Chapter Nine


Lucky me. The ‘pretty’ boy was the most popular of choices. My knees were scraped and sore from the cement after losing count on how many flaccid cocks I squeezed the final spits of jism from. Eight? twelve? fifteen? It was all a blur. My jaw ached. My lips were dry and flakey and my mouth was sticky, tasting exactly as it should, stale semen. Some men were hair-triggered, others took time and patience. It didn’t matter to me, after getting one guy off, another penis would soon be replaced by another. The men were all on their best behaviour being kind to us whore-boys, a certain etiquette eerily prevailed.


 I estimated the revelling crowd had gathered rapidly at near one-hundred-fifty or so by midnight. Every time a troop-carrier arrived an additional twenty soldiers filtered into the bar. The average age I noticed was around twenty-five. The shocked and excited looks on some of their faces led me to believe that the entertainment on the itinerary wasn’t known prior to their arrival. The colonel’s added bonus was well received with most of the soldiers indulging sooner or later. It became apparent that the older, stauncher  conservative officers showed no interest in the goings on, rather, some displayed downright hostility and pushed the boys away who approached them offering the “Fathers Day” special.


Thirty or so were naked using the swimming pool to cool off from the stifling heat of the night and most of those didn’t bother to cover up afterward preferring to sit around the pool in the buff talking. God certainly did not create man equally, I thought. There were many beautiful male physiques peacocking themselves to more than a few oglers. Waiters with trays of beer served those casual men so there was no need to walk naked to the bar where the majority lingered around chatting in their underwear and others sweated profusely in full military uniform. Those were the stuffed shirts, the pompous older men who, if they had had their way, would probably impose discipline within the unruly ranks. However, it was the colonel’ soiree and they knew they were powerless to do anything.


The noise was deafening, men singing, playing mouth organs and accordions that couldn’t carry a harmonic tone and, of course, boisterous men screaming over the din to talk to each other. Us boys on our knees were tripped over or stepped on by drunks. My calves smarted terribly and would surely be bruised. More than once someone would fall face first spilling their beer over everyone and everything. Shattered glass was quickly swept up by a very efficient staff of teenage busboys who, along with the wait staff, must have been commandeered from the base to keep steins washed and to the bar’s inventory replenished. The humid air reeked like a brewery mixed with the added smells of cigars, cigarettes and body odour.


Thankfully, there were plenty of lull periods in servicing men as the night grew older. The novelty had worn off or some soldiers simply bided their time. There was no urgency. The ten mouths weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I was resting after giving blowjobs under a patio table to three seated members of the nudist group. I didn’t know if they were being discreet or if they just didn’t want to look me in the eye, but it was certainly uncomfortable quarters and I banged my head on the table several times.


It had been a few hours since I saw the colonel and peered through the crowd to see that his table was vacant and nor could I see him in the throng of bodies. Glancing up to where I guessed our room would be on the third floor, I saw him, Claus and Frank leaning out the window viewing the scene below. The three were clearly bare chested and without a doubt in my mind, fully naked. The colonel had his Aryan pets on either side of him and it wasn’t my imagination when soon after that I saw the movement of a fourth person behind the colonel whose arms were draped over the man’s chest only catching glimpses of blond hair randomly peeking over his shoulder. I could not clearly determine the features or the age of the individual. Another of his young playmates I assumed.


I was angry and hurt that the colonel abandoned me, Claus was his golden boy and I could never compete nor be equals with him. He not only had a history with the colonel, but he also had earned the power to influence the man. My gut instinct told me that not being upstairs with them was Claus’ doing. The thought of him watching me from his vantage point was unnerving and for the first time I felt a loss of dignity.


A man stepped in front of me blocking my view. He was about nineteen, clad in underwear that noticeably jutted the material at ninety degrees which was enough to cause a gap in the waistband exposing a blond bush of hair that tapered and trailed upward to his navel. He led me away from the party to the garden gazebo situated in the darkness several meters back from the pool. Nobody seemed to notice, and if they did, they paid no heed. He appeared very nervous and somewhat drunk.


Once inside the darkness I put my hand down his boxers taking the first initiative. He gasped. The heat that radiated from his thick meaty cock was feverishly intense. When I attempted to lower myself to my knees as I thought was expected of me, his hands shot under my armpits to keep me upright. A hand gently fondled my genitals and I grew erect almost immediately. I felt his warm breath inches from my face and then his tongue trying desperately to bore its way into my mouth. I submitted rolling my own over his and soon enough we were heated in passion as we played with each other a long while.


