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The Orgone Orgasm Machine

Chapter #3

By Paul S. Stevens

Stuart went home and once again stared at the ceiling above his bed. He hadn't even realized he had stripped naked. Being naked was becoming second nature to Stuart now. His nakedness allowed him to feel completely at ease as the vivid imagery of his shared dream with the doctor replayed over and over in his head. His adventure with the tentacle creature had quite an impact on Stuart's young impressionable mind and he decided he wanted to find out more about this Japanese cultural phenomenon.

He went over to his computer to Google-search everything he could think of to find out more about them. He scoured page after page, surfing the abundant wealth of information available on the subject. Nevertheless, Stuart couldn't believe that after two hours of intensive searching, he had learned very little that he hadn't already garnered from his experience with the doctor. Stuart did find one hand drawn graphic of a boy who had many of Stuart's own physical attributes who was enraptured in the embrace of a blue marbled beast that resembled the one in his dream. It was like having an out of body experience. It immediately triggered a wave of chills that ran down his spine and caused him to pop an instant boner.

He quickly printed the image and hid it along with the rest of his sordid stash of naked boys that he concealed inside the pages of his science textbook that he kept in his bottom dresser drawer. It was like having a souvenir of the event that would forever remind him of that extraordinarily unique sexual encounter. The way Stuart's initial reaction affected him proved that this picture would forever be a great asset to his collection.

Stuart returned to his bed and resumed his daydream as he stared at the ceiling once more, allowing his mind to soar and his cock to rise. He began to wonder what other kinds of amazing dreams were in store for him as he continued to assist the doctor with his project. While thinking about the recent adventure he'd just had under the influence of the doctor's Orgone chamber, he discovered he had been stroking his rock solid erection unconsciously and was already getting into an aroused state of sexual excitement.

The accumulation of Orgone energy that Stuart's body had been absorbing over the past several days have now begun to coalesce into a powerful energy source that was affecting every cell in his body. Stuart began to experience a new found energy that made him feel like he was capable of anything. He found he was eating less and feeling better about himself. He found a confidence within himself he never felt before. He found himself experiencing a wave of increasingly more frequent moments of mental clarity as his thinking processes became more acute and focused. Lastly, he found himself actually needing to release his sexual appetite nearly around the clock.

Stuart's penis tree and the sensuous assortment of sizes shapes and colors of the tree's bountiful blossoms filled Stuart's mind. The memory of selecting and trying on the different cock and ball choices made Stuart's orgasm explode. He'd only been stroking himself for a minute or so but his horny mood and vivid masturbation fantasy caused him to blow his load almost instantly.

One, two, three, four, five blasts of Stuart's cum flew fervently across his chest. He continued stroking himself as he felt a surge of wicked sensations double his arousal. Somehow, Stuart realized he was far from finished. Stuart's super charged masturbation fantasy continued as his memory advanced to his second Orgone induced dream.

He recalled how the earth got invaded by aliens and how they misappropriated the doctor's Orgone technologies to induce the planet to experience global outbursts of uncontrollable sexual orgies. This conglomeration of erotic sequences fueled another surge of wicked sensations that now tripled Stuart's arousal. A few moments later, Stuart's vivid masturbation fantasy caused him to blow a second load of heavy cream.

One, two, three, four, five, six more blasts of Stuart's cum added to his first wave, covering an even larger area of his torso. Waves of orgasmic pleasure shot through Stuart's body and still, he knew he wasn't finished. Stuart continued stroking himself as he felt yet another surge of wicked sensations come over him. They exponentially multiplied his insatiable hunger into a fury. He knew that what he was experiencing here was not normal. Nevertheless, Stuart's masturbation fantasy continued as he remembered his most recent Orgone induced dream about the doctor's tentacle beast.

As Stuart recalled the demon's ravaging act, he summoned up one last charge of semen as a grand finale. Stuart began to lose control as he approached the third phase of this most unusual series of multiple male orgasms. Suddenly, every muscle in Stuart's body seized, and he was instantly rendered immobile. He couldn't even move his hand to continue masturbating himself. His orgasm, which was already past the point of no return continued, albeit with a slower yet relentless climb to a throbbing climax.

Even though Stuart was heavily within the throes of an impending eruption, he got scared that he had lost all control of his own body. His orgasm now crawled mercilessly slowly as the buildup of pressure within Stuart's reproductive system rose to critical mass and launched Stuart's load with the force of a nuclear weapon. The intensity of this last orgasm was so strong that Stuart passed out cold, briefly losing consciousness.

Stuart got jolted awake a few moments later by the voice of his mother as she knocked at his door.

"Stuart," his mother called out.

"Yeah Mom," Stuart answered as he flew into a panic. He was still on top of his bed, totally naked with no less than three abundantly hardy loads of cum spread across his chest and abdomen.

"Dinner's ready sweetheart, I made your favorite," his mom said through the door.

"Oh, thanks Mom, I'll be right down," Stuart said as he heard her walk away.

Stuart scrambled to his feet as he realized his embarrassing predicament and threw some clothes on. As he pulled his T-shirt over his head, all three loads of his cum covered skin instantly soaked through the fabric, making him look like he'd been drenched in a wild orgy.

Stuart's mind started racing as he slowly began to realize what had just happened to him. He had just experienced a multiple orgasm that manifested itself into three consecutively escalating climaxes that ended with Stuart totally blacking out. As if that wasn't enough to worry about, Stuart felt a compelling hunger to turn around and do it all again. The massive escalating orgasms were so phenomenal that Stuart's mind could focus on little else.

