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Part 3: Jealousy, the green eyed monster!

Jim Sprague drove Jimmy to Carl's for his Saturday photography/sex lesson. He rang the door bell and Carl opened and looked at the boi's father, he at first thought that the world had just come to and end and Jimmy had actually been lying. Jim stuck out his hand and said "well, well and I thought you were just a family photographer, but my Jimmy here says you can really put you're cock to a young boi-slut!"

Carl still wasn't sure what to say or do until Jim asked "Jimmy tells me you have some contacts with B.T.W. and can get him a summer at one of their Pleasure facilities, he really wants to be a Pleasure Boi, the kid loves fucking and cock, I was hoping he could find his n-itch as one of theirs?" Carl began to breathe easier. Smiling at the father "would you like a cup of coffee?"

They sat at the table discussing Jimmy and that Carl would call B.T.W. and tell them he had a candidate for the new Boi Atlantis facility. Jimmy had hit the bathroom and used the red bag and was now on the bed naked watching a B.T.W. Video called A Dog and his Boi 26, he couldn't believe what he was watching and yelled to his dad "Daddy can I have a big dog, please?

Jim gave Carl a quizzed look. "I bet he's watching one of B.T.W. Dog and Boi Videos, there very popular and hot sellers." Jim nodded and said "he'd fuck a dog to death and if he didn't my daughter would finish him off." they both chuckled. Carl looked at his watch "damn Ruben is late, I can never depend on him for anything." He was getting grumpy. "Who's Ruben?" Jim inquired. "Carl said he was going to shoot a video with Ruben and Jimmy called "Taking care of brothers needs!'

He again looked at his watch. The door bell rang. Good that must be him, you want to stick around and watch Jim?" Carl asked. Jim said "sure." Carl went downstairs to the door and opened it "Ruben yo........." Terry stood there "Hi Carl, who's Ruben, can we talk?"

Terry came in before Carl could say anything else. "School has been hell and my mom won't talk to me at all, she's been avoiding me all week, it's the gay thing, I know it, I'm different in her eyes." Terry looked up to see Jim Sprague standing at the the top of the upstairs. "Oh you have company Carl, I'm sorry, maybe I should go and come back later?" Carl looked outside and still no Rubin!

Carl looked up at Jim "you want to be in a video, I'll call it "Let's take care of you're dad!" Jim shrugged and looked Terry up and down, the boi's eyes and mouth were a turn on, besides he was horny, he was always horny and Terry looked very fuckable. "Might as well, don't have much to do today anyway and fucking that sweetie is something I would love to do!"

Carl put a hand on Terry's shoulder "would you like to make a couple hundred dollars today Terry?" The boi's beamed brightly sure Carl, is it staring in the video?' Carl smiled at Terry "yes, you and Jim's son Jimmy will be in the video, you and Jimmy will wake up Jim by sexual means, you know like you and I did the other day, do you think you can do it?" Terry was already stripping "you bet I can Carl, you bet I can!"

Carl took Terry's hand, the boi had his shirt in his other hand "come on lets meet Jimmy, he's somewhat of a slut." Up the stairs they went , down the hall to the bedroom where a naked Jimmy was sporting a very hard red tipped cock. "He stared at Terry and got a big frown "just who is that?" the boi seemed jealous from the start. His blue eyes got small and they drilled holes into Terry.

Carl said "what's wrong Jimmy?" The boi sat up on the bed, his white arms folded across his chest. "I didn't know you had another boi here?" Carl was taken aback and wasn't sure how to handle the situation. "He's here to be in the video with you and your dad, is there a problem?" Jimmy looked everyone up and down, "oh, I thought I was going to have Ruben fuck me in the video?" Carl tried to smile "Ruben didn't show up and I asked your dad if he would do it?"

Jimmy seemed to relax a bit. "Just what will we do in the video?" Jimmy's voice was still a bit gruff. "You and Terry here will be friends and wake up your dad by sexual ways, first you two will roll down the sheet and then start on each side of his cock with your tongues. I will have you two dressed in jammies with feet in them, then you will peel off as you two make your dad feel real good, OK?" Jimmy shrugged "Ok, I'll do it, just for you Carl!"

