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The Orgone Orgasm Machine

Chapter #6

By Paul S. Stevens

Even though Stuart had gone home for the day, he was distressed that Kendall had disregarded his story so strongly. He wanted to try to provide a more convincing retelling of his colorful undersea neon sperm-fish tale as he knew he should have. The whole incident was so electrifying that he failed to do as the doctor warned and not get caught up in all the whimsical aspects. He was now more in control of himself and was prepared to relay his experience in more scientific terms, expressing only the facts. He was hoping he could be more thorough and convince Kendall of his truthfulness. More importantly, he needed to convince the doctor, at least for the benefit of the project's research. Stuart was convinced his experiences would prove to be important to the future of the project and wanted his story documented. So, Stuart made his way back to the doctor's lab that evening, determined to get the attention his story deserved. As he came downstairs into the doctor's lab, he noted that the doctor was scurrying about like something had gone wrong. As he got to the bottom of the stairs, he witnessed Kendall, very much naked in all his glory, sitting in what Stuart considered to be, `his' chair, looking completely wiped-out. With all the panic breaking loose, Stuart was at a loss to understand what was going on.

Noticing that Stuart had unexpectedly returned to the lab, Kendall tried a second time, without successes, to reach for his clothes so he could get dressed and remove himself from the awkward and embarrassing position he found himself in. Kendall was mortified to know that Stuart was watching him as his personally revealing disgrace unfolded. With no way to prevent the damaging display from spewing forth, Kendall's traumatically compromised and exposed state of mind and body continued. He was now caught by both Stuart and the doctor and there was no hiding it from either one of them. Kendall's eyes were red from embarrassment and he was heavily covered in his own copious cum. He was pathetically sprawled out in the `Orgone' chair, weak, listless and white as a ghost, teetering on the edge of unconscious. He was cold and exposed and feeling alarmingly vulnerable. Even with all these sensitive emotions flying out of control, his boner was standing unusually firm and solid, totally unyielding to the natural refractory period where all men usually recover from their post orgasmic journeys by returning to their flaccid and relaxed state.

In his weakened condition, Kendall reached out one last time and made a last-ditch effort to retrieve his clothes, but he clumsily dropped them on the floor, slipping through his fatigued fingers. Kendall's entire body collapsed in surrender as he felt unable to rebound adequately from his unexpected ordeal.

"I think I'll just stay here for a while," Kendall sighed in defeat as the life-force seemed to drain from his eyes, "if that's okay?"

"Certainly," the doctor answered with a worried tone in his voice.

Even though Stuart had just arrived on the scene, he instinctively guessed what was going on since it wasn't all that hard to figure out. Stuart was angry and dismayed with Kendall's jealous motives, but he also understood the devastating conflict of emotions that Kendall had just put himself through. It was as if all the complications that Stuart had reported and logged into the project's journals throughout the life of the project were just the ramblings of a sex-starved child with an overactive imagination. Even so, Stuart's first instinct was to help Kendall get dressed. But then, as Stuart observed Kendall's genuinely serious condition, he simply changed his mind as Kendall's withered state vigorously pulled at Stuart's heartstrings. The overwhelmingly erotic, yet utterly ravaging effects that the doctor's `machine' had poured over Kendall's poor body had made Stuart's uncompromising compassion take over. In a moment of deep and profound empathy, Stuart performed an uncharacteristic gesture and went over to comfort Kendall in his hour of need.

Stuart quickly stripped naked and wiggled into the chair next to Kendall as their two bodies shared the intimately close space together. Kendall's eyes bugged out as Stuart's naked skin touched his own in a most provocative and intimate way. Kendall was too exhausted to object any stronger than that. Stuart then put his arms around Kendall, tightly embracing his sweat-soaked and overheated body, letting all the sympathy and love drain from out of his smaller, younger, empathic body.

The doctor was astounded by the sight. Stuart and Kendall both finally settled down in their extraordinary embrace as the doctor immediately grabbed his camera and journal and started documenting the extraordinary incident. Kendall eventually found his arms around Stuart as he began to absorb Stuart's passionate healing embrace. Stuart and Kendall's minds, hearts and souls became one as something extraordinary began to happen. Until recently, a bitter rivalry existed between the doctor's two loyal lab assistants, but now, a harmonious coexistence sprang up between them.

