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The Orgone Orgasm Machine

Chapter #7

By Paul S. Stevens

It was hard to believe that it had been a solid week since Stuart got to sit in the doctor's exclusive Orgone chair. To him, it seemed like forever. He missed it so much. He hadn't been nearly as horny as he used to be while undergoing his daily Orgone treatments. He was also dismayed that his dick had reverted all the way back to its original size and shape, with the exception that lately, its firmness was a little more on the squishy side even with a raging hardon.

He was quickly bored without the ongoing Orgone experiments that he shared with Kendall and the doctor. He didn't realize how much it filled his days with idyllic lust and sexual fortification. The worst part was how much the old Orgone withdrawal symptoms were seriously getting him down. Lately, the only thing that had slightly titillated Stuart at all was the anticipation of participating in the upcoming demonstrations for the clients that the doctor had arranged to take place in the lab in an exclusive unveiling.

The day had finally come for the demonstrations to begin and Stuart was counting the seconds until the time he was told to arrive. Stuart looked out his bedroom window and saw the long line of parked cars that occupied his typically empty street that generated a steady stream of perspective, rich looking clients. The sight made Stewart pop a semi-hard boner. His chest began to pound as his body released a surge of adrenaline that gave him chills from head to toe.

Stewart knew that the doctor had already begun his personalized presentations to his guests, explaining the ins and outs of his Croixgonator invention. Once he had done that, he fired up his machine as it hummed through its self-diagnostic and boot-up sequence.

It was now time for Stewart to head over to the doctor's basement lab. He was prepared to do his best to support the doctor's well-deserved attention for his invention and promote it with all his heart. Even so, his pulse was racing, and he broke out in a nervous sweat as he thought about getting naked in front all the doctor's guests who, for all Stuart knew, where going to reveal a cavalcade of strangers, scientists, and closeted perverts alike.

As Stewart arrived at the doctor's lab, the doctor introduced him to everyone, bragging to them about Stewart's impressive list of achievements in both his school academics and community involvement. Then the doctor expressed his pride in Stewart's ability as his trusted and loyal lab assistant. After doing that, the doctor introduced each guest personally to Stewart in a very revealing way, explaining to him what each guest's expertise and interest lie so that Stewart could get a feel for how he might impress each guest most efficiently from his perspective.

A few moments later, just as Stuart finished meeting everyone, Kendall came down the stairs to join the group. The doctor then performed the same introductory procedure with him that he had just done with Stuart. Once everybody was in attendance and had finished their introductions, the doctor called the summit to order in the doctor's own inevitable fashion.

"Places everyone!" the doctor called out, waiting for all six guests to comply.

The guests, who were mingling about the lab, took their places in the seats that the doctor had provided and had placed opposite from the Orgone chairs in a casual stage-like arrangement. While the guests were settling down, Stewart and Kendall disrobed and took their places across from them and got comfortable in their usual places. As Stewart and Kendall calmly prepared to begin their greatly anticipated demonstration, the guests began to whisper and talk among themselves, stunned and somewhat awestruck from the relaxed and casual display of Stewart and Kendall's young nakedness. It became clear that the doctor had not warned anyone in advance of the impending nudity. It definitely caused quite a stir among the guests as Stewart and Kendall both donned temporary semi-erections.

"My dear colleagues and distinguished guests, you could all do whatever you want from here on, but please don't interact personally with my assistants," the doctor stipulated. "I want to state for the record that Stuart is just a minor! Not only is he a highly valued member of my team, he is also quite effectively demonstrating the fact that my Croixgonator device is safe, even for teens as young as fourteen years old. With that being said, enjoy!"

Once the room had quieted down, the doctor began to narrate what he was doing with the machine's controls and would periodically stop so that Stewart and Kendall could interject their much-anticipated points of view and opinions.

An intentional part of the doctor's plan was to have no hazmat suits available for anyone, not even for himself. That way, everyone in attendance could absorb, and experience the same free-floating Orgone in the room so that they could all feel and relate to each other on the same level. Feeling what Stewart and Kendall were feeling, and being able to talk about it in real time was the doctor's strategy that he hoped would pay off at the conclusion of the demonstration. The time to get down to business had come, and the doctor addressed the room.

