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The Orgone Orgasm Machine

Chapter #1

By Paul S. Stevens

Stuart Gardner was an attractive fourteen year old boy living in Pasadena California. He had the good fortune of being a tenth grader at CIS Academy (Center for Independent Study located on the campus of Pasadena High School) located at 2925 East Sierra Madre Boulevard in the city of Pasadena.

At fourteen, Stuart was the youngest student in his tenth grade class and the constant disapproval he endured over it was often a source of consternation for him. He enjoyed the occasional game of baseball or basketball and even joined the water polo team at school this year. Nevertheless, Stuart was not an ordinary boy. He didn't have many friends and he spent most of his time alone at home. He really only had two passions, `Sex' and `Science', two seemingly unrelated passions that were about to explode in a cosmic collision of stellar proportions. Stuart's dull and boring existence was about to take on an unexpected turn. His perception of reality was about to be put to the ultimate test.

Sex, Stuart's first passion, was a subject that held the greatest fascination for him. His all time favorite activity in the whole world was jacking off. It didn't require another person to be able to have a great time of it and it was virtually impossible to get anyone pregnant from it. For Stuart, it was the ultimate win-win situation. He would engage in his favorite past time as often as five times a day when he got really bored. He loved his dick and balls so much it bordered on cock worship. In fact, he loved the human Penis so much that you might even say that he had an obsession with Penises. He definitely was having a love affair with his own boy toy. He was very happy that God saw fit to make him a boy.

Stuart thought a lot about whether he was gay or not. It was a major concern of his and he spent many hours pondering it. His biggest concern was that he wasn't attracted to girls at all. On the other hand, he wasn't attracted to guys all that much either. His line of reasoning was, perhaps he just wasn't ready for that kind of relationship yet and therefore, it just didn't matter.

His only exception was when he formed a kind of crush on David Scott. While on a nature hike at a Boy Scout camping trip last year, Stuart noticed David wandering off the trail when the leaders weren't looking. Stuart was curious where he was going and followed him. He witnessed David candidly pull his pants and underwear all the way down to his ankles like a four year old might do to relieve himself right there in the woods. As David lifted up his khaki scout shirttails with one hand while he held his cock in the other, Stuart got a remarkably good view of David's hot naked body from the waist down. It wasn't so much the boy that he fell in love with as it was his amazing cock and balls. Stuart's science teacher would often define things in science as `The Quintessential Embodiment' of something and that's the first thing that came to mind as Stuart gazed upon David's perfect example of the human male form. Stuart was so mesmerized that time stood still and the stunning image he beheld seared itself deep into his memory. From that day forward, he frequently called upon that sensual image to jack-off to and fantasize with.

Since that time, Stuart's brief voyeuristic encounter with David created a hunger for more jack-off material. His obsession to acquire more images of male genitalia compelled him to scour scores of magazines and books for the chance to procure those elusive images. Once in a while he would get lucky and download a picture or two from the Internet depicting nudists and naturalists feeling free to let it all hang out. The Websites for the naturist pictures didn't use the same type of graphic names that would tip his parents off to what he was doing. For as many images as there are on the Internet, finding sites that had boys his age were rare. He had to be very careful what he downloaded though, since his parents monitored his computer usage quite closely. He managed to print a couple of these photos that he had collected and then hid them quite ingeniously from his parents. They provided a great source of stimulation to masturbate to but he worried about the possibility of them being discovered. He desperately wanted to keep them a secret, especially from his dad.

Well, today was one of those days and Stuart was home alone, in his room and feeling bored to tears. In an effort to find something to do, he started to go through his dresser drawers. He went through the first four drawers not finding anything that might engage his mind. As he made his way to the bottom drawer, he came upon his porn stash, hidden in one of his textbooks and picked it up. Just holding the book in his hands was sufficient stimulation for him to pop a boner and now there was no question what he was going to be doing next.

He locked his bedroom door, not knowing when his parents would return and stripped naked. He got his travel size tube of Vaseline that he hid in an old shoebox and then made himself comfortable on the bed. He opened the textbook to the hidden printouts and began to play with his cock and balls as he imagined touching and caressing the boys within the sensuous pictures. He had recently found a new snapshot that he printed from the Internet that depicted a young boy tenderly making love to his own body. With this new picture, he had eight photos in total. He spread them evenly around himself as he continued to masturbate, placing four of them across his left side and the other four on his right. He thought about the time his father made a rude comment while reading the evening paper about a male sex offender who preyed on teenage boys. He said `A dick is a dick. You've seen one, you've seen them all'. He didn't know if he was just hopelessly un-observant or disapprovingly homophobic. Either way, his `Holy Roller' father would never understand his predilection for the male form.

With that in mind, he looked over each photo, studying and scrutinizing each boy in every picture and examined their fascinating boy parts. Like a scientist meticulously collecting and analyzing his data, he documented every detail in the laboratory of his mind. He noticed the obvious things first, like if they were circumcised or not. He observed the length and girth of their penis and the size of their balls in proportion to their cock. He also noticed the smaller details like how their penis might bend to one side or another and the size and shape of their glans. He observed how one of their balls might hang a little lower than the other. He also noted the color of their skin around their penis and if they had any pubic hair, studying its density and texture whether it be shaven or unshaven.

As he drew deeper into his intensive examinations, he began to feel the stirrings of an approaching orgasm. His focus now turned away from the photos and onto his own arousing senses. The initial sexual tingling of his blossoming boygasm originated deep in his balls and then radiated outward, slowly encompassing his entire body. A blistering electrical current sensuously coursed through his veins, igniting every nerve ending from head to toe. His mind was now completely immersed in the world of sex as his testosterone driven climax became imminent.

