The Pervert And The Virgin – Part Forty-Eight

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Our plane landed in Kraków at lunch time. My plan was to visit Nikodem and Stefcia at the meat shop before taking a train to Katowice. The best laid plans of men are easily derailed by a pretty lady. Even for us gay guys this proved true. Emily and Wincenty were waiting as we made our way through customs.

“Growler needed exercise.” Emily said calmly. “This will also save you guys some time getting to Katowice.”

Emily told me there was a new sausage waiting for me to turn in to a masterpiece at the meat shop. A brief “Halo!” was all I got say before I got ushered to the stove. The sausage had a lot of Mediterranean green herbs in it so I chose a vegetable stock for my base. I browned the sausages so that deglazing the skillet would give me some dark bits to color the stock. I set the skillet in the oven to finish cooking the sausages while I prepared the sauce. Some garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli in cheese sauce and slightly sweetened carrots rounded off the meal.

“Go ahead and eat.” I said. “We have to get to Katowice and I'd like to make enough to offer samples to the lunch guests.”

Stefcia kept me company. She took Tim's place at the scales so they would have a recipe to use. The dining area filled nicely as I cooked. Wincenty helped Nikodem set small plates of the new sausage in the vegetable gravy on the tables. My housekeeper wasn't surprised to see it well received. Nikodem warned Stefcia not to lose the recipe because it was on the menu for lunch tomorrow. He hurried off to get started on making more of the sausage. I had eaten a little while I cooked. When Stefcia told me the lunch rush was over I sat down to finish my meal.

“Eliasz can fill me on the figures later this week.” I said. “What I want to know is if you guys are happy and enjoying working here?”

“We love it.” Stefcia said. “The money is good and there is such a vibrant cultural life in Kraków we go to the theater often. There is just one problem on the horizon. Hipolit has his export plan together. Yes there will be more work Rohan but the problem is we will make lots more money.”

“What about the extra meat?” I asked.

“I can fill you in on that on the drive to Katowice.” Wincenty said. “The reason we held off this long was so we could be certain to meet the increased demand. We will be cautious and have chosen a small region as a test area. We'll be okay. The farmers are making enough to invest a good amount in increasing the number of pigs on their farms. Hipolit needs to gain confidence in dealing with the paperwork and bureaucrats. I want to see if the processing plants need any work. I think we will be fine but one never knows.”

“A good thing we have Hipolit dealing with the bureaucrats.” Dylan said. “Wincenty my dad scared the living daylights out of a poor TV license inspector.”

“I thought it was totally justified.” Morgan said. “Can you believe he wanted an old lady to go without TV for a night just because we couldn't buy the license until the next morning? I really must learn to keep a mace close at hand.”

“We had to keep Morgan and Tim from taking their maces with them to buy the license the next day.” my housekeeper said. “Emily somebody else bought the license. Oh it was Sanne and Bram doing a good deed for a sweet old widow this time. I'm sure Rohan would have done it but Bram needed this one.”

“Caryn has lots of pictures.” Adam said. “Are you joining us for dinner tonight? Good. We're expecting some sketches for Rohan's latest properties in Winchester later today.”

“Let's do some of the catching up on the ride.” I said. “I have to deliver Dylan to Dariusz as soon as possible. We need to stop for a blindfold for me. I promised Dariusz he could choose the time and place to show me his garden. He has until Christmas.”

“I have a scarf we can use.” my housekeeper said. “You're right we do need to get going. Sorry to rush off Stefcia.”

“No trouble at all.” Stefcia said. “I know you only have a few days and we got a new recipe from Rohan. Thank you Rohan.”

The boys' excitement about rugby was palpable. We knew updating our Polish friends would take longer than the ride so I let the boys chat about their rugby adventure and the stadium upgrade. They shared what a great time they'd had at the treehouses. Emily asked them to send her the link because it sounded like a great place for a honeymoon. Wincenty blushed when Adam suggested they role-play Tarzan and Jane. He blushed deeper when Morgan pointed out African woman went topless.

The moment we had cleared customs and greeted our friends I'd told Dylan to call Dariusz. I wanted him to have time to get things ready. Dylan called a second time when we left Kraków. When Wincenty told me we were fifteen minutes away I had Dylan call to ask Dariusz to put the kettle on. He warned Dariusz to prepare to have the house and his food supplies inspected by my housekeeper. Emily reminded him to let Dariusz know they were blindfolding me so I wouldn't see the garden.

“Holy crap!” Morgan said when we got out of the car. “How did you get that to grow here? I can't believe it.”

“Sanne and Alida couldn't have done any better.” Adam declared.

“Sorry Rohan but it is beautiful.” my housekeeper said. “The benches are beyond belief.”

“I am glad it looks good.” I said. “Would one of you lead me indoors and close the curtains so I can get this blindfold off.”

“I'll do it while you guys look at the garden.” Dariusz said. “Please don't rush. I must thank Rohan for bringing Dylan to me.”

The rapscallion left the blindfold on while he sucked my cock, fondled and fingered my ass and then fed me his cock. I took some consolation in having my hands free to grope the ass my son would soon fuck. When I finished eating his cum I turned him around and ate his ass. I left him nicely primed for Dylan. The others returned and finished off preparing the tea while we finished our shower. They had brought Donat and Kasper with them. Maciej was out at the farm. I invited Donat, Kasper, Maciej and Jozef to join us for dinner tomorrow night. They promised to come over in the afternoon so we could chat.

Sweet Dariusz had baked us a cake for our tea. This was about giving Dylan time with Dariusz so my housekeeper got on with her inspection right away. Dariusz got scolded for trying to save me money and not ordering all the snack food on the list. My housekeeper made Dylan promise to spank Dariusz later tonight. The house was clean enough for her but once again he had cut back on cleaning supplies. That merited a second spanking tomorrow. Adam admitted he was so jealous. Morgan warned Dariusz that Dylan gave a sound spanking.

“What on earth has you blushing?” Emily asked in surprise when Dylan joined us in the living room.

“Rohan's housekeeper has added lubricant to the shopping list.” Dylan said.

The rest of us roared with laughter. He blushed even deeper. Kasper saved the day by saying there was plenty in the chapter house.

“Morgan there isn't much you can do outdoors here now that it is getting colder.” Kasper said. “We give the monks and nuns all the lubricant and condoms they need so we don't have a bunch of kids each Spring. This time of year is nice because they are too busy sharing their beds to complain about aches and pains.”

“Yes I know Dariusz is planting a garden just before Hell freezes but he's as crazy as Rohan.” Donat said. “That boy will be a heavy mace wielder. Why must being touched by the gods always equate to being touched in the head? A short sword is such a sensible weapon. He'd look good wearing one. Instead I have to look after a heavy mace wielder. Adam they are a handful even when they aren't swinging that overweight club of theirs.”

“That's true.” Morgan said. “Although I have to say this heavy mace wielder is due a very special thank you. Rohan you don't think I'd let all those extra walks to Marion and the breakfasts go without getting even did you? That's not to mention the two speeding tickets.”

“Yes we must mention them.” Adam said. “They were the highlight of the drive. Rohan got scolded by a policeman.”

“No I didn't scold him Emily.” my housekeeper said entering the living room. “Letting Morgan have breakfast with Marion would have been worth the cost of any silly little speeding ticket. Rohan might drive fast but he won't drive recklessly with the boys in the car or others on the road. He's too honorable.”

“You're right.” Dylan said. “He only speeded up when we had long stretches of road with clear visibility and little traffic.”

“Yes Rohan I have my list of what they need here.” my housekeeper said. “Before we go Rohan you must choose a nice menu for them using recipes from the cookbooks. This is a meal they must prepare together. I want pictures of the table setting texted to us before you sit down to eat. Rohan try to find something in there that requires some baking time so they can soak in the bath.”

A stew they could bake in the oven was perfect. I found a recipe for soda bread that could bake next to the stew. Some carrots glazed with maple syrup and a salad rounded off the meal. Dylan put the timer in the bathroom before we left. Yes you are lucky to have a mom who insisted you visit Dariusz today I told Dylan. I know you will prove she was right in sending you here I added. When I recovered from Morgan getting even with me I could expect to suffer the consequences of Dylan getting even with me.

“We don't have to say it do we?” Morgan said with a smile. “I'd love to explain but that would mean saying it Emily.”

“When we're alone we'll let you know.” Adam promised. “We got religious on Rohan which has proven surprisingly upsetting for him.”

“The choice of Buddhism isn't what upsets Rohan it's more the repetition.” my housekeeper said.

“Exactly!” I said. “Well blindfold me so I can got get some dinner. Looking through those recipes got me hungry. Call if you need any help preparing dinner.”

Natalia had meat cooking in her outdoor ovens. Lots of meat getting nice and crispy with some marinades and raw honey. She told me there was bread baking in the bread machines. There was a loaf or two ready if I needed a cheese sandwich to see me through to dinner. I was happy to cook the vegetables. There were peas, beets and potatoes. Roasted potatoes with sweet peas and baked beets with onions ought to go very nicely with the meat my housekeeper agreed.

Curiosity got the better of Emily who phoned Caryn to see what was up with my townhouses. This proved a good thing because there were some pipes and other features Caryn couldn't figure out how to work around. Emily promised to keep me from seeing the pictures while they worked on these obstructions. I was in the kitchen cooking vegetables and drinking beer so it was safe enough. Caryn agreed and they got to work.

The pipes disappeared behind some rounded, hollow molding that would add an architectural element to the rooms. A faux wood pillar would cover them where they ran down the wall with a second faux pillar on the other side of the wall to add symmetry and balance. Caryn had sent some pictures of the rooms at Matilda's inn so Emily could understand the look Caryn was aiming to achieve. Our Polish friends agreed Caryn had got it spot on. They also liked the idea of the staff townhouse being completely different. When Caryn explained I was having two doors put in to make their move easier Natalia asked if we wanted her to act surprised. Yes it will make it easier for them to get to the rooms for cleaning she agreed. Nobody believed it was my main reason for putting the doors in.

“Caryn I won't work on the garage conversion as a consultant for you.” Emily said. “I have to charge if I work as a consultant. Now if you were to call me and it was just two friends chatting about it then I wouldn't have to charge. Sometimes I realize how much money I've made from Rohan and I just have to give something back to ease the pressure. I tried giving him a discounted rate but it still reached the point where I felt bad. Every so often I do some work for him without charging.”

“That's a brilliant idea.” Caryn said. “I've got so much work from him and Tim that I thought I'd be retired before I married Holden. We'll discuss this when us two friends are gossiping about the garage conversion. I can't say more because it's a surprise. I also have to go shopping for the townhouse furniture and arrange delivery. I'm reusing a lot of the furniture Rohan. No sense in throwing out a perfectly good bed frame. Yes the carpeting will come up and some smaller rugs placed next to the bed and in the seating areas.”

I learned Grace had the keys and would give them to the contractors so they could do a walk through. Ingrid was going to see what sort of spaces they could come up with by combining the two garages. Caryn had given her an idea of what she'd like but was willing to work with whatever Ingrid could build. Edgar had arranged payment for the townhouses and prepaid a year of property management fees. He'd taken care of the utilities as well. Christian was stepping in for Caryn until she got there on Thursday so the construction could go ahead. Ingrid had run the proposed renovations by the city building department just to confirm we really only needed some permits for the rewiring and installation of the new furnace. The windows were a standard size so we would merely be swopping them with new ones. A fresh coat of paint on the outside would freshen things up. The same painters were doing the inside.