"Welcome, my esteemed guests and colleagues, and thank you for attending the very first demonstration of what I'm calling, `The Orgone Croixgonator Device' based on the brilliant research of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich in 1930. I have personally expounded on Doctor Reich's introductory work and invented, programmed, and then further envisioned my machine with the help of my two assistants," The doctor lectured.

The doctor paused for a second as he switched his machine from the `stand-by' mode to `process' mode. Then, he continued describing his actions.

"I am now running my pre-programmed setting `number one' of the device," the doctor explained as he manipulated the controls. "Setting `one' is a basic, wide-spectrum application of the Orgone dispersal pattern designed to relax the subject (or multiple subjects) and prepare them for one of the other more complex and advanced settings that I will touch upon in chronological order. A side note about this setting, it also leaves a sweet, rainforest scent behind that most people find refreshing and exhilarating."

"This part is so soothing that it has put me to sleep many times," Stuart commented in non-scientific terms.

"What it's doing is inducing an alpha-wave pattern in the brain, making the subject's more susceptible to the other forms of dream-like states of consciousness that the doctor will soon demonstrate," Kendall explained in greater detail, compensating for Stuart's lack of technical flare creativity. "It basically puts you in the mood to progress to setting number two, and beyond."

The entire room seemed to go into a state of quiet acquiescence as they began to experience their own personal reactions. One of the doctor's guests fell a sleep and immediately began to snore quite loudly. The guy sitting next to him gently poked him in the side as the man snorted awake in embarrassment.

"Thank you, sir," the doctor reacted. "I hope the rest of you don't hold it against me that I just put someone to sleep in under two minutes!"

The room briefly chuckled and then settled back down again.

"Are both of you relaxed enough to move on to setting number two?" the doctor asked his two assistants.

"Affirmative," Kendall replied.

"If you had waited much longer, I would have been the next one to start snoring," Stewart said with a straight face, making everyone chuckle again, a little more nervously this time.

"Setting number two does several things at once," the doctor revealed. "My two assistants have verified that, for one thing, it gives them an effortless, hard as nails erection that promotes a feeling of exuberant sexual vitality. I will now change the setting to number two, and you can witness our two subjects cocks grow to massive firmness, right in front of your eyes, completely hands-free."

The crowd began to murmur again as they watched Stewart and Kendall's cocks grow in unison, and then start to twitch together. A few seconds later, the guests began to experience their own cocks start to harden in their suits and perfectly tailored slacks. They hadn't put two and two together quite yet, and most of them just figured it was Stewart and Kendall's open and candid display of their youthful, erotic sexuality that was to blame for their sudden arousal.

"Another thing that setting number two does is quite remarkable," the doctor continued. "As the subjects become more relaxed, they will slip into an episode of `lucid dreaming'. The dreamer is aware that he is dreaming and may even be able to exert some degree of control over the dream, its characters, narrative, and environment. I'm not sure why yet, but my two assistants seem to always have dreams of a vivid sexual nature. It is common for two dreamers to have shared visions that both partners participate in equally."

"For example," Kendall remarked, quite out of character. "During one of our shared dreams, Stuart took me to one of his favorite places, an open meadow with the most unique and vivid looking penis tree."

"Oh, man, I love that one!" Stuart exclaimed. "I love to sit under the tree's erotic foliage and try on different types and sizes of cocks and balls that abundantly adorn its exotic branches. It's so hot!"

Kendall looked around the room and saw some puzzled expressions and decided to elaborate. In his dream, Kendall was suddenly standing in front of the very tree he was just talking about. Even though it was Stuart's fantasy dream, Kendall literally decided to put on a demonstration on behalf of the group and described the tree in such detail that it began to come alive for the doctor's mesmerized guests.

"I know what you're thinking," Kendall explained. "I didn't understand it right away either. If you could just imagine, a tree that was chock-full of cocks of every type, color, shape and size that you can pick fresh from and tree. You just pluck it right off the tree itself. Then you `unplug', (if you will,) your own cock and balls and try on the newly chosen organ you just picked off the tree and, (in a manner of speaking,) try it on for size. I'll tell you what, its pretty damn wild!"

Kendall picked a random sample from the tree, simply for demonstration purposes, and visually began to go through the procedure he had originally learned from Stuart, encouraging the guests to see and visualize the process. The group was so enthralled with Kendall's descriptions of the practice that something amazing began to happen.

