The Pervert And The Virgin – Part Forty-Nine

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The next morning Emily arrived early enough to join in sunrise meditations. She'd dragged Wincenty with so he could update us about the cattle ranches on the drive to Kraków. Natalia and Kazimierz left with us to go in to Katowice. Morgan told them they had asked Lawrence and Tim to get the video stream set up. Lawrence would call them to make certain they had everything they needed to watch it on their side.

Off we went with Emily driving so I could chat with Wincenty. There wasn't much to say. Even though they had the money the farmers were financing the ranches through me. Wincenty openly admitted it was so I could make money. Adam told me it was their way of saying thank you for all I'd done to help them and their countrymen so I would accept it with good grace. Emily promised Morgan a special kiss in Kraków for telling me dropping the grouch was an early wedding gift for them. Smart lad that he was Morgan made certain to collect his special kiss.

“You'll love the garage conversion.” Emily said. “That's all I can say. No it isn't finished yet but it will be before the boys fly back to America.”

“Thank you for everything.” I said hugging her. “You and Wincenty have been very good to us and for us. Promise me you will let me know if I can help you?”

“We promise Rohan.” Wincenty said.

“Call me if you can't reach Rohan.” my housekeeper said hugging him. “I promise to use Rohan's resources. I'm saving my money for my retirement. Let's go Rohan. We have a plane to catch.”

Dariusz was flying for the first time so we all had Irish coffees once we were off the ground. I made Dariusz promise me never to fly coach or travel by train in anything less than first class. He promised and sealed it with a kiss. I declined the breakfast because it wasn't worth the energy expenditure to eat such a small snack. Dariusz smiled when I went on about the breakfast we'd enjoy at The Queen's Lancer.

“I'm sorry Sir you cannot bring a sword in to the country.” the customs official said.

“This is part of my religious garb and I am conducting a wedding tomorrow.” I said with a sigh. “Just because you haven't heard of a marriage ceremony involving a sword doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Do me a favor and call Gregory. Tell him Rohan is here and running out of patience.”

Would you believe Gregory came down and told me I couldn't bring a sword in to the country? Well he did. I decided I'd had enough stupidity for one day.

“Come along boys.” I said lifting my bag off the counter. “There's more idiocy here than in an asylum. Gregory think long and hard about who you send to stop me. Those three guys approaching aren't going to do it. You'd better call for another three. I'll wait. Dylan please look after this bag and feel free to use the sword on any idiot who tries to take it. You guys might want to wait here while I clear the way.”

“What's the meaning of calling for six security officers Gregory?” a tall man bellowed from behind the line of uniformed guards. “I can't believe you are you upsetting Rohan again after the last chat we had. You really need that sword for the wedding Rohan?”

“Yes, we're a militant order.” I said. “The sword acts as a focus. Much like tapping the shoulder when you knight somebody.”

“Purely to satisfy my curiosity would you have made it through these six guys?” the man asked with a smile.

“I would have hurt some of them very badly but I would have made it through.” I said. “I'm going to study how to use less force when I return to America. The problem is I have too little patience to deal with the idiocy of custom officials like Gregory and his minions. You'd think with all my traveling I'd be used to it.”

“Hopefully you never will get used to it.” the man said. “These gentleman will step aside for you. Gregory will make certain you aren't faced with any idiocy ever again in this airport. Gregory if he is carrying a nuclear warhead in his carry-on you will let him through. You will get word to every customs officer that unless he is carrying illegal drugs Rohan will be let through. This applies to anybody he is traveling with. Better add that his word is good enough to that memo. You will walk around and tell everybody these new orders. My apologies for the delay Rohan. Please pass on my best wishes to Christopher and Garth.”

“Thank you for stepping in.” I said. “I'll be happy to pass on your regards. You can wish the happy couple now. These two boys are getting married tomorrow.”

“Congratulations lads.” the man said. “I wish you everything of the best. Where are you getting married? Winchester. That's where I met my life-partner.”

“Thank you for helping us this morning.” Adam said. “We'd have had to spend hours here dealing with the police and there's so much to arrange. Our outfits, streaming the wedding to our friends in Poland, meeting up with my in-laws.”

“A couple of smart people in our group are arranging the streaming.” Morgan explained. “Sharing it with you is the least we can do for your help. You're welcome to join us in person.”

“My life partner is too ill to travel so the video will be good for us to watch.” the man said with visible sadness. “I'm Charlie and my life-partner is Noah.”

“We have some people traveling with us who know a lot about healing Charlie.” Adam said. “Would you mind if we asked them to visit Noah? We can wait an hour. Tim and Lawrence will be able to set you guys up to receive the stream while the healers do their thing.”

“Gregory you're in charge for today.” Charlie said suddenly. “Try not to upset too many other visiting dignitaries. I'm taking some time off to cool down. Don't let this go to your head or I'll bring Rohan back with me to sort out any more of your messes.”

“You really must join us for breakfast.” Adam said slipping his hand into Charlie's hand. “I think you could do with a nice Irish coffee.”

“Mom! Dad! Sam!” Morgan shouted dropping his bag and running towards his family.

“You will pay for this Rohan.” my housekeeper said. “I agree it will be worth any price.”

Morgan pulled me down and kissed me. He smiled when I told him whatever the price it was worth it. We greeted his family and introduced them to Charlie. Then we hopped on the Underground. When we were approaching the door to The Queen's Lancer a guy was trying to barge past Bernard. I grabbed the back of his shirt, smacked his head hard against the door frame and tossed him aside.

“Care to join me for a drink Bernard?” I asked.

“I think we could both use a double.” Bernard said looking at groaning guy on the sidewalk.

“You two stay where you are.” I said as Christopher got up. “Call some others to look after him. A few stitches in his forehead and he'll be fine. I'm not interested in the details of his idiocy Garth. Thanks to Charlie we avoided some unpleasantries at the airport. You two and Tracy can help his life-partner if you must help somebody. The boys can fill you in. I need to have a drink with Bernard.”

“Feeling better my Love?” Tim said approaching the bar after I knocked back my second double.

“One more and I will be back to my usual self.” I sad pulling him close. “Care to join me?”

“I'll have a single please Bernard.” Tim said. “Cheers!”

“Cheers!” I said touching my glass to his. “Thank you for arranging the stress relief for me Bernard. I'll go join the others now. Any chance of breakfast served by a pretty waitress?”

“You called Master.” Matilda said linking her arm in mine and leading me to our private group area. “The idiot thought my smile meant sex in the back alley. Bernard was trying to usher him out gently but he kept trying to get back in. He's still fighting the Hospitallers.”

“I'll go help them.” I said opening my bag and pulling out the short sword.

“There's nothing like the point of a sword at your throat to get your attention no matter how drunk you are.” Tim said to Matilda as they watched me keep the man still.

“Now do I need to lend these two kind ladies my sword or will you go with them to the clinic for a complete check-up nice and quietly?” I asked when they finished stitching his cut. “You will do whatever they say. You will do it willingly. The clinic is only two blocks away. I think you realize disturbing my breakfast will really piss me off. He's all yours ladies. Text Garth if you have any trouble. Then start getting ready to treat this man's broken bones. May I help you Officer?”

“I just wanted to compliment you on handling that so nicely Sir.” the bobby said.

“Thank you. Call me Rohan.” I said. “Would you like a nip of the good stuff? I know you're on duty but one won't hurt. Good man. Come back when you get off duty for a meal on me. Bernard will let the others know to expect you. The clinic is two blocks east if you'd like to go check on the man. I really would be very irate if I had to go calm him down again.”

“No trouble at all.” the bobby said. “This little incident will look good on my report. Usually I have nothing to report. The only gang in my territory has even started behaving. I'll gladly pass on your best wishes to them. Well I better get over to the clinic.”

“What a lovely officer.” I said making it to the table at last. “I hope somebody got his badge number.”

“I'll text the nuns and ask them to make a note of it.” Garth said. “Did you have a run-in with Gregory? Charlie he came through customs and for Rohan to be this mad it had to involve Gregory. I knew it the moment he smacked that poor guy's head against the door frame. Thank you for stepping in at the airport. We would have been busy all day dealing with the fallout from that little scuffle.”

“Our biggest concern for Rohan would have been the emotional pain it would have caused him.” Christopher said to Charlie. “He took care of three special-ops guys on a train by himself. Do you think two of you guys could handle one special-ops guy? I don't either. These aren't toy swords. Rohan had twenty-three stitches put in his side the other day in a sparring match. They usually end when you mark your opponent. We are serious about our weapons training just as we are serious about helping others.”

“People like Noah.” Garth said. “Why don't we go sit at that empty table and chat about Noah? Come along Tracy we'll need your help.”

“Me I don't know nearly as much as you guys.” Tracy protested. “Yes Lao has taught me how to do a liver cleanse and flush the kidneys. You want to check his blood before you go releasing more toxins. No need for more blood tests. You can check it by taking his pulse and the look of his tongue. Haven't you guys watched the DVD on different methods of diagnosis or traditional Chinese medicine? Bring them with you and watch them tonight. Don't worry Charlie I know a wise monk in Poland who has watched the DVDs. We'll rope him in to help. These two will be a lot wiser tomorrow. Between us we'll have Noah joining us here for breakfast in no time.”

