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The Patriarch


Chapter 2

Day 139

"Do I really stink?"

Wow, I guess I should be more careful as it seems anything I say is going to stick, and may come back to bite me. I had forgotten about that comment from our first meeting yesterday.

We'd had a long night's sleep and rose to a fresh, warm, sunny, late summer morning on the prairies.

We'd eaten what was left of the previous night's stew for breakfast and were relaxing a bit before getting the day started.

We hadn't really had any meaningful conversations since that first short one yesterday. There would be plenty of time to talk about how we got to where we were. For the time being we were content to just sort of get the feel of each other's company and use whatever few words and phrases were necessary to communicate as needed. It seemed more important to get comfortable with each other and figure out our roles in our new dynamic rather than spending our time talking.

We'd been going about things in silence for the most part this morning, so Wade's question had come out of nowhere and broken that silence somewhat abruptly.

I guess open honesty would be the best way to start our relationship...

"I'm sorry Gopher, but you most definitely do stink," I said with a smile. "There's no need to feel bad though, you smell exactly like you should after all that you've been through."

"I smell like I should?" he queried, "I don't really notice it."

"That's an interesting thing about smell, little man. When you're around even a strong smell constantly for a long period of time you sort of become desensitized and you really don't know it's there anymore, even though it still is."

He waited for more explanation.

"You smell like someone who hasn't had a proper bath or washed their sweaty clothes in a very long time. It's natural for you to smell that way under these conditions so that's what I mean by smelling like you `should'. I haven't been around you for a long time yet so I don't have the benefit of desensitization."

I wrinkled my nose and waved my hand back and forth in front of my face and then winked at him with a smile.

He giggled, "You don't smell bad, how come?"

"I'm sure you would smell me if you got close enough. I have a life long habit of keeping myself fairly clean so it's not too strong. Adult men tend to get a good stink on pretty easily so we need to stay on top of it," I smiled.

"The end of the world doesn't automatically mean the end of good hygiene," I continued, "It doesn't take long at all to splash water over yourself and give your clothes a good rinse once in a while. It doesn't need to happen every day, but it shouldn't be left too long. You don't even need soap or washing machines to keep the smell under control, just good old clean water and a small amount of elbow grease. It's one of the reasons why I like to follow the creeks and rivers while I travel, to have a constant supply of fresh clean water."

He looked over at the creek we'd camped next to. There was a deep spot where the course of the water took a sharp turn and it made a nice pool that would be ideal for a dip.

"Should I wash up?" he asked.

"I was just about to do that my self," I said, "Let's go ahead and get her done. Then we get to have the fun of getting dirty and smelly all over again."

I smiled at him, clapped my hands and rubbed them together like I was about to get really busy and got up to head down to the water.

He grinned, "You're funny. You never seem serious like most grown ups."

He got up and followed.

"Well maybe I never quite grew up completely," I explained as we walked toward the creek, "Life is too short to be all serious and business like all the time anyhow. My dad was like that and I swore I'd never be that way. You can do what needs doing with a joke and a smile just as easily, and it's a lot more fun that way for everyone involved, don't you think?"

I took his silence as agreement.

I sat on a large rock next to the water's edge and pulled off my hiking boots and socks. Yup, I had started to build up some definite stink of my own. I guess I'd been a little lazy about hygiene my self lately. I took off my shirt, stood up, and shucked off my jeans. I noticed Wade was just sitting on the ground looking at his feet.

"Is something wrong, Gopher? Why don't you get undressed and I'll show you how to wash out those clothes."

He looked up at me standing in front of him in only my boxer briefs that I had been about to pull off, and then he looked down at his feet again. "I've never been naked in front of anyone but my mom before. I don't have anything to change into to cover up."

"It's OK, bud. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. If you want you can leave your underwear on. No biggie. You won't be quite as clean but I don't want you to be uncomfortable."

"Are you gonna leave your underwear on?" he asked.

I shook my head. "Nope, sorry. I'm not shy and I want to be clean. Besides, I like the feel of the warm sun on my skin in the morning. On all of my skin that is. You'll need to avert your eyes if you don't want to see me in my natural state," I smiled.