I was flabbergasted by the sudden turn of unexpected events even more so when he dropped to his knees and took me to the base with his nose pressed snug into my groin. His inexperience was evident. He gagged momentarily and his teeth grazed in his overzealous desire to perform fellatio on me but he was quick to master the act. The young man seemed even more eager when I began fucking his mouth. I could feel his drool saturating my balls that were molded into his palm and fingers kneading them tenderly.


My legs began to shake and my trembling knees barely held me upright, moments later I was spilling into his mouth which caused him to suck my cock harder as his fingers simultaneously milked my shaft. I steadied myself on his shoulders and enjoyed one hell of an orgasm. I literally had to force him off me when my cock became overly sensitive. Not a second too soon, I fell to the ground and went down on him finding that without touching himself he was already past the point and ejaculating gobs that I managed to capture a few more thick and sweet ejaculates from his intense orgasm.


We sat with our backs against the wall hugging our knees. He spoke slowly in German allowing me to filter his words as best I could. His name was Hans, a junior officer in training; the product of wealthy parents who bought favour as so many other parents had in being rich and influential members of society that enabled him to skip over many of the hardships of infantry boot camp after excelling in the private military academy’s ‘silver spoon’ Officer’s Program. He hated his years there. Daring to further say that he hated the Nazi party as well and everything they stood for but had no choice in the matter other than to go along with the doctrine shoved down his throat. Obviously, the young man needed to talk; his candidness was perhaps fuelled by the alcohol.  I liked him. For a rich kid he certainly wasn’t pompous or condescending.


Hans knew from the age of twelve that he was homosexual and began battling his demons. At age thirteen he was caught fooling around with a boy one year his senior, both naked and curiously touching each other. His father wasted no time enrolling him in that private military school to make a man out of him. Cooped up with a hundred other boys the same age and older, his homosexual desires only intensified in an all-male environment where nudity was a common sight as was mutual masturbation in the showers and oral sex after lights-out in the barracks. The belief was widespread that the superior officers turned a blind eye to such goings on; as a result, none of the other boys dared complain to the authorities therefore they, themselves, turned a blind eye.


Many times he was propositioned by cadets; recruiters he called them but didn’t elaborate. Although he wanted to, only once did he participate in a shower circle jerk. Hans was much too afraid to act on his impulses as he feared the wrath of his father if he was ever exposed somehow. I wondered what my own father would say and do under those circumstances. I shuddered to even think about it. Hans chose to keep his distance from the corrupt crowd and befriended a few of the morally sound cadets. He excelled in school, graduating with honors and was recruited almost immediately into his current unit’s administration as a warrant officer.


Hans went as far to say that certain regular boys were quietly taken from their beds in the night by officers only to be returned the next morning tired and mum as to where they were taken and for what reason. However, everyone suspected. They simply didn’t talk about it. His story reminded me of Jon’s confessed accounts of the Hitler Youth Organization. Although Hans went to a private military school, their stories were much alike.


Hans said that when he noticed me that night he had to have me as I was different from the other boys, more experienced and he wanted me in ways he could not possibly have in front of the men. He claimed he watched and schemed and drank until he developed the courage to approach me during one of the few times I wasn’t with another man. Taking a risky chance that all the others would be too drunk to notice and confident that no one else was venturing astray of the bar and pool area, he saw his opportunity as dangerous, but his desire to finally taste another guy was much too overwhelming.


We talked for a very long time. He was very honest about his life so I told him about the colonel, about Jon, about Claus, about everything that happened in such a short time since my leaving home in the city. He knew about Jon’s demise and the colonel’s impromptu execution of the two soldiers, but he did not know the facts surrounding what were only rumours amongst the rank and file. Hans was taken aback when I told him about the colonel being a homosexual. Even in the darkness, I could see the whites of his eyes as they bulged.


The sudden plodding of feet outside the gazebo had us both frozen in fear. It was two men, their figures silhouetted at the entrance stepping inside the rounded structure with latticed half-walls. Hans and I remained quiet, hidden in plain view should the men’s pupils adjust to the darkness. They were whispering and snickering like school girls.


