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This series will be a story describing the experiences of a fictional man in a completely fictional world that will include detailed and explicit descriptions of mutually agreeable, unforced and deeply loving and respectful sexual acts between that man and other people who are often mistaken for, and may even claim to be, pubescent boys, but who are all in actuality very short people who are over the age of 18.

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Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life you should consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for themselves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

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The Patriarch


Chapter 6



Day 149

I woke to the sensation of my cock being sucked. A small warm mouth was clamped onto the end and licking my piss slit with abandon. What a way to wake up. It felt great. I looked over at the other sleeping bag and I could see the shape of someone bundled right down inside it asleep. Tyler wasn’t exactly the cock sucking type so Wade must have snuck over and down into my sleeping bag for some morning play and left Tyler to get some extra rest.

I relaxed into the sensation as I noticed the sun had come up a fair bit. It was later than we normally get up. All the excitement yesterday of the foray into town and meeting Tyler had tired us all out. I didn’t feel too worried about it. I would have to waste a bit more time here anyhow. When Tyler woke up I would ask him if he still wanted to come with us. If he did I’d have to make another run into town to get a few more things for him as I had done for Wade. It could wait till later though. Now that there were three we should get to know each other a bit more and try to think if there’s anything else we need before we head out.

I think I will go ahead and get that truck started so we can drive through the mountains. I love walking and would prefer to fish the streams but Tyler didn’t really seem like the type to be interested in that. If I wait through the day the battery should have enough charge on it to get the truck started and the alternator will take care of the rest. The truck would take us through bear and cougar country in the safety of a speeding vehicle. Once on the other side we could abandon it around Vernon and start heading south following the Okanagan valley. Wade will love it there. There is so much water to play in. It would be like winding the clock back almost a month temperature wise too. It’s still pretty hot and humid in the valley this time of year. It would be great to sample the various fruit orchards there. The peaches would be a pretty ripe but there should still be some good ones. My mouth watered at the thought.

The mouth on my cock lifted up and a hand replaced it and I realized I should just stop thinking and enjoy the feeling of Wade working at my morning wood.

The hand squeezed at my cock and slowly jacked it up and down. It then moved onto my big balls and started to fondle them. It then slid down one of my thick hairy thighs and back up the inside of it to meet my balls again and lift them up a bit. The hand weighed my balls and seemed to enjoy the heft of them then went back down the other thigh and up the inside again. It then moved up to my belly and began swirling around in the soft hair there. He was really into the body hair this morning.

Another hand joined the first on my belly and for a startled instant I thought Tyler and Wade must both be down there, then I realized there wasn’t room for that in this bag, it was simply two hands attached to the same boy. He moved to position himself between my knees. I parted my legs slightly to give him room. The lips returned to my cock and sucked in the head again. I moved my hands down to hold his head and fuck it for a bit and my hands came to rest on a slightly greasy tangle of long hair. I realized with a start that it was Tyler that had snuck into my sleeping bag and Wade that was still sleeping in the other one.

I lifted up the sleeping bag so I could look down into it to verify and sure enough, there was Tyler between my legs with my cock head in his mouth and his hands rubbing at the body hair on my belly. He noticed I’d opened the bag and he looked up at me seeming tentative like he wasn’t sure if he should be doing this. It seemed odd that he would even want to. Yesterday he had scolded Wade for simply asking if he could put his cock in Tyler’s mouth. It could be that he simply had an issue with it being Wade’s cock. Or maybe he’s simply starting to loosen up and wants to experiment a bit more. That would be a good thing.

I smiled at him and said, “It’s fine Tyler, you’re doing great.”

He smiled but instead of returning to the job at hand he crawled up and lay on top of me and rested his head sideways on my chest.

“You made me feel so good yesterday with your hand on my cock while you fucked me. I wasn’t expecting how good that would be. My uncle never did that. He didn’t care if I felt good or bad. I never really thought of fucking as a way to feel good like that,” he said.