He still seemed hesitant.

"We're going to be in close quarters with each other from now on, Gopher. It'll be easier if you can get over your shyness. I promise I won't take nude pictures of you and post them on the internet. Wait, I don't think there even is an internet anymore!"

He rolled his eyes, then he seemed to relax a little and said, "It's OK I guess."

He peeled off his dirty t-shirt and dropped it on the ground revealing a shocking contrast between his darkly tanned face, neck and arms and his almost alabaster white torso.

I comically covered my eyes with one arm and waved the other around groping in front of me as I stumbled from side to side. "Ohhh gawwwd, my eyes! I think you blinded me! Turn off the light! It's too bright!"

"Shut up!" he said, a bit offended.

"I'm sorry Wade, really. I'm just kidding around. I didn't know it was such a touchy subject. Don't be mad, OK?" I apologized.

He shrugged, "You don't need to tease."

I crouched down to look him straight in the eye.

"I tease because I like you buddy. I only do it to people I'm comfortable with. You only need to get worried when I stop teasing you," I said and I ruffled his messy hair.

He smiled and then looked down at himself again. "I guess I am pretty white on my chest. It's been a long time since I had my shirt off."

I pinched my nose and waved my other hand over his shirt on the ground as if to blow away the foul gasses coming off it.

"Yes, it certainly has," I solemnly agreed.

He stuck his tongue out at me and then picked up his stinky shirt and threw it at my face.

I laughed, ducked my head and the shirt sailed over me and into the water.

"Well, that's a start," I said, "Now get the rest of those clothes off and let's get them all into the water for washing."

He sat down and started pulling at his shoelaces but wasn't making any progress getting them loose.

"They're in knots," he said, "Can you help?"

"Sure, no problem," I replied.

I got on my knees before him and got to work. He must have tied them back on with gusto after using them for the great gopher hunt yesterday. I worked at the laces until I finally got them undone, and then promptly pulled off his ratty old sneakers exposing his dirty socked feet. The sudden smack in the face of the acrid odor that hit me was enough to make my eyes water. I might have even gagged a bit. I looked up and Wade was turning red.

"You OK Gopher?"

He said sullenly, "Even I can smell that. It's really bad. I'm sorry. I don't want you to not like me. My feet don't smell so bad usually, really!"

"Hey, buddy, relax. They've been cramped up in those same shoes for months. They can't help the way they smell," I reassured him, "It's quite impressive really. They would put every hobo from here to the east coast to shame. Don't be so hard on them. They're really nice feet. They'll be clean and fresh in no time. I would really like the smell if it wasn't quite so strong."

He hadn't taken his socks off yet but was in the process of stepping out of his jeans while I was speaking and he paused with a bit of a stunned look and asked, "You would like the smell?"

Whoops. Why did I let that slip out? Perhaps I was getting a bit too comfortable a bit too quickly. Oh well, I was already committed to the policy of honesty first...

"Umm, yeah. I didn't really mean to give that away, but I guess my secret's out. It's sort of a thing for me. It's weird to most people I'm sure, but I sort of like a guy's foot odor as long as it's in moderation." I smiled sheepishly, somewhat embarrassed myself now.

He suddenly grinned as though he realized he had something over me and had gained the upper hand. He finished stepping out of his pants and moved next to me.

"Awww, there, there," he said while patting my arm in mock consolation. "You don't need to be embarrassed. Don't worry. I'll let you smell my feet whenever you want big guy. It's OK," and he giggled at his own cleverness and then he began raising one smelly foot up slowly towards my face.

I did the only thing a reasonable person could do in such a situation, I snatched him up and tossed him head long into the cold water, filthy socks, underwear, and all. He squealed and sputtered as he came up and then screamed as he saw me take a running leap through the air into the water in front of him with a huge splash that drenched him further. He giggled and started smacking water at me. I lunged for him and he squealed again and disappeared under the surface.