The only down side was the part about passing out. Losing consciousness was so disconcerting to him that he wasn't willing to risk it again. Stuart tried to clear his mind to no avail. He removed his cum soaked T-shirt and wiped away the last remaining drops of residue. He put on a clean T-shirt and discarded the dirty one in a pile of clothes that was growing out of control in the corner of his room. Stuart was still so horny from his ordeal that he briefly entertained the preposterous notion that his super virile sperm cells had fathered a human-fabric hybrid creature. It was a half human, half fabric entity that lived solely on Stuart's inimitable one-of-a-kind semen to keep it alive.

It was then that Stuart realized he'd better get a grip on reality. Once he was dressed, he sat on his bed and attempted to gather his thoughts. As hard as he tried, he still slipped into another alternate universe as an internal battle waged within his consciousness. Earlier, he reveled in a newfound confidence within himself and enjoyed increasing moments of mental clarity, but all of that seemed lost right now as Stuart struggled to return to his normal reality based day-to-day routine. The overwhelming urge to rip off his clothes and engage in another series of mind shattering orgasms intensified. Stuart sat quietly still for a few more moments until he managed to get his mind and body under control, at least enough to go down to dinner.

Stuart made his way downstairs and joined his parents in the dining room. Even though his physical body was present, he was still mentally distracted. He tried to keep his focus on what he was doing but his sexually voracious hunger continued to invade his private thoughts.

"Well, there you are," his mother said. "We were beginning to think you weren't coming down."

"Furthermore," his father added, "you've been spending far too much time over at that old man's place. You've been neglecting your duties here at home. In fact, you look like you've even been neglecting yourself as well. What do you think dear? Does it look like he's losing weight to you?"

"Maybe, but then again, take a look at those muscles he's putting on," his mother said.

"Yeah, okay," his father agreed. "Our son's becoming a man."

The harmless innuendo and lighthearted banter between Stuart's mother and father about his physical state, putting on muscle, losing body fat and becoming a man caused Stuart to lose the little control he was haplessly holding on to. Their shameless flattery and praise only served to arouse and provoke his hostile hormones. The overwhelming need to breed strengthened its foothold and his insatiable hunger overpowered his sensibilities. Stuart was forced to excuse himself from the dinner table before he could ingest a single morsel.

"Are you all right Stuart?" his mom asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine Mom," Stuart answered. "I'm just not very hungry right now."

As Stuart left the dinner table, he could feel his hands begin to tremble and as he walked up the stairs to his bedroom, it spread to his arms and legs. He was so distracted that he didn't even realize he was disrobing as he ascended the stairs. By the time he opened his bedroom door, his pants had already fallen to his ankles and by the time he hit his bed, he was virtually naked and frantically stroking himself.

"Get a hold of yourself," Stuart said out loud into his empty room. "Breathe, relax and don't panic. Everything's going to be okay."

Stuart tried to follow his own advice. He slowed down his breathing, relaxed his muscles and gradually began to regain control of himself. Then, he slowed down his stroking and even stopped completely. Nonetheless, Stuart's body was still reacting as if he hadn't stopped at all. His cock and sphincter muscle twitched in unison as if he were performing a set of Kegel exercises. He began to feel an approaching orgasm which was puzzling since he had ceased stimulating himself.

On one hand, Stuart was becoming even more concerned and vexed about the mystifying events that recently plagued him. On the other hand, the orgasmic tingling he was experiencing was extraordinarily intoxicating. He figured there couldn't be that much to worry about since he wasn't in any kind of pain or discomfort.

As Stuart lay still atop his bed, his body continued to rocket toward a spectacular climax, defying all logic and reason. His cock started bobbing up and down, dry at first. Then, in a delayed reaction, his orgasm burgeoned into a genuine hands free climax that resulted in a torrential flood of Stuart's unsolicited molten manna. He splattered himself on the face and neck with his hot boy juice that blasted forth from his ridged cock with the force of a fire hose. His body jerked and quivered as he enjoyed the thrill of this runaway climax.

Stuart was still concerned about his unexplainable afternoon, but now things were beginning to return to normal. His body calmed down and his reproductive organs settled into a fulfilled state of satisfaction. He cleaned up the results of his last unexpected climax and then climbed into bed. He stretched his naked body out under the cool top sheet of his bed to take a much needed nap. Stuart fell fast asleep as his body worked through the night replenishing his spent resources until he finally awoke the next morning. He was quite startled that he slept though the night since he only intended to take a quick nap.

Stuart opened his eyes as the hint of sunshine began to filter through the window shades of his darkened room. He had woken up at the tail end of a hyper-erotic dream ending in a blissful discharge of warm wet pleasure. He looked down at the sheet that covered him and discovered several large wet spots approximately eight inches in diameter that were spread about in a random pattern. All of them were at various degrees of dampness where he apparently had deposited numerous nocturnal emissions throughout the night. The newest one was in the center of the sheet where his stiff erection was still tenting the soaked fabric.

As Stuart stared awe-struck at the multiple stains on his sheet, someone knocked on the door. Once again, he flew into a panic. He couldn't let anyone see the devastating evidence apparent on his bedding and he couldn't just throw the sheets off since he was completely naked underneath.

"Hold on a minute, I'm dressing," Stuart quickly called out as he spied his shorts from across the room. He jumped out of bed and into those shorts in record time.

"Are you all right Stuart?" his mom asked through the door. "You didn't eat any dinner last night and your father and I haven't heard a peep out of you all night."

