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The Patriarch


Chapter 5



Day 148

"What do you like to do best?" Wade asked.

"I like to do you best," I said, and I bumped him with my hip as we walked.

We were having a discussion about sexual activities and the various techniques and how they feel, and of course what we liked best.

We had slept the rest of the afternoon and even the early part of the evening away, on that day in the tent when we first enjoyed each other physically. By the time we woke it was too late to hike any further so we had set to getting a meal prepared, ate it, and then retreated back into the tent to continue our activities.

Wade was almost insatiable at first. He just kept on wanting to "do that again". We didn't really explore any new techniques or anything. We'd covered so much ground those first couple of times that we were both more than satisfied with different combinations and slightly different angles of the same things. We were both quite exhausted by the time we fell asleep that night.

The next morning and for the next few days we were right back into our routine. Get up, quick breakfast, play a bit and wash up, march onward. Needless to say both of our moods had snapped right back, and even beyond where they'd been before the "great depression" had hit. We were having a ton of fun with each other as we travelled. Wade would get bouncier and more energetic and start to jump on me and then finally he'd get a bit more intimate with his touching and give obvious signals that he wanted that good feeling again and we'd stop and screw around for a bit. This was starting to slow us down too much so as hard as it was, and I mean that both literally and figuratively, I had to put the brakes on it.

The boy's sexual appetite once awakened was difficult to put back to sleep for any length of time but he seemed to finally be catching on that we couldn't simply stop every half hour to screw around. I have to admit that I was feeling quite randy myself. His relentless energy and appeal combined with his constant interest had re-awakened the unattached, free, single, horny gay man in me who always wanted to screw anything that moved and was willing. I had to strengthen my resolve and stick to a simple rule; we would save that activity mainly for bed time so we could continue to eat up the miles.

His curiosity about it was still pretty much endless though and that had been what ultimately led up to our current conversation. Wade was simply amazed that everyone had been doing these things that feel so amazingly good and no one had ever told him they even existed or showed him how before. He seemed to think he'd finally been let in on some great and wonderful secret the world had been keeping from him his whole life. He was constantly asking questions as if to find out what other important details about it had not yet been revealed. He wanted to know everything.

I had to admit to myself that this conversation had been pumping up my libido considerably and I was beginning to think maybe I should break my own rule just this once and suggest a short break from the march to have a bit of fun. We were getting so close to the edge of the town I wanted to duck into though, and it was already mid-afternoon so I tried to ignore my desire for him and just kept walking. I wanted to make it to the town with plenty of daylight left so I could go in, get what we needed and get out with enough time left for us to move some distance away from it before we set up camp.

"Awww, come on," Wade said, "what's your favorite thing to do, really? Is it any of the things we do?"

"Well Gopher, I have to say my favorite thing of all is the thing that most guys like best, you asked about it once before, it involves penetration," I said.

"What's it mean?" he asked.

"Well, you remember when we were talking in the tent you told me what you heard the older boys saying about the things that happen with sex?" I asked.

"Yeah," he replied, "blow jobs and fucking."

I noticed he said it without hesitation this time.

"Yup. When I put my mouth on your cock and suck you off, that's called a blow job," I said but before I could move on to fucking he interrupted me.

"Wait, what? Why do they call it blow when you suck?" he asked.

"I honestly don't know little man. It's a mystery to me, but that's what they call it. I'd tell you to Google it but that's not really an option anymore. Of course, they do call it `sucking off' like I said earlier and other various things too, but blow job is the most common thing to call it."

"OK, so what's fucking?" he asked.

"Fucking is where penetration comes in, so to speak. When guys do it together, it generally means putting your dick in a guy's asshole and humping away until you cum in him. Sort of like what you did to my mouth more than a few times already," I said and grinned at him.

He smiled and said, "I like doing that. It feels even better than when you suck me. It's like I get to decide how fast and hard I go and it makes it more exciting."

"Yeah, it does. It's more exciting for me too on the receiving end because I get to watch you almost lose control, you get so into it. It's a huge turn on for me. Really, what you were doing was fucking me in my mouth. Fucking someone in the ass feels even better. The anus is a strong muscle that can grip your cock really nice and tight. Combined with the heat and snugness of the guy's rectum and a bit of lubrication it's pretty amazing. Something about the position really works too. It sort of makes you feel like you're making that person yours. It's hard to explain until you try it but there's a big psychological component to taking someone in the ass. Some people are seriously turned on by being on the receiving end too. They get a charge out of allowing someone else to own them and plant their seed in them. I'm a big fan of both positions myself but being on top is my favorite. Another nice thing is that when you do it in his ass instead of his mouth, you can pound away without fear of choking the guy, unless your dick is like four feet long or something," I said.

The lame joke sailed right over his head unnoticed.

"I pound at your face pretty good, you never choked," he snickered.

I chuckled, "The back of my throat is just out of reach of the end of your cock, that's why."

"Hey," he said, "if you put your cock in my bum you could pound away at me. Your dick is way too big for my mouth to take much of it. Wouldn't it fit in my bum?"

"With practice, yes, but it's not something I want to do to you just yet," I said.

"Why not? It's not fair that I get to do that to your mouth but you can't to mine without choking me. If you fuck me in my bum you could feel just as good as I do when I do your mouth," he said.

Holy shit, maybe we should really stop for a bit. Hearing this boy talk like this was really making me want him right now. My cock was straining in my pants. I decided to press on instead.

"Wade, you've seen my cock up close many times now and held it in your hands, and even tried to put as much as you could in your mouth, you realize how big it is right? Do you think you'd be comfortable having something like that pushed into your asshole?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's big, but I've pooped a lot bigger than that I think. If a super big poop can come out easy, can't a pretty big cock go in?" he questioned.

It was quite a while before I was able to stop laughing. That statement made me literally fall to the ground. I was trying to roll while I bellowed gales of laughter but my big back pack was getting in the way. At one point I did manage to flip right onto the pack and I just lay there for a bit like a turtle flipped over on its shell and I just held my belly and laughed. I nearly pissed myself. Wade looked at me questioningly like he didn't get the joke. Why did he not find that funny? Maybe he's just more mature than me.