The silt was stirring up and I couldn't see where he went so I felt around blindly. The water was shallow enough that I was only up to my waist, but it was deep enough that he could swim around freely in it. Clearly he knew how to get around in the water. He had maneuvered his way around back of me and I suddenly felt my underwear getting yanked down past my knees. I turned to go after him but with my ankles locked together by my underwear I toppled face first into the drink.

It was my turn to squeal from the cold water as I came up sputtering and coughing. He surfaced a few feet away and pointed and laughed at me. I stepped one foot out of my underwear and lifted them up with my other foot to snag them in my hand and threw them at him. He screamed again and dove back in the water. He came up in a different spot.

"Don't throw your dirty underpants at me! Not cool!!" he complained.

"Relax man, they won't kill you," I said, "They might stun you a little is all. You'd come out of the coma fairly quickly."

He laughed. "I still have my underwear you know, but you're out of ammo."

"Do your worst," I dared.

And so he did. His arms had been moving around under the water the whole while and when they finally came up he was holding his filthy underwear tied together in a knot with both his dirty socks and he threw the whole foul wad at me.

I snatched it out of the air as it sped towards me and clutched it to me like I'd just caught a bridal bouquet.

"Thanks so much! This is just what I've always wanted!" I cried, feigning tears of joy.

He cackled and said, "You're sick! Those are my smelly, rotten, disgusting under things you know."

"You don't have to talk them up so much," I said, "I'm already sold on them."

He snickered some more.

"I've never held such a special prize in my hands before and I intend to make the most of it. I shall cherish them for eternity, or at least for the next ten minutes or so," I said as I gathered up my own underwear and his t-shirt and headed back toward shore to get my own smelly socks and our pants.

My mission was accomplished. He was now as naked as the day he was born and wasn't thinking about modesty at all.

"Wait!" he yelled, "where are you going?"

"I want to enjoy my prize for a bit," I said, "You gave them to me, so they're mine now. I might make a chain for them so I can hang them around my neck and experience essence of hobo all day long."

"Come back with those!" he yelled.

"I'm just gonna wash this stuff buddy. Why don't you swim for a bit and then rub some water over your face, pits, feet, and between your legs to get properly cleaned off. Make sure you use some of that elbow grease I mentioned earlier," I said.

"Oh, and try to get some of the tangles out of that mop on your head while you're at it," I added, "I think I'll give you a hair cut later so you'll look a bit less like Alanis Morrisette."

"Hey! I'm no girl!" he whined.

"Well you could have fooled me. You're the spitting image," I chided, "Just get it as untangled as you can, please. It'll be a bit easier to cut if I don't have to work around the knots. If you can't get them out, I suppose I'll just have to shave it all off right down to the scalp. My knife is plenty sharp enough for that. That's how I keep my face shaved. Then I'll change your nickname to Kojak."

"What's the big deal?" he complained, "It's just hair."

"I like a dude who looks like a dude, neat and trimmed." I explained, "Speaking of which, I'll need to trim your fingernails and toenails for you too, Mr. Hughes."

"Who's Mr. Hughes?" he asked.

"Never mind, he was well before your time, before my time even, really. Not all of the jokes will be gems you know," I said, "Some might just be turds. I'm a firm believer in quantity over quality."

"Come back, we were having fun!"

Poor kid probably hasn't had a chance for a very long time to just forget his troubles and play. The urgency of the need to keep moving south had still not abandoned me though.

I said, "We can be grasshoppers later on, but right now we need to be ants and get busy. We'll have lots of chances to have fun together."

It occurred to me that it would be more respectful to keep him a bit more involved in the decision making.

I stopped and turned to face him and said, "I really like messing around with you Wade, you're an awesome guy, but it's gonna be a nice day and I think we should really make the most of it and get some traveling done. What do you say?"

"Awww, OK."

While he turned to washing himself, I washed out our clothes, banging them on the rock I had sat on earlier to make sure I got as much dirty water out of them as possible, and then I hung them on branches to finish drying in the sun and breeze. It wouldn't take long at all for them to be ready for more abuse.

On close inspection I noticed that Wade's socks had a few holes worn into them. Even his heavily stained little briefs were starting to separate from the waistband. I had needle and thread so fixing them would be no problem, but they really aren't the best travelling clothes to begin with. I would have to make a foray into a town at some point to get him better equipped.

