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The Patriarch


Chapter 3

Day 144

The good weather continued so we spent the next several days following more or less the same routine.

The nights were still fairly warm so we'd sleep fully clothed on top of the open sleeping bag. Each morning we'd start by eating what we'd saved from the previous evening's meal for breakfast. Then, if we'd camped in a spot next to water, we'd play a bit then wash up, and then we'd bask in the sun for a short while like lizards warming our blood up to get ready for another active day. We'd hike until around noon and take a short break to eat some lunch. Then we'd continue our march until the early evening and then deal with getting the camp set up and preparing another meal.

There was plenty to eat. I taught Wade how to snare rabbits. It's quite easy. Rabbits always follow an established trail so you just need to learn to spot the runs. If you can find a spot along their trail that's a bit exposed, that's the place to set the snare. The rabbits tend to pause just before entering the exposed area to see if anything threatening is out there, then they dart across it to get back under cover quickly. Set the snare about six inches or so right above the beat. They're moving so fast they can't see the snare, and the momentum carries them into it with such force that when the wire tightens it often kills them instantly. As unpleasant as it was, Wade even watched carefully when I skinned them and removed the meat, because he wanted to learn how to do it right.

Once, as we walked near a stand of trees a nice fat spruce grouse shot up out of the tall grass and landed low in a tree. These birds are not smart. I showed the boy a trick similar to the gopher shoelace technique. This time I made a noose of some snare wire and attached it to the end of a long branch. I moved slowly towards the tree and slipped under the bird. The grouse can't fly and feels safer staying put up in the tree than trying to get away since it would just end up back on the ground where the threat is.

I slowly moved the noose up from underneath. The wire is very difficult to see and provided you come up from below and behind and bring it slowly up past its breast, you can place the noose right in front of the bird's head while making light chirps similar to a grouse to keep it curious and it won't panic. Once the noose was positioned I made sudden high pitched grouse calls and the bird instinctively stretched its head out right through the noose to see what was going on. A quick hard yank tightened the noose and pulled the bird from the tree and we had a nice tasty dinner guest.

We'd pick field strawberries when we found them. The saskatoon berries were coming into season also and some of the shrubs we found were heavily laden with fat, dark, sweet, juicy berries. They were delicious. Wade ate enough to nearly make him self sick. I let him go ahead and gorge himself. There was no way to conveniently carry a lot of the berries and they would be too ripe before long so he may as well enjoy them while they lasted. I dried some of them in the sun. Combined with mushrooms and some well cooked barley that I'd gleaned from the fields and a bit of salt, pepper, and sage I made a delicious stuffing for the grouse. Needless to say we were eating very well.

We were passing through cattle country but there was no reason to even try to take down an animal that large just so we could enjoy a steak. If we couldn't use all of the meat, the animal was in no danger from us. Whenever we came across fences we did our best to tear parts of them down to allow the animals the freedom to wander. I am not a rancher and have no idea if cattle can even survive through a winter without human intervention, but I thought I'd give them the chance to get out and reproduce if they could. They might become an important food source for someone some day.

I knew of a couple of small herds of bison that were kept in central Alberta. I know those could survive well since it's their natural habitat and they had not yet been domesticated like cattle, but I wasn't willing to divert that far to the east just to set them free. It would be good to give them the chance to build themselves back up into herds numbering in the millions of head, roaming the North American plains from northern Canada all the way down to Mexico, just as they did before men nearly wiped them off the face of the earth. With any luck they'd get free on their own with no one around to maintain the fences and their instincts would drive them south. There were some herds in the U.S. too in some natural parks and reserves. Perhaps they would manage a comeback.

Wade was constantly amazed by how much food there was at hand. He wondered at how I was able to provide everything we needed to survive. He seemed to think I knew everything and could do anything. He was clinging more and more and was completely without modesty now, so even performing his bodily functions did not require any more privacy then yanking down his pants and underwear and squatting in the tall grass while still talking to me.

I was becoming increasingly frustrated by my growing desire to explore his body. I hadn't gotten a chance yet to get enough time away from him to satisfy myself in order to curb the urges. If he lost sight of me even briefly he would panic and start yelling out. Any time I suggested I needed to go away for just a minute on my own he would become extremely agitated and beg me not to leave him alone. I couldn't put him through that, so I stuck right with him.