Stuart opened the door to his mother standing outside with a genuine look of worry on her face.

"Morning Mom, I'm fine, really," he said as he reached to give his mom a peck on the cheek. "Is breakfast ready? I'm starved."

"I'm glad to hear that you're finally hungry. Come on down and join your father and me when you're dressed and ready."

"Thanks Mom, Love you."

His mom's worried look disappeared and she gave her son a smile before returning to the kitchen. Stuart finished dressing and made his way to the breakfast table. He grabbed a handful of items and headed for the door.

"Hold on there young man," his father said as he walked into the room to sit down to breakfast with his family. "Where do you think you're going?"

"I'm heading over to the Doc's lab," he answered.

"You come back over here and sit yourself down and have a decent breakfast," his father ordered.

"Dad, this is my job now, I've got to go," Stuart argued.

"Not until you've had a decent breakfast, especially since you didn't eat last night." his father demanded. "The `Good doctor' can wait."

Stuart begrudgingly sat down as his father directed. Stuart knew his father was right and using the `job' argument was lame. The truth was that he couldn't wait to get to the doctor's lab so he could have his morning dose of Orgone for the day. This whole situation made Stuart realize something that he'd been in denial about since his first experience in the doctor's basement lab. He realized that he was addicted to the doctor's Orgone machine. Actually, that wasn't fair to the doctor or his machine. Stuart was addicted to sex. Addicted to orgasms to be more precise and the doctor's Orgone machine enabled Stuart to abuse it. Even though he didn't want to jeopardize his daily Orgone fix, the unforeseen side effects Stuart had experienced the night before convinced him that he had better come clean and inform the doctor about them.

Stuart put on a great show for his mom and dad as he appeared cheerful and happy, engaging them in light conversations, all the while suppressing the overpowering urge to get the hell out of there. When Stuart had eaten a sufficient amount to appease his parents, he excused himself, waved goodbye and calmly walked out the door. Once he was out of his parent's line of sight, he tore off running until he got to the doctor's lab. He raced down the stairs calling out to the doctor as he went.

"Gene, Gene, there's something I have to tell you," Stuart said as he stopped dead in his tracks at the bottom of the stairs.

The doctor was standing next to a total stranger. The doctor was wearing one of his white lab coats with his goggles pulled to the top of his head and the stranger was wearing one of the doctor's hazmat suits, less the headgear which he was holding in his hands.

"Oh, there you are Stuy," the doctor said. "I'd like for you to meet our new assistant. Kendall, this is Stuart, Stuart this is Kendall."

"Hi Stuart," Kendall said as he extended his hand. "I'm glad to finally meet you. The doctor has told me a lot about you. I've heard you've received some very prestigious awards recently. I think that if you stick with it, you'll become a great asset to the scientific community."

Stuart shook hands with Kendall and then gave the doctor a puzzling look.

"Kendall has graduated summa cum laude and is one of the youngest student to graduate with that honor in the history of our school. He has a PhD in physics and he just turned 19 years old," the doctor praised. "I see a similar future for you Stuart. Keep going like you have been and you might just be able to beat Kendall's record."

"I don't know Gene, that's a pretty tall order," Stuart blushed. "How did you find this genius?"

"Kendall contacted me last week and applied for the position. His credentials are far more impressive than any of the airheads I initially interviewed. After careful consideration, I've decided to give Kendall here an opportunity to prove himself. I have already briefed him this morning on our progress so far and I think we're ready to begin our first real test. Now if you would please get yourself situated in `the chair', Kendall and I will finish slipping into our hazmat suits."

Even with the new guy in the room, Stuart jumped out of his clothes and got comfortably naked in his favorite chair without giving it so much as a second thought. Kendall and the doctor took their places in front of the Orgone machine, donning their hazmat suits, ready to begin their first collaboration. When Kendall saw Stuart buck naked in `the chair', he turned to the doctor, removed his headgear and signaled a sidebar. The doctor removed his headgear momentarily to hear what Kendall had to say.

"Gene, the kid is naked," Kendall whispered. "What gives?"

"Oh, sorry about that," the doctor said. "I forgot to tell you about that. Remember the part of our briefing where I talked about how Orgone Energy has a few sexual benefits?"

"Yeah," Kendall responded.

"Well, the benefits are significant," the doctor emphasized as he raised his eyebrows. "Besides, Stuy prefers it that way and it makes it easier to collect his semen samples for analyzing later."

"Oh, I see," Kendall said as he and the doctor replaced their headgear and proceeded to boot up the doctor's machine.

Stuart grew quite impatient and increasingly more self conscious as he sat in the chair waiting while the doctor tediously explained what each dial, button and switch was for. Stuart couldn't believe how the doctor prattled on so as he went into much more detail than was necessary.

Stuart wanted to inform the doctor about the recent experiences he'd had with the Orgone side effects but he didn't want to do it in front of the new guy. He didn't know him well enough to be talking about the sensitive nature of what he experienced. Deep down Stuart understood that Kendall was a fellow scientist and he shouldn't feel embarrassed to speak about the empirical data he would be presenting. Needless to say, Stuart decided to wait for a more appropriate time to talk to the doctor in private. In the meantime, his hunger for fresh Orgone energy superseded his need to share this particular information.

Right now, all he could think about was getting that darn machine going so he can get down to business and start absorbing some new and much anticipated Orgone delight.

After a tedious blow by blow account of every aspect of the doctor's pride and joy, the machine had finally completed booting up and cycled through its internal diagnostic routines, signaling its readiness to begin. The machine began its familiar purring and humming that the doctor and Stuart had gotten used to.