Then, another freakishly amazing event occurred. From being in such close proximity to Kendall, Stuart sprang a rock-hard erection that began to pulsate. Along with Kendall's erection, their two cocks waged their solid columns of manhood side-by-side in unison, standing together like hardcore brothers that were saluting each other. Despite the ten years difference between them, Kendall and Stuart's cocks stood remarkably similar in both size and stature and were even twitching in perfect sync with each other. As the doctor watched the two of them interact, the doctor became aware of the crucial nature that was taking place and took some very candid shots with his camera.

The doctor had long since turned off his machine. It was strictly the ambient Orgone energy lingering in the room that accounted for the reaction everyone was having. Everyone easily forgets about it since the ambient Orgone is virtually odorless and tasteless.

Out of nowhere, Stuart and Kendall both started to moan wildly while they squeezed each other's bodies. Without even touching their cocks, they took several deep breathes together as they began to shoot gobs of cum. Their bodies shuddered like they were having simultaneous seizures. Their cocks started matching spasm for spasm as their man-rods spewed rivers of hot, steamy cum over their chests at the same time.

The doctor began to grow his own amazingly hard boner inside his pants as the unusual incident sent the doctor's elderly sex drive into the stratosphere. Even the small amount of Orgone exposure that the doctor's body had personally encountered over the previous few weeks had the doctor's frail libido getting easily overtaken, making him feel more youthful and energized.

Still in their healing embrace, Stuart and Kendall had unknowingly repaired each other's Orgone induced side effects. The close proximity of their two bodies began to cancel each other's overly abundant Orgone saturation levels down to a negligible amount. Soon, both boys felt their bodies return to near-normal levels for the first time since the doctor's Orgone experimentations began to reveal their hidden unusual secondary side-effects.

While the two boys were still in each other's arms, their boners both began to revert back to their natural, flaccid state. The doctor rushed over to take more pictures and collect the evidence of the miraculous event that had just taken place. The doctor quickly, but carefully, collected samples of Stuart and Kendall's ejaculated fluid, knowing it contained the answer to correcting the doctor's undesirable `Orgone' byproduct problems, thereby solving the issues that Stuart and Kendall had reported experiencing after their individual Orgone sessions. Once Stuart and Kendall released each other's embrace, they both directly got dressed and then immediately switched over to research mode and started to report their personal findings, telling the doctor how they felt. They were so excited about finally feeling normal again that they couldn't express themselves fast enough.

"It's just a feeling I have," Kendall reported. "But I think you'll find that the after-effects we've been experiencing with the Croixgonator exist within the final phases of each session. Unlike x-rays that leave undesirable traces of radioactivity in the subject's body that can't be removed, I believe that the lingering Orgone energy can be eliminated. The solution to the problem is getting the lingering Orgone effects to reduce down to as close to zero as possible."

"That's right," Stuart added. "It's like developing a picture in a photo lab. I learned the procedure in my photography class. You use a developing solution to produce an image on the photographic paper. But then, you have to submerge the photo in a neutral stop-bath after the image appears or the lingering developing solution will keep going even after you take the photo out of the developing solution bin or soon thereafter, you'll get a totally black image, overdeveloped image."

"The squirt is right," Kendall said with endearing emphases to Stuart's keen understanding. "We have to find a way to use the Croixgonator machine and program it to work like a stop-bath at the end of each session. That should stop the Orgone effect from continuing out of control at the conclusion of each Orgone session. I have an idea how we could program the Croixgonator machine to produce a neutralizing cycle that can be attached and incorporated into the shutdown procedure at the conclusion of each session."

"Maybe you'll find a way to do that after you analyze the samples you just took from us." Stuart surmised.

"Exactly, Stuart," the doctor agreed. "I've been thinking. After what happened yesterday, and seeing how you and Kendall have been learning how to get along, I've decided that I need you two to work together now. Your differing opinions and points of view are both essential to the project."

Stuart and Kendall looked at each other with skepticism.

"Stuart," the doctor elaborated as he looked over to his first chosen assistant. "You have the perspective of youth and wonder on your side. Your strength of character and active imagination lends a crucial element to the project that I've learned to respect, understand and rely on."

A twinkle in Stuart's eye emerged as he grinned from ear to ear at the doctor's glowing evaluation.

"And Kendall," the doctor said, turning to address the doctor's second chosen assistant. "With your formal training in research and development, along with your capacity for analytical thinking, gives me a different yet essential opinion that is always in sharp contrast to Stuart's opposing insights."

Kendall then offered a similar ego bolstering smile, putting his hands behind his head and leaning back.

