by 70s Child

The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 6: "Billy, I'm still at the Covingtons." she said. "Their baby has colic, so I'm going to help out a while longer. Is everything alright at home?"

"Yes ma'am." I replied. "Jimmy and Danny are in bed and I was going to do the same in just a few minutes."

"Son, you have become more mature." Mom said. "You have taken a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks Mom." I said, as I felt swell of pride rush over me.

"I want you to stay home after your brothers go to school." she said to me. "I think you are able to handle something I need to tell you."

"Okay Mom." I said. "I love you."

"And I love you too my sweet boy." Mom said.

I hung up the phone with the realization I am being looked at as a mature person by the people I love the most.


I went to bed and life seemed good, though I missed my dad and John. But the weekend was coming and the boys would rule the roost. I also began to wonder about John's son Michael. If he was John's son, he would be great, but you never know. I heard Mom come home. She peeked in and I told her good-night.

I fell asleep and I had a strange dream. I saw Mark in the distance and I started to him. All of a sudden he fell and I ran to where he was. I looked a huge hole was where he was standing. I yelled to him and heard a moan that emanated from the opening. I leaned further and I fell down the hole. It seemed that I would never stop falling. I called Mark's name and he called mine. I must have been yelling in my sleep because my mom began to shake me awake. I awoke in a cold sweat and Mom, Jimmy, and Danny were standing there looking at me.

"Billy." Mom said in a frantic voice. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I am." I responded. "Just a bad dream Mom."

"You want to talk about it?" she asked.

"It was just Mark and me and we both fell down a hole." I said. "It was scary though."

Mom kissed my cheek and told my brothers to go back to bed. I did not know the meaning of the dream and I was really frightened. I did not want to be left alone.

"Mom, can they sleep with me tonight?" I asked, almost pleading. "We'll go right to sleep, I promise."

She relented, but I also saw a worried look on her face. I guess my tone made her think something was wrong. We got under the covers and I was in the middle of the two cutest kids on earth. Jimmy wanted to play, but I told him no.

"We're going to sleep like I promised Mom." I said.

They snuggled against me and we fell asleep. I do not know why I was so happy when I had someone next to me. I wondered if that was the reason for the nightmare, but I was just a kid. I did dream that Mark and I were a married couple with two children, both boys. They were Jimmy and Danny and we were a happy family. A third person came from upstairs and it was a cute caramel man who approached us and hugged us. Before I could find out who it was, the alarm clock entered my sleep. I woke up and Danny had his body on top of mine as he slept. Jimmy had his back to us, but his ass was grinding against my hip. I was so content. I finally was wide awake when Mom yelled from downstairs.

"Okay boys time to get up." she said.

"We're up Mom." I said.

I shook my brothers and got them up for the day. They did not want to get up but a pinch on their cute asses got them riled to get up. They did sit on my body and tried to tickle me, but Mom interrupted our fun.

"I said up you three." she said.

"Mommy, Billy pinched our bottoms." Danny said.

"Well it was the only way to get them up." I said.

We all had a good laugh and my brothers headed to their rooms to get dressed and ready for the day. I got up and dressed in my usual dress, pull-over shirt and jeans. I guess I was in a rut. We went down stairs and Mom had eggs and bacon ready for us to eat. With three boys, that lasted almost 2 minutes - minus the burps. My mom just rolled her eyes and we laughed. Mom was one person who tried to teach us manners, but she had 4 brothers and no sisters. My uncles protected her and taught her to defend herself, so no one ever messed with her. I remember them briefly, but they were in the military and were killed during the Persian Gulf War. It was so sad around our house, but my dad loved his brothers-in-law because they loved their country to want to defend it like he did. Mrs. Covington came over to thank Mom for the help the night before and she took my brothers to school. I remained behind and Mom sat across from me with a cup of coffee.

"Billy, the reason I want to talk with you is that you are mature enough to know something." she began. "A few years ago your father had an affair and we had some problems. We never stopped loving you three and we have gotten to where the trust is there."