"What is that sound?" Kendall asked the doctor. "Is that normal?"

"Yes, it's been doing that lately," The doctor answered. "I'm not sure where it's coming from but it doesn't seem to affect the output."

"All right, maybe I could take a look at the schematics for you later and see if I can pinpoint the source of the problem," Kendall offered. "It's probably just a diode that's fallen out of tolerance or something simple like that. I've gotten pretty good at diagnosing these types of things."

"Okay, that would be very helpful Kendall. Thank you," the doctor said.

"No problem," Kendall said. "Besides, I'd love to see what's inside this baby."

The doctor immediately dismissed the idea that anyone other than himself could possibly be capable of understanding his highly sophisticated invention.

"So, how do you suggest we begin?" the doctor queried.

"Strict scientific protocol dictates that we start small," Kendall said, "slowly at first, building up from there. However, I understand that this is far from your first run, so I say, let's crank her up and see what she's got."

One of the main reasons why the doctor hired an assistant was to help him keep the project under `Strict Scientific Protocol' and Kendall was already violating that principle. On the other hand, the doctor had wanted to try `cranking her up' as Kendall suggested and the doctor abandoned all logic and made an emotionally unscientific decision.

"Let's do it!" the doctor exclaimed.

"I suggest we take it up to 1,000 ppm," Kendall began. "Once the room is saturated, we'll turn it down and maintain that level for as long as our little subject over there is tolerating its effects," Kendall finished as he pointed to Stuart.

"1,000 parts per million, isn't that a bit steep?" the doctor questioned.

"Orgone Energy occurs naturally and accumulates in higher concentrations than that in the upper atmosphere during a storm," Kendall said demonstrating his knowledge of Orgone to the doctor. "It will be interesting to see the effects it will have down here, close to sea level."

"All right then, here we go." the doctor said as he tentatively set the controls, causing the machine to begin making a fairly loud whining sound it had never made before.

Stuart immediately felt a chill as the ambient temperature in the room began to fall like an air conditioner had just been turned on. Even though he was in the doctor's lab, Stuart began to feel like he was outdoors in the open air as a hint of a far away storm loomed near.

Kendall monitored the Orgone meter and announced the readings as the Orgone accumulation began to rise.

"200 ppm," Kendall reported.

The doctor grabbed his notepad and pencil and wheeled over to Stuart to begin documenting his impressions.

"How are you doing Stuy?" the doctor asked with a slightly muffled tone that was somewhat obscured by his hazmat headgear.

"I'm fine but it feels like it's going to rain in here any second," Stuart revealed.

"400 ppm," Kendall said as he updated the machine's progress.

"Why do you say that?" the doctor questioned.

"Believe it or not, I can feel the tickling of static electricity dancing on my balls."

"600 ppm," Kendall said continuing his methodical updates.

"Are you feeling any..., you know..., sex stuff?" the doctor delicately inquired.

"No, not yet," Stuart smiled as he imagined the doctor blushing under his protective helmet.

"800 ppm," Kendall announced.

Suddenly, Stuart started to see strange things. His eyes were playing tricks on him. It was almost like he could see common ordinary things but in a completely different way. Like the way an infrared camera can see heat signatures. Everything seemed to come alive as the surfaces of objects in the lab became brighter. The darkened areas of the room seemed to lighten up as the contrast between dark and light started to disappear. Metal objects became shiny and the simple colors of everything seemed to intensify. His visual acuity soared as he could see the smallest objects with crystal clarity. Something was going on with Stuart's sense of sight and this was just the beginning.

"1,000 ppm," Kendall said. "I'm adjusting the controls now to hold at that level."

"We're at full power now Stuy, what are you sensing?" the doctor asked as he poised his pencil over the paper in great anticipation of whatever Stuart had to say.

"I..., Oh My God..., I..., I can...," Stuart stammered.

"Okay, now holding steady at 1,000 ppm," Kendall said with confidence as he stood proudly over the doctor's machine.

"What is it Stuy? Tell me," the doctor said, encouraging Stuart to finish his sentence.

As Stuart surveyed the room to get an idea of exactly what it was that his eyes were seeing, he tried focusing and concentrating his vision on certain objects. He looked over at Kendall who was still standing proudly over the doctor's machine. As he studied Kendall's body, he began to realize that he could partially see through his hazmat suit. It was hazy and clouded but he truly began to see some transparent qualities begin to emerge.

He squinted and strained to adjust his focus and it slowly started working. Now Stuart was able to see more clearly, first beyond the primary barrier of Kendall's hazmat suit and then through to a secondary barrier to his street clothes and then his underwear. Stuart wondered how far he could carry this new ability and put even more effort into uncovering yet another level of stratum.

He closed his eyes to attempt to refocus his eyesight when he discovered he was seeing right through his own eyelids which momentarily alarmed him. When he opened his eyes again, he was able to see Kendall's naked body from head to toe as if he were wearing nothing at all. Stuart popped an instant boner as he saw Kendall's amazingly handsome and rugged body unfettered by the multiple layers of clothing covering his body.

"Stuart, talk to me," the doctor ordered. "What's happening?"

Stuart turned his focus away from Kendall and looked at the doctor. He found that when he shifted his eyes to a new location, he lost his focal point. In order to see through the doctor's suit, he had to concentrate and refocus all over again as his eyes pushed their way past each barrier.

"Gene, I can see...," Stuart shouted.