"What I'm saying is," the doctor revealed, "you both have extremely differing opinions that are both valid and essential to the project. Your contrasting points of view help me to see the whole picture by presenting two opposite aspects of the same issue. I require both your opinions for me to be able to see the whole image clearly."

Stuart and Kendall now looked at each other with a very new and different kind of understanding.

"So, my dear assistants," The doctor concluded, "both of you can go home now and leave me to study the samples I've collected from you and reflect on my findings. We'll see about programming some new protocols into the Croixgonator tomorrow."

Stuart and Kendall went home happy that night and enjoyed a more peaceful night's sleep than either of them had gotten in a long time. It was beginning to look like `team Croixgonator' was about to enjoy another major victorious breakthrough.

The next morning, Stuart heard a commotion going on outside and looked out his bedroom window. He saw an unmarked moving van parked in front of the doctor's house with a couple of workers having a conversation on their way up to the doctor's front door. Stuart hurriedly got dressed and put on his shoes and rushed outside to see what was going on. He was somewhat worried that something might have gone wrong with the doctor or that possibly these two men had come to take away a vital piece of the doctor's irreplaceable lab equipment. As Stuart ran towards the doctor's house, Kendall was just pulling into the driveway, arriving for the day. They both entered the house together, looking at each other with quizzical expressions, hastening their way down the stairs to the doctor's lab.

"What's going on here?" Kendall wondered with concern in his voice, being one step behind Stuart all the way. "Do you know?"

"I have no idea. I heard this strange truck arrive just a couple minutes ago." Stuart said as they both reached the bottom of the stairs together.

They observed the doctor, who was barking directions, instructing the movers to place a brand new identical looking recliner chair next to the existing `Orgone' chair. The new chair fit perfectly, side-by-side, next to the pre-existing one in the `Orgone' scanning area.

"What's with the new chair?" Kendall spouted out as he witnessed the men arranging the chairs together.

"Cool!" Stuart exclaimed. "Don't you see? We get to have our own chairs now. It will be fun sitting side-by-side next to you all naked and stuff."

"Shhh," Kendall hissed, motioning toward the two movers who raised their eyebrows at each other as they heard Stuart's unintentional faux pas. They finished placing their delivery in the doctor's specified spot and waited for additional directions.

"Thank you, gentlemen," The doctor said as he dismissed the delivery men. As they were leaving, he handed them both a ten-dollar bill for their prompt service. He also hoped that his monetary gesture would keep their tongues from flapping over what they might have accidentally seen or overheard in their brief visit to the doctor's furtive lab that was quickly losing its surreptitious credibility.

Once the men were gone, Kendall laid into Stuart.

"Why don't you just come out and announce to the world what we're running some kind of kiddy porn ring down here?" Kendall seethed, nearly gritting his teeth together as he spoke.

"I'm not worried about them," Stuart retorted. "They're nobodies,"

"I think you're forgetting about the fact that our work down here is `top secret'," Kendall stated, reminding Stuart not to be so loose with his comments, especially around strangers.

"All right guys," the doctor snapped. "I bought this new chair for the two of you, with the specific idea that we were all going to start getting along better now," the doctor paused. "So, start getting along already."

"Yes sir," Stuart acknowledged. "Sorry!"

"Of course, you're right, doctor. I just don't want anything to go wrong because some people have loose lips!" Kendall protested, looking squarely at Stuart.

"I understand," Stuart agreed. "I'm sorry. My dad always says: `Loose lips sink ships'!"

"Okay, so that means it won't happen again," the doctor said placing his hands on his hips. "Right Stuart?"

"Right!" Stuart and Kendall agreed in unison, both being equally accountable.

"So, if you'll both kindly strip now and take your seats, I'll refocus the Orgone emitters to account for the newly added chair."

Stuart and Kendall silently stripped naked and took their places in the `Orgone' chairs while the doctor aligned the Orgone emitters and candidly explained to Stuart and Kendall what he had been up to throughout the night.

"After I analyzed your semen samples last night, the solution we all hypothesized about yesterday became easily recognizable. I then formulated a way to add a finishing cycle to the Croixgonator machine's shutdown protocols," the doctor stated, rambling on. "I spent most of the night programming the old girl to do a special shutdown sequence before it safely turns itself off, neutralizing the active ambient Orgone energy. That should put an end to the lingering Orgone problem."

Once the emitters were properly aligned and refocused, the doctor slipped into his hazmat suit and took his place in front of the Croixgonator machine's control console.

