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The Orgone Orgasm Machine

Chapter #2

By Paul S. Stevens

Stuart stared at the ceiling as he recovered from his eighth orgasm of the day. He had finally begun to run out of steam. He didn't quite make his goal of ten orgasms that day and his thirteen sperm spasms per climax diminished with each orgasm until his eighth and final orgasm of the day rendered only six blasts from Stuart's overworked balls, still a respectable number for a healthy boy his age. Stuart documented each orgasm he had achieved outside the Doctor's lab along with the noticeable subtleties that each climax produced within him. He also documented the fantasies and daydreams he experienced that he could attribute to the Orgone machine itself.

It was still early in the evening, perhaps a little too early to be going to bed for the night but Stuart had completely exhausted himself with his sexual orgasmathon. The unbelievable execution of eight straight orgasms in a row had taken its toll on his young virile body. He fell asleep and slept soundly while his body worked diligently throughout the night to replenish the depleted supply of the countless millions of sperms he had coaxed out of his dick.

The next morning, Stuart awoke with one of the stiffest rock solid morning erections he'd ever had. He got cleaned up and made his way post haste to the Doctor's lab. Like some people who need their cup of coffee in the morning to be able to function, Stuart was anxious to get his day started with a little morning Orgone sex. Unfortunately, when he arrived, the Doctor was too involved in making measurements and taking readings with his scopes and meters. He measured every wavelength and oscillation he could think of using Stuart's programmed settings, the very same settings that had taken Stuart into that elusive zone of enhanced supersexualization. Even though the process of recording measurements was tedious to watch, Stuart's morning erection persisted.

"Okay Stuy, that's it," the Doctor said. "I've taken all the preliminary measurement I can think of. I'll enter these readings into the computer later and see if we can come up with a project profile. It will give us a first look if you will, into what is really happening here and acquire some real concrete scientific data to back up what we're doing. Are you ready for our first controlled experiment?"

Stuart didn't even say `yes' or `no', he just answered the doctor's question by jumping out of his clothes. In record time, Stuart had stripped naked and hopped into `The Chair'. He kicked up his feet, stretched out his body and looked at his erect cock which he swore had grown a half inch since last night. Once Stuart's fascination for his recently increased penis size had passed, he turned to look at the Doctor. His expression of shock made Stuart realize that he may have acted a little overzealous.

"If you didn't want to do it, you could've just said so!" the Doctor chuckled in jest.

He pulled up his stool and sat down in front of the machine and double checked all the settings and then rebooted the system to start again fresh. While the machine went through its diagnostic routine and boot-up sequence, he explained to Stuart what today's experiment would consist of.

"Here's what we're going to do today Stuy. I've set all the same settings that were on the machine when I found you yesterday with the exception of the automatic repeat cycle. This time it will start with `one minute on' followed by `one minute off'. Then it'll go to `two minutes on' followed by `one minute off' and it will continue that way, increasing the `on time' by one minute after each interval. During the `one minute off', you'll have sixty seconds to dictate your experiences to me before the next cycle begins and I'll document your responses, understand?"

Stuart shook his head in the affirmative and settled himself down with the understanding that this was a serious matter and the Doctor was counting on him to be thorough yet concise. He wanted to be sure to relay an accurate account that was both relevant and clinically scientific.

"Okay then my young assistant, let us begin!" the Doctor said as he sat himself in front of the controls and prepared to give Stuart his first short dose of Orgone delight.

The machine started quietly humming as it had before (which both of them now accepted as one of the machine's normal operating parameters) and Stuart began to feel a peaceful calm gently come over him. Then in sixty seconds, the machine fell silent as it went into its first sixty second off cycle.

The Doctor rolled his stool over to Stuart with his notepad and pencil in hand and sat there for a few seconds waiting for Stuart to respond.

"Well!" the Doctor impatiently inquired.

"Oh, sorry Doctor LaCroix, I mean... Gene," Stuart stammered. "I'm ready when you are."

"We just did our first minute Stuy," the Doctor informed him. "Quickly now... what did you feel?"

"Nothing!" Stuart said plainly.

"It couldn't have been nothing," the Doctor reasoned. "Your whole demeanor changed."

"Oh, well I feel really good and ready to get started." Stuart said as the Doctor feigned a disgusted look.

The sixty second `off time' expired and the sweet humming of the Doctor's machine resumed as he wheeled himself back to the control panel to monitor the next two-minute interval.

As the two minute interval finished, the Doctor wheeled himself back over to Stuart for his analysis.

"Well?" the Doctor said.

"I'm kind of getting sleepy waiting for something to happen," Stuart said with his eyes half closed.