I got myself back under control and wiped the tears from my eyes and with some effort rolled over and stood back up so we could continue walking.

"Christ Gopher, that was funny," I said, "the things that come out of your mouth sometimes just crack me up."

"What's the big joke? It makes sense to me. I just want to make you happier," he said, seeming annoyed.

"I'm sorry Wade, I really appreciate that you're trying to make me feel even better than you already do. It's really not necessary though. Listen, one thing I didn't mention is that putting something that big in your asshole really hurts at first. It takes a lot of time to train the muscle to accept it. It needs to actually stretch and grow longer but it can't actually do that without being damaged first, at a really small scale anyhow."

He raised his eyebrows at the word "damaged".

"The muscle fibers actually break apart from each other here and there and new cells grow in between to fix it," I explained, "That's what makes it longer. As long as it's done very carefully and gradually it amounts to nothing more than a bad bruise afterwards. If done carelessly it can do real damage but anyone with some self-control can avoid that. Even done right it will definitely make you really, really sore for a while after the first couple of times. You would not find it pleasant."

"So why the heck would anyone do it if it hurts so much?" he asked.

"Well like I said, with practice most of that goes away. Even at first, once you get past the pain it actually feels really great, even for the guy who's getting it done to him. There's a little thing inside me that makes the precum that oozes out of my cock when you get me going, the same stuff that mixes with my sperm to make cum when I have an orgasm. The thing that makes it is called a prostate. You have one too. Every guy does and it can be reached by going into your asshole and up your rectum. It's a bump that you can find really easily when you know where to look. It feels really good to have your prostate excited. It's something I haven't done for you that maybe we could try next time. I could do it with my finger without causing you any pain if I'm careful. Anyways, when you're really in the mood and your prostate gets poked and rubbed a lot, you can get to feeling so good that sometimes you can have an orgasm just from that. Some guys cum really hard when they're being fucked even without touching their cocks just because of their prostate getting hammered," I explained.

"Cool, I want to try that. But doing it to me with your finger isn't gonna make you feel better. Let's just do it with your cock," he said.

"No. Not gonna happen Wade. Not just like that anyhow. Tell you what, we'll start with a finger. If you're OK after that, then next time I'll try two fingers. We'll work our way up very slowly. We've got our whole lives together to work at it. When you're more used to it and really ready we can try with my cock, but that wouldn't be for a while yet. Don't worry; eventually we'll be fucking like bunnies. One thing you'll find as you grow is that bad experiences when you first try things sexually will color your experience for the rest of your life. I've never had any bad experiences and as a result I greatly enjoy just about anything and everything that exists that is part of sex, including some pretty extreme things that we haven't touched on yet. We just need to ease into it very gradually so you don't have any bad experiences that will make it less fun for you. OK?"

"OK, I guess," he conceded, sounding disappointed.

Then he said something that surprised me quite a bit.

"I wish there was another grown up here with us that would fit you. I think it would be cool to watch you fuck him," he said matter-of-factly.

I was completely taken aback. The implications of this statement were quite large. This kid obviously was extremely horny for one thing. He had to be pretty open and comfortable to say something like that too. It also suggested that he wasn't at all possessive, which was only a good thing in my eyes. Not only was he saying that he would be happy that I would be able to do my favorite sexual thing, but that he'd get off just watching me enjoy it. And finally it meant he was probably a bit of a voyeur and that he would enjoy the group scene. It was very interesting coming from a boy who's just starting out. I guess most of us start out as voyeurs these days in a sense, learning about sex by looking at pictures or videos, or even reading stories about other people doing it. In a sense it's like watching those strangers having sex without them knowing it.

"That's a pretty cool thing to say Gopher," I said, "Let me ask you something, wouldn't it make you jealous if I was screwing around with someone else even though I love you so much?"

He looked a bit puzzled and said, "Why? I love you too Jake. I don't get why watching you have fun and feel good with someone should make me jealous, especially if it would make me feel good too to watch you. It wouldn't make you love me less, would it?"

"No, it most certainly wouldn't. In a way it would sort of make me love you more really. I've never been the possessive type either. There's no reason to shackle sexual pleasure to love in that way as far as I'm concerned. Sexual enjoyment should be enhanced by your love for someone, not controlled by it. I'm just really impressed that you feel that way too. It takes a sort of confidence and self-assurance that a lot of people don't have. You never cease to amaze me little man."

He shrugged as if he just didn't get why it was such a big deal, and that just made me love him all the more.

"I just think it would be really neat to have another guy there with us sometimes. I'd like to see the things we do from a different place, more up close. I want to watch you do it with someone else, or maybe even I do it with someone else while you watch. Or maybe if their dick was smaller than yours they could fuck me so I could know what that's like. If there was someone else we could even team up on them. It would be a fun thing to do," he said.

"Yes, it would," I agreed.

"Did you ever do it with more than one guy before?" he asked.

"Yup, I have, with a few guys lots of times, and with lots of guys a few times," I said.

"Wow, cool," he replied, "I never even thought of lots of guys. That would be really cool."

I could clearly see that his cock was hard as a rock in his pants. He was about as turned on as he gets and I was pretty close to the same state, but this incredibly interesting conversation was quite suddenly interrupted and as suddenly forgotten when, as we came up over a hill, there, big as life, was the town.

I'd hit the mark almost exactly. The highway came toward us just off to our left along the bottom of the hill and it continued on to the right just a little ways and then it turned right and became the main street of the town where all of the restaurants and stores were located. All of the homes were spread out from there outward on both sides and back more towards the mountains where the view was beautiful.