As strict and professional as they tried to go about it, both Stuart and Kendall grew firm, stiff and erotic looking erections as they settled into their positions in the doctor's newly arranged twin chairs. Not saying a word to each other, they were both highly aroused as the sensual anticipation of their first intentionally shared, duel-experiment was about to begin. The doctor hadn't begun the day's experiments yet, but as he casually looked over at Stuart and Kendall, the sight of their twin boners standing straight up like stone columns at Stonehenge told the doctor that they were both ready and anxious to begin.

With that, the doctor fired up the Croixgonator machine as it began humming and purring to life. He then set the controls to follow his newly created series of commands. The brand-new experiment was designed to saturate his two lab assistants with an abundance of pure Orgone energy to see if his newly programmed `finishing cycle' worked as predicted on his subjects, eliminating the bothersome lingering after-effects.

Once the Croixgonator machine was well underway, producing some of the purest Orgone energy it had ever created, the doctor looked over at Stuart and Kendall to see that they had fallen fast asleep. While their eyes and faces demonstrated that they were deep in REM sleep, their rigidly twitching cocks revealed that their minds were busy having some highly erotic sexually-charged mental activity. The doctor could hardly wait to find out what they were dreaming about this time, and the very thought of it caused the doctor's boner to return. To take his mind off his two sexy assistants, the doctor turned his attention back to the processes of the machine, anxious to see if his newly implemented programming would pan out, proving that all the work that he and his team had worked for up to now was about to pay off.

In a highly charged Orgone induced MCS (minimally conscious state), Stuart and Kendall were having a shared erotic dream. Kendall was fairly new at this phenomenon, while Stuart found it to be `business as usual'. For Stuart, it began like several previous Orgone trips had begun before. Waking up inside their shared dream, they awoke in a breezy grass covered meadow. They were walking side-by-side amidst an abundance of sweet smelling colorful flowers. They were headed for a large oversize tree that was far off in the distance when Kendall made his first observation.

"That sure is a strange looking tree over there," Kendall commented as they strolled along together. "I don't think I've ever seen a tree quite like that before."

"Oh that," Stuart acknowledged. "That, my dear Kendall, is a penis tree, and it's in full bloom too!"

"How the hell do you know that?" Kendall queried.

"I've been here before," Stuart answered in a very `matter of fact' tone of voice.

"A penis tree? No way!" Kendall objected. "There's no such thing!"

"I would normally agree with you," Stuart explained. "But we're in the middle of a deliciously sensuous Orgone dream. Come on, I'll show you!"

Stuart and Kendall quickened their pace. As they got closer, they could make out more details. The exquisitely ripe and abundantly producing penis blooms became visually apparent.

"I'll be damned," Kendall exclaimed. "It is a penis tree! But, what's the object of having a penis tree?"

"Try one on and see for yourself."

"What does that mean, `try one on'?"

"Haven't you ever fantasized what it would be like to have a different penis and set of balls dangling between your legs?" Stuart asked. "Here, you get to find out what it's like to have a bigger cock that is both longer and heavier with large pendulous hanging balls. Maybe you'd like to find out how different a circumcised cock feels versus an uncut one. Maybe you've always wondered why black cocks are seemingly sexier than their white counterparts. Here, let me show you!"

Stuart called upon his memory of past encounters with his favorite tree and selected a circumcised cock that was both larger than his own and had some extra girth to it. It also had attached to it a nice, tight pair of juicy looking balls hanging from it ever so sweetly. He stood on his tippy-toes and plucked his choice from a higher branch of the tree and placed it carefully on the ground. With a lot of care and tenderness, he removed his own organ and replaced it with his freshly selected choice.

Kendall had a horrified look on his face as he watched Stuart basically defile his own body.

"Wow! That feels great my friend," Stuart said, bubbling with enthusiasm. "Now you try it. Pick one you like and try it on."

"You've got to be kidding?" Kendall said with alarm.

"Remember, this is just a dream," Stuart pointed out. "You get to use your imagination without suffering any long term negative effects."

Against his better judgment, Kendall's curiosity got the better of him and he visually scanned the tree from top to bottom for something to tickle his fancy. He didn't really know what it was that he was looking for until his eyes picked out an uncommonly large dong with ultra low hanging balls in their loose-fitting sack. As compared to his original biological cock, this bad-boy was about four inches longer with a smooth, plump shaft that was slightly darker in color. Its shiny pink colored cockhead was playfully peaking out from behind its naturally uncircumcised foreskin. Kendall's prime choice was located near the bottom of the tree, beckoning to be picked. It was hanging so low, it almost seemed to be reaching out to touch the ground in an effort to be the biggest, bad-ass cock on the tree.