Wade was becoming much more comfortable physically with me and was starting to hop on me, hug me and hang off me for any reason whatsoever. He seemed to want more and more physical contact like he'd been starved of it and couldn't get sated. The aggravation brought out by my unfulfilled needs was building from all of this contact and I was becoming more distant and distracted.

Now that he was getting proper food and loads of exercise his energy level and mood were positively soaring. He had become a living dynamo and he was completely irresistible. His energy was infectious. I loved this boy and he was becoming more and more appealing to me by the minute.

This only raised my level of physical desire and thus my frustration, so over time I began to push him away a bit, much to his confusion. It wasn't making him happy but it was easier for me to not have him in contact with me so much. I certainly couldn't explain to him what my problem was without getting on to some very dangerous ground. My distraction also led to me not responding to his questions as readily and I was now completely without humor and I was just generally becoming more moody and reflective.

As the journey wore on he began to get a clue that something had changed and he started to lose the head of steam he had built up. He got quieter and started to fall in behind me and follow in my footsteps like he had done in the beginning, instead of staying up with me actively talking and bouncing around and wanting to hold my hand and touch me or hang off me liked he'd been starting to do. His appetite started to go down a bit, and he seemed to go inside himself.

We marched on in silence, but at least we were making excellent progress.

It would only be a few more days before we reached the outskirts of the town I was leading us towards. As an additional way to distract myself from my current problem with Wade I started to plan my foray into the town. It was a small hamlet off one of the main roads leading up through the foothills to the mountains. It was sort of a last chance for hikers and campers heading into the Rockies to get equipped so there was a good sized outfitters store there that I knew of that would have pretty much everything we would need.

It was now day 144 and the weather did not look as promising as the last few days had been. It had been unusually hot and humid the night before, and now there was a cool wind blowing. In Alberta this generally means trouble. As soon as the sun had risen dark clouds began to boil up on the horizon and they were moving in fast. There was going to be a somewhat severe thunderstorm, it was only a matter of time. If we were going to get any ground covered today we would need to break camp and head out immediately. There was no time for our normal leisurely start to the day. The mood had been somber lately and neither of us was really interested in our usual morning "play" time anyhow.

We managed to hike for a few hours and covered a fair bit of ground before the heavy rain drops started to fall and thunder began to roll down from the hills. Wade still didn't have a proper jacket and I had only the one rolled up water proof wind breaker so our best course of action was to simply pitch the tent on sloped ground in as sheltered a spot as we could find, cover our gear, and wait out the storm.

My super light Diamantina hiking tent would shelter us both comfortably enough, and with the addition of a light polyester tarp stretched over it, it was completely rain proof. I love this tent. It's a light tan color and made of thin and strong ripstop polyester with a polyurethane coating. It lets in plenty of light when used as shelter in the middle of the day. The whole thing weighs only about two kilograms, yet when set up it's over seven feet long, five feet wide, and 4 feet tall along the peak.

Even with my broad six foot five frame I have no problem stretching out in it, and it can sleep two comfortably. We hadn't had to use it yet as it had been warm enough to sleep under the stars in our clothes so Wade was surprised when I spoke of pitching a tent. He didn't even know we had one since I'd never mentioned it and it rolls up so small that I keep it hidden away in my large back pack.

In no time at all we had the tent set up and we climbed inside. We weren't cramped but it was definitely close quarters. Here I was, all nice and cozy with this beautiful boy. Given my current level of sexual frustration this was just what I did not need right now.

It was still early enough that we couldn't just sleep through the storm. We were not tired yet. I stretched out on top of the sleeping bag and Wade sat at the end of the tent and we both were uncomfortably silent for a while, wondering how long we would be stuck in here.

In order to keep the inside of the tent cleaner, we'd removed our shoes before coming in. Needless to say after a long day of hiking yesterday and no chance to clean up this morning, then another few hours of marching, Wade's feet smelled just about perfect to me right now. Even though he was at the opposite end of the tent from my head the confined space meant I could smell him easily. I was getting extremely aroused by it. This was getting uncomfortable quickly and I began to silently curse the change of weather. The rain was starting to really come down hard now and there would be no going out of the tent for a while.

