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This series will be a story describing the experiences of a fictional man in a completely fictional world that will include detailed and explicit descriptions of mutually agreeable, unforced and deeply loving and respectful sexual acts between a man and other people who are often mistaken for, and may even claim to be, pubescent boys, but who are all in actuality very short people who are over the age of 18.

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Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life you should consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

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The Patriarch


Chapter 4



Day 144

Wade was still snoring softly against my chest. We'd just had our first intimate encounter and I'd brought him to his first ever orgasm.

I didn't want to wake him just yet. There would be plenty of time to play some more later. It was early afternoon and though the severity of the storm had lessened there was still a steady rain falling outside the tent.

Having not had my own release yet I wasn't sleepy. There wasn't much to do but think. I tried to keep my mind occupied by going over a list of things I could get when we get to town in a couple of days.

I wanted to get Wade properly geared up with better clothing and footwear. I would restock our herbs and spices to keep our food interesting. I could always use more snare wire, and I needed to replace some lost fishing lures and get some extra fishing line for my collapsible rod. We'd be coming to some excellent streams in the foothills for brook trout and it would be nice to get some fly fishing gear as well. They would have telescoping fly fishing poles that shouldn't be too hard to carry. I think Wade would really enjoy the sport so I'll get him a rod as well and start to teach him how. I think he'd appreciate the taste of fresh caught trout too.

It would be more stuff to carry but not very heavy and there are two of us now to share the burden. We could use an extra sleeping bag so that we'd each have one. I'm not sure if Wade would want to sleep with me in mine. I suppose I should ask before I get a second one. If he prefers to sleep with me I'll simply get a slightly larger one that we can share more comfortably than the one I currently have. The nights will be getting colder soon and we'll need to sleep well covered. I hope he would like to share because I certainly couldn't think of a better way to spend a chilly night than naked snuggled up with him.

I'll get a back pack for Wade so he could carry some of the gear easily. He's always looking for ways to help out so I know he'd like to share some of the load. A smaller version of my own pack would be good. It's a proper, large back pack with an aluminum frame to which I can attach everything I need that doesn't fit inside it. He's getting strong and energetic now and he could easily take on some of that burden.

Perhaps I would get a rifle and some ammo provided I could find a trigger lock to keep Wade safe. We'd be heading into bear and cougar country very soon and we might need the weapon for protection. Perhaps a shotgun would be better since we aren't really hunting for big game and just want to scare off any predators that might get too curious about us. I could get some buckshot shells in case I do ever need to take down something really large. Also, we'd already seen the first small flocks of Canada geese come through on their way south for the winter. Much larger flocks would soon follow. With a shotgun we could add them to the menu. We'd also been seeing pheasants, partridges, ducks, and I'd heard some prairie chickens booming a few times too. All of these birds would make for tasty meals and could be easily procured with the help of a shotgun.

I'd been giving some thought to the gadget situation too. I would like to get some battery powered devices that would make things easier for us, like a trimmer for our hair and an electric razor for my face. Since there haven't been any radio transmissions yet in all this time I could sacrifice my wind up rechargeable radio to adapt its charger for use with other batteries. I worked in electronics before the world ended. I wouldn't need more than a few simple parts to rig it up so we could wind to recharge some standard off the shelf NiMH batteries to power any battery powered devices for a short time. I already have a wind-to-charge waterproof flashlight as well. I suppose a second one of those wouldn't hurt either. I should look for portable solar charging pads too. It would be a simple matter to hang them off of our backpacks so that we could charge our batteries while we walk.

I don't think I'll want to bring Wade into the town with me. So far I've only ever ducked in and out of the yards of some farmhouses occasionally to take some of the vegetables from the abandoned gardens. I wasn't even comfortable doing that. I haven't been in to any populated area since the plague. I haven't needed to. I just don't know what condition the town will be in. I don't want to put the boy at risk in any way. I know he won't be happy with me leaving him alone, but I also know he has a fear of dead bodies and there will certainly be some of them there. I doubt there'll be many corpses in plain sight though. It was the sort of disease that took people slowly, making them weaker and weaker. Most would have retreated into their homes and beds or into hospitals or maybe even churches and would have died there. Still, there's no way to be sure until I get there and I'd rather not have Wade with me. It shouldn't take too much convincing to have him stay well outside of town while I quickly zip in and out. As long as I promise to keep my stay short and stick to it he should be fine. I love the little guy and though I don't want to cause him any stress, this foray is important and will help us out a lot. It has to be done.