Terry used the bathroom and walked out wearing Daffy Duck jammies, Jimmy had donned a set of Elmer Fudd decorated jammies.. Jim grinned at the two bois, their back flaps unsnapped. Carl gave them instructions and set up his video camera. He had a grin on his face as he got everything ready, Jim got under the covers and readied himself to be serviced by both bois.

Carl holding the video camera motioned for the two boi's to enter the bedroom. Jimmy led the way turning to face the camera he put his fore finger to his red lips and said "shush!" He and Terry tiptoed up to each side of the bed and grabbed the sheet and slowly peeled it from the fathers nude body until it was piled below his feet. Both boi's turned to smile in the camera and then Jimmy grabbed his fathers semi hard penis and slowly worked it up and down to produce a cream bead.

Terry's red tongue tip flicked out and cleaned the creamy bead from the red capped mushroom shaped tip. Terry took hold and wanked it again and another creamy bead was produced, Jimmy licked it off, then Jimmy's red mouth encompassed the hard flesh and sucked the cock clamping it behind the head. Terry was sucking on the blond haired ball sac, his slick saliva glossing both crinkly coverings. He sucked one and then the other, he then began at the base of the sensitive underside with nibbling sucks.

Terry's lips worked their way up until his and Jimmy's red lips met. Quickly Jimmy pulled away and terry inched his way to the cap and sucked it in half way. Jimmy had to go the his father's balls and suck, he wasn't happy about it, but it was a video and he did as expected. Terry sucked his way down until he gagged, he still couldn't swallow an entire cock.

Jimmy looked into the camera lens with a crooked grin and pushed Terry away and opened his mouth wide and clamped it over his fathers hot red tip and slowly sucked in the cock until his lips were covered by the light brown pubic hairs. Terry sat wide eyed, the entire cock was in Jimmy;'s throat and saliva flowed and matted the fathers pubic hair, the head of Jim's cock pushed out on the right side.

Carl motioned for Terry to remove his jammie bottoms. He pulled them off and they dropped into a pile on the floor. Jimmy came back up for air and Terry straddled Jim's saliva coated cock and held it against his very tight pucker. Terry rubbed the penis back and forth. Jimmy grabbed the throbbing fleshy stalk and held it in place. Ever so slowly the cock pushed into Terry's anus and disappeared into his tight channel until he was sitting in the saliva coated brown pubes.

Jimmy sat up "fuck look at that, Terry took the whole thing. Terry ride that cock you lucky bastard!" Terry felt Jim's hands on his butt cheeks as then guided him up and down and they fucked. Jimmy straddled his dad chest and presented him with his red capped penis to suck. Jim opened his mouth and the cock pushed in and lay on his tongue, his lips clamped shut and Terry rode his cock as he sucked off his youngest son.

Jimmy could be heard moaning as he pushed in and out fucking the two pursed lips. "Daddy suck me, it feels so good, lick the head and make it tingle, please! Silently Terry rode the fleshy spike, his hard penis rubbing up and down Jimmy's backside. Terry put his hands on Jimmy's shoulders to balance himself., his cock head rubbing as he bounced up and down on Jim's cock, his blue eyes at half mast, his mind going nowhere but to the land of ecstasy, it felt so good from both sides.

Jim felt his cum boiling in his balls, they had become two hard orbs against his body. Terry's tight hole was more than he could take. He gritted teeth and sucked Jimmy harder, Jimmy's arms flaying from side to side, he too was just about to cum. Jim came first and Terry felt the blast off inside of his body. It felt like a machine gun against his colon which was filling with hot creamy sperm.

Jimmy came next and coated his dad's tongue with hot boi-honey, Jim swallowed as fast as he could, his lips and tongue driving his son nuts with the hot sensitive feeling that had taken over the tip of his penis. Terry was the last to erupt and he shot his creamy bolts on Jimmy's backside, and Jimmy was becoming miffed, if it had been anyone else who came on him it wouldl't matter, but his rival for Carl's body and affection, that was different. Jimmy wanted to say something, but Carl was still filming, but just wait until he finished, he would give Terry a piece of his mind, yes he would!