I smirked and my mom looked at me with an odd look. She could not imagine that I already knew about Dad's indiscretion and who he did it with. I had to tell her.

"Umm Mom." I said. "I already know. Dad told me a couple of days ago, but I also know that you love Jimmy, Danny, and me."

"Did your dad tell who he cheated with?" she asked.

I nodded my head but was not going to reveal any secrets that Dad thought were kept buried. What happened next came as a huge surprise.

"You are not bothered that he cheated with another man are you?" Mom asked.

"You knew?" I asked in a flabbergasted tone.

"Of course." she said. "I just want you to know that I knew your father had a thing for men before we got married. But I also know he loves me and wants you three to be happy."

"Mom, I just want you and Dad to be happy." I said and gave her a kiss.

She gave me a huge hug and did not want to let me go. I hugged her and wondered what she was thinking. After a few minutes of being mother smothered, she relinquished her son.

"So are you ready to baby-sit this Friday?" Mom asked.

"Yeah." I replied enthusiastically. "Mark and I will make sure the holy terrors are behaving."

"I'm so glad you boys love each other." she said.

"Mom, they are great." I said. "They have their moments, but nothing I can't deal with in life. And I will protect them forever."

"I know you will Billy." Mom said.

She dropped me off at school and reminded me of a couple of things. She would be back at the Covingtons again and she handed me money to order a pizza. She wanted me to make sure Jimmy and Danny were ready for bed at their usual time. I told her they would be in bed when they were supposed to be.

"Oh, make sure you check your chore for the day." she said.

"Yes ma'am." I said and heading in for my second period class.

I went to class and everyone looked at me as if I had grown two heads. I handed my note to my teacher and sat down. I went through class with no problems and went to my locker. Mark came up and poked me half-heartedly in my side and I looked at him with a wait til later dude look.

"So where have you been mister?" he asked mockingly.

"Dealing with the commanding officer." I said with a quick retort.

"Oh, your mother." he said laughing.

I grabbed my books and we headed to our classes. I looked at Mark and told him I would be given a quick preview of babysitting my brothers when my mom would be at the neighbors. I told Mark my mom gave me money to order pizza and I was to make sure they were ready for bed. I also reminded Mark we were to meet after school for our workout with Tony. We split up and I went to my third period class. The class was a breeze and I was ready for my PE detention with Mr. Whittington. I got to his office and he was working on the mid-quarter progress reports. He asked me to sit on the sofa until he was finished.

"Billy I want you to know that what happened yesterday cannot happen again." he said.

"I know." I said to him. "I am in love with someone and I want this person forever."

"It's Mark, isn't it?" Mr. Whittington said.

"Yes sir." I replied.

"Nurture that love Billy." my teacher said. "You two are meant for each other and you need to keep each other happy."

"Mr. Whittington, I do have something to tell you." I said. "Remember when you and Dad had that affair. Mom knew who it was and she's not upset with you."

Mr. Whittington was totally amazed at the news. He looked as if he was shot, but I just told him that Mom was not upset and he should realize that his love for Dad was fine.

I helped Mr. Whittington in his office and left after lunch was over. I went to the rest of my classes and when PE came at the end of the day, Mark and I played basketball with some friends. We built up a sweat and took a shower with the rest of the class. I noticed a couple of guys as they looked at me and I wondered what they were looking at and Bruce Michaelson came over.

"Billy how are you able to develop your muscles?" he asked. "Man you're getting buff."

"Thanks." I said as I blushed. "It's a friend of the family who is showing me what to do."

"Cool." Bruce said. "Who is it?"

"John Berson." I said. "A guy in my dad's company."

"Oh, the fag." he said.

Mark saw the anger cross my face and grabbed my arm. Bruce looked at me and saw the fire in my eyes. He began to back off and he left the shower room, but uttered a remark.

"I guess he's a fag too." Bruce said and laughed. "And that fat ass must be his suck buddy."

Mark had a hurt look on his face, but he held me back from launching out of the showers and beating the fuck out of Bruce. We grabbed our towels and dried off. We went to our lockers and began to dress when Bruce decided to be stupid when he waved his dick in my face.