My heart rate nearly doubled instantly as I felt a moment of panic seeing it pop up like that. Wade seemed to get scared and stopped and went behind me like he was hiding from something. I wasn't sure what. We'd still never talked about his experiences during and after the plague and I wasn't even sure I would ever want to. He was obviously very nervous about being this close to the town though. I was too, in a small way. I hadn't expected to come up on it quite so close. I thought maybe I'd have time to adjust better when it showed up as a speck on the horizon that slowly grew into a town. This was very abrupt, especially after spending so many months going out of my way to avoid this very thing.

I turned and crouched down to face Wade.

"You OK buddy?" I asked.

"Yeah, can we move away a bit though? I don't want to be so close," he said.

"Sure Wade, let's go down the hill and over onto the highway," I pointed the way back down the highway a bit and we walked towards the spot, "I want to be able to see you all the while when I go into town and when I'm coming back, OK?"

He nodded and we walked down to the road and a little way in the direction away from the town and I noticed a large culvert going under the road connecting the deep ditches on either side of the highway. There was a stream not far from the road that followed it a bit towards the town before it veered away from it. This was a low spot along the road and the culvert was put there to allow water to flow through into the field on the other side if the stream swelled over its banks, rather than washing out the highway. I stopped there and I took off my big back pack and set it down on the side of the road. I would grab an empty one in the outfitters store and start filling it with the things we needed.

I asked Wade to wait a sec and I hopped down into the ditch to take a look. The ditch was dry and I took a look inside the culvert. It was clear all the way through and dry as well. It looked to be at least four feet in diameter. It would make a good hiding spot for Wade if he got nervous. I went back up onto the road.

"There's not a whole lot of light left today and I want to get this done Wade. Will you be OK here for a while by yourself?" I asked.

"I don't want you to go," he said.

"Wade, we talked about this a lot. It's really important to us. You're growing fast and those ratty shoes are way too small for your feet already. You're gonna wreck your toes walking in them. I love those toes. We need to get you some hiking boots that fit and a better shirt and a jacket and all the other things I talked about before. We need this and it won't take very long at all I promise," I told him.

He looked nervously towards the town then back at me.

"It's OK buddy, I'll be in and out of there so fast you won't even have time to miss me. You'll be able to watch me go all the way until I reach town and I'll be able to see you. The store is just around the corner and not far down Main Street. I won't be in there long. You'll see me coming back in no time."

He was starting to look extremely agitated. He seemed to be trembling a bit and he was very fidgety and moving his weight from one foot to the other. He looked around us a moment like he didn't feel safe.

"See the steel culvert down in the ditch? If you get too scared and want to hide you can go in there. It's not very long and it opens on either side of the road so it's not even very dark in there. I checked it out and it's all clear. It will be more than big enough for you to sit in and wait for me," I said.

He only glanced briefly at the culvert, like it didn't matter, and then he looked back at me doubtfully.

"You don't need to be scared out here by yourself. There's no one out here to hurt you," I reassured him.

"I'm not scared about that, dummy! I don't want you to go there! I love you so much Jake! Don't go, please! You'll get sick in there! You'll die like they did! I don't want to lose you! I don't want to be alone again!" he wailed.

Oh man, I had forgotten to address that particular fear. He'd been the one to make me forget it.

I grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. I held him and stroked his back until he started to calm down and then I pulled back a bit and looked him in the eye as I spoke.

"Wade, you're the one who told me I'm safe, just like you, remember? I was sick already. I can't get sick again, I promise. I will not get sick," I said it with as much conviction as I could fake.

I was feeling just a bit nervous in the pit of my stomach, but I was fairly certain I'd be OK. In addition to the fact that I had probably gained immunity, I didn't see how the virus could survive this long without any hosts anyhow. It just didn't seem possible. So long as I didn't go and try to kick at any rotting corpses or anything there would be no danger of disease. Even if I wasn't immune, it seemed like there was no way I could get sick and I told Wade exactly that. He didn't seem to buy it completely but he did begin to calm down quite a bit more.

"We just can't go any further until we get this done," I went on, "Everything we need is just over there in the town. We won't get a chance like this again for a long time. We can't go on without it. Winter's coming. Even though we're staying ahead of it the nights will get colder. We need better clothes for you. We need a bigger sleeping bag. You can't walk in those shitty old shoes any longer. We just have no choice, right?"

"Yeah, I guess so," he tentatively agreed, "Just go as fast as you can, OK?"

"I promise Wade," I said, "I know the town. I've been through it before when I've camped in the mountains. I even know the store because I've been in it more than once so I have a good idea where everything is. I won't go anywhere else. Just in to the store to get what we need and then right back here to you."

He nodded reluctantly, "OK, go then, really fast."

Before he could change his mind, or I could change mine for that matter, I crouched and opened my pack and fished out the flashlight and the small notepad on which I'd written the list of things I would look for and I tucked the pad into my back pocket.

I gave Wade a tight hug and ruffled his hair to reassure him and then I rose up, turned and began to trot towards the town while winding the flashlight's charger to boost it up.

As I approached the town a sense of familiarity and weird sort of comfort started to come over me. I'd been to this town several times before. Always at a particularly pleasant time since each time it was right at the start of a camping trip in the foothills fly fishing. Something I love to do.

Over there was Joe Jack's Foothills Diner on the left. I'd eaten there several times. They were well known around here for the many ways they prepared fresh trout. Joe Jack himself was an avid fly fisherman. I'd never actually fished with him since I prefer to camp alone but I'd had drinks with him and talked about the sport at the bar next to the diner a few times.

I passed the restaurant and turned the corner onto the main drag. The outfitters store was just a block down the road. Just before I would turn the corner and disappear into the town I turned back towards Wade. He was standing beside the backpack on the side of the highway watching me. I gave him a big exaggerated wave and he jumped up and down and waved back. Then I saw him sit down to wait it out. I took a deep breath and moved further into town and out of his sight.

This was making me more uncomfortable than I thought it would. Not because of my own fear of disease or corpses or whatever might be lurking. It was because I was literally losing sight of Wade for the first time I can recall since he first found me in the field. It sort of felt like I was abandoning him and it caused me to start to quicken my pace.