“Make certain it isn't a day when Rohan has to pass through customs.” Abby said. “The excitement might cause a relapse.”

“I thought he was very restrained.” Juliet said. “Nicely done Rohan. Why don't you treat yourself to another Irish coffee?”

“Thank you Juliet.” I said. “You are as wise as you are pretty. Now how is Caryn doing in Winchester?”

“No idea.” Sophie said. “Yes I'll call her for you. Hand me your phone. Sophie here Caryn. Rohan wants to know if we need to bring you anything? A dozen contractors or five painting crews perhaps? He'll be sorry to hear you have everything under control. What about some flowers? A new paddle? Good girl. Rohan you have to go shopping for a paddle. Only one though.”

“Everybody is getting in on this minimal lark.” I grumbled. “You are lucky I promised no more grouch.”

“Thank heavens you can still be a royal bastard.” Tim said. “My Love if you need to buy more than one paddle there is a loving husband who has missed his husband terribly this week. Riding in a streetcar is fun but not that much fun. There's plenty of room to swig a paddle in our little tub as well. Have I mentioned you're the best husband I've ever had? Well you are.”

“I'll go shopping for some paddles while you visit Noah.” I said. “They want to watch the stream of the wedding. You and Lawrence need to go set things up for them. Besides I know you'll enjoy it if I kept the paddle a surprise. Dylan are you and Dariusz nearly done? We have some shopping to do.”

The rest of the gang chose to wait at The Queen's Lancer. We left to go buy a couple of paddles. Charlie took his group back to his place to meet Noah. My eyes lit up when I spotted a milkshake place on the way to the adult gift store.

“Why are you so sad?” I asked a little girl standing at the back of a group of schoolchildren.

“My tummy hurts when I have milk so I can't have a milkshake.” she said. “That's my teacher Miss Johnson over there.”

The other teacher assured Miss Johnson she'd be fine for ten-minutes. I led the little girl and Miss Johnson around the corner to a health food store. We returned with a case of almond milk and six tubs of almond ice-cream. They had a vegan chocolate sauce in the health food store which drove the last trace of sadness from the girl. She giggled when I explained Dylan and Dariusz were here to carry things. I was on my way to buy a paddle so they knew to behave. The guy making the shakes listened as I explained the quantities of the ingredients. I ordered an almond shake for myself. Dariusz, Dylan and Miss Johnson also got one.

“Yes Dad I know.” Dylan said heading to the cashier. “Have you calculated how much their bill is? That includes the other two non-dairy ones? Add three more non-dairy to that total and charge it to this card. Miss Johnson my dad is having a rough day and doing this will help him feel better. Look at him with his new friend over there. Seeing him smile is worth three times this price. No that's not a four pound tip it's forty. You red it right. Good of you to check. I think we'll wait for dad here and let him chat with his new friend.”

The schoolkids headed off a few minutes later. My new friend thanked me for giving Miss Johnson the recipe for the non-dairy milkshake. The boys were too full to do another but I had to try the regular shakes. How could I invite the gang on a milkshake date without trying the milkshake first I asked. My son is very generous with my money I agreed with the cashier. Dariusz laughed and Dylan swatted me for making that comment while leaving a twenty pound tip for my shake.

“She had such a lovely smile.” I said with a sigh.

“The schoolkid or the cashier?” Dylan asked.

“Both.” I said. “Behave yourself or I'll test the paddle before I buy it. Thank you for the shakes guys. Delicious.”

The shop assistant was unpacking some solid oak paddles with round holes in them. She kindly agreed to sell five of them to me. I had them all gift wrapped for an extra two pounds each. Her eyes widened when I handed Dylan one of the gift wrapped paddles. When we returned to the pub I handed one to Morgan and one to Juliet. I chatted to Betty while we waited for the others to return from seeing Noah.

“I saw Noah smile for the first time in weeks when these five showed up each carrying a bunch of flowers for him.” Charlie said. “Then he smiled again when Tracy told him he'd have to get well so he could get off his medication and let her share her bottle with him. There is a brilliant doctor in Poland called Kasper who came up with a treatment plan in less than ten-minutes. Tim sent him the results of the recent blood tests Noah had done last week and now I have a shopping list of things to get.”

“We've arranged for a herbalist from the clinic to go shopping with him and call us if they have any problems Rohan.” Garth said. “Kasper was brilliant. Seems the DVD on cellular health resonated with him. He didn't bother to ask what the diagnosis was but worked solely on getting the cells healthy.”

“There was such a calmness about him I have no doubt this will work.” Charlie said. “Kasper gives the impression that as far as he's concerned Noah's recovery is unavoidable. Garth tells me there is no charge. I merely see how things unfold and offer a donation. One that gets me a tax break. Kasper left it to Noah to decide if he wants to continue his current treatment while on the new treatment. Noah will keep taking his medication and see how he feels in a couple of weeks.”

“Yes Lance you are right it does seem to work that way.” Nancy said. “Charlie this sweet boy entered our lives through an unpleasant incident on the Underground and he pointed out how you got help for Noah through an unpleasant incident in the airport.”

“I owe Gregory a big thank you.” Charlie said. “Sorry Rohan but I might have to promote the man.”

“Make his promotion dependent on him seeing a psychologist at one of Garth's clinics.” I said. “Honestly I think he has a lot of potential. This is a lot easier to see when I am not dealing with his sniveling Tim. A little counseling to get that snivel cleared up and he'll be very good at his job. Provided he agrees to seek help I am willing to support his promotion. You can tell him Charlie.”

“Why a psychologist from Garth's clinics?” Charlie asked.

“They know about herbal remedies to support the brain.” I said. “Most importantly they can impress upon him the folly of trying to take away any weapons I might be carrying in my luggage. I've promoted people and kicked their ass a week later.”

“That's true.” Garth said. “I remember how you promoted a monk to help an abbot and then promoted him to head of a chapter house a week later. Adam the monk was so happy to have his own chapter house he didn't think to ask which one. Turns out he was going to a remote little village in outer Mongolia somewhere. Chen will know the name.”

“The first promotion inflated the man's ego beyond what Rohan could bear.” Christopher explained. “I found him insufferable within three days.”

“What about the poor monks and nuns at the chapter house?” Tim asked.

“Rohan waited for a week while they got the chapter house ready before promoting him.” Christopher said. “The main is in charge of a chapter house with no other monk or nun. Chen tells me he is a changed man. I'm not willing to take a chance and bring him back yet. Sometimes Chen sends a monk or nun out to live there for a while. I suppose I ought to show an interest in him someday.”

“You just did.” I said with a smile. “Tracy put it on the agenda for my annual check-in with Christopher three years from now.”

“Why don't we wait until after Christopher gives the man a call later today?” Tracy asked. “Despite getting word from Chen of him being a changed man the two of you have done nothing to bring him back or place him in charge of others. I don't care how insufferable he was the two of you have behaved badly and embarrassed me. That man is attending the meeting in the Andes if I have to send the helicopter to pick him up. Now where's Chen? I am going to let him know the man will be a part of his group. You guys are so lucky you didn't buy me a paddle. No wonder I have to keep a bottle at hand.”

“She does have a point.” Christopher said.

“Yes she does but I don't know if I am man enough to admit it now.” I said. “Why don't you show me where you bought your flowers for Noah?”

“We'll walk slowly to give her time to cool I mean talk to Chen.” Christopher said. “Betty be a dear and fill these mugs of ours. I don't want to dehydrate on the walk.”

“Why the kiss Abby?” I asked while I waited for our beers.

“You guys are amazingly quick to apologize and admit when you're wrong.” Abby said. “Senior managers always seem to want to deflect the blame and take the credit. You guys do the opposite. That's anything but embarrassing. I'm coming along to make certain you don't apologize too profusely. Thanks but I've had enough beer for now.”

Abby reminded us we needed vases. I told Tracy the flowers were our way of acknowledging she was right. Christopher even promised to apologize to the monk when they spoke later. He would call on the drive to Winchester.

“Tracy I had to buy two bunches.” I said. “You are accepting one on behalf of Genta. I let him down but he wouldn't want flowers to wilt on a grave. Right now anybody who knew him would tell you he'd love you to have the flowers. Tracy you can be cross with me for as long as you want. I just did what I felt was right. Now I think it is time for us to go pick up rental cars and leave.”

“This is what you've taught the boys.” Tracy said thoughtfully as we made our way across to the car rental place. “I'm mad and disappointed in you so I shove the love aside. This sort of behavior will make you feel embarrassed about me.”

“No it won't any more than your bottle does.” I said quietly. “Tracy it took me years to learn this from Genta. What is embarrassing is how much quicker the boys are learning it.”

“Why do we shove the love aside Boss?” Tracy asked. “Logically it seems so silly. I guess we do think that we cannot be mad and loving towards somebody at the same time. Your housekeeper scolds you lovingly. That's quite a trick.”

“She's quite a lady.” I said.