I lay on my left side, and propped my head up on my left hand and elbow and looked towards my feet where Wade was sitting. He was one hell of an attractive boy. I'd cut his hair carefully using my knife a few days ago. The knife is razor sharp and it didn't take long to chop his hair down till it was nice and short up the sides and over the ear. Not too short on top but not too long. It's hard to do a really great job with a knife so I should probably get some proper barber scissors too when I go into town. I thought he looked pretty good though. With the short hair he looked like a proper boy.

I normally keep my own hair buzzed. It's just so much easier that way. My rechargeable trimmer was only good for a few weeks though and then there was no way to recharge it so I'd tossed it many months ago. My own hair was a bit ragged from cutting it with my knife without the benefit of a proper set of mirrors. I'd like to find a battery powered trimmer for my hair. I could use it on Wade too. I find a buzz cut really appealing. There is no more masculine way for a man to wear their hair, and since I like men, I like buzz cuts. I don't think it would be practical to bother with a trimmer though. Even a battery powered one would require us to carry extra batteries around and that seems frivolous.

I had also trimmed Wade's fingernails and toenails of course. Nice and short. I very much enjoyed grooming him though it was part of the close intimate contact that had started my current problem.

As soon as I had a chance to sit down with needle and thread I had reattached the waistband on his briefs. I had also darned the holes in his socks, and now he sat with his legs crossed, subconsciously picking at the lint pills on one of the socks while deep in thought. Occasionally he would look up at me and I thought he was about to say something, then he would think better of it and go back to work on his socks. He did not look happy.

I wondered what I might do to try to lighten the mood. None of this was fair to him. He didn't know the effect he was having on me or the struggle I was going through to control myself. I wish I had some playing cards or something so we could entertain ourselves in some simple way, but I had nothing. Perhaps it was time to pull out the stale old standard of twenty questions. I was just too distracted though and wasn't really in the mood for anything that would require me to think or talk.

Finally, it was Wade who broke the silence.

"Is everything OK, Jake? Did I do anything wrong?" he asked in a small voice.

I thought I detected a slight tremble in his speech. The sudden realization of just how badly this was affecting him was like a slap across the face. I was really scaring him with my abrupt change of behavior. I shouldn't have let it go so far. I had been doing well before with my policy of open honesty with him. Treating him with respect, more like an adult than a kid. Why was this issue suddenly a secret that I had to keep to myself? He trusted me and relied on me. He needed to know what was going on with me. He needed to know where he stood. It was time to come clean. He needed to know there was nothing he'd done wrong, and that we were still good. He needed to know why I was becoming so distant. It was unfair to treat him as I had been.

Before I had a chance to open my mouth he said, "A while back you said you tease me because you like me, and I only have to worry when you stop teasing me," he said moodily, "You didn't tease me at all for the last couple of days. You don't want to play. You don't seem to like when I touch you anymore or anything. I'm worried now. Did you stop liking me?"

"Oh my God, no, I love you Wade, don't ever worry about that."

"You love me?" he asked.

"Yes Wade, very much, more and more every day in fact," I confessed, "you are one hell of a great guy. I think I would have gone crazy if I hadn't met you. You're terrific company and I want nothing more than to have you with me forever. You're more important to me then anything else now. You're all that matters."

"But, I don't get it. We had so much fun at first. Now things are no fun at all," he moped.

"I'm so sorry Wade. It's not your fault. It's nothing you did. I just have a bit of a problem I need to figure out."

"A problem with me?" he asked.

"Sort of, but like I said before, it's not your fault," I said.

He looked confused.

I tried to explain as best I could. "Do you remember that talk we had after we swam in the water the first time? You asked me if I liked men and I said I did."

"Yes," he replied, "You said you liked men and you started to think you might like boys the same. I thought you meant you liked me that way. It made me feel good. I was so happy that you liked me."

"I do like you that way, Wade, but I don't know what to do about that. I don't think you quite understand what it all means. I don't think its right for me to pursue those feelings with you the way I normally would with a man, to take the next step. It wouldn't be fair to you," I said.

"Not fair? I want you to like me, so what's wrong?" he asked.

"It's just that when a grown up likes someone that way, they want to get physical with them. They have needs that drive their bodies hard and when those needs aren't met it causes problems. It starts to affect their mood and their ability to think and focus. You aren't old enough to understand what that means just yet, but it's the reason I've been closing off lately. Why I've been trying to stay a bit further away from you. So I wouldn't feel the need so badly," I said.