From what I could see things were about as I had expected. It looked like a totally quiet day in the normal life of the town. There were no cars parked along Main Street. No sign that the place had been looted or trashed in any way. It did not smell like decay. If there was still any going on, it likely was reduced to the level where you'd only smell it if you opened a door and went into someone's closed house. Most likely folks had simply stopped going out at all and retired to their beds from exhaustion well before their ends finally came. I wasn't interested in snooping around at all to find out exactly how it might have played out.

I made a beeline to the outfitters store and tried the door. It was locked. The whole front of the store was glass though, so I didn't need any fancy tricks to get in. I looked around and found a metal trash can sitting next to a light post. I picked it up and threw it at the plate glass in the middle of the main display window. The window cracked all over but didn't break completely as the trash can bounced back onto the sidewalk. I picked it up again and this time I swung it around me and launched it harder at the same spot and it went right through. I kicked at the large shards of glass sticking up from the bottom of the window frame to get rid of them and checked that none were going to fall on my head and then I carefully stepped over the window ledge and into the store.

The store was fairly well lit since the front wall was glass so I probably wouldn't even need the flashlight. It was oppressively hot from the sun shining in all day with no air conditioning and no open windows or doors. I'd be sweating like a pig before long. I should just get to it.

This store really did have everything I would need, right down to the herbs and spices in re-sealable plastic packets for camping. I knew the layout intimately from the hours I'd spent browsing in it on past visits. I went straight to where the backpacks were and chose the largest aluminum framed one I could find that I felt Wade could handle.

I pulled the list from my back pocket. I had so much time to put it together while we made our way here that I'd even organized it from my memory of the layout of the store so that I could make a big circle around and would find all the things on the list in the correct order so I wouldn't have to zigzag back and forth searching.

The shoes were next to the packs so I picked out the best leather hiking boots I could find for him. I grabbed a pair two sizes bigger than his shoes and another pair one size bigger than that so he could try both. We'd discard whichever didn't work. Next to the shoes I found hiking socks and took some of those and grabbed some underwear. I took a heavier flannel shirt for him and t-shirts for both of us to replace our old ones. I didn't bother with pants right away. Wade's were a loose fitting style so they weren't even snug on him yet. Both of our jeans were still in good shape and would hold out for a long time yet. New ones would just be uncomfortable until they got broken in. I also found a good rollup waterproof windbreaker with a hood for Wade.

I got a sleeping bag that was slightly larger than my current one so Wade and I wouldn't be so squished together. We'll probably keep the other one if it's not too much to carry. I tied it to the pack and continued on.

At the back of the store were the guns and ammo and the sport fishing sections. I don't know much about guns and there was no time to learn so I picked one that looked cool. It was a Mossberg 590 with a short eighteen inch barrel and an eight round magazine. It was dark grey, almost black and had different sights than usual. It almost looked like a rifle sight. I also got a scabbard for it that I could tie to my big backpack. I grabbed a trigger lock and a few boxes of shells, including some buckshot and moved on. I grabbed two telescoping fly fishing rods that I tied to the aluminum frame of the pack, and a good assortment of lures and lots of them. They don't take up space and are easily lost so I may as well take plenty. I got some fly fishing line for those and regular line for my other rod. I replaced some other spin casting lures I had lost.

I came to the section that would take me the longest, electronics. I've always been a gadget freak and this is my favorite section. The owner of the store loves to bring in the best stuff related to outdoors and portability. I had to really look at things closely to get the right items. I had just the one shot so I had to make sure everything was compatible.

I grabbed a rechargeable beard trimmer that had a wide range of settings so it would work really well on our hair. I could finally give us buzz cuts. I also got a rechargeable shaver for my face. I made sure everything I took was the newer stuff using lithium polymer batteries. I would need to make sure they never fully discharged but they had protection circuits to help with that. The main thing is that I would then be able to use a standard cellphone charger to charge them up since they use the same batteries and require the same voltage to charge.

I lucked out and not only did they have a windup charger for generic cellphones, meaning I wouldn't have to sacrifice my radio's wind to charge circuit, but they also had small solar cellphone chargers I could easily hang off of our backpacks so that we could each trickle charge a device as we walked under the sun. Modifying them to work with the shaver and trimmer would require nothing more than cutting the wires and twisting them back together so the cell phone chargers could be plugged into the shaver and trimmer.

I grabbed an extra waterproof windup flash light like the one I already had so Wade and I would each have one in our packs. They even had some nice big solar panels with a car battery charger attached. This would be a handy way to boost a dead vehicle when we decide it's time to drive. The panel was large, bulky and very heavy though so there was no way we could bring it with us now. Hopefully any other major town or city we pass in our travels will have the same thing.

I got a few other odds and ends. Strike anywhere matches and a bunch of disposable lighters. A small grooming kit that included barber scissors, nail clippers and combs and pretty much anything else that caught my eye that I hadn't previously thought of but that would be easy to carry, like binder twine and Velcro ties and such until the pack was pretty much full.

It had taken longer than I thought but I got everything and then some. I headed back out of the store and as I came out I noticed a craft shop across the street. I got an idea that wouldn't take long. I'd promised Wade I would be in and out of the outfitters store and then straight back to him but this could be important. I put down the pack and went over to the shop. I smashed the window and went in. I looked around and found some signboard and a big felt pen. I wrote a quick message on the signboard. "Winter is coming. Go southwest. San Diego. Pass it on." I used some twine poked through the board to tie the sign to a light post facing the street. There wasn't a soul in sight anywhere but you never know. This was something I should probably do at any town we go into just in case someone passes through.

I noticed a couple of trucks belonging to a septic company parked beside the company's office down the street. They probably used the trucks to go out and service septic tanks and water systems for the many acreages and farms around the area. One thing about trying to take a vehicle was getting the keys. Most people would have them with them in their homes and I sure as hell didn't want to go in there. An automotive dealership seemed like the ideal solution but the keys might be locked in a safe or some such thing.