"Go ahead fag." he said. "You want this in your mouth."

His friends were laughing and he kept tried to push it in my mouth. What he did not see was Mr. Whittington on the end of the lockers. He looked at the boy and smiled. The teacher walked around the corner and Bruce looked in shock and his friends shut up immediately.

"Mr. Michaelson, I see you are sexually harassing a student." the teacher said. "Get your clothes on and report to the principal's office."

Bruce left the locker room and went to the principal's office. Mr. Whittington wanted to make sure I was alright. I assured him that Mark prevented me from making a stupid mistake by beating Bruce. I explained what happened and the remarks Bruce made. He did tell everyone to go home and that he would take care of the situation.

Mark and I left for the base gym and we said hi to Tony. We got in the locker room and dressed for our workout. Frank entered the locker room and dressed in front of us. We were definitely two horny pre-teens because we both sprung instant wood. Frank laughed and tousled our hair. We got in the weight room and stretched out. Frank helped us through our work out as he did before. He showed us where we made our mistakes and we really were grateful he was a great substitute for John. After we were finished, Frank did his workout and he was awesome. As he finished, we took a shower, dressed, and Frank drove us home. Frank noticed that I was caressing Mark's leg and he did ask the obvious.

"So are you two a couple?" he asked.

"You finally noticed." I said with a glint in my eye.

"You are definitely a smart ass." Frank said. "Just be careful how you show your affection. People can be assholes."

"We know." Mark said.

He related what happened at school with Bruce. Frank looked at us and he showed a great respect for Mark's control and me for my willing to go to bat for a friend.

"Just remember you are special to each other." Frank said.

As he drove to the house, Mark grabbed my hand and we held each other until Frank pulled up the driveway. As we were ready to get out, Frank stopped us.

"Do your parents know about your relationship?" he asked.

"Dad knows about my sexuality." I replied. "Mom doesn't."

"Neither of my parents don't know about me." Mark said.

"You will eventually have to tell them." Frank said. "Just be careful on how you do this."

"Thanks Frank." we said in accord.

"We are glad that you and John are friends." I said. "And he asked you to help us."

"Well, you two aren't so bad yourselves." he said with a smile. "Go on. Get in that house."

We got out and waved good-bye to Frank. As we went in, Danny and Jimmy were in Jimmy's room and they tried to attack us as they did the day before. And like the day before, they were handled quickly. Mark and I let them up and my two cute brothers looked at us.

"Mom wasn't home when we got here." Jimmy said.

"I know." I said. "She's going over to Mrs. Covington because her baby. Mom put me in charge and you better behave or face the business end of my hand on your behinds."

"What about dinner?" Danny cried.

"Don't worry." I said. "Mom gave me money so I can order pizza. So make sure your school work is done."

"That's great." Jimmy said. "You can't fuckin' cook."

I looked at him in astonishment, as did Mark and Danny. I grabbed my little brother by his arm and pulled him into the living room. I yanked down his pants and briefs so his buttocks was exposed. I brought my hand crashing down on his soft ass cheeks ten times. He tried to escape, but my grip on his body was unrelenting. He cried and screamed, but I was not paying attention to it. After I finished spanking him, my hand was sore and his cheeks were bright red. I let him up and he tried to hit me. I yanked him down again and kept spanking him until he begged me to stop.

"Now where did you learn to speak like that?" I asked.

"Y-Y-You." Jimmy said through his tears. "And I'm gonna tell Daddy on you."

"Well first I will tell Dad what you said." I said in return. "And I will tell him that Mom left me in charge and you tried to hit me after your spanking. And keep this up and I will send you to bed without supper."

Jimmy looked at me and he realized if Dad heard that he used profanity that what I did would pale in comparison to what Dad would do. I told him to get to his room and finish his school work immediately. Jimmy pulled his pants and briefs us and ran up to his room. Danny was right behind him and went to his room. I went to the list and saw Mom had scratched out today's chore. Go out at play. You deserve it was what was written underneath. I called Pizza Hut and ordered a large Super Supreme with everything but anchovies. I went up to my brothers rooms and Jimmy was at his desk working and crying. It hurt me to see him mad and upset at me, but he needed to learn that for everything we do in live, there are consequences.