"What need? What do you mean by `get physical'?" he asked.

"I mean sex. You don't know the things that are involved in sex and you're really too young to know. I don't think you would like it," I explained.

"How do you know?" he asked, clearly starting to get frustrated with me, "I don't even know what things you're talking about. What if I like them?"

There was no way to get further with this without getting pretty graphic. I don't think he'll get it unless I tell him everything, but that just doesn't feel right. I tried to find some way to ease into it and not get too detailed.

"Your body would normally drive you to want sex," I explained, "but it needs to have developed further than yours has in order to do that. You need to reach sexual maturity, to be pretty much grown up. I can tell by what I've seen of you that you're getting very close to full on puberty, but you're not really there yet. I don't think your body is far enough along for you to really feel the desire for sex. I don't really know much about kids though, I'm no expert."

He thought about that for a moment, he started to blush a little, and then he said, "That time I was in the water and you were teasing me because I was stiff, I was watching you when you were taking care of our clothes and washing yourself. I liked the way you looked. I never saw so much hair on someone. It was so cool. I wished I had hair like that on me. You looked so big and strong, bigger than anyone I ever saw before. Your thing looks just like mine but so much bigger and so much hair around it. Your balls hang so big and low and furry. I never saw a grown up naked before. I couldn't stop looking. It felt really good to look at you and I felt funny. Sort of light and excited, and that's when my thing got hard. I wanted to get a closer look, to touch you and see what it felt like. Is that what you mean by `desire'?"

This kid is so intelligent. It's uncanny, like he's possessed by some old soul.

I smiled, "I guess so, yes, that's a part of it. That's your body reacting to what you saw and sort of pushing you to do something about it."

"To do what though? I don't get it," he said, exasperated, "Back at school I heard the older boys talking about `blow jobs' and..." he hesitated a moment and started to blush a bit more, and then continued, "...and `fucking'. I don't know what that means but I think that's sex, isn't it?"

"Yes, Wade, it is. I can't really explain this to you properly without getting really graphic and describing acts that you might find disgusting or embarrassing, but if you want me to really tell you what happens, I'm willing," I said.

"Tell me. I want to know," he said impatiently.

"OK, let's see. To put it really bluntly, sex is centered on your penis, your thing, your cock, whatever you choose to call it, and its desire to be satisfied. For a man, it usually ends at the moment that satisfaction happens. He feels a wonderful release then, but the desire will build up and eventually it will start all over again. The fun is in the things you do that lead up to that moment of intense satisfaction. Sex involves things that might seem really gross to you right now, but would seem like the best idea in the world when you're in the mood," I said.

"So tell me what they are for crying out loud!" he demanded.

I laughed, "Sorry, this is hard for me. I guess I'm really pussy-footing around the facts. It just doesn't seem right to rattle this stuff off to a kid. This really isn't going smoothly at all."

He rolled his eyes. "Maybe just tell me what you want to do with me, then."

"OK, if you insist, but it will sound weird to you," I warned.

He crossed his arms and frowned at me like I was getting on his last nerve with all my verbal tip-toeing, and he waited impatiently for me to continue.

I took a deep breath, steeled myself, and began...

"Well, your feet would be the place for me to start. I told you before how I'm really into that. I love the way they smell right now. I want to get in closer. I want to touch them, caress them, to kiss them. I would even like to take your socks off and taste your toes. Then I'd start to undress you so I could explore every inch of you but not just with my eyes and hands; with my nose, my lips and tongue too. I'd want to hold you close and kiss you. I'd want to..."

Then he did something surprising. As though he was thrilled that we were finally getting somewhere, and he wasn't really interested in what else I had to say and just wanted to get things rolling, he quickly crawled over towards my end of the tent and turned and lay on his back with his feet right near my face so I could begin enjoying them, and propped himself up on his elbows, looked at me, and smiled.

He was breathing a little more quickly, waiting to see what I would do next. It was obvious that he was getting aroused. He was creating a small tent in his pants. Maybe he really did want this. Maybe he really was capable of sexual desire even at such a young age. I'd heard that boys can start to enter into puberty as early as nine years old, he's almost twelve. Maybe it's started for him. Who was I to withhold it from him if it's what he actually wants? I am all about pursuing whatever makes you happy. It's what life is about. I should do whatever I could to help Wade achieve as much happiness as he is capable of. Anything else would be hypocritical since it would run counter to my whole philosophy of life.