Here was an option I hadn't considered. A business that uses its own vehicles would have the keys inside and in a quiet community likely wouldn't take any extreme measures to safeguard them. Again I gave a moment's thought to my promise to Wade to hit the one store and then go back to him but this seemed like a decent opportunity so I came to a quick decision. I'd get one of these trucks ready and then talk to Wade to see if he preferred to drive through the mountains and start walking again on the other side. Crossing through the mountains on foot might be a bit more dangerous on than the prairies. There are large predators there and some are even used to the presence of humans from all of the people who stop and feed them. They would have no fear of us and thus could be quite dangerous. It might be nice to clear it quickly.

I went back into the outfitters store to take another look at the solar panels. One model was a huge one that could put out 127 watts and was modular so it could be combined with another. It was designed for heavy duty use for RVs. It also came with a car battery charger unit. I opened two of the boxes and hauled out the panels. I carried them over to the trucks and set them down and went back for the charging unit and cables.

I came back to the business where the trucks were and I looked in the window and could see that behind the counter there were a few keys hanging on a board. I used the entry method I'd been practicing and tossed a trash can through the front window. I grabbed all the keys off the board and went outside. I looked the trucks over and chose the one that looked a bit newer. I tried all of the keys until I found the one that unlocked the door. I got in and put the key in the ignition and turned it backwards to the accessory setting. The dash lit up. Power! The fuel gauge even showed it was down only an eighth or so. There would be lots of vehicles to siphon from to get fuel.

I turned the key forward to start the truck. It tried to turn over but there was no way it would start. Still, this is a very good sign. The lead acid battery would not survive a deep discharge. Since it still had power it was all good. There must be no alarm system or anything on this truck that would be constantly draining power. There was almost enough to turn it over so it wouldn't even need to charge very long. I was happy.

I pulled the latch to pop the hood and got out, leaving the keys in the ignition and tossing the other set over by the other truck. I connected the charging cables to the battery and let the hood close gently and I put the big heavy panels leaning against the windshield at an angle that would be facing the rising sun but would get the most direct angle to the sun as it neared noon and was at its most powerful. I connected the panels together to double the output and connected them to the charging unit. The battery would start charging as soon as the sun comes up tomorrow and the charge would get stronger and faster as noon approached. With the two big panels working together it would easily give it enough charge to start the engine once by tomorrow afternoon, provided the sun plays along and is out in full force. This time of year is generally sunny and dry around here so the odds were in our favor. Once the engine was running the alternator would finish charging the battery.

It had taken me well over an hour to get everything from the store and set up the sign and the truck, but I was done. I picked up the new pack full of stuff and I quickly headed back to the end of the street by the diner to turn on to the highway. I hoped Wade wouldn't be too upset that it took me so long to get done.

As I came around the corner onto the main road where Wade would be able to see me again I looked over to wave to him, but he wasn't there. My backpack sat alone at the side of the road and I couldn't see the boy.

My heart started to race and was pounding at the walls of my chest like a sledge hammer. Panic began to set in. Where the fuck is he? How could I have left him alone? Why did I take so long? I started to break into a run towards the lonely pack sitting on the road and then as I was about to start shouting his name I suddenly remembered the culvert. I slowed back down to a trot and I began to calm down right away. I smacked my head like I was an idiot and laughed at my own stupidity. I slowed to a fast walk and headed back to where Wade must be hiding.

I yelled out to him so he wouldn't get startled, "OK Wade, I'm coming back. I'm all done."

He didn't emerge and I began to wonder a bit. He might simply have not heard me, but the feeling of panic started to set in again and I started to trot quicker. As I finally approached the spot I suddenly heard an unfamiliar voice.

"Harder dummy, I can't even feel it. You're as useless as all the others."

What the fuck?

"I'm going hard and fast as I can," I heard Wade say breathlessly.

I moved toward the other side of the road and as I came in view of the bottom of the deep ditch I saw a sight that I was most certainly not expecting to see. There, down at the bottom of the ditch, just outside the opening of the culvert, was a boy of about twelve or thirteen with extremely long brown hair. He was on his hands and knees with his pants and underwear pulled down exposing his bare ass. Behind him was Wade, also with his pants and underwear pulled down. Wade had his cock buried deep in the boy's asshole and was pounding away at it like there was no tomorrow. The two were facing outward away from the culvert and the road so they didn't notice me.

Holy fucking Christ! How the hell could this little scene have come into being? I stood stunned for a moment. My mounting panic at not seeing Wade on the road had given way to shock at seeing him doing this. I tried to figure out what I should do. I began to calm down again as I realized he was just fine, and it was really just two boys screwing around, nothing more. I figured there was no reason to interrupt and I should just let them finish.

I decided I would put on my voyeur's cap and enjoy the show. I knew Wade would be more than happy to have me watch but I didn't know about this other kid so I thought it might be better not to make myself known.

I quietly moved back to the other side of the road and set the backpack gently down next to the other one. I slipped as soundlessly as I could down into the ditch on the opposite side. Then I moved over toward the culvert and peeked through it. I could see it all play out from a slight sideways angle from behind them though the other end of the culvert.

"I can't really feel it much either," Wade said as he humped at the boy, "it's not tight enough. Can I put it in your mouth instead?"

"Are you nuts? I'm not gonna let you put your dick in my mouth," the other boy said as though Wade were an idiot for suggesting it.

This kid seemed to be a bit lacking in social skills. More like my previous idea of what kids were like before I'd met Wade. Maybe Wade really is something special. Wade didn't seem too bothered by the kid's attitude so I still didn't see any reason to intervene.

"Well, you can fuck me if you want. I bet your cock would fit. It's nowhere near as big as Jake's. It's not much bigger than mine," Wade offered.