Stuart's body stiffened and he held his breath. His brain released a liquid cocktail of Dopamine, Serotonin, and a variety of other Endorphins that launched Stuart into the stratosphere. The resulting secretions in Stuart's brain triggered his reproductive system to release its own equivalent cocktail of fluids. His cock built up a substantial amount of precious, sperm-rich fertile semen that began its journey from his balls and filled his seminal vesicles, ultimately sending the hot mixture silently shooting up through his urethra, culminating in a fiery eruption that surged past his hand and exploded from his twitching cock.

Stuart was slightly immature for his age and he had just recently started producing wet, sperm-rich semen. He watched himself shoot his load in pure amazement and delight. The first three jets of Stuart's boy cream flew half way across his body and landed on his right shoulder and upper arm. The last remaining two shots pooled at the base of his cock and then oozed to a stop. The fact that he could shoot real sperm like a full grown man made him feel like an award-winning stud whose semen was highly prized. Stuart closed his eyes and slowly floated back down to earth from his sexually charged chemically induced high. The cascading `cause-and-effect' that all happened in perfect synchronization within his body could be summed up in one incredibly powerful word, `Orgasm', and Stuart had just experienced a phenomenal one!

During his search for nude male pictures, Stuart read and learned everything he could about the complex sequences of chemical reactions that take place during sexual arousal and subsequent orgasms. Stuart was careful to cover his tracks by learning to navigate through the content rich sites that were legitimate medical and scientific research pages, not only to educate himself but also to arouse his sexual curiosity. At fourteen years old, he fully understood the processes and all the how's and why's of sexual reproduction. Having this knowledge made sex all that much more exciting and enjoyable for him as he learned to `feel the magic' and `understand the science'.

Other than sex and his odd fascination for the human Penis, the world of science came in a close second and consumed his thoughts whenever his raging hormones would allow. Stuart had a very analytical mind which suitably lent itself to scientific experimentation and exploration. He even won `First Place' at `The 60th Annual California State Science Fair' that was held on May 2 & 3, 2011. The event took place at `The California Science Center' located in `Exposition Park' near Downtown Los Angeles. This year, the fair was sponsored by CalTech and over a thousand students from 403 schools throughout California competed in the two-day event that recognized the state's best student research projects.

Stuart had his nearby neighbor and friend Doctor Eugene LaCroix to thank for encouraging him to enter. The Doctor was a well respected Professor at CalTech for many years and this year, he was selected to serve on the judging committee. He always treated Stuart like a mature young adult and continually encouraged Stuart to embrace his love and aptitude for science. Whenever Stuart would see the Doctor in passing, the Doctor would inevitably engage Stuart's mind by enticing him to exercise his mental faculties. He would challenge Stuart to solve a series of small but tricky brain puzzles that would keep Stuart busy for hours as he would thoughtfully contemplate their solutions. These days, the Doctor spends a large part of his retirement in his basement laboratory, working on his pet project in relative isolation from the world. He's so confident that he's on the verge of a major breakthrough that when his financing dried up, he began spending a considerable amount of his own retirement income to keep it going.

The fact that the Doctor was absorbed in his own science project was exactly what drew Stuart to the Doctor in the first place. The Doctor was already famous for inventing the worlds first Orgometer, a device that detects and measures the elusive presence of `Orgone Energy', a concept whose validity was highly disputed until recently. They often talked about the Doctor's experiments and inventions and the two of them made fast friends. Stuart would often imagine himself working side by side with a colleague as eminent as the Doctor.

Today was Wednesday, the day after Stuart won the state science fair award and the entire school suddenly knew who Stuart Gardner was. They held a brief assembly in his honor just before lunch period and his last period science teacher treated the entire class to a free hour with punch and cookies.

As Stuart walked home from school, he felt like a celebrity. He'd gone from relative obscurity to superstar status in the blink of an eye. As Stuart turned down the last street before reaching home, he saw the Doctor out and about. He was doing something in his yard, something that looked like it was connected to some amazing project the Doctor might conceivably be working on. He quickened his pace to catch the Doctor before he disappeared inside the house.

"Hey Doctor LaCroix, guess what!" Stuart said as he slowed down and stopped in front of the Doctor's house.

Pretending to guess, the Doctor said, "You won first place at the science fair?"

"How did you know?" he asked.

"You forgot that I was on the judging committee my young friend!" the doctor began. "Stuart, your project was well deserving, you chose a great subject, you asked the right questions, your background research was thorough, you constructed and tested your hypothesis, you analyzed your data and draw your conclusions and lastly you communicated your results in a first class presentation."

"Well thanks Doc, that's really cool of you to say," Stuart modestly said as he turned slightly red from the Doctor's illustrious praise.

"It's a fact Stuart, your project stood well above the others," the Doctor stated. "By the way Stuart, I was thinking, summer vacation is just a few weeks away. Do you have any plans?"

"No Sir!" Stuart replied.

"Well, I can use a lab assistant this summer," the Doctor said, thinking out loud. "I need someone to help me do some odds and ends around the lab and keep it clean and orderly. This person needs to be someone I can trust to run small errands and see to it that I don't get so busy that I forget to eat. What do you think? Are you that person?"

"Wa... wa... hu..." Stuart stammered.

"That's okay, you probably have better things to do," the Doctor concluded.

"NO!" Stuart declared. "I'm that person, me, I want to do it. It would be an honor! I'm your man!"