As though he'd sensed that my thoughts had turned to him, Wade began to stir. He lifted his head up from my chest and looked at me and smiled.

"Did I sleep long?" he asked.

"No, not long at all," I told him, "How you feeling?"

"Terrific," he replied.

"Tired?" I asked.

"No, not really. I just got really sleepy after you made me feel good, after my orgasm."

I smiled, "Yup, that happens. Get used to it."

"The things you did to me were amazing," he said, "I never knew I could feel so much. I never thought anyone would like to touch me where you did with your mouth. I didn't know those things were what sex is. It was so cool. I really want to do it some more."

I suddenly noticed that I could feel something jabbing into me.

"Hey wait a minute; I can see both of your hands, so how exactly are you poking me?" I asked, smiling.

He grinned and said, "You wanna see?"

I nodded.

I'd been lying there with my hands clasped behind my head while I'd been thinking. He sat up and quickly scooched forward, so his knees went over top each of my biceps, his hands came down on my wrists, sort of pinning them there behind my head, and he put his face right in mine and planted a kiss on my lips. Then he pushed my hands a bit further up from my head and he kneeled up and a bit forward so his hard little cock came up and hovered right in front of my face.

I felt a moment's shock. Was this kid tapping into my subconscious to see exactly what it is that I like? Is he some sort of mind reader? I'm very versatile so I engage in sex in all sorts of ways, but one of my favorite things is when a man who's smaller than me dominates me sexually. Not whips and chains and ball gags and stuff like that, but holding my arms while forcing his cock down my throat, or pinning me down and sitting on my face and wiping his ass on my nose and lips without ever asking permission. Things like that. I get extremely horny when someone wants to just use me for their pleasure like that with no regard for whether I want it that way or not.

My attention snapped back to the kid who had pinned my arms down and had his junk right up in my grill, where I wanted it.

"See? I have a poker." he said, as his proud little cock bobbed in the air in front of me.

"Yes sir," I said, "I do see. It's pretty awesome man. Nicest one I've ever seen I think."

He smiled and then surprisingly, he moved his hips forward slowly and poked his little poker right at my lips. Holy geez, this kid has a natural instinct for sex or something. We've only played once so far and already he's starting to want to take charge a bit and make me do what he feels like doing, which of course works perfectly for me.

I had spent a bit of time while he slept thinking about what approach I would take to teaching him some easy ways to please me sexually. It seemed humorous now because I'd sort of worked out a whole syllabus in my head right down to the last detail. Of course I would be sweet and gentle and careful and slow so as not to do anything that might shock him. Anything he was even remotely uncomfortable with would be removed from the routine. Much to my surprise and pleasure it seemed all of that had been a waste of time. He was the one who was going to show me what should happen.

This was getting interesting in a hurry.

I licked my lips to wet them and parted them slightly to let him in. He immediately pushed his cock in and began to slowly grind against my face. This was turning me on in a huge way and my cock quickly began to spring to attention.

It was as if the one experience we'd shared had been all he'd needed in order to understand what sex was about, just doing whatever you thought might feel good without hesitation, following your body's cues about what motions will feel great. It gave him the confidence to explore his own desires.

He looked down at me with a smile on his face while he humped his beautiful dick in and out of my eager mouth. Occasionally he would pull my wrists higher over my head so he could lean forward slightly while still keeping me pinned and raise the intensity of his fucking like he was totally in rut, then he'd slow it down a bit and his eyes would close as he lost himself in the sensation of having his cock suctioned and slurped by my wet tongue.