I tried to position myself so I could get a view between Wade's legs to see if I could make out the other boy's cock but it was no good. I couldn't see from back here. Wade was probably right though. This boy's cock shouldn't be too much bigger than Wade's. It wouldn't be a big poop at all. I chuckled inwardly. It would be easy for Wade to take as long as the kid didn't go too fast or hard. I might just get a chance to watch Wade's cherry get popped. I was starting to get extremely aroused by this and my cock began to fill out my pants.

I'm not normally a voyeur from the shadows. Generally when I watch others going at it I'm right there in the room with them and they know I'm watching. There was something pretty cool about being a fly on the wall and seeing them act completely naturally. As long as the kid didn't hurt Wade in any way or vice versa, I wasn't about to break it up.

"I don't really like boys so I don't know if I want to," the unfamiliar kid said, much to my disappointment, "I suppose I could try to fuck you but I need to get worked up somehow. I'm not even hard anymore."

Wade clearly wasn't getting much from the situation either. His humping had slowed almost to a stop and it was clear his heart and his hard on just weren't in it anymore.

"This isn't working," the other boy said, "let's forget it."

Wade pulled out and hiked up his pants, zipped up his fly and said, "Why don't you let me suck on your dick for a bit, maybe I can make it hard again. I really want you to fuck me."

"Yeah, OK. I guess we can try." the boy said and turned on to his back and kicked off his shoes and then shucked off his pants and underwear so he could spread his legs apart. His dick was not only flaccid, but extremely small. He was likely a shrinker, since Wade had already mentioned this boy's dick was a bit bigger than his own, but right now it looked to be about an inch and a half long and pulled right back against the boy's pubic area poking out from it. His balls looked pretty decent. I could easily define the shape of the two nuts in his sack. They hung down a bit. There was a small brown patch of real pubic hair just above his little dink. His legs were quite skinny and fairly long. He didn't seem very dirty. He must have been keeping himself somewhat clean in the stream next to town.

Wade had settled onto his knees while waiting for the boy to get in position.

"What do you like to do?" he asked, "I can try to do it to get you hard again."

The boy spoke from his position on his back, "I don't know. I just like it when my uncle fucks my ass, that's why I asked you to do me. He did it a lot and really rough. His cock was huge. He's been doing it to me just about every day since I moved in with him when I was ten."

"Wow, you're lucky. Did it hurt a lot?" Wade asked him.

"Yeah, more than you can imagine at first. He didn't care at all and just jammed it in and pounded at me. There was even blood the first time. He was always drunk and he didn't seem bothered if it hurt me. I hated it so much. After he did it a lot of times though, it stopped hurting. Then it started to feel sort of good. After a while I started to want him to. It was the only time he paid attention to me. The only time he ever seemed sort of happy that I was there. Now I really miss it," the boy said.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This kid had been seriously abused. It sounded like the only validation he ever got was when he was on all fours getting pounded by his drunken uncle. Jesus Christ. Suddenly I felt queasy in the pit of my stomach. I was starting to feel very uneasy about the things I'd been doing with Wade. Had I been fooling myself? We'd only started doing it after I'd started to become depressed and distant. What if Wade was just doing it to make me happy? So I would "pay attention" to him? So I would be happy that he was there? So I wouldn't go away? Could he have been faking his enjoyment of it all, just for my benefit? Panic once again started to rise up in me. He was just a lonely, scared boy! What the fuck had I been doing?

"You're lucky your friend Jake doesn't fuck you," the boy said, "I don't think you could take it. It's brutal at first."

"Jake would never do anything to hurt me," Wade said sounding a bit put off, "he only ever makes me feel good. I wish we could fool around more than we do but he wants to keep moving. He makes me feel better than I ever felt before in my life. I love it. I try to do the same for him. I wish he would fuck me so he could feel even better. Even if it hurts at first I don't care. I want to get to the part where it feels good for both of us. He says his cock is too big though. Maybe it's as big as your uncle's."

I immediately started to calm down feeling an intense sense of relief. He clearly had been doing it for all the right reasons. For his own pleasure as well as mine. I hadn't been doing anything wrong after all. I was suddenly very happy about this whole situation, running into this little fuck session between these boys. It occurred to me that even if I had ever doubted myself and asked Wade about how he felt about what we'd been doing, he might have hidden his true feelings thinking he had to in order to keep me around. He had no reason to lie to this kid though. I knew beyond doubt that this was how Wade truly felt about our activities.

"I doubt it," the boy said, "Joe Jack's cock was as big around as your wrist."

Joe Jack? Holy fuck, this kid is Joe Jack's nephew!? I had no idea he had one. He never mentioned him. For all I know I might have even seen this boy hanging around in Joe Jack's diner when I was through here the last few times. His hair wouldn't have been so long but I never really gave kids a second look before so I really can't remember. What a bizarre world. Joe Jack did seem like a bit of a rough character. We only ever had a couple drinks and talked at the bar. He seemed to be a loner like me. I knew he wasn't married and he never talked about women so I had assumed he was gay but closeted due to living in a small community. He was exactly my type. Big, burly, hairy and sweaty, a sort of biker type guy. I tried to pick him up the last time I was through here but he said he wasn't into men. I guess now I know what, and who, he was into. I would have never pegged him as an abuser of boys. May he not rest in anything even remotely resembling peace, the fucker.

"Well, Jake's cock is almost as thick as my wrist so maybe it is as big as your uncle's. I wish I could take it," Wade said.

He moved around to get between the boys legs and put his mouth on the boy's cock and started sucking to try to fluff it up so they could do the next thing.

"Well why don't you just make your hole bigger stupid? Then he could fit into you. Stuff something big in there and keep it there for a while. There's a store in town at the back called The Love Shop that has all sorts of crap that would work. Dildos and butt plugs. If you're a baby you could even get some different sizes and start with the small one and work up. Then you could give your precious boyfriend a surprise one day," he sneered.

Wade took his mouth off the boy's cock. It hadn't grown even a bit.

"What's a butt plug and a dildo?" he asked.

"Just stuff you cram in your ass, shut up and get back to work," the boy ordered.

Wade returned his mouth to the boy's crotch and set to work valiantly trying once more to raise the dead.

