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The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 5: John explained he received several calls within a few days from home. Veronica explained that she was dying from AIDS and wanted Michael to come live with him. Four other calls followed from his parents, her parents, Child Protection Services, and Michael himself. John's parents told John he needed to take the boy, while Veronica's parents ordered him to take Michael. CPS said they could find a permanent foster home. Michael said he wanted to come live with his father. John said he did not know what to do. Dad finally said something.

"John, let Michael stay with us." he said. At least until you can finalize things."

John nodded and I looked at the both of them. Since I had this feeling that my privacy would be interrupted I had to speak up.


After fourth period, I went to the gym. Mr. Whittington was sitting at his desk and he looked as if he had been crying. I knocked on the open door and he looked at me. I sat on the couch and waited for him to tell me what I needed to do. After 10 minutes, I finally had to say something.

"What's wrong Mr. Whittington?" I asked.

He tried to look at me, but it was difficult with the puffiness of his eyes. He finally was able to compose himself. I had never saw someone so big look so small.

"I told you about my partner." he said. "Well he told me something that seemed to cause a problem."

"What's that?" I asked.

"He has a child who's coming to live with him." my teacher said.

This really dropped like a bomb on me. I knew in an instant he was talking about John. So I was the other person in this love triangle. How could this be? How could John do this? Have me as a lover and this nice man as a life partner? When Mr. Whittington told me about he and my dad, I was angry. But I also felt sympathy for him when he told me suspected that his partner was cheating on him. I got up and shut the door. I closed the blinds and moved around the desk. I hugged my teacher, who then grabbed me. He held me and my dick grew in my pants. I did have the hots for my teacher when I first saw him, but I knew it could never be, until now. I placed my right hand on his chin, lifted his face, and began to kiss him. At first he resisted, but I was persistent. My teacher finally relented and let me explore his mouth with my tongue. I tasted his essence as my hand roamed further down. I reached his crotch and his rod strained in his shorts. When I felt it, the largeness and thickness had my eyes open wide. I knew I had to have this, so I undid the snaps on his shorts. The hairs around his dick shown through and I began to pull the behemoth out and saw an 11.5" long, 9" thick rod. All I could think was my god. I dropped to my knees and tried to swallow the entire thing. I began to gag and the thickness stretched my mouth to tearing. I finally slowed down and began to move up and down on this man's staff. All I heard was moaning from him and I then fished out his balls, which were very large. I played with them and was treated with an abundance of precum, which I swallowed. I manipulated his dick with all my might. Mr. Whittington grabbed my head and face-fucked me and made me gag on several occasions, but I took his dick. I did feel his balls pull tight and knew he would unload a huge load. Mr. Whittington stiffened, let out a roar, and the first load flew into my mouth. The thick liquid flowed freely. I thought I would choke, but I was able to swallow the load with very little problem. Mr. Whittington finally dribbled the last few drops and he went soft in my mouth. I stuffed his dick in his shorts and buttoned him up. I got up and checked myself in the mirror in his bathroom. I was ready to leave, when Mr. Whittington turned to me.

"Oh my God!" he said in a panicked voice. "What have I done? I could go to jail."

"Only if I tell." I said. "But he need to talk during PE. I have to tell you something."

I suggested that the student teacher and the other PE teacher take the class and we excuse ourselves to work in the equipment shed. I turned and left the office. I had a smug sense of power as I knew who John was cheating with and my revenge on John by having his partner. As the day wore on, guilt overcame me. It is amazing how guilt hit's a child quickly. When last period came I went to the gym but did not dress. I was going to just tell Mr. Whittington the truth and not do anything else. Mr. Whittington announced he needed a volunteer to help with the equipment shed and a few hands went up. He did pick me and Mark to go, though I did not expect someone else to be there. We went to the shed and our teacher turned on the lights. Mark was surprised that the shed was neat and he was trying to figure out what was going on. Mr. Whittington sat on some boxes against a wall and Mark sat next to him. I looked at both of them.

"Mr. Whittington, you don't have to worry about what happened at lunch." I said, looking at them. "But I do have to tell you something. I know John Berson."