“Oh Boss you love her so much.” Tracy said brightening. “I hope one day you will grow to love me as much. You've shown me your love for me but with her it feels deeper. More like an ocean than a river I feel. So back to the topic. Why do you embarrass me and make me angry?”

“You have an idealized image of me.” I said calmly. “This is a figment that bears no relationship to the human. Only you can answer why you choose to set aside my faults? The very essence of my humanity. Why is that such a bad thing? No Tracy don't answer now. When you do the inner smile meditation bring up the times I've embarrassed, exasperated and driven you crazy. See how many of my faults you can add to you image of me without losing the love you know exists between us. Work on this for the next two weeks after you return home. We'll go out for a milkshake date when I get back.”

“I can't believe you are asking me out on a date when you know I am upset with you.” Tracy said.

“You're upset with me now but in two weeks you'll be happy to see me.” I said. “Where's that bottle of yours? All this talking has made me thirsty.”

“Can you drink on the Underground?” Tracy asked in surprise.

“I can drink just about anyway.” I said taking the bottle. “Let me prove it to you. Now it's your turn. Go ahead. I know you can do it. Splendid. Uh-oh officialdom.”

“You can't drink on the Underground.” the inspector said.

“Yes I can.” I said winking at Lance. “Tracy hand me that bottle so I can convince this man I can drink on the Underground. See? Now this is our station. Let me step on the platform and I'll prove I can drink when I'm off the Underground. Tracy can do it as well. We're a talented bunch. You have a good day.”

“Wait you can't leave.” the man said.

“Where are my manners.” I said. “Here you go. Have a swig. I know you can drink on and off the Underground.”

“No I don't want a drink.” he said.

“I'll have one for you later.” I said handing the bottle back to Tracy. “I'd love to chat but I have to go officiate at a wedding. Lots to do. Happy to have met you. God bless. Take care. Ciao!”

“Who's going to pay the fine?” he said watching us walk away.

“I have no idea.” I said without turning around. “You'll find somebody. I have faith in you. Phew that was close.”

“Nicely done Rohan.” Garth said. “I almost didn't make it out the station before laughing.”

“Lance I am certain he thinks I was naughty.” I said lifting him on my shoulders. “The important thing is what I think. He has his life to live and in his world I am naughty. Now I think drinking soda is much naughtier. I didn't interfere with anybody so even if I am drinking vodka it's the same as soda. Lance I try not to support silliness. Some rules are silly. They're made up by silly people. We pray their silliness will decrease.

That's why I paid the speeding fine but not this man's fine. There is a good reason behind the speeding fine. Always be willing to live with what happens if you go against the rules. I was happy to pay my speeding ticket so I drove fast. Speaking of driving fast I wonder if there are any policemen on the road between here and Winchester.”

“You can keep an eye out for them from the back seat.” Tracy said. “Why do you think we left you out here while we filled out the paperwork and collected the keys?”

“No grouching Dad.” Adam said. “Snuggle with Tim.”

“Okay.” I said. “Lance this is a good rule. I like being naughty with Tim on the back seat. Yes we will kiss. I'll also squeeze his bottom but don't tell anybody. That's private.”

“As private as the front page of the daily paper.” Tracy said. “I'd be worried if you weren't squeezing that cute butt.”

“Thank you Tracy.” Tim said. “Well my Love let's get inside so the squeezing can begin. I'll show you how it's done.”

“Let's get Lance away before you corrupt him even more.” my housekeeper said. “Everybody else is ready to leave.”

There were three policemen on the way to Winchester. I waved at them with my one free hand. Tim agreed it had been a wonderful, mixed-up day full of surprises. Some more enjoyable than others but that's part of life. Dylan had told them about my milkshake adventure. We all decided that was a good surprise. Meeting Noah and learning how much Kasper had benefited from the DVDs had been another. We'd have to wait on the guy who banged his head on the door frame. Lance would think only good would come from it but we weren't so convinced. A second head-knocking might be needed.

“You've got both hands free so text the others and tell them we're going to Marion's inn first.” I said. “Tracy I am bursting with curiosity to see the townhouses but Morgan has to see Marion. Dabulamanzi can carry her up the stairs. Since the overflow from her inn will soon be staying there she needs to see it.”

“That's true.” Tracy agreed. “I'd like to see if her condition has improved.”

Marion’s spirits improved when Morgan ran over and hugged her. She had nothing but good things to say about Morgan when he introduced his family. Samantha loved his blush. We carried their bags to their rooms.

“Who else is going to carry this lovely lady?” Dabulamanzi asked. “You are too skinny Rohan. I will see about getting you more food. When you are burning off so many calories having sex you must adjust your diet.”

Marion gave Caryn a hug and a kiss for her lovely work. The rest of us hugged and kissed her as well. Caryn didn't doubt I would give the water heater a good test tonight. She was staying with us. Dylan ad Dariusz would have another room. Christopher and Garth would have the fourth. Bella introduced us to the off-duty staff. There was a forest glen theme throughout their home. A perfect retreat we agreed. They told us that working at the inn was wonderful. Harley warned it was early days and the staff had only seen their good side. Although they were paying fair market price the furniture was anything but standard. Nothing over-the-top but a notch up from the standard furnishings.

When we returned to the inn Dariusz took a walk through the garden with Sanne. Tim gave Morgan a lesson in the fine art of tea brewing and he prepared a small pot of tea for Marion. Grace called to threaten me with a spanking if I showed up without Marion. Refreshed by her tea on the terrace she took Morgan's arm and went out to listen to what Dariusz had to say. I led Tracy over to chat with Bella and Harley about how Marion was responding to her treatment. A drop in the pain medication was a good sign. I stepped away to place a call to Kasper.

“Halo Kasper.” I said. “Can you help satisfy my curiosity. Lao is assisting an elderly lady in Winchester with her arthritis. I thought you might like to try a few things on a test subject. I know you are very eager to use the cellular healing knowledge you have. No need to thank me. You are helping Noah. I'm very impressed and so are Christopher and Garth. I may have to promote you and give you a chance to teach.”

“Yes Rohan I have an email with the remedies for Marion.” Tracy said. “I keep a file on all our patients. No problem. Tell Kasper I'm sending him a copy now and will include the herbalist and Lao's email addresses.”

“I think you might have found your area of expertise.” I said to Kasper. “There is something I'd like you to work on. Something that might take a while but will prove useful to cattle and humans. Have you heard of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease? Christopher explained it to me but all I can remember is it has to do with misfolded proteins in the body. The closest to it in animals is mad cow disease. England is experiencing a lot of it. I'll ask Christopher to send you the name of the monk working on mad cow disease research here.

Kasper this CJD is very rare so helping others is more important. I am mentioning it because it might give you a challenge. Yes a friend of mine died from it. There will always be disease or ways for us to end our journey I know. The joy is in learning and uncovering stuff as you work through the layers of a challenge. Anything we can manifest as a disease we can cure. That's all I know. The how is up to you.”

“Rohan it is good to have a challenge.” Kasper said. “The cows will be a good place to start. I won't forget to meditate and pray. I also believe a lot of our knowledge lies hidden in our subconscious mind and this is how I access it. Good luck tomorrow Rohan.”

“My support staff is so good I won't have a problem.” I said calmly.

No sooner did I say this and the gods proved me wrong. Ingrid came over to say she'd gone to see the chapel we had rented. A nice stone chapel large enough to hold about eighty people and only half-a-mile down the road from the farm. The pastor had a drinking problem so few people visited it. Because so few people visited it there was little reason to maintain it. Leaving Morgan, Adam and Morgan's folks behind I rounded up the others. We stopped at the farm to ask Grace for some help to clean the chapel.

“Dariusz the garden is all you.” I said when we arrived. “Sanne, Bram, J and Dylan will help. Let us know if you need more hands.”

My housekeeper never flinched when she saw the dust and dirt. I walked through to the attached office. Tracy smiled as we heard snoring coming from behind the door. I opened the door quietly and slipped inside. Tracy closed the door behind her.

“Pastor Ewan.” I said softly. “Wake up Pastor Ewan.”

“Uh what?” Ewan said when I woke him by gently shaking his shoulder.

“Does that door lead out to the field behind the church?” I asked. “Good. We're going for a walk. Easy does it. Tracy please fetch us some water. Lots of it. We won't go far.”

“Who are you and why am I going for a walk?” Ewan asked.

“I am the bully forcing you to go for a walk and drink water.” I said. “You need fresh air. I need fresh air.”

Reluctantly he let me help him up and out in to the field. We didn't speak as we walked through the gate. There was the quintessential babbling brook running about five yards from the fence. I stopped to look at the brook and smiled. Ewan smiled as well. He told me this was his favorite walk within fifty miles.

“You're in trouble again Boss.” Tracy said approaching with Adam and Morgan. “Marion is helping in the garden. This was the chapel where she got baptized. About eighty years ago now. I doubt Pastor Ewan baptized her though.”

“Scold me later.” I said to Adam and Morgan. “Pastor Ewan needs your help when he's finished drinking that water. We're going for a walk. Don't you love the brook?”