"Okay, okay... you're in!" the Doctor chuckled. "Let's start on the first Monday after finals, deal?"

"Deal, thanks Doc, I mean Doctor LaCroix," Stuart said realizing his relationship with the Doctor was going to have to be on a professional basis from now on.

"Very good," the Doctor said. "See you then, 8:00 a.m. sharp, and by the way Stuart, congratulations on your victory!"

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir!" Stuart said waving goodbye to his friend as he continued on his journey home.

Stuart now had something to look forward to this summer besides jacking-off all day and the occasional visit to the community pool. When the day finally came to begin his duties as the Doctor's lab assistant, he was beside himself with excitement and fear. Excitement to be working in the lab with his mentor and friend and fear from possibly doing something wrong that might get him banned from the lab forever. He tried hard to be the best assistant possible and paid close attention to the Doctors every move to learn as much from him as he could. He found watching and assisting the Doctor to be one of his favorite things to do (second only to masturbating) as the Doctor drew closer to the long awaited breakthrough that had been so many years in the making.

The Doctor had taught science and physics for years at Caltech and was the head of the science department there. Now, he spends all his time pursuing his life's ambition, being an inventor. In the basement of his secluded home was a machine he'd been working on for several years. It was an Orgone collector that was based on the 1994 specifications by Doctor James DeMeo and then modified to conform to Doctor LaCroix proposed invention.

It was based on the research of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. In 1930, Reich proposed that Orgone energy was a universal life force. He believed that the concept of `Libido' had an actual biological basis. He believed that Orgone Energy provided a healthy psychological state that can only be derived from uninhibited libidinal flow. Reich believed that many diseases, particularly cancer were caused by deficiencies in the natural flow of Orgone Energy in the body. He developed specially designed "Orgone Accumulators" which supposedly charged the body with Orgone Energy collected from the atmosphere. These devices were touted to improve general health and substantially increase sexual potency. Unfortunately, Reich was regarded as a fraud and the existence of Orgone Energy discredited.

Doctor LaCroix's previous invention of the Orgometer, once and for all proved the existence of Orgone Energy and allowed the technology to further be developed. His current invention was designed to elevate this technology to the next level by taking a giant leap forward. His new invention would be the worlds first `Orgone Accelerator'. The Doctor's basement lab consisted of a series of collectors outside the facility. He had twelve collectors spread evenly across his backyard. Each collector was made up of eight, twelve foot high tube towers arranged in two square foot configurations and were made of special materials that were designed to collect and amplify the surrounding Orgone Energy. He cleverly decorated and disguised these collectors to look like artistic lawn sculptures to the casual observer. One thing he didn't need was objections from neighbors and skeptics that might inhibit his efforts.

Once collected, the Orgone Energy was then routed to the basement lab by means of a series of wires, cables and tubes that were connected to a console where the Orgone Energy would be harnessed and manipulated using a complicated array of electronic circuitry that the Doctor himself had engineered and developed over the last several years. The resulting accelerated energy would then be routed to `The Box'.

`The Box' was a modified receptacle based on James DeMeo's designs that served as the delivery system for the Accelerated Orgone Energy to be absorbed and consumed by the subject. It was a square open ended chamber which was large enough for a single person to sit in a chair within its walls and receive its therapeutic benefits.

Unlike DeMeo's design, all the Orgone Energy would be delivered from the top of the chamber and would be focused down upon the subject from a series of high efficiency emitters built into the roof of the chamber above. This allowed for an open ended structure, eliminating the need for a door. This modification would prove useful as the Doctor himself was claustrophobic and would find that sitting in a closed chamber for an extended period of time would prove most uncomfortable. To further expand on the concept of comfort, he installed a plush overstuffed reclining lounge chair within the chamber that he referred to as simply, `The Chair'.

Today was a special day and Stuart was present to share in the Doctor's good fortune. The Doctor's device was finally complete. All that was left to do now was to test it and then document the series of experiments that would prove the Doctor's sound theories and hypothesis. Like Stuart's science fair project, he assisted the Doctor in preparing the written documentation that would ultimately get published in all the respected scientific and academic journals and periodicals. The paper would include explaining the subject matter, posing the right questions, establishing the background research, the inclusion of all schematics and other particulars of constructing the device. Then it documented the details of testing the hypothesis, analyzing the data, drawing the subsequent conclusions and lastly, communicating the results in a first class presentation using photos, diagrams, data tables and graphs. The Doctor was looking forward to being able to publish and submit his findings and have his document appear before his peers in the scientific community, proving that Wilhelm Reich was indeed on the right track and the Doctor's `Orgone Accelerator' would be the greatest breakthrough in medical science since penicillin.

"Well my young assistant," the Doctor proclaimed. "It's ready to go! What we need to do now is, enlist the aid of a volunteer to help us start documenting our findings."

"I'll volunteer!" Stuart said excited to be able to help the Doctor and be the first to try it out.

"Oh no Stuart," the Doctor said. "That job has to go to a trained volunteer who can accurately describe in detail his experiences, both before and after each session in the most clinical and quantifiable manner possible."

"I could do that!" Stuart said trying to sound like he'd make a reliable subject since he often practiced that kind of assessment when he scrutinized his exclusive photo collection.

"Yes, I'm sure you can," the Doctor related. "The problem with that is that when I publish my findings, the scientific community will frown upon the use of a fourteen year old subject and dispute the reliability of the results."

"Oh, I see," Stuart said sounding befuddled.