The men embraced and slurping sounds clearly indicated that they were sucking face. Grunts and groans and heavy breathing followed. They were dimly silhouetted by the glow from the festivities area, facing it in order to watch for intruders. One man leaned over the wall as the other stood behind. They were not quiet in the least, guttural moans and brief squeals of pain gave way to wet slapping sounds. They were fucking! Bouts of oohs and awes and the creaking of the lattice wall echoed within the small confines.


Hans put his arm around me and held me close into him, I could feel his heartbeat racing with fear as we watched the ghostly asses and listened to the sounds of the erotic scene  playing out in front of us. I was hard as rock, reaching between Hans’ legs, he was boned up as well and we toyed with each other’s cocks.

Someone, somewhere close by,  began to light off low-level fireworks. The gazebo lit up in flashes of bright white, red and blue tones, the two men visible as day immediately cowered to the floor. The looks on their faces was one of horror seeing Hans and I sitting on the ground across from them. One was baby faced, giving him up to be seventeen or eighteen, the other was slightly older in his early twenties. Their mouths opened and closed at a loss for words, as did our own.


We had caught each other red handed. It would have been difficult for us to have played down what Hans and I were doing holding each other close, our cocks clearly seen in each other’s hand, and it would have been equally as difficult for Michel and David who couldn’t deny their own lustful activity. Once the initial fear and shock faded a little, Hans broke the uncomfortable silence. He knew the eldest as Michel who introduced his companion as David and Hans introduced me. Handshakes were not deemed necessary under the circumstances, the three were still quite shamefully frightened.


The fireworks ceased and we sat there in the darkness, the awkwardness of the situation still unresolved. I felt it important to clear the tension, they had to coexist together and face each other every day on the base. I could have left well enough alone, I wasn’t one of them. I was a Polish whore-boy. Perhaps it was the darkness, I had to look no one in the eye and blurted that they were not the only homosexuals I knew of in their vast deployment of troops on base. I didn’t want to expose the colonel as I did to Hans in case they were once active in his harem at some point. I was sure of nothing then.


However, I did confide that I had not only been intimate with a few low level officers, but that I was also sleeping with a very high ranking officer and through him, knew first hand of other esteemed men that were homosexuals. Mostly what I knew was hearsay and perhaps I had extended the truth a tad, however I saw no harm if it would ease their conscience knowing that they weren’t the only ones harbouring lustful same-sex feelings in their very own backyard.


David begged me to identify those officers. Naturally, his curiosity was peaked; there would be a certain safety-net knowing such things. Knowledge was power, but I named no one. I cited  that my own well being was at stake and, like I protected the other soldiers, assured them that their identities would remain my secret as well.


The young soldiers talked openly about their sexuality and how difficult life in the military was for them. Michel and David had been seeing each other for several months, stolen moments no different than their presence in the gazebo that night were far and few between. They knew of a few other young men and would sometimes get together late at night in a parked troop carrier, always having one person as a lookout, or go to a secluded area along the lake if their leave furloughs coincided. David made an off-handed comment chuckling that he had had more sex back home in training within the Nazi Youth Program than he was ever going to have serving in the military, contrary to what he was led to believe. Michel concurred, being blunter in thinking that he was going to fuck his brains out to help pass the time and endure the hardships of the impending war. I did the math in my head, Michel was twenty which meant that the conspiracy began at least six years earlier, if not longer, which also meant that conceivably thousands of youth had passed through innumerable private and public German military training facilities.


Point blank I asked the two teens if they had been forced into sex by authorities during their tenure in the Hitler Youth Organization. Both admitted to being infrequently taken places to have sex with senior officers. They were told that it was their solemn duty to obey orders, a test of their blind loyalty to the Nazi regime, and they admitted an intense fear of those powerful men


Michel elaborated on his plight claiming that his youth platoon was constantly told by superior officers that females were not necessary in a man’s life, that women only distracted a soldier’s spirit. A man was married to the Nazi party and his comrades. From almost day one of training at age fourteen they (his platoon) were told that sexual alternatives existed for those who were shrewd enough to figure it out, and keep it covert and a well-guarded secret. Michel claimed that older boys were appointed as mentors for the new recruits in order to orientate and guide them into various aspects of their new military life. These mentors would also initiate sex in stages; mutual handjobs, oral sex, and finally anal sex and even group sex leaving them with the impression that it was normal activity.