Kendall was fairly convinced that his own pride and joy was irremovable. Even so, he decided to try anyway and was astounded to discover how easily his own organ was to unplug and detach. He selected his replacement specimen and picked it from the branch of the tree it was attached to. He instantly noticed how much heavier it weighed in his hands than he had expected it to be and paused briefly before awkwardly plugging himself in.

Suddenly, a highball of adrenaline and testosterone coursed through Kendall's veins that rushed straight to his brain. He swallowed a deep breath as his heart began to race. His newly adopted penis immediately came to life, rising up to become a fully inflated erection, fighting rigidly against the forces of gravity.

A powerful feeling of youthfulness and renewed energy, vigor, and vitality washed over Kendall's entire body. An overwhelming drive to stroke his newly borrowed boner to orgasm became unavoidable. Kendall's dream partner, Stuart, sat down at the base of the tree and began quietly wanking on his own temporary hardon with sensuous enthusiasm as he waited for Kendall to join him. Feeling compelled to do exactly that, Kendall sat next to Stuart and the two of them began an unspoken contest to see who chose the better cock by finding out which one could make their owner climax first.

Soon, the pair started huffing heavily and moaning in ecstasy as their transitory replacement cocks filled their balls, brains and pituitary glands with increasing dosages of sexually related chemicals. Stuart and Kendall were both feeling a series of surging tingles that were emanating from deep within their balls as their pituitary glands flooded their sexual organs with high-potency testosterone directly into their hungry testicles. They both got pumped primarily with a variety of sexually vitalizing Endorphins, made up of varying amounts of Acetylcholine and Dopamine along with trace amounts of Prolactin and Oxytocin.

Kendall was beginning to feel like he felt when he was fourteen years old again, back at a time when he was at his sexual peak. Stuart, on the other hand, felt like he was more like a sexually mature adult. He felt supercharged as the Endorphins that were being pumped into his balls were able to bypass his underage prepubescent shortcomings. Stuart and Kendall's amplified libidos had them both barreling towards a nuclear sized climax that was promising to be the most explosive they'd ever had.

The doctor, realizing he was ignoring his subjects, tore himself away from the enthralling lure of the Croixgonator machine's melodically hypnotic control panel. As he finally turned his attention toward his two assistants, he observed that they had seemingly slipped into a sexually erotic, Orgone narcosis. Worried that their condition might have some dire consequences, the doctor instituted an emergency shutdown. Hoping he wasn't too late, panic engulfed the doctor's entire psyche as the tediously slow controls crawled through the complicated shutdown procedure, moving at the speed of a snail, all the while being sure that the newly instituted Orgone neutralizing steps hadn't gotten bypassed.

Stuart and Kendall's bodies began to convulse as they were being ripped away from their hot, dream related cum contest. Their cocks started twitching and they both began to spew their chemically enhanced sperm loads as they were jolted awake in time to witness their own sputtering finale in the real world.

"I won," Stuart yelled out as the two opened their eyes.

"In your dreams," Kendall demanded.

"Exactly!" Stuart stated.

They both laughed as the impact of Stuart's loaded statement sank in.

"Dream, indeed!" Kendall pointed out. "Wow!"

Stuart and Kendall looked down across their laps. Stuart's cock seemingly appeared to have more girth to it and his balls were slightly larger, pulled together even tighter than before. Kendall's cock, on the other hand, seemed significantly longer and darker with his balls drooping extra low. Since the two boys were pulled out of their shared dream prematurely, they didn't get to see their dream progress to its full, naturally occurring conclusion. At the time that their dream got terminated, they were still sporting their borrowed packages and hadn't gotten the time to return their biological cocks to their own bodies. This was the first time that the Croixgonator machine had pulled something imaginary out of the dream world and manifested it into the real world.

Once it sank in that Kendall, and his partner Stuart, were no longer in the dream world, Kendall looked down across their laps and started to freak out in a big way. Not knowing what was happening with Kendall, the doctor was afraid that Kendall might have somehow suffered a psychotic break. Panicking again, the doctor tried to assess the problem.

"Kendall, what's wrong my boy?" The doctor said, out of control, yet trying to sound calm.

"I lost my cock!" Kendall blurted out.

"What?" the doctor winced, not understanding.

"This is not my cock," Kendall rambled as he pointed to himself trying to make sense of the statement he just made.

"Stuart, do you know what he's talking about?" the doctor asked.