After he fucked my face for a while he pulled out and moved further up to place his nuts at my lips and smiled again and waited while his cock bounced against my nose. I immediately opened my mouth and brought out my tongue and thoroughly washed his balls for him. He seemed to love this too. I could feel the little grapes moving around in his sack. He still tasted salty and smelled amazing. Again he just enjoyed the sensation for a while occasionally closing his eyes to feel it more.

It was as if he was trying to more closely identify the wonderful sensations he'd had the first time I brought him to orgasm. He was taking his time and trying to put a specific action to each feeling he had experienced earlier, so he could catalog the whole thing in his head and know exactly how each different sexual act felt.

After a while of enjoying me sucking at his nut sack, and again with his smile not faltering, and his eyes looking straight down at mine, and with no modesty whatsoever, he moved further up. He pulled my wrists down closer to my head and moved his knees further forward so they were now above my wrists keeping my arms locked in place and freeing his hands. He straightened up and lowered his butt until his asshole was lightly touching my lips and settled in position to let me please him there. I was more than happy to comply. His little ball sack was mashing against my nose now and I was loving every minute as my tongue came out and greedily lapped at his butt crack to clean it completely and then it formed a point and probed at his anus. He didn't waste any time and as soon as he felt me there he reached down and pulled his butt cheeks apart and he started pushing his sphincter as though he were taking a dump to open up the muscle so I could slide my tongue more easily up inside him.

This was something he really seemed to enjoy, as most men do once they've tried it. There are a lot of nerve endings around the anus and there isn't much that feels better than having it worked over by a moist tongue. Just knowing that someone is so into you that they want to taste the inside of your asshole is a huge turn on. Just like before, he instinctively began to clench his anus to pinch my tongue and force it out, then he'd relax to let me back in. He seemed to love the sensation of being rimmed and he slowly and slightly moved his ass up and down on my face like he was riding my tongue. He'd open up his asshole while slowly pushing his butt down on my mouth, I'd point my tongue and press it as far up him as I could manage while he came down, then he'd lock his anus tight like he was putting a death grip on my tongue with it, then he'd try to hang on to it while he slowly pulled his ass back up in the air, until my tongue slid out. I've done that sort of thing before and I know it feels amazing.

Then again, as though he was some sort of sexual wunderkind, he instinctively reached for his own penis and began to stroke it. He knew from our first encounter how great it felt to have multiple sensations happening at once when I had been massaging his balls with my thumb and rubbing his penis with my fingertips while rimming him, and he seemed to want to relive it at his own speed right now. My own arms were still partly pinned by his knees over my wrists and his ankles over my upper arms, and my tongue was busy sampling the silky inside of his asshole. His wonderful ball sack was already rubbing against my nose as he rode my tongue. The only thing missing was the sensation on his penis so he'd naturally added that himself.

Watching this beautiful boy arch his back and tilt his head back in pleasure from the multiple sensory assault while he worked at his own penis was almost too much for me and I nearly lost it in my pants. Seeing him so quickly learn the ropes was amazing. I couldn't wait to see what surprise he had in store for me next.

It didn't take long for him to completely blow my mind.

He'd been glancing occasionally above my head and to the side. I was too busy enjoying myself to give any thought to what might be distracting him. Now he reached over with his free hand and picked up one of his dirty socks from where they'd ended up beside my head when I took them off him earlier. He lifted himself off me and he held the underside of the part of the sock that had contained his toes right to my nose. He seemed to understand that that was the spot on his smelly sock that would be the most concentrated, having accumulated all of the sweat from his little toes during yesterday's long hard march in the late summer heat, and the few hours of hiking we had done this morning.

I closed my eyes and inhaled the heady aroma deeply, instantly being transported to heaven. Then he moved his bum back down and returned to letting me tongue fuck his asshole with his smelly sock draped across my nose, held in place there by his scrotum as it pressed back down against my nose. He went back to stimulating his hard little cock and humping his ass at my mouth while he watched me, looking for my reaction.