His sneakers would need to be replaced with proper hiking boots. He'd need thicker better socks, some new underwear and spares for each, a good jacket, and so on. We were probably no more than a week's hard hiking from a town I knew of in the foothills that would have all we needed. He'd gotten by all this time with his less than ideal gear, he could hold out a few more days if I repaired these for the time being.

I went back into the water and washed myself thoroughly, then came back out and unrolled my sleeping bag that we hadn't even bothered with last night and unzipped it completely, and set it out flat like a picnic blanket to air out, and for us to sit on and dry ourselves out in the sun while we waited for our clothes.

Wade had to be finished washing himself by now but he seemed reluctant to come out of the water. I was sitting on the spread out sleeping bag with my legs stretched out in front of me and leaning back on my hands. I had seen that he kept stealing glances at me while I was getting things done here on land, all the while he was trying not to be noticed looking. Primarily his gaze kept focusing on my crotch area. Every time I looked over to check on him I saw his eyes dart quickly from there to anywhere else.

He likely has never seen a grown man fully naked before. I couldn't blame him for being curious and I certainly wasn't going to hide myself from him. I don't have any hang-ups about nudity. It's a perfectly natural state. I really am not shy about my body and don't get why anyone else would be shy about theirs. I am gay and have been with men of all shapes and sizes. I've certainly never laughed at the way anyone looked, or criticized their body. I've never had reason to. I love the male form in whatever shape it comes. I prefer to celebrate the human body than to hide it away.

I've been told my own body is really nice. I've never been overly muscular but I've always been active and have maintained a decent shape. At six foot five inches tall with very broad shoulders some people have found me imposing. I have thick, strong, hairy legs and a well shaped butt from hiking, cycling and running. I have big strong hands and nice shaped feet. I have a great deal of hair all over my body but it's all extremely soft to touch and some men love it. I'm tanned from head to toe because I've spent a bit of time nude in the sun almost every day after I wash. My balls are fairly big and furry and my circumcised cock is about seven inches hard and a bit thicker than average with a nice shaped head.

This is the one thing about my body that I wish was different. I would never forgive my parents for taking my foreskin from me. It was a low down dirty thing to do to a defenseless baby. It was uncalled for and unnatural. I much prefer uncut cocks on my partners. There's just so much more there to enjoy. A lot of people like the way my cock looks though, so I can't complain too much. Right now it lay semi-erect on the bed of my dark pubic hair as I leaned back on my hands, warming in the sun and watching the boy futzing around in the water.

"Wade, why don't you come out of the water now and sit for a bit in the sun? Our clothes will be dry really soon and you don't want to put them on to your wet body. You need to come out and dry off."

"I don't want to come out right now," he said.

"Why not?" I asked, "I thought you were gonna try to get over being shy."

"Yeah, but I have a problem. I have a..." he stopped short, "I don't want you to see me like this."

"Like what?" I asked, then it dawned on me and I grinned, "You got wood? You're supposed to be a Gopher, not a woodchuck," I joked.

He rolled his eyes at me.

"You're not a beaver either and you'd need a lot more wood than that to build a dam anyhow, so come on out."

He still wasn't budging.

"I appreciate that you want to pitch in with our food situation little man, but I don't think you'll have much success spear fishing with that thing," I said, "unless you've been in the habit of sharpening it somehow."

He smacked the water with both hands and gave me a look like he just wanted me to shut the hell up already.

"You must have seen something you really, really liked to have gotten into this fix," I said, "why don't you come out so you can get a closer look at whatever it was?"

I thought I saw his eyes flick to the area between my legs briefly but they snapped right back and he just stood silently.

I grinned. This was too fun a predicament to just let it go.

"I'm really sorry things are so hard for you right now buddy. You really don't need to be all stiff about it though. Throw me a bone here. Come out so I can see if it's really such a big deal," I teased relentlessly, putting heavy emphasis on all the key words.

I felt that I was delivering some of my best material here, but for some odd reason he was not amused.

"Hey, I can move further back if you're worried that you're gonna poke my eye out with it," I offered.