At first, it was only Stuart and Kendall that were together under the tree. Over the next several minutes, several members of the doctor's group imagined themselves leaving their seats so they could step up in the dream zone to join Kendall and Stuart at the sight of the tree. They were actually able to observe themselves (in their mind's eye) even though they hadn't moved from their seats. Although their bodies were physically still in their seats, they each appeared naked as they entered into their mutually shared lucid dream together, ready to participate in real time.

They gathered around Kendall and Stuart, encircling them as they intently watched Kendall go through the steps, trading his own manhood with his fully functional enhanced replacement. The group got so aroused that they each found themselves naked with their cocks becoming hard as rocks, simply by observing the spectacle. After they gained an understanding of Stuart's original fantasy, they became anxious to try it for themselves. They enthusiastically began choosing cocks from the tree that were all radically different from that which God had endowed them with that were already hanging from between their legs. They followed Kendall and Stuart's concept to the letter. They all experienced a rush of adrenaline as they tried on their cock choices and even started to strut around, showing off their new look to each other in the field, enjoying the feeling of having their lifelong unspoken fantasy fulfilled.

The group quickly lost control. As they all stepped out from the realm of reality, they all dove headlong into the immersive world of the Orgone induced lucid dream world where there seemed to be no limits as to how far their fantasies could carry them.

With his guests all removing their clothes during the doctor's unusual demonstration, he realized that Stuart and Kendall had lost control of the situation. He knew he had to do something quickly. The doctor's two lab assistants were being overwhelmed by the total participation of all the horny guests that suddenly were able to appear in two places at once, (in the real world), and (the lucid dream world) that was occupied by Stuart and Kendall. Each person who stepped into the dream with them had their own ideas of what they wanted to try next and were about to get actively aggressive about it. Kendall didn't know what to do and panicked. Stuart, on the other hand, was ready to join whatever direction the erotic orgy took as the lucid dream took on a life of its own.

There wasn't enough time to encourage the group members to abandon their dream-acquired cocks and reacquire their own biologically based penis before the doctor could initiate an emergency shutdown. It was a tragedy waiting to happen and it was just a risk he had to take. The doctor proceeded to make his machine do a shutdown, trying to manipulate the controls in a way as to attempt to minimize any side effects that may result. The doctor remembered the adverse effect that shutting down the program prematurely had on Kendall and wanted to avoid that for his guests who found themselves in the middle of the resulting chaos.

The purring of the machine began to slow as it shut down until it went completely silent, coming to a gentle halt. Everyone in the room also went quiet along with the machine as all the guests returned to the real world in a slightly dazed state, realizing where they were and what had just happened to them.

The doctor braced himself for an onslaught of angry guests having had an adverse experience similar to Kendall's bad reaction to the shutdown. He had no idea that virtually the entire entourage of guests had crossed-over to the lucid dream world with Stuart and Kendall. The doctor had never heard of more than two people crossing into a lucid dream together. This was just another unexpected surprise of the many `Orgone' hidden revelations to be discovered. The fact that team Croixgone had stumbled upon another previously unknown fact about `Orgone' was just further proof that the technology was truly not ready to be introduced to the public or even unveiled to the doctor's colleagues.

Finally, the silence was broken when one of the guests in the room spoke up, shattering the calm, "I want one!" he said with exuberance. "Sign me up!"

"That was so flipping cool!" Another elderly guest exclaimed. "Every guy I know is going to want one of these babies."

"I'll take a hundred units," a third guest proclaimed, apparently wanting to take them back to China with him. "When can you deliver?"

Stuart and Kendall smiled with pride for the doctor, their friend and mentor.

"By the way, that cock and ball set that I picked from that tree..." A red-faced guest embarrassingly said in a weak voice as he paused to gather his courage. "I still have it. I mean, it's still attached to me. I mean, I guess I unconsciously took it with me!" as his hand explored his crotch area in amazement.

"Yes," the doctor confirmed. "My assistant, Kendall reported the same phenomenon to me. I assure you though that it is simply a side effect. You will return to normal in twenty-four to forty-eight hours."

"I see," The red-faced man sighed, "my boyfriend is going to love me like this! Oh crap, did I just say that out loud? Is there um... any way to um... make this side effect more... you know... permanent?"

"I'll have to look into that for you," the doctor answered.