How was this possible? How the fuck did he get all of this so easily? How was it coming so naturally to him? It seemed like a stretch for a little kid to understand the concept of fetish, and how much it could raise the level of sexual intensity, but he somehow instinctively got it, whether he realized it or not. He knew how much I loved the smell of his feet. It seemed as though he naturally understood that although he was getting a ton of pleasure for himself from me, with this one simple act that really would affect his pleasure in no way, he turned the tables and I was getting far more out of it than him.

I was almost overcome with how much joy I felt at this moment. Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked up at this beautiful boy who seemed to understand the core of me already and not only fully accepted it, but wanted to help me enjoy myself as much as possible without judgment. I fell deeper in love and far deeper in lust.

He looked a little alarmed when he saw the tears forming in my eyes and he got up off my face, threw the sock aside and knelt beside me.

"Are you OK?" he asked, worried, "Did I do something wrong?"

"Oh, hell no!" I said hoarsely, "You did really well. Better than I could possibly imagine. You just made me feel so good and I feel so strongly for you that I got a bit choked up is all. I wasn't expecting you to learn what I would like so fast. I don't know how you knew exactly what to do to make me feel great Wade, but you did it."

He smiled, and I reached up and pulled him down to me and kissed him with full passion on the lips. I started to move my hands down his bare back to his ass, but he would have none of it.

He sat up again and simply said, "No, it's my turn. You keep still."

And he set to work on the buttons of my flannel shirt. He signaled me to sit up so he could get the shirt off. He pulled the shirt from behind me and set it aside, and then he signaled me to take off the t-shirt I'd been wearing underneath it. Once I'd done that he immediately pushed me back down. He obviously wanted to stay in control.

He moved down to my pants and undid the button, unzipped the fly, and unceremoniously pulled them off me and tossed them next to his.

He then moved down to my feet and looked at my socks. Out of curiosity he moved his face in and sniffed at my feet. I don't think he was quite into it though. He made a bit of a face like it was unpleasant to him. He pulled off each sock and tossed them in the corner with the rest of the clothes.

All I had left were my boxer briefs, but for now he left those on.

He came back up and climbed onto my chest and leaned down to kiss me. He was definitely good at this part. I knew this from our last encounter. His tongue came out and slid into my mouth and he began to softly moan as we necked again. This time he was guiding the dance of our tongues and I followed where he led. I sucked at his tongue greedily when it was offered into my mouth. When he pulled it back I darted mine in to follow. I would rub my tongue vigorously against his trying desperately to lap up every bit of moist saliva his sweet mouth had to offer. He seemed to really enjoy necking and that was absolutely fine with me. It's something I only ever engage in with someone I feel strongly for. For some odd reason I would not hesitate to put my tongue in your ass if I find you remotely attractive, but I'll only put it in your mouth if I have very strong feelings for you, and I've never felt more strongly about anyone than I did for Wade.

He broke our kiss and I waited to see what was in store next. Like I had done to him earlier, he began to work his way down my body.

He started by sniffing at my arm pits, but again didn't seem too thrilled with that, so he moved over to my chest and kissed me there. He pulled his head back and studied the hair on my chest. This seemed to fascinate him. He ran his fingers over it and commented on how much there was and how soft it felt. He ran his hand back over to my arm pit and though he hadn't cared for the smell, he definitely seemed to like the hair that was there. He twirled his fingers in the slightly moist pit hair and then pulled his hand back and sniffed that. He seemed to like that a bit better because he inhaled at his fingers once more a bit more deeply. Perhaps he just needs me cleaner so the smell would be more subtle.

He ran his hand back to my chest and played with my nipples. He got a look of curiosity on his face for a moment, and then he began to pinch at one of them and flick it with his fingertip. I think he was surprised that they were stiffening up and starting to poke out under his attention. I loved the sensation of him playing with them and I grinned while I watched him experimenting with them like they were some new toy he hadn't known was there. He moved his face in and sucked one of them into his mouth. He suckled a bit making soft sucking sounds as he got more into it. I have fairly sensitive nipples and when he sucked hard at them electricity shot through my body and I moaned. He looked up at me and smiled. I could see in his eyes he had immediately cataloged that reaction for later also.