"Where is Jake? Maybe he would like to fuck me," said the boy.

Wade took his mouth off the boy's cock once again. It still showed no signs of life.

"He should be back soon. He had a lot of stuff to get. We can ask him when he gets back. I would love to watch him fuck you. That would be so cool," said Wade.

I was starting to feel a bit guilty. I was getting more out of this voyeur business than I'd intended. I had only wanted to enjoy watching them hump. It had not been my original intention to spy on their private conversation but that is most certainly what I had ended up doing. Once again I just got a piece of information that could not have been verified in any better way. Wade honestly did want to watch me doing someone else.

I started to feel dirty and deeply ashamed from spying on them. This was a sort of unfair advantage and I should cease and desist before Wade gives up any more information. I need to just trust him and let him tell me things he wants me to know, and trust that he is being honest. Like a normal relationship should work.

I quickly moved away from the end of the culvert and up the ditch back onto the road. I grabbed the new pack and went a little ways back down the road towards town then turned again and made a big deal of arriving this time.

"Hey Wade, I'm back, where you at?" I shouted a little more loudly from closer this time, as I walked back to where the old pack was.

"Down here!" he shouted back, "on the other side of the road!"

I set the new pack down next to the old one again feeling more than a bit foolish and walked slowly and loudly over to the other side, giving plenty of time for them to assume more normal positions. Neither one had budged. Wade sat between the boys legs grinning up at me. The new boy's face showed no emotion as he seemed to be appraising me. He still lay there, naked from the waist down except his socks, with his tiny cock completely retracted and his knees spread apart, like he didn't care at all what I saw.

Wade got up and scrambled up the side of the ditch, grabbed my hand and started to pull me back down.

"This is Tyler," Wade said as he pulled me toward the boy, "He saw me sitting on the road when he was walking back to town so he stopped to talk. We were bored so we started screwing around. He let me fuck him for a bit."

"Wow, nice!" I exclaimed, trying to sound surprised, "happy to meet you Tyler!"

"Hey," was all the boy said back.

He was looking me up and down and sort of paused at my still somewhat tented pants. I noticed his little cock had started to move outward from his pubic area like a turtle emerging from its shell.

"Jake, you should fuck Tyler. He really likes it but only from a big cock. Mine was way too small," Wade said frankly.

This wasn't exactly the reason I had emerged from my spying position. I thought the boy would have jumped back into his pants by the time I showed my face.

Tyler got a sort of wicked smile on his face and turned over onto his hands and knees again and looked back over his shoulder at me. His cock continued to grow as he waited in anticipation. Wade moved to the side and settled on his knees again to watch with a big grin on his face.

Jesus, it didn't seem as if there was going to be any discussion. My cock had never really gone down and was now rapidly pressurizing fully again at the sight of this boy taking the submissive pose in front of me. It's been so many, many months since I truly fucked someone. Tyler obviously wanted it. I knew this not just from the openly inviting position he had assumed, but because of what I'd overheard him ask Wade earlier. I knew Wade wanted to watch so there was nothing stopping me there. I may as well just go for it.

"Tyler, I don't know you at all so I don't know what you like. Is there any special way you want me to approach this? You want to make out a bit first? I'd feel a bit weird just getting in there and humping you." I said.

He looked at me funny, like he didn't understand the question.

"Just do what my uncle used to do, pull your pants and underwear down a bit and start fucking me," he said a little impatiently, "when you're done just pull them back up."

"Umm, OK then," I said.

I got behind him and got on my knees and leaned in to start eating him out a bit. I worked my tongue at his asshole and noticed right away that he really was very loose. There had likely been some serious muscle damage from what Joe Jack had done to him. He sort of bumped his butt backwards to push my face away and I looked over at him.

He turned his head sideways and said, "You're supposed to just fuck me."

Well, I guess he has a definite preference for how he gets fucked. Far be it from me to try to change his ways.

I quickly undid the button on my jeans and pulled the zipper down and pushed down my pants and underwear, exposing my still stiffening member. I quietly spat on my fingers and spread it around on my dick. I was not about to stab him with my thick cock when he was dry but somehow I thought he wouldn't like me lubricating things. His uncle most likely never bothered. I spat once more and put a good dollop on my dick head. I put the head up against his anus and pushed. It went right in with no resistance whatsoever. This boy was looser than anyone I'd ever experienced before. It was still snug enough that I could get some sensation but I'm guessing old Joe Jack had been pretty well endowed and never the least bit gentle.

I started to move forward into him slowly. He slammed his butt back into my hips with a grunt. He then started bumping at me backwards like he wanted me to just fuck him hard. So I did. I immediately began to long dick him in rhythm with his own movements. Occasionally my cock would slip out but he was so loose that we didn't really miss a beat because I'd just grab it and aim it in the general direction and in it would go effortlessly.

I was beginning to feel bad for the boy. He must have been used really hard. He was never going to get a whole lot of pleasure out of this act again except from someone with a larger cock than mine. I was beginning to lose the edge from my erection and that was not a good thing. I was already not big enough for the kid.

He did seem to be getting something out of it. He moaned a little and started pushing back a bit harder and faster. I heard another moan but realized it came from Wade. I looked over and he sat there with his dick in his hand. He had unzipped his pants and pulled it out. He was working it hard while he watched, mesmerized.

That was what I needed. The thought of how much pleasure Wade was getting from watching this caused my level of arousal to shoot up dramatically and I could feel my cock swell.

Tyler noticed Wade's moaning also and looked over in his direction and then he turned his head to the other side and said back to me, "Does he have to watch?"

I immediately began to lose steam again.

I replied, "Wade is the only thing keeping me going right now. He doesn't have to watch if it makes you uncomfortable but if that's what you want it ends now."

I began to slow down as I looked over at Wade to see if he'd overheard. He hadn't, though he looked at me a bit puzzled wondering why I was slowing down.

"No, just do it," Tyler said.