"I'll tell you what though," the Doctor said knowing his young assistant's heart was in the right place. "When I'm done with the initial testing, we'll do a small side study on the effects of Orgone Energy on a fourteen year old adolescent boy. That should prove interesting don't you think?"

"Okay!" Stuart said sounding cheerful again, now that his participation was assured in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Later that night, after he'd gone to bed, Stuart found he couldn't sleep thinking about the time when he would get his turn in `The Box' and help his friend and mentor with his life's work. Stuart wondered what it would be like to experience that which so far had only been, a theory. He knew that the Doctor's machine had something to do with possibly preventing or even curing diseases and that it made its subject feel good.

The real kicker was, a couple of times, he had overheard the Doctor's phone conversations with his colleagues talking about sexual potency. Helping the Doctor with his documentation had really ignited Stuart's curiosity. He had already done a good deal of research on the human reproductive system and had recently added Orgone Energy to the list of Internet sites he'd been studying. Stuart found himself being drawn to the sexual aspects of the Doctor's project so fanatically that it occupied his thoughts day and night. The fact that the Doctor always steered clear of talking about the sexual nature of his work in Stuart's presence only served to fuel Stuart's burning curiosity. Stuart didn't exactly know what to expect from all this and he didn't care anymore. He only knew that he wanted to try it no matter what. The more he thought about it, the more he got aroused and started squeezing and pulling on his dick and playing with his balls under the covers while he imagined what it would feel like to receive a hefty dose of the Doctor's `Sexual Potency'.

Since the beginning of the year, Stuart had been going through a major growing spurt, especially to his favorite boy parts. He had grown some underarm hair and some fine pubic hair above his dick that he grew quite fond of. His balls were blossoming into real spheres of maturity and his dick had grown into a larger handful than it had been before. The best part of his recent growing spurt was the new ability to shoot sperm. He thought that if sex felt pretty good right now, then sitting in `The Box', kicking up his feet in `The Chair' and being showered with the Doctor's unseen erotic energy should prove to be the ultimate sexual experience ever.

As Stuart closed his eyes in his darkened bedroom, his sexual arousal sent him into a fantasy world where he would sit in `The Chair' and the Doctor would operate his machine that would deliver an erotic treatment to Stuart's body at which time Stuart would give him a detailed blow by blow account of the erotic sensations that the Doctor's amazing machine induced within his young fourteen year old body. He dreamed that the Doctor would manipulate the controls as Stuart would guide him along as to what felt nice and what felt better. Then according to Stuart's scientific accounts, the Doctor would then be able to zero in on just the right combination of settings that would ultimately send Stuart racing toward a mind blowing climax.

As his imagination went wild, Stuart lost control and spewed a good healthy helping of rich, white, boy cream onto his chest and belly. As Stuart drifted down from his sexually induced euphoria, he felt more excited than ever to try the Doctor's machine. He now felt more determined than ever to make it happen, one way or another.

Early the following morning, Stuart went over to the Doctor's lab to help out as usual and found the Doctor in a very nervous and agitated state.

"Oh Stuart," the Doctor said. "I'm so glad you're here! I really need you today. I'm going to the Student Union at Caltech to interview our volunteers. One lucky fellow will have the honor of helping us begin the process of documenting our first round of experiments."

"How can I help?" Stuart asked.

"Clean up the place," he said. "Make it presentable for our new guest so he'll feel right at home."

"Okay Doctor, I'll start right away!" Stuart said.

"There's no hurry," the Doctor said. "This is going to take several hours. I've already gotten several hits on the volunteer sign-up page that I posted to Caltech's Applied Physics and Particle Theory Web Site. All the volunteers have been instructed to appear at the Science Lab today where I will interview each and every one of them. When I make my final decision, the two of us will return and begin testing later this afternoon. You have until then to make this place spotless!"

"Yes Sir," Stuart answered. "You can count on me!"

He was very excited to be able to witness what might be a historic breakthrough for his friend's career. He was even more excited to know that he was going to be that much closer to getting his own turn to experience the awesome power of the Doctor's new invention. Stuart hoped the Doctor would at least enlist a cute and sexy guy with a big boner that wasn't afraid to share his experiences because until he got his own turn in `The Chair', Stuart would have to live out his fantasy vicariously through him.

The Doctor said goodbye to Stuart as he set out on his journey. He was excited to visit Caltech's campus once again as he floated up the basement stairs, literally walking on air. Stuart began his task in earnest and soon the place was looking presentable. He began daydreaming about the day he would get his turn in `The Box'. He began to imagine that he would be a better subject than anyone the Doctor could dig up. After all, he'd been apart of the Doctor's project since the beginning of summer and he knew exactly what the Doctor was looking for.

As Stuart finished up the last bit of his assignment, he started feeling envious of the new guy who was going to get to try the Doctor's newly finished machine before anyone else. Stuart believed that he should've gotten at least a little sample of the Doctor's `Sexual Potency' before the long and tedious process of repetitive testing and experimentation began. As Stuart's mind wandered, he got a little clumsy and his foot got caught on one of the electrical cords to the primary `Accelerator' unit and pulled the bare wiring right out of the plug itself. An excruciating wave of horror tore through his mind, body and soul as what he had just done sent him into a panicked state of shock. His butt hit the concrete floor as he collapsed in a heap, unsure what to do about his inept clumsiness.

Several thoughts crossed his mind. First, he thought about telling the Doctor what he'd done. That led him to the worst case scenario where he would get banned from the Doctor's lab for life. Then he remembered that he had learned a lot about electronics and wiring from observing the Doctor at work. If he repaired the plug before the Doctor returned, he would never know the difference.