"Yes sir, I think I do," Stuart said as he started to explain. "Do you remember the time when you and I experienced the penis tree?"

"Well, yes I remember that dream," the doctor said. "I don't think I could ever forget it."

"Since this was Kendall's first shared dream with me, I wanted to show him that tree, so that's where the dream took us. We both tried on a penis from the tree. The rest of it is pretty hard to believe."

"I'm sure it is, Stuy. Tell me anyway. Please continue," the doctor ordered.

"Once we plugged our chosen cocks into our bodies, they immediately started turning us on. We got so aroused that, I guess we started having a silent jack-off contest to see whose cock would make us orgasm first. I think those penises did something to us as we wore them. I told you that the rest of it would be pretty hard to believe."

"Its okay Stuy, I'm beginning to understand," the doctor said. "Go on."

"I think that what happened was, our dream got cut short," Stuart surmised. "We were still in the middle of our cum contest and we didn't get a chance to go back to the tree and remove our borrowed cocks so we could retrieve our own real cocks. So here we are, in the real world and we kind of brought our dream cocks along with us. I think our real cocks are still back in the Orgone dream world. I know that doesn't sound scientific. Also, those borrowed cocks we tried on did something to us."

"I see!" the doctor said. "My dear Kendall here says: `this isn't his cock'. What does he mean by that?"

"Well sir," Stuart hesitated. "Look at Kendall's penis. Look at mine. Do you notice anything different? Our cocks have actually... changed."

"Changed?" the doctor questioned.

"Yeah," Stuart answered. "Our cocks look a lot more like our imaginary dream ones rather than our real ones. Kendall's cock looks even more different than mine."

Kendall finally joined in on the conversation with his own explanation.

"I'm sure you can see the difference now, right doc? It's longer and fatter. I can even feel the extra weight it has. It's definitely heavier now and it has a noticeably different color as well. Look at my balls too doc, they are so... well, you know... Loosey-Goosy."

"I can't say that I've studied the size and color of your cock and balls, Kendall, or you either Stuart," the doctor said. "But now that you mentioned it, I can see now how much bigger it seems now."

"I don't know what you are complaining about, Kendall. Even though the doctor didn't seem to notice, I think your cock is super-cool!" Stuart remarked. "I know I love mine, Doc. Like Kendall's cock, mine is also longer and fatter, but my balls are nice and tight. I've always wanted a bigger cock with snugger balls. Now I've got them. I don't understand what happened to us, but I'm totally cool with it!"

"Since you are both covered with some potentially valuable evidence," the doctor advised, "I think I'd better collect some samples again and see if it can shed any light on today's wondrous mystery. I'm sure there's a logical explanation as to what happened to you guys. You both should go home now. Try not to dwell on your situation, Kendall. I think it will all make sense tomorrow. Oh yeah, don't forget, I'll need some feedback on the neutralizing effects of today's experiment. That's what it was supposed to be all about today. Even so, I'm very interested to see if your penis enlarging experiences persist tomorrow, or if it all goes back to normal overnight. It might be one more temporary Orgone after-effect."

As Stuart and Kendall got dressed to go home, they both had trouble getting their larger cocks and balls to comfortably fit in their clothes. They both wiggled and rearranged their packages several times inside their underwear until they settled on a partially comfortable compromise.

Stuart was just beginning to understand the frustration that Kendall was feeling with his newly acquired monster cock. When a person lives in their body all their lives, and a sudden change like this takes place, the adjustment can be a bit overwhelming. Stuart's adjustment was small-time compared to Kendall's massive modification where his new proportions had his cock hanging outside the leg opening of his underwear and running halfway down his left pant leg. Kendall's lingering hot, sexual encounter with Stuart and his penis tree kept him leaking pre-cum that generated a perpetual wet spot on the inner thigh of his already tight pants.

Kendall was a very private person by nature and he absolutely hated his newly forced arrangement. He was already self-conscious knowing that his enormous schlong was going to attract an abundance of unwanted attention. The only thing Kendall wanted to do right then was to go home without being noticed. Kendall's cock was still semi-hard and the only thing he could think of to do was to get home and strip so he could unleash his captive penis that was uncomfortably straining to be cut loose from his restraining clothing.

He desperately wanted to try and forget the tragic occurrence that forced him to deal with the unnaturally endowed penis and balls he got stuck with. The first thing that happened was, when he got home, he went straight to the bathroom where he got his first surprise. As he sat onto the toilet seat, the tip of his extra-large penis dipped below the waterline and sent poor Kendall into an angry tirade, spewing profanity that was directed mostly toward his absent partner Stewart, who talked him into trying such an ill-fated experiment.