David didn’t hold back. His platoon professed almost the same. That women and family can wait until Germany’s objectives had been met in the very near future. At which time, all Aryan males will be expected to populate Europe and cleanse the blood lines over time. His commandant made it laughably clear that fooling around with others in his platoon was a normal and healthy alternative for sexual release in order to put females out of their minds. David relayed that homosexuality was rampant in his Hitler Youth barrack and boys that didn’t comply with the subtly laid out rules were squealed on and, at the sole judgment of the commandant, abruptly shipped off to infantry boot camps with no explanation given.


Hans, who went to military school and studied ancient militaries as part of the curriculum brought up that being a homosexual himself, he was especially interested in the ideals of the ancient Germanic Teutonic Knights. One aspect of their earlier and successful conquering of European nations was that they believed that homosexual behaviour within the armies inspired men to fight harder in order to protect his lover fighting beside him in hand to hand combat. He cited one of the earliest and especially notable elite forces that was formed, The Sacred Band of Thebes, was comprised of one-hundred-fifty pair of male lovers who overwhelmingly defeated the Spartans in the decisive Battle of Leuctra in 371BC. Hans went on to tell them that the Band, itself, was annihilated to a man by the army of Phillip II and Alexander of Macedonia at the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 BC.


Hans joked that the Nazi Regime had adopted much of their own doctrine from the Teutonic Knights ideals and standards but must have missed the influence that homosexuals had on the great armies. Michel and David laughed and agreed that life would be a whole lot easier if they had. They may have been laughing but the wheels were spinning out of control in my own head.


Was it simply coincidental that Jon, Hans, Michel and David, who all attended different academies, yet had all experienced the same basic clandestine doctrine in their formal training years. There had to be a connection between promoting homosexuality within cadet camps and its eventual implementation into the mainstream military.

Was it only me, a simple minded fourteen year old boy that was putting all the pieces of the puzzle together? The Nazi’s may have used different tactics to promote homosexuality. Were training authorities tasked to use whatever subtle means necessary to achieve what would be the final objective? There may not have been blatant written procedural guidelines in their training manual for obvious reasons that would provide proof of the subversive activity which was in definite conflict with the existing Nazi military code of ethics.


It was as if there was a secret faction within the Nazi empire that was promoting their own agenda for reasons I could not possibly fathom other than, possibly, brainwashing the young who would inevitably assume command from the old guard who were set in their old school ways of thinking and still held their views and, indeed, their power.


What confusion must have resulted in the minds of the young men living the by the double standards being shoved down their throats. Being shot dead or patted on the back was what they faced not knowing who their allies were.


Hans brought me out of my trance and back to the real world asking me if I would fuck him.  I had never fucked anyone until that night. Hans was more than eager to experience it and grovelled for it. Michel and David settled into finishing off what they started, David atop Michel. The fireworks had resumed for only a few minutes and the glow in the gazebo allowed the four of us a sense of the erotic as we watched each other.


I bent and spread Hans’ legs to his chest where he took the initiative to hold himself in place while I found his folds with a finger and spat on my cock and directed myself into his tight opening. For once I was the aggressor and the realization that I was taking his virginity intrigued me. Pushing forth and hearing him yelp in pain didn't stop me as I gained entry and shoved past his sphincter that I knew from getting fucked myself was the barrier to be passed quickly in order to push forward. Hans screamed but I continued to drill further into his very warm body until I bottomed out inside him. I could feel my balls against his and when I lay upon him his hard cock was mashed between our bellies.


I fucked him slowly at first, then resumed the kneeling position and gave it to him fast and steady. Hans howled in what I guessed was delight. He never asked me to stop and I read that as a favourable response. I masturbated him until suddenly other hands relieved me of the burden, one of which worked its way between my legs pulling at my balls. Having finished off themselves, Michel and David saw fit to get involved in making Hans’ first experience a memorable one. They were sharing turns sucking his cock that, in the pitch black, I had to blindly feel their two heads in order to confirm my suspicions. I came rather quickly. Unable to collapse forward atop the busy heads, I went backward onto my back gasping for oxygen.


My first fuck had been a memorable one. Hans’ would also be remembered. Michel was still ready for action and he assumed my place behind Hans. A much larger cock than mine, Hans wasn’t prepared for the reaming Michel was giving him and squealed and snorted like a pig but he endured even long after he came, David in awe, commented on the force and duration of Hans’ orgasm being second to none that he’d ever experienced from other guys. Michel’s breath became labored and before long he let out a few blissful yelps that I imagined Hans was most probably happy to know the end had finally come.