"Well of course you can see," the doctor chided. "Come on now Stuy, come back to me."

"Gene, I can see with like..., like X-ray vision or something."


"I'm not kidding."

"Prove it," the doctor said putting his pencil down with a degree of skepticism.

Stuart looked back over to Kendall and described what he saw as he refocused his eyes again.

"When I first got here today, Kendall was already in his hazmat suit right?"

"Right," the doctor conceded.

"Then how could I know that he's wearing a pair of black pants, a white long sleeve shirt and a hideous red tie?"

"You could have guessed that much without even seeing him," the doctor challenged. "Can you tell me something more specific?"

"Okay, how about this?" Stuart said as he focused his eyes a little deeper and looked at Kendall's nude body again. "He's got a birthmark on his right leg and a scraped knee on his left leg," then Stuart whispered, "and he's got himself one huge circumcised dick too."

Kendall stood there across the room listening to Stuart as he described these intimate details about his body that he couldn't possibly know. As he heard Stuart whisper that last part about his penis, he suddenly felt vulnerable and violated, as if Stuart had caught him with his pants down.

"Hey, you can't just strip me naked with your eyes," Kendall said with deep indignation. "That's not fair."

"Why not?" Stuart asked. "You're seeing me naked right now."

"That's not the same thing, you are naked!" Kendall argued.

"Both of you, Stop it!" the doctor interjected as if he were breaking up a schoolyard brawl. "Remember why we're all here. We need to concentrate our attention on this latest development. Stuart is experiencing a major breakthrough here. Let's focus on that shall we?"

"Yes doctor Le Croix. Of course you're right." Kendall apologized but something in the tone of his voice suggested otherwise.

With deep concern for Stuart's welfare, the doctor removed his headgear and leaned in close to whisper quietly to his young assistant.

"Are you doing okay Stuy?" the doctor asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Stuart answered.

"Please let me know if you feel any discomfort or pain, okay?" the doctor insisted.

"Yeah..., sure..., no problem," Stuart said.

"Are you feeling any unusual arousal?" the doctor queried as he looked down at Stuart's rigid boner.

"Well, nothing unusual but," Stuart hesitated.

"But what?" the doctor asked.

"Well, Kendall is pretty hot," Stuart indicated.

The doctor rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath, "Of all the people I could have gotten as an assistant, I had to get a sex crazed teenager."

He replaced his headgear and rolled his chair back over to the console to rejoin Kendall who was smirking as he stood over the controls.

Stuart continued to gaze upon Kendall's nude body with his newfound ability as a stirring of lust escalated out of control within him. Kendall could feel Stuart's eyes undressing him once again and this time he began to feel flattered that his body was affecting Stuart so strongly. The more he thought about it, the more aroused he became. Soon, Kendall was sporting his own erection as he and Stuart became locked in an unspoken bout of mutual attraction.

Stuart watched as Kendall's erection slowly expanded within the confines of his clothing. Now that Kendall's erection had grown to full size, Stuart became even more enthralled as he discovered that Kendall's man size ten inch boner was the largest he'd ever seen. Similar to what had happened yesterday, Stuart's fascination for penises turned into an erotic fantasy that ignited another unanticipated orgasm. Stuart began to panic because he was about to shoot an unexpected load of cum and Kendall was going to discover Stuart's apparent sexual desire for him.

The high volume of Orgone in the room quickly began to coalesce in Stuart's cells. The levels of saturation in those cells had approached, and were now surpassing the concentrations that Stuart had amassed from day one. The oncoming climax that was now apparently close was approaching with much more speed and determination than the one that had made him pass out yesterday.

Stuart was feeling embarrassed and worried. He was feeling embarrassed because his body was about to betray his secret to Kendall. Even though he wasn't even touching himself, Stuart knew that his unstoppable climax would humiliate him by revealing his hidden attraction and he probably wouldn't even be conscious to dispute it. He was also worried about possibly passing out right here in the doctor's lab. The fact that Stuart failed to inform the doctor about the unusual circumstances that plagued him yesterday would surely be cause for the doctor to lose the little respect that Stuart had worked so hard to earn.

All the embarrassment and worry that weighed heavily upon Stuart's mind all slipped away. His orgasm was now imminently close as it thrashed him mercilessly. Every muscle in Stuart's body contracted forcibly, restricting him from any voluntary movement. Stuart lay frozen, with his arms and legs stretched out as if he were catatonic.

The tubes and vesicles deep within Stuart's reproductive tract filled with Stuart's liquid essence and the firing pin that would launch his boy juice onto Stuart's chest, hammered on the primer, sparking the action that would propel Stuart's hot offering that the doctor's new assistant was sure to witness. Stuart let out a hair raising howl that teetered between agony and ecstasy as his balls released several rope-like strands of white creamy cum that seemed to defy gravity as it was energetically driven out of Stuart's twitching cock.

Stuart began to feel his consciousness slip away as his climax came to bear with all the force of an erupting volcano. There was no corresponding fantasies, dreams or shared dreamscapes associated with this orgasm. It was like a nocturnal emission that took place in a waking state, occurring for the sole purpose of expelling Stuart's excess sperm.

"Did you see that?" Kendall exclaimed.

"See what?" The doctor asked.

Kendall pointed to Stuart as the doctor looked over just in time to see Stuart's cock spitting out the last few drops of semen as his penis bobbed and twitched. Then the doctor looked at Stuart's face and saw a distant, detached expression as he passed out cold in `the chair'.

"Shut it down," The doctor shouted. "Shut it down now!"