“Theo is going to install a cable outlet in every bedroom and the two living rooms.” Caryn said. “We're getting a very good deal because Sanne and Bram agreed to have the other rooms at Matilda's inn wired for cable. A room with cable TV is much more attractive to travelers and business people. I found a local Internet service provider who was willing to give me a good rate for all three buildings when I mentioned we would most likely have more homes in need of Internet soon. He was willing to give us the good rate while we tested it on these properties first. Tim and William are chatting to him know. I suppose educating him is a better word. The poor man isn't getting a word in. Emily you know how Tim is about making this stuff more secure than the government's own network.

I saved the best for last Rohan. This is costing you more money but you will be able to stay here Friday night to test it out. Petersen and Bram spoke to the contractors about working with other crews. They explained they might lose some money now on this project but promised you would use the same four crews on any other properties you bought in Winchester. The contractors agreed they would come out ahead on seven properties. We made the same promise to the painters. All dependent on them doing a good job on this project. I think Roxanne almost fainted when I called to ask her to keep an eye out for six more investment properties.”

We said our goodbyes so she could go shopping. Emily explained how all of this work could be done so quickly. We agreed it made sense that one crew of three or four could renovate a room in a morning. So four crews would get through all the bedrooms in the two townhouses in a day. Other guys were installing the furnace so our contractors could be doing the windows and doors that morning. Even if it took them the afternoon to remove the carpets and other furniture that still meant it had only taken them two days. This left two days to do the kitchens and bathrooms. Most of the work could be done while they waited on the electrical permit which would be issued quickly.

“I know you didn't know you would buy the townhouses when you helped Marion but it has earned you some good favor with the locals.” Emily said. “None of the elected officials want to be seen as obstructing the man who helped an old widow get her business going again. Even the contractors will help because they know if they do a good job and Marion needs work she will trust anybody you recommend. Word of mouth is critical and if somebody buying up several properties uses the same guys this helps their reputation enormously. Bram will have promised to pay the guys for four full days even if the finish on Thursday. My bet is they will put in three longer days so they can get a long weekend.”

The boys helped Natalia bring in the meat while I set the vegetables on the table. Kazimierz got us all a beer. My housekeeper got Adam to answer the Skype call from Dylan on my computer because it was still connected to the TV. Very nice table we all agreed. Dariusz apologized for calling late but he wanted it dark outside so I wouldn't get a glimpse of the garden. My housekeeper told them their timing was perfect because we were about to sit down for dinner.

“Rohan I'd like to ask a favor of you since we are all about to sit down to eat.” Dariusz said.

“Consider it granted.” I said calmly.

“I would really appreciate it if you would bless this dinner with a song or a prayer.” Dariusz said.

The love song my Lady chose was about the seasons coming together. The merging of the end of one season with the beginning of the new season. Although we tend to see things as finite because we live and die the seasons continue endlessly. The eternal nature of the seasons not only represented the eternal nature of our bonds of love but the different phases of our love. Then I sang an old wedding song to bless their union. Dylan laughed and told me I might be getting ahead of myself. My housekeeper let him know anybody could see the two of them were forming the same bond Adam shared with Morgan.

“Thank you Rohan.” Dariusz said. “I will most likely miss sunrise meditations tomorrow. Let me know my penance on Wednesday morning please.”

“I will.” I promised. “Now go enjoy your night together.”

“Wait Dad.” Adam said. “I'd like to toast Darius and Dylan.”

“Darius and Dylan.” we all chorused.

“Thanks guys.” Dylan said. “Good night.”

This meal was a feast I thought. Mindful to keep my thoughts off Dariusz and Dylan I asked Emily if she was enjoying living in Katowice. Absolutely no regrets she assured me. One day she would return to pack up her apartment. She thought Thanksgiving would be the right time. That way she could stay a little and spend some of the holiday season with friends and family. Her goal was to spend Christmas in Poland. She promised Adam the first thing she packed for her trip back home would be Wincenty. A simple dessert of crepes with apples and ice cream rounded off the meal.

“There's a call we have to make so grab a drink and find a seat.” Morgan said. “Wincenty we won't take long. I have plans for Rohan. He must be at the chapter house way too early so we can't keep him up late.”

“Hello my Love.” Tim said. “You owe me five kisses for dealing with that internet fellow in Winchester. I had to hack in to his personal computer and even then he wouldn't budge. William hacked in to it as well. That got him to listen. I don't suppose there's any chance of a hint about my surprise? The suspense is killing me.”

“Glad you like your townhouses Boss.” Tracy said. “You also have the triplex conversion in Blyth. Are you sure the garage conversion will be enough in Winchester?”

“I'll make it enough.” I said. “Blyth will play a bigger role in my time in England. That part of England is becoming very dear to me. A lot of our new friends will live there.”

“Your influence is rubbing off on Eddie and Benjamin.” Jocelyn said. “They solved the problem of recording Benjamin's new stuff by going out and buying a recording studio here in London. Now when Benjamin wants Eddie to record a CD he plans on flying us over. Never thought I'd become such a jet-setter. Benjamin is spending the night with the kids. He really loves his time at the orphanage. Yes Adam our friend Tiny has a big heart.”

“Boss you've got everybody curious about the surprise you arranged for Tim.” Tracy said. “Benjamin is traveling with the rest of us to see it. Yes I've arranged for some mechanical engineers to travel with us. I was glad I had Christopher take me round to their chapter house. They didn't believe me when I told them about the dispensation you gave me. Christopher asked if they'd take his word for it or if they would like him to get you on the phone to confirm it.”

“You know those engineers are smart when they chose not to chat with Rohan.” Morgan said.

“The problem is not only encrypting the emails but we have to get the software out to every chapter house.” Tim said. “I'm not happy with the code just yet. My Love I had William try to break my latest encryption. He managed to crack it in three weeks. There's something I'm missing.”

“Keep turning the ignition on even after you've started the car.” I suggested. “Sorry Beloved it just popped into my head. A moving target is harder to hit. You encrypt something and it lies there motionless. What if your encryption software kept encrypting it over and over? The problem is how would you know where it's at to start the decryption.”

“Layers and fluff.” Tim said. “You are the smartest most hopelessly insecure online person in the world. You're brilliance is matched only by my cuteness factor.”

“And modesty.” Tracy added. “I think he paid you a compliment in their Boss.”

“Any chance of explaining Dad's brilliance in layman's terms?” Adam asked.

“What I think what I can do is hide the true encryption program inside a false one.” Tim said. “Yes like spyware. Let's say we choose twelve layers of encryption as our shell. Then the true encryption program runs in a loop beneath this false encrypted email. This loop gets interrupted by a password the decrypting software has. These first twelve layers will look like a normal file while we have a layer of shifting sand to cover the important stuff. Periodic updates of the software will change the number of false layers every week. Rohan we can bury it under thousands of false layers if we want. Let's see William crack this program.”

“A good thing you are sleeping in Poland tonight.” Leslie said. “I haven't seen him this excited in a long time which means you wouldn't get much sleep tonight.”

“My Love you need a proper thank you soon.” Tim said.

“Don't you start as well.” I said. “Everybody wants to get even with me. Tonight it's Morgan's turn. Darius has something planned for me later this week.”

“The fucketeers have something planned for you thanks to the night of the royal bastard.” Adam said.

“Rohan what you did was gruesome.” Morgan said. “I loved it but I didn't go through it. What do you mean I will? Kazimierz make my next beer a full pint please. No worries Tracy. That news just killed whatever buzz I had going. Now I'm stone cold sober. I need a little buffer for what I have planned tonight.”

“We'll leave you to get tipsy.” Leslie said. “You need to implement your plans soon or it will be a very late night for you guys.”

“Sophie you will hear from Dylan tomorrow morning or at lunch time.” I said. “I told him to call you. Don't worry about him forgetting. I'll text him a reminder. Thanks for the chat guys. Have a lovely evening.”

We watched an hour-long travel show while Morgan drank his pint. He was slightly tipsy but not sufficiently tipsy if he had something special planned. I got up and prepared us all a nightcap. A rum and coke for everybody served at adult strength. Adam had stuck to a half-pint so he wouldn't be as tipsy as Morgan but he'd be close. The boys gasped when they took their first sip. My housekeeper didn't say a word. There was another episode of the travel show so we settled in to watch it while we drank our rum.

“Are you trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me Rohan?” Morgan asked when he was halfway through his drink.

“No, I'm trying to get you drunk so you can take good and proper advantage of me.” I said.

“That's okay then.” Morgan said. “I just hope your faith in my ability to hold my liquor isn't misplaced. Oh right. Some grounding would help. Thanks Rohan.”

“No trouble at all.” I said. “Happy to add five kisses to your tab.”

“I'm not so drunk I would forget agreeing to paying you five kisses for that advice.” Morgan said.

“Do you remember disagreeing to pay five kisses?” I asked.

“Now you mention it I don't.” Morgan said slowly.

“Since it's on your tab it obviously had to happen didn't it?” I asked.

“You're right.” Morgan said. “I still think I've been hoodwinked.”

“Yes you have.” my housekeeper said with a smile.

“I knew it.” Morgan said. “See Rohan I'm still too sharp for you even half-drunk. Or a little more than half-drunk. You can't hoodwink me without me knowing it.”

“You're right.” I said kissing him deeply.

“Now I only owe you four.” Morgan said when the kiss ended. “Glad you agree. You have to keep a close eye on your dad Adam. He's a slippery customer. What are you laughing at?”

“I'm just happy you were able to stop dad from hoodwinking you.” Adam said. “The expression on his face was priceless when you figured out you'd been hoodwinked.”

“Those five kisses might not have been ethically earned but you deserve them for the entertainment they provided.” my housekeeper said. “Finish your drinks boys it's time we called it a night.”

“Entertainment time.” Morgan said. “Don't think I've forgotten I had plans for you Rohan. A thank you like no other. To bravely and a little tipsy go where I have never gone before. Bottoms up! Especially yours Rohan.”

“He'll be fine Emily.” I promised. “Morgan can still handle his paddle and what he has planned will sober him up soon. Thank you for fetching us and joining us for dinner.”

“You're welcome Rohan.” Wincenty said. “Will you have time to visit the farms?”

“I'll definitely visit the garden and try to visit some of the animal farmers.” I said. “Depends how my chat with Dylan and Dariusz goes on Wednesday.”

“I know you will but I have to say it.” Natalia said as we hugged outside the door to their section of the building. “Please keep an eye on Morgan.”

“I always will.” I promised.

My housekeeper just nodded when I told her Morgan would be okay tonight but might need Leslie in the morning. She wasn't rude but her solemnity even got through to Morgan.

“She's concerned about you.” I said as we walked to the bedroom. “What you are about to do is very serious stuff. This goes beyond play. Adam is worrying as well but he went through it the other night.”

“Oh I'm not going through that tonight.” Morgan said. “I'm giving you a what-for spanking.”

“Day follows night.” I reminded him. “That's for the morning though. Let the thank you commence. Adam I want you to promise you will honor your limits and roll away. Don't push yourself too far.”

“What about Morgan?” Adam said removing his shirt.

“Leave Morgan to me.” I said. “Looking after him will be easier if I know you aren't trying to play hero. Morgan is about to step up to the edge of a precipice. Why do you think I gave you all a stiff drink?”

“Here's another stiff drink waiting for you.” Morgan said waving his boner at us.

“You're a riot when you've had too much to drink.” I said kissing him. “I'll get the paddle while Adam lubes your ass.”

I pulled the bench away from the bottom of the bed. Leaning forward I rested my arms on the bench. Adam placed his palms flat on the bench so our asses were at the same height. Morgan followed my advice to ground himself and go within before starting the spanking. The warm up was firm but recognizable as a warm up.

“How are you feeling?” I asked after a dozen swats. “I want you standing still within yourself.”