After he finally settled down, knowing he could do nothing more for the time being, Kendall disrobed and crawled into bed, totally naked. He was a bit mesmerized as his focus got locked onto his massive tool between his legs. It mocked him as he fixated on his problem. There seemed to be no end to his frustration that kept him perpetually awake. He was thinking about the way his entire life was about to change. He was going to have to alter the way he did virtually everything. Even though his cock was soft and flaccid, it was nearly as large as it was when it was fully erect. As his cock lay draped over his legs, he tried to look away by staring at the ceiling, only to have his gaze continually pulled back to his dilemma. That only discouraged him further, keeping him awake for most of the night.

As Kendall thought back on how he came to be in his present condition, his mind drifted back to earlier that day. He began to daydream and revisited his journey to Stewart's penis tree. He was reminded as to how and why he came to make the decision to choose that particular oversized cock and balls out of all the alternative choices that the tree had to offer. He then realized that, down deep inside, he had a secret desire to have a big, hanging cock and pendulous balls. His longing for a giant dick manifested itself back when he was quite young. Over the years, he had traded his useless penis fantasies for scientific research and had totally repressed his horny predilections. He had buried the idea so far down into the bottom of his psyche that when it came bubbling to the surface, he almost didn't recognize the longing he once held so dear.

While Kendall occupied his mind, contemplating the ramifications of his decision, he finally drifted off into a deep sleep. His mind was still so enamored with the pros and cons of his penis dilemma that his dreams brought him right back to that same penis tree once again, this time contained in his own mind.

This time he was alone with no one around to distract him. He decided that while he had the chance, he would look more closely to the luscious ripening fruits of this all too impossible sexual enigma. He was sure that if he took his time, he could have made a wiser choice. He was convinced that he could have selected a specimen in a more scientific manner rather than the foolhardy choice he made based on his impetuously horny desires.

As he began to study the tree, the almost unending allure of shapes, colors, and sizes of cocks and balls inhabiting its branches had Kendall's intended scientific approach fading away and his horny desires returned with even more intensity.

Then, as if it were calling out to him, Kendall noticed his biological penis lying on the ground near the base of the tree, lying right next to Stewart's abandoned package. They both looked so small and unimportant, just lying their disembodied. Nevertheless, it was right where he had placed it when he removed it from his body. He had almost forgotten about it and hadn't even thought about the fact that it might be waiting for him when he would return to the tree where it could be rightfully reclaimed.

Kendall hesitantly got into position over his abandoned organ and began to remove his borrowed penis package. He felt a wave of confusion wash over him. He knew he didn't want to live the rest of his life with this obnoxious borrowed penis, but at the same time, it had favorable attributes he really didn't want to give up. On the other hand, he truly didn't want his old penis back either. It had a number of shortcomings that made him feel somewhat inadequate.

He finally came to the conclusion that it was all rather illogical, not to mention unnatural. He then proceeded to discard his borrowed package and re-attached his biological penis to its natural place of comfort, immediately being welcomed like an old dear friend.

At that moment, Kendall woke up. A warm, sweet feeling came over him. It wasn't quite morning yet, so he kept his eyes closed so he could continue basking in the deliciously erotic dream he was having. He stretched his muscles and reached down to pull on his cock as he habitually did upon waking each day. His eyes sprang open as he noticed a change in his body. He was experiencing a rare but hefty morning hardon as his cock twitched in his hand. He looked down to see his old familiar friend, looking like it was returning back to normal.

Kendall was anxious to get back to the lab to show Stewart and the doctor what had happened overnight. His demeanor was happier compared to the previous day. Kendall arrived at the doctor's lab ahead of everyone else. He went ahead and stripped naked and got comfortable on his chosen Orgone chair like he'd seen Stuart do so many times before and waited for the others to arrive. Stewart was next to come, ahead of the doctor, and saw Kendall, sitting naked in his Orgone chair, waiting patiently for something. Stewart wasted no time stripping as he threw off his clothes and joined Kendall in the adjoining chair.

"Sup?" Stewart chirped as he got comfortable on the chair. "You're looking good today!"

"Yep!" Kendall snorted. "Notice anything?"

"You look almost back to normal," Stewart pointed out.

"What do you mean, `almost'?" Kendall grunted.

