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The following story is totally fictional. It is about how a person develops into what he is. The characters are fictional and any relation between the characters and actual people is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, it is illegal to possess adult stories, or if you are put off by gay sex, then just leave. If you are totally homophobic, I have two words for you - ***SUCK IT***.

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FROM CHAPTER 7: "Dad, do you think John and Mr. Whittington love each other?" I asked.

"Yes they do." Dad replied. "And I know you think you love John, but I think there is someone else."

I just hugged my dad and he picked me up to kiss me. He then turned me on my stomach and proceeded to spank my ass. His large, calloused hands definitely gave a new meaning to bun warmer. He finally stopped and put me on my feet.

"That is to teach you about thinking." he said.

The tears streamed from my eyes, but I knew he was right. My mouth had been unloading stupidity all over the place. I climbed into bed and thought about the events of the day. I finally fell asleep and had a dream of me lifting someone in my arms and kissed that person. I felt so happy with this person and felt as one with them. I looked at the face and it was Mark. I jarred awake and went to the bathroom. I heard noise that emanated from my parent's room and I smiled as I knew what was going on. I knew Dad was making love to Mom and that tomorrow, I would be in charge.


I arose the next day and got my brothers up and ready for school. As we were having breakfast, a knock came at the back door. Mark was standing there and I waved him inside.

"Hey guys." he said. "Where are your parents?"

"In bed." I replied, then turned to my brothers. "You guys finished?"

"Almost." they chimed in perfect unison.

They finished their cereal and I cleared the dishes as I put them in the sink. As I went upstairs to get my books, my parents came from their room. My mom seemed to glow and my dad had this look on his face that he could not hide. I winked at him and grabbed my stuff. My mom bent down and kissed my cheek.

"Thank you Billy." she said. "You are growing up so fast."

My dad smiled and I headed downstairs to take my brothers to school. We headed out and Jimmy began running down the street. For some reason, I had this surge of power come over me and I called to him.

"HALT!" I yelled in a commanding tone.

Jimmy froze in his tracks. He looked at me with a strange expression. I knew he heard me yell at him before, but the tone scared him. I turned to say something to Mark, but the look on his face and on Danny was one of amazement.

"You should be a marine." Mark said with a smile.

I just crooked my finger at Jimmy and he returned with a forlorn look, like a misbehaving puppy. We walked off together and two of Jimmy's friends joined us. They tried to get Jimmy to run ahead but he shook his head no and pointed his thumb at me. His friends were ready to run ahead, but decided to stick with Jimmy.

"How come I can't go with my friends?" Jimmy cried, almost pleading.

"Because if something happened, Mom would blame me." I said. "You wouldn't run off if Mom took you."

He shook his head no and hung his head. We reached Danny and Jimmy's school and I told them I would see them after school. I knelt down as if to straighten something and whispered I loved them. Danny smiled and ran off. Jimmy, on the other hand, stuck his tongue out and went with his friends. He did turn around and mouthed me too. Mark and I headed to our school and we walked silently for a few minutes.

"Mark, we need to talk later." I said.

"Okay." he replied "How about lunch?"

"Well I still have detention." I reminded him. "But I guess it would be okay."

We walked to the doors and then to our lockers. The first part of the day went uneventfully. I had a test in history and I knew I passed. As lunch time approached, I began to worry on how to explain my dream to Mark. When the lunch bell rang, I headed to the gym. Mr. Whittington was in his office and I sat down. He noticed the nervous look on my face.

"What's the matter Billy?" he asked.

"Mark is coming here in a couple of minutes." I responded. "I have to tell him something and I don't know how."

"Well what is it?" my teacher inquired.

I explained my dad's conversation about true love and my dreams. I told him how I wished I could have love like John and he had. Mr. Whittington sat beside me and put his arm around me.

"Billy, you are lucky." he said. "You know who you are and who you love. I wish I could have been that lucky when I was your age. I was happy to find John. You need to express your true feelings to the one you love."

Mark came in and saw Mr. Whittington holding me tight. He stood in front of us and planted his feet and just stared. We both looked into that beautiful face. I stood up and backed my true love into the teacher's chair. Mr. Whittington stood up and was going to give us some privacy.