“Got it.” Morgan said swinging the paddle a little harder.

“Nice.” Adam complimented him after another dozen smacks. “You're going to make a fine husband soon.”

“Soon?” Morgan said startled.

“Well not until next week at least.” Adam reassured him.

“Phew! You scared me.” Morgan said. “Next week is fine. I have Tuesday open.”

“There's nothing like the thought of getting married to up the force.” Adam said yelping under the flurry of blows.

“Morgan's a sensible lad.” I said calmly enjoying the bite and pressure of the paddle slamming into my ass.

This was a wonderful spanking. Morgan gave us another twenty or thirty hard smacks. There was a palpable shift in the energy as he took a deep breath and really brought the paddle down hard. He twisted his body to add some body weight to the blow.

“Ouch! Oh fuck!” Adam yelled loudly. “God that hurts! Ow! Thanks for ouch the warning Dad. Oh gods.”

My son did me proud by enduring nine very hard smacks. He made me even prouder by stepping to the side between blows. I motioned him to step in front of me.

“I can't be doing too badly if Rohan is so eager for a stiff drink.” Morgan said as I engulfed Adam's cock.

Adam bravely let me suck his cock even though the sound of the paddle was really loud. This had the potential to become an epic spanking but Morgan was nearing the end of his tether. When the paddle struck Adam flinched in sympathy. He was glancing across at Morgan more often. I could hear the soft sobbing.

“Sorry Rohan.” Morgan said. “I wanted it to be an epic spanking. Darn I'm so fucking weak.”

“You are brave beyond measure.” I said releasing Adam's cock and standing up.

Pulling Morgan into my arms I held him close while the tears flowed. I told him I hoped my ass was a deep red after that fine spanking. Yes there will be bruises I agreed. Tomorrow it will hurt like hell to sit but that's okay. Speaking in a gentle voice and stroking his back I let him know it would all be okay. I couldn't have asked for a better thank you spanking.

“Oh Rohan of course you get to fuck my ass.” Morgan said wiping his eyes. “Gods you deserve it for taking such a beating. I'm sorry I hurt you.”

“I could have stopped it.” I said lifting him in my arms. “Adam rolled away. He made me so proud. You have as well. What time on Tuesday do you want the wedding?”

“Eleven would be nice.” Morgan said as I lay him down on the bed.

“You're kidding.” Adam said as I lifted him on the bed.

“I'm not.” I said. “I don't know if Morgan is teasing you. You'll have to let his folks know tomorrow so they can fly out.”

“You don't mind if I wait until tomorrow to propose do you Adam?” Morgan asked. “I'm a little distraught tonight and my hair is such a mess.”

“Oh fuck I won't sleep a wink tonight.” Adam said. “You guys really mean it?”

“Yes we do but it might be the afternoon before Morgan proposes.” I said. “Yes Adam the precipice. He'll make it through okay. Now where's my stiff drink?”

“Right here Dad.” Adam said smiling and waving his cock at me. “Do me a favor. Fuck my betrothed hard.”

“A dozen kisses.” I said.

“Two dozen.” Adam said. “Thanks Dad. Oh that feels so good. I love three fingers. Hmm.”

Reaching down I lifted Morgan's ass up and slid in from beneath him. Adam handed me a pillow to lip under Morgan. Once we were comfortable and I had a nice angle of entry I began to fuck the boy. Nothing excessive because he was already emotionally well shook up. I did put enough force behind so he knew he was being fucked. Letting go of his left hip I took his cock in hand. I jerked Morgan off long before I climaxed.

The fucking continued as he lay there cum-splattered. When I finished swallowing Adam's load I let Adam lick Morgan clean. How wonderful it was to watch my son licking his betrothed clean and pausing to share a kiss or two. Morgan no doubt got a taste or two of his own seed. Lovely boys with lovely asses. I reached out to grope Adam's ass while he cleaned Morgan. I squeezed it hard when my orgasm washed through me.

“Jerking me off so soon was naughty.” Morgan said. “Now you've fucked me back to life again and left me with a boner. Naughty Rohan. You're lucky I love you like a dad.”

“Well then this dad-like person will have to embrace a little incest-like oral sex in the shower.” I said lifting the two of them up in my arms.

“Serves you right for being so naughty dad.” Adam said. “I mean we can't spank you can we? You might take that to mean we approve of your naughtiness.”

“No more spankings for Rohan for at least five minutes.” Morgan said. “Naughty daddy-like man. Any chance of another rum and coke before bedtime?”

“We'll sneak in a small one.” I said. “Better be quiet or my housekeeper will scold me.”

“I'll be as quiet as a well-fucked and well-sucked church mouse.” Morgan promised. “You need to get me well-sucked.”

Sliding my fingers through my cum was so naughty. Naughty became hot enough to get me aroused. I pulled Adam beneath me and fucked him. Morgan laughed as he watched a spluttering Adam get impaled. He kissed me while I fucked Adam. Now we could be tender. The sex had settled his emotions. I settled in to enjoy the soft kisses and my son's tight ass. Still a little warm from the spanking it felt really good to bounce my balls off the curves of his cheeks.

“Better get under there Morgan.” I said. “Looks like your betrothed is about to waste a load.”

“I'll save him from committing such a sin.” Morgan said striking his best Superman pose. “Oops. Almost missed it.”

He didn't miss it. I fucked Adam through his orgasm. Riding out the thrashing beneath me I climaxed soon after him. Morgan popped back up to kiss me in the throes of my climax. He told me even if by some miracle I could do him again it was bedtime. Save some for the morning Adam suggested. I withdrew from that wonderful ass and let them clean me. Then we pulled on some robes and sneaked through to the lounge.

We learned putting on some cartoons was counterproductive to being as quiet as a well-fucked and well-sucked church mouse. The boys were leaning against me from either side when my housekeeper entered the living room and stood with her hands on her hips.

“Would you like to join us for a rum and coke?” I tried.

“They're delicious.” Morgan said. “I can't remember the last time Rohan let us have so much soda in one night.”

“I'll join you if one of you promises to snuggle with me.” my housekeeper said heading to the bar. “Another for you Rohan while I'm here?”

“Yes please.” I said.

“I'll snuggle with you.” Adam said. “We're watching Foghorn because it's Dylan's favorite cartoon and this is a special night for him.”

“That's very sweet of you.” my housekeeper said drawing Adam close.

Thirty-minutes later I called it a night. I promised my housekeeper I'd get in a few hours sleep. Morgan made me promise to wake them for sunrise meditations. Adam promised they would go back to bed and get some more rest afterward. He told her it was really important for them to get up early tomorrow. I promised to tuck them in after breakfast. This will be a special breakfast I promised.

“Rohan I trust you and I'm not upset about them getting up early.” my housekeeper assured us. “What I want to know is how you expect me to sleep now that I'm so curious?”

Morgan insisted we see her safely to her room. When I tucked them in their eyes closed before I could kiss them goodnight. I let them sleep for four-and-a-half hours. Then I woke them for a bout of impersonal sex. I sucked and swallowed two loads without a word. When I had finished sucking Adam I pulled him down for a good fuck while I sucked Morgan's cock. I pulled out on the edge of my orgasm. Flipped Morgan on his back. Drove up inside him twice and held myself in him while I unloaded. Slipping out I stood him up and finished blowing him. Down he went for a second fuck.

In the middle of a second sucking Morgan broke down. This is all about me I confessed. I want your ass. I want your seed. Yes you get a say. You get to say yes. I want every drop your balls can produce. Naturally I want to fuck a young ass like yours. You're tight, hot and within arm's reach. I'm going to fuck you and fill you until my balls cannot produce another drop. Why waste time kissing? I don't want to be tender. No I don't want to spank you. I want to remind you that you are my bitch. Completely and utterly at my mercy. Speaking of fucking I think I'm ready for another piece of ass.

“What about last night?” Morgan said with tears flowing. “I gave you more than I have ever given anybody. Do you think it was easy to keep spanking you when your ass was so red? Do you have any idea how much it hurt me? And now you call me your bitch. How can you be so fucking cruel? I hate you! You're a fucking bastard! Oh gods this is it isn't it?”

“Yes.” I said seeing the light go on inside Morgan. “Welcome to the precipice.”

“Fuck it hurts.” Morgan said lying still beneath me. “I could hate you. Fuck it's so easy to hate you. Why? Because I'm nothing but a selfish kid. Rohan do you think it's fair to ask so much more from us kids? We're just fucking kids.”

“Asking is just asking.” I said softly. “There is no fair or unfair. Only a question. A question with no right or wrong answer. What could be fairer?”

“Why is it so much easier to hate?” Morgan asked. “So hard to step beyond. The longer I stand on the precipice the worse I feel about myself. I thought I understood but I had no fucking idea. Oh gods Adam I'm so sorry. I really didn't know gruesome until now. What about Rohan? How do you find the strength to put us through this hell? Be honest now. Does it hurt?”

“A thousand times more than the spanking you gave me.” I said quietly. “I bear it because of how good I feel when you cross the chasm. How proud Genta is of you boys. He knew and told me not to wait too long. That meddling monk had more faith in me than I did.”

“You didn't doubt us?” Morgan asked.

“No.” I said simply. “There's too much love inside of you.”

“Sunrise in fifteen minutes.” my housekeeper said knocking on the door and calmly walking in. “Leslie wants to chat with Morgan. Rohan it has to be now or he'll miss the meditations. Yes it's five in London. You're not the only one who can survive on less sleep.”

Morgan caught the robe she tossed him and took the phone. He walked over to the seating area. Adam led me to the shower. When we returned there were clothes laid out for us. Morgan told me he would give Leslie a call after our meditation. Natalia and Kazimierz joined us. Giving the others no clue my Lady sang the day in with songs of greeting and thanksgiving. Three Gregorian chants completed the service.

“You two scurvy knaves had better wait until I get the recorder set up before you say a word.” I said. “No kissing either. Fine you can hold hands. Only hands though. Go find a nice spot to do it. This will be with you for the rest of your lives so choose with feeling.”

I ran back to the house and grabbed a recorder and tripod. The boys were standing on the edge of the slope with the sun behind them and the valley forming a spectacular backdrop. Perfect I told them taking one last look at the image on the recorder. Then I ran back to join the others.

“Wait!” Natalia shouted startling the boys and stopping me dead in my tracks. “Please give this to them Rohan. You can run faster than me.”

“They're perfect.” I said looking down at the two rings she had dropped in my hand. “How did you know?”

“A feeling nothing more.” Natalia said. “I couldn't take a chance. Better to be wrong. Yes I expect they will kiss me when they join us. I might even kiss them first.”

The boys waved at Natalia and blew her a kiss while I ran back to the house. My housekeeper shed a few tears when we watched Morgan go down on one knee. Then he sipped a ring on Adam's finger. Adam went down on his knee and slipped the second ring on Morgan's finger. Morgan drew Adam to his feet for a lingering kiss. More calmly than the adults were feeling they switched off the recorder and carried it back to the house. Natalia stepped out and kissed them on the terrace.

“When?” my housekeeper asked.

“Next Tuesday.” I said handing her a couple of tissues. “That's if Morgan's folks can make it out to Winchester. You're right I had forgotten about Vernon's retirement party on Wednesday.”

“Let's congratulate them and between us we'll come up with something.” my housekeeper said. “Before they tell the gang they need to let their folks know.”

Natalia was telling the boys the rings had been her parent's wedding rings. She thought they might be too big but didn't mind the boys having them made smaller. My housekeeper told the boys she was going shopping this afternoon so they could get a ride to town and see a jeweler. The boys agreed it would be best if they broke the news to both parents at the same time. I explained about Vernon's retirement party. The boys agreed they didn't want to have it at the same time. Adam was confident the gang would work something out. They insisted on Marion attending no matter what day it was.