They did think it was pretty. Taking Pastor Ewan by the hand they asked him to show them the trail. He was very knowledgeable about the plants growing next to the path. Whenever the boys asked about a flower or plant he knew the name and any healing properties or legends associated with it. Tracy kept giving him a steady supply of water. I filled the empty containers from the brook as we continued our walk.

“All the way to the end and back.” I said. “I'm too curious to stop.”

The round-trip was about five miles. We kept an easy pace all the way. None of us spoke of the mess or his drinking. When we got back I sat him at his desk and placed a Skype call to Kasper from my phone. I introduced them and led the others from the office.

“Do you like Pastor Ewan?” Garth asked us when we stepped out the office.

“I think he is a very kind, gentle soul in a lot of pain.” Tracy said. “My brother had the same look in his eyes. A smile doesn't hide it.”

“Rohan I'm glad you agree with Tracy.” Garth said. “Instead of building a church at the farm we decided to buy this one. I liked the energy and if it got this dirty then no service was being held here for months. We told the bishop we knew of a philanthropic organization that liked to preserve old churches. When we delivered the paperwork for the sale the nun pointed out the clause which promised we would keep the church in good repair, keep any restoration work true to its historical character and keep the church open to the public. Christopher will offer Pastor Ewan the opportunity to stay on.”

“You guys move almost as quickly as Rohan.” Tracy said. “How did you get the paperwork ready so quickly?”

“The bishop we spoke to was in London so I called one of our nuns.” Christopher said. “The agreement is pretty standard so all she had to do was fill in the address and the amount. Our accountants arranged the financing. You guys were gone for two hours so we had plenty of time to get it done. Looks like Pastor Ewan is ready to join us.”

“I'm sorry I must have the wrong church.” Pastor Ewan said looking around.

We laughed when he stepped back inside the office and tried again. The boys went over and took hold of his hands. They led him to the pew where Christopher and Garth sat. They stayed with him while he chatted. Tracy handed him a box of tissues a few minutes later. The cleaning continued around him. I explored the church with Tracy. We kissed the cleaners when we passed them including Hans, Marikie and Clifton who told us it was just like cleaning my church. They also liked the stained glass windows. Then we stepped outside to check on the garden.

“So this is how Pastor Ewan felt when he saw his clean church.” I said looking at the transformed garden. “How did you do all this work in a couple of hours?”

“All we did was remove the dead branches and other overgrowth.” Sanne said. “This amazing garden was underneath. Somebody very skilled got it established. I'm glad we got to it before the it started dying beneath the overgrowth.”

“I'm glad as well.” Tracy said. “This little paved area is perfect for tea. We need a table and chairs for it.”

“Bram has gone to get some furniture and lights.” Sanne said. “I can't wait to see this at night. Dariusz is over there doing energy work.”

“Pay attention.” I said with a grin.

Both of them felt it when I started laying out a grid of chi. Dariusz raised his head and smiled at me when it reached about halfway through the garden. I nodded to him. He began to work with me as I completed the rest of the grid. Darius brought chi up from beneath my grid to flow into it. This anchored the grid very deep. Roots of energy going down an unimaginable distance would hold the grid in place no matter what disaster struck this plot of land. He kept up with it even when I extended the grid to the land beneath the church. While we were finishing up he walked over. I held his hand and recited the sealing mantra silently within me.

“Thank you Rohan. That was fun.” Dariusz said kissing me. “Let's go see the church.”

Dabulamanzi told Marion he knew she could walk just fine but he loved carrying a pretty lady in his arms. On their way in they bumped into Pastor Ewan and the British hooligans who were coming to look at the garden. Their reaction was just like ours. Morgan and Adam helped Bram set the solar-powered lights in place.

“These two tell me you're my new boss Rohan.” Pastor Ewan said. “Pleased to meet you. Do you know they've given me a nun to help with the place? She's going to bully me back into shape. I don't quite understand it yet but she has some medical training and intercepted my list from Kasper. Probably for the best. I wouldn't know where to get those herbs anyway.”

Pastor Ewan was just as knowledgeable about the flowers in the garden. Listening to him it was easy to feel the love he had for the place. Sister Faye's scolding belied her timid appearance. Tracy agreed the glasses were disarming. When Sister Faye turned on us I kissed her before she could get a word out. A long kiss and a hug.

“Thank you for helping my friend.” I said still holding her in my arms. “I agree he needs to drink more water and should always have some at hand. That scolding was very impressive. He's lucky to have you helping him. I'm allergic to plain water that's why I don't have any in hand. My water gets treated with twelve-year-old single malt. Stops me from rusting on the inside. You can scold me on the walk back to the farm but this is a battle you will lose.”

Sister Faye did a great job of scolding me on the walk. I interrupted her to point out some nice flowers or landmark. She picked right up where I interrupted her. Bright and pretty Tracy agreed with me as she handed me her bottle. Pastor Ewan agreed he was a lucky man. When we got to the farm Caryn scolded me for giving her more work. Christopher and Garth worked for me so I was ultimately to blame for her and Ingrid having another cottage to build and decorate. Pastor Ewan was sleeping at the farm for a couple of nights. Then he would stay in the townhouse while the cottage got built. Morgan and Adam had told him he couldn't sleep on the day bed in the office. They both promised to introduce him to their new paddle if he slept there. He couldn't even nap on it.

Catherine took Samantha aside for a quick fitness test. Sister Faye thought Pastor Ewan would be able to manage Samantha's workout. She would put him through a fitness test and send Catherine the results. After watching our insane workouts she was eager to see what Lao and Catherine would come up with for Pastor Ewan. Petersen kissed the boys for the wedding cake challenge. He kissed me when they told him it was my idea.

I had barely finished my second bowl of tiramisu after dinner when my housekeeper ordered me to my room. Tomorrow would be a long day for everybody and an even longer one for me because she knew I'd be up early to prepare for the wedding. Tim reminded me we had a new paddle to test. I agreed spending an extra hour in bed with him was a very good thing. Abby laughed as three couples headed off chatting excitedly about their new paddle. Dylan agreed it was a good thing I always insisted on extra insulation in my property renovations. Christopher and Garth would get very little sleep if it weren't for this extra sound-proofing.

“I'd like to say I did it for the kinky sex Garth but I did it for the TV.” Caryn said. “When I can hear the TV from the room next door in a hotel it doesn't make for an enjoyable stay. When you have a place with twenty or more rooms the cost of the extra insulation and soundproofing adds up. We only have four rooms here and six at the inn so it is worthwhile. Let us know how we did.”

“You'll get us into trouble Dad.” Dylan said when I led them to Marion's inn. “Your housekeeper wanted us to go straight back to the rooms.”

“I have to check that everything is okay for our guests.” I said. “Caryn needs the feedback as well. I also need to hydrate. You heard Sister Faye telling me how important it is. Hello guys. What are we watching?”

We spent a lovely hour watching a travel show. Matilda loved her travel shows as much as I loved my murder mystery shows. Caryn beamed when everybody complimented her on their rooms. She insisted they thank Bram and Sanne for being willing to pay a little extra to make the rooms comfortable. Marion had decided to wait until Monday to start renting out the rooms. Apart from keeping them open for us she wanted the staff to have time to settle in and learn how she wanted the place run. Petersen and Leif had been a great help. The chefs Grace had sent over were preparing very nice meals for all of them. Nobody objected to them preparing food based on Matilda's healing diet. They enjoyed good food.

For a good hour before Tim unwrapped the paddle we lay naked on the bed kissing and touching each other. I loved this time spent reconnecting with Tim. Seeing the love in his eyes. Hearing about his week between kisses. Slipping down to take his cock in my mouth. Glancing up at him as he writhed in pleasure with his eyes closed. The soft sounds of pleasure as his orgasm and cum exploded.

“Gods but I would never have imagined a man could love cum the way you do.” Tim said with a smile when I made my way back up to kiss him. “Insatiable is what you are. None of us would have it any other way. Now my Love can we please get around to unwrapping the paddle.”

“You unwrap it while I get your boy-pussy ready for a good fuck.” I said handing him the present while I smeared lubricant over his hole.

“My Love this is beautiful.” Tim said. “You know it is very hot to think of the others using it tonight. I think over your knee would work well with this paddle. Scoundrel you'll never agree there's enough lube down there if I let you decide. I want your cock in my spanked ass.”

Bless Caryn for putting a bench at the bottom of the bed I thought as I sat down on it and pulled Tim over my knee. I trapped his legs beneath my right leg before laying the first blow. Tim was expecting a firm beginning so I deliberately went easy at the start. Hard enough to cause his cheeks to redden was all the force I needed. The red tinge grew almost imperceptibly as the warm-up continued. I waited for Tim to relax beneath the blows.

“Somebody's sporting a very nice polka dot ass.” I said with a smile.

“That somebody is enjoying sporting his polka dots.” Tim said. “This is so nice and relaxing. Thank you Scoundrel.”

“No trouble at all.” I said. “Good fun actually.”

The moment Tim really let go and relaxed I put some force behind the blow. That woke him up with a shout. Tim arched his back beneath the blow. I didn't give him time to drop forward before the next three blows landed on the top, middle and bottom of his cheeks. The crack and his cries were causing my desire to go from a slow burn to a forest fire. I didn't resist. Several days had passed without me getting to bugger him. The last remnants of my patience were consumed by the fire of my desire. I landed a dozen blows at double-quick time. That had been a lot of very stimulating fun.