I began to relate my relationship with John and that we were both giving each other pleasure. I also knew about Michael and that he would be staying with us. I told Mr. Whittington that I was upset that John was with him, but still was making love to me, in what a pre-teen would describe as love. I did express I had the hots for him, but did nothing until today. I made it clear it was in part for John and in part of my wants.

Mark could not believe what he was hearing. He began to run, but I blocked him and held him. The hatred from his eyes spoke volumes, but I needed to reassure him. I began kissing his lips and, as I expected, he resisted. But being the tenacious person I was, Mark finally relented. I felt his passion in his being and I knew this was my love. Yes, John opened my world, but Mark was my love. I could feel Mark's cock in his pants and I developed a plan. Mr. Whittington was stroking his monster and I wanted Mark to taste the colossus.

"Mr. Whittington." I ordered. "On your knees, or else."

I knew I had this control and I was going to collect on it this one time. The ex-marine was on his knees. I undid Mark's gym and his hot dick popped out. I moved him to the PE teacher. Mr. Whittington opened his mouth and swallowed the stiff rod and balls. Mark was squirming and what I did next sent him into orbit. I spread his cheeks and I ran my tongue around his pink pucker. I proceeded to tongue fuck his ass and Mark did not last long. His spasms caused his ass to clamp on my tongue. For several seconds I thought my tongue would be cut off. After a little while, Mark relaxed and slumped on our teacher, who sat him down.

"Shit, that was awesome." Mark was finally able to say. "You have to do that again."

"Now for the ride on Magic Mountain." I said. "Mr. Whittington, stand up."

I undid his shorts and his hard pole sprung free. Mark slid the rod into his mouth. He slowly bobbed his head, as more of the massive cock slipped into his mouth, until he had half in without gagging. I spread the hairy cheeks of the teacher and allowed my tongue to dance over his brown pucker. The wetness of my tongue matted his hair around his hole. My tongue probed in further and the teacher moaned in pleasure. With Mark orally copulating him in the front and my tongue swirling around his rear, Mr. Whittington was not to last long. I then made sure of his sudden explosion by inserting two fingers in his rectum. I played with his hole and found his magic button. This caused him to face-fuck Mark and caused my love to gag. Mark tried to pull off, but the big man was much stronger. I pinched the hairs on his ass, but got no reaction. I pushed hard on the prostate and Mr. Whittington bellowed. The first shot blew out of his pole into Mark's mouth, who tried to swallow, but it seeped out of his mouth. Each successive shot flew into Mark's throat as he drank it down. The final dribbles came out and Mr. Whittington collapsed on the boxes hard. Mark was catching his breath and I licked the remnants of the white liquid off his face. We then kissed passionately. I then undid my pants to reveal my hard rod. Mark was on his knees quickly to take my cock. I slowly face-fucked his mouth. Mr. Whittington got behind me and tongue-fucked my pink hole. I was in dire need of release and in a short moment I unloaded a huge amount of teen jizz. As I finished releasing, I held myself up using Mark's shoulders. We finished, dressed, and left the shed with no words spoken, but with slight smiles on our faces. We got back in time for the final bell to ring. Mark and I went to showers and soaped up. Mark turned to me.

"Billy, did you really suck off Mr. Whittington?" he asked.

"Yep." I responded. "Mostly for revenge, but we both know how hot he is. I've seen you looking at him too."

"But what's this about John?" he asked.

"Let's finish up and I'll tell you on the way to the gym." I replied.

We finished our showers and dressed. We got our books and left. We saw Joe Markson doing laps. He saw me and gave me the one finger salute, which Mark and I returned in unison. We headed for the gym and I began to explain the situation about John. I told him the first time after the first workout. I also explained the situation about Michael and what would be happening. We got to the gym and Tony greeted us. We went to the locker room and it seemed empty. The 2-day maneuvers seemed to have everyone in the field. We stretched and I began to use the free weights, while Mark spotted me. I then switched and spotted for Mark. Tony would peek in to see if we were alright. Mark noticed how much weight I was able to handle. He saw how may muscles developed. As I finished my second workout, an Adonis walked in and I almost dropped a weight plate on my foot. This man stood 6'4", weighed 295 pounds, and he made John look like a weakling. This man had blonde hair and the deepest blue eyes. He was wearing a wife-beater and shorts that barely concealed his dick. He came over and extended his hand.