He went back to work on each nipple again for a while, trying to figure out what else he could do with them to make me moan some more. Needless to say he found several ways. He nipped at them with his teeth, pulled at them with his lips, twisted them lightly with his fingertips, and rubbed his teeth over the hard tips. Pretty much everything you could do to a man's nipple he did to mine. His instincts seemed to tell him that it would likely hurt if he were to pinch them too hard so he never took it too far. Any move he made that solicited another moan or groan he would slightly intensify and focus on for a bit, to make me really squirm under him. When he felt he'd tried everything on my nipples to his satisfaction, he moved on downward.

He didn't spend much time around my waist. My hard flat stomach and navel were not an attraction to him I guess, though he did seem taken with the furry trail of soft dark hair leading down my belly and into my underwear. He seemed to want to follow it straight to the target. After seeing his reaction to the strong smell of my feet and pits I found myself wishing I'd had a chance to somehow clean myself down there before we'd started. I didn't want him to have a bad experience and I'd been sweating a lot from the heat yesterday myself, not to mention the funk from the pre-cum that had to have gotten all over the place in there when I'd been intensely aroused while I was pleasuring Wade earlier.

He stared at the big bulge in my underwear for a bit then extended his hand to touch it. He lovingly caressed the outline of my cock through my underpants and he occasionally gripped at it like he wanted to get a better idea of how hard it was and how big around. He seemed almost like a zombie at this point. His eyes were sort of glazed but weren't blinking at all and his mouth was part ways open and he was breathing through it, as he slowly worked his hand up and down the length of my penis occasionally gripping it and pushing and pulling and twisting to see what it could do. Then his hand moved down to my large balls and began to massage them through the fabric of my underwear. This was his first contact with a man's package and he was mesmerized by it.

After he got a good feel for the shape of things from the outside he suddenly decided he wanted to go inside for a bit. He hooked the back of his fingertips under the waistband of my boxer briefs and slipped his hand in. He brought it back out almost immediately with a bit of a start. He looked at his fingers and turned to me.

"You're wet there. Did you pee?" he asked incredulously.

"No Wade, sorry. I should have warned you about that." I said, "I'm used to being with adults and you're so good at this already that it's easy for me to forget that this is all new to you. When a man gets very aroused, a clear fluid can come out from the end of their penis. It's sort of a slippery lubricant to aid in sexual penetration. It only happens to me when I'm really, really turned on. You're making me so happy there's probably a lot more there than usual." I grinned at him.

"Penetration?" he asked.

"Ummm, let's not go there just yet. We'll leave that for another time," I smiled.

He smiled back and shrugged.

"Is there gonna be a whole lot more of this wet stuff?" he asked.

"A bit, not a lot, but I need to warn you about something else. When I get all the way to orgasm, to feel like you did earlier, another fluid will come out of my cock. There will be a lot more of that. It's sort of a thicker milky version of what you already found there. It will come out in spurts while I'm having my orgasm. Don't worry though; it's nothing like when I pee. It really doesn't amount to a whole lot."

"It's not pee though?" he asked.

"No, it's called cum, or semen. It's thick and not watery like pee. It makes me feel really good to shoot it out and it only ever comes out of a man when he's very, very happy like you felt earlier when you had an orgasm. You'll be making some of your own in a year or two. Some people really like it and want to lick it up. I don't need you to do that though if you don't want. I'll warn you when it's going to happen so you can make sure it doesn't get on you."

He moved his hand back inside my underwear and swirled his fingers around in the puddle of pre-cum that his incredible treatment of me had created just above the verge of my pubic hair. He pulled his hand back out and looked closely at what was now coating his fingers. This kid is always full of curiosity and wanting to learn all he can. I love it. He rubbed his fingertips together and marveled at how slick the substance was. He then sniffed at his fingertips and smiled slightly.

"It smells nice," he said to me, "not too strong, but different."

I smiled and nodded.

He touched his tongue lightly to the clear fluid, pulled it back into his mouth to see what it tasted like, and then sucked a bit more off his finger tip.