I tossed the paddle on the bed. Tim landed next to it seconds later. Moving quickly I wrestled him down beneath me and pinned him to the bed with a cock up his ass. Then I pumped my hips back and forth as quickly as I could. I fucked Tim with my body pressed against his back. Faster, faster I repeated silently within me. Drawing back I slid out of him and flipped him over. The missionary position allowed me to kiss him deeply while I drove myself in and out of him at the same frenetic pace. My orgasm pushed him over the edge. I smiled at the startled expression on his face.

“You caught me by surprise Scoundrel.” Tim said when he slumped back on the bed.

“I caught us both by surprise.” I said as I licked him clean. “We'll shower in a bit. I want some more of you.”

“Really? Am I driving you mad with desire?” Tim asked kissing me. “Don't tell my husband but I'd love to get fucked a second time by a Scoundrel tonight.”

Taking my time I eventually unloaded a second time in his ass. I carried a very relaxed and limp Tim to the shower. A lot of kissing and fondling ensured the shower got a very good test. There really was limitless hot water. Nothing revives Tim like lots of hot water. I snuggled close to him for a few hours sleep. Everybody knew I'd be up early preparing for the wedding. Tim was glad I chose to get some rest.

“Go ahead.” I said the next morning when he climbed out of bed and stood in front of me.

“Didn't want to disturb your meditation by jumping in your lap.” Tim said sitting down. “Carry on. I love leaning against you. A wedding always gets us romantics out of bed early. What are you up to behind those closed eyes?”

“Blessing the chapel.” I said returning his kiss. “Almost done and then you will be done.”

“My Love you make me sound like a horny teenager.” Tim protested.

“You are a horny teenager.” I said. “A horny teen sitting on a rapidly growing horn. Shower time!”

I carried Tim to the shower. Tim agreed there was a strong feeling of déjà vu as we kissed and lathered each other. I had him on all fours with his soapy ass impaled on my cock when without so much as a by your leave two rapscallions stepped inside the shower.

“Hope we're not disturbing you gents but we were wondering if you knew where two cute boys could get a blowjob?” Dylan asked. “You look like the sort of fellows who enjoy some good clean fun.”

They didn't wait for an answer but stepped up close to me. Dylan stepped over Tim to feed me his cock from my right while Dariusz squeezed his boner in from my left. I slowed the pace of my fucking so I could get these two off just before me. Letting go of Tim's hips I reached up to fondle ass. A finger or two made it's way up a couple of naughty boys' asses. They climaxed before Tim or me. I was swallowing the last of their cum when I started filling Tim's ass. This caused Tim to reach between his legs and milk himself with a few strong strokes. I smacked his ass to help him along.

“Better get a move on.” Dylan said. “Sunrise meditations soon.”

The two of them left the shower while I was kissing Tim. They had their robes on before we finished rinsing.

There was a knock on the door a few minutes after Dariusz and Dylan had left. Tim smiled at me and handed me a robe.

“Are you decent er I mean clothed?” Caryn asked. “Good.”

I took the tray from her so she didn't drop it while Tim kissed her. There was a pot of tea and a plate of sticky buns on it for us. The great thing about being close to the main street was fresh-baked pastries close at hand. This was the perfect thank you for the paddle I assured her. Tim warned her she could end up with a lot more paddles if she kept thanking us with tea and pastries. Caryn and Tim agreed the paddles had made the night very special.

“Better get a move on.” Caryn said. “This is a big day. Enjoy the tea.”

“I am. Thank you.” I said. “What now?”

“The sun won't wait.” my housekeeper said entering the room without waiting for a response to her knock. “I need to get you guys a set of clothing to change into after your sparring. Lawrence is driving Morgan and Adam to the inn to get dressed after they've sparred. You need to be at the chapel before them Rohan so you'll shower at the cottage. Alone. Well if you need somebody to wash your back Tracy can do it.”

“Uh that's okay. I'll manage.” I said quickly. “Try a bun. They're delicious.”

My head was spinning when we left the townhouse. This was more shoving than moving right along. I was too happy to mind the rush. My Lady called me a little boy at heart when I asked to channel a choir at sunrise meditation. Well I can't do it at the wedding I reminded her. A small five voice choir was all she allowed so I didn't overexert myself before the wedding. There was still sparring I agreed.

I sparred with the claymore against Charles and the broadsword against Christopher. Two ten-minute bouts that ended without anybody getting marked. Pastor Ewan enjoyed watching the sparring. Sister Faye stood next to him. I got sent to shower while the others helped the boys with their sparring. Grace had kindly prepared some breakfast sandwiches to tide us over. Adam and Morgan took theirs with them when they went to get ready.

Pastor Ewan and Sister Faye joined me in my meditation at the altar while we waited for the boys. The gang, dignitaries and catering crew took their seats. When I turned around to face them I was glad to see Vernon sitting near the front. Marikie and Clifton stood to my right. Hans and Lance stood to my left. They each had a cushion in hand. Marikie and Lance had a ring resting on their cushion. The other two hand a length of ribbon on theirs.

One voice my Lady reminded me as Lawrence and Richard slipped in. Their entrance was the cue for Christopher and Garth to open the doors. They held their broadswords over the doorway as Morgan and Adam entered. The boys wore simple black slacks and an Asian shirt with a high collar. Morgan's shirt was burgundy and Adam's was a dark green. Black Oxfords finished off their outfits. My Lady sang a Gregorian chant as the boys approached. The congregation took their seats when the boys knelt on the steps leading to the altar.

“Do you Morgan pledge to love Adam and protect his honor in all things?” I asked formally.

“Yes I do.” Morgan said slipping the ring on Adam's finger.

“Do you Adam pledge to love Morgan and protect his honor in all things?” I said.

“Yes I do.” Adam said slipping the ring on Morgan's finger.

“Despite your youth I know both of you understand how to find freedom where others see bondage.” I said wrapping the cords around their wrists and binding their hands together. “These cords are reminders of your commitment to each other on the physical and non-physical levels. May you always strive to show others how two complete individuals working together can achieve twice as much while two individuals striving to be one can be no more than two halves.”

Holding my sword up in front of me I plummeted deep within myself. I let go as I fell and kept falling until my Lady started singing. Her song arrested my fall. I raised my head and let the song flow from me. The song flowed out over the kneeling boys to fill the chapel. A song of a long life blessed by the love of an honorable partner. How through times of prosperity and despair the bedrock of an honorable love brought comfort, strength and joy.

Adam and Morgan kissed before getting up from their knees. Then with Adam's left hand bound to Morgan's right hand they walked down the aisle. They carried with them the potted yellow orchid Christian had chosen. Although it had more than one blossom on it they were on a single stem. The plant captured the simplicity and Zen-like quality we'd wanted perfectly. Faux Phalaenopsis was its name Christian had told me when I kissed him for picking such a beautiful flower. I was happy the boys could take the plant with them. I waited until the others left the chapel. Garth and Christopher closed the doors behind them so I could seal the energy with the mantra. There were no restrictions on this and being alone I could say it out loud. My five voice choir from earlier helped me with the mantra. Feeling very happy I stepped out to join the waiting throng.

Lawrence and Tim asked us to slow our pace so they could set up the cameras again and stream the wedding brunch to Charlie, Noah and our friends in Poland. I agreed with Adam taking so long must mean a conspiracy of sorts. None of us minded because it would be a good conspiracy. I wrapped an arm around Vernon and told him he was my surrogate Tim. The sweet man kissed me for keeping the sermon so short and simple and sweet. I was just following orders. He promised to kiss the boys for choosing such a simple ceremony and kiss them again for getting married and a third time for inviting him.

“Sorry for the delay there were a lot more introductions than we thought.” Tim said running back to fetch us. “You'll understand in a moment.”

“Gratulacje!” our Polish friends and Charlie and Noah shouted out when Adam and Morgan stepped in front of the camera.

“When you said one or two people did you mean only one or two wouldn't be there?” Morgan asked. “Halo! Thank you guys.”

The young delivery man had connected our TV to a laptop outside the house in Poland. All the farmers and every one of the Order from the chapter house was watching. They'd enjoyed the ceremony. They agreed the flower was perfect. Christian blushed on cue. I was glad the delivery guy had stayed to enjoy lunch with the others. Emily told Pastor Ewan he had a lovely chapel. Pastor Ewan admitted it looked like a dump yesterday before we cleaned it.

“He just temporarily misplaced it beneath a few bushes and a little dust.” Tracy said. “We helped him dig it out. Then Christopher and Garth bought it from under his feet. Sound like somebody else we know? Maybe the guy I've got my arm around? I don't know if they would have bought if they'd known Adam and Morgan insisted on a cottage for Pastor Ewan.”

“You guys really like building and decorating homes.” Lance said. “Everywhere you go you buy a home or a farm or build one for your friends. Rohan bought forty in one place the other day. Thank you Tracy I'd love some hot chocolate. Mama wouldn't let me have some in church. I'm certain God likes hot chocolate.”