This was the watershed moment. If I went ahead now, there would be no turning back. Our relationship would go to an entirely new place. What I was about to do went against everything society would consider moral or right. I rationalized to myself that we were the society now, Wade and me. We were all there was. Whatever we decided was right, was right, and that was all there was to it. We make the rules now and decide what's OK for us. There is no one else to stand in judgment. Anything we do affects us, and only us. So long as we are happy, what harm would there be?

There was no way I could resist any longer, but I resolved to take it slowly. So long as I didn't push Wade into doing anything that he didn't like, that was the main thing to be careful of.

My body had clued in to the fact that I was going to commit, and my level of arousal was beginning to rise very quickly.

"Wade," I said in a husky voice, "I love you, and I want to do this with you very badly. My body will try to drive me a little too fast but I will do my best to stay in control. I want you to know that if you ever start to feel uncomfortable with anything I'm doing you need to speak up immediately and loudly and tell me to stop. I won't be mad. I could not live with myself if I made you feel bad. Got it?"

He nodded, and gave me a trusting smile.

I was lying on my left side facing him, propped up on my elbow. I reached out with my right hand and started to caress his feet. I leaned in closer till my nose was nearly touching them and I inhaled slowly. I could never satisfactorily explain to someone who isn't into feet why it is that I love this so much, but my head was spinning and I was over the moon. The scent was pure heaven. I don't know if it was the length of time since I last had been so intimate with anyone, or if it was the fact that I was so in love with him, but this boy smelled better than anyone I had ever enjoyed before.

I kissed the soles of his feet and nuzzled my nose into them and then gently rubbed my face all over them. I couldn't believe this was happening. I kneaded his feet for a while marveling at the perfect shape of them. I lightly pinched and rolled his little toes between my finger tips through his socks. I'd seen those toes close up when I trimmed them a few days ago and I loved them. I had to see them again, but much more intimately this time. I pulled off his socks and dropped them on the floor beside my head and looked longingly at his bare feet. I proceeded to kiss the space right under his toes. Those perfect little toes. I inhaled his wonderful scent again, and then I began to wash some of the scent off by running my tongue under his toes and darting it between them here and there. I sucked on his big toe a bit then moved on to the others. I was in heaven.

I looked up to see if Wade was OK. He was still propped up on his elbows but his eyes were closed and he was sort of half smiling with his head cocked slightly sideways, like he was lost in the sensation. He noticed I'd stopped and his eyes popped open. His smile broadened. I smiled back and signaled for him to turn around and come up to me. He sat up, swung his legs around behind him, and crawled up until our heads were close and then laid down on his right side, facing me. I pulled him in towards me and embraced him. I could feel his quickly beating heart against my chest and his hot breath on my neck.

"I love you so much Wade," I whispered.

His arms came around and held me tight and he let out a long, soft sigh like he'd been waiting for this for a long time and was relieved that it was finally happening. I kissed him softly on his neck then proceeded to nuzzle him there getting more of the scent of him. Then I started kissing his cheek and then moved on to his lips. He did not draw away but pressed into me more with his lips while taking a deep breath through his nose followed by a low "mmmmmmm" sound as he let the breath out.

I positioned him onto his back with his hands just above his head with the elbows out to the sides, and moved my upper body over him propping my elbows on either side of him so we were face to face. I ran my fingers through his soft hair and moved my face in closer. I kissed him again and lightly flicked my tongue across his lips. His eyes opened momentarily and I stopped and stared straight into them. That was the moment when he seemed to open himself completely to me. His entire body relaxed. He closed his eyes, tilted his head back slightly and he opened his lips just a bit.

Overcome with desire I dove in and my tongue slid right into his warm moist mouth in search of his tongue. His breathing increased and he squirmed a bit under me and his tongue started to move against mine. Our tongues wrestled with each other briefly and then his pushed outward to explore my mouth. I sucked on it and let out a groan. I'd been waiting so long to taste him and at last it was happening. We necked with passion for what seemed an eternity, his tongue would go back into his own mouth and mine would follow it in, then back they would go again as we writhed and squirmed against each other.