"I'm going to step out." he said. "Just don't make a mess."

I shook my head no. Our gym teacher sat on the sofa as I turned to Mark. Both saw the fear in my eyes and the shaking of my body. I was in terror for the chance of rejection.

"M-M-Mark." I began, clearing my throat. "You're my best friend in the world. And we both know we're gay. But I have to tell you something else."

I told Mark about my dream in full detail. I told him about my dad's conversation about true love. I saw a surprised and shocked look on Mark's face. I was ready to run out of that office until Mark grabbed my wrist. Before I knew it, he stood, pulled me to him, and he kissed me passionately. I felt the love and I held him tight as we kissed with total abandon. After several minutes we broke our kiss and I saw the love in Mark's eyes. He pulled me to the sofa.

"Billy I had the same dream." he said. "I dreamt that you were carrying me off to our new home and we kissed all the way."

"Mark, I love you so much." I told him.

We hugged and I noticed Mr. Whittington from the corner of my eye with tears in his eyes. We both arose and hugged this big man who showed his true emotions. The bell rang and Mark and I went to our classes. I was so elated, I seemed to fly through my classes. I met up with Mark and we walked home. We knew what people's attitudes to homosexuals were, so when there was no one around, we held hands. We ran into my house hand-in-hand. My mom met us and told us we were going to Mark's house for dinner. She saw our hands and just smiled and shook her head. I gave my bookbag to Mark and went to check my chore for the day. I saw it was scratched off like the day before and I felt my mom's hand on my shoulder.

"You did such a great job this morning." she said. "Your dad and I agreed you did your chore this morning. So relax and play. But we need to talk with you and Mark."

"Okay." I said.

I went to my room and Mark was sitting at my desk and was doing his homework. I grabbed my backpack and got my homework out. We sat side-by-side and pressed our legs together. I was instantly hard from his warmth. The door burst open and the twin terrors came running into my room.

"Hey guys." I said.

"Hi Mark." Jimmy said, as he pretended to ignore me.

Danny gave me a hug and then gave one to Mark. Since we had just a little more work to do, I had my brothers to get a game out, so we could play before dinner. Mark and I finished our homework and we were just being happy. I turned to kiss my love when Danny and Jimmy came in with the game. Jimmy started to smile and began singing Mark and Billy sitting in a tree. I grabbed my brother and began tickling him hard. He would squirm but I would not relinquish my hold on him. Mom called Mark and myself to the living room. We went downstairs and my parents were sitting in the living room, along with Mark's father.

"Billy, is there something you want to tell us?" my mother asked me.

"W-W-Well." I stammered. "Mark and I are in love. We know we're meant to be together."

I grabbed Mark's hand and he began to panic. His father rose, come to his son, and gave him a hug."

"Mark." he said. "I always told you to be yourself. Billy, I want you to care for my son."

"Yes sir." I said. "I will care for him forever."

"Boys, just remember." my mom added. "There are some people who will hate you for your love. Just be very careful."

"We will." Mark chimed in. "We are very, very careful."

"Dad, when are we going to eat?" I asked.

"In a couple of hours." he said. "Why?"

"Because I need to go to the gym." I replied.

"Okay, I'll join you." Dad told us. "I could use a workout."

"Bill, I think I'll join you." Mark's dad said.

I ran upstairs, grabbed my gear, and we left for the gym. Jimmy and Danny wanted to come along, but I told them we will play a game later that night. We continued to talk about what to expect in our lives and be prepared for ridicule and hatred. Mark's dad also told his son that he was going to let him go to the bodybuilding contest with us. I grabbed his hand and we sat so close, a piece of paper could not come between us. We got to the gym and Mark's dad did say something to us.

"Be careful in the gym." he said. "Just do your workout and we'll head home."

We got to the locker room and Mark and I changed into our shorts and t-shirts. We joined our fathers and we entered the weight room. John and Frank were there working out. We joined them and both our fathers were amazed at my strength. The stared at my developing muscles and how well I worked no each part. They were also extremely appreciative on how we both listened to our two coaches intently and we did everything we were told. Though Mark was not as strong, he began to develop quite well in his own right. I was so proud of him and I could see the pride manifest in his eyes. Our fathers however seemed to swell larger than anyone. After we finished, John, Mark's dad, and mine went to a corner to talk and occasionally looked at us. Frank was still working with Mark and myself when our dads came over.