"That would be so cool!" he said as his smile grew bigger.

A quiet murmur grew into a cacophony of conversations as the group began to talk amongst each other, relaying their brief, yet extraordinary experiences in the lucid dream world with Stuart and Kendall.

"Excuse me, gentlemen," the doctor said, calling the noisy room to attention. "Thank you all for coming to today's demonstration. Is everyone all right?"

The doctor then braced himself for an onslaught of objections and complaints.

"That was the best trip I've ever been on without being on drugs!" one of the other guests said, "and I've never felt so good afterward. And there wasn't the usual crash and burn afterwards either!"

"If you avoid using drugs or alcohol when using my machine, you'll discover that a multitude of benefits can be achieved from the pure `Orgone' produced by my special `Orgone' emitters. You can read up on all the therapeutic benefits that my Croixgonator machine employs using my patented `Orgone' purifying process. If you haven't done so yet, just go to my website at: `'. You'll be amazed at how many benefits can be derived from the simple manipulations of the natural `Orgone' itself."

"So, when can we expect your device to be premiered to the world?" One of the more distinguished members of the group earnestly asked the doctor.

"I need to tell you that there are currently twelve preset selections on my device and many more are planned to be added to the next update, coming soon," the doctor revealed. "We only got to experience the first two settings here today."

"I don't care, I just know that I want one, right now. I'll take it just like it is," the gentleman in the back row exclaimed. "I'm sold!"

"Well, how many of you are interested in getting involved today?"

Almost immediately, every hand from the group went up without exception. The doctor then pulled out the pre-printed contracts that provide exclusive first rights to the manufacturing of the doctor's Croixgonator machine for an initial investment of $500k each with an option for more money later when it goes into production.

Not a single member of the doctor's colleagues had any qualms about signing the document, and in a few minutes, a crazy amount of high-dollar checks were signed over. The doctor was so distracted by his elated guests that he hadn't noticed that one of them separated from the lingering crowd to study the doctor's machine more closely. He pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and secretly took several pictures of the doctor's machine and its control panel and interface.

Quickly after that, the doctor's horny guests got dressed and vacated the basement lab, delighted with their investment. Still naked from the demonstration, only Stuart and Kendall were left in the Orgone chair, while the doctor held two fistfuls of investment checks.

"Boys, we have just been officially funded!" the doctor said with extreme excitement and relief. "We can now move ahead and start the next phase of our project. I confess, I thought we were sunk when I had to do an emergency shutdown in the middle of our demonstration. It turns out that it was just what the doctor ordered, (so to speak). The limited exposure that everyone got was just enough to leave them wanting more. It couldn't have worked out better."

Stuart and Kendall had a quasi-excited look on their faces, having been left holding the bag.

"What's going on, boys? You look like something went wrong." The doctor asked.

"Can you fire up the machine for us?" Kendall wondered.

"What is it, my boy?" the doctor asked.

"I believe that Stuart and I would like to go back to the tree and retrieve what we theoretically left there." Kendall asked as delicately as possible.

"Sure! No problem, I understand," the doctor indicated. "After you're done, I'll take you both out to dinner."

"Sounds great," Stuart squeaked. "Can we have lobster?"

"You can both have anything you want!" the doctor chuckled. "Steak... lobster... shrimp... whatever you want!"

Stuart and Kendall smiled and then quickly reacquired what they went back to their lucid dream to retrieve.

Feeling fully restored, Stuart and Kendall were ready to celebrate their first financial victory on the doctor's behalf. They both knew that the monetary success of the day's demonstration would mean a long and exhausting future for team Croix. They also knew they were going to need to work even harder now to prepare the Croixgonator machine for a fully functional, glitch-free, foolproof design. All the adverse side effects that happened to Stuart all along the way as well as the mischief that Kendall had exposed himself to had all been addressed and programmed out of the current design. The doctor knew that more problems were probably going to pop up here and there, especially with more people getting involved and interacting with it, but for now, things were as well prepared as they could be.