"Okay... after two minutes... getting sleepy...," the doctor said out loud as he wrote down Stuart's response. "That's very interesting indeed."

"No, that's not my response Gene," Stuart said. "I'm just waiting for something to happen."

A few seconds later, the humming resumed again and the Doctor wheeled himself back to the control panel to monitor the next three-minute interval.

After the three-minute interval concluded, the machine fell silent and again, the Doctor wheeled himself back over to Stuart to document his response.

"Stuy, Stuy wake up!" the Doctor called out.

"Oh, I'm sorry Gene," Stuart yawned. "I don't know why I'm falling asleep like this. I got plenty of sleep last night. Once we get started, I'll be as good as new, I promise!"

The Doctor was starting to see a pattern here. He surmised that the machine was inducing an alpha wave response in Stuart's hypothalamus that was the precursor to the wild sexual dreams he had reportedly experienced in his first unsupervised encounter.

The Machine resumed its humming and the next four-minute segment was well underway. The Doctor wheeled himself back to the control panel to monitor the machine's progress. At the end of the four-minute cycle, the machine fell silent but this time, the Doctor didn't move. Just like Stuart who was sitting in `The Chair' blissfully asleep, the Doctor had also fallen victim to the machine's effects and both of them became unaware of the recent passage of time.

Because of the open architecture of `The Box', the Orgone energy was being allowed to spill out and flood the entire basement lab with detectable amounts of what you might call second hand Orgone energy. Like second hand smoke is mostly a set of toxic gasses such as carbon monoxide, second hand Orgone energy has a similar yet nontoxic byproduct. It's a set of Alpha, Beta and Theta waves that meld the four components (the etheric body, the mental body, the emotional body and last, but not least the physical body) together that make up the `Human Aura'.

Even though the percentage of runoff energy that was escaping into the room was small, the effects were accumulative. The build up of Orgone energy that filled the air did not dissipate as quickly as the Doctor had anticipated so the longer the machine stayed on, the higher the dosages grew. Soon, the second hand Orgone energy in the lab had reached the same proportions and concentrations as the first hand freshly generated levels within `The Box'. Anyone breathing this second hand Orgone energy outside the chamber would become partially hypnotized and susceptible to hypnotic trancelike sexual suggestions.

In a palpable second hand Orgone energy induced stupor, Doctor LaCroix subconsciously removed his dress shirt and undershirt as he felt the need to unburden himself. As if he were sleepwalking, he stood up from his stool and continued to undress until he was comfortably stark naked. As the Doctor teetered between the conscious and subconscious worlds, he somehow knew that an important experiment was in progress and it had something to do with sex.

Without thinking, he grabbed his notepad and pencil to interview Stuart but started to loose his ability to differentiate between what was real and what was imaginary. Everything became a blur as he started to think of himself as more than just a clinical observer and began to think of himself as an active participant. As the Doctor looked down upon his own naked body, he noticed he had an erection. This was a little unusual for the Doctor since getting an erection was not as easy for him as it used to be in his youth. In fact, his entire body began to feel re-energized and youthful again and that convinced him to try some first hand Orgone energy for himself. As the Doctor looked at Stuart who was asleep in `The Chair', he knew that both he and Stuart were conducting this experiment together and somehow, he convinced himself that his rightful place was there, right alongside his trusted assistant.

As naturally and innocently as can be, the doctor joined Stuart in `The Chair' and the two of them nestled together side by side, comfortably naked and content. The machine segued seamlessly into the six-minute segment as Stuart and the Doctor pushed beyond the relaxed state and entered into that all elusive erotic dream state.

The machine had been going for seven segments now totaling twenty-eight minutes of `on time' when something amazing happened. It may have been their close proximity to each other within the chamber or it could've been the unexpected Alpha, Beta and Theta waves produced by the machine itself that synchronized their brainwave patterns together. Either way, Stuart and Doctor LaCroix entered into a shared dream state (two minds one dream).

They both instantly emerged into the dream state together and became aware that they were standing in a huge field of pretty flowers. It was a warm summer afternoon with a gentle breeze blowing across their naked bodies. Off in the distance was a glorious tree in full bloom that was beckoning them to come and explore.

"Hello Stuy," the Doctor said.

"Oh, hi Gene," Stuart answered. "You're looking pretty hot for..."

"For what?" the Doctor scowled as he waited for Stuart to call him an old fart.

"For someone who spends all his time in a lab," Stuart answered diplomatically. "By the way, nice cock you got there!"

"Well thank you Stuy," the Doctor said as he quickly tried to think of something to say to change the subject. "I presume this is your fantasy we're in here. What do you call it?"