My heart broke a little thinking about what this kid had been through for the last few years that he’d lived with Joe Jack. I became a little angry and the thought occurred to me that a fun thing to do might be to burn that fucker’s restaurant to the ground before we left town just to wipe out the memory of him from the world. Perhaps I would suggest it to Tyler and see how he felt. We could have ourselves a building sized bonfire and then we could all piss on it to let old Joe Jack know what we thought of him as he looked up at us from his corner of hell.

The strong negative feelings were not doing my erection any favors. I pushed them down till later and I put my hand on Tyler’s back and rubbed it.

“I’m happy to make you feel good anytime you want me to Tyler. I’ll never do anything to hurt you,” I told him.

“Could you fuck me again, right now with no one to watch?” he asked.

Wade and I had talked about the idea of me having sex with someone else while he watched and he not only loved the idea, but enjoyed doing it later on when I fucked Tyler’s hole. Fucking someone else with him not there to watch might be a different story; more like being left out of the fun. It felt that way to me anyhow. I shouldn’t be too worried about it since Wade essentially did just that yesterday when he went ahead and fucked Tyler before I got back from town. I wasn’t too concerned anyhow since Wade had already watched me do Tyler and this was just a repeat. We weren’t exactly hiding either. Wade wasn’t right here watching but he was sleeping just over on the other side of the dead fire and if he woke up and poked his head out of the sleeping bag he would be free to take in the show. God knows we’d probably end up making more than enough noise to wake him anyhow. Tyler would just have to deal with being watched by Wade if he woke up. I would have to talk to Wade later about it because it was clear Tyler would never be happy being watched. We’d have to figure something out or the sex with Tyler would just have to stop. Wade would always be my number one concern. For now I decided to proceed.

“I’m not completely comfortable doing it with Wade asleep and not involved, but I guess it would be OK this once,” I said.

I thought I saw a slight sneer on his face as he looked over to the other sleeping bag, but he looked back at me and then his face went blank for a second and then he seemed to accept that things are what they are and he would have to take Wade into consideration from now on.

“I want you to let me do it my way this time Tyler. Let me enjoy myself making you feel good and helping you to make me feel good. It will end with me fucking you better than you’ve ever been fucked before, OK?” I asked.

“Sure, OK,” he agreed, “but I like it rough and dirty. My uncle didn’t just fuck me; sometimes he did other nasty things. I didn’t mind those because they didn’t hurt. I think I would really like it with you.”

There he went again, my uncle did this, didn’t do that. He just seemed to keep on wanting to go back to the old way things had been done to him. I really wanted to get him to relax and open himself up to new things sexually and start thinking more of his own pleasure but this might be harder than I thought.

“Tyler, aren’t you tired of doing things the way your uncle wanted?” I asked, “Couldn’t you maybe start thinking of yourself for a change? I think you might really start to enjoy sex if you do. It doesn’t have to be something you do to make me happy like you did for your uncle. I would like to try to make you happy instead. I want you with us no matter what. You don’t need to do anything to keep me around. I’ll be here always and so will Wade.”

I thought I had him there for a moment. He was starting to smile a little at the things I was saying, but once I brought up Wade the smile vanished and was once again replaced by that blank look and he was back to his old self.

“I just want to do things the way I’m used to right now. Maybe we can try that new stuff later,” he said.

Wow, he was going to be a tough nut to crack. There had obviously been no nurturing of any kind for him for the past few years and the whole concept must seem strange to him or something. It was almost as if he was devoid of emotion for the most part, except for the bit of negative expression he’d shown. I somehow had to get him to start relaxing and feeling comfortable with the more positive emotions. The easiest way to start would be to let him know just how good he could feel physically. I guess I’ll just need to sneak in new things for him each time we screw around and eventually he’ll get the idea that variety is a good deal more interesting than the same old thing.

Tyler had taken off every stitch of his clothes before going to sleep just as Wade and I had so I wouldn’t get to have the fun of undressing him or messing with his dirty socks and underwear. I doubt he’d have the patience for it at this point anyhow.