My heart was racing and my breathing became ragged as I lost myself in my desire for him. My right hand began to wander along his body while we kissed, exploring as it went. I ran it down his chest and over his belly, then slowly down one of his thighs and back up the other. As my hand approached his waist again I slid it around behind him to the small of his back. It went under his shirt to feel his warm skin and I pulled him in more firmly against me.

My hand began its journey downward again to find his tight little butt. I kneaded his buns, one, and then the other and slid my hand between his legs from behind. My middle finger then traced a line from the base of his balls back up between his muscular little glutes. At last my hand came out from behind him and went around to the front, to his little package, and felt the bulge there.

He was very much aroused. I rubbed at his cock lightly through his jeans and he moaned and began to squirm faster and breathe even more heavily. This was a sensation he'd never experienced before. I didn't want to over stimulate him and end this too quickly. I wanted it to last for him, but I was so in the throes of passion it was difficult not to simply ravage him. This first time had to be all about Wade, though. He needed to know how good he could feel. My own release could wait.

I pulled back my tongue and broke our kiss. I pressed my lips one last time firmly against his and then moved down to kiss him on the neck, then down to his chest, then his flat little belly. I slid both hands under the front of his shirt and began to slowly push it upward, revealing his navel. I kissed it lovingly and then inserted the tip of my tongue to taste him again. My tongue then traced circles outward around his little belly button along the smooth warm skin at his waist.

I continued to slowly slide his shirt upward with my hands and my lips followed, kissing more of his soft warm skin as it became exposed. I finally pushed the shirt right up over his head and past his arms and tossed it into the corner.

I kissed those beautiful lips again and then lightly rubbed my face against his. Then I began working my way back down his body again. I inhaled at his smooth little armpits and enjoyed the light fragrance, and planted soft kisses there. I licked at them a little to taste the salt. I moved on to his chest and flicked my tongue over his little nipples. I gently pulled at them by pinching them between the tip of my tongue and upper teeth and he arched his back a little inhaling sharply. I circled them with my tongue and then suckled them lightly for a while. I began to increase the suction while flicking my tongue across his nipple and he squirmed some more. I then worked my way further down again kissing him lightly along the way, back to his navel.

I brought my hand to his leg again, rubbing at his inner thigh and then moved it onto his groin and lightly massaged his penis again through his clothes. He writhed under the intensity of the sensations he was experiencing. I moved my lips down below his navel and kissed and licked his skin just above the line of his pants, then I moved my head downward and my lips replaced my hand on his groin and I started lightly kissing his cock through his clothes and nuzzling my face there.

My ardor was building and I wasn't going to be able to contain myself much longer. He was so beautiful and he was giving himself over to whatever I might do with him. He trusted me enough that he was able to completely let go and just feel what ever might come. He was ready for anything.

I undid the button on his jeans and pulled down the zipper. I opened his pants enough to reveal his little briefs and the wonderful outline of the package they contained. My passion for him went a little higher. I was getting so close to where I wanted to be. I placed my face into the gap in his jeans and inhaled long and slowly rubbing my nose along the outline of his hard little cock. I could feel a wave of heat rising up from his crotch. I kissed his penis through the thin material of his briefs and I could feel the pulse of his heartbeat there on my lips.

I paused and just breathed the essence of him for a while. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. My head was spinning and my breath was quickening. I pulled his pants off completely and stopped and gazed at him lying there in nothing but his little briefs, waiting to be pleasured further.

One of my absolute favorite spots on any man is that space right between his inner thigh and his cock and balls, the place where they all come together. Sweat always pools there throughout their active day and collects in their underwear. The sweat there smells like no where else on their body. It's full of their musk, their own personal unique sexual scent. It was no different with this boy.

I parted his legs slightly and moved my nose right into that special spot to inhale more of his private essence and I fell deeper into the throws of passion. Again I lightly massaged his cock and balls through his briefs with my nose and then began very gently nipping at the underside of his penis with my teeth. He was hard as a rock in there.