"Jimmy, are you alright?" I asked as I sat on his bed.

"Go away." he said. "Get out of my room."

"We're gonna talk right now." I said. "You know what you did was wrong."

"But you didn't have to spank me." Jimmy said.

"And if it were Dad you said that to, you wouldn't be able to sit down." I told him. "You know I love you and you have to realize everything we do and say has a result."

Jimmy sat there for several minutes and realized that I was right about Dad and keeping his mouth shut at the right time. He gave me a big hug and I hugged him tight to me.

"Now you and Danny come outside." I said.

Jimmy went to get Danny and I went downstairs to get Mark. We went outside and began to throw the football around the front yard. We were having fun and sweating all over. The pizza arrived and I paid the high school boy who delivered the money Mom gave me, which would include he tip. I had seen him around and he was a nice guy. He usually treated the junior high kids fine. I knew his little brother and we would see him driving around in his Mustang. I remember his name was Jeff and he started to talk to us.

"So you guys learning to throw the football?" he said.

Jimmy and Danny nodded and were in awe that an older teen would even talk to them. He smiled at them and Mark and I knew we needed to feed my brothers soon, because they had to get ready for bed in a couple of hours.

"Sorry we have to go in." I said . "But these guys need to be fed and get ready for bed soon."

"Ain't you the boy who knocked Joe Markson across the gym?" Jeff asked.

"Yeah, but how did you know?" I asked.

"My brother Phil." he said. "My brother said you're strong for someone your age."

"Yeah, I work out everyday." I said.

"All I can say, good for you." Jeff said. "I've had to stop him from hurting my brother. The guy's a grade A asshole."

"OOOOHHHH What you said." Jimmy said.

"My parents have a thing about profanity." I said.

"That's cool." Jeff said. "And you must be Mark. Phil said your really smart."

Mark blushed and kicked the grass. I smiled knowing my love was so smart. Jeff noticed the pride on my face and he smirked.

"If you guys want a lift to school in the mornings." Jeff said. "I take Phil to school everyday and we can come over and take you too."

We looked at the classic Mustang and we drooled to think that we would be dropped of at school in it. We would be envied at school. Jeff said good-bye and left. We went into the house and I put the pizza on the kitchen table. Mark said he had to go home and I went to the front door with him. I pulled him to me and we kissed deeply. We heard a couple of OOOHHHs and we looked at the two terrors of older brothers. They pointed at us and smiled. I told Mark I would see him tomorrow and he left. My brothers and I sat down to eat the pizza. We used paper plates and cups since it would be easier to clean up. As we ate, Danny looked at me with a strange look on his face.

"Billy, don't you love us?" he asked.

"You bet I do." I replied. "Why?"

"You kissed Mark." he said. "You love him more than us."

I had to talk with him carefully so he understood that I love Mark in one way and them in another way. I gathered my thoughts and looked at him.

"Danny, I do love Mark." I said. "I want to be with him forever. And he wants us to be together. But I love you and Jimmy too. And you will meet someone who will make you feel so wonderful. Just remember you love Jimmy and me no matter what. And that special someone could be a girl too."

"Eeeewww!!" my brothers moaned in harmony.

We began to love and we finished eating. As we cleaned up, I told my brothers to get ready for their bath. I put the garbage out to be picked up the next day and went to help my brothers to get their bath. I found them in Jimmy's bedroom and they were fondling each other. I smiled at this, but knew they had to get to bed soon.

"Okay, what did I say?" I said in a mock angered tone.

They looked at me and smiled, but pretended to be afraid. My brothers knew my real moods and they knew I was not mad at the time. I moved to them and they did finally stripped down to their birthday suits. They ran to the bathroom and were waiting for me. I followed them in and I looked at them as they tried to give me an innocent look.

"Okay, who started this?" I demanded.