"I call it Penisland," Stuart grinned. "I love this place! See that tree way over there? It's the most amazing tree in the world. It's a genuine penis tree. I think it's the only one of its kind in the whole world. Let me show it to you!"

The Doctor joined Stuart as they walked naked together across the field to get a closer look. They were both able to feel the cool green grass between their toes as they journeyed across the open field. The fresh smelling air and the realistic feel of the grass caused the two of them to quickly forget they were merely dreaming.

"Is this the place you were afraid to tell me about?" the Doctor asked.

"Yeah, this is part of it anyway," Stuart admitted.

"I don't know why you couldn't tell me about it, it's simply beautiful!" the Doctor stated.

"Well, wait until you get to the tree and see if you still feel that way!" Stuart said not knowing how the Doctor would react to his twisted obsession for anything that had to do with penises.

As they got closer, the Doctor was able to see the abundance of ripe penises in full bloom. He was a little surprised at first but became fascinated with Stuart's imagination. As they approached the tree, the Doctor became mesmerized with the variety and detail that had come to life right in front of him.

"This is beautiful Stuy," the Doctor said.

"There's more to it than mere beauty Gene, watch this!" Stuart said as he summoned up the nerve to reveal one of his most erotic secret fantasies to his friend and mentor.

The Doctor watched as Stuart reached up and picked a penis from one of the lower branches. He looked at the penis Stuart held in his hands and wondered what he was going to do with it now that he had picked it.

Stuart had chosen a penis that looked like it might come from a well hung `Italian Stallion'. It was uncircumcised and had a light skin tone with a patch of deep dark pubic hair on top. Interestingly enough, it had virtually no hair on its loose swinging pendulous balls.

"That's an interesting choice," the Doctor said. "What are you going to do with it?"

"I'm going to try it on," Stuart demonstrated, "like this!"

He gingerly placed his selection on the grass and proceeded to carefully `unplug' his own penis from his body with both hands. The Doctor watched Stuart in awe. Stuart carefully placed his own penis on the grass and picked up the other. With the skill of a seasoned connoisseur of cockdom, he plugged in his replacement, adjusted it to hang just right and then proudly modeled it for the Doctor.

"I've never seen anything like it," the Doctor exclaimed. "What does it feel like?"

"Well for one thing, it feels completely different from my own dick," Stuart smiled.

He took a couple of steps in each direction to see how the cock hung and how the balls swayed from side to side as he walked.

"Yes, I like this one a lot," Stuart confirmed. "You should give it a try?"

"Me?" the Doctor questioned. "Oh, I don't know about that!"

"Come on Gene, think of it as a `once in a lifetime' scientific experiment that you just can't afford to pass up!" Stuart challenged.

"All right since you put it like that," the Doctor conceded.

He looked all around the tree until he spied just the right one. It was a little high up on one of the secondary branches but the Doctor was able to reach it. With determination, he picked it and held it in his hands for a moment.

The Doctor had chosen a modestly small circumcised penis with a well defined head. It was adorned with a sparse patch of curly blonde pubes above. The balls were not quite mature yet and the hairless scrotal sack clutched its young balls into a snug tightly revealing package.

"Interesting," Stuart declared. "Of all the choices on this tree, what made you choose that one?"

"It reminds me of my youth at a time when I first discovered what my penis was capable of," The Doctor sighed.

"Well, what are you waiting for then?" Stuart asked. "Try it on!"

With a bit of apprehension and doubt that it was going to work at all, the Doctor disconnected his aged old cock from his body and replaced it with the vibrantly young selection he had just made. Once he had securely locked it in place, it instantly rose to attention, exploding into a rock solid erection. The Doctor giggled like a school boy who was feeling sexually titillated from having popped a boner from a mere glancing touch.

"Do you like it?" Stuart asked.

"I love it!" the Doctor confessed. "Stuy, you're a genius. I've never imagined anything like this in my whole life, this is truly spectacular!"

"Now that we've made our choices, let's play," Stuart suggested.

"Play?" the Doctor questioned.

"Yeah, you know, jack off together!" Stuart clarified.

Doctor La Croix's fifty years as a teacher and educator told him this was wrong on so many levels. Nevertheless, the need to breed emanating from the young puberty rich hormone driven cock that was attached to his lions simply overpowered his sensibilities. The thrill of jacking off with a friend was such a cherished childhood memory for the Doctor that it was as fresh in his mind today as it was when it first happened. He was just as anxious to jack off with Stuart right now so he could relive his first sexual encounter once again. Just like when the Doctor was twelve years old, the knowledge of what he was about to do made his heart start racing, made his mouth go dry and caused him to panic that the two of them might somehow get caught. Basically, he was behaving like he was twelve again!