Kendall quickly flipped a series of buttons and knobs and the doctor's machine settled back down to a gentle purr, and then eventually fell silent. The doctor quickly rolled his chair over to Stuart to check on his young assistant.

"Stuy..., Stuy, wake up!" The doctor shouted. "Kendall, take off your hazmat suit and come over here and help me."

"Take off my hazmat suit sir, are you sure?" Kendall said.

The doctor stared at Kendall as he removed his own hazmat suit so he could come to Stuart's aid. In a matter of seconds, both Kendall and the doctor were out of their hazmat gear, trying to revive Stuart whose body was limp and unresponsive.

"Oh my God, what have we done?" the doctor said. "Oh Stuart, please wake up!"

Neither Kendall nor the doctor knew what to do. The doctor picked Stuart up and cradled him in his arms.

"Oh Stuart, I can't believe I did it again," the doctor said as he clutched Stuart's listless body. "I've put you in danger and risked your safety, all in the name of science. I'm so sorry."

Kendall stood beside Stuart and the doctor feeling completely helpless. He was starting to feel sorry for Stuart and began to develop a soft spot for him where indifference abounded just a few moments ago.

"Gene, has this happened before?" Kendall asked.

"Stuart has endured a few harrowing experiences with me but he's quite a dynamic individual," the doctor attested. "He'll snap out of it any second now, I'm sure of it. While I'm thinking about it, will you please get an analysis kit from the drawer over there and collect this semen sample while it's still fresh."

"Me?" Kendall objected.

"Well, I've got my hands full at the moment as you can see," the doctor answered.

Kendall found the collection kits in the drawer and proceeded to gather Stuart's sperm sample under protest. At least the doctor didn't have to teach Kendall the fine art of procuring `sample acquisitions' as he was quite well versed in the methods of forensic and medical evidence collecting techniques.

"There's something unusual about this sample," Kendall instinctively observed. "I don't know what it is, but there's something unique about it."'

Kendall held the sample up to the light and studied it for a moment. Then in an unprecedented gesture, he bent down and licked the last remaining remnants of semen from Stuart's chest. The doctor looked at Kendall in utter shock.

Up to now, Kendall had acted distant and detached toward Stuart as if he strongly disliked the kid. It started off with Kendall expressing his alarm for Stuart being naked in the chair. Then he objected to being violated when Stuart began to see through his clothes. Then when Stuart shot his load after seeing Kendall's man sized erection, he seemed to be caught off guard. Then when the doctor ordered him to collect Stuart's semen sample, he acted totally unwilling. So when Kendall licked Stuart's chest to make his own personal evaluation of the nature of Stuart's unique sperm load, it seemed completely out of character for him.

"Oh, it's so sweet," Kendall praised.

"There's a reason for that," the doctor began. "I have been collecting and evaluating Stuart's semen samples from the very first day. Over the past several sessions, Stuart's semen has undergone a significant change. When we started, his sperm count was completely normal for any average healthy fifteen year old boy. After our second session, Stuart's sperm count increased by thirty percent and his semen volume doubled. After each session, a similar increase was noted. Stuart has been slowly turning into a human sex machine, a sperm factory if you will. His body has been putting all its recourses into manufacturing that one perfect product, sperm."

"Your machine is responsible for all that?" Kendall asked in disbelief.

Kendall and the doctor looked down at Stuart who fluttered his eyes open and smiled from ear to ear.

"Oh Stuy, you're awake," the doctor cheered. "How do you feel?"

"I feel great!" Stuart said as his smile widened.

"What are you smiling about?" Kendall asked.

"I heard what you guys said about me," Stuart said.

"What?" the doctor questioned.

"I'm a genuine human sperm factory," Stuart boldly declared. "Kendall, that means that my balls are more sexually virile than yours are."

"You wouldn't be saying that if you had my cock in your mouth," Kendall challenged.

"Go ahead, whip it out," Stuart dared him.

"Okay, I will," Kendall accepted as he put his thumbs underneath the waistband of his clothes and dropped his pants and briefs to the ground with one quick jerk. His semi erect cock bounced and sprang up revealing his ten inch boner as it hardened into a column of solid granite right in front of Stuart and the doctor.

"What are you two doing?" the doctor asked. "You're acting like a couple of teenagers."

"I am a teenager," Stuart said.

"And I feel like one," Kendall added. "Come on Doc. It's fun, join us."

The doctor couldn't believe what he was about to do. He was getting caught up in the moment and for some unknown reason, he was beginning to understand what Kendall was talking about as he himself began to feel like a teenager again. He removed his white lab coat and proceeded to strip along with Kendall who was now already naked from head to toe.

"So," Stuart said.

"So what?" Kendall shot back.

"Let me have it," Stuart said.

"Let you have what?" Kendall asked.

"Your penis dude, you were supposed to let me suck it, remember?" Stuart said.

"Oh yeah, okay," Kendall said as he stepped closer to Stuart.

Stuart took Kendall's cock into his hands and examined it with his fingers the way a blind person might scrutinize somebody's face. He observed all the tiny nuances as he studied its size, shape and texture. He noticed the warm glow that surrounded Kendall's magnificent example of fertile manhood. He felt Kendall's heartbeat pound within its considerable mass as his fingers traced the outline of his veins and blood vessels that protruded along its surface. He inhaled its fragrance that triggered his own cock to stiffen and pulsate. His heart began to race as he pulled Kendall's massive tool into his mouth.