The sounds of the party brought me back to my senses. I was the colonel’s whore-boy and belonged at the bar. The ‘pretty boy’ would surely be missed and I didn’t want the colonel to somehow find out that I had been negligent in my duties. I had Michel, David and Hans manhandle me back to the common area to give the impression, if anyone noticed, that they had used me. I never got a chance to say goodbye to Hans, or Michel and David, but I held little doubt that the three would become great friends after that night.

Things had certainly deteriorated in our absence of no more than an hour. The older crowd had left the Inn leaving the young bucks to party into the wee hours of the morning. Several boys were laid atop patio tables being fucked from behind as well as in their mouths. One boy was laying on his belly atop the bar screaming for mercy as a man was impaling him with a wine bottle while onlookers cheered him on.


 It was Alex whom I identified as the victim. I was shocked by his predicament, but not surprised that he would eventually be thrown to the wolves at some point. I felt terribly sorry for him; his face contorted in agony being violated in such a sickening manner, I wondered if he had remained pig-headed and managed to rile the wrong man.


I didn’t have time to weep for Alex. Two men brought me to the cement floor scraping my already chafed knees. On my hands and knees I was soon taking a cock in my ass and another in my mouth. The man behind me wasn’t very large and had no problem entering me. My aggressor pummeled away and I sucked the one in my mouth easily meeting his thrusts at the base of my throat. He was thick and stubby but not exceptional in length.


I saw Damon squatted on a semi dressed man in a lounger facing him. They seemed to be getting along well. Another man in boxer shorts knelt alongside and sensually massaged Damon’s back. I recognized both men in their mid-thirties as guests of the Inn that I had seen about that day in full uniform. They were majors and obviously drunk. What was out of the ordinary was the fact that they appeared openly enamoured with Damon. I was most pleased that he had accepted his fate, unlike Alex, and was being equally flirtatious with his admirers.


Not long after, I saw the three leaving together, surmising that the two men shared a room and that would be their destination. Half the whore-boys were now noticeably absent. I assumed that they had also been taken to rooms by higher ranking officers staying at the Inn. Many of the men would have returned to base via troop carriers; they were plenty drunk but not foolish enough to smuggle boys into camp.


Both men assaulting me had short fuses, probably building excitement all night for a final nightcap before going back to base as did several other soldiers who had apparently waited and were taking advantage of the remaining whore-boys before the final troop carrier arrived to shuttle them safely home. It was the Military police who not so gently collected the final bodies that were passed out while others were ushered staggering to the awaiting vehicles with many of them stark naked. The MP’s then searched for and bagged discarded uniforms and boots that were scattered about to be identified by the owners when sober minds would prevail. The party was over.


Three of us whore-boys remained along with six half-dressed men who were obviously residing at the Inn. Alex was lifted and slung over a man’s shoulder and taken away with another man trailing behind. That left me and another lad’s fate in the hands of four young officers in their mid-twenties. Also present was the bar staff cleaning up the mess. One of the officers pinched a busboys ass as he was passing by. The two exchanged what could only be described as flirtatious smiles. The fifteen year old turned red and kept his eye on the vivacious man as he cleared his tables.


Fritz was the name of the other whore-boy. He was thirteen if a day older. He was shy and covered himself not comfortable with his nudity although he had been exposed to the eyes of many men during the night. I, on the other hand, could care less about my own  modesty.


The four men remaining were sitting around a patio table and beckoned us over. An officer pulled me onto his lap and nonchalantly felt me up, a grin from ear to ear, and twirling my hair in his fingers. He was handsome in a rough sort of way, unruly blond hair, a flat nose that may or may not have been punched several times. He was shirtless, chest and arms muscular. Ironically, I noticed a gold wedding band on the finger of his left hand that was exploring not only my groin, but belly and chest as well.


Fritz was also hoisted upon a lap and being fondled. The other two men then leaned over to cop a feel of both Fritz and me. Not that there were many witnesses left milling about, but their promiscuous behaviour I found rather daring should the wrong pair of eyes happen to notice. There was no question in my mind where Fritz and I would be spending the night.


Five minutes later; the men finished their beer and rose from their chairs. Fritz and I were draped over shoulders like sacks of potatoes. The men danced around singing a lively boisterous German tune and slapped my and Fritz’ bare asses carried on their antics as they ascended the stairs to a second floor room where we were tossed onto one of the two beds.