“Leslie I need you to go wake Amanda.” I said when Leslie answered her phone. “She needs a room to herself and a laptop to take a conference call. Nothing is wrong but make certain there are plenty of tissues on hand. Ask Lance to make her some hot chocolate.”

“I know it's late in America and early in London.” Morgan said when Amanda and his folks joined in our Skype call. “We are pretty confident you'll forgive us for thinking you ought to hear the news before we let the rest of the gang know.”

“About time.” Amanda managed when the boys held up their hands with the rings visible. Then she dissolved into tears.

“When's the big day?” Lucille asked when she had regained her composure. “Still to be decided. Soon I expect if I know you two.”

“Thank you for letting us know first.” Henry said. “We'll be there as long as you don't make it in tomorrow. Your mom needs time to pack our bags. Getting time off work isn't a problem son. I have plenty of vacation time and lots of capable people to run things while I'm gone. We're ready for the others to join in if Amanda's ready.”

“I'll carry this through to the living room.” Amanda said. “Lance that hot chocolate is just what I need. I see Tracy helped you make it. Thanks Tracy I could do with the brandy.”

“Boss it's bad enough you have us curious about Tim's surprise but now I'm curious about why Leslie is asking for champagne before breakfast.” Tracy said. “Champagne for breakfast is fine with me. I'll wait a minute. Tell those lovebirds to hurry.”

“I'm glad we put an extra couple of bottles of champagne in the fridge.” Dylan said. “Tracy suggested we might like to have some ready for our first breakfast. Mom it was everything I could have wished for times a thousand. We'll chat later today. I promise. Now let's hear what Dad's cooked up for us to celebrate.”

“Oh so you guys made it official.” Tracy said when the boys held up their hands. “Congratulations guys. When's the big day? Amanda where are those tissues? Thanks Garth. You must have this place dusted. My eyes are watering Garth. Yes it must be the dust. Leif's having trouble with the dust as well.”

“This is sudden what brought it on?” Tim asked.

“One good thank you deserves another I guess.” Adam said. “Morgan had given Rohan as epic a spanking as he could. I had to roll out before he finished Juliet. That's epic in my book. Anyway we were releasing the pressure when Rohan and Morgan decided it was time.”

“Adam that's so fitting.” Caryn said. “How sweet it got decided during epic kinky sex. I'm so very happy for the two of you. See Holden I told you good things would happen if you spanked me really hard.”

“So my Love you go to Poland so Dylan and Dariusz can consummate their love for each other and in less than a day you get your other son married off.” Tim said. “On top of all this good news I have to cope with a special surprise. I don't know if I want to set foot out the door.”

“I can understand why you want to marry in Winchester but you must have a second ceremony in Rohan's chapel.” Jocelyn said. “Lao, Daizan, Mu, B and Peter will want to attend.”

“Brother Michael, Patricia, Penelope, Paul, Phillip and the others will also want to attend.” Tracy added. “Rohan's sons can't get married without having it blessed in that chapel and garden. You need to give your Lady plenty of practice Boss. This calls for something special.”

“The chanting the other day wasn't too shabby.” Hafiz said with a smile.

“That's the general direction you want to head in Boss but about a thousand times more impressive.” Tracy said. “Abby the burning bush and heavenly choir thing are so yesterday's news. I want puddle-licious with my clothes on. Layla you can ask Tim about puddle-licious on the ride to Blyth. Nancy is far too young to listen in on that conversation.”

“Oh Tracy you say the sweetest things.” Nancy said kissing Tracy on the cheek. “I was old enough to hear such things when you were in diapers.”

“What about Saturday before the rugby game?” J suggested. “The game isn't until four. Sophie I was thinking after morning meditations. We could have a special brunch. True having to play rugby means they can't get tipsy.”

“We can get tipsy back home or after the game.” Morgan said. “What do you think Adam? The queen ate pizza after Griogair's wedding. We'd play rugby and get to eat pizza.”

“I like the idea if we keep our wedding between us.” Adam said. “We can enjoy some champagne and be ready to play four hours later. Can somebody come up with a way for Rohan and Petersen to prepare the same calzones he served the queen?”

“Rohan do you mind if the pizza guy learns the recipes?” Charles asked. “I didn't think you'd mind. I'll give Alexander a call and ask if the could serve these calzones especially to commemorate the opening of their refurbished stadium. I'll tell him we served at my wedding and the queen enjoyed them.”

“Are you certain you can make it to Winchester on Friday Dad?” Morgan asked. “All we need is a church to rent for the service. One that won't mind Rohan officiating at a gay marriage.”

“We'll find one or I'll buy one.” I said firmly. “Tracy's helicopter can deliver a church.”

“There are plenty of small country churches just outside Winchester so that isn't a problem.” Ingrid said. “We'll get some of the Order members to start calling around today.”

“I think we ought to consider a chapel at the farm.” Garth said. “One like they built for Rohan behind the love nest.”

“Rohan when are you guys planning on returning to England?” Henry asked.

“Friday morning.” I said. “Thanks to the two-hour head start we have with the time difference we get in pretty early. I was thinking of breakfast at The Queen's Lancer.”

“Rohan can I ask for an hour of your time later today?” Henry said.

“Do you two scurvy knaves mind entertaining the hoodlums from the chapter house for an hour?” I asked. “Thank you. Henry I can give you an hour around seven or eight in the morning your time.”

“Let's make it eight.” Henry said. “Thank you Rohan. Now we'll let you guys have some breakfast.”

“They also need to get some rest.” my housekeeper said. “I let them get up early because they promised to go back to bed after breakfast.”

“Dariusz you need to get back in bed so I can have breakfast in bed.” Dylan said with a smile. “Let's take the rest of this champagne with us. What are you guys having Adam?”

“I'd like some fancy French toast with sausage and fried eggs on the side.” Adam said. “The spinach is a given Morgan. I'd insist if Rohan offered to let us off.”

“You're right it wouldn't be a Rohan breakfast without greens.” Morgan said.

“We'll have the same soon.” Adam said. “Right now I'm having a bit of Dariusz.”

“Adam will you give me a call while Morgan chats with Leslie a little more?” Juliet asked. “Unless Rohan needs you to help with breakfast.”

“I'll help Rohan so you guys can chat.” Natalia said. “Come along Rohan let's get started. The boys need their rest so they can go in to town with us. I'm leaving you alone with Kazimierz. No doubt I'll regret that decision but it can't be helped. Adam I'm trying not to think of Maciej being here as well while I'm gone.”

“You can expect a call from me later my Love when I see your surprise.” Tim promised. “One more thing. William is trying to crack our new encryption program. I gave you some of the credit so he could curse us both. We are a married couple. I can't believe Adam and Morgan are getting married Saturday. Lawrence I need something to wear. Understated deliciousness. Those two will need something as well. Don't worry I will let Vernon know.”

“He planned on taking the day off to attend the opening of the stadium so it works out well.” Tracy said. “He wanted to surprise the boys by showing up for the game.”

“Breakfast Rohan.” my housekeeper said.

Thanks to Natalia's help breakfast didn't take long at all. She cooked the toast while the sausages baked in the oven and I took care of the greens and eggs. My housekeeper set the table with some help from Kazimierz. During breakfast we got a Skype call from Emily who said Caryn told her we had a surprise for her. She was very happy for the boys. Emily told the boys to hand deliver her invitation to the wedding so she could kiss them. Natalia gave her the name of the jeweler they were visiting later so she could collect her invitation.

Once I'd tucked the boys in I borrowed the car and made a quick trip to town for some meat. I told my housekeeper I needed the drive and the shopping to gather myself. She asked me to visit the liquor store because we were doing a lot of entertaining this week. Tomorrow Eliasz was visiting for dinner and on Thursday I had to have the two love birds over for dinner. She laughed when I blamed her for being so busy these four days. Now I had a wedding to officiate in Winchester as well.

The drive was just what I needed. My housekeeper made soup and sandwiches with the leftover roasts while I was gone. I smiled when she told me the boys had just woken and were in the shower.

“You've been loitering in the shower for so long I've been sent to fetch you for lunch.” I said shedding my clothes quickly.

“How does keeping us in here for a double-team fit in to getting us to the table?” Morgan asked.

“I'm enjoying my first course while you boys rinse off.” I said between mouthfuls of cock. “You have washed haven't you?”

“Yes we were just about to dry.” Adam said.

“Perfect timing then.” I said. “I got here just in time to get cock.”

After the cock was got I got cum. There was a knock on the door while we were drying to hurry us along. Before we stepped out the bathroom Morgan took my hands in his and thanked me for talking them into getting married. They knew it was a lot of work because I'd want to cook and officiate. I promised to accept some help so I didn't overdo it. Then we hurried to our lunch.

The boys left with my housekeeper and Natalia while I was still finishing lunch. I saw them off and returned to my sandwich and soup. Then I got started with the dinner. Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, steamed cauliflower with herb butter sauce and roast potatoes. Oops almost forgot the mushy peas. I gave myself a swat from Tim for forgetting mushy peas. Donat and the others arrived just after three.

“There's chocolate cake and I'll brew up some hot chocolate.” I said. “Make yourselves comfortable.”

“Do you mind if I use your computer Rohan?” Maciej asked. “We promised to make a call as soon as we arrived. While you brew our hot chocolate seems like a good time. He's in the kitchen making us some hot chocolate to go with our cake. Let me turn the computer a little so Rohan can see.”

“Hello my Love.” Tim said. “Boy are you in for an epic thrashing.”

“I take it you like it and it works.” I said pouring hot chocolate into mugs.

“So Terrence was coming over to look at the streets in Blyth and come up with a way to repair them was he?” Tim asked.

“Yes that's what we arranged.” I agreed carrying a tray to the living room. “What's his assessment of the streets?”

“I don't know yet.” Tim said. “You see he happened to show up with two old-fashioned railway carriages, a very thick cable and two insanely huge winches. Seems you forgot to mention he showed up last Thursday and has been busy setting up a test area for the carriages in one of the warehouses.”

“The carriage looks like it needs some work if that's it behind you.” I said. “I suppose it is nice to restore it the way you want and get it much cheaper because it needs fixing up.”

“Looks like the others are enjoying it behind you judging by the smiles.” Maciej said.

“Maciej it rolls so smoothly and quietly it really will be a wonderful addition.” Tim said. “I feel like a kid creating a huge playground with obscene amounts of money.”

“That's because it's exactly what you're doing.” Donat said. “I don't mean that in a bad way. Think about it for a day or two and then call me if you have questions. Leslie will be able to express what I mean. How is the boat?”

“I love it.” Tim said. “I can't wait to go for a bit of a sail later.”

“Terrence is trying to play it cool but he is so excited about how well this works the joy spills over.” Leslie said. “Oh it is a lot of fun Rohan. What a special treat.”

“Well that's all I have time for now.” Tim said. “Thank you my Love. This is very, very sweet. Now we are off to make some of your properties habitable. Caryn wants to make use of our muscles to get furniture in some of the houses. We also need to stop at the tea house to collect the scones we ordered. I'll have three for you.”

“Rohan we can talk on Friday.” Leslie said. “Morgan is doing amazingly well. I think he not only got it but embraced it as well. First Dariusz and now Morgan. Are you okay?”

“Yes I am doing well.” I said. “I took a drive to town and 'm spending a few hours cooking while I catch up with Donat.”

“I am here Leslie.” Kasper said. “Between us I am certain we will be able to help Rohan if he needs it or at least reassure you. Call me tomorrow at anytime.”