“I hope so or I'll have to find another one.” Tracy said leading him towards the range. “Oh I didn't know there is only one. Well I don't think God would have given us hot chocolate without trying it first.”

“Rohan was right when he said you were smart and pretty.” Lance said. “Well he also told me he missed you a lot before you guys joined us. I added some Scotch to his hot chocolate without telling him. Griogair says it's good medicine.”

“How can you not love that boy?” Tim asked. “I'm glad I don't know either.”

Grace had used a variety of vegetables to add flavor to the brunch. There was a selection of different vegetable scrambles. She told the boys it had been a great opportunity to show the catering crew and students what single herb went well with the different vegetables. The catering crew told the boys they'd had fun trying to guess which vegetables to use for the herb Grace selected. Sometimes she put together the vegetables and asked them what herb they'd use. Adam and Morgan thanked the entire catering crew with hugs and kisses after we'd tried a few of the dishes.

The cakes that followed were just as amazing. The three-tier wedding cake had been decorated with hazelnuts and flavored with a hazelnut liqueur. I thought it was stunning. One of the nuns on the catering crew told us Petersen had tried three times before he was happy with the flavors. Adam asked her to tell the others he really appreciated them eating the test cakes. I couldn't help myself. I had to ask Petersen if he had any extra frosting tucked away.

“Tim all this teasing will be worth it if I get to enjoy this frosting on you tonight.” I said calmly.

“Are you saying I'm nutty?” Tim asked.

“No I'm saying your are a delicate and intriguing blend of elements that make up a dish one can never get enough off.” I said kissing him.

“Oh gods am I glad we got that comment on tape.” Tim said. “I blame the champagne for not fully understanding it. Sounded very sweet though.”

“Tim it was beautiful.” Caryn said hugging me from behind and kissing my cheek. “Well said Rohan. You're right that cake is phenomenal. I hate to drag you away from it but it's time to leave.”

Once again I got sent to the back seat. Tim rode shotgun but Dariusz and Dylan snuggled with me. I loved Dylan's small ass but getting my hand full of Dariusz' ass felt so good. Time seemed to pass very quickly. The ride seemed much shorter than in the past. Even shorter than when I drove.

“How was the drive Rohan?” Leonard asked with two grinning newlyweds behind him.

“There was some lovey countryside to the south.” I said calmly. “Very nice curves and hillocks.”

“The only ock you met was buttock.” Tracy said with a snort.

Alexander showed us around the change room because they had still be working on it when we left. The boys loved the rubber mats underfoot. They were still acclimatizing to the warmth. I left the boys to get changed and headed up to the stand. Naturally we lingered by Tracy's bar area for a bit. Jessica told me it was a lovely wedding. I agreed Leonard would want to watch it and was glad we had decided to stream it. She loved the chapel. I told her she could visit it anytime because Christopher had bought it for the Order. Pastor Ewan would love it if you arrived with a few tea time treats Tracy added. She promised to introduce them. The catering crew had stayed behind but Pastor Ewan and Sister Faye had joined us.

“That's something I hadn't expected.” I said when the three scurvy knaves took the field at the start.

“They earned it.” Alexander said. “The other boys all agreed they got in the starting line-up on merit.”

“Naturally they asked the boys they were replacing if they didn't mind.” Petersen said joining us. “They're only starting because I gave them my word as an Order member I felt they were good enough.”

When two of the boys started pushing and grabbing each other's jersey Morgan walked over and smacked the back of their heads. We laughed. The boys blushed but they were smiling when they took their places for the scrum. Jessica decided married life obviously agreed with Morgan. Collington had learned Adam didn't have any nerves going up for the high balls so they switched to kicks along the ground. Adam fielded these without any trouble and kicked the ball well down field.

The new angles of attack Petersen had shown Dylan worked just as well on defense. He used them to get to the Collington backs quicker than they expected. Leonard and half the Brettonwood forwards stood back and laughed when the three scurvy knaves charged into a loose maul and pushed the Collington forwards back. The problem was when the ball came back the Brettonwood forwards didn't know what to do with it. Shouts of “Pick it up and run!” from the spectators helped. The forwards got the message. They had fun lumbering down the field. Collington stopped them from scoring but this time Dylan was in position to get the ball from the second maul and fall over for a score.

A few minutes later Morgan ran around to the opposite side of the field to create the extra man but the ball never reached him. Collington got it back and quickly shuffled it to the wing. The Collington wing was even faster than Morgan so he had no trouble scoring with an open field in front of him. Brettonwood's forwards responded by driving a scrum over for a score just before halftime. Petersen went down to the change room to give them some pointers. I went over to try some of the local brews with Tracy. Pastor Ewan joined us for a beer. Sister Faye was keeping an eye on his beer consumption. Pastor Ewan didn't mind. He knew he needed some help to move on. Sister Fay would get a therapist on the line if he couldn't manage the pain before he got drunk again.

The second half was won by the same margin. Only this time it was Collington who got the two scores and defended well enough to force a tie. I had to look away when the boys exchanged jerseys. Tracy promised to get them to put on the jerseys for the speeches. Sister Faye was happy to buy me a beer or two since I wasn't being charged for any of my drinks. Tracy came and led me to the top of the stands. The spectators and boys gathered below us.

“There isn't much we can say in the face of such generosity.” Alexander said. “Many generations of children will enjoy their time at Brettonwood because the kindness from Rohan and his friends. Nancy has some information on Rohan and Charles' non-profit foundations. I'm certain we'll find a way to support your causes. Oscar is a very dear friend and the joy I feel at him seeing a roof on the stadium is indescribable. All of this has given the parents committee extra work though. Now we will have to find something else to spend the money from our fundraisers this year.”

“And the next five years.” Stanley said.

“One year at a time.” Alexander said. “Now I've been warned Rohan is not one for public speaking so I think he will keep his speech nice and short for us.”

“There isn't much for me to say even if I wanted to ramble.” I said. “My friends who I regard as a family helped a lot. Thanks to you guys being so willing to get your hands dirty we managed to get more than we planned finished last Saturday. You boys put on a fitting game to mark the opening of the new-look stadium. The true value of the gift will be found in the joy that the kids experience here.

Money is a tool. One that allows us to experience joy through gifts or providing support for people we believe in to live their dreams. There is healing to be found in spending money wisely and generously. Today we have with us a wonderful lady who has incredible strength of spirit. When we met Marion she opened Bram's heart to such a degree he felt he had to help. Bram and his family spent money restoring Marion's inn. Caryn did a wonderful job decorating it just as it was when Marion and her husband bought it.

Making money is important only because it allows you to reach out to more people. Money in and of itself is inert. When you spend it in a way that opens your heart it brings you joy. Bram and his family spent their money joyfully. They felt good. Marion tells me she feels good.”

“I haven't felt this good for this long since my honeymoon.” Marion said loudly.

“Mom!” Bella said blushing when everybody applauded.

“That is the motivation everyone should have for making money.” I said. “So we can help everybody experience the joy of their honeymoon every day. That is what Samuel taught me. We are all just trying to go through life with as little pain, stress and worry as possible. Every one of us has this in common.

Charles' foundation makes the lives of caregivers easier. These are people who make the lives of others more bearable. Days add up to become weeks and weeks become months and months become years. Every day that thirty people in this country make life easier for a caregiver is collectively a month. Never discount what you do no matter how insignificant it seems. The joy you brought into the lives of my family here today is as meaningful to us as all the joy you and future generations will get from this refurbished stadium. You have our most heartfelt thanks. Here's to love, light and life!”

“Love, light and life!” the others responded led by the scurvy knaves who raised their glasses with me.

“For a man who doesn't like speeches you do a good job.” Chloe said. “Marion helped make it memorable. Are these calzones really the ones served for the queen?”

“Yes they are.” I said breaking open my calzone to check. “Lance made her a lasagna. The best food delivery I ever made. Quite possibly the best the queen ever received at the palace.”

Despite Leonard and Jessica having watched the wedding I didn't hear anybody else discussing it as I mingled. Nobody except Tim and the newlyweds.

“Tim it is okay.” Morgan said taking Tim's hands in his. “The only reason I wanted it kept quiet is so we didn't upstage or cause any unpleasantness on this special day for the school. I honestly don't care what the others might think. Do you want me to kiss you to prove it?”

“Are you trying to come up with an excuse to kiss my husband?” I asked wrapping an arm around Tim. “Save those kisses for your own husband. I know and the three of you know when Leonard and Jessica asked to see the stream Tim couldn't deny them. I think it was very good for Leonard to see the acceptance and love all those wonderful guests of ours showed Adam and Morgan.”

“Yes it was.” Leonard said stepping up behind me. “I wouldn't have asked if it would cause trouble for Tim but it did help me feel better about our plan.”

“The only trouble is the trouble Tim is imagining.” Adam said. “I keep telling him to live from his heart and give head. He keeps living from his head and giving away his heart. I guess when I reach the ripe old age of fifteen I'll get confused about things as well.”