He groaned, "Stop making fun!"

"Awww, come on. We're both dudes, you don't need to be shy around me, seriously. I'm into men, not boys. You're perfectly safe," I reassured him, "I'm pretty sure when I was your age I had a boner every time I turned around. I'm envious of you to be honest. I wish I could go back to getting wood that easily again." I lamented.

He wasn't buying it.

"It's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, Wade. It's just proof that you're growing up and everything is working right. Please come out and sit down here on the blanket. I promise I won't say another word about it. I'll pretend it's not even there. That shouldn't be too hard since I'd probably need a microscope to see it anyhow," I reasoned.

Now he was turning red.

I chuckled, "Sorry, pal. I'm just having a little fun. That was the last wisecrack I swear. I just had to get it out of my system. I'll shut up about it now, but only if you come out, otherwise, there are plenty more dumb jokes where those came from. I could keep them coming for hours. It's not tiring at all."

"Fine, whatever," he grumbled.

As he reluctantly came to shore and rose up out of the water I saw that his entire lower half was as white as his chest. We'd need to make sure he didn't spend too much time in the sun this first time. It wouldn't take long at all for that pasty skin to get serious burns from exposure.

I also saw that he really did have an erection. It was extremely stiff and standing straight and proud. His cock was actually really nice. It was bigger than I expected for his age, it looked to be about four inches or so, though I wasn't really sure how big it should be. It was very nicely shaped and looked like a miniature version of my own. I saw that he'd been robbed of his foreskin too, poor bugger, but like me he had nothing to complain about. It looked scrumptiously appealing. I wanted to tell him how great it looked but I felt giving any compliment would just draw further attention to it and make him even more uncomfortable so I stayed quiet.

His ball sack seemed fairly full but was still pretty snug against his hairless body. I couldn't tell if it was because they hadn't started to grow and hang down yet, or just because the water was so cold. I suspected a little of both.

He didn't seem to have any hair around his genitals, nor in his armpits, at least none that I could discern from this distance. He most likely did have some downy hair there, but had not started to sprout the real thing yet.

As my eyes moved over him I realized that his whole body was actually quite appealing. He had perfectly shaped little feet and hands. His arms and legs were in nice proportion with his body. He wasn't gangly like some kids, likely due to not yet having started his major growth spurt. His butt was a muscular little bubble and his legs looked strong from all of the walking he must have been doing. He was very thin and his frame suggested he might have a bit smaller than average body type. I realized that maybe I had set his age a bit lower than it actually was because of it. He must be at least eleven to be developing so well down below.

His face was even more adorable with the dirt washed off of it. He had big brown eyes and thick lashes, a straight little nose, and a completely disarming smile when he cared to show it. I think in a few years there were going to be some girls who would very much enjoy the idea of repopulating the planet, provided they got to do it with him. That is assuming there were still girls out there for him.

As I gazed at him I realized I was feeling stirrings that I never would have expected to feel from looking at an underdeveloped naked boy. I'd never given boys any thought before. I really am into men. Body hair, big size, stockiness, roughness, sweatiness, the smell of a man, those are the things that turn my crank. Yet the more I looked at this boy the more I came to realize that he was quite breathtakingly beautiful. I guess I really do love the male form in whatever shape it comes.

I gave my head a shake and tried to think of other things as he approached, turned his cute little butt towards me, and sat down on the blanket. He mimicked my pose and leaned back on his hands, his perfect little cock pointing the way straight to his innie navel, and we both gazed out over the water for a while in silence.

My thoughts had started drifting back to his body and how nice it was, when he broke my reverie with a question.

"Can I ask you something personal Jake?" he asked.

"Yeah, sure man, anything."

"You won't get mad?"

"I can't promise something like that when I have no clue about what you're going to ask, but I can promise even if I do get mad it probably won't last," I said.

He was silent for a moment as if deciding whether he should proceed, then blurted, "Are you a homo?"

I was completely caught off guard, "Holy shit Wade, that's a hell of a question!"

"I knew you'd get mad," he complained, "When I was in the water you said you were into men, not boys. Doesn't homo mean you like guys?"