Jimmy tried to look innocent, but his devilish grin broke through and it was then I knew it was time to pay him back for the previous night. I ordered him into the tub and I stripped down. Jimmy looked at me confused and but did as he was told, as he still remembered the spanking from earlier. I looked at Danny and nodded at him. We jumped in the tub and began tickling Jimmy relentlessly. He squirmed and laughed uncontrollably as he begged us to stop. We continued and Jimmy mentioned that he had to pee. We did not stop and true to his work Jimmy unloaded a steady stream of piss on his body and hit us too. Danny and I laughed so hard we began to pee. Here we were pissing on each other and laughing at each other. At this point I knew we had to get a shower. I turned on the water and my brothers looked at me.

"Aren't we gonna have a bath?" Jimmy asked.

"Only if you want to bath in your pee." I said. "We Mattsen boys are going to have a shower."

I make sure the water was right and pulled the plunger to have the shower head pour down on us. I made sure my brothers were clean and fresh. I shampooed their hair and loved the smell of their sweet bodies. They in turn began to wash me all over and for some reason they loved my pubic hairs and shampooed them. I loved my brothers and I wanted them to be happy and safe. We finished our shower and dried each other off. As they got ready for bed, they wanted to play some more, but I said no. They pouted, but I was very adamant about their going to bed. We first went to Danny's room and I tucked him in bed. I kissed him good night and Jimmy did the same. We went to Jimmy's room and I tucked him in bed. After I kissed him good night I went to my room and thought about my brothers and special they were. I just prayed they would find someone as special as Mark was to me.

I worked on my homework and was ready to go to bed when I heard the door open. I thought it was Mom and I was going to talk with her. As I went downstairs, I saw Dad and John try to pull themselves to the living room. They both looked tired and very dirty. They saw me standing at the entrance of the living room and gave me weak smiles. I gave my dad a huge hug, then did the same to John.

"Where's your mother?" Dad asked.

"The Covingtons." I replied. "Their baby has colic and Mom went over to help. She should be home soon."

The phone then rang and Dad answered it. From the conversation, I figured it was Mom on the other end. Dad said he would see her later. He came back and sad down lazily.

"Mom said she would be home in an hour." Dad said. "She's dealt with colic three times over, and you were the worst. Crying all the time."

I began to blush when my dad told of my bad days to John. Knowing how my mom hated to see dirt on her furniture, I decided to show how I was over my crying stage.

"All right marines!" I barked out. "On your feet!"

Dad and John looked at each other with surprised expressions. They smiled and decided to see where this was going.

"I said attention!" I ordered again. "Or there will be a commanding officer who will skin you alive for messing her furniture!"

At that point both men snapped to attention. I approached and could smell the sweat and grim on their bodies, which ignited lust in my brain. My dick was hard in a nanosecond and both men saw this. I decided to really take charge.

"You men stink!" I yelled. "You need to clean your sorry asses immediately!"

My dad gave me a stern look at the word, but I continued to test new waters.

"Alright, get your sorry asses to the showers!" I ordered. "John you take the main bathroom and Dad to your room. Move it! Double time!"

Both men proceeded to their respective bathrooms. I called Mr. Whittington, since it was the same as John's, and told him that John was here taking a shower. He said he would come over in a little while to collect his man. I followed Dad to his room. He wanted to know what was going on and I told him everything, but left out what happened between Danny, Jimmy, Mr. Whittington, and myself. I told him that Mom was going to be happy to see he was home. I jokingly said I would definitely hear the mattress being worn out, upon which Dad slapped my face hard. I grabbed my cheek.

"You know better than that!" he said sharply. "I let those words downstairs go, because you were having fun. But don't you ever say anything like that again!"

I lowered my head and barely uttered the words yes sir. I knew my stupid remarks would result in recriminations but I still said them. My dad, who was only wearing his boxers, pulled me to his body. I felt his wonderfully hairy chest and strong arms. I loved my dad and no one could take that away from me. My dad looked at me and sat on the toilet. He put me on his lap and, though I was really too old for that, I felt secure.