“We're on our way Caryn.” Tim called out. “You haven't heard the last of this my Love. Have a good afternoon guys. Lance will be glad to hear you're drinking hot chocolate. I won't mention the brandy. Donat this is Rohan making them. He'd put brandy in them out of habit.”

When the call ended I explained to them how I was teaching the boys the power of choice. How often we made choices based on conditioning or as a knee-jerk reaction. The boys were learning how it was easy to love somebody who was being nice, gentle and caring but when this same person behave coldly, cruelly and indifferently it wasn't easy to remember the love. When it was hard to do it with me imagine how hard it would be with a stranger I told them.

“You are trying to teach the boys to love the saint and the sinner aspect of a person?” Maciej asked. “I can see you playing the saint but the sinner would hurt a lot. Rohan there are sinners out there to teach them these lessons. No need for you to go through this pain.”

“I can control the environment here.” I said. “We practice unarmed combat so we are ready to meet an attack out there. I am their father and it's my duty to prepare them to face hatred with love. Maciej when I saw the realization dawn in Morgan it made all the pain worthwhile.”

“How do you expect them to spar?” Maciej asked.

“I spar against people I love all the time.” I said. “Love thy enemy is very practical. Keeps you relaxed and calm in a fight Maciej. You should try it one day.”

“Maybe if I am not fighting one of those crazy heavy mace wielders.” Maciej said with a grin. “Hello Kazimierz you're just in time to join us in a beer.”

The monks were kind enough not to speak about Dariusz' garden. They were full of praise for Franciszek. Kazimierz told me Sanne might fire him for losing the bet. I was pretty confident he could get off with a spanking from her. The others agreed that wasn't too bad. Sanne was very pretty. Kazimierz was nice and tipsy by the time Natalia and the others returned. She was too happy to be upset with him and surprised us all by simply kissing Kazimierz passionately.

“Look what these sweet boys made me.” Natalia said holding up a figure of eight. “There was some gold left over from when they made the rings smaller so the boys had it combined with some more gold so I would carry a mix of my mom and dad's rings with me wherever I went.”

“There wasn't a lot left from the rings but we couldn't throw it away.” Morgan said.

“Natalia was very sweet giving us the rings.” Adam said. “Sorry I guess Rohan was waiting for us to tell you. Morgan proposed to me this morning. That's why Rohan wasn't at the chapter house.”

“Adam proposed to me as well.” Morgan said quickly. “We both accepted. Rohan is marrying us soon. He'll marry us again back home so the others can attend. Yes this was while he was showing me how we love and hate without thought Kasper. Think how much fun I'll have practicing with Rohan. The physical side when Rohan plays the bastard is amazing. I realized it was the emotional toll that makes it seem bad. Really though it is what we want from him. Maybe that is what needs to change.”

“The challenge is Rohan trusts us with more self-knowledge than most kids.” Adam said. “We get to choose how much we drink and we're just on the cusp of being teenagers. He's even letting us enter a marriage. Morgan and I know we might drift apart before we finish school but we'll always have the knowledge that while we were the one for each other we were able to marry. Make it real in a way other kids don't think of or get to experience. I might only be Morgan's husband for a year or two but it is enough to have experienced it.”

“I don't suppose you'll give us our own apartment Rohan.” Morgan said coming over to hug me. “Leslie explained this to us on the drive. You housekeeper had us call to chat about what it means and make certain it was what we wanted. We could wait five years and marry when we were old enough to move out on our own. This all comes back to loving the person when you get married to them and when they walk away or choose a destructive path.”

“We are lucky we have the Order to help us through things like drugs and peer pressure.” Adam said. “Rohan has shown me how much you can impress people by keeping quiet. He kept it so low-key we never even thought to wonder how much he was worth or where his money came from. When I asked him once he told me he'd been fortunate to make a few business investments that paid off.”

“Considering he is financing a multimillion pound project for Tim it would be safe to say they paid off.” Natalia said. “Never mind what you have done for all of us here in Katowice and Kraków. You boys must still remember you are children and play.”

“We do and we are.” Morgan said. “We're getting married in the morning and playing some rugby in the afternoon. The wedding in America will be more traditional.”

“Is there anything you'd like us to do for you in the kitchen while you chat with Henry?” Adam asked. “He's calling in five minutes. Better grab a refill on your beer and go to your room. Yes Dad I've always wanted to send you to your room.”

“The potatoes and vegetables need to come out the oven when the timer rings.” I said. “Please put them in the slow cookers to keep warm. Thank you. I might be done before then but we'll see.”

“Hello Rohan.” Henry said. “You don't mind if Lucille and Samantha joins us do you?”

“Of course not.” I said. “There's no need to worry about taking me from my guests. The boys will keep them entertained.”

“Lucille found us a flight that will get us in twenty-minutes before your flight.” Henry said. “I'd like to meet up with you guys at the airport because you're seasoned travelers and can show us how the Underground works.”

“I chatted with Amanda before we called you.” Lucille said. “She doesn't mind Adam staying on if he sets aside time for schoolwork. Samantha is homeschooling so the three of them can work on their assignments together. This is part of our wedding present to the boys.”

“I really don't mind but I would like the boys to have somebody to work on their sparring and guide them through their sunrise meditation.” I said. “They need to start getting into the habit of rising early. Catherine can give them a workout routine. Naturally I will pay the extra accommodation costs for their Order tutor.”

“Could you ask Catherine to prepare a routine for Samantha as well?” Lucille asked. “Thank you. We'd like to tour for two weeks and return on the Sunday. So the third Sunday from when we arrive. Yes I have the flight details here. I'm emailing them now.”

“You said we'd done a lot of traveling so you know I've racked up a huge amount of travel miles.” I said. “Allow me to use some of them to fly you guys out. Henry before you protest I flew the entire gang out. That's over twenty round-trip tickets. That alone will cover you guys. The other thing to keep in mind is we do have plans for attending Vernon's retirement party on Wednesday and helping him move Thursday and Friday. I might make plans with Tim so I hope you won't think us rude if we go our own way.”

“We won't.” Henry said. “I am keeping our days open until I have spoken with the boys. There are some things we'd like to do.”

“I really, really, really want to see a Sunderland game.” Samantha said. “Rohan if you get us some tickets I promise to misbehave. Eight kisses? Morgan is right in saying you drive a hard bargain.”

“Huh misbehaving is easy for the two of you.” Lucille said. “Obviously with all the traveling it will be best if they don't have to carry wedding gifts. Do you think we can agree to wait until the wedding back home until we buy any gifts?”

“I think that makes perfect sense.” I said. “I also have an idea for a gift that we can all contribute toward. Morgan was just teasing me about moving out on their own. He knows they can't just yet. Leslie explained the unique aspects of getting married so young. What I was thinking of is their own love nest like the one you guys built for me. I don't think they need something as elaborate with a chapel but we'll see. We'll pick a multi-family home so you guys or Amanda can go with but they will still have a home of their own. I think it will be good for them to learn how to run a home.”

“That also gives us another vacation home.” Henry said. “Very clever Rohan. What do you think about a place in Colorado?”

“I really don't mind if it's somewhere with a lot of snow.” I said. “I want the boys to learn how to ski and winter survival skills. Lucille it is part of their Order training. That's why most of the Order members spend time in the different regions. You cannot experience the desert in England.”

“You just want to go play in the snow.” Samantha teased.

“Shh don't tell.” I said. “I'll give you a ride on my sleigh if you keep quiet. Yes you can come shopping with me for one.”

“Knowing Rohan he'll buy us all one.” Lucille said with a laugh. “I think the idea of a love nest is wonderful. You may end up footing most of the bill though.”

“Here's what I'm going to do.” I said. “I'll tell the boys we're meeting up with you on Friday. They won't know where or when. We're giving them their own place with a chaperone quarter as a wedding gift. They will be able to stay here for another two weeks or so from Friday. Apart from the wedding, rugby game and Vernon's party we'll let you guys plan your trip. I'll speak to Christopher and Garth about a tutor from the Order for the boys. Then there's a Sunderland game in there with the opportunity to misbehave for Samantha. Lucille what on earth makes you think I'll be misbehaving at a Sunderland game? Samantha I warn you the language will be a bit colorful.”

“I fucking hope so.” Samantha said.

“Samantha!” Lucille said startled. Henry laughed and kissed his daughter.

“That's the perfect note to end on.” I said. “Henry let me know when you're certain you can get time off and I'll book the tickets.”

My housekeeper suggested I update them when dinner was on the table. I quickly slipped the fruit pies in the oven to bake before sitting down. I started with the simple stuff. Morgan loved the idea of taking his sister to a Sunderland game. They loved the idea of an extended vacation even with schoolwork. Attending Vernon's farewell party was a must if we got invitations Adam told me. I let them know Vernon didn't have a lot to move so they didn't have to help. My housekeeper pointed out it would give Morgan another night at Matilda's inn so I could count on them helping us. Adam couldn't resist telling Maciej that Matilda was Morgan's latest crush.

“Now about your wedding and wedding gifts.” I said. “Although you can't move out on your own I see no reason you can't have your own love nest if it has a guest cottage for a chaperone or two. Unless you guys had something else you wanted as a wedding gift.”

“Judging by those kisses I think you nailed it Rohan.” Kasper said when the boys climbed off me and returned to their seats.

“Henry suggested Colorado.” I said when I regained my breath. “I just want it somewhere with a decent amount of snow. You boys need to learn how to ski.”

“I think Dad wants to frolic in the snow myself.” Adam said. “Colorado sounds perfect. What do you think Morgan?”

“Oh I've got to go to good old Colorado.” Morgan sang in a warbling voice. “I want to get laid in the snow.”

“That's settled then.” my housekeeper said. “Anything else Rohan?”

“I just have to find a tutor for the boys.” I said. “Christopher and Garth can help me find one. Jozef they will be fine with the schoolwork but I want their sparring to continue. They also need to get in the habit of sunrise meditation.”

“Well if you asked nicely I can think of two tutors close at hand.” my housekeeper said. “Yes Adam I am thinking of Brother Murray and Sister Celeste.”

“I'll call them and ask them tomorrow.” I promised the boys. “Now finish that food so we can get on with dessert.”

The monks wanted to watch some cartoons. Morgan sent me a text to saying we ought to give the monks their own DVD player and a library of cartoons. I sent a text to Emily asking her to call me tomorrow. I also sent one to Christopher and Garth asking them to call me tomorrow. Morgan smiled when I responded to his text with “overboard”. My housekeeper knew us well enough to know something was up. When I nodded at the screen and then our guests she smiled.

“Rohan that heavy mace needs some exercise and we're all too sensible to use it.” Maciej said when we said goodnight. “I will be waiting for you in the morning.”

“The problem is I'm not supposed to see the garden and even I cannot drive blindfold.” I said.

“I will drive you and the boys.” my housekeeper said. “We have a sensible car to drive now. I want to see your chapter house Donat. Care to show me around?”

“That will be my pleasure.” Donat said. He blushed when my housekeeper gave him a thank you kiss.

We made it out the house the next morning with surprising ease. The meditations flowed smoothly. Everything went along very nicely. I was feeling very good when I took up the heavy mace and advanced towards Maciej.

The spectators gasped in surprise when I drove Maciej backward with a shield slam to open the bout. After our insane workouts knocking him off-balance was far too easy. I blocked his strikes easily with my shield. Ten-minutes or so is long enough I decided. Time to show them what a heavy mace can do. This time I didn't need to use chi. I slammed the mace hard on his shield. Three times I deliberately struck the same place. Then I brought the mace across in a strike that had all my strength behind it. The mace struck the side of the shield above Maciej's arm and stopped in the middle. I'd weakened the top quarter of the shield enough to cause it to fly off in a spectacular spray of splinters. Maciej barely jerked his head aside as a large piece of wood came straight at him. Dragging his shield arm down with the weight of the mace I exposed his entire body. He batted at my mace with his but it was no contest. I struck him firmly in the stomach.