"Okay," the Doctor answered like a little boy, completely incapable of declining Stuart's suggestion.

It got quiet again and within his dream the Doctor's anticipation of jacking off with Stuart caused him to experience yet another adolescent reaction, his ears got hot. The whine of the machine in the lab was now being replaced by the sound of his racing heart thumping and pounding in his ears as he tried unsuccessfully to regain some composure. A few seconds later, the machine in the lab entered into its eighth round that exposed Stuart and the Doctor to more `on time' putting the running total between twenty-nine and thirty-six accumulated minutes.

The two of them sat against the tree, side by side and began their jack off session together using their freshly picked penises.

"This cock feels exceptionally good," Stuart said. "The head is so much bigger and fatter than mine. It's so sensitive that the slightest touch makes me hot! How's yours Gene?"

"I've forgotten how quickly I used to be able to cum as a kid," the Doctor said. "I have to stop or I'll blow my load right now. You keep going and when you're close, tell me and we'll finish together. Until then, I'll enjoy watching you!"

Stuart thought it was hot that the Doctor wanted to watch him. At the same time, he felt self-conscious even though this wasn't even his own biological cock that he was jerking. As he resumed, he allowed himself to let go and free himself of his unnecessary inhibitions.

He quickly got himself back into the zone and began to vocalize his pleasure. He found the ultimate sweet spot on his surrogate cock and concentrated all his attention on it. Jacking off with a substitute cock was both exciting and disorienting. The unexpected waves of erotic tension that his temporary dick shot through his body made him shudder and moan even louder with pleasure as his climactic juices swelled beneath his sensuously electrified proxy penis. A spectacular swelling of his approaching orgasm became imminent and he turned to the Doctor to inform him of his impending climax.

"Are you ready Gene?" Stuart asked as he increased his stroking speed.

"Yes I am!" the Doctor stated as he turned his focus back onto himself to rejoin Stuart with the climactic journey they started together. The Doctor was really enjoying worshiping his own idea of what the definitive sexual fountain of youth was as he whipped his chosen cock into a climactic fury.

"Oh boy, watch this," Stuart announced as he prepared to shoot his load.

He gave himself an additional six quick strokes and then threw both hands to his side. His borrowed boner dry heaved as it jumped and twitched, pulsed and swelled until he finally exploded with several heavy shots of jizz juice that propelled itself out his dick and into the cool summer breeze, ultimately bathing his torso with his own freshly manufactured liquid spunk.

"By George Stuy that was quite prolific!" complimented the Doctor.

"It's your turn now Gene, let's see what you've got!" Stuart encouraged.

He gripped his small cock with one hand and rolled his balls around in the other. He focused his eyes on his compact package and watched as his penis swelled even larger in his hands as he approached his climax. The Doctor's eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a long growling moan. He arched his back and then suddenly tensed up and heaved. Every muscle in his body rippled as a wave of unimaginable pleasure gripped his body and flung him into the cosmos. Once his orgasm had systematically ignited every nerve in his body, it slowly released its grip on him and his muscles began to relax. Even though he was already sitting on the cool grass and leaning against the tree, Stuart was able to tell that his friend had just collapsed into a pile of limp flesh and bones. The Doctor breathed heavily for a couple more minutes as he floated back down to earth in a glorious afterglow of blissful post orgasmic tingles.

"What happened, where did your sperm go?" Stuart wondered. "I didn't get to see you shoot it."

"That's because I didn't shoot anything," the Doctor confessed.

"Why not?" Stuart questioned.

"Because I chose a cock that had slightly immature testicles," the Doctor explained.

"Why?" Stuart questioned further.

"Because I wanted to experience a dry orgasm again," the Doctor said. "Young boys have dry orgasms before their balls can produce sperm. A dry orgasm and a wet orgasm are very different. Both are spectacular in their own way. A dry orgasm is shorter, lasting only a few seconds but those few seconds are much more intense. Now that I've experienced both again, I remember how the dry ones felt like, reminding me how great sex was when I was twelve. Thanks Stuy for giving me the chance to revisit my youth.

It got quiet again. Stuart and the Doctor remained captivated for the next sixty seconds. During this quiet time, Stuart and the Doctor removed their temporary appendages and replaced their own God given body parts to their rightful place. A few seconds later, the Doctor's machine in the lab entered into phase nine. In this round, the machine would raise the `on time' from thirty-seven to forty-five accumulated minutes. This would surpass the amount of `on time' that Stuart had received in his original unsupervised journey the previous day. Since the machine had been ramping up the power output levels all along the way, it was about to go beyond the highest range it had ever gone before. The two of them were about to cross into unknown territory where virtually anything could happen.