Here we go again. Something I said without thinking bounced around in that active little brain looking for a place to fit, and when it didn't quite find one it had to come back up.

"Yes, that is the meaning of the word, but it's a very mean and hurtful way to say it," I explained.

The years I'd endured of being judged by people who should know better somehow got my back up instantly even though the question was fairly innocent coming from him.

"I'm sorry!" he said with chagrin, "I didn't know it was mean. I've heard the older boys say it at school. Were they being mean? I didn't know! I don't want to hurt you."

"They were probably being mean, yes," I said, "we usually just use the word `gay', even though sometimes that word is used in a mean way too. I guess `gay' is just the most accepted way of saying we prefer the same sex."

I tried to find some way to explain why I was upset. It had nothing really to do with him asking if I was gay. My gut reaction when I heard him use the word "homo" was that this boy was already starting to show the influence of that narrow-minded way of thinking that was still so prevalent in the world right up until it ended. There were things that I would love to see wiped out forever from the human race and this way of thinking was one of them. It would be nice if this "reboot" of the species could reduce the level of garbage those who are different from the norm would have to deal with.

"I'm not really hurt," I said, "and I really don't mind you asking if I like men. Just don't call someone a `homo' or a `fag'. Those are labels that are generally used to put someone down. I don't want you to ever pigeon-hole people and act like you're better than them by making them feel bad about themselves. Not for any reason. I understand that that isn't what you were doing to me, but it is what those older boys were doing, and I would hate for you to be like them."

He was looking really uncomfortable now and I could see he was upset with himself.

"It's OK Gopher, I'm not mad at you," I said and nudged him gently, "Not even a bit. I think you're a great guy and I just want you to stay that way. I want you to understand that you need to accept people for what they are and who they are, no matter what. Being different isn't being worse, or even better, it's just being different. Now, to answer your question, yes, I'm gay. I like men for sex."

"Why?" he asked, curiosity overcoming his discomfort.

"There's no way to easily explain why. I simply like them. I like the way they look and act and think and talk. I like the way they feel to touch. I like the way they smell when they've been working hard. I even like the way they taste on my tongue."

He raised his eyebrows at that.

"I like everything about men," I continued, "You'll understand soon enough what it's like to want someone in that way. It could be a girl or a boy or a man or woman but you'll find you want to get much closer to them. You're sort of led by what your body wants as much as what you think and feel. The only way you'll be happy and fulfilled is if you accept who you are and go after what you want without being afraid of what people think of you."

He pondered that for a moment and then he said, "I thought maybe you were joking when you said you would like the smell of my feet if it wasn't so strong. You weren't kidding were you?"

"No, I wasn't," I admitted.

"What about the rest of me? The way I smell?"

I let out a sigh, wondering about my choice to keep a policy of open honesty with him, and then I resolved to stick to it...

"I doubt there's any spot on you I wouldn't like the smell of, Wade. It's just sort of part of who I am and the way I am. I can't help it and I don't really feel any need to apologize for it or hide it. Those personal smells sort of send signals through my body that make me feel great. I feel closer to men when they trust me enough to let me in to their personal physical space, to experience the parts of them that are normally considered embarrassing and off limits, to let me inhale their essence and just revel in the pleasure I get from it. Some men really seem to get off on my enjoyment of their natural scent."

"You keep saying `men'," he said, "Don't you like boys the same way?"

"I honestly never gave boys any thought before now," I explained, "not in that way anyhow. I'm starting to think that everything I said about men probably applies to boys too though."

He looked at me and smiled. I think he caught on to the fact that he was the cause of my change of thinking. I noticed that his little cock was still stiff and showing no signs of going down.

"What about girls?" he asked, "The way they smell and look?"

"I can honestly say I don't like them in that way, at all," I told him, "Pretty much all the things I said I like about males I feel the opposite way about females. I don't like the way they look, the way they act, the way they smell, none of it. They just don't appeal to me. It's not that I don't like them as people, I've met some terrific women; it's just that they don't turn me on in any way whatsoever sexually. They never have."