Carl said "CUT!" Jimmy jumped off the bed, "hey buddy next time you ask to cum on me, I only let people I like cum on me, get it?" Terry shrugged "Sorry!" He looked at Carl and shrugged. Carl said "That was a very good shot Jimmy, I wanted it, I should of told you, my bad!" Jimmy immediately calmed down "Well if you wanted it, then it's ok, but then next time I get to cum on him, OK?" Carl grinned "you got it Jimmy, next time in his mouth!" Terry began to breathe easier.

Jim decided it was better if he took Jimmy home with him and drop him off another day for the photography lesson, his son kept giving Terry looks that could kill. They left and Terry showered and lay on the bed. When Carl returned. "So what's up Terry, you said something about your mom?" The boi looked down "she won't talk to me, she avoids me and it's just hell there, I wish I didn't live with her." Terry had tears rolling down his cheeks and Carl took him in his arms, held him and let him sob!

The boi cried and then fell asleep in Carl's arms. He laid Terry down on the pillow, covered him with an afghan and let him rest. He went out to the pool and swam laps, then went in and first rolled meatballs and fired them up and drained them from the grease. He went to the freezer and pulled out a tub of home made spaghetti sauce. He measured out spaghetti for the boiling water. While the water came to a rolling boil he prepared a tossed green salad.

The food was ready and he woke Terry up "Hey blue eyes time to eat." Terry sat up and rubbed his eyes "you didn't have to make anything, I......." Carl interrupted 'you better eat I've been cooking for the last couple of hours, one of my better efforts, now put on this robe and lets eat!" Terry ate like he hadn't eaten in ages. Carl had to ask him to slow down. "I usually get a microwave meal and I have to heat it myself, Carl!"

They washed and dried the dishes together, then went back to the bedroom and Carl put on a movie, "Toy Story." Carl crawled into the bed naked and held Terry in by one arm. Half way through the movie Carl felt a small hand grasp his cock and slowly jack it, then a head bend down and sucked in the hard length. Slowly the boi sucked and licked the man's mighty weapon. Terry looked back with a smile. "Please continue Terry I'm almost there, I'm gonna cum.

The two big blue eyes looked at him smiling "can I ride it Carl?" Carl smiled breathing a bit harder from the sucking. "Please!" Terry straddled Carl's midsection, the cock in hand and rubbed it back and forth on his tight ring, a crooked grin across the boi's mouth. Terry could see the effect he was having on Carl and placed the man's throbbing appendage at the target and sat down and felt the cock slowly impale him.

Up and down Terry rode the hard, fleshy staff. Grunting and groaning Terry felt the cock find his special place, it sent sparks and shivers into his mind and body, he to was sporting a very hard and tingling erection. Terry ground and slid from side to side and the two shared each other in sexual bliss. "Fuck me Carl, your cock is rubbing me inside I'm going to cum soon, I just don't get it, but I love it, it's so good Carl so very good!"

Carl laying beneath the bouncing preteen, held him by his slim hips and guided his cock in and out of the very tight boi-pussy. He could feel his sperm boiling inside of his body. The boi's inner muscles clamped and seemed to suck the hard cock, soon Terry would drain him of his creamy seed. Terry looked down, grinning he clamped tight with his inner muscles, something he was trying on Carl's cock "Like it this way Carl?"

Carl closed his eyes "your becoming a hot little fuck Terry, your milking my cock, and it feels so good, keep it up, your going to be so popular with all the men>" He was chuckling as he said it, but it seemed to make Terry clamp even tighter, and Carl could feel his cum begin to run at light speed from his insides to the tip of his cock, his slit at the tip opened wide and began to empty himself into the hard humping boi.

Carl grabbed hold of Terry's boi cock and rubbing his thumb over and over the tip, sent shudders in to Terry, the big blue eyes rolled into the back of Terry's head and his teeth showed white and he shot boi-honey into Carl's wanking hand, covering the man's fingers, Terry rode the spewing cock faster and harder. Terry felt light headed and fell backward and off Carl's still spewing cock, cum leaking out of his boi-pussy.

Terry shook his head and scrambled back and clamped his mouth over the cock to catch the rest of the cock's ejaculation. Carl rolled back and forth the boi's mouth sucking and licking his over sensitive penis. "Good god Terry I can't take it any more, the feeling is overwhelming." Terry sucked and licked all the harder, he was in charge and it felt overpowering!