As much as I was enjoying working through his dirty underwear, I couldn't wait any longer to get past them. I carefully lifted the waistband of his briefs so it wouldn't get caught on his hard cock while I slid them down his thighs, past his knees and off of him. There he was in all his young glory. He looked so wonderful to me. His perfect little cock was so stiff I could see it moving on its own along with the slight clenching that had begun along the length of his pelvic muscle. It was as though his body was trying hard to pump even more blood into that beautifully engorged member. I brought my face in and inhaled long and slow once more. It was amazing.

I kissed the tip of his bare cock and I felt him jump just slightly underneath me like he hadn't expected me to go there. I looked up to make sure he was still OK but his eyes were closed with his head moving slightly side to side like he was searching, seeking out the next sensation that might come.

I put my hands between his legs and under his thighs and lifted his legs apart with his knees coming up to the sides. I moved my face in and licked under his balls and then sucked them briefly and swirled my tongue around them. It felt as though they were loose in there and no longer tight against his body. They were taking shape and had indeed started to grow already. I lightly massaged his little nuts with my lips. He moaned softly from this new sensation.

My hands were still on the backs of his thighs keeping his legs apart and his knees up towards either side of him. His arms were up over his head and to the sides. His little feet were in the air on either side of my head. I gently pushed his knees up even further toward his head bringing his ass into a better position for my attention. It was an unbelievably appealing pose.

With my tongue I followed that magnificent trail down from the underside of his scrotum to his tight little hole. He was not perfectly clean there but it didn't matter to me one bit. If anything it injected even more thrill into the situation and drew even more ragged breaths from me as the intensity of the experience increased. The taste was slightly tangy at first but it faded quickly as my tongue washed him clean.

I ran my tongue flat along his butt crack and back up the trail to his balls licking up the sweat and salt he'd been collecting there for me during our last long march. Then I licked back downward and began to probe at his anus with my tongue. He took in a sharp breath and tensed just slightly, then he instinctively brought his hands down to the back of my head and pulled me into him, like he was trying to get me to push my tongue all the way in.

He was really into this now. I did as he wished and formed a point with the tip of my tongue and pushed harder to try to get past the circle of muscle and in to the secret tunnel beyond. This is yet another thing I absolutely love to do. Men are often very shy when I first rim them, especially if they've never experienced it before. It's like they are too embarrassed to relax into the situation and to let me have my fun while pleasuring them in the most personal way. Not Wade, he seemed to loosen up immediately and instinctively pushed a little with his sphincter muscle to open it up so my tongue could slide right in. I reveled in the fact that he was so comfortable with me. The sensation of the silky lining of his insides on my tongue and the sphincter muscle squeezing against it was fantastic.

While I began to push my tongue with a bit more force in and out of his anus I gently massaged his balls with the thumb of one hand and rubbed along the length of his penis with my fingertips. The combination of sensations was quickly bringing him very close. I could occasionally feel his anus spasm, tightly gripping my tongue, I'd quickly slip my tongue out at that point and push it back in as soon as the sphincter relaxed and this motion was driving him crazy. He started intentionally squeezing his anus hard to force my tongue out, then relaxing it and letting me back in. This kid definitely enjoys a good rimming. He was doing his part absolutely perfectly. I could not be happier.

He was going to experience his first orgasm soon. He was coming very close to the edge. His breathing was becoming quicker and shallower and he'd started to moan more urgently through a wide open mouth while his head moved side to side.

Suddenly he tensed up and moved his hands from the back of my head to the top and pushed me back a bit, away from him. He wanted me to quit what I was doing. He started to move as if he were going to sit up.

"We need to stop," he croaked, "I have to pee really bad."

Of course I had asked him to relieve himself before we came into the tent since I didn't know how long we'd be stuck inside. He had complied and emptied himself before coming in and I'd done the same. That was a very short time ago.

I smiled at him.

"No Wade, you don't need to pee. It's OK," I reassured him, "I should have warned you about this part. You're going to have a really good feeling now. It starts by feeling sort of like like you need to pee but it gets stronger and better until you feel like there's wonderful electricity racing through your body. It feels absolutely amazing, trust me. It's called an orgasm. You'll like it buddy. Just relax and let it take over. It will get very intense, but you need to follow the feeling all the way through to where it wants to take you."

"OK," he said and relaxed back into position and closed his eyes again.