With the speed and determination of a lightning bolt, Stuart collected the necessary tools and materials to commence his repair operation. He cautiously removed the amputated plug from the wall and disassembled it to reveal the plug's screw terminals so the wires could be re-attached. He then cut off the damaged wires at the end of the cord and stripped the wires in preparation to be reintegrated into the plug housing.

Once he was successful in his repair operation, he crossed his fingers and pensively plugged the machine back into the wall outlet hoping he didn't make things worse. Stuart was relieved as no sparks erupted from the plug nor did it burst into flames. Even so, Stuart didn't want to leave it to chance that his repair job held so he decided to fire up the `Accelerator' just as a test to see if the power was in fact getting to the equipment.

He held his breath and reached out to flip on the switch. The panel lights went on and everything appeared to be as it should. Stuart knew that the `Accelerator' needed to go through a series of steps like a computer that has to `boot up' before it could be shut down again. What Stuart didn't know and had no experience with, was polarity. Stuart had unwittingly inverted the positive and negative poles on the electric plug he repaired, reversing the polarity of the device.

A wicked thought raced though Stuart's mind. The Doctor was several hours away from returning and as long as the machine was already on and had to go through this whole startup procedure, he thought he might as well sneak a quick sample before shutting it back down again.

He looked over the collection of controls and made some setting adjustments that suited his fancy. Not knowing or understanding what each individual control does was risky but he watched the Doctor operate it numerous times and felt confident enough to try. He started with the larger knobs first as that seemed like the most logical place to start.

First, he set the timer for twenty minutes. Then he set the frequency that ranged from 12k - 120k hertz and set this control to 80k. The next control dealt with wave lengths and was represented by varying colors that were displayed as a spectrograph on an LCD color panel. Since blue was his favorite color, he set this control to a deep shade of azure. There were a dozen or so mid-sized controls and several dozen smaller controls that manipulated and influenced a host of other critical functions. Even though he had no clue what it was he was doing, he arbitrarily selected settings for each and every knob, switch and dial. By the time he was done setting all the controls, the machine began humming in a most pleasing manner. At this point, Stuart was so anxious to go sit in `The Chair' that he threw caution to the wind and entered `The Box'. The fact that the Doctor's `Accelerator' had never made this kind of sound before today didn't register in his mind whatsoever. He just wanted to try out the machine and that's all there was to it.

After a few seconds of sitting in `The Chair', Stuart began feeling relaxed and comfortable and he immediately lost all his inhibitions. The dirty little boy inside him got a wonderfully titillating idea that he thought would really help him feel unencumbered. He stepped out of the Doctor's chamber for a moment and stripped naked, removing everything including his shoes and socks. He re-entered the chamber and got completely turned on by his nakedness, leaning back in the reclining chair, lifting up the foot rest and spreading his legs apart as far as possible.

At first, Stuart had only intended to sit in the chamber for a couple of minutes, just long enough to satisfy his curiosity. This would still give him enough time to get dressed again and shut everything down long before the Doctor would return, making sure that everything was back to normal with the Doctor being none the wiser.

Having lost all track of time, the readout on the `Accelerator' indicated that Stuart's session had passed the five minute mark and Stuart was lost in deep contemplation. A little bit at a time, Stuart began to feel at peace with the world and felt as carefree as he ever felt in his life. He began to feel that even if the Doctor and his new volunteer walked in on him right now, he might ask them to join him. Soon, Stuart closed his eyes and fell into a deep relaxed state and his mind began to wander and his thoughts turned to his most secret fantasies as he imagined them coming to life.

There were several things that were happening with the Doctor's machine that Stuart was totally unaware of. First, the reversed polarity of Stuart's unintentional repair debacle was causing a critical buildup of Orgone Energy that the Doctor had not compensated for in his original computations. The subsequent Orgone Energy began to build up beyond the machine's tolerance. The excess energy overflowed and got dumped directly into `The Box', unfiltered and unregulated. The equipment was not designed to be operated under these conditions nor were they ever intended to be used without supervision. There was no one at the controls to abort the procedure should it malfunction or become unstable. Second, one of the settings that Stuart had changed was the power ramping control. Stuart had unknowingly set it to increase the power output at a rate of 10% per minute. In the twenty minute interval that Stuart had set the timer for, the overall power rate would increase by a factor well beyond the 200% tolerance built into the machine. Third, Stuart also had unwittingly set the machine to automatically repeat every five minutes (on for twenty minutes, off for five minutes). This meant that the session would replay itself exactly the same way every time, over and over again until someone would physically turn it off.

At the ten minute mark, Stuart passed the relaxed state and entered into an escalated state of sexual arousal. First, he opened his eyes to discover he had an erection. It was a thumping, throbbing erection that was stretching and straining to harden and grow beyond its ability. It reminded him of the kind of boner he would wake up with every morning, except even more rigid and stiff. At this time, Stuart made a conscious choice not to touch his penis in any way, allowing his experience to be governed completely by the Doctor's machine. His heightened sexual state catapulted him into his favorite fantasy. He closed his eyes again and started to live out his fantasy in a kind of waking dream, somewhere between conscious and unconscious thought.

One of the byproducts of Orgone Energy is precipitation. Farmers have used Orgone Accumulators to assist nature in making it rain. In the confines of the laboratory, the Acceleration of the Orgone Energy produced static electricity in the air and made it feel and smell like the after effects of a gentle spring shower.