He nodded as though this seemed reasonable and said, "I don't like girls either."

I chuckled, "I'm not sure you're quite old enough yet to make up your mind for sure on that subject. Maybe you should give it time before you make your final assessment."

He shrugged. "I'm eleven years old now. I'll be twelve October fourth and that's not far away. I'm old enough to know what I don't like."

He said it like it was a simple matter of fact.

"Are you saying you like boys?" I asked.

This was surprising to me. This boy seems far too young to be picking teams sexually.

He shrugged again, "I don't know. I never thought about that. I just know I don't like girls."

"Ahhh, I see," I said, not really seeing at all.

After a longer moment of silence he said, "I really like the way you talk to me Jake. I feel like you're not treating me like I'm `just a kid'. No grown up ever did that for me before. You're being honest and answering my questions like they matter and I'm not just stupid for asking them."

"They do matter. Don't ever think they don't, and don't ever stop asking them. It's the best way to learn. You don't have to be afraid of asking questions, or of what the answers might be," I said, "I respect you Wade and you can be sure that I'll always answer your questions honestly. I hope to get the same respect and honesty from you."

He was at an impressionable age and though I recognized I was being more than a bit preachy, I needed to make sure this sunk in.

"Listen Wade, the worst way to go through life is never asking and then never knowing. Asking questions doesn't make you stupid. In fact, it's really the opposite. If you never asked questions then I might think you were stupid, and I suppose you really would be since you'd never learn the answers. I'm very impressed by your questions and I really enjoy answering them," I said, and I ruffled his hair.

He looked up at me and flashed me that dazzling smile. I smiled back.

We both turned and looked back out over the water and sat quietly for a while absorbing the heavy conversation we'd just had.

This kid was growing on me amazingly quickly. I really never expected that a relationship with a little kid could be gratifying to this degree, but this one is off to a pretty interesting start.

My gaze lingered back over him again and my thoughts drifted to what he might feel like to touch. He looked so soft and smooth. As the sun warmed his skin I was starting to get a clean fresh scent off him and I wanted more. I wanted to get closer and start to explore him a bit. I wanted to see every nook and cranny. I wanted to nuzzle the nape of his neck. I wanted to taste those perfect little toes. I wanted to run my hand along the small of his back and over his pert little buns. I wanted to kiss his little mouth and sneak my tongue past his lips and let it explore the moistness in there. I even started to think about how tight and hot his little hole would be. How it would put a strangle hold on my cock and would not want to let it go.

I was amazed and somewhat confused at how strongly I was drawn to him. He's just a little boy and not old enough to be interested in any advances from me. I would need to maintain tight control over myself.

I suddenly realized with embarrassment that I was getting fully erect. I got up quickly and started grabbing my clothes off the branches and slipping them on.

"Are those dry already?" he asked.

"They're dry enough," I said in a hoarse voice.

I was not happy with myself. I really must have been alone too long. I needed to get some privacy as soon as possible to get this out of my system. This boy had been through enough and he needed to be safe with me. If I could just rub one off it would tide me over and get the urges under control even if only for a short time. I found myself wondering how exactly I would arrange to get such privacy. It seemed such a sharp contrast to the endless supply I had just twenty four hours ago.

Despite the fact that privacy was likely nowhere to be found now, it still was not a treasure to me anymore. The company of this boy had value far outweighing any other treasure right now. He would be stuck to me like glue, and who could blame him after being alone so long? Oh well, I'd have to figure something out later.

I stole one last longing gaze at him sitting there invitingly on the blanket as I gathered up his clothes off the tree branches where they'd been drying and offered them to him.

I cleared my throat and said, "We need to cover you up so you don't get a bad burn. You're too pale to spend much time exposed to the sun. You need really small doses at first every day, until your skin can build up some protection."

"So we can do this every day?" he asked hopefully.

"Yes, every day, for a short time, as long as the weather's good. Now get dressed and let's start getting packed up and ready to march."

"OK, you sure seem to like to drive me hard," he grumped.

I rolled my eyes at that. Then as I adjusted my erection under my clothes it occurred to me what an inviting choice of words it was and I chuckled to myself.