It was imperative that, all the potential problems that the project was still running into, or was likely to run into, be solved before the product got launched and introduced to the public. It was going to have to be an ingenious design. It would have to anticipate and lock out all the unpredictable and irresponsible abuses that might arise from the unauthorized tampering that was commonplace with consumer goods and services were humans are involved. It was also part of the doctor's plan to incorporate an online user website to provide the critical updates and new features that would entice consumers to keep their product up to date. In doing so, all the little deficiencies that may crop up, be eventually eliminated while at the same time, continually introducing new innovations and incentives that would offer new and evolving content while ever improving the safety and stability of the product.

All these things were prevalent on everyone's mind as Stuart and Kendall got dressed in their classiest apparel to partake in their first celebratory activity.

The doctor chose a swank, five-star restaurant in the nearby city of Arcadia to celebrate their victory. Stuart and Kendall took in the astonishing aroma and lavish décor as the doctor followed the Maître D' to their exclusive table. A few minutes later, Stuart asked the doctor if he could order a fancy appetizer.

"Why, of course dear boy. What are you thinking about ordering, Stuy?" the doctor inquisitively asked.

"I want an order of oysters," Stuart exclaimed with gusto. The doctor was impressed with Stuart's enthusiasm.

"That is an excellent choice, Stuy," the doctor declared. "They are low in calories, low in fat and a good source of protein. Oysters are also a good source of some essential nutrients as well, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, and zinc, along with iron, calcium, selenium, and vitamin B12. Have you had oysters before?"

"No," Stuart confirmed.

"Then, how do you know you'll like them?" Kendall questioned.

"I don't, but I'm willing to try them," Stuart admitted.

"Why?" Kendall asked.

"I wanna see if they'll make me all horny," Stuart said, lowering his voice and raising his eyebrows.

"You're just a flipping little pervert!" Kendall snickered.

"Don't knock-it, Kendall! Have you ever tried them?" the doctor wondered, coming to Stuart's defense.

"Well... no!" Kendall said firmly.

The waiter arrived to take their drink order and the three of them put in their mild soft drink request. Then, the doctor ordered the appetizers, placing three orders of oysters Rockefeller with several lemons on the side, one appetizer order for each of them, and a bottle of fine champagne for the table to be shared. Stuart was excited to know that they each of them would be getting their own order of oysters and was hoping to have his first taste of champagne to indulge in his first toast of the evening.

The waiter raised an eyebrow as he wrote down the order. He knew by looking at Stuart that he was definitely underage for the champagne. The amount they were charging for the appetizers and bottle service in this establishment encouraged the waiter to fill their order in a low-key manner to avoid attention. Their table was secluded enough anyway, and any underage alcohol consumption would likely go unnoticed. Either way, the waiter whispered discretely to the doctor to keep the boy's consumption concealed as much as possible.

A few minutes later, the waiter came back to the table with three order of oyster Rockefeller, presented with artfully sliced lemons as garnishments, a bottle of bubbly, two champagne glasses for the doctor and Kendall, and a frosted colored juice glass for Stuart so he could enjoy his champagne without drawing attention to himself.

"Stuy, do you know the proper way to eat oysters?" the doctor asked, picking up one, thinking he would show Stuart the proper way to eat them in high society.

Without answering the doctor's question, Stuart picked up a single prepared oyster shell and noisily slurped it into his mouth. He took two bites and then immediately swallowed it. The doctor and Kendall watched as Stuart's face turned from a pleasant look of anticipation to a cockeyed look of unmitigated confusion.
"It tastes like cock-snot!" Stuart blurted out.

Kendall and the doctor looked at each other, and then broke-out laughing.

"It's not surprising that you should say that," the doctor explained. "Oysters are hermaphrodites and can be both male and female at the same time, usually changing completely from male to female during the course of its lifetime."

"So then, I'm eating its sperm and eggs all in one quick bite?" Stuart guessed.

"I suppose you are," the doctor said.

"Well, in that case," Stuart thought. "It didn't taste any worse than eating my own cum. It didn't make me feel any sexier though."

"How do you know? You only ate one, dude!" Kendall chuckled as he pointed out that one obvious fact. "I, for one, am going to enjoy my order of oysters, whether they make me feel sexy or not!"

"Here, here," the doctor said, raising the oyster shell he was still holding on to, and in a dull, pedestrian fashion, slurped his oyster in honor of Stuart's first step into a larger world.

Soon, the three of them were slurping up their subject of conversation until they had eaten them all; giggling the entire time they slurped.

