabbed Jimmy's head, and slammed his ass on my tongue. My tongue pierced deep into Danny's love hole and he loved it. I thought that this is one hot slut in his later years. His climax was so intense, he flayed his legs against me and Jimmy, while he pulled Jimmy's hair. It seemed like he passed out for a long time, but he glared at me like someone who wanted needed to be satisfied over and over. When he realized where he was, he grabbed me and kissed me all over.

Both my brothers decided that big brother needed satisfaction. Danny swallowed my pork sword to the base, while Jimmy ran his tongue along my balls and down to my hole. My little brother cautiously flicked his tongue on my hole, then seemingly to enjoy the tangy taste, rammed his tongue deep in my boypussy. Jimmy was not subtle but was very adamant in pleasuring his big brother. His tongue drove me crazy and my dick rammed deep into Danny's mouth, who used his tongue very well. All of a sudden, they switched and Danny went to my hole. His tongue worked in overdrive as he fucked my hole with his taste buds. Jimmy took my dick in his mouth and I proceeded to force my dick deep in his mouth. We were three horny brothers who enjoyed pleasuring each other. A few minutes went my again and they switched again. The contained this tactic for almost 30 minutes, with Danny on my cock and Jimmy on my ass. I released an inundation of cum into Danny's mouth. My ass clamped on Jimmy's tongue so he could not move. As I came, I pulled my baby brother off my dick and blasted jizz all over his face. As I started to dribble cum, my ass loosened so Jimmy could move and I rubbed my dick all over Danny's face, as he licked the head. They looked at me and I at them.

"Jimmy, clean Danny's face." I ordered.

Jimmy started to get up, but I grabbed his arm and looked at him.

"Where are you going?" I demanded.

"To get a washcloth." he said.

"Uh Uh." I answered. "Use your tongue."

They both giggled and went at each other. Jimmy lapped at Danny's face like an ice cream cone. I came along side and got some of my cum off Danny's cheek and ear. Danny and Jimmy started a passionate kiss and, not wanting to be left out, I kissed them as the true lovers they were to me.

"Okay guys." I said. "Bedtime."

"Can we stay here with you Billy?" Danny asked imploringly.

I could not refuse them and said okay. I did make them put on their briefs and t-shirts. The storm stilled raged outside, but I make sure my brothers were safe. I was in the middle of the double bed with Danny on my left and Jimmy snuggled on my right. They held on to me and we fell asleep. Sometime in the night, my parents came home as they peeked in to see how I was doing. Danny had his arm across my chest and Jimmy was on his stomach and his head faced away. My dad came in to put my brothers in their own beds, but I shook my head no. My parents gave us each a kiss, then closed the door. I fell asleep again and woke only when I felt two mouths on my nips. My brothers suckled on my tits and looked at me with wicked lust in their eyes. I tried to pull them off, but no luck. Leeches should have such sucking power. I finally stuck a finger behind one ear, which caused them to release my nips and yelped in pain.

"Why did you do that?" Jimmy asked, still wincing.

"Because it's time to get up." I said. Mow both of you get ready for school."

We got out of bed and got ready. We washed out faces, especially Danny. We brushed our teeth, got dressed, and headed downstairs for breakfast. As we finished, Mom took Danny and Jimmy to school since she had several things to do that morning. Dad and I sat at the table and he looked at me.



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