I grabbed the zipper on the side of the bag and pulled it down all the way and across the bottom so I could flip it open with the two of us lying naked on top. It was late enough already that the morning chill had left the air and the sun was warm. I laid him down on his back and told him to just relax and enjoy the sensations.

I moved over top of him and went in for a kiss to start things off slowly and gently. He turned his head to the side to avoid me. I pulled my head back.

“I don’t want to kiss,” he said, “I’m not gay. Can’t you just fuck me?”

I realized he really didn’t want the gentle treatment at all. He wasn’t kidding. My cock had started to deflate a bit. I’m more into the gentle, slow and loving type of sex in the morning and the rougher stuff later on. I would have to rethink my approach and get in the mood somehow to make him happy.

I realized my bladder was full as it usually is first thing in the morning so I quickly got up to go take a piss before we got started.

“Be right back, gotta whiz,” I said.

“Wait, don’t do that,” he said, “I want it.”

“What?” I asked.

“Your piss, I want it. Let me drink it,” he said, more like an order than a request.

He doesn’t want me to kiss him because he’s not gay, but could he please drink my piss from my dick? It takes all kinds I guess. I suppose he might be bisexual. A lot of those guys are fine with even extreme sex with men, but no touchy feely or kissing. This would not be the first time I’ve had this particular request made of me. I’ve even sampled it a bit myself and quite like it in very small doses.

“Are you sure Tyler? I’ve got a lot and I don’t know if I can hold back once it starts,” I warned him.

“I want it all. Stop pussy footing around with me. I’m not your little gay boy Wade. You’ll like me better. Use me for fuck’s sake, it’s what my uncle did, it’s what I want,” he said.

I noticed in this short bit of time his cock had sprung out to full rigidity. It really was what he wanted. I’ve never refused anyone anything they asked me to do provided it was safe, and after I verified that it really was what they wanted, and I wouldn’t start now. Urine was completely clean and sterile as long as it came from someone with no infections or diseases. I’ve always been completely clean and healthy. I guess I’d have to start by doing things Joe Jack’s way at first and hope Tyler would come around at some point.

I could be nice to him and treat him normally when we go about our normal daily routine, and when it comes to sex just use him if that’s what he would be happiest with, though I might find it a bit difficult to maintain. Some people get off on this sort of thing and can’t be happy any other way. Maybe Tyler was like that. Maybe he was always like that or maybe his uncle made him that way. I don’t mind that sort of role play once in a while where I pretend to be a dominator but it’s not my normal style and it would wear me down quick if I had to do it all the time. I could certainly do it this once though. I changed my approach with the boy completely.

“Fine, get on your knees if you want it so bad,” I said.

He gave me a crooked smile and got up on his knees.

“How bad do you want it?” I asked.

“Bad. Give it,” he said.

“Didn’t sound like you really want it to me. This is my piss, boy. It comes from me. I don’t just give it away to any fuck that asks for it. You gotta show me you want it. You gotta beg for it if you want me to send it down your throat. I’d rather just piss it out on the ground over there than give it to some ungrateful shit,” I growled.

“Please, really I need it. May I please drink your piss?” he begged.

“That’s better, but not good enough. I’ve been making this piss all night. It’s gonna be rich and strong. The best piss you’ve ever had and there’s plenty of it,” I said.

“Please! I really want it right now. Fuck, I want to drink it so bad!” he begged with real feeling.

He was really into this. His cock was standing out straight and bobbing up and down as his body tried to pump even more blood into it. He was as hard as he could possibly get.

“Alright, but you’d better not spill a drop, or I won’t ever be giving you any more,” I warned him.

I walked up to him and stood with my semi-erect cock right in front of his face. He eagerly clamped his lips on to it and looked up at me. I knew he would only get mad if I tried to be gentle or held back in any way, so I let it go and even pushed with my bladder to shoot the strongest flow I could muster.