The doctor then collected his, and Kendall's champagne glass, along with Stuart's surrogate frosted juice glass. He then pulled the bottle of champagne out of the chiller and poured a serving for each of them, being sure he wasn't being watched by the other diners as he poured Stuart's camouflaged portion.

The doctor used the skills he acquired from his college Toastmaster days and raised his glass to propose a toast.

"To my trusted, gifted, and... `Horny' lab assistants, and now future business partners, Croix Team collaborators, and of course, my dear friends: Here's to a long and profitable association together!"

Stuart, Kendall, and the doctor `clinked' glasses and said "cheers!" Then they consumed their beverage and smiled.

"Does this mean we're going to start getting paid?" Stuart questioned the doctor.

"Yes!" the doctor confirmed, displaying a look of dismay. "In our next wave of demonstrations, the hornier you and Kendall can make our guests feel, the more money they'll be throwing at us and the more I could pay you! You had our first wave of guests eating out of our hands. Just keep doing the same kind of thing with our next group of investors and we'll all be rich before you know it."

"I like the sound of that," Kendall interrupted. "Now that Stuart and I know what you want from us, we can turn on our enduring sex appeal. We'll make all those horny old bastards get hard and stiff for us."

"Wow, Kendall. I didn't think you had it in you," the doctor praised.

"I think Kendall is just letting his oysters talk for him," Stuart suggested. "He's about as horny as a virgin watching his first `X' rated porn film."

"What are you talking about, I can be sexy if I want to be," Kendall snapped, defending his rarely seen, personal sensuality.

"Okay boys," the doctor said, putting an end to their sexual posturing. "You'll both get a chance to prove yourselves next week at our next demonstration. If it's going to work, the two of you need to learn how to work even closer together. Just don't make it a competition between the two of you, all right?"

"Do you have anything specific in mind," Kendall asked.

"Yes," the doctor pointed out. "Stewart's penis tree seems to be the favorite so far, and I've watched the two of you work together and exploit the hell out of that scenario. It seems that just about everyone secretly wants to try hanging a different set of genitalia on themselves. Even well-endowed men find the prospect irresistible. Whatever their reason for doing it, it gives them an opportunity to do exactly that. It seems to be the very thing that grabs ahold of them and reaches into their soul and doesn't let go. That's the angle we want to pursue. Do you think you could do it?"

"Sure," they both agreed and silently finished their dinner while they each pondered the implications in silence.

Kendall envisioned himself doing more moaning as he sensuously got turned on by the feeling of being sexually empowered. He believed he could emphasize the tingles of youth and vitality as those feelings coursed through his body when he hooked himself in, resulting in a rush of adrenaline like having just taken two full-strength Viagra tablets at once.

Stuart, on the other hand, had a different point of view entirely. He wanted to take a few moments to explain why trying on different genitalia was not only an opportunity that one could experience once, but several times in one's life, summoned to appear at will by utilizing the doctor's miracle machine. It was now becoming evident that the oysters were having the desired effect on Stuart and Kendall's dinner dialog by becoming more sexually charged as time went on.

The dinner preliminaries were now finally over and the doctor, Stuart, and Kendall all ordered steak, shrimp & lobster with all the amenities. They were all enjoying their first success together. After a stretch, the doctor noticed his boys were being very quiet and wanted to know what they were thinking.

"Okay, Kendall, Stuy, what's going on? Why so quiet all of a sudden?" the doctor queried.

"This may sound strange, doctor!" Kendall revealed. "Something is not right!"

"Yeah, I sense it too," Stuart said with a worried look upon his face. "Something tells me that we need to get home... like right now!"

Stuart's eyes glazed over as a wave of goose bumps shot up and down his arms. Kendall went into a panic as he took one look at Stuart and watched him dive into an almost catatonic state. He could definitely see the seriousness of the situation in Stuart's face. The doctor had become deeply aware of the freaky nature and accuracy of his two assistant's clairvoyant abilities and didn't question them on it for a second as he sprung into action. The doctor got the waiter's attention and quickly paid the bill, post haste. Then, the three of them nearly ran out of the restaurant to the parking lot and then jumped into the doctor's BMW as they silently sped towards home.

As they pulled into the doctor's driveway, they were met with an eerie sense of foreboding. Then, they came upon the first warning sign that something indeed was amiss. The doctor's double density security doors that led to the doctor's underground basement lab had been compromised. It was slightly askew as if it had been broken into and forcibly pried open. The doctor quietly pulled open the doors the rest of the way and entered the darkened stairway.