"I can't taste it," he said, almost sounding disappointed.

"It doesn't really have much taste," I said, "but my cum might have a bit of flavor. Still, not usually very strong, but some people really like it just because of where it comes from and what it means. It's sort of like a man's concentrated pleasure, and I personally can't get enough of it. I can't wait till you can make some for me."

He smiled at that, and then he turned back to what he'd been doing.

He'd been doing all of this while kneeling on one side of me at my waist. Now he began to reposition himself to get better access to my groin. He moved down and pushed my legs slightly apart, then moved in and kneeled between them. He began to lower his face towards my crotch. This was the moment I'd sort of been dreading. If only our first attempt at this had happened when I was cleaner...

As his nose approached the area, he lightly sniffed. He moved in closer and sniffed a bit more. Finally he pressed his nose right in to the crook between my thigh and my balls and breathed in through his nose a bit longer. He brought his head back up and looked at me smiling.

"You smell good here." he said, sounding almost as surprised as I was.

My heart instantly started beating faster as he dove back in to rub his face around my groin. He was pulling air in through his nose so hard I could hear the snuffling and sniffing. There was no doubt he found this scent appealing. I moved my legs further apart and lifted my knees up slightly to let him give him full access. He worked his own knees backward a bit so he could lean in and focus more on my balls for a while. He kissed them and worked at them with his lips through the fabric of my underwear. He rubbed his hand at them trying to find the full shape of them. He nuzzled them and sniffed at them some more.

He seemed to be getting frustrated that my underpants were in the way so he reached up and grabbed the waistband and started to yank them off. Needless to say, given my current state of extreme arousal my hard cock snagged and my penis was getting pulled down painfully. I yelped a bit and he jumped. He looked scared that he'd hurt me.

I grinned at him and said, "I'm fine buddy, don't worry, you just need to lift them up so they don't get caught on my cock, OK?"

He apologized and then leaned in and planted a tender kiss on the head of my cock through my underwear as if to make it better, then he gently lifted the waistband higher and slipped the garment off with great care.

I raised my butt a bit off the floor to make it easier for him to pull my underwear down. He couldn't take his eyes off my package as he slowly pulled the underpants away from my cock and balls. He continued to stare at my cock while he pulled my boxer briefs all the way down my legs past my knees and then off of me. He'd had to work his way backwards between my legs while he pulled the underwear off me and he ended up at my feet.

He turned his attention momentarily from my groin, to the underwear he held in his hand. His curiosity seemed to take over again. He brought them up against his face and slowly inhaled deeply while closing his eyes. This really seemed to be doing something for him. I noticed that his other hand had subconsciously wandered down to his stiff little cock and was squeezing it and working at it while he breathed in my personal musk.

Perhaps this was the beginning of a little fetish of his own. What a thrill it was to see it develop before my eyes. He sniffed them a few more times in different spots searching for the best source of scent and seemed to locate it at the place where my balls and inner thigh would come together and sweat. He was completely taken with them and seemed to forget about everything else for a short while. He tilted his head back and held the crotch of my underwear over his face and he inhaled deeply through his nose and squeezed and rubbed at his erection while moaning softly. Suddenly he remembered I was there and pulled them off his face and looked back at me splayed out naked before him. He almost reluctantly put the underwear down on the floor and turned back to me.

He slowly crawled back up between my legs again, eyes locked on my crotch the whole time, drinking it all in with his eyes. This was what he'd been so interested in that day when he'd gotten aroused in the water, now he was going to get right up close and personal with it.

He moved his face in and sniffed some more. Put his nose right beside my balls against my thigh and sniffed yet again. Then he put his mouth there and began licking the skin between my thigh and crotch. He then switched to gently licking my balls. He seemed to like all the hair there and he would occasionally suck in a bit of hair, pinch it between his lips, and pull his mouth back like he was grooming me with his lips. He brought his hand in and really took in the shape and heft of my balls.

"They're so big and heavy," he whispered in wonder.