Having a grown man's cock in his hands was one thing but when Stuart added his other senses to the mix, the level of his understanding increased exponentially. The first thing Stuart noticed as he drew Kendall's rigid cock into his mouth was the smooth rounded curvature of his cock head as his engorged glans flared out along its well defined edge. Stuart began to appreciate the sheer size of Kendall's pride and joy as Kendall pushed more of his inches deeper into Stuart's throat. He was only able to accept about half of Kendall's length when he realized he couldn't accommodate another inch.

"Believe me, I know penises and you have one of the best I've ever seen," Stuart complemented. "Thanks for letting me have the taste."

"Thanks for the compliment Stuart," Kendall said. "I've always been proud of my generous endowment. You probably feel the same way about your super charged balls. Would it be okay if I returned the favor? You know, suck your balls?"

"Sure, that would be great," Stuart beamed.

Stuart felt Kendall's warm lips and tongue caress his sensitive balls. He drew in one single testicle in his mouth and rolled it around his tongue, ever so gently squeezing it as Stuart cooed with delight. Then he drew in the other testicle and repeated the process. Once Kendall had given both of Stuart's balls individual attention, he drew both of them into his mouth and played tongue hockey with Stuart's cherished sperm factory. Stuart's balls had been working overtime so much lately that the mere touch was sending ripples of orgasmic pleasure up and down his spine.

"I have a great idea," Kendall said. "Stuart, stand up for minute."

Stuart stood up, not having any clue what Kendall had in mind. Kendall took Stuart's place and sat in `the chair'. He got comfortable and pulled his legs close together, causing his cock and balls to stick up straight in the air. Then he ordered Stuart to sit on his lap.

"Oh, no you don't!" Stuart said shaking his head. "There's no way!"

"Oh goodness Stuart," Kendall said. "You don't understand."

Kendall then explained his idea to Stuart. What Kendall was proposing turned Stuart on as a flash of excitement surged through him. Kendall then lifted Stuart's body up onto his abdomen. He slipped his ten inch cock between Stuart's legs, letting his huge cock extend past Stuart's balls. Now Stuart's cock was resting right on top of Kendall's giant pole. Kendall's massive meat now protruded just far enough past Stuart's legs to match Stuart's smaller penis length, making their two cocks come together head-to-head. Kendall massaged his new friend affectionately with one hand while his other hand reached down and stroked their twin rods with relish.

So far, the doctor had been sitting quietly watching this unusual series of events unfold in front of his eyes. He was now beginning to feel comfortable enough to join in.

"That looks like fun," the doctor said. "Do you mind if I give it a whirl?"

Stuart and Kendall looked at each other and then shot the doctor a look of approval. The doctor wheeled his chair over to the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Gun Oil lubricant and then wheeled his chair back. He then applied a liberal amount onto his hand and engulfed Stuart and Kendall's cocks with his considerable grip and expertly stroked the two of them into a wild frenzy.

Gene enjoyed having two cocks in his hand as he elicited the most erotic moans from his two assistants. Having Stuart's perfectly proportioned cock in his hand reminded the doctor of his teenage years when he and his buddies would lend each other a helping hand. Having Kendall's cock in his hand was a considerably different matter. He'd never had a mature man's cock in his hand before and the feel of Kendall's extraordinarily large member was quite titillating and caused his own cock to swell and grow into a full erection.

"When I took this job, I didn't know I'd be having this much fun," Kendall admitted. "You're really good at that Gene. Do you think you can make Stuart and me cum together..., bust our nut simultaneously..., you know, squirt it at the same time?"

"Oh, that sounds hot," Stuart said. "Would you do that for us Gene? Please? I want to watch our dicks twitch and shoot together."

"All right," the doctor agreed, "but it's going to require all three of us pooling our thoughts together into one concentrated group effort. Combining our three individual minds into one single thought should enable us to pull it off."

"How do we do that Gene?" Stuart asked.

"Think of my hand and your cocks as one thing," the doctor instructed. "Focus your attention on your physical senses, your sense of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch."

A thoughtful expression swept across Stuart and Kendall's faces as the doctor's instructions began to make some sense. Once he saw a glimmer of understanding in their eyes, the doctor continued.

"With your eyes, watch my hand as it glides up and down the shafts of your two cocks. With your ears, listen deeply to each other moan as I stimulate you to ecstasy. With your nose, smell the sweet fragrance of pure Orgone as it mixes with the intoxicating aromas of our combined male secretions. With your mouth, taste the anticipation of what we are longing for as we prepare for the ultimate climax. Last but not least, focus your attention on your sense of touch as you begin to approach your combined orgasm."

It was beginning to work. The doctor was starting to feel Stuart and Kendall's internal biorhythms converge as their cyclic patterns slowly merged into one. They both moaned more fervently now as identical waves of pleasure dominated their senses, causing their escalating vocalizations to synchronize.

Kendall had his arms wrapped tenderly around Stuart's chest as he held onto him intimately. Their bodies were caressing on the outside and their hearts were beating as one on the inside. The doctor decided to get more comfortable. He left his wheeled lab chair and nestled into the Orgone chamber's recliner next to Stuart and Kendall. The doctor applied an additional amount of Gun Oil to Stuart and Kendall's mutual manhood and resumed stroking them. Kendall reached out and took the Gun Oil from the doctor and applied some to the doctor's throbbing penis and began returning the favor to his employer, mentor and friend.

Stuart looked directly into the doctor's eyes and nodded his head. Suddenly, the doctor began to get drawn into Stuart and Kendall's climax. He had told Stuart and Kendall that all three of them needed to concentrate together but he had not considered that he might be drawn into their whimsical activity.