"I'm Frank Peters." he said as he engulfed my hand.

I began to blush and felt the warmth of his hand. I noticed a ring on his left hand, but it did not stop me from throwing wood. Mark also was hard and nearly fainted when they shook hands. We got on the weight bench and Frank gave each of us pointers to develop our muscles. Frank sounded like John when it came to weightlifting, especially safety factors. He made sure we did everything correctly, praised our efforts, and corrected our mistakes by talking us through them. After we finished, we watched in amazement as he lifted weights that would outweigh Mark and myself combined. We stood on either side of him and looked as the bar bent under the strain of the weights. Frank went through an hour long workout and was very precise on what he did. After he finished, we followed him like puppies to the locker room, then to the showers. His muscles seemed to have muscles and his ass was tight. We noticed his dick as it swung between the tree trunk legs. We got under the shower heads and I was glad the shower was empty. Frank was uncut and was about 5" soft. I wondered what his cock would taste like, but he was married. We finished showering and dried ourselves off. Mark and I quickly dressed and thanked Frank for his help.

"Hang on guys." he said. "I'll drop you off."

Mark and I were embarrassed about our having hardons and we tried to back off, but Frank insisted. We piled into his car and he drove us to my house. My mom was not home and I still had to do my chore for the day. Frank did turn to us and smiled.

"Don't worry about today." he said. "I get it all the time. John is no less and he told me about you two. Just so you know I am straight and married."

"Duh!" I said as I pointed to his ring.

"Smart ass." Frank said with a light slap on the back of my head. "It's not that I haven't had sex with men, but I am happily married."

Frank told us that he had sex with John and that for a man with a huge cock, he loved to be fucked. He also told me that he knew John was gay and never had problems with that. Frank also heard what happened at the gym and at school earlier in the week.

"You're a good kid." he said. "But if you ever pull that, I know several people who would kick you ass all over the base."

He winked at us and we got out of the car. He said he would see us the next day and he left. Mark and I went in and my two brothers jumped us. They were easily subdued and we tickled then until Danny said he needed to pee. We let them up and I checked the chore list. I had to power wash the windows, so I went to the garage to get the hose, power sprayer, and soap. Mark said he would keep an eye on my brothers, so I went to work. I started on the front of the house and I had gotten to the end when Mom pulled up in her car. I turned off the sprayer and went to her. She gave me a kiss on my cheek.

"So how was school?" she asked.

"Educational." I replied with a smirk on my face.

"Oh being smart?" she said and gave me a swat, then a kiss. "Where are your brothers?"

"Inside with Mark." I said. "He's keeping an eye on Danny and Jimmy."

I helped my mom with her stuff and then got the boys. The leapt up and ran down the stairs to Mom's arms. Mark came with me and my mom gave him a kiss on his cheek. My brothers helped my mom with dinner, while Mark came outside to help me with the windows. We talked about the weekend, the upcoming vacation, anything but what happened at school. We finished the windows and put the hose and sprayer away in the garage. Mark began to leave, but I pulled him to a corner and kissed him passionately. Our tongues danced feverishly and I held him close to me. We finally broke our kiss and I looked into his eyes.

"Mark, you're my best friend." I said. "And I love you. I'm sorry about today, but I've been hit with a lot in the last week. I know I've been an asshole, but just bear with me."

"Billy, I love you." Mark replied. "Please don't leave me."

"I won't." I said.

"Billy! Mark!" Mom called.

We ran from the garage. Mom was at the door looking for us. We ran to the door to see what she needed.

"Billy, it's time for dinner." she said. "Mark, do you want to stay?"