The soldiers continued to party sharing a bottle of vodka among themselves and, intermittently, forced some of the liquor into Fritz’s and my mouth. Not used to hard liquor, we gaged while the four men saw the humour in it. We were fed swigs of vodka more than once. One of the soldiers drizzled the liquor over our genitals, with hoots of laughter the men tried not to waste a drop. It would have been difficult not to get an erection when more vodka was poured liberally and all four men, not wasting a drop, began slurping and licking us from navel to anus. More young homeosexual Nazi officers, convinced me of my theory when the busboy from the bar entered the room along with another boy I recognized from the bar staff. Both changed out of their server whites into junior officer uniforms.


The four men were not at all perplexed by the junior men who walked in on the pedophilia nor were the two young officers taken aback. It was almost like they expected Fritz and I to be there. I laughed at myself because the after party had been prearranged. I seemed that Fritz and I were an impromptu bonus to the planned orgy. I wondered if any of my knowledge of the subversive homosexual activity would benefit the colonel in some way, earning my place as one of his spies like Hans. Although they were young officers, in my reasoning, they were important enough to be housed at the Inn and not the base. All I had was a room number, easily traceable to the registered occupants, but I would endeavour to find out the names of all four men. The junior officers were of no importance.


Two men shoved the beds together and everyone soon disrobed. I wasn’t expecting an orgy of that magnitude. Men sucked men and boys sucked boys often indiscriminate depending on whose cock was in who’s face at the time. After eight bodies tried unsuccessfully to position themselves into a very awkward, contortioned orgy position, we settled into two groups of four where all participants were being serviced contently and comfortably. Nonetheless, it was humourous trying.


I had the second fuck of my life that very same night. The soldier with the peculiar nose no less. His ass was high on all fours as he guided my cock to its mark and breaching back to meet my thrust that surprised me because I entered him so easily without spit or lubricant. I rode him fully aware that beside me was the busboy fucking the other soldier who had pinched his bottom. A quick look around saw the other four were joined together, limbs intertwined, sucking each other.


I came in the man’s ass and fell onto his back exhausted. He whimpered as if disappointed that I was finished so quickly. Rotating his ass and clenching his anal muscles on my shrivelling cock was the very last sensation I felt before I slithered out of the warm cocoon.


We spent the rest of the wee hours drinking and having sex, I fucked one other older officer and was fucked by Fritz. That experience I can only describe as a side show as the men cheered on the boy whose enthusiasm was keen. However, in his overzealousness his short erection slipped out often so that at times he didn't notice that he was fucking my crack to the humor of all.


Everyone had passed out asleep on the joined beds. I awoke and had no idea of the time other than daybreak hinted through the window. I crawled out of the bed careful not to disturb seven other bodies intertwined. I wanted the colonel; no, I needed the colonel. Naked, not by choice, my clothes were somewhere around the pool. I cautiously walked the one story up hoping beyond hope that nobody happened to be awake to see me naked and again hoping beyond hope that the colonel’s door would be unlocked. I had no idea if I would be welcome, fearing knocking on the door only to have Claus awakened and shoo me away.


Holding my breath in anticipation, the door knob rotated to the left without resistance and the door gave way. I listened a short while, but heard nothing from the interior and stepped inside quiet as mouse. In the semi darkness I saw the beds joined together as the men I spent the night with had done.


My eyes focused after a few seconds and I saw bodies sprawled about. My eyes adjusted to the semi darkness and I counted five blond heads in a slumber, the colonel in the middle. I froze. I expected only to see the colonel, Claus and Frank, aghast was I to see two more young bodies.


I was distraught, tears in my eyes. Yes, jealous. I had a right to be. Blond, blue eyed, . . . yes, pretty for a boy, I admitted to myself. I searched and found my duffle bag. I dressed and threw it over my shoulder and silently left the room. My destination was my home city and I was prepared to walk the distance if I had to. I didn’t want to be a whore-boy any longer. I had a taste of that and was ashamed of it.


Half way down the hallway I heard bare feet slap the floor and a hand painfully grasped my collarbone. I froze, grimaced and turned my head to the left where the pain originated. It was the colonel. Naked and glaring at me in a quizzical sort of way, he spun me around and peered into my eyes. I could not read his mood. He was stone faced as usual. When he lowered his head to meet my lips I turned to rubber, my duffle bag fell from my shoulder onto the floor and I met his tongue with my own. I wasn’t going anywhere after that, I was the Nazi’s boy again!


to be continued . . .


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