“Aren't you glad Rohan held back on that cross strike Maciej?” Jozef said offering his friend a bottle of vodka.

“Held back?” Adam gasped. “Dad could have killed an ox with that blow.”

“He only used one hand.” Jozef said.

“You're right.” Adam said. “That's my compassionate dad for you.”

“Don't worry Maciej.” Kasper said examining Maciej's shield arm. “There's plenty of nuns who will be glad to kiss your sore arm better.”

“And give you a hand in the shower.” a nun said. “I'll go first. Come along now. I'll bring him back to you after his shower Kasper.”

“No rush.” Kasper said. “Thanks Jozef I think I will take a drink.”

Maciej returned at the end of our tour. My housekeeper had deliberately asked if there was an entertainment room. Donat showed us a games room. The boys had shared our plan with Dariusz and Dylan. Dylan texted me to say he wanted to buy a TV for the monks because they were looking after Dariusz. The DVD player would be a gift from Dariusz who hadn't spent a penny of the allowance I gave him. Maciej agreed to give Dariusz and Dylan a ride to see Aleksy and Celestyna. Dariusz wanted them to know about his deepening relationship with Dylan.

“Rohan has to book tickets for Morgan's family so he can book a seat for Dariusz at the same time.” my housekeeper said. “I wasn't going to let you leave him behind. The rest of the gang need to meet him. Sanne must spend time in the gardens with him.”

“Sanne knows a lot more than me.” Dariusz protested.

“She couldn't grow a garden here and admitted it to us.” my housekeeper said. “I might not understand your talents fully. Maybe you don't know how talented you are or how to use them but you can sense things. Rohan will give you a better idea of how he sees you using your skills when you chat tomorrow. We leave early Friday morning so the two of you will spend tomorrow night with us. Morgan and Adam can torment Rohan so I can sleep in their bed. You guys can have the downstairs.”

“Thank you.” Dylan said kissing her cheek.

We said our goodbyes and headed back to the farm for breakfast. I had given Maciej the dimensions and gate hinges last night. He promised to have some sketches ready when I got to the farm. Sanne had told me Sister Colleen was choosing the gates so I would text her a picture of the sketches.

“I thought I would call you before our sunrise meditations.” Christopher said. “I know you're two hours ahead of us so I was pretty certain you'd be done playing with Maciej. He wouldn't miss an opportunity to spar with you. How is he? I'll let Catherine and Dabulamanzi know the insane workouts helped a lot. Now how can I help you?”

“The monks love watching cartoons when they visit the farm but we're away a lot.” I said. “We're going to buy them a library of DVDs so they can all enjoy them. I thought I might as well include DVDs for Kasper and the Hospitallers. Are there some you'd recommend?”

“Only about two hundred if you include the psychological side of healing.” Garth said with a chuckle. “The regular physical stuff and different methods of diagnosing disease total about one-twenty. There's also DVDs on blood tests, DNA, endocrine system, cellular healing, complementary healing and how to combine it with regular medicine. I also got some recommendations from Lao in there. I take it you want them to have the yoga and pranayama DVDs as well.”

“The problem with yoga is trying to watch the DVD while assuming a posture is pretty much impossible.” I said. “Do you know of a yoga instructor who would like a holiday in Poland? Then I will get the DVDs. She can teach them the postures and they can use the DVDs when she leaves.”

“I'll text you the link to my wish list on Amazon.” Garth said. “This includes the ones Christopher recommends. No sense in having two lists when one will do. Okay I will text your housekeeper the list.”

Because we were still ten-minutes from the farm I called Emily and asked her to check with Wincenty and the others if there were any DVDs specific to Poland we could add to our list. Every country had some films that everybody loved. She suggested some nature DVDs. Emily promised to chat to Wincenty over breakfast and put together a wish list. I asked her to call our friends in Kraków as well.

“I'll call Lawrence after breakfast to find out what TV and DVD player to buy.” my housekeeper said. “I'll do it while you book the tickets. Then we will head to the farm. Adam I want you to call Jadzia and find out what we can bring with us for lunch. We will be there in time for morning tea.”

I was glad we placed our order early enough to have one-day delivery. My housekeeper laughed and agreed it was a pity we had to wait an entire day instead of an hour. Adam had packed some sausages to replace what we would eat. Jadzia requested I cook a sausage stew for our lunch. I planned on snacking on Leszek's sausage as well but I kept those thoughts to myself.

We stopped at the workshop first because it was at the lower end of the driveway. The bamboo grove was amazing. Leszek loved his attached home. Naturally my housekeeper had to inspect his supplies. I knew Jadzia would get a list of healthy snack foods and cleaning supplies. The boys knew as well. They whispered a cleaning schedule would magically appear in the house. They didn't whisper softly enough. We all got tickled.

“I have just spoken to Sister Colleen.” Maciej said when we returned to the workshop. “She wants the garden inviting and open so we will be making her a short gate. The gate itself will be simple so we will add some drama with a heavy latch and handle. We built a gate the other day and I have some extra hardware around. We can give them the option between our latch and the one Bram sent over.”

A broad, straight black latch added drama while staying true to the overall simplicity of the gate I thought. Sister Colleen sent a text saying she loved the design and could she order two. Leszek agreed it was good to have a pretty customer place the first order. He also agreed celebrating with his mom's drop scones was a good idea. Jadzia greeted us in the yard with a plate of scones in hand. Franciszek teased Leszek about coming back when scones were ready.

“Aren't you supposed to be growing vegetables here?” Adam asked looking around. “I see a lot of flowers. This is a lovely garden but not what I expect a farm to look like.”

“We thought the same but Rohan and Tim have hidden pockets of vegetables behind the flowers in keyhole beds.” Franciszek said. “I'll show you one quickly before we go inside for tea. See how the taller flowers screen the vegetable patch?”

“Very clever.” Adam said. “You get to look out on a garden of flowers from the house that has hidden vegetables scattered through it.”

“I also have a supply of flowers to use in the house.” Jadzia said as we headed back. “Your leaking dam has proven very successful. Franciszek complains it does a lot of the work for him. Morgan there is almost no watering to be done. The channels direct the rainwater to the plants and it rains often enough for them to get plenty of water.”

“From what little I've red about permaculture the idea is to create a garden that looks after itself.” my housekeeper said. “The biggest compliment to the design is how much time Franciszek spends sitting around enjoying it.”

“Too much time.” Franciszek said. “Some days I go help Kazimierz just to feel like I earned my pay. Leszek works harder than me most days and he's having fun.”

“The animal farmers have stopped coming up because there is nothing for them to do.” Jadzia said. “When it is time to harvest or plant we call them. They are not happy about the lack of work Rohan. Honoring their agreement with you is important to them and it included working here.”

“Hipolit is testing our export business.” I said. “Do you think they farmers can spend some of the garden time working on increasing their herds? We started with pigs but I think we also need to get some cattle. I am hoping Wincenty will join me today so we can chat about it.”

“Dariusz is visiting Aleksy.” my housekeeper reminded me. “You could ask them later today.”

“They could put half the garden time into the animals.” Franciszek said. “I don't know enough about animal husbandry to know if their land can sustain more animals.”

“Jozef will be able to find out.” Maciej said. “I'll give him a call after tea.”

“Ask him to get started researching what cattle we want.” I said. “Now I can't wait any longer to go see the mounds.”

Carrying a mug of tea and a plate of scones we all headed down to the dam. I grinned in delight when we saw the amount of vegetables on the mounds. Franciszek told us he couldn't walk on the mounds. They were going to have to wait until harvest and work their way in to the middle as they cleared the beds. We took turns paddling out for a closer look. I threatened Franciszek with an increase for doing such a good job.

“My bonus will be plenty Rohan.” Franciszek said. “How much credit can I take when all I do is paddle out to see there is no disease or pests on the plants? Tim and Rohan did such a good job researching possible diseases and what to plant to keep them away there hasn't been a single problem anywhere in the garden Morgan. Although it doesn't weigh a lot the garlic will generate a lot of revenue. There is almost every variety of garlic imaginable growing throughout the garden. Lots of onions as well.”

The boys helped Franciszek harvest some spinach, broccoli, salad greens, tomatoes and onions for our lunch. Adam couldn't believe that a large basket of vegetables could be harvested without leaving an open area. There was so many plants in small spaces you couldn't notice we'd harvested anything. Jadzia loved getting her vegetables right from the garden. This saved them more money. My housekeeper sympathized with them and suggested they think of investing some of their extra cash in an animal farm.

Maciej and Leszek headed to the workshop to get started on the gate when I told them lunch would be at least another hour. The boys went for a walk through the garden. Jadzia showed off her house to my housekeeper while I cooked. Franciszek kept me company in the kitchen. I thanked him for keeping things so neat and tidy around the farm. Even the pathways gleamed. I really disliked clutter so his orderliness made me very happy.

My opportunity to munch on Leszek arose after lunch. I asked him act as my guide so I could explore the countryside on the way to meet up with Aleksy. The others were taking care of the lunch dishes and would meet us later. My housekeeper told me I had an hour. Leszek laughed in delight as I took off so fast the front of the four-wheeler lifted. Stones and dust rose around us as we raced away. I asked him to direct me to a river because I knew we would find some trees to give us cover on the river banks. Knowing we would need time for the sun to dry us I got us to the river as quickly as I could.

“Last one in gets eaten first.” I said shedding my clothing quickly.

I scooped him up and held him off the ground so I could enter the river before him. Leszek didn't seem to mind me cheating this way. The water was cold with the usual results on male anatomy. A warm mouth soon coaxed Leszek's lovely cock back out. Amidst the trees I had him sitting on the seat of our four-wheeler with his legs spread. My tongue licked his cock and balls for several minutes before I took him in my mouth. I stood him on the seat so I could grope his seat. The boys thrashed through two delicious orgasms.

“Now it's your turn.” Leszek said.

Lifting him down I set him on the ground and pointed my cock at him. He slid his lips over the head and on another inch or so. Then he stopped so he would have room to stroke me. I loved his hand on my cock as much as his mouth and tongue. More practice would be needed before he became the perfect cock sucker but he gave me a perfectly decent blowjob. There is something incredible about watching a young lad licking your dick. The sweet innocence they bring is so arousing. I gave in to the pleasure so I could watch his throat work as he swallowed my seed.

When we were on the road again I kept thinking of my seed being digested in his stomach. The thought got me hard again before we arrived at the farm. I saw the cars approaching from the other direction and opened the accelerator. Leszek shouted in triumph as we shot through the gate ahead of them.

Dylan pretended to write me a ticket when I pulled up in the yard. I pulled him down and kissed him. He added an extra fifty to the fine for bribing a cop with kisses. The chat with Aleksy and Celestyna had obviously gone well because they were openly more affectionate with each other. Dariusz even kissed me in front of his grandparents.

“Let's go sample your cake before the hordes descend on us Celestyna.” I said leading her inside. “What kept you guys? The cake is delicious.”

“There's plenty for everybody.” Celestyna said. “Dariusz and Dylan helped. These are from one of their cookbooks. They cooked us lunch as well.”

“Dariusz tells us we should congratulate Adam and Morgan.” Aleksy said. “I will pour us some vodka so we can do it properly.”

I agreed we should do two toasts because there were two of them. Celestyna blamed me for the good vodka. They were earning so much they were becoming accustomed to the good stuff. She blushed when I said such a pretty lady deserved nothing but good stuff. The others laughed when I told her to check with Aleksy if she didn't believe me. The discussion about cattle ended with everybody agreeing with the monks that separate collective ranches would be needed. One for Wincenty's collective and one for the farmers I'd relocated.