They proceeded more cautiously now that some physical evidence of a break-in had become apparent. The doctor stepped watchfully into the stairway, followed by Kendall and Stuart who were a bit more spooked and rattled now that their blind intuition had taken on some real form and substance. Stuart's breathing was so chilling that the hairs on the back of his own neck started standing on end as his heart began to race. His mouth got dry as he nearly stopped breathing, being sure he didn't make a single sound to give away their discovery.

"Maybe I should call the police," the doctor said as he slowly, reached over to the light switch panel on the wall and flipped it on.

Abruptly coming to life, the brightness of the laboratory floodlights temporarily blinded everyone within range. Since the lab was made up of a purposely un-obstructed access space, there were no places for the intruders to hide, so the surprised trespassers immediately began to scatter blindly in random directions.

As the doctor, Kendall, and Stuart tried to evaluate the situation from their stairway positions, they were soon able to determine that there were three intruders present, lurking about in the lab area below. Once everyone's eyes had adjusted enough to vaguely make some sense of the situation, the doctor, Kendall, and Stuart were stunned to discover that all three trespassers were stark naked. The doctor, who was already grasping his cell phone to call the police, proceeded to place his call.

Being inexplicably exposed and naked in the harsh brightness, the intruders could not hide their over-inflated and swollen boners as their glaring nakedness made everyone wonder what was going on. Fumbling in the brightness of the sterile, whitewashed lab, everyone's eyes had only partially adapted to the brightness of the lights. Still not being able to see quite properly yet, two of the three intruders crashed into each other and, in their haste to escape, flew right into the neatly organized nest of chairs that were still placed out in front of the Orgone demonstration arena. Chairs began to fly in all directions as the intruders attempted to regain their control enough to make their escape. Nevertheless, mayhem and panic had quickly escalated out of control as their feet failed to acquire solid ground.

During the ruckus, the third intruder attempted a desperate escape on his own by running up the stairs, past the doctor, Kendall, and Stuart, screaming all the way. He forcefully pushed his way past them, swinging his arms like a madman, catching them completely off guard as they stood together in the stairway, trying to prevent the individual from evading their grasp. Only the loud shriek that hailed from the intruder's lungs along with the utter chaos of the other two offenders in the room below allowed the first transgressor to penetrate his way to freedom.

That first intruder managed to successfully escape the blockade that the doctor, Kendall, and Stuart unsuccessfully tried to maintain. As far as they were concerned, one escape was one too many. There was no way in hell that they were going to let the other two remaining intruders get past them as they fortified their positions. They had the remaining offenders well in their sights now and there was no hope of escape for either of them. As the doctor, Kendall, and Stuart descended the remaining stairs, on their way to the lab, they instantly detected the sharp and unmistakably potent presence of pure Orgone, much more saturated than any of them had ever detected before. They became immediately lightheaded and dizzy as they reached the bottom of the stairs, making them extremely aware that something strange and abnormal had been going on in their absence.

As the doctor, Kendall, and Stuart approached and surrounded the remaining two flailing intruders, they happen to gaze into their eyes. They could see that their two remaining prisoners were out of control and crazed with fear. While the doctor, Kendall, and Stuart maneuvered around the strewn and scattered chairs, the intruders acted like two cornered and wounded animals about to do something unpredictable.

"Don't take my cock away from me, you damn perverts," the first intruder screamed. "You have no right!"

"I won't let you have it," the second intruder growled. "I'll die before I let you have mine."

The doctor, Kendall, and Stuart froze in their tracks and were each taken aback by the intruder's bizarre statements.

"Why would they think we're going to take their cocks away from them?" Stuart asked the doctor. "They don't even know who we are, do they?"

"If I didn't know better, I'd say they were crazy," Kendall commented. "Who knows what they were doing before we got here. Maybe they were on drugs or something."

"No, that's not it at all. Sniff the air," the doctor suggested. "What do you smell? What does that smell tell you?"

"I smell unstable and oversaturated Orgone gas," Kendall noted. "I'd say it was well beyond the safe zone and into the red and restricted zone."

"Yeah," Stuart said, "stinky and dangerous!"