My stream of piss erupted and blasted the back of his throat. His eyes closed and he immediately began to gulp it down. It was amazing. This must have been the nasty thing he was saying Joe Jack had done to him. He was keeping up with the flow so I didn’t even try to slow it down at all and tried to push it out even faster. I wanted to see if I could make it come out the sides of his mouth but he was too good at this. After struggling for a while to try to overwhelm him with no success I could feel my strong steady stream start to slow down as my bladder was nearly empty and he just kept swallowing it all. I reached the end and there were only a few last shots left.

He recognized when I was almost finished and he had stopped swallowing keeping the last bit of piss in his mouth. I pulled my cock out of his mouth slowly so he could maintain the seal. I tapped my cock against the side of his face to release the last few drops of piss onto him. He moaned with his eyes still closed as he swirled the last of my piss around in his mouth and finally swallowed it.

The odd thing that I noticed is he had not once touched his own cock, even though it was obviously in serious need of attention. He was hard as a rock and precum had started to ooze out the end. Normally when someone is doing something they’re that into they work their own cock to enhance it, even if it’s only subconsciously and automatically. His hands were free the whole time, yet they just hung there by his sides. I hoped good old Joe Jack wasn’t one of those incredible assholes who believes he’s not gay as long as the other person doesn’t get to cum. He might have trained Tyler not to touch himself. It would be difficult to deprogram him to relax and enjoy himself more.

Tyler’s still young. Wade and I might be able to break him of all this negative stuff just by treating him the same as we treat each other. He’s just not used to it right now so he actually truly doesn’t like it. He prefers what he’s used to. He liked when I stimulated his cock while I fucked him yesterday so maybe if I just keep trying to get him to reach his own orgasm more often he’ll start to open up to the idea of being pleasured by someone once in a while with him as the focus. I feel so bad for this boy I just want to see him enjoy life a bit more.

He smiled up at me and said, “Thanks. Do you need to take a dump?”

“No. Sorry Tyler, that’s off limits. I won’t go there,” I said.

“Uncle Joe Jack always made me eat his shit right after he pissed in me,” he said, “I really like the taste now. Just turn around and I’ll put my tongue under your asshole with my mouth wide open and you push your shit right out along my tongue and into my mouth. Please?”

“No. Piss is a hundred percent sterile; shit is pretty much the opposite. You won’t find many things on earth more heavily laced with toxic bacteria than that. I don’t give a flying fuck what your uncle did. You need to understand who’s in charge here now. There won’t be any discussion on this,” I said.

“Fine,” he sulked.

He got on all fours on the sleeping bag assuming the position and looked back over his shoulder at me with that wicked smile. I got in behind him and once again quickly wet my cock with saliva and then plunged the full length of my cock into him without a word. I knew better by now than to try to take things slowly with him.

My cock was firm, but not nearly fully erect. I think I’d spent too much time thinking about the affect Joe Jack had on this boy and wasn’t really feeling like taking advantage of him in the same way. With Wade not watching to get me going, there was no way this was going to work unless Tyler met me half way. The way his mind was working right now though, a request wouldn’t be good enough. I’d just have to take things into my own hands.

I pulled out of him, pushed him over on his back and grabbed his ankles. I lifted them up in the air and hooked his legs on to my shoulders while driving myself forward and plunged my cock back in him and began to fuck harder. He had a bit of a shocked look in his face like he’d never done this from this position before. Joe Jack probably didn’t have the guts to look him in the eye while he’d been using him.

I grabbed the back of his thighs and pushed them forward to bring his ass up at a better angle, worked my knees in more towards him and leaned into it, plunging deeper and harder. With his back slightly curved and his asshole pointing almost straight up, I was now at the right angle that I was hitting his prostate full on with my thick cock head on every thrust. His head began to turn left and right and he was giving a short moan each time like he was surprised at this feeling and trying to get a handle on it. He started to arch his back and his moans were interspersed with the odd “yeah” and “awww shit”. He was starting to really get something from it now and that was what I needed to get me going.