Stuart and the Doctor were sitting and resting under the cool shade of Stuart's penis tree, just hanging out together and enjoying each other's company. They were recovering from their mutually satisfying jack off session together and they were contemplating what they were going to do next when they suddenly came under a surprise attack. A score of tentacle-like appendages beneath the roots of the tree suddenly sprang up from under the very ground the Doctor and Stuart were sitting upon. Within the blink of an eye, the Doctor and Stuart were rendered immobile.

"What's going on Gene," Stuart asked in a panic.

"Well Stuy, the way I figure it is, this beautiful tree is obviously your fantasy and I'm afraid this frightening nightmare of tentacles might be mine," the Doctor confessed.

"How could this thing be a fantasy Gene, I think it's trying to kill us?" Stuart feared. "This thing is way too scary!"

"Yes it's scary all right but it's also ultra sexy!" Gene indicated. "What you may not know about me Stuy is I'm a secret collector of Japanese Hentai (A Japanese term referring to all Japanese Anime and sexually explicit pornographic comics called Menga). If I'm not mistaken, this creature is a Shokushu Goukan (A Japanese Tentacle Sex Beast found prominently in Japanese Hentai). My best advice is to not fight it, embrace it!"

"I'm trying to but its squeezing me so hard!" Stuart cried as he struggled against the sheer strength of the monster.

It was becoming obvious that there was more than just one beast here. At first they seemed to be one in the same but after closer inspection, their differences became clear. They were both quite large and formidable. They were mostly brown and black but that's where the similarity ended. One had red spots and the other had a sort of a bluish marbling. The red one had control of the Doctor and the blue one dominated Stuart. Each beast had eight tentacles with no discernable head or body. It was just a swarm of movement similar to a ball of snakes that wiggled and squirmed around each other. The Doctor quickly determined that these two tentacle beasts were male seekers by the type of tentacle appendages they possessed. Unlike female seekers, the male seekers have six orifice-like limbs and two penis-like appendages.

In a matter of seconds, the two beasts had bound Stuart and the Doctor's legs and arms in several places, rendering them both hopelessly captive. To their surprise, the beast effortlessly lifted their bodies up into the air and turned them every which way but loose.

Using their orifice-like limbs, the two beasts attached one of their ravenous mouths to the Doctor and Stuart's cock, immediately sucking them to full erection, engulfing their penises all the way to the base as they watched the event in horror. Then the two beasts used two more of their voracious mouths to devour each one of their testicles, sucking them all the way in, causing their vulnerable balls to vanish from sight. Another pair of the beast's suction-like mouths feverishly attached themselves to Stuart and the Doctor's nipples, delivering a significant amount of sucking power to the majority of their male erogenous zones.

The nature of the beast's attack began to take on a completely different complexion now as the two beasts began to sexually stimulate their hostages.

"Remember Stuy, don't fight it," the Doctor instructed. "The only way to survive this is to embrace it. Once you let go, you'll begin to enjoy it and so will the beast. If you can coax your tentacle beast to orgasm, it will reward you by releasing you, trust me!"

"I'll try!" Stuart said trying to sound brave in front of the Doctor as he trembled with fear.

Everything that was happening to Stuart was also happening to the Doctor. As Stuart noticed this, he also noticed his friend and mentor had slipped into a totally relaxed state and was thoroughly enjoying himself. Just as Stuart began to settle down and see if he could follow the Doctor's example, the beasts moved into phase two. They used their penis-like tentacles to enter into Stuart and the Doctor's available holes. The beasts utilized one of their two penis-like appendages to abundantly stuff into their victims mouths. The beast's remaining male tentacle was used to penetrate their tight virgin asses.

Stuart was not keen about this last violation and he struggled to no avail to escape. Then the last words of the Doctor repeated in his head and he allowed himself to go limp. The second he did that, a wave of unexpected pleasure washed over him. He quickly discovered that if he voluntarily sucked on the beast's penis-like tentacle that was stuffed in his mouth, the beast would return the favor and intensify its response by sucking Stuart back even harder. Stuart was learning how to manipulate the beast in such a way as to maximize its return. It was almost like an alien sixty-nine where each partner tries to make the other cum first in a mutually stimulating battle.

The beast's penis appendages were very agile and were able to move within the walls of their victim's bowels like a flexible finger rather than a stiff penis. The beast was able to stimulate Stuart's anal canal and prostate in ways that were not humanly possible. Stuart was experiencing sensations well beyond all normal limits and he began to feel an orgasm approach with exponential results.