I wasn't going to be able to take much more of this. The sight of this boy studying my private parts so closely, and holding my big furry balls in his hand was really turning me on hard.

After he'd played with my nuts for a while he then moved his hands under my thighs and started to push them up and back towards my waist while spreading them apart similar to what I'd done for him earlier. He looked at me briefly and then pushed a bit harder to get my knees more towards my head. He was getting me to raise my butt and expose my asshole to him. He wanted to go in to that darkest of places. This seemed just a bit too advanced at this stage and I didn't think he'd be ready for that.

"I don't think you should do that just yet, Wade," I gently warned him, "not many people actually like to do that for someone. You don't have to do it just because I did it for you. I do it for you not just to make you feel good, but because I really, really like to do it. I only want you to do things that make you happy too, not anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed."

He listened carefully to this. His curiosity was just too strong though. He ignored me and moved his face in well below my balls and sniffed. Then he stuck out his tongue briefly and it lightly touched my anus and rubbed against it. He stopped at that point and studied things closely for a bit, and then he seemed to think better of it, and he moved to let me put my butt back down. He looked at me briefly like he'd disappointed me somehow, I guess he remembered how incredible it felt to him to have my tongue slide in and out of him and he wanted me to feel that, but like most people he wasn't comfortable with the idea when it came to putting it in motion. I smiled at him to let him know it was all good and there was nothing wrong.

He moved his mouth back up to my balls and kissed and licked them a bit more. Then he tried to open his mouth wide enough to pull one in. It wasn't going to happen though, so he finally turned his attention to my cock. Again it was clear that he'd been taking mental notes when I'd serviced him earlier and he began to use the same techniques on me. He placed the flat of his tongue firmly at the base and licked slowly up the shaft toward the head. His tongue then flicked down under the edges of the head to either side and then up to the slit.

As he pulled his tongue away from my slit a strand of pre-cum was attached to it. What a sight that was. He licked his lips to pull the strand in to his mouth, then lowered his head and covered just the tip of my cock with his mouth and sucked lightly while running his tongue all over it to lap up the rest of the pre-cum. It felt great. He then turned to the puddle just above my pubic hair where the end of my cock had been oozing and he proceeded to lick up the entire pool of slick juice. He seemed fascinated by how it slid around under his tongue and he kept at it until there was none left and he was just licking at my skin.

Then he lifted up my cock and moved his face down into my thick pubic hair. He sniffed quite a bit at this area too. He seemed to like it and rubbed his nose in the furry patch and moved to focus on the spot just above the base of my cock. That's another place where musk collects. It's not usually very strong, but it's a unique scent that is another one I really like on a man. He stuck out his tongue and began running the tip of it all around in the little forest of my pubes like he wanted to lick up the source of that smell. He licked all around to the base of my penis and then he licked up the back side of it up to the head. He was bringing me very close.

Now it was my cock that grabbed his full attention now. He was still holding it up with one hand and he began licking up and down the top side of my shaft up to the head, then back down to the base. Then he turned his head and his grip to the other side and began licking down the underside of my rod from the head all the way down to my balls, then backup up again. He stopped and sucked and nibbled at the slightly thicker flesh just below the head on the underside of my penis my own head started to spin from the incredible sensation.

He moved to put my cock in his mouth. The shaft of my cock is very thick and the head is even a bit thicker. He managed to get the head in to his mouth fairly easily, but he didn't try to get any more in that that. He was careful with his teeth. I suppose like most males who have a cock head, it was perfectly obvious to him that it wouldn't feel good to have it scraped by hard teeth. He began to suck firmly and move his tongue all around the head painting it with his saliva. This was all I could take. I was far too worked up to hold out any longer.

The sight of this little boy working his mouth all over my thick man cock, along with the sensation of his soft lips and wet satiny tongue, were pushing me over the top. My hips started to move of their own accord though I tried to control myself and not fuck at his face too hard. My breathing quickened and I began to gasp and moan and writhe beneath him.

Wade seemed to catch on that something was happening. He increased the suction on my cock head and began squeezing my shaft hard and jacking it slightly with one hand while fondling my balls with his other.