"Billy, you should never cheapen making love." he said. "It is special and you must realize that."

"Yes sir." I replied. "It was just a stupid joke."

"Just think before speaking." he said. "That way you show your intelligence."

I hugged my dad and he kissed me on the cheek. The growth on his face scratched and burned, but it still felt great. I jumped to see how John was doing and my dad swatted my butt.

"Oh, shave that crap off your face before Mom comes home." I said smiling.

I went to the main bathroom and the door was ajar. I did not hear any water, but I did hear steady breathing. I slowly opened the door and I saw John in his dirty uniform, asleep with his head on this bathroom counter while he was sitting on the toilet. I walked in and lightly kissed his stubbly cheek and his eyes fluttered open. He saw me, raised his head, and gave me a weak smile.

"Come on you." I said. "Shower and then bed."

I turned on the water and made sure the temperature was just right. I helped John with his uniform and boots. He stood up and his fatigue pants dropped and I removed his boxers. His delicious piece of licorice dangled in front of me and I kissed the pucker of his foreskin. I could taste the stale piss and this intrigued me. I began to push my tongue into the foreskin and I tasted the massive head, which expanded in my mouth. As the 13" anaconda popped out of my mouth, I stood and dropped by briefs. My hard 5" slapped my groin and stomach. We entered the shower and I washed the dirt off John's hot massive body. I slowly worked his pecs and played with his nips. I worked down his solid abs, but carefully avoided his crotch. I cleaned his legs and feet. I had him turn and worked up his back, but avoided the ass. I cleaned him carefully, then began to give his hot rod special attention. I slowly soaped it up, cleaned the warm pole - especially under the hood - and then his huge ball sac. I then had him turn and I slowly inched two fingers in to his hole with a wash cloth. John moaned and I could see his dick jump with my ministrations. I turned him around, eased his dick into my mouth, and began copulating the massive tube in my throat. John leaned back and spread his legs, which allowed my easy access to his hole. I slid three fingers into his hole and I worked magic on his ass. The precum flooded my mouth and John grabbed my head to force his dick in and out. I gagged a little, but I was so used to this monster, it was no problem for me. I felt his balls tighten quickly and I knew I was in for a treat. The huge dick swelled in my mouth and I felt the first shot blast into my mouth. Each successive barrage exploded into my mouth and I swallowed them with ease. John's flow finally eased and I pulled my tongue along the bottom of his rod and I received the last little taste of hot cream. John looked down and smiled a tired smile, but I was not finished with him. I stood and reached up, which was interesting to see, and pushed his shoulders down. He dropped to his knees and was met by my hard prepubescent cock. He licked the head, then the shaft before swallowing my dick. This did drive me crazy. I grabbed his head and began to face-fucked him hard. I felt two fingers invade my hole, which began to push my lust into full gear. I rammed my dick in and out of his mouth. But what came out of my mouth would surprise everyone I knew.

"Yeah baby!" I said. "Take this hot white dick in your big black lips! You like it boy and you're my cocksucking slave!"

John pressed hard and I saw stars. My balls unloaded their contents deep into John's mouth. I did not know how much I poured into his mouth or how long I was unconscious, but I opened my eyes and saw John standing over me in the shower and my dad looking at me with a towel wrapped around his waist. I smiled weakly until I saw the looks on their faces, then it dawned on me what I said. The shame, anger, and fear flowed out of me and I broke down. I could not believe what I said. What was coming over me? I knew better, but I could not control what my emotions were doing. The look on the two men's faces softened when they saw I could not stop crying. John lifted me in his arms and he carried me into my room. I turned my head to his massive chest and cried into it. Dad brought two towels and he handed one to John, who tried to dry himself off with one hand and comfort me with the other. Dad dried me off the best he could and I finally felt more relaxed. I looked in John's face and saw the eyes of the man I loved, then to my dad's face and saw his disappointment. I felt like a slug and wished I could crawl away.

"Dad, what's wrong with me?" I asked, ready to cry again. "I do and say stupid things. What can I do?"