Stuart's waking dream began to coalesce in his consciousness and he became aware that he was in a large field. The fresh smell of the great outdoors caused by the build up of Orgone Energy served to further enhance Stuart's dream. There was no one around for as far as he could see. Off in the distance was a single lonely tree surrounded by a meadow of green grass and pretty yellow flowers. The tree itself was too far away to determine the type of tree it was but it was fully loaded with hundreds of spectacular blossoms from top to bottom. There was something about this tree that was calling to him, both spiritually and sexually. He began to trek toward the tree, feeling the cool damp grass push up between his toes as he made his way across the meadow. As he came nearer to the tree, he was able to make out more details.

The pinkish colored objects he initially mistook for blossoms were in fact human penises. The tree was covered with them. It was a genuine `Penis Tree' (Scientific Name: Phallus Triloba). He had dreamt about them but he'd never really seen one before. As he arrived under the shade of the tree, he beheld hundreds of beautiful penises in all their glory. There were small ones and large ones, uncircumcised and cut. Some flaccid, some erect with light skin and dark. Each penis was complete with a set of balls below, some with their skin pulled up tight and firm while others dipped low, hanging gracefully so.

As Stuart beheld the numerous varieties of fruit that this incredible tree had to offer, he discovered that each one elicited a different image in his mind. Some looked like penises and some looked like cocks. Some looked like peters and dildos, peckers and poles. The larger ones reminded him of schlongs and wankers, sausages and pricks. The smaller ones seemed like tallywhackers, willies and small little weenies. He had heard and read all these names over the years but he never knew why there were so many names for the same thing, until now.

Stuart had no idea that he had now passed the fifteen minute mark and his waking dream began to manifest itself into the real world as his thoughts started to affect his physical body. Everything that Stuart dreamt about from here on would cause him to experience it on his own physical body in real time.

In his waking dream, it was the height of penis season and most of the fruit on the tree was ripe and ready for picking. Even though he'd never had `Penis' from a `Penis Tree' before, he instinctively knew what to do. He reached up and picked a nice firm six inch circumcised penis with a golden tan and large pendulous balls and reached down to pull off his pants when he remembered he was already naked. He unplugged his own four inch penis and balls from his body and replaced it with the six inch specimen he had just chosen. Stuart was amazed because he never realized that switching one's own penis could be just as quick and easy as changing one's own shoes.

He studied it and played with it a bit, just to try it on for size and get an idea what it felt like. He liked the fit a lot and it hung comfortably between his legs. He liked its shape and size and enjoyed the feeling of wearing a dick that was larger than his own.

Nevertheless, having so many more choices available, he decided to reach up and select another model to try on. So he unplugged the golden tanned model from his body and placed it carefully on the grass next to him. He slowly looked around and decided on a nice plump seven inch long uncircumcised cock with completely shaven balls and a meticulously trimmed bush of sandy blonde fuzz. Since his own cock was snugly circumcised, he often fantasized what it would feel like to stroke a cock with its foreskin and its bundle of highly sensitive nerve endings still attached. As he plugged it into his body's receptacle, he immediately felt the pleasant sensation of having the glans covered with a sheath of warm, soft, comfortably supple skin like it was perpetually parked inside someone's inviting posterior. He stroked it into an erection and it plumped up to more than twice its size. He studied the way he could see and feel the mass and shape of the glans beneath the foreskin. He was fascinated by the way the outer-skin could move back and fourth over the stationary head revealing the outline that throbbed underneath. He especially enjoyed the effortless way he could masturbate it without the need for lube.

In the belief that variety is the spice of life, he decided to try on yet another selection. He unplugged his current choice from his body and placed it carefully on the grass next to the other one. This time, he selected a huge horse hung cock. It was a nine inch, deep black circumcised cock with huge heavy balls that hung down more than three inches from under the shaft. He reached up to pluck his choice off the branch and had a difficult time picking it. It was quite securely attached to the tree and it was as if the tree wasn't going to let go of its prize so easily. After a brief struggle, he was able to procure his selection. Once he got it in his hands, he studied it a bit. He noticed that the outline of the corona was a light pink color and the contrast between that and the jet black color of its shaft made it look like it had sexy racing stripes. Even though he knew in advance that this one would not fit as well as the others and would look disproportional to the rest of his body, he was excited to try it anyway.

He often wondered how a black cock might be different than any other and in a few moments, he would get his answer. He struggled to get the black one to plug in but the pins on this model were slightly bigger and a twinge of pain flashed through his body as these larger pins stretched his body's receptacles until it popped into place. He felt empowered that he could wear such a monster as he initially played with it. Its super sensitive nature immediately sprang to life. It boned up so big that it required both of Stuart's hands just to fondle it. Now that he managed to see it on himself and feel it, he realized it served the same purpose as any other cock so he concentrated on the other aspects of its qualities such as its size, weight, texture and functionality.

Almost immediately, Stuart's `Black Dream Cock' started to produce precum and Stuart used this slippery fluid as lube and began to masturbate with it intensely. Stuart got lightheaded as a wave of erotic energy coursed through his veins. In his dream, he was masturbating a giant black cock. In reality his body was experiencing the equivalent sensations as if he were actually jacking a real nine inch cock of his own.

Both his real body, (which was physically sitting in the Doctor's chamber) and his dream body, (which was standing under the `Penis Tree' in the middle of the meadow) were now reacting in sync with each other. His breathing became shallow as he began to feel an orgasm approaching with slow but intense determination. Jacking this huge cock felt so good to Stuart that his black balls in his dream were starting to undulate as they rose and fell in continuous waves of pleasure that caused his balls in the real world to do the same. Stuart's own balls never did this before and they elicited a feeling of masculinity and virility that were sensations he'd never experienced before. He started to feel his sperms and seminal fluids conjoin in his reproductive track that promised to produce the most abundant semen he'd ever ejaculated. The climactic surge of his forthcoming climax became imminent. His body was gearing up for such a powerful discharge that his tear ducts released a stream of tears that rolled down his cheeks in both worlds.