"Okay boys." Colonel Berlson said. "We told John that Mark will be accompanying you to the contest and he will be keeping an eye out for you. And it's time to go."

"Sir, you mean the inter-service bodybuilding contest in April?" Frank asked. "I will be competing in that myself."

Mark and I looked at each other and our smiles could have blinded everyone in the room. It would be tough to decide who to root for, but at least it would be two people we knew and really liked.

"Well there will be two chaperones." Dad said. "And you will obey them or answer to us."

"Sir yes sir!" Mark and I yelled as a platoon.

We went to the locker room and I saw Mark's dad naked for the first time. Though not as muscular as John or Frank, he had a tone body that anyone would drool over. What hung between his legs was a beautiful piece of uncut cock that looked it would be at least 7.5" of delicious sausage. We finished showering, then dressed. We drove to my house and Mark's dad turned to us.

"Boys, remember not to say anything to your mother Mark." he said. "She is so old-fashioned and she'll blame Billy."

"Yes, sir." we said concurrently.

We pulled into the driveway and we were met by Mom and the hell spawn. Colonel Berlson and Mark got out and left in their car. Mom and my brothers got in the car. We followed my love and his father to their house. Both cars arrived and we were greeted by Mrs. Berlson. Before we got out, Mom spoke to Jimmy and Danny.

"You will behave and you will not speak about Billy and Mark." she said sharply, upon which they nodded.

"Hello everyone." Mrs. Berlson said.

The colonel kissed his wife on the cheek, then she gave Mark a peck on his right cheek. She shook hands with my dad, my two brothers and I, then hugged my mother. We went in and my mom offered to help with dinner. Mark's dad and mine went to the den. We four boys went to Mark's room. I did feel sorry for him since his mother decorated his room with antiques, so it was no fun to play in. No wonder he was always at our house. We started to play Chutes and Ladders so Danny could have fun. Actually the little stinker beat the three of us. We were then called to dinner and we cleaned up in Mark's bathroom. We were careful not to make a mess. We went to the dining room and sat down. Of course Mark's parents sat at the ends of the dining table. Mark and I sat next to each other, close to his dad. My father sat next to us. Jimmy and Danny sat close to Mrs. Berlson and Mom was next to them. After the colonel said grace, we began to eat dinner. We were served by a maid and the dinner was formal. After the soup, Mark's dad rose.

"Please lift your glasses for a toast." he said, which we all did. "A congratulations to Gunnery Sergeant Mattsen on his promotion to Master Gunnery Sergeant. And to the possible move."

Mark and I began to panic. We did not want to be parted. Jimmy and Danny were smiling. Both our mothers had surprised looks on their faces.

"I have been asked to fill a position at the NSA." Colonel Berlson said. "And I have been told I could bring two aides with me. Who better than a trusted friend and a hard working marine."

"So when do we go?" Dad asked.

"We meet with the NSA director and the Commandant on April 20th." he replied. "We will be gone all weekend."

"John has the competition that weekend." Dad said. "We can't ask him to forego it."

"They want to meet with us." the colonel said. "We will bring John's record with us."

Relief came over Mark and me and we squeezed hands under the table. We really did not want to move, but if we had to, at least it was a joint move. We ate the main course of turkey with all the trimmings. For dessert we had a chocolate mousse.

"Now we know Billy will be attending the competition." Dad said. "Mark expressed an interest to see it also."

"It will be fine, as long as they obey John." Colonel Berlson said.

Mrs. Berlson nodded, but we could see the reluctance on her face. My mother worried about Jimmy and Danny. Dad stated that Mr. Whittington would look after them for the weekend. Jimmy and Danny started to pout. They wanted to go to Washington, DC, but Mark and I told them that he was a fair man and he was a nice guy. We also told them that he would teach them how to play basketball. They smiled at that and calmed them. The adults had coffee in the den while we boys went outside to play. We played tag and hide-and-go-seek until Mom and Dad called us to go home. We walked up to the front door and we thanked the Berlsons for dinner. I told Mark I would see him tomorrow. We got into the car and drove home.