Once again, Stuart looked over to the Doctor and this time, he discovered his entire body was writhing, twisting and squirming in an `out of this world' display of blissful ecstasy. The Doctor had given himself completely over to the creature, heart and soul. Stuart got unbelievably hot watching the Doctor experience what looked like the most perfect sexual act a human can have on earth. Stuart wanted to feel what the Doctor was feeling and he wanted it bad.

Stuart followed the Doctor's lead and started to move his hips. It was working. The great sensations he was already feeling began to escalate. He then started gyrating in small circles that he added to his pelvic thrusting and soon the sensual sensations doubled. His orgasm signaled its impending approach as it began to grip him from a fair distance away.

He instinctively knew he could get more out of this experience if he put more of himself into it. Even though his arms were bound, he got an idea of something else he could try if the beast would allow. He slowly moved his right hand over to where its penis-like tentacle filled his mouth and he gripped his hand and fingers around its shaft and like a human penis, he stroked it as he sucked on it. He then moved his left hand back around to his hindquarters and stroked the appendage that was impaled in his ass as the beast embraced his virgin `G' spot.

The creature responded by utilizing its last free orifice-like tentacle and massaged Stuart's navel. For the creature, it was a gesture that symbolized the giving of itself one-hundred percent as it utilized all eight of its tentacles. Stuart and the beast had now gone through three full stages together. At first, the beast began its encounter as an all out assault on its victims. Then it escalated into a non-consensual rape. Now Stuart and the beast were passionately making love to each other and they were both moments away from a mutually mind bending climax that Stuart knew he would never forget.

The penis-like tentacle in Stuart's ass had an ability that it purposely waited until now to reveal. It zeroed in on Stuart's prostate gland and firmly began to quiver and palpitate upon his hormonally rich nugget, stimulating him like a high powered vibrator. It radiated unbelievable waves of pleasure to every cell in his body. The tentacle's other appendages doubled their efforts as well as each one added even more erotic sensations to Stuart's body.

The orifice-like branch on Stuart's penis began a deep throat thrusting, withdrawing his cock almost completely out and them slurping his solid erection all the way back down to the base in an ever quickening rhythm. The two orifice-like branches on Stuart's balls began to methodically knead them, squeezing them in an alternating rhythm causing his orgasm to swell in a way that only a modest amount of pain can produce. The two orifice-like branches on Stuart's breasts made all the separate elements flow across his body smoothly like a well crafted symphony. And lastly, the orifice-like branch on Stuart's navel delivered a small but extremely effective flow of electric pulses that added a huge amount of erotic sensations to Stuart's system. All eight tentacles that had been working individually up until now finally came together to launch Stuart's orgasm into the ethereal plain.

Stuart knew he was cuming as the erotic pleasure levels soared off the charts. He knew he was cuming as all the erogenous zones of his body that the creature was stimulating, coalesced into an accretion of cosmic proportions that launched Stuart into a stellar cataclysmic orgasm the likes of which few humans have ever experience. He knew he was cuming as his toes curled and all the hair follicles on his body stood erect. He knew he was cuming as he felt his semen fill his tubes just prior to ejaculation as the pressure behind his balls swelled to critical mass. He knew he was cuming as when all these awesome sensations caused him to temporarily loose his sanity.

Then it happened. The sperm rich super semen that the creature forced Stuart's body to create during the most extreme sexual stimulation Stuart's body could have ever endured, blasted out his penis as it was rapaciously summoned by the creature. Stuart almost lost consciousness as his climax overwhelmed him. He closed his eyes and saw the birth of the universe explode upon the surface of his eyelids. He screamed the most sensuous sound his voice was capable of making as he broke his own record and fired off fifteen copious sperm spasms into the creature's insatiable receptacle.

Now that the beast had made its victim forfeit his load, it wasn't over by a long shot. The insidious beast was about to take Stuart on the ride of his life. Stuart's ejaculation caused the creature to simulate a false climax as it blasted its hot creamy mixture of sweet fruit-like nectar into Stuart's mouth. At first he was shaken by the tentacle's unexpected secretion but then quickly accepted the gesture as he detected its sweet and alluring flavor. The creature's enthralling substance began to coalesce in Stuart's brain and some unexpected things began to happen. It was like a shot of liquid love that was so addictive and so sensuous that it began to stimulate Stuart's reproductive tract in ways he could never have imagined. The creature's simulated semen was not semen at all. It was a highly specialized non lethal potion that had been perfected over millions of years on evolution. Stuart got hooked as he began to suck the creature's appendage even harder in an effort to coax as much of the intoxicating liquid he could from it.