Stuart's climactic juices swelled to critical mass and the pressure behind his balls erupted in a firestorm of molten man seed that spewed forcibly from both worlds. Stuart loved to count the number of spasms his loins would generate as his body would shoot his load. Since he started shooting real cream, his personal best has been four or five.

As Stuart began to shoot the first of his hot load, he found it difficult to maintain his focus due to the extreme sensations that overwhelmed his senses. This orgasm was the most unbelievable experience he'd ever had. He struggled to keep his focus as he began his count.

One... two... three... four... five... six...

To his amazement, it didn't stop there. In fact, it felt like he'd only just begun. He got excited as he continued well past his personal best!

Seven... eight... nine... ten...

Stuart's body (in both worlds) started wildly convulsing as his Orgone induced orgasm continued to devastate his mind, body and soul.

Eleven... twelve... thirteen!

Stuart's out of this world orgasm finally released its grip on him and he slowly floated down from heaven in the most amazing post orgasmic afterglow there ever was. A few moments later, the timer on the `Accelerator' passed the twenty minute mark and went into standby mode at which time the `off' timer began its countdown. In five minutes, the timer would automatically switch back to the `on' mode and the session would re-activate into a repeat cycle. The room fell silent and Stuart felt unbelievably good, however his experience was so intense that he didn't have the strength to move. He sat quietly and opened his eyes for the first time since his incredible journey began. He looked across his torso and admired the pools of boy juice that the `Accelerator' had induced within him. It was easily three times the normal amount his fourteen year old balls usually produced.

As he slowly came to his senses back in the real world, he decided to continue resting for a couple more minutes. He was still high on the experience as traces of his afterglow persisted. Stuart felt so relaxed and comfortable that he fell asleep thinking he still had plenty of time left before the Doctor was due back.

Five minutes later, when the Doctor's `Accelerator' kicked into repeat mode, Stuart was still hard and fast asleep. The slow and steady ramping of the `Orgone Energy' by the Doctor's delicate machine was so subtle that Stuart failed to wake up. He remained asleep as the `Orgone Energy' pushed him deeper into a world where he didn't want to wake up and deal with the real world anymore.

As the session passed the ten minute mark, Stuart passed through the relaxed phase and once again entered into an escalating state of sexual arousal. This time, it was like he was having a wet dream where he was sexually aroused but completely asleep. In this world, everything was sensual and erotic and he began to vividly dream that the world was being controlled by Aliens.

Their spaceships were all parked high above the earth in a stationary orbit and were linked together to create one big emitter. For some unknown clandestine reason, the Aliens conspired to turn the earth into one giant human sex orgy. The Aliens were using the very same technology that the Doctor himself invented. Their operatives on earth stole the Doctor's specifications and did some modifying of their own. They outfitted their spaceships to deliver massive amounts of `Orgone Energy' so powerful that every man, woman and pubescent child on the planet would succumb to its effects.

Once turned on, the Alien Orgone Emitters in outer space would cause every man, woman and pubescent child on the planet to seek out the closest person to them (whether it be another man, woman or pubescent child) and engage them in a wild torrent of sexual pleasure and perversion.

The Doctor's device now passed the fifteen minute mark for the second time and Stuart's little wet dream became a full blown phantasmagoria. Everyone around him was engaging in one kind of sexual act or another. Everywhere he looked, men were fornicating with other men. Women were undressing their neighbors and even boys that were his age were fondling each other. Male, female, young and old alike were all submitting to their most basic sexual urges and needs.

As the scene escalated, the people around him began to notice that he was the only one among them that was standing alone. People from every direction started moving towards him. He momentarily got scared but soon discovered the touch of other humans to be soothing and sensual. Soon a mixed group of two men, six boys and a solitary girl surrounded him and groped at every inch of flesh on his body. He began to tingle from head to toe from the `Orgone Energy' the Aliens were bombarding the earth's atmosphere with. He couldn't tell who, but someone was sucking on his dick. He didn't much care who it was since it felt so good. Next, he felt someone's finger enter his rear and someone else was gently massaging his balls. He was being stimulated from every angle as he felt his balls tighten and his dick swell. That familiar sense of an oncoming orgasm began to engulf his awareness and he felt the pressure of his seminal juices climb in his tubes and vesicles. Then he discovered the solitary girl he noticed earlier reach out for his hand. She pulled him towards her to draw their lips together. She seemed to be a master as she parted his lips and offered him an example of expert tongue dueling. As he looked a little deeper into her eyes, he discovered she was a boy and Stuart had mistaken him for a girl due to his luxuriously long hair and juicy plump lips. In fact, everyone around him was male and that realization pushed him right over the edge and into an explosive orgasm.

At that same exact moment, the Doctor, who had finished his interviews early, came strolling down the stairs to his basement lab just in time to witness his little lab assistant sitting in `The Chair' with his legs spread eagle and his dick twitching and spewing gobs of thick white cum all over himself. The Doctor stood silently in shock for a moment, taking in every detail of the scene. He noticed his precious device was generating a humming sound that had him puzzled. A few seconds later, the unit switched itself off. Everything in the lab fell silent and the Doctor once again shifted his attention to Stuart, just as his eyes fluttered open. It took a few seconds for Stuart to realize that the Doctor was standing in the middle of the lab staring at Stuart's naked body.