I tuned out everything but Wade's moaning and the sound of his hand jacking away at his cock and I could feel my own cock react immediately. I imagined it was Wade under me instead of Tyler and that made my dick go as rigid and fat as it could get. I leaned forward and grabbed Tyler on top of his shoulders and began to piston fuck him harder and faster while pulling him into me. He moaned more and more, and so did Wade. I pushed him down and forced him to cross his arms on the ground and rest his head on them so I could lean over him and pound harder with a downward thrust. I was starting to get close myself and I could feel some light spasms in the boy's sphincter.

I instinctively reached around as I often do with men I fuck and grabbed his dick. It was good and hard now and a bit bigger than Wade's for sure. Not much longer but it was thicker. I began to pump it as I fucked him. He was bucking and twisting. I wasn't sure if he was trying to shake my hand off because that was something his uncle never did but I didn't care. He should get some sort of satisfaction from this.

I started to fuck him even faster and pulled hard and fast on his cock too and he began to moan faster and louder. I looked briefly at Wade and his eyes were wide and he was pumping himself fast now and lifting his hips slightly up and down while he fucked his hand and he was moaning more urgently. My boy was about to orgasm from masturbating while watching me fuck a stranger. This was a huge turn on to me and I immediately felt the orgasm rapidly start to build.

I think the three of us came at almost the same moment. My cock suddenly swelled a bit more and exploded. I began shooting streams of cum into Tyler. It seemed to push him over the edge and he cried out and bucked hard and I felt his cum shoot into my hand. At the same time our own cries of ecstasy drove Wade to the brink and he began moaning as he fisted himself faster and started push his hips up in hard short jolts into his hand while his orgasm slammed into him.

We all sort of came down at the same pace.

I brought my right hand with Tyler's cum on it to my mouth and licked it up. There wasn't a whole lot but it was slightly milky. He wasn't shooting blanks anymore. While I enjoyed licking the boy's treat up I stayed in him while my cock pumped out the last bit of cum. I squeezed the base of my cock a few times with my left hand to try to force out any last drops into his rectum. He hadn't moved yet. I slowly and gently pulled back and let my cock slip out of him and I pulled up my pants and underwear and turned my butt to sit on the ground cross legged.

I looked over at Wade and gave him a big grin. He came over and sat in my lap and wrapped his arms and legs around me and gave me a long wet kiss.

He moved his face into my neck and said, "That was so cool," to which he added his usual, "can we do that again?"

I chuckled and replied, "That's up to Tyler, we'll ask him later, OK?"

He nodded into my neck and I held him tight and said, "I love you Wade."

"I love you so much too," he replied.

I squeezed him tightly and then looked over at Tyler. He had turned back around and sat up, and was looking at us a little coldly. I realized that it might not be cool to be showing all this love and affection with Wade in front of this boy who's been alone for so long. It might cause him some pain. I patted Wade on the back and asked him to get up and get Tyler's clothes for him so he could get dressed. Wade complied without question.

I noticed that Tyler's cold look followed Wade. I detected a hint of jealously there that I didn't care for. That's a pretty negative emotion and it usually indicates an unhealthy ego. I decided it would be best to get us busy doing something else to change the focus and suggested we make camp for the night since it was getting late.

"What? Let's just go stay in town," Tyler said.

"NO!" Wade yelled immediately.

I was startled and looked over and he was already starting to look just like he had when I was first about to go into town. He was terrified.

"No thanks Tyler, Wade and I just like to sleep out under the stars when the weather's this good. We'll probably move back up and over that hill so we can't even see the town. You're welcome to go back to town and sleep there if you like. If you want you can sleep with us out here. We have two sleeping bags now. It's up to you. Either way you should stay and eat with us though. I'll cook us up something hot," I said.

Wade started to calm down right away.

"Yeah, I guess I can stay. I've been eating canned crap and packaged junk food for so long. I'm sick of it," Tyler said.

Wade laughed and said, "I ate the same stuff for a long time. I've never eaten as good as I have since meeting Jake though. You'll really like what he makes."

I was busting with pride at that statement. A more glowing review of my mediocre skills I could not have asked for. I smiled at Wade and gave him a wink and mouthed "thank you" at him.

I took the pot from the big pack and turned to fetch some water from the stream so I could make the meal while the boys took the packs up over the hill and Wade started going through the stuff in the new pack.

"Wow, this stuff is great!" he exclaimed.

I suddenly realized I had not yet put the trigger lock on the shotgun and the boxes of shells were right there with it. I dropped the pot and turned to run towards them.

"Don't touch the gun!" I yelled as I ran up the hill to where they were.

Tyler already had it in his hands and was looking it over when I got there.

I walked up to him and said, "I'll take that, thanks," and held out my hand.

He looked at me for a moment like he might not do it, and then grudgingly handed it over. I fished around in the backpack and brought out the package with the trigger lock and tore it open. It included two keys on a small ring. He watched me as I locked up the gun and put it in the scabbard. I put the keys in my pocket and went back to making our meal.

After the meal we sat around the fire and talked a bit. Tyler seemed to want to talk about all of the death he'd seen and the things he did since the plague but I could see it was making Wade uncomfortable so I asked him to please change the subject for that reason. He shot Wade an annoyed look and then went quiet.

I asked him if he would be interested in joining us on our way south. I told him he would be more than welcome and we both really wanted him to come. I explained that winter would not be pleasant here. He nodded but seemed to be lost in thought about it. Let him think. I'll ask him again in the morning to get his final decision. For now it seemed as though our family had just grown by one.

The night was warm enough not to bother with the tent, but cool enough that we would need the sleeping bags. I asked Wade and Tyler if they were OK sharing the larger bag to keep each other warm. I could take my own sleeping bag. Best start getting those two used to each other's company. Wade liked that idea a lot. Tyler looked longingly at my sleeping bag for a moment then at me, and then grudgingly agreed to sleep with Wade.

Everyone was tired so we were fast asleep not long after the last embers of the fire died out.