Jimmy got an email from one of his late Uncle Fred's friends. The man had had Jimmy at a party and wanted more, Jimmy wanted more also, he kind of liked black cock, even thought the cum didn't taste chocolaty like Uncle Fred had told him. Jimmy emailed back Mack that the could hook up at the park on Friday morning around ten, he had no school that day due to a teacher conference.

Jimmy arrived a bit early. Dressed is tight shorts that showed the outline of his boi-cock and no underwear. He wore a see through white mesh shirt the left nothing to the imagination, his puffy pink nipples poked at the shirt. He slowly walked through the park his butt swinging from side to side. He then sat on a bench and spread his legs, his cock and balls for all to observe.

Two older boys saw him and decided to to run him out of "their" park. They had decided that his kind weren't wanted, and they aimed to do something about it. They approached Jimmy, who gave them a big smile, which quickly evaporated. "Well Jeb look what we have here, its a fag boy, I think we should fuck him up and teach him a lesson in manhood?" The other thug smiled "I believe your right Georgie, we don't want his kind polluting our park."

Jimmy started to sweat. Jeb grabbed him by the mesh shirt "well faggot how does it feel?" From the entrance Terry was walking through the park. Tied to his belt was a sawed off pool cue with a leather strap through the handle. He had picked it up at a garage sale for a dollar. He stopped and looked at the two bigger boys and their manhandling of Jimmy, he took the pool cue from his belt and pushed his hand through the leather strap.

The boy named Georgie never saw the pool cue coming. The cue hit him in the center of his back, between the shoulder blades, he crumbled on the ground. Jeb look startled, dropped Jimmy and made a half turn, only to look wide eyed and the cue hit him in the balls, he made a half scream and grabbed his crotch and fell to the ground.

Georgie got to his knees, but the cue hit him across the bridge of the nose, blood sprung from the broken nose. Jeb was still rolling in great pain, but was not able to stop Terry's strike across his wrists holding his aching nuts, he screamed again. He was crying 'why, why are you beatin us, why?" Terry with a cruel smile, "because you deserve it." He was taking all the abuse he had gotten out on them!

A large shadow came upon Terry and Jimmy. Jimmy got a smile on his red lips "Mack, you're here, they tried to beat me up, but Terry came to my rescue." Jimmy looked at Terry, but this time with no malice in his gaze. "I'm sorry I gave you a hard time, you could have let them beat me up, and I would have deserved it." Terry shrugged "Jimmy, no one deserves that, no one!"

Mack said "we better split from here, come on my friend is waiting in the car." Terry, Jimmy and Mack quickly left a big Esclade waiting. They all got in "this here is my friend Trunk.' Jimmy and Terry said hi as Trunk sped off into the traffic on the main street. Mack said to Jimmy "where do you know Terry from?" Jimmy so glad to be away from the park answered "he and I made a movie with my dad, Terry here fucked him, rode his cock like a champ."

Mack and Trunk smiled at each other and Trunk said "I see we have two pussy boys, we are very lucky today." Jimmy nudged Terry "you ever had a black cock?" Terry shook his head and said "no, I never have?" Jimmy had a big smile on his red lips "well you get one today, Mack is hung like a horse and cums in buckets, I hope Trunk does also, you're in for a big treat." Terry wasn't sure just what he had gotten himself into?

Jimmy and Terry were driven out of town and down a road off the main highway. The vehicle pulled up in front of a sprawling ranch style. "This was my aunts home, I got it in the will when she passed. Nice and secluded, don't you think?" Mack said in a cheery voice. He opened the door and let out Jimmy and Terry, then led the three into the home. "That way to the bathroom bois, you can get ready."

Jimmy went first and Terry followed. "We can shower together Terry." The two bois stood under the hot water beads. Jimmy soaped up a cloth and began a slow wash of Terry's back, then Terry turned and felt Jimmy grab hold of his cock and work the flesh to and tingling hardness. Terry moaned "ooohhh that feels good Jimmy, real good!" Jimmy knelt and sucked in the red tipped penis and sucked.

"That feels so good Jimmy, but shouldn't we get in to the men?" Jimmy stood and smacked his lips. "I owe you Terry, I owe you big time, but you're right we better get ready for the fucking of our lives." They dried off and Jimmy added "you know my dad says I'm the male version of a nympho, says I would fuck a snake if you held its head, but I know I live for cock, I live to fuck!" Terry began to giggle, Jimmy was actually funny!