"So boys, are you ready to go to our nation's capitol?" Dad asked.

We said yes emphatically. We talked about the possible move and what we would do when we did. Dad pulled the car into the driveway and we went to the door as Dad unlocked it. We went in, but Mom put her hand on my shoulder.

"Come with me." she said.

We went into the den and sat down. I looked into her eyes and I saw a sadness there. I wondered what she was thinking and she finally spoke.

"Billy, you're my first born." she began. "You're so special and I want the best for you. I need to ask, is this just experimenting and do you think you would grow out of it?"

I sat there stunned. They thought did cross my mind in the beginning, but did a guy dream of kissing and loving another guy? Obviously not and I knew in my mind, heart, and soul that Mark was the one for me.

"No Mom." I said. "I love Mark and I know that this is true love."

"I just want you to be happy and safe." she said. "I don't want you to be hurt. You know people are out there who would despise what you are."

"I know Mom." I said. "But we're gonna get through it."

"Billy." Mom said. "What about children? You know you might want some."

"I know that." I replied. "But we'll have to cross that bridge when we approach it. But Mom, I love him and nothing will change that."

Mom gave me a hug and I could feel her crying. I did feel sorry, but I had to be true to myself. Dad walked in and saw Mom crying as she held me to her bosom.

"Okay." he said. "What did you say or do now?"

We both looked at him and said nothing in harmony. We began to laugh and the bond between my mother and myself grew stronger. Dad sat down with a confused look.

"We had a long talk." I said. "Dad, are you upset with Mark and me?"

"No son." he replied. "But from your mother's face, she's worried about you. We just want you to be happy."

"I know and I love you both." I said.

I kissed each of them on the cheek and they both gave me a hug. I went to my room and I undressed to take a shower. I went to the bathroom and got the shower ready. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a pre-teen in love. I admired my developing body and wondered if Mark loved me for me or just for my body. I realized it was me because he had been friends long before I began to develop my body. I got in the shower and quickly cleaned myself. I dried myself and put on my underwear and some pajamas. I got into bed and fell asleep.

I had a dream of a wedding. Mark and I were facing a minister. We exchanged vows and rings. All our friends and family were there. We left the church and then had our honeymoon where it seemed to never end. I woke up with a jolt and I felt the cum sticking to my underwear and skin. I got up, cleaned myself off , and slipped on another pair if boxers.

As I fell asleep another dream about Mark and me, but very violent. We were walking down a street when five guys with pipes, chains, and wood came up to us. One of the teens swung with a pipe. I ducked and tried to pull Mark down, but the galvanized steel hit his temple. My love crumpled to the ground and I saw the blood ooze from his head. I then went ballistic as I hit Mark's assailant in the ball sac, which caused him to drop his pipe. And in such dreams, it went in slow motion. I saw myself beating these guys and killed each one. When I saw they were not moving, I dropped the pipe and ran to Mark. His eyes were dead and he was not breathing. I began yelling and crying. I felt a hand on my shoulder, as it shoot me. I awoke and saw my entire family standing by my bed and my dad was shaking me. I felt the tears running down my cheeks and I was sweating. My sheets and blankets were wrapped around me like I was a mummy. My brothers looked at me with a frightful look.

"What happened?" Dad said.

I explained the dreams I had and what happened in the second. My mom hugged me and my brothers climbed into my bed and did the same.

"Why is there such hatred?" I asked.

"I wish I knew." my mom said. "But you are right about one thing. You do love Mark."

With that she kissed my cheek and left. My dad asked if I was alright and I said yes, though the fear was still in my heart. My brothers pleaded with my dad if they could sleep with me.

"Back to your rooms." he said.

"Dad, please let them stay." I said. "I would feel better if someone was here."

"Okay." he said. "But right to sleep."

We said good night to Dad, who gave us each a kiss on the forehead. I was in the middle with Danny on my right and Jimmy on my left. They laid their heads on my chest and fell asleep. I was happy and nodded to an uneventful slumber.

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