My dad looked at me, then to John, and then smiled and laughed. John joined in and I became bewildered, then angry. My dad saw this and pulled me to him.

"Son, you're going through puberty." he said. "And trust me, it won't get any easier. You must realize that what you say had meaning and what you said to John was totally uncalled for."

"Yes sir." I said quietly as my eyes were gazed to the floor. "John, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me."

John pulled me to him and he kissed me hard. We held the kiss for a few minutes until we heard a gasp at the door. Three heads turned abruptly and saw Jimmy and Danny standing in the doorway. We looked like deer caught in the headlights and no one said a thing nor moved a muscle for what seemed to be like an hour. I finally got off John's lap and moved to my brothers, who were still in a state of shock. John stood, while Jimmy and Danny stared intently at his long cock. I brought them to Dad and he picked them up and hugged them tight, then gave them a kiss. Each snuggled against his furry chest and I could see the content feeling on their cherubic faces. I then took them to John, who picked them up and gave them a hug each. I guess the warm and strength of John's body stimulated them, because as he put them down, they both were hard and tented their briefs. I took them to their rooms and put them back to bed.

"Billy, why were you kissing him?" Danny asked.

"Because I love him." I replied. "Though I shouldn't. But he's a really nice guy."

"Does it mean you don't love us?" he asked.

"Oh No!" I said. "You and Jimmy are so special to me and that will never change. I love you guys and would do anything for you. But you have to realize it's a different kind of love."

"I don't understand." Danny said.

"Don't worry, you will." I said. "But don't say anything to anyone, okay?"

I leaned down and kissed my baby brother, who hugged my neck. I knew I would have to explain the same thing to Jimmy. As I went into his room, he looked at me. I also thought I heard footsteps, but saw no one.

"Do you love him?" Jimmy asked.

"Yes I do." I replied in an honest tone.

"What about Mark?" Jimmy queried. "Don't you love him?"

"I do love Mark." I said. "And I love John too, but it's different. It's like my love for you and Danny. Just remember I love you two and I would do anything to protect you."

"I'm glad." he said with a smile.

"Now get some sleep and I'll see you in the morning." I told him. "Also don't say anything to anyone, okay?"

Jimmy nodded and I kissed his forehead, and like Danny, he hugged my neck. I closed his door and went back to my room, where John and my father were talking. It looked like they were breathing a bit harder.

"Don't worry." I said. "They're okay, but I will need to talk with them some more."

The doorbell rang and my dad went down to answer the door. John and I sat on my bed to talk.

"John, please forgive me for my stupidity." I said. "I don't know what I'm saying lately."

"Don't worry." he responded. "You're growing up and your hormones are taking over. Just remember, do not let your little head think for your big head."

He hugged me tightly and I felt reassured of my life. Mr. Whittington and Dad walked in and I could see their smiles. Mr. Whittington came over and kissed John deeply and I knew then that no matter what, these two men loved each other deeply. My teacher saw me and smiled. John dressed in the clean clothes his partner brought and gave me a hug. They left and I felt a little sad. My dad saw this and pulled me to his lap again.

"You know Billy." he said. "You will eventually meet someone you will want to spend the rest of your life with and will. And remember, to get love, you have to give love."

"Dad, do you think John and Mr. Whittington love each other?" I asked.

"Yes they do." Dad replied. "And I know you think you love John, but I think there is someone else."

I just hugged my dad and he picked me up to kiss me. He then turned me on my stomach and proceeded to spank my ass. His large, calloused hands definitely gave a new meaning to bun warmer. He finally stopped and put me on my feet.

"That is to teach you about thinking." he said.

The tears streamed from my eyes, but I knew he was right. My mouth had been unloading stupidity all over the place. I climbed into bed and thought about the events of the day. I finally fell asleep and had a dream of me lifting someone in my arms and kissed that person. I felt so happy with this person and felt as one with them. I looked at the face and it was Mark. I jarred awake and went to the bathroom. I heard noise that emanated from my parent's room and I smiled as I knew what was going on. I knew Dad was making love to Mom and that tomorrow, I would be in charge.


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