Mack and Trunk quickly stripped and awaited the two young pre-teens, it wasn't every day hot white boi-pussy fell onto your cock. Jimmy and Terry walked out of the bathroom, full of lube and ready to fuck. The walked into the living room where the two black men waited. The bois stopped dead in their tracks, now they knew how Trunk got his name, he held the fattest cock Jimmy had ever seen in his young life.

Jimmy turned to Terry "I hope you don't mind, but I want Trunk?" Terry began to breathe easier "he's yours, don't let me get in the way." Terry looked at what Mack was sporting, it was big, but nothing like Trunk's cock. Jimmy was already on his knees in front of Trunk, he had both small hands around the fat cock and was sucking and trying to cram as much into his mouth. His own red tipped cock stuck straight and shined from his own precum.

Terry knelt in-front of Mack and took the black weapon in his right hand and examined the coal black mushroom. Up and down he moved the dark flesh until a creamy bead appeared. Terry smiled and licked it clean and awaited another, it quickly appeared an it too was cleaned off. Terry opened wide and sucked in the coal black penis head, his saliva quickly covered the length he was nursing on, it took awhile to just push half of the cock into his mouth.

Up and down Terry moved his mouth on Mack cock, the black man laid back and relished the feeling Terry's mouth was giving him. Jimmy was already atop the fat black spike of Trunks and had pushed the head in and was now trying to catch his breath, he was being stretched farther than ever, but the boi-nympho was bound and determined to get it in if it killed him, he even thought it might?

Terry felt Mack pull him up "I gots to fuck you boi, I wants some of that tight ass yous got, now on your hand and knees, gets you ready for the fuck of yous life, ready now!" Terry quickly scrambled to his hands and knees and waited for the onslaught he was about to receive. Terry looked back as Mack liked up his black prick "Mr. Mack please take it easy, I've only fucked two other men in my life, please take it easy, please!" Mack smiled "don't worry sweetie, you're gonna love my fuckin youse, I always take it nice and slow, makes it last, now youse relax and let me do the works on youse."

Jimmy pushed down and now had half of the black stump in his stretched white boi-hole. He was sweating and breathing in short hard pants. He was determined to take every bit of the black cock into his body, he would have something to tell everyone, if he survived! His gasps and grunts could be heard through out Mack's late sister's home. Trunk grinned and held the boi-slut by his slim hips, and as Jimmy worked to take in more black cock, Trunk pushed up.

Mack had his cock at the entrance of Terry's tight lubed pucker, he pushed the head into the ring and holding Terry by his slim hips the head broke into Terry's tight channel. Now Terry was sweating as his body stretched to accommodate Mack's big hunk of black flesh. Slowly the entire black length slipped into Terry's boi-pussy until the kinky pubes scratched his hole and ball sac. Terry couldn't believe it, he had it all inside of his body, he was hard as a rock, the head of his cock tingled.

Terry was surprised that he had it all inside of his small body, he was actually proud he had taken every inch of the black cock, now he began to slowly moved up and then back in the nest of kinky black pubes, he now moved up more and slid down, he was fucking the cock harder and deeper, the cock was hitting his special place and it sent hard, sharp shocks that ended in the tip of his boi-cock, this was fun and he was going to cum, hands free, he just knew he would.

It took Jimmy fifteen minutes to take all of Trunk's big black cock, when he finally felt the black man's kinky hair on his butt cheeks and scratching his balls, he smiled from ear to ear, he was stuffed with cock, but he was proud of himself and thankful he hadn't died in the process! Jimmy turned to Terry and yelled "Terry I have it all in me, I took the whole damn thing!" Terry was almost there, his cock had gotten much fatter.

Terry was glassy eyed, his boi-cock tingled uncontrollably. "Mack I want to cum so bad." Mack grabbed hold of the throbbing boi-cock and scraped the head over his body, the coarse hairs sent his body into a spinning motion, the boi-cock head opened wide. Quickly Mack's belly was covered in hot boi-cream. Terry's cock was shooting off like a fire hose, his blond head rolled from side to side, his mouth gasping for air like a guppy out of water.