My cock swelled rapidly to its full size in response to his pleasure and I pounded harder as I was already starting to feel the first hints of orgasm building between my legs. The boy may not be tight at all, but there’s something to be said for being able to fuck with every ounce of strength I had without worrying about hurting him. I don’t think I’ve ever fucked anyone quite this hard in my life. The boy wanted to be used, so I was going to use the fuck out of him. The wet sounds of my cock going fully out and slamming back into him and my hips slapping against him and my balls bouncing off his ass combined with his moaning and seeing his body jolt and hearing him grunt every time I slammed into him were all coming together to bring me off.

He needed a boost to get himself off too.

“Play with your cock Tyler,” I said.

His eyes half opened and he shook his head quickly.

“DO IT!” I ordered.

His hand went straight to his cock and started jacking it. I increased the speed just a little and tried to hit his prostate more. His grip on his cock got tighter and he began to jack it like he really meant it now. His fist was almost a blur. His back began to arch and I could feel his anus start to pulse as the orgasm crashed into him and he moaned loud and long and shot his wad onto his belly while my own nuts began to tighten up and shoot their load into his ass once more. I bucked and slammed into him grunting as the waves of orgasm drove me to try to get my cock further into him than was even possible and I shot ropes of cum deep into his well used hole.

As the orgasm began to subside I slowed to a stop and pulled him tightly into me while I turned him on to his side facing away from me and brought myself into position lying down behind him on my side with my cock still fully into him. I put my arm around him and pulled him tight into me while my cock softly pulsed a few more times and the last of my cum oozed into him.

He tensed up immediately and it seemed as if he was going to try to get away from the intimate contact. I guess he expected me to just pull out of his ass and go away like his uncle did. When I made no move to back off he began to relax a bit. I waited for him to feel comfortable with the spoon position and he seemed to relax further and fully accept it.

I kissed him on the neck and whispered, “Thank you Tyler, you were great.”

He lay there silently for a while as if he was thinking about something, and then he said, “It felt so good. Why did you make me jack off?”

“So it would feel so good, dummy,” I softly joked.

“But Uncle Joe Jack never did that,” he said.

“He’s not here Tyler, I don’t really care what he did or didn’t do, it’s what you and I do that counts from now on. You need to try to relax and let yourself enjoy it. Your uncle made you do things a certain way because that’s what he liked. I need you to try to do things my way or I won’t like it and it just won’t work. That means you need to get into it more yourself and make sure your needs are met,” I said.

He turned and my cock slipped out of him. He pushed me on my back and climbed onto me and just lay there on top of me.

“I want to come with you,” he said, “I don’t want to stay here anymore. I don’t like it.”

“You’re more than welcome. Wade will be thrilled too,” I said, smiling.

Once again he seemed to instantly tense up at the mention of Wade. I hoped it wouldn’t be long before he got used to the idea that he would never be more important than Wade was to me.

It suddenly occurred to me that Wade was still sleeping and it was probably time to get him up. I would need to go back into town to get some gear for Tyler. It would be easier if Tyler came with me so he could just try things on and wear them right there. I suppose another back pack would be in order. With the extra storage we could maybe stock up on some extra stuff like long thermal underwear and things that we may never need, but that may come in handy.

I rolled Tyler back onto the sleeping bag and asked him to start getting dressed. He went over to where he and Wade had slept to get his clothes. I got my own clothes and put them on. I rolled up the bag and tied it back onto my pack. I noticed that when Tyler had finished getting dressed the lump in their sleeping bag was half the size.

My heart nearly leaped out of my throat. What the fuck is this? I ran over to their bag and opened it up, it was empty. Wade’s clothes were underneath it. It was the boys’ clothes that had made the bag look like it had someone in it.

I turned to Tyler and yelled, “Where the fuck is Wade?!”

He looked blankly at the bag, then at me and shrugged his shoulders.

“He was sleeping with you, when did he get up?” I asked.

I started looking around for Wade in every direction.

“I don’t know!” he yelled back, “He was gone when I got up!”

“Why the fuck did you not say anything?!” I was getting livid now and scared out of my mind.

He must have been gone for almost an hour or more. Tyler had been awake at least that long but hadn’t seen Wade. Holy Christ where would he go? Why?