"Well, you don't have that `Blake Mitchell' thing going on anymore," Stewart joked. "But you're not all the way back to the way you were yet either! That's okay though, I'm kind of only half way back myself."

That's when the doctor came down stairs and joined Stewart and Kendall.

"Good Morning Doctor," Stewart and Kendall both said in unison.

"I see your both physically recovering from yesterday's sessions," the doctor observed as he scrutinized the genitals of his two lab assistants sitting side by side. "I pretty much knew you would. All the data pointed to it. I see you both have some residual effects that are still visible. The data also indicated that some of it will end up being permanent or at least semi-permanent. Kendall, I know you were hardest hit by this particular side-effect, but I think most people will find the effect positive if its toned down some, especially for those who are considering penis enlargement as an Orgone benefit. I have isolated the cause of the phenomenon and have limited how much effect it will ultimately have among all the therapeutic potential my Orgone therapy has proven to provide."

"I'm ready to see what other therapeutic properties the old Croixgonator has to offer," Stuart enthusiastically said.

"Actually," the doctor said. "We have come to the end of our "Orgone" trail!"

"What do you mean Gene?" Stuart asked in a panic.

"We've run all the possible major scenarios for now. We've narrowed the playing field down to a small handful of the most useful and beneficial programs we could offer at the cheapest price. I'm betting that it will appeal to the demands of the general public as well as be commercially viable," the doctor said, sounding more like a salesman rather than the genius doctor, inventor, and scientist that he was. "Judging by the results that you two have encountered all along the way, I think my little invention will be well received by the general public."

"Are we out of a job then, doc?" Kendall questioned.

"Oh heavens no!" the doctor firmly answered. "Well... maybe for a short while. I've already begun work on a surprisingly compact prototype. The first generation will be no larger than a laptop computer and by the time we offer the second generation, we might get it down to the size of a cell phone. So, until that project is finished, I'll need you two to help me demonstrate my Croixgonator for some colleagues and potential backers. Are you two up to getting naked in front a small audience of serious scientists and a few rich, horny old dudes... in the name of science?"

Stewart and Kendall briefly looked at each other, and then turned to look back at the doctor with vacant expressions.

"I know it will be kind of weird at first. Some of them will only be interested in how much their investments can earn for them. Some of them will be interested in how much the general public can benefit from the therapeutic aspects of such a device. And unfortunately, some of them will only be interested in how turned on that the two hot, naked studs sitting in the Orgone chair can make them. It doesn't matter anyway. How ever we get their attention, their money is all the same. It will probably be hardest initially, but I'm counting on the power of the Orgone field being strong enough to make you two feel sufficiently horny and comfortable to loosen up and overcome any inhibitions you might suffer from," the doctor said, grinning with hope that his two assistants would be up to a little potentially kinky adventure.

To the doctor's surprise, Kendall spoke up first.

"I'd love to help you demonstrate the awesome power of the Croixgonator device," Kendall volunteered, "But, I think we should focus our attention away from its medicinal potential and focus instead on the enormous sexual benefits for men. A man's sexual health is almost as important to him as curing cancer. Men of any age who use the device for even just a few minutes a day can receive a considerable amount of revitalizing sexual energy, which I think has more universal fascination to men in general. If we spotlight the kind of results that I, and my young colleague, Stuart here have encountered with the device so far, every single guy is going to want to have a `Doctor C's Croixgonator Device' of their very own. Watching Stuart and his almost fatal attraction to everything `Orgone', makes me believe that most men will become addicted to their device and fall in love with their machines, at the risk of preferring their machine over and above their flesh-and-blood counterparts."
"Interesting," the doctor said. "The thing about that is, I started off hoping to develop a device that will cure cancer and other life-threatening diseases. What you're suggesting is turning my life's work into a simple sex toy."

"Why not offer two different choices?" Stuart suggested. "Offer one device that's labeled and marketed as a medical device, and the other as a cock rocking sex toy. Think about it. You'll sell twice as many of them that way."

"Brilliant! Thank you, my valued assistants," the doctor complemented. "I can easily tweak the two devices to make each one specific to the task. Each one of us will be famous as well as rich. So, does this mean that I can count on both of you to help me promote my two products, even if it gets a bit weird?"

A silent agreement was met as Stuart and Kendall exchanged glances.

"We're both in!" Stuart acknowledged for both of them.

"Okay then," the doctor excitedly said. "I'll invite some of my potential backers to come here for a series of demonstrations to begin next week. Get yourselves ready to turn up the old charm!"

The End of Chapter #6

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