Jimmy's red curls were soaked with sweat, he too was hard, erect and throbbing. He was so turned on, he felt he couldn't get hotter, but soon he would. His tightness was driving Trunk crazy, he was succumbing to the excitement and Jimmy clamping and releasing then clamping again. Trunk's balls were tighter than hell and he was going to cum in buckets, Jimmy was about the feel the blast.

Mack had Terry bouncing up and down, he wasted to flood Terry and fast. "Terry I'm almost there, yous gonna feel a loving blast of my seeds." Terry looked at the black man "I can suck you off if you want?" Mack was sweating, but he did love a good sucking. "OK if you want to Terry?" Terry quickly disengaged from the black weapon and knelt in front of Mack and grabbed his cock with both hands.

Terry smiled and batted his long eye lashed, his red lips clamped over the coal black mushroom, his tongue rolling over the taunt flesh. Mack's eyes roll back, this was great and he was almost there. He held Terry in place and his cock slit opened and belched forward with hot creamy cum. "Eat my cum boi-bitch, suck me dry, god what a fuckin mouth you Have Terry, my nuts are spilling everything.

Terry swallowed as fast as his mouth was filled, his red tongue seemed to lap up all the cream man seed that Mack could shoot. Terry's lips stretched and his head bobbed back and forth as he sucked up the heady spew. Mack had Terry by his cheeks and fucked the sucking mouth like he had fucked Terry's boi-pussy, fast, hard and he plunged deep. Terry's blue eyes bugged out and the head of the big black cock had cut off his air supply.

Terry thought he was going to drown in sperm and coughed and had creamy cum leaking out of his nose. Mack had to laugh at the white boi with tears streaming over his pink cheeks. "Yous ok Terry, yous ok?" The big black cock slid from his mouth covered in Mack's sperm and making a trail from Terry's chin and down between his two dime sized brown nipples.

Jimmy's little cock was shooting on Trunk's belly hands free, the big, fat black cock had brought him to a hard explosive climax and it even surprised Jimmy, but he still bounced on Trunk's fat black cock and it too was gaining girth, he was going to let Jimmy feel his hard blast. The single eye in the coal black head opened wide and Jimmy's blue eyes opened wider as the cum erupted and hit the young boy with a hard, hot blast.

The shots of the black man's sperm actually lifted Jimmy up some, gobs of hot sperm. "holy fuck trunk you're cumming in gallons." There's so much that a white ring had formed at the base of Trunk's cocks and three creamy white cummy rivers leaked out and over Trunk's balls, puddling on the couch. Jimmy was still bouncing on the black spike, he would fuck forever if he could. Trunk made him get off and lick up all of his spill slime, Jimmy did it with a smile.

The two bois stood together trying to regain their bearings. "Gee that was some big cock!" Jimmy declared, cum running down the inside of this slim legs, his ravaged boi-cunt trying to contract. Terry could still taste Mack's sperm, his chin and chest coated creamy white. Their legs were tired and their holes had been very well fucked. Mack and Trunk handed each boi ten Andrew Jackson's each for their willingness to supply their nubile bodies for the two blackmen's sexual gratification.

"Mack told them to take a shower. The two turned to the bathroom when Jimmy heard wining and scratching. "Mack what is that noise at the back door? Trunk laughed out-loud "that's Marcus Garvey, I guess he must have smelled your well fucked boi-pussies and wants some for himself!" Mack began laughing at Trunk's comments while Jimmy and Terry looked out the back door at a very big Rottweiler!

Jimmy looked out and back at the two black men "you mean he fucks bois?" Trunk smiled a big toothy smile "you bet yous sweet ass, got that ten year old white boi two weeks ago, we filmed it and uploaded it on Channel 6969, we picked him up at the bookstore and when we got here he saw Marcus, stripped and got down on all fours, Marcus did him for thirty minutes and another twenty to come apart, the kid came hands free, then he sucked us both off, damn that was fun!"

Jimmy stood there hard again "I'll let him fuck me the next time I come over, can I, please?" Mack clapped his hands together "if yous want you can fuck him on Sunday, how about you Terry?" Terry shook his head "no!" "I don't think I'm ready for one of them, I'll let Jimmy have his fun, besides I have to see Carl he wants more pictures of me!"

Part 4: It's an exciting business!

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