I suddenly thought of the thing Tyler had told him yesterday about making his hole bigger and The Love Shop having butt plugs. Could he have decided to take it onto himself to go and get some anal toys just so he could please me more? No, no matter how bad he wanted to have me fuck him he wouldn’t do that. His reaction to the idea of going into town had been primal stark terror. It wasn’t possible for him to overcome that alone. So where the hell could he be? I was getting into full panic mode.

“Waaaade!!!” I yelled, looking around more and listening for a reply.

Maybe he got bored of waiting for me to wake up and went to play in the water without me. Fuck, what if he drowned?

I ran up to the top of the hill and looked down to the highway, over toward the town and across the road to the stream. There was no sign of him.

I tried to gather my wits about me. There was no way I could do things right if I let myself go into a blind panic. I needed to be methodical.

I saw the trampled trail we’d left in the long grass heading down the hill to the highway. I looked back toward the camp and saw that it was very obvious where we’d walked there as well. I ran back to the camp and looked carefully around the perimeter. The long grasses there were pristine and undamaged. He had not gone that way. He could only have gone to the road.

“Come on Tyler, we need to find him!” I said.

“Why? Maybe he doesn’t want to come. Maybe he likes it around here and wants to stay,” he said.

“Are you fucking nuts? He wouldn’t just walk away without saying anything,” I said.

Tyler shrugged and said, “Maybe he didn’t like you fucking me and took off.”

I was getting pissed off now, “Shut the fuck up! You don’t know him!”

Suddenly the looks Tyler had given Wade before; disdain, jealousy, downright hatred even, and all the times he reacted negatively even to the mention of Wade’s name came back into my mind and a sick thought entered my head. Could this boy be even more fucked up than I’d imagined?

Oh shit, he’d shown an interest in the gun! I suddenly felt in my pocket while I watched Tyler’s expression, it remained dull and angry. The two keys were still there on the ring. I ran to the pack with the scabbard and the shotgun was still in it with the lock in place. I flipped open the pack and saw all the shell boxes were still unopened. My knife was still there too. Still, Wade would not go off on his own. Tyler must have done something while I was sleeping.

I turned toward Tyler and started to advance on him.

“What the fuck did you do with Wade?” I said menacingly.

He started to back away.

“Nothing, why do you care so much? You can’t even fuck him. You can fuck me! We don’t need that little shit always watching,” he said.

“Jesus Christ Tyler what the fuck did you do with Wade!? You’ve got till three to tell me or I’ll tear your fucking arm off!” I yelled at his face as I grabbed him by the arm and pushed him face down on the ground. I bent his arm so his hand went behind his back and I pushed it hard up to his neck, then I began to push his elbow up towards his head to dislocate his shoulder. The pain would get excruciating soon.

All I could think of was Wade, trusting this kid completely and following him…where? Where would he take him? Why the fuck did I leave Wade with this messed up kid?

“One,” I said and I began to lift his elbow higher.

“Ow! Fuck you!” he yelled.

“Two,” I said and pushed harder getting just to the point before the joint would pop.

I put one hiking boot on his back and took a better position. The next time I would put all my weight into it and snap the little fucker’s arm out of its socket.

“Ahhhhhh!! Fuck! The creek! I threw him in the creek where it flows fast and watched the little gay boy float away!” he yelled.

I leaped up and started running up the hill and down the other side toward the road. There was still a chance. Wade could swim well. Better than I can. I know that from all of the times we played in the water. He swims really well. I started to slow down as I was approaching the highway.

He swims better than me. I slowed down more. Throwing him in the creek would only make his day. This isn’t some fast flowing river rapids it’s a gently flowing stream. He loves the water. Something’s wrong with this.

As I came up on the highway it occurred to me to scan the grass like I had up on the hill. I could see no path through it anywhere on the other side where the stream was. It was still slightly wet with dew and had not been disturbed for as far as I could see. No one had been through here. Tyler was lying. I turned back to go and confront him and I saw him running down the road toward town.