Another wager got made. We set the monks to finding cattle for my farmers and land for both ranches. I promised to let Eliasz know about the ranches. They might need more money. Aleksy and Wincenty were certain the farmers had enough saved to pay for the ranches on their own but I wanted them to have access to funding. Another round of vodka to seal the deal. Wincenty promised to let me know tomorrow that his farmers were on board. I thanked Aleksy and Celestyna for their kindness towards Dylan and Dariusz. They thanked me for their farm and for the help I was giving Dariusz.

Franciszek was driving Leszek back on the four-wheeler. Maciej was heading directly to the chapter house. We had to go straight home to get there in time to greet Eliasz and his wife. My housekeeper told me she was having a lot of fun driving around Poland and thanked me for letting her do so much of the driving. Celestyna agreed it was very good of me. Aleksy thought it made perfect sense for her not to ask me if I wanted to drive. I'd most probably say yes and get into trouble the others agreed.

“Rohan between you and me the arm is fine.” Maciej said just before I climbed in the car. “No need for the nuns to know. I think I can get Kasper to say it will take a week to heal properly. Internal bruising is slow to heal.”

“Lifting heavy loads like a bar of soap with internal bruising is not smart.” my housekeeper agreed.

“You are lucky to have such a sensible lady in charge of your home Rohan.” Maciej said.

“And a good part of my life.” I added.

“There can never be too many sensible friends in the life of a heavy mace wielder.” Maciej said. “Give Eliasz a kiss or two from me boys.”

They promised and practiced on him before hopping into the car. Adam and Morgan told me they wanted to set me a challenge when I asked what sort of wedding they wanted. One song and one flower. The song could only be sung in one voice. No channeling a choir.

“Who are you calling Dad?” Adam asked when I immediately reached for the phone. “We stumped him Morgan. He's calling in some help.”

“I bet it's a lawyer to help him wriggle out of it.” Morgan said.

“Grace you miracle worker I have a challenge for you and Petersen.” I said. “I assume Petersen insists on doing something for the wedding brunch.”

“He's doing the cake.” Grace said. “He isn't baking the cakes until Friday.”

“Good then I am in time.” I said with a smile. “Please tell Christian the boys only want one flower in the church. I don't care if it is a weed or an orchid but he only gets to pick one single stem flower. No bushy type plants with multiple stems.

Now for you and Petersen. Excluding salt and pepper you get to use one herb or spice to flavor each dish. Petersen gets one flavor for each cake including the frosting. Cinnamon and chocolate will be two unless it is a chocolate cake. A teaspoon of vanilla essence doesn't count. Almond nuts on an almond torte is okay. Hazelnut liqueur paired with hazelnuts is fine. He can't do cinnamon, chocolate and almonds. Hope I'm explaining this well enough.”

“I've got it.” Grace said. “Thank the boys for me please. I think it is a lovely challenge. No don't call Petersen. I want to call him. Goodbye Rohan. See you Friday.”

“Brilliant Dad.” Adam said. “I'm glad Grace liked the challenge. The only problem is now I can't wait to see what they come up with for us.”

“Christian will go into a panic mode.” Morgan said. “He'll worry about getting it wrong. I'll phone him later. No sense in spoiling the other's fun.”

“Even if you call he will worry.” my housekeeper said. “I guess it is better for him to worry less.”

Katarzyna and Eliasz were having tea with Kazimierz and Natalia. We all laughed when Eliasz told Kazimierz he had found the only boss who didn't want his staff to look busy. My housekeeper warned if I caught him having tea again I'd give him a raise.

“Boys please update our friends while I get the lasagna ready.” I said. “Eliasz if you don't mind we'll chat while the lasagnas bake.”

“Certainly Rohan.” Eliasz said. “I'll keep Kazimierz from overworking by sharing a bottle with him.”

“Rohan you are not just serving lasagna so I'll give you a hand.” my housekeeper said. “Show me the recipe and I'll get the garlic bread baking in the bread machines. Thank you Natalia we can do with your help.”

Natalia prepared the vegetables for the lasagna and helped my housekeeper. My housekeeper assured me the order for the chapter house would be delivered to my courier in town for delivery to the chapter house. I had to call them and check they would be able to rush it out tomorrow. The owner told me he would send his son to deliver it because his son knew how to hook up the TV.

“Do they have somewhere to store the DVDs?” I asked. “Way too late now but maybe we can get something locally.”

“Emily is taking care of the furniture.” my housekeeper said. “I sent her pictures of what Lawrence suggested. She visited the furniture store in town with Tomek. Right now it is all in the back of the Audi. Your courier promised to call her when they head out to the chapter house.”

“My life would be such a mess without her Natalia.” I said kissing my housekeeper soundly. “Thanks to her help the chaos is minimal.”

Thanks to their help I got dinner ready in record time. Nothing but blackberry cobbler would do after her wonderful work with the entertainment system and DVDs. The lasagnas didn't need to go in for another thirty minutes so we joined the others.

“There's a conspiracy brewing.” I said the moment I stepped on to the terrace and saw the grinning scurvy knaves.

“I don't know about conspiracy but I must tell you before Frederick does I have to ask for more money.” Eliasz said. “The shops can't cope with all the business and work the hours you want Rohan. Nikodem was no doubt too embarrassed about the loan to mention it when you visited. Anyway we are opening up another shop here and in Kraków. I'm sorry Rohan but if the export side goes well we might need a fifth shop or a joint depot to handle the export.”

“Why are they borrowing from me if business is doing so well?” I asked. “Surely the banks would be happy to lend them the money.”

“They don't want to overextend themselves.” Eliasz said with a blatant wink at the boys.

“Hogwash!” I snorted. “They are getting me to finance it so they can pay me a share of the profits. I've noticed they haven't bought out any of my shares in the existing shops yet. They keep complaining about all the money they are making. How much are we making?”

“Right now your share is a paltry twenty-thousand.” Eliasz said. “This will get better when the second shops open.”

“That's just from the meat shop isn't it?” I asked. “Then judging by the grins I assume you boys did okay from the farm?”

“Remember how we were talking about investment properties in Winchester Dad?” Adam asked. “We discussed it with Eliasz. He agreed it was a good thing for us to do. Morgan and I made enough from Poland to get our first investment property. A wedding gift to ourselves.”

“Our money from the hydroponics back home is enough for us.” Morgan said. “We've asked Eliasz to look for an investment property here. Somebody taught me to support the local economy. You're doing enough of that in Winchester without our help. I know it will take time to build up but we have to take the first step.”

“The good thing is our dividends will be at least half the cost of an apartment.” Adam continued. “Maybe even as much as two-thirds. Eliasz knows a good bank that will give us a good rate on our loan for the rest. We may end up with four properties by the end of the year. Unfortunately Poland isn't as enlightened as you about boys our age owning property. We might need to buy it in your name. You will let us pay you back from the rent and do it just as if it were the two us buying it won't you Dad?”

“Yes I will.” I said. “Eliasz can set it up in my name. Engineers and architects from the chapter house can have a look at it for us. The students can learn from it.”

“I'll call Donat tomorrow to let him know to expect a call.” Eliasz said. “Wincenty called while you were on the way from the farm and let me know about the cattle ranches. I'll call you early next week with the details once the farmers have discussed it. Rohan you are paying me to represent you just like Wincenty represents the farmers so there's no need for you to attend the meeting. Take care of Dylan and Dariusz tomorrow. A little time to relax won't hurt you any.”

“That depends on how you define hurt.” my housekeeper said. “You're right Eliasz. Rohan will let you earn your pay. That sounds like the timer. Let's eat. I'm starved.”

“Must be the country air.” I said.

“More like the extra energy it takes to keep you out of trouble.” my housekeeper said.

We were relaxing after dinner when Brother Murray returned my call. He thanked me for offering the two of them the post of tutor. The extra two weeks in England guaranteed he was getting laid tonight. Brother Murray told me Christian was a bundle of nerves choosing a single flower. They were having a lot of fun with him. The only help Marion would give him was to make him a cup of tea. Leif and Petersen were driving Caryn down to Winchester tonight. Amanda and Sophie were handling some of the decorating chores in Blyth for her tomorrow morning. She agreed when they told her they worked for Emily back in America. They also promised to send her pictures.

“The gang will be waiting for us Friday morning in London.” I said when I ended the call. “Morgan we will head to Winchester soon after your family gets in. They'll want a bite to eat. I promise we will leave as soon as we finish eating. Katarzyna it is just a three-hour drive.”

A travel show and a murder mystery followed dinner. Eliasz asked us to excuse them but it had been a long day and they still had an hour-long drive to get home. I sent them home with a bottle of wine and some nice vodka. The boys had to test the sleeping arrangements my housekeeper had proposed for tomorrow. I agreed it wouldn't do to discover my bed was uncomfortable when there was no time to make alternative plans. I guessed by the fact I had to blow them awake in the morning they found the bed tolerable. Morgan agreed with Adam it was as tolerable as the method used to wake them. Double-team and double comfort did go so well together.

“A double load fits in there quite nicely.” I said.

“You guys better be ready in double-quick time.” my housekeeper warned. “Coffees brewing and you better be ready with it.”

She met us as we were heading down the hallway. I was so excited about the DVD and TV delivery to the chapter house and spending the day with Dylan and Dariusz. After my demolition of Maciej yesterday there was only one timid monk brave enough to step forward to spar. He was completely outmatched and knew it. Everybody else did as well. We sparred for just a few minutes before I called a halt and taught him the rolling hands drill.

“There are members of our Order who never use a weapon.” I said gently. “There is no dishonor in trying. You stepped up when nobody else would.”

“I thought it was the only chance I'd ever get to spar with the Grand Master.” he admitted.

“What you need is a volunteer to help you with the rolling hands drill.” I said. “Practice this one technique as often as you can. Kasper will help you strengthen your wrists and make certain you don't overdo it. Work on this drill. Nothing else but this drill. You can start with a dagger until your wrists get stronger. When I next visit we will spar again. Now who is willing to help him?”

“I will.” a pretty nun said. “Like him I am not very good with weapons. Together we will work on this until we are competent. Rohan I have seen what your faith in Dariusz has achieved. You sound certain this will help him so I know it will help me as well. He was very brave in sparring against you. I like brave men.”

“You will be needing to find some more courage soon.” Maciej said slapping the monk on the back and almost dislodging his glasses. “I couldn't think of a finer reward. Later when you've practiced I'll spar with you both. Rohan is living proof anybody can learn to use a weapon. He's lucky my shield broke yesterday.”

“I think you're lucky it was only your shield that broke.” Donat said. “None of us can wait for the rematch.”

“Don't use up all your luck sparring with the others.” Maciej advised me. “You'll need it.”

“We can stay for breakfast but will need to leave soon.” I said. “Thank you for the invitation. I've been ordered to rest and relax today.”

“Until he starts cooking this afternoon.” my housekeeper said. “Now let's move along. Rohan needs to rest and he won't get it if he stays here this morning.”

Morgan and Adam knew the real reason for my housekeeper rushing us along. I smiled at them and winked at Dylan and Dariusz. We had a very nice breakfast of eggs, bread and sausage. When Donat asked me if I'd like some vodka I suggested he wait a couple of hours. I promised I'd keep some close at hand so I could join him in a toast later.

“Very well. I will wait.” Donat said. “We will have this toast before lunch though. I am not a very patient man.”