"Oh My God!" Stuart screamed as he jumped out of `The Chair'. "I'm so sorry Doctor LaCroix, I... I... I..."

"Freeze!!!" the Doctor ordered. "Sit!!!"

A look of shock and panic flashed across Stuart's face and he reluctantly sat his naked body back onto the chamber's recliner where he'd spent the last fifty-five minutes of his life experiencing something no other person in the world had ever experienced.

"Doctor, I'm so sorry," he cried. "Please don't hate me!"

"Shoosh!!!" the Doctor ordered. He fished out his pencil and journal from his desk and pulled up a chair in front of Stuart's naked body and began. "If you're going to be my lab partner, we're going to have to be on a first name basis. My name is Eugene and I'd like it if you just called me Gene."

Stuart was still visibly shaken from being caught in the act and he wasn't sure he understood his friend properly.

"Where's your new lab partner?" Stuart asked.

"I just told you, I'm looking at him!" the Doctor frowned. "However, if you're going to make a good and reliable partner, you're going to have to follow some strict rules."

"Yes Sir, I mean Doctor LaCroix, I mean... Gene!" Stuart stammered.

"First, never pull a stunt like this again, understand?"

"Yes Sir, I promise!"

"We have to do everything strictly by the book from here on out, understand?"

"Yes Sir, I double promise!" Stuart pledged. "What happened at the Student Union?"

"All the students who signed up were nothing but airheads," Gene explained. "My best choice was here all along. I'm still going to have to get an assistant of legal age, but until I find one, you and I can do the preliminary testing together. Still interested in being my subject?"

A huge smile illuminated Stuart's face as he proclaimed, "Fuck Yeah! Sorry, I mean... Absolutely Sir... Gene!"

"That's okay, I appreciate your enthusiasm!
"Um, can I get dressed now?" Stuart asked looking a little uncomfortable still being naked.

"No! Don't move and don't touch yourself. I'm going to have to collect our experimental results that you created there on your body," the Doctor said pointing to Stuart's cum covered torso. "I'm going to have to analyze it, measure the volume and do a sperm count. I'll need to measure the residual Orgone Energy in the air, which must be rather substantial since I can smell it quite clearly. Also, I should keep you under close observation to make sure there are no ill effects from your little pleasure trip."

The Doctor's keen interest in Stuart's cumfest gave Stuart a boner that his naked body could not hide from his friend.

"Oh, and by the way, you better get used to being naked and having a stiffy whenever you're in `The Box'," the Doctor said plainly. "It looks like it will have to be standard procedure from now on."

The thought of having to be naked every time he sat in `The Chair' did not help Stuart get rid of his betraying boner by any means. The Doctor found a sealed specimen jar and thoroughly collected Stuart's semen for analysis. The Doctor then got a white cloth, soaked it in some soap and water and cleaned off the stickiness from Stuart's body.

"So, now tell me in full detail everything you thought and felt while you sat within the chamber," the Doctor ordered as he cleaned and dabbed at Stuart's groin.

"Everything?" Stuart asked as his face turned red and his withering boner got hard again.

"Yes, absolutely everything!" the Doctor clarified.

Stuart had a hard time seeing himself relay all his inner most secret fantasies that the Doctor's invention had evoked within him.

"Well... um... ah... hmm..." Stuart stuttered as the Doctor dabbed the pencil to his tongue to start documenting Stuart's account.

"All right, I get it," the Doctor revealed. "Go ahead now and get dressed and we'll start again fresh tomorrow morning!"

"Thanks Doc... I mean Gene," Stuart said. "See you tomorrow!"

Stuart got dressed in a flash and raced up the basement stairs and headed home. He couldn't imagine having to tell the Doctor about his `Penis Tree' dream or how he got caught in a planet wide orgy. Nevertheless, he realized that if he was going to be a reliable assistant for the Doctor, he was going to have to be forthright in his objective experiences and not hold back anything. That was going to be a challenge for Stuart but one that he had committed himself to and was excited and willing to endure in the name of sex and science. For now, he was enormously relieved that he was let off the hook.

Once he got home and into his room, he closed and locked the door and stripped naked once again. He was beginning to feel more and more comfortable being naked now and he was even beginning to think in terms of becoming a naturalist. In fact, he didn't need his nudist boy pictures today, he was fully loaded with the most erotic imagery he could possibly have, his own waking dreams. As he replayed those images in his mind, he got boned up and excited once again and took the opportunity to jack-off.

The Doctor's machine had invigorated him and his libido was spinning into overdrive. He felt he could cum ten more times today and decided to make that his goal of the day. The ultra high dose of Orgone Energy Stuart had received made his body react like he had taken a hand full of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis pills all at once. He wondered if he'd be able to match his `Orgone Energy' induced spasms of thirteen (which he now proudly considered to be his new personal best). When it came to counting them off, he was anxious to see how many he could do without the help of the Doctor's machine. Stuart felt proud of himself as his scientific mind turned everything he did into an experiment. Whether he was in the lab or sitting atop his bed, he would now continue to think of everything as a science project. As the Doctor taught him, he learned to follow the six critical steps:

1. Define a question.

2. Gather information.

3. Explain your hypothesis.

4. Perform experiments and collect data.

5. Analyze and interpret the data.

6. Draw conclusions and publish results.

As he sat back in his bed, he approached his jack-off session like a science experiment and got hard knowing that he had now found the perfect balance between his two passions, `Sex and Science'.

The End of Chapter #1

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