I broke into a run to try to catch him. My legs are long and I ran every morning for the last twenty years until the world ended. I was fast. Not quite fast enough to catch him after his head start though. As I approached the town I saw Tyler duck into his uncle’s diner.  I came up to the restaurant and went in the front door. I saw the swinging door at the back leading into the kitchen moving as though he’d just passed through it. I ran to the door. I don’t think he realized I was right behind him. He’d sent me on the wild goose chase to the creek just to get rid of me.

There was light in the main serving area from the big windows at the front of the diner but very little light in the kitchen. It looked like there was a small window off to one side that let some indirect light in.

I peered through the small oval window on the swinging door and I saw Tyler make his way to the back of the kitchen. There was a large door there to a walk-in freezer. He pushed at the handle as though to make sure it was still firmly latched. Then he pressed his ear to the door momentarily, and then he kicked at it in anger.

“He won’t forget about you unless you’re really gone. He’s mine now you stupid little faggot. Hurry up and die for fuck’s sake,” he yelled.

I didn’t need to hear any more. He had Wade in there. I pushed through the door and advanced on Tyler in a rage. He turned at the sound and saw me coming at him. He looked around frantically and reached out and grabbed something from the counter next to the freezer door. He stood his ground and raised his hand that now held a large carving knife.

I didn’t care. I wasn’t thinking. I’d already made it to him and he’d lost his chance anyhow. I grabbed his wrist and brought his arm down hard on the edge of the stainless steel counter top that he’d got the knife from. He screamed out in pain and the knife skittered from his hand.

Still in a blind rage, I lifted him up by the arm I’d been gripping and grabbed the waistband of his pants with my other hand and hurled him overhand with all my strength back across the kitchen. I saw his head hit the upper cabinet and his body spun slightly and crashed through some hanging pots and utensils and finally landed in a heap at the back of the counter against the wall in the corner. He lay there stunned, moving slowly and groaning.

My thoughts instantly returned to Wade and I spun and pulled at the handle and flung the door wide open. The smell that blasted out of the deep darkness of the hot freezer was foul and tinged with decay from whatever meat had been rotting in there. I noticed that the plunger on the door that works the handle from the inside had been pulled out.

There, sitting on the floor right at the door at my feet, completely naked and helpless, was Wade. He looked bad. He was drenched in sweat and his short hair was matted against his head. His pallor looked almost blue like he was oxygen starved. His eyes were half closed and glazed. His breathing was very fast and very shallow, but at least he was breathing. He started to revive quickly from the blast of air when the door opened and he coughed a couple of times. His color started to return almost immediately as his lungs began to pull in fresh air and re-oxygenate his blood. He coughed a bit more and began to cry softly.

I dropped to my knees and pulled him into my arms and held him tightly.

“I’ve got you,” I said, “You’re OK.”

The thought suddenly occurred to me how close a thing this had been. My only real job in this new world was to take care of this boy, to keep him safe and protect him from danger. I had been busy fucking Tyler back at the camp having a good old time while Wade was slowly suffocating in here in the pitch dark by himself, likely screaming for my help and burning up what was left of the oxygen.

I nearly vomited.

“I’m so sorry Wade. Please forgive me,” I said through the tears that were welling up in my eyes.

As I held Wade tight to me and my eyes adjusted to the dim light seeping past me into the freezer, I saw something that made me come unhinged.

There behind Wade, I saw small corpses. I could make out the bodies of three kids in various states of decomposition and it was dark enough at the back of the freezer that there may have been more. Judging by their size they would have been close to Wade or Tyler’s age. The last one looked like he’d died fairly recently. The other two were far enough gone that I wasn’t sure if they were boy or girl, but they didn’t look to have been here for more than a few months. These kids didn’t die at the time of the plague, but some time later.

Suddenly in my head I heard that strange thing Tyler had said to Wade the first time his unfamiliar voice had come up over the road yesterday, “You’re as useless as all the others.”

The pit of my stomach began to drop away and I felt my bowels start to loosen. Wade was not the first to get locked in here by that broken thing disguised as a thirteen year old boy. Nobody deserved to die this way, not even Tyler himself.