Mark nodded and we ran in the door. Mom told us to wash up for dinner as she called Mark's mother that was here for dinner. Mark's mom was nice person, but came from money. She taught her son to love the finer things, but was glad that he and I were friends to keep him in balance. I did learn a lot about art and music from her. Mom hung up and told us that Mark's mother was coming for dinner. We added the leaf to table and put out two extra place settings. Mark and I cleaned up and came downstairs when Mrs. Berlson arrived. He ran to her, but she told him not to run. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and Mark took her purse and put it in the living room. We went to the dining room and Mark held his mother's chair, so I decided I would do the same for Mom. We said grace and began to eat. Mom made baked chicken and we had fun. Our mothers talked about how quiet it was to be without their husbands around. Mark and I talked about the upcoming standardized tests. Jimmy talked about the kickball game that day. Danny mentioned about his teacher's pregnancy which got everyone's attention. All of a sudden Mrs. Berlson looked at me.

"Billy, I have known you for quite a while." she said. "You have been a good friend to Mark. But what has happened at the base gym and at school has me worried. I don't know if Mark should be friends with you."

"Yes ma'am." I responded. "But what happened at the gym was not of my doing. At school I did make a mistake, but my temper got the better of me. I know that I should have been more in control of my temper."

"Billy, you are like a second son." she said. "And I want you to be the best person you can be."

"Betty, Billy will take his punishment like a man." Mom said. "And he will behave himself as he should in the future."

"But what is with bodybuilding?" Mark's mom asked.

"It allows me to train my body." I said. "And we have fun doing it."

"We?" both women asked.

"Mark and me." I said. "Mark started yesterday."

"I don't want a mindless, muscle-bound hulk for a son." Mrs. Berlson said.

"Mother!" Mark exclaimed. "I'm just trying to work off some of this." He grabbed some of his baby-fat.

"Mrs. Berlson, we are supervised so we don't get hurt." I said. "And for being mindless, Mark is far from that."

Mrs. Berlson sat for a while as she looked between us. She saw that we were in earnest in terms of making Mark safe. She finally relented.

"Well it might help him with the girls." she said.

Mark and I hung our heads and smiled at what we knew. Both mothers missed the look, but Jimmy pointed and laughed. Mom hushed him and the look I gave him caused my brother to shrink a little lower. We cleared the dishes as our mothers went to the living room to have tea. Mark and I went to do our homework. Jimmy and Danny came in and plopped on my bed. Jimmy had a very upset look on his face. I pulled him to my lap and looked into his eyes.

"What you did was rude." I said. "You should apologize to Mark."

Jimmy got off my lap and apologized. He gave Mark a hug and kiss. Danny, not to be left out, followed suit.

"Now let us finish our homework." I said and swatted their cute asses. "I'll be in to give you a bath later."

My brothers left and Mark and I continued with homework. I saw Jimmy looking at me out of the corner of my eye as he peeked in the room. We finally finished our homework and put our books away. I saw Jimmy looking at the door, so I rose and locked the door. I went to the bed, pushed Mark on the bed, climbed on top, and kissed him with a passion and fervor that only lovers could show. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths. I felt Mark's hard cock press in his jeans and my rod strained in my pants. I ran my hand under his shirt and played with his hard nips. As I moved to his dick, my mother called us.

"Mark, Billy." she called. "It's time for Mark to go home."

"Damn!" Mark said and readjusted his cock.

"Shit!" I responded and did the same.

Mark went down first with his books in front of his groin. I followed behind as we both tried to hide our woodies. Mine subsided a bit, but Mark's seemed to stand tall. I went with Mark to his car as our mothers mad their good-byes.

"We can't do anything on Friday." Mark whispered.

"Don't worry." I said and gave him a quick wink.

His mother came to the car, gave me a peck on the cheek, and bid me good night. I waved good-bye then went into the house. My mother told me that she was going to the Covingtons for an hour and to make sure Danny and Jimmy were ready for bed. I told her I would and she left after she gave me a kiss. I walked in and my brothers were playing dick grab. They saw me and tried to attack me, but I blocked them and lightly popped their little nut sacs. They groaned a bit and I laughed.

"Never to try to beat your big brother." I said.