"Exactly!" the doctor confirmed. "It smells like the machine has been left on "HIGH" for most of the night and caused our violators here to start having nightmare-like hallucinations."

Sniffing the air once more, a seemingly random thought filled the doctor's head. It was as if the smell somehow carried with it the explanation of what was going on. It manifested itself as a dark and ominous threat to the safety and therapeutic usage of his lifelong dream machine. He sensed it was being manipulated, tainted and experimented on these two unsuspecting guinea pigs. It was the doctor's guess that these guys were just the unlucky victims of the third intruder, the one that got away. That guy was most likely the mastermind behind this new and terrible way to use the doctor's machine as a potential sexual brainwashing mechanism. The doctor remembered that one of his guests had taken pictures of the control panel and interface of his machine. The doctor had no clue that the guest's actions might be used for this diabolical sabotage. The doctor, Kendall, and Stuart were witnessing the results of its first criminal hacker's attack and it's subsequent victims. These two intruders were first-hand proof that the abnormally perverse experiment that was going on here had to be stopped in its tracks and reversed if possible.

The doctor initiated the emergency shutdown procedure that resulted in the immediate shutdown of the Croixgonator machine which was droning away at top speed. Then he faced the intruders to deal with them directly. The doctor knew he needed to take control of the situation and he needed to do it fast before things got any more out of control. The doctor, Kendall, and Stuart were already beginning to exhibit the effects of the extreme Orgone saturation levels in the room and were having trouble containing the two intruders because of it.

With tremendous restraint, the doctor used his renowned voice of experience and authority to talk the two strangers down, utilizing his well-known empathic, yet commanding voice of reason and understanding. The doctor skillfully gained control of the two strangers and reassured them that they were in no real danger. He convinced them that they were merely the victims of an evil prank that had gone wrong, perpetrated by the intruder who got away.

Kendall and Stuart put the chairs back into order as their heads slowly cleared. They watched the doctor effortlessly gain power over the two strangers who slowly began to put their trust in him. In seconds, he quieted them down as they totally succumbed to his will.

"Now, what's this all about?" the doctor asked kindly. "Who is trying to take your `cocks' away from you?"

"Doctor Thorn," the first stranger said.

"The guy you were talking about, who got away," the second stranger said. "We were just doing a job for him. He was the brains!"

"He's the one who hired us. He promised us a super hot orgasm," the first guy said.

"We got it too," The second one said. "It was the hottest Orgasm ever! We started to get super turned on. It was the most amazing thing, and we quickly got each other off. After that, it just kept going. We had several more orgasms in a row as it started to take over our sensibilities. That's when doctor Thorn told us we were going to get captured by some strangers, and their leader was going to take our dicks away from us."

"Then you guys came, just like doctor Thorn said you would," the first one explained. "Please don't take our dicks..."

"We'll do whatever you say," the second one added. "We won't fight you."

"Don't worry, we're not going to take your dicks away from you," the doctor said. "This is my lab. I work at home. I produce and develop air purifiers. There is no way that I, or my two assistants here could take your dicks away from you. Think about it. How could we? That would just be plain silly, don't you think? The misuse of the machine by your doctor Thorn had brainwashed you into thinking that, what he told you was true. Well, it's not true at all, so you can relax, you and your `cocks' are safe from us."

"Thanks, mister,"

"Well, we still have a problem!" the doctor warned. "You two are trespassing and broke into my home. If I ever see your two faces again, I will prosecute you to the furthest extent of the law, do you understand? So get out of my lab!"

The two strangers looked at each other for a moment, unsure what to do.

"NOW!" the doctor shouted loudly.

The two strangers jumped out of their chairs, grabbed their clothes from across the room and rushed to get out, dressing as they fumbled up the stairs and into the black of night.

"Why did you let them go?" Stuart questioned.

"Those two guys were just the victims," the doctor stated. "It's that Doctor Thorn guy we want, if that's his real name," the doctor explained. "I have to implement more security protocols to prevent this kind of sabotage in the future. I don't think we've seen the last of doctor Thorn's involvement. That's okay. He's given me even more ways that the machine will have to be protected before we can be sure it's safe for public use. I now have another program modification to write. In the mean time, you two guys go home, get some rest. Be ready to return tomorrow and `turn-on' our next wave of investors."

The End of Chapter #7

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