A few seconds later, the creature delivered its second surprise. It secreted the same intoxicating elixir into Stuart's anal cavity that tingled at first as the warm liquid squirted against Stuart's prostate gland. Stuart's entire body became hyper sensitive like a giant human penis. The slightest touch and movement anywhere on his body sent waves upon waves of climactic pleasure setting every possible nerve on fire. Now that the creature's liquid love serum had been successfully secreted into both ends of Stuart's body, the substance began to take its intended effect.

That's when the creature's cocktail of hormonal glucosides, alkaloids and protoplasmic extracts forced Stuart to succumb to the creature's diabolical insemination. It started to build up a pressure in Stuart's balls that stimulated him into an uncontrollable wave of multiple orgasms ultimately escalating into a full scale prostate orgasm. Stuart began to soar once again as the creature's chemical highball surged throughout his body like a syringe full of sexual desire injected straight to his heart. Stuart helplessly held on as his body uncontrollably climaxed.

He experienced a moment of duality as he looked upon his own body from above and witnessed himself orgasm a second, a third and ultimately a fourth time. He watched as the tentacle beast flung him about like a rag doll while his body reacted to the animated plant's sensuous concoction. Stuart was being compelled to feed the beast's greedy hunger, milking Stuart of every last drop that the beast's wicked cocktail could force his body to manufacture. Once the beast satisfied its own needs, it released Stuart's unresponsive limp body to the ground and returned back to its underground domain from whence it sprang.

The Doctor rushed to Stuart's side and pulled him into his arms. The Doctor's red spotted Shokushu Goukan had released him several minutes earlier and he helplessly watched Stuart get tossed around by his blue marbled beast. For a moment, Stuart's limp body appeared lifeless and the Doctor flew into a panic.

"Stuy, Stuy are you okay?" the Doctor cried as he clutched Stuart's motionless frame. "Oh My God, what have I done? All this is my fault! I put you in jeopardy without sufficient protection! Please Stuy, don't be dead, oh God please, come back to me!"

The Doctor's machine fell silent in the lab signaling the end of round nine. The traumatic turn of events within Stuart and the Doctor's shared dream was so real and devastating that the link binding them together got rudely severed and the Doctor got slapped back to reality.

Upon discovering that he was actually sitting naked in `The Chair', side by side with Stuart put the Doctor into a reality panic (panic in the real world). Having a scientifically analytical mind as the Doctor did, he took a breath and proceeded with a clear idea of what to do to get Stuart and himself out of danger and the Doctor himself out of jail. He quickly turned off the Orgone machine and began the shutdown sequence. He noticed the splattering of semen on his chest and grabbed a shop rag to clean it up and then tossed it in the `Hazardous Waste' receptacle. Then he hurriedly put his clothes back on and then went to the aid of his unconscious friend still sitting naked in `The Chair'. He wheeled his stool over to Stuart and observed him for a moment. The Doctor let out a long sigh of relief as he watched Stuart's chest rise and fall. His eyes revealed that he was deep in R.E.M. sleep and his dick twitched spasmodically which told the Doctor that the dream he was currently having was of a sexual nature.

The Doctor continued to observe Stuart until he woke up on his own. It took a little while for the Orgone energy to dissipate but Stuart awoke smiling, chipper and wide awake. He looked at the Doctor who was sitting on his stool with his notepad and pencil in hand, looking exactly the same as he did the last time he saw him in the real world. Then he looked at his own torso that was heavily covered in his own cum.

"Wow, I've never seen so much sperm juice in one place before," Stuart chuckled, "and it's all mine too!"

"Are you ready to talk about it now?" the Doctor asked.

"Sure but can I ask you something first?" Stuart questioned.

"Of course, go ahead!"

"While I was dreaming, I dreamed you were with me most of the time. We visited my favorite place where there was this remarkable tree. I dreamed we sat side by side under that tree and had an incredible adventure together. This might sound crazy but... were you there...? Is it possible for two people to share the same dream... together?"

"Well Stuy, that's actually two questions. A lot of people believe in dream sharing but I've never heard or read of anybody offering any concrete proof of it. Remember Stuy, what we're doing here is scientific research and we have to go about documenting everything in scientific terms.

"Right," Stuart said feeling admonished, "I understand!"

The Doctor then took a spatula-like medical grade instrument and successfully collected every drop of Stuart's accumulated sperm shots for future analysis. Then the Doctor tossed Stuart a shop rag to clean off the residue and then tossed Stuart's rag into the recycle bin. The Doctor had Stuart remain naked as he figured he might be more comfortable relaying his inner most secret dream fantasies in the buff.