“The next time we spar it will be paddles at twenty-four inches.” Tim vowed. “Ripe old age of fifteen. What rot! Thanks my Love I could do with a drink to help me calm down. Maybe another one of these delicious calzones to go with it. One shouldn't drink on an empty stomach.”

“Thanks for the help Dad.” Adam said. “Now Leonard about our plan for tonight.”

“No I don't mind them conspiring Tim.” I said as we walked over to the kitchen and bar area. “This is their wedding night so they get free rein.”

“I never got free rein on my wedding night.” Tim said.

“That's because you married me and I'm old enough to know how important it is to keep your husband on a tight rein.” I said.

“You are so going to get what-for with paddles and twenty-four inches as well.” Tim promised. “After I take care of Adam. Ripe old age of fifteen. He's only two years away from fifteen. Tracy better make it a double.”

I left Tim to share his troubles with the barmaid. Tracy would understand. I did send Vernon over to check on him. Hearing Vernon laughing with Tracy made me certain Tim was in good hands. Alexander tracked me down to join him and Oscar for a pint of Maximus. We just enjoyed a symbolic single pint. I assured them I would keep in touch. The boys would keep in touch with Leonard and some of the other guys. This party could have gone on into the small hours but I brought it to a close early. We had a long drive ahead of us tonight.

“My Love would you be terribly upset if I spent the night with Vernon at his local rooms?” Tim asked. “We'll be there to say goodbye to the others tomorrow.”

“Then have a good night.” I said hugging him close and kissing him. “No Vernon I really don't mind him spending the night with you. Whatever Tim wants is fine by me. Provided he doesn't spend too much of my money.”

“What about a priceless gift that doesn't cost you a cent?” Tim asked.

“You can have three of those.” I said with a smile. “I might spoil you too much if I gave you more than three.”

“Very wise Boss.” Tracy said. “Must be the country air inspiring you again. Now hop in the car and explore an ock or two.”

I did explore an ock or two. Dylan sent out a message saying we'd be doing a service at the chapel at nine. By the time we got back to Winchester it wouldn't be fair to expect the boys to get up in time for sunrise meditations. Dylan called Grace to ask if we could do a brunch at ten-thirty or eleven. She agreed because the idea of sleeping in until seven was sinful. I laughed when Dylan told me she was giddy at the thought of drinking her morning coffee in bed.

The conspiracy and priceless gift were interwoven. Dylan and Dariusz made certain I said goodnight to everybody before they led me to my room. They had broad grins on their faces.

“This is really the only thank you we could ever hope to give you in return for this wonderful holiday Dad.” Dylan said. “We couldn't have done it without the courage and patience of somebody else. Before we part tomorrow and return to London for our flight home I wanted you to have this special night and thank you.”

“What makes you think you are returning home on Monday?” I asked. “Your mom and I are in complete agreement it just isn't going to happen. She has decided you will fly back with us and Morgan's family in two weeks. Hopefully Dariusz will be willing to put up with you for another ten days. I need you back Tuesday week. Try to get a little ahead on your studies.”

“Dad I wish you hadn't done this to me tonight.” Dylan said. “I just arrange the greatest possible thank you from the gang and you go give me a reason to thank you again.”

“I'm sure this thank you will be enough to include your thanks for going back to Poland.” I said. “Yes I'll let you know in the morning. Now go haggle over how many kisses Dariusz feels he needs for putting up with you for nine days. My surprise is getting cold and cold thanks will lead to hot spanks.”

“I doubt your surprise will ever be considered cold.” Dariusz said. “Thank you Rohan.”

“Dariusz you were right!” I shouted down the hallway after I had entered the room and seen my surprise. “He told me my surprise could never be cold Leonard.”

Yes you red that right. My thank you was Leonard. The hot lad was sitting in an armchair in the reading area of the room. There was an ice bucket with a bottle of white wine in it on the table. He chuckled when I said the soft lighting was a good idea because I looked better in low lighting.

“You are so desirable on all levels.” I said taking his hands in mine. “Spending time making love to you would be the perfect way to end this day. Are you absolutely certain you want it tonight with me? I can wait if you are uncertain. I'll be in England for another two weeks.”

“I've already waited ten days.” Leonard said squeezing my hands. “Have you checked your text messages since leaving the stadium or did you have your hands full of desirable ock? I thought so. You'd better check now. Mom knows where I am and what I hope will happen. That thank you text from her is to let you know we have her blessing. She agreed because the scurvy knaves insisted I wait at least a week and if I felt the same way then I must share my plans with her. The fact I have an obvious crush on one of the girls at school helped.”

“Does the lucky lass know of you interest in guys?” I asked offering him some wine.

“I haven't spoken to her about it yet.” Leonard said. “I wanted to experience being with a guy before I had that conversation. We haven't really got beyond kissing and fondling. I told her there were some personal issues I needed to resolve. Morgan had me speak with Bernadette and Marikie. They offered to chat with my girlfriend. Those are two very special girls. Morgan and Adam are very lucky guys. They give me lots of hope.”

“Yes they are special.” I said. “Although the boys won't have told anybody you must know the change in you will be clear to everybody tomorrow morning. Somebody is bound to disturb us in the morning. Are you willing to endure a blush or two?”

“I think I'll have to endure more than two.” Leonard said. “A small price to pay. There is something I'd like you to do that will make the blushing easier to bear.”

“Anything you want.” I promised filling his glass. “This is the night when I get to receive through giving you a wonderful experience.”

“Two things actually.” Leonard said. “I want you to tie me to bed. Thank you. The boys have warned me of your love for swallowing. I'd like my first orgasm from the fucking.”

“I'll keep my promise and give you what you want.” I said with a smile. “Now to let you know the price of granting your wishes. There are two of them. You will feed me your second load.”

“You have a deal sir and my ass and my cock and all the other bits attached to those parts.” Leonard said leaning forward.

The first kiss is always so magical. Leonard couldn't hide his hesitancy and flinched just a little before our lips met. Once they touched he relaxed. They boy had crossed the line. Everything else would be easier now. I pulled him over to me and sat him on my lap. There was no hiding my arousal nor did I even try. Leonard could sit there feeling what was about penetrate his virgin ass. We continued kissing as we enjoyed a second glass of wine.

I removed his shirt to reveal his hard torso. The boy had the whipcord strength a scrumhalf needs to tackle forwards. Leonard had dressed or rather undressed for the occasion. His erection could be seen quite clearing as his cock pressed against the lightweight material of his pants. I managed to keep my hand out of his groin for three kisses and two sips of wine. I rubbed his nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

Enough of this virtuous patience I told myself and dropped my hand to his groin. Pressing down I squeezed his shaft through the material. I could feel the heat from his engorged flesh. I was suckling at his left breast while I toyed with him.

“Gods I might cum before you get me naked.” Leonard said. “Thank you Rohan. Damn I didn't want to cry. I'm sorry.”

“Hush it's perfect.” I said kissing his lips. “This night is perfect. You're perfect. There is no way anything can go wrong so relax and enjoy it.”

“I think you'd better get me ready for my fuck.” Leonard suggested. “You can make love to me another day. Tonight I want you to take me. Really take me.”

“Oh I'll take you and make you mine.” I said setting him down on the bed.

When I had his wrists bound to the slats in the headboard I pulled his pants off. Leonard's five-inches lay there pointing up toward his head. The boy's balls were clearly visible and had already started to move up. I'm glad we're getting him ready now I thought as I secured his ankles to the crossbar at the foot of the bed. Wrapping the ends of the scarf around a slat beneath the mattress made it harder for him to slide his feet together. I wanted him spreadeagled. Judging by his smile Leonard wanted himself spreadeagled.

We both knew I couldn't resist kissing his cock. I knew I couldn't keep my promise if I sucked on it so I placed a trail of kisses down his cock and over his balls. While I was getting to know the taste of his cock I started shedding my clothing. I straddled his chest with my cock inches from his face while I coated it with lubricant. Lowering my groin over his face I let him kiss my cock and balls just like I'd kissed his.

“Suck on my nuts.” I commanded. “Harder if you don't want the fucking to last forever. That's better.”

He sucked, licked and kissed my nuts for some time. I wanted to be close to cumming when I entered him. Finally I felt I was close enough to move things along. I felt my way around down below. A probing finger teased his hole for a while to get him to relax. Slipping even the slightest bit of my finger inside him took time. This was the part I wouldn't rush for any reason. Patience I reminded myself but thoughts of that tightness wrapped around my cock kept intruding.

“Yes.” I breathed against his neck as my finger slipped in. “You are one tight fuck Gorgeous. The boys and girls are going to love drilling your ass.”

“Maybe a dirty old man or two as well.” Leonard added.

“Six strokes with the cane on your bare ass from Alexander before he fucks you over his desk.” I suggested. “Gods he is a handsome devil. A little too old for me but fit, trim and handsome.”

“Do you think he might be?” Leonard asked squeezing down as my finger found his sweet spot.

“Even a straight guy will find it almost impossible to resist your ass.” I predicted. “One more finger now. You can do three. I know you can. You will. There.”

“Hmm that feels so good.” Leonard said. “I can't fucking believe it is finally happening. This has been my favorite fantasy for the past three years. Yes I'm ready.”