Every bit of our love session began to replay in my head all at once. I saw him sitting on my face and pulling on my tongue with his clenched asshole, I saw him pressing his dirty sock to my nose, I saw him inhaling my underwear, lapping at my balls and pubic hair, and now working over my cock.

All of the things this naturally talented boy had been doing to me came back in a rush and I tumbled out of control over the precipice. A massive orgasm like none I'd ever experienced before began to rapidly boil up from the depths of my loins.

I could feel my scrotum suddenly tightening, with the skin going almost rigid while my sack squeezed all of the sperm it contained up to join with the fluid that was suddenly being pumped up from my prostate and the combination began to build at the base of my throbbing dick. Waves of electricity pummeled my body and I began to spasm with each bolt of lightning coursing through me. My toes curled hard and my back arched.

I was in absolute, utter ecstasy and I reflexively grabbed the back of Wade's head and began to push my cock harder into this mouth to shoot my load, then I suddenly remembered my promise to warn him and I dropped my hands away and quickly panted, "I'm cumming!"

He must have forgotten what I'd told him earlier about letting him know when it was time, or perhaps he hadn't heard my ragged breathless warning, or maybe he didn't understand what I meant, but it was too late, ropes of hot cum burst forth from my swelling cock head to fill his mouth. My pelvic muscle spasmed harder than it ever had done in my life and pumped into his mouth at least two great gouts of semen with such force that if his head had not been there they would have easily shot all the way up to the roof of the tent to stick there.

He seemed a bit shocked and pulled his mouth off. I noticed right away though that instead of being angry or upset that I'd shot into his mouth, he was just a little surprised by the amount and force of it, and he'd also wanted to see what it looked like. He watched and continued to squeeze my cock like he was milking it as a couple more weaker spurts shot cum a little ways up into the air that came back down in my pubic hair, then even more cum flowed out in lesser spurts that ran down my big cock head and onto the back of his hand where it was gripping my shaft.

As the waves of orgasm began to subside I noticed that he had not spit out the cum in his mouth, nor had he swallowed it yet. It's like he wanted to study it with his eyes while feeling it on his tongue. He must have had a mouth full but he kept it in there as he closely examined the last bits oozing up from the tip of my penis. He let go of my cock and brought his cum covered hand up to his nose to sniff at it. He sniffed at it some more with his eyes closed and I saw his mouth begin to work like he was swirling the load around in there, then he swallowed.

I was amazed.

His tongue came out and began to greedily lick my cum off the back of his hand. When he was done there he turned and lifted up my penis and began to lick up any cum he could find on it and squeezed it a couple more times to try to get more out, before finally turning his attention to the supply that had landed on my pubic hair. He licked the last of that out of my hair and then he looked at me with a big wide smile.

"I really liked that," he said, "I like that I made that come out of you. I wish I could shoot that stuff."

I could not believe this was all real.

"My God, Wade, you are incredible," I breathed with the utmost sincerity, "You made me feel better than I have ever felt in my life. Thank you."

He smiled.

"I want to do that again," he said.

"It will be a while before I'm ready, but I can help you feel good again if you want," I said somewhat sleepily as I began to fall into the post orgasm state of lethargy, "I'm always ready for that."

His smile broadened a bit and he said, "Sure, but do you want to take a nap first like I did?"

"That would be great, buddy, come up here and cuddle please."

He happily complied.

Once again the boy lay on top of me with his face against my neck and I slowly rubbed at his smooth naked back. This time my own body was naked below his. I'd never held anything more precious to me in my life than this boy. I felt better than I can remember feeling in years.

I suddenly noticed that the rain had at some point subsided. The level of light in the tent had also slightly increased. The clouds must be thinning and the sun getting ready to reemerge.

We should get back out there. There was still time to cover a lot of ground before we would need to start worrying about our evening meal. It wouldn't take long at all to pack up the hiking tent and get moving again.

Of course, closing my eyes for just a minute wouldn't hurt, I thought as I drifted off to sleep.