The doctor discovered he was moaning right along with his assistants as Stuart drew the doctor deeper into his fantasy. Even though his cock was not in direct contact with Stuart and Kendall's engorged erections, the doctor felt like his own cock was right there alongside Stuart and Kendall's rigid boners. It was becoming clear now that this entire dream was being manipulated by Stuart's hyperactive libido.

"I bet I can shoot it farther than you Kendall." Stuart challenged.

"Oh yeah, bring it!" Kendall accepted.

Kendall had no clue what was going on but the doctor's previous experience with Stuart's Orgone induced daydreams indicated that the three of them were currently in the midst of one of Stuart's sex driven fantasies. Sometime after Kendall and the doctor had removed their hazmat suits, they would inevitably succumb to the influences of the Orgone rich properties that had saturated the room. Stuart had become a master of manipulating the dreams and fantasies of the Orgone world and right now, he was taking all three of them on a journey of ecstasy as he unwittingly pulled them into an orgasm that would result in all three of them passing out.

The doctor's hand began to quiver as the onslaught of orgasmic waves prevented him from concentrating on his stroking and it seemed that Kendall was suffering from the same affliction. Stuart, Kendall and the doctor were all breathing heavily and moaning passionately as they converged into a single orgasm that was shared equally between the three of them. A surge of electrical impulses caused a liquid cocktail of dopamine, serotonin, and a variety of other endorphins to be released in their heads as the flood of these brain stimulating chemicals besieged their minds and catapulted the three of them into a simultaneous eruption of stellar proportions.

Stuart had now drawn the three of them past the point of no return as they each felt the swell of their hot molten semen fill the tubes and vesicles of their respective reproductive organs as their body's `ejection system' poised on the verge of a triple synchronized ejaculation. Stuart's orgasm manifested itself physically as the powerful thrusts of his ejaculation launched its first volley. Kendall and the doctor, who were still psychically linked to Stuart, launched their first volleys as well. Stuart's flawlessly orchestrated cum ballet had the doctor, Kendall and himself jointly shooting their semen in all directions.

The volume, color and consistency of their semen matched each other's in every way. Even their ejaculating cycles pulsed together in unison like three water jets of a `Dancing Waters' show, spraying together as one in wicked complicity. The room overflowed with the sound of three climaxing voices as they collectively watched their impeccably timed ejaculations surge forth with Stuart's intentional solidarity.

By the time the three of them reached their sixth spasm of their united release, they all slipped seamlessly into unconsciousness. Stuart's mind was so enraptured with the life altering orgasm he was sharing with his friends that he had forgotten to release them from his psychic hold before losing consciousness. Therefore, Stuart unintentionally pulled Kendall and the doctor past the threshold of reality and into the realm of darkness. They were out cold until the level of Orgone saturation in the room had fallen below 200 ppm.

All at once, Stuart, Kendall and the doctor came out of their Orgone induced stupor to discover all three of them were naked and sitting together in `the chair' in a most provocative position. Kendall almost threw Stuart off of him and jumped up off the chair. He scrambled to put his clothes back on as he rambled on about what a sick den of perversion was being perpetuated in this sleazy underground lab.

"I don't know what you did to me, but I would never have agreed to do anything like this!" Kendall reacted.

"Oh nonsense," the doctor snapped. "If anything, these dreams reveal your true nature. What we saw in there was the real you that you keep hidden from the world. This should have been a freeing experience for you if you had even the tiniest open mind."

Kendall looked at the doctor as he contemplated his next argument, being very careful to choose his words wisely. Then he looked at Stuart and saw the hurt expression on his face. He thought to himself that Stuart was too young to be willfully manipulating him into anything. He began to see the unselfish gift Stuart had bestowed upon him and he started to back down.

"Well, having sex with a minor is a crime," Kendall continued.

"No one had sex with anyone here," the doctor informed him.

"Really?" Kendall questioned. "I'm pretty sure I shot my load on the boy."

"I know," the doctor stated. "He's made me come a few times as well. The little shit has gotten pretty good at it. Nonetheless, everything that happened was all in your head. All the events that transpired were all part of Stuart's shared dream state. Stuart acquired this gift from the Orgone treatments he's been receiving and he has become quite proficient at it. You see, no one touched anyone here. It was all a projected fantasy of which the two of us were willing recipients. Deep down, you and I both experienced something we always wanted to do and never did. If anything, Stuart imposed his will upon us which we are going to learn how to control, right?" the doctor said looking over at Stuart.

"Yes sir," Stuart grumbled.

"I suggest we all get dressed and take a break," the doctor said. "Let's agree to meet back here tomorrow and we can start over. We need to stick to procedures more closely and take a more clinical stance on our experiments. There's still so much for us to learn here."

"All right," Kendall agreed. "Maybe we did just get off on the wrong foot. I'll see the two of you tomorrow then."

"Thank you," the doctor said. "I'll give you the blueprints and schematics before you leave and you can start looking them over at your leisure while Stuart and I come to a better understanding about proper procedures and protocols."

Stuart, Kendall and the doctor all went their separate ways as the events of the day replayed in each of their minds in vivid detail.

Stuart understood that he had crossed the line today. Not only had he put the doctor in an awkward position but he still hadn't told him of the problems he had been having with his spontaneous orgasms and blackouts. Tomorrow would be a new day and perhaps with everyone starting off on a new foot, he could set things straight and continue to be an integral part of the doctor's work.

The End of Chapter #3

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