Stuart then gave the Doctor an unbelievably detailed account of everything that happened from beginning to end. The Doctor avidly listened in silence as he documented the complete saga verbatim. As Stuart got to the end of his story, he started leaving things out and the Doctor began to take notice. Stuart had a hard time finding words to describe the drug-like effects of the tentacle's manipulative sap and decided to skip over that part.

"I was able to make my creature cum and he rewarded me by giving me two extra orgasms before he let me go!" Stuart summarized.

"Exactly how did the beast give you these extra orgasms?" the Doctor said trying to lead him into being more inclusive.

"We mutually stimulated each other into it," Stuart answered.

"It didn't secrete some liquid sap into your mouth?" the Doctor asked.

Stuart paused for a moment and contemplated the full meaning of the Doctor's question.

"Yeah it did, how did you know?" Stuart wondered.

"Oh, I think I read about it somewhere,"

In the Doctor's Hentai collection, there are several references to tentacle creatures using organic chemicals to induce multiple orgasms that compel its victims to go beyond their normal span of one single climax.

"In your Menga collection?"

"Yeah, No," the Doctor stammered. "What Menga collection?"

"You were there all along weren't you, sharing our fantasies together?" Stuart said pointing an accusing finger. The Doctor didn't answer. "I knew it! How else can I have known about your extensive Hentai collection? I should have known! You were right! The whole incident with the Shokushu Goukan was your fantasy, not mine."

"I'm sorry Stuy, I didn't mean to invade your private thoughts and fantasies," the Doctor apologized. "I'm sorry I lied to you too. What happened to me was very unprofessional. The entire experiment is now contaminated and invalid. Not only that but once again, the experiment was unmonitored and the machine itself was left unattended. I put both of us at risk and I put myself in a position where I couldn't protect you. Besides, I feel like I forced my fantasy upon you and that was wrong."

"Are you kidding?" Stuart exclaimed. "That was the most kick-ass fantasy anyone could ever hope to share with a friend."

"I'm relieved to hear that," the Doctor confessed. "I feel the same way. Your unique fantasy gave me the opportunity to relive my first mutual jack-off experience when I was about twelve years old. The whole incident left me feeling rejuvenated. I feel ten years younger right now because of your wonderful imagination and your willingness to share it with me."

"Your imagination is pretty hot too!"

"Thank you Stuy, but the truth is, your penis tree in Penisland is a genuine original fantasy. Mine came from Japanese Hentai. Because that wasn't an original idea of mine, I lost control of it and I put you in danger. For that, I am truly sorry!"

"Don't be sorry, it was the most incredible experience I've ever had!"

"Okay, so then tell me, how did you like the fruity nectar the creature fed you?

"The first shot was pretty impressive but it was the second shot in my butt that really kicked my ass!"

"Your creature gave you a double whammy?" the Doctor asked in disbelief. "You lucky bastard!" Stuart silently looked at the Doctor and grinned.

Stuart's beast found Stuart's young sweet boy juice to be at the peak of perfection, vine ripened and of the finest quality, therefore Stuart's beast harvested every drop it could from him. The Doctor's creature, on the other hand, found the Doctor's semen to be too mature, over ripe, sour and pungent. His creature consumed what it got and appreciated it but it had absolutely no desire for seconds. Subsequently, the Doctor was deprived of the entire tentacle insemination experience. This is what gave the Doctor away. He wanted to know what that part of Stuart's experience was like. Since he knew about this aspect of tentacle behavior, he was expecting it but was not given the opportunity to experience it.

"All right Stuy, we're done here for today," the Doctor said snapping his notebook closed. "Go ahead and get dressed. Enjoy the rest of your day. We have a lot of modifications to implement tomorrow if we're going to get this project off the ground. For one thing, we're going to have to enclose that box! The reason I got caught up in today's experiment is because the Orgone went everywhere and affected both of us equally."

"Oh No!" Stuart complained as he slipped on his underwear and shorts. "That's one of the nice things about this setup, the feeling of not getting boxed in. Would it help if you wore a gas mask?"

"Orgone is absorbed through the skin as well," the Doctor said.

Stuart thought about it a second. As he slipped on his shirt, it came to him. "I know..., how about a HazMat suit? You've already got one of those, right?"

"Stuy, you're a genius!" the Doctor complemented. "I'm glad I chose you to be my assistant. Go on now, go have some fun. I'll see you tomorrow!"

"Thanks Gene!" Stuart said. "By the way, there's nothing I could do out there that would be half as much fun as what you and I did here today!"

The Doctor's heart soared as he looked into Stuart's young cheerful smiling face and said, "Stuy, I agree with you one hundred percent!"

The End of Chapter #2

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