I quickly wet the tip of my finger and moved my hand down so I could gently massage his anus, moving just the tip of the finger slightly in and out as much as he would allow, while rubbing my thumb lightly across his balls. My mouth went to his stiff little member and licked up the length of the shaft to the underside of the head and along to the slit. The new set of sensations was pushing him right to the edge again. He immediately got back in the groove and his breathing sped up.

Now I slurped his cock right into my mouth and sucked it down to the root and extended my tongue so it ran over his balls. He moaned a bit louder this time. I began to suck him rhythmically. Each time I went down and back up I'd move my tongue out and lick his balls and I'd press my finger tip a little bit into his anus and then almost back out again. He moaned repeatedly and began to squirm quite a bit like he was trying to figure out how to make this feeling get even stronger.

His hands returned to the back of my head, his little feet planted firmly on the floor on either side of me, and he began to pull on my head again while lifting his hips higher so he could push his cock in deeper and harder even though my nose was already mashing into his pubic bone. I was so turned on by his ardor that I was getting close to cumming in my pants.

Suddenly his back arched and he cried out and began bucking his hips faster at my face. I could feel his scrotum tighten up and his anus clenched tightly on to the tip of my finger while he finally let out a loud "OHHH!" and his little cock head swelled in my mouth. He bucked harder and his anus began to pulse rhythmically with his deep orgasm. He did not ejaculate, at least not that I could detect though he was pushing so hard into my mouth and I was drooling like a fool from how much I was enjoying this that I might not have noticed even if he had. I think he was still too young, though clearly everything else about the machinery seemed to be in full operation and working perfectly.

He let out a long groan that slowly turned to an "mmmmmmm" sound and he twitched a few more times. I lightened up so as not to over stimulate his sensitive post-orgasm cock head. I gently slipped my fingertip from his still slightly pulsing anus. Then I let his penis fall back from my mouth to rest on his pubic area, and I lightly massaged the base of his cock and the outside of his anus to stretch out the good feeling as long as possible. He writhed slightly under my ministrations for a short while like he was chasing down the last bits of that good feeling, and then finally his orgasm subsided completely.

After the pulsing of his pelvic muscle stopped and he settled down I moved back up and kissed him lightly on the lips again and he opened his eyes looking like he was just waking up from the best dream he'd ever had. His smile grew slowly until he grinned from ear to ear. I grinned back at him.

"That was so cool!" he exclaimed somewhat breathlessly, "I didn't know I could feel like that!"

"Congrats buddy," I said softly, "You just had your first orgasm. Thank you for letting me be the one to share it with you."

He smiled at me again with slight tears at the edges of his eyes from the intensity of what he'd just been through, and he wrapped his arms tightly around my neck and then kissed me.

"Thanks so much!" he whispered, "You made me feel so good. Can we do it again?"

"Sure," I said, "In a little bit, and as often as you want. Let's just relax for a while first, OK?"

"OK," then after a moment's thought he asked, "Can I make you feel that way?"

"You almost did it without even trying," I replied. Then I looked him straight in the eyes and said, "You're so beautiful to me Wade I can't put it into words. You really make me happy just by letting me enjoy pleasing you. I can show you how to make me feel the same way you did if you want."

"Yeah," he said, "show me please. I want to do that to you. I want you to feel as good as I did."

I settled down beside him then pulled him over on top of me while rolling on to my back and I held his small naked form in my arms.

"Let's just cuddle for a bit before we get started again, OK?"

The deep afterglow from his orgasm made it so he had no problem with that suggestion. He settled into place on my chest, nuzzling my neck and didn't say another peep while I lightly rubbed his back.

Before long his breathing deepened rhythmically and I could tell he had drifted off to sleep.

I had not yet had my own orgasm but somehow I still felt much more satisfied than I had in years. I felt no guilt about what I had just done. Why should I? He obviously enjoyed it immensely, and that's what life is about, feeling alive and feeling good.

I felt my erection growing harder as I began to think about how I would approach teaching Wade to bring me pleasure.

I was so deeply in love with this boy. As I held him to me and listened to his light snoring I realized that he had now become my entire world. Anything and everything I did from now on would be for his benefit primarily. His needs would always go above my own. He would always be uppermost in my heart and mind. Nothing and no one could ever matter to me as much as he did.

As I listened to the driving rain outside, it occurred to me that contrary to how I'd felt just a short time ago, I now hoped the rain would continue so we'd be stuck in the tent for a long time.