I went into a sort of trance like state. I gently kissed Wade on the forehead and rubbed his hair. I stood and turned. I looked around for whatever might be at hand and I picked up a large meat tenderizing hammer with a big metal waffle patterned head off the same counter I had smashed Tyler’s arm down on. I started to walk toward the vile heap still writhing slowly on the back counter.

My intent was simply to crush its skull. Quick and painless like we do to the other animals so they don’t suffer. This fucked up perversion could not be allowed to live. He was regaining full consciousness as I approached and his face came up. He saw me raising my arm with the hammer in it and he likely saw the dead, cold, emotionless look in my eyes and knew his end had come.

His mouth formed the word “NO”, but for some reason it sounded like Wade’s voice. I paused.

“No, please,” Wade said, and I realized it had been him that stopped me.

I turned to Wade.

“Please don’t hurt him. He told me he’d bring me to get something from a shop in town that I could use to make you happier. He locked me in here instead. It was a really mean trick and I was scared but I’m OK now”, he pleaded.

I suddenly came to my senses. I realized the type of effect this would have on Wade, seeing me bash in a boy’s head. He would never look at me the same way again. Tyler had fully earned that sort of justice but I had to think of Wade. I’d let him down already by not protecting him from this. I couldn’t live with myself if I made him watch me do this. I had to respect Wade’s wishes and let Tyler off. Wade didn’t seem to think the freak deserved this harsh a punishment.

Suddenly it dawned on me that Wade had no idea what he’d been locked in there with or what Tyler had done to the other kids. It would have been pitch black and if he’d stayed in one place banging at the door he wouldn’t have known. He had no idea that he’d been trapped in the dark with the very thing he’d mentioned he had a fear of, dead people. He didn’t fully realize that Tyler had murdered other children and intended to do the same to him. It was nothing but a mean prank from Wade’s point of view.

I dropped the hammer on the floor and quickly ran back to him. I had to make sure he never knew what was in there with him or it might traumatize him and change him forever. I bent down and scooped him up into my arms and backed out of the freezer keeping him facing into the kitchen. I slammed the door shut and put Wade down for a minute. I went back and picked up the hammer. Tyler’s eyes opened very wide and he looked like he thought his moment of death had arrived. That was not my intent though. I turned and went back to the walk in freezer and used the hammer to smash the handle off the door so it couldn’t be opened again. It took a few good whacks but the handle came completely off in pieces.

I dropped the weapon again and I picked up Wade and headed to the front of the kitchen and through the swinging door. I stood him up on the counter of the diner in a beam of sunlight and told him I needed to say something to Tyler and I would be right back. He slowly nodded.

I went back through the door and to the corner where Tyler was beginning to get up from his crumpled position on the counter and I grabbed him by the front of his shirt with both my big hands and dragged him off the counter and lifted him in the air until his face was right up to mine and his arms and legs dangled in midair. I looked him right in the eye with deadly serious intent.

“I know exactly what you did to those kids you twisted piece of shit,” I growled low and menacingly, “If I ever see your face again, if you try to follow us, I will kill you dead. The last thing you’ll feel is a load of buck shot ripping through your fucking entrails. Wade is the only reason you’re breathing right now. You have him to thank for your life. I won’t listen to him next time. I will not hesitate, and frankly I will enjoy myself. Understand?”

There was a foul odor in the air and a dribbling sound and I looked down and saw that his bladder had let go completely and piss had soaked his pants and was running down his socks and shoes onto the floor. I took that as a yes, and I dropped him to the floor into the puddle of his own urine and turned and walked back to the swinging door.

Just before I opened it I turned back to Tyler and said, “I’ll be burning this fucking shit hole to the ground in a while so I suggest you get the fuck out.”

Without waiting for a reply I turned and headed back out to Wade. I picked him up and hugged him to me and carried him back outside.

“You didn’t hurt him, did you?” he asked.

“No, I just said goodbye. We won’t be seeing him again,” I said.

“OK” he replied.