I herded them in to the bathroom and got them in the bath. I undressed and joined them. I make sure they were clean, especially their sweet, pink puckers. We got out, dried each other, as we all sprung hard dicks. I made sure the bathroom was straightened up and we plopped on my bed. I kissed each of my brothers, then had them lie opposite of each other with Jimmy's head at the headboard and Danny's head at the foot. I put Danny's legs over Jimmy's and moved them so their balls and cocklets touched. I then swallowed them both. They both moved on the bed and it seemed as if they could not control themselves. I reached under and inserted the middle finger of my left hand into Jimmy, while the right went into Danny's hot hole. I fingerfucked them both and grazed their prostates, which caused them to go crazy. They thrashed and moaned loudly. Danny uttered guttural moans.

"OH SHIT! OH SHIT!" Jimmy cried out.

Almost simultaneously, they stiffened and gasped. Their cocks spasmed in my mouth and their asses clamped hard on my fingers. After a couple of minutes they relaxed and I pulled my fingers out. I let their cocks out of my mouth and they flopped softly with the tips touching. They looked so cute laying there. I kissed each lightly on the lips and it was as I woke two sleeping beauties. They smiled weakly and got up. They hugged me and kissed me. They seemed to gather strength because they pushed me on the bed. Danny unexpectedly swallowed my 5" rod, while Jimmy worked on my ball and ass with his tongue. He then inserted two fingers into my hole, which caused me to jump. Jimmy looked up with an evil gleam in his eyes and proceeded to finger-fuck me with two of his short fingers. This drove me crazy. I grabbed Danny's head and forced his head on and off my iron hard cock. The more Jimmy worked my hole, the more I worked my rod in Danny's mouth. I heard him gagging and whimpering, but my pleasure overtook my common sense. I exploded all of a sudden and jizz flow deep into Danny's mouth. He tried to swallow as fast as he could, but it leaked out of his mouth. My ass muscles clamped tighter than a vice. This crushed Jimmy's fingers in my hole. I finished and released my grip. Danny ran from the room as he cried. Jimmy removed his fingers and rubbed them. I went to Danny's room and knocked. No answer came, but I heard him whimpering. I opened the door and called his name. Shame came over me and I walked over to him. As I put my arm around him, he swung and connected with my jaw. I pulled him close and he tried to pull away, but I held tight.

"Danny, I'm sorry." I said with tears flowing down my face. "I'm so stupid."

"W-W-Why did you do that?" Danny said. "You were so mean."

"Danny, you should know." I said. "When it comes to our penises, we lose our minds. We don't think straight. You know I love you and I wouldn't hurt you on purpose."

"Billy, why were you so crazy?" he asked.

"You know when I wiggle my finger in your hole." I responded. "You know how good it feels. Well, I guess I'm really sensitive."

I hugged my baby brother and we planned to get even with Jimmy. We planned to tickle him until he peed on himself, but we had to wait. Mom was going to be home soon and we had to get to bed. I picked Danny up and gave him another big hug and a huge kiss. I went back to my room and Jimmy was still on my bed.

"Jimbo." I said. "Time for bed."

"Is Danny alright?" he asked. "Is he going to snitch on us?"

"No he isn't." I replied. "He was scared and I calmed him down. Just remember, when you finger my hole, I go crazy."

Jimmy nodded and gave me a hug. I gave him a kiss and reminded him to put on a pair of briefs. He ran off and hopped into bed. I had just put on a pair of briefs when the phone rang. I answered it and it was Mom.

"Billy, I'm still at the Covingtons." she said. "Their baby has colic, so I'm going to help out a while longer. Is everything alright at home?"

"Yes ma'am." I replied. "Jimmy and Danny are in bed and I was going to do the same in just a few minutes."

"Son, you have become more mature." Mom said. "You have taken a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks Mom." I said, as I felt swell of pride rush over me.

"I want you to stay home after your brothers go to school." she said to me. "I think you are able to handle something I need to tell you."

"Okay Mom." I said. "I love you."

"And I love you too my sweet boy." Mom said.

I hung up the phone with the realization I am being looked at as a mature person by the people I love the most.


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