Adam sent Emily a text asking her to let me know when she was arriving at the chapter house so I could get the vodka ready. Dariusz and Dylan couldn't wait for that phone call. I asked Dariusz how he felt about being away from the garden. He told me he never felt any distance between himself and the garden. When he had joined us in northern Poland he had learned how connected he was. This time he would be gone for several days but the garden was even more established now. He put it very well when he told us the garden had put down roots in the soil and in his heart. They would both be fine. He was curious to hear what I wanted to share with them.

“Let's wait an hour and have some tea before we chat.” I said. “Yes Dylan I will bake us some scones in the meantime.”

I had just started preparing the dough when my housekeeper told me Emily had sent her a text to tell her they were arriving at the chapter house. She poured us all a shot of vodka. We waited for the phone to ring with the vodka ready. The waiting continued. Almost an hour passed before Donat called.

“Zdrowie!” Donat said simply.

“Cheers!” I said nodding to the others who repeated the toast loudly so Donat could hear.

“Rohan the TV and DVD player for our entertainment room was a very good gift but the smaller one for Kasper means we'll never get him out his room.” Donat said.

“You will have to scold my housekeeper.” I said with a smile. “I had no idea she was ordering it. Now I'd better check to see what else she has been up to.”

“Have you been drinking since you left us?” Donat asked. “I'd rather spar against you and your heavy mace than scold your housekeeper. Tonight we will drink too much and watch too many cartoons. Yes we will blame you, your housekeeper and your sons. Your entire family had a hand in this and none of you will escape our thanks. Now I must go and help Maciej and Jozef test everything before the clever man leaves.”

Emily called about thirty-minutes later to say they were still testing the system. I thanked her for her help in getting them organized. There are a few scones here if you have time for a detour. Emily did have time for fresh-baked scones. In between mouthfuls of scones she let us know Kasper was testing his entertainment system with some of the medical DVDs. He'd been moved to tears when they had unpacked everything.

“When I kissed him goodbye he didn't pause in his note-taking.” Emily said. “I left him watching the DVD and scribbling his notes. Sending Donat a text to remind them to feed Kasper would be a good idea. Sorry I can't stay for lunch. I'm joining Wincenty at one of the farms. They're having their meeting over lunch. I still need to pick up Eliasz. You guys have a wonderful wedding. Please remind Tim and Lawrence if they don't stream it live I will skin them.”

“We'll manage it somehow.” Adam promised. “Let's make it twelve Polish time. That way we will have time to spar a little before the ceremony.”

“You won't see or hear much.” Morgan warned. “We've asked Rohan to keep it very minimal.”

“That just makes me want to see it even more.” Emily said. “One flower. One song. Oh it will be epic. Love you guys. Must dash.”

While we were enjoying sandwiches and soup I got a call from Christopher. He put it on speaker phone so Garth could join in. I learned my housekeeper had sent everything on the wish list to them as well. None of us believed she only did it because they were looking after the boys' health. Dylan correctly guessed Tracy would find the same DVDs waiting for her when she got home. My housekeeper told them to give any duplicate copies to a chapter house.

“We'll get our laundry to the cleaners so we are ready to leave tomorrow.” Tim said. “I'll make certain it is ready before midday or we'll wait until we get to Winchester. Do you boys think you've grown recently? I want to get your outfits this afternoon.”

“Have Lawrence call me and I'll double-check the measurements.” my housekeeper said. “We don't have time to take a chance. Rohan wants to chat with Dariusz and Dylan so I can take the boys measurements then.”

Although I appeared calm and relaxed I could feel the impatience to get back to England building. There was no getting around that things had to happen tomorrow. The flight from America would get in tomorrow no matter what I did so there was no sense in rushing back tonight. I led the boys off for a chat a few minutes later.

“Dariusz we need to do a little experimenting before we invest in huge parcels of land.” I said once we settled on a bench in the garden. “You will know when the time is right but I am thinking Spring might be a good time to get started on something bigger than the garden you've helped create. Dariusz it will help if you speak to Lao to confirm my feelings. I will share what I feel and see for you. Then you can chat with Lao. Ultimately you must decide. Wherever you feel drawn is where you ought to go. I will support any decision you make in any way I can.”

“I'll support you as well.” Dylan said. “Come on Dad the suspense is killing us.”

“Dariusz I think you can use the chi healing technique I've been taught to use on people to help plants.” I said. “You work well with the land. I think if you used this technique you could get healthier more abundant crops. My idea is for you to have several farms that you do energy work on. I want to see if we can double or triple the average yield on each piece of land without depriving the soil of nutrients.”

“Won't that take a lot of time?” Dariusz asked.

“I think it will take less time with practice.” I said. “The only way we will know is if you test in on your garden now. Dylan can keep time while I guide you through it. When you feel you've done enough chi work then stop. Initially it might take a while for the chi to rebuild the soil and heal the land but once that's done I don't think maintaining it will take long. You might get through each piece of land in five minutes or less. I can't say because I don't know how you will grow as a person through this work. You may find you only need to do ten minutes for each farm but want to enjoy more time doing this work in the day because it helps you.”

Then I went on to share the spontaneous visualization and visualizing chi. I spoke of how the distance between him and the garden didn't apply to thought or energy. There wouldn't be much energy work needed for the garden at the chapter house. Dariusz had got it to grow on a bedrock of chi. This was an easy place to start. Sure enough fifteen minutes later he finished. I then had him do energy work on the garden here and Franciszek's garden. These two gardens kept us out there for just over an hour. I suggested they take a walk through the garden with Kazimierz and have Dariusz explain what he felt. This would help Dariusz learn to express his intuitive knowledge. He would also get an idea of what dryness felt like in comparison to the feeling he got from depleted soil.

I waved Kazimierz over and explained what we had done. He was happy to walk through the garden with the boys. I asked if he had a notepad with him. What I wanted was for him to look at any area Dariusz pointed out and write what he noticed. Kazimierz had already identified some areas he wanted to work on. I suggested he list them so they could see how many Dariusz had picked up on. Dariusz would also be able to tell him if the chi would be enough to heal these areas or confirm what it needed. This farm belonged to the boys so I would send Morgan and Adam to join them. They would need to decide if they trusted Dariusz' assessment. Kazimierz agreed to work with their choices even if it felt uncomfortable.

Once again my housekeeper and Natalia helped me with dinner. I had swatted the other two out the door. While we diced the vegetables I warned Natalia her husband might be a little grumpy for a few days. My housekeeper came up with the brilliant idea that Kazimierz might be more relaxed if he experienced what we were on about when we spoke of chi. I asked Natalia if she'd like to try it as well. She thought I was joking when I told her the difficult part was accepting how easy it was.

The boys had been very understanding. They had kept some areas free of the amendments Kazimierz wanted to add but allowed him to feed some of the other areas. This way they could do a test. Dariusz had told Kazimierz how much of each nutrient to add. I asked the boys to see if Sanne could take a Skype call. Sanne was enjoying some quiet time with Bram in the local near the bed and breakfast.

“Rohan do you have more work for us?” Sanne asked with a smile.

“No I have more work for Kazimierz.” I said. “I need a controlled environment to do a little experimenting. Kazimierz tells me he has a small space in the basement he can wall off for a hydroponic system. This will be a lot more comfortable for them to work in than outdoors when the weather turns.”

“How specific do you need to get Rohan?” Sanne asked. “True if it is an experiment the more data we collect the better. They will need a laptop, some sensors and some software. I will email Kazimierz the link. Everything else he can get locally. They sell the sensors as well. I'll include links to articles on how to set them up. How big an area are we talking about?”

“We will need room for us to sit in front of the plants.” Kazimierz said. “Natalia do you mind if we use a third of the basement? The outdoor work will be dropping off a lot soon so if we can grow vegetables indoors that will be good.”

“Kazimierz we have so much room let's do half.” Natalia said. “Bram is it difficult to move these walls we are building? I will help Kazimierz. I guess we can just keep adding more walls without moving the first lot. Smart man you have there Sanne.”

“I will send you some links showing you how to build the walls.” Bram said. “There is a list of what you will need depending on the length of the wall. I think they show you for every ten meters so it is easy to calculate. Maciej will be a good contact for this project. What's Rohan up to?”

“Rohan is about to introduce these two people to some chi work.” I said. “We've already started but I'll let them fill you in. We'd welcome your thoughts.”

“I'm calling Franciszek with some things I've discovered so I'm sabotaging both farms.” Dariusz said when Sanne accused me of sabotage. “We know you were joking. I am curious about your thoughts on what I felt.”

“The chi is new to me so I cannot offer thoughts on the areas you aren't feeding.” Sanne said. “You got a garden to grow using chi where I thought nothing would grow for years so I have faith. Your other observations were very close to what Kazimierz was planning. You got that right. I think you did a great job. Lao will like to see how your hydroponic vegetables grow with chi.”

“All Rohan has to do is somehow teach two Polish peasants how to use chi.” Natalia said.

“He taught me pretty quickly.” Dariusz said. “You live close to the earth and work in a garden so you will be fine. The hardest part is accepting how easy it is.”

“That's what Rohan told me.” Natalia said. “I thought he was joking.”

“We've intruded long enough.” I said. “Enjoy the rest of your day. We will meet you guys at The Queen's Lancer for breakfast. Thank you for your help Sanne.”

The boys promised to keep an eye on the stews while I went to the garden to give my chi lesson. My housekeeper promised they would stir them every ten minutes. Yes she would add more vodka to the chicken and beer to the beef if the liquid looked low. Any more nattering and she'd add some vodka to herself to cope. Natalia dragged me to safety. Dariusz was correct in saying their closeness to the garden would make it easy for the two of them. I even had them work on small areas of the garden that Dariusz had told me were strong. Then we shifted the focus to the weak spots. A grinning Natalia told me it was a lot of fun. Kazimierz agreed it would be a useful tool.

“Yes you can use this with food and drink to help you pick the right foods.” I said. “Remember you need different foods on different days so always start fresh. Try it on the stews.”

Natalia felt drawn to the chicken so she ate more chicken than the beef. She had to try the beef stew though. They would both work with chi to plan their menu for the next month. I was as curious as them to see what changes they made. Life is so rich with mystery I thought. Dylan had to watch some Foghorn. Adam texted Maciej to ask if they had got Kasper food in time. Maciej responded by calling to scold us.

“Kasper chose some volunteers for some new medical tests after watching those DVDs.” Maciej complained. “Guess who volunteered? Adam I have no idea what he is doing. The list was long enough to reach Warsaw. The two you have learning rolling hands are on the list. He's drawing blood from them now. Donat is getting drunk because all these tests will blow the budget. I'm afraid to step outside my room now.”

“He was one of the volunteers?” I asked. “Good. Tell him the farms did well so they will get a nice donation for their help as consultants. I'll get Garth to chat with Kasper so he doesn't go overboard. Thanks for helping him with his studies.”

“Thank you Rohan.” Maciej said. “I'll give your thank you kiss to your housekeeper. She can give it to you. We are finishing the gates tomorrow morning. I'm sure Franciszek and Jadzia won't mind helping with the walls and dinner. Leszek will enjoy building them. Donat might want to escape as well. Leave us plenty of good vodka.”

“I'll have Kazimierz pick up a couple of cases.” I said. “London is two hours behind us so I'll call Garth now.”

Garth laughed so hard he had to give the phone to Christopher who started laughing so hard he had to hang up. They called us back twenty-minutes later. They would have a word with Kasper. The two of them were curious to see what he was up to. The yoga instructor would arrive on Saturday. When we finished chatting I called Donat to arrange for somebody to fetch the instructor from the train station. Dariusz offered her the use of his cottage. Donat promised he'd get every monk and nun to do the yoga classes. I thanked him and wished him well with Kasper.