“We'll take it slowly.” I said knowing full well I wouldn't. “Press down. Yes that's it. Only the head for now. You can do it. A couple of inches that's all. Then we'll take a breather.”

“Oh yes I can feel it.” Leonard said as the head of my cock popped through into the space beyond his sphincter. “I'm getting fucked. Wow! A little more please Rohan.”

“There you go.” I said pulling down on his hips and sliding the rest of my cock into him.

“Fucking hell!” Leonard said in surprise. “That wasn't slowly. Bullshit! That was no slip of the cock.”

“Spank me tomorrow.” I said calmly beginning to fuck him.

“Only to thank you.” Leonard said. “I did tell you to take me and make me yours. You took me good Rohan. Don't stop taking me now. Harder Rohan harder! Fuck me!”

The boys had an ass like a vacuüm pump. Every time he clenched I thought he'd break me. I drove in and out of him as best I could. His tight ring was a perfect two sizes too small for me. Being the first was heady enough but feeling my cock stretch him with every thrust was mind-blowing. He had the ass of a ten-year-old. Tonight it was all mine. Tomorrow morning as well I thought as I thrust into Leonard. Driving and stretching at the same time. Working as deep as possible inside him. Fucking my virgin.

Grunting and cursing I worked my hips back and forth beneath him. My hands grasped his hips and pressed him tight against my groin. I think I writhed more than Leonard as I fought my way to my orgasm. Screw any thought of relaxing. This one took work. A pure animalistic fuck that ended in cum and curses spewing from me in equal measure. I barely managed to enjoy the sight of cum spurting from his cock I was so caught up in my struggle to unload.

“Holy crap I'm glad I'm already lying down.” I muttered. “Never mind you I'm fucked. I should have made that morning service for nine pm. I might be able to walk by then. Thank you Leonard. What a gift.”

“You should thank me.” Leonard said with a chuckle. “I mean just because you got me to pass out from the pleasure is no reason for me to thank you. Happens all the time when I jerk off of course. Fucking hell Rohan I always believed that was a myth. Wow! Fucking awesome. Brilliant.”

“Now let's get you clean.” I said reluctantly taking my semi-erect cock from his ass.

There I was lapping up cum with my bare ass up when there was a knock at the door. Three gentle taps that was obviously a prearranged signal because Leonard immediately invited them in. He laughed as somebody casually swatted my ass on their way over to kiss Leonard. A second person struck my ass in passing.

“I couldn't wait until tomorrow Dad to find out if this was enough thanks for my extended holiday.” Dylan said calmly.

“I'm tripling your spanking allowance for the next six weeks.” I said. “Get over here and kiss me. I'm a little upset though. This boy is so small and tight I had to work fucking hard to unload. Don't think I believe you merely came to see about the thank you. You wanted to check on Leonard. Never mind that an old fogie like me could have a heart attack fucking him. No don't worry about me.”

“Okay we won't.” Dylan said. “Was it what you'd hoped for Leonard?”

“So much more.” Leonard said tearing up. “Damn I keep crying. I blacked out when Rohan came. I remember starting to cum and then I had finished unloading.”

“Thanks for not embarrassing me Dad.” Dylan said. “I'll leave you to enjoy your treat.”

There was no way my mouth was leaving Leonard's cock so Dylan leaned down to kiss my cheek. I didn't pause in feasting on Leonard. The boy's cock was already throbbing as I hollowed my cheeks. Burying my face in his groin I opened my mouth and engulfed his balls. He was almost more than a mouthful but I managed to keep him all in. My fingers probed his messy hole. My enjoyment of this glorious task got interrupted by my rapscallion son. Before leaving the room Dylan had lubed up a vibrator and thrust it smoothly in my ass on his way out. Naturally he had it turned on high.

I sure as fuck wasn't letting go of Leonard to remove it. Ignoring it as best I could I focused on blowing a laughing Leonard. Wait until we hit the shower I thought sucking harder. That interrupted his laughter. Leonard cursed as pleasure overtook him. Thrashing just like I'd done beneath him the boy shook from head to toe as his cum spurted against the roof of my mouth. I deliberately kept him in my mouth a little too long. Only when I had swallowed the last drop did I reach behind me to remove the vibrator from my ass.

My son would never know how grateful I was for him shoving it inside me. I was now fully aroused and ready to top Leonard in the shower. The boy got a little taste of my cock while I straddled his chest and untied his wrists. Then I pulled out of his mouth so I could make my way to the foot of the bed. I tossed him over my shoulder. While the water warmed I draped him over my bent leg.

“So you thought my son's antics were funny.” I said slapping his bottom firmly. “I was not amused and even less amused by your laughter. Maybe this spanking will be enough of an incentive for you to mind your manners.”

His groans of pleasure made me believe it wouldn't be much of an incentive. By my usual standards this was a short and light spanking. Decent enough for a boy raised with the usual standard parental spanking for being naughty. I took it a little further. A quick flurry brought the spanking to an end.

“Kneel on the floor over there facing me.” I instructed as I sat down with my back against the glass wall of the shower.

The water cascading onto us felt really good. Following my instructions Leonard leaned forward to take me in his mouth. Ass up and head in my groin he sucked and stroked my cock. I reminded him all he needed to remember was to keep his teeth off my dick. Leonard treated my erection and balls as if they were an ice-cream cone. The magic of an inexperienced blowjob brought me enough pleasure to climax quickly. Easing his head back when I warned him he'd better swallow every drop or else. Leonard kept it all in his mouth. Apart from one drop he let slip from the corner of his mouth. Laughing I pulled him across my knees and spanked him a second time.

I kissed him goodnight as we lay beneath the covers. Leonard told me he couldn't be any happier with the way things had gone. He might let me kiss his ass better in the morning but for now he was enjoying the sting. The next morning when I woke I thought I was in Piccadilly Circus.

“Say cheese!” Dylan said just before there was a flash of light.

“You weren't kidding.” Leonard said with a smile leaning in to kiss me.

Thankfully we got to lie beneath the covers for the photo shoot. Lawrence was snapping pictures when Caryn calmly entered and set a tray next to the bed. Tracy entered the room and insisted Leonard take a swig of Scotch from her bottle. I took a long pull. I promised to cut her salary by five percent when she herded the others out the room.

“You've got an hour Boss.” Tracy said as she closed the door behind her. “That includes the shower and dressing.”

“We have some more sticky buns.” I said holding the plate out to Leonard. “Milk and two sugars in your tea? I don't care what time constraints there are I'm making your buns sticky before I set a foot out this room. This time I'm going to enjoy watching my cock sliding inside you. What a glorious fucking night.”

“Do you think we have time for a light dusting of my ass as well?” Leonard asked as we finished our second sticky bun. “I'd like to feel the sting during the service.”

“A quick not so light dusting will do the job.” I said kissing him. “Now to the job of making your buns sticky. Roll over.”

The boy rolled over. I pressed down on his ass and force my cock inside him. The sight of his skin rippling as my cock slid in and out of his ass made time constraints irrelevant. I fucked him harder than last night. Resting on my arms I had more space to draw back and plunge in. I couldn't resist withdrawing from his ass so I could enjoy the exquisite pleasure of forcing myself back inside him. When I withdrew a second time it was to turn him over.

This time we both managed to stay focused through our orgasms. I kissed him as I emptied myself inside his ass. We broke off the kiss to watch his cum spurt from his cock. This morning I licked him clean much quicker than last night. Leonard ended up over my knees in the seating area. I used the new paddle on him. He kicked and cried out in pain. Ignoring the tears I kept on long enough to put a lingering sting in his ass. Holding the sobbing boy in my arms I carried him to the shower for a second fucking. I mounted him in the missionary position while he was still sobbing.

That morning Leonard learned the exquisite pleasure of being fucked while crying. How the pleasure overwhelmed the pain surprisingly quickly. I told him to breathe deeply as best he could while crying. Reaching down I added jerking him off to the pleasure of being fucked. The tears had stopped and he was dissolving into his first puddle-licious experience when Dylan and Dariusz stepped into the shower. They stood with an arm around each other and watched in silence as Leonard experienced a full-body orgasm.

“Beautiful.” Dylan whispered when Leonard lay motionless with a smile on his face.

“Rohan I will have to spank you later today so pack that paddle.” Leonard said. “I wanted to feel the sting of a spanking during the service Dariusz. Now I just feel so good it's taken the sting away. A few minutes ago I was crying like a well-spanked five-year-old. Now I'm just feeling blissful. I'd love to watch a double-team.”

I loved having him close as I took care of Dariusz and Dylan. They washed me while I washed Leonard. There was never any doubt that I would wash Leonard. The gang knew me so well that Tracy had given me an hour knowing I had an hour-and-a-half. Thanks to the extra thirty-minutes we were ready when Tracy returned. She draped an arm around Leonard and chatted with him. I dropped back with Dariusz and Dylan so they could chat in private.

Along the way to the chapel we met up with Morgan and Adam. They gave Leonard and hug and a kiss. Leonard returned their kisses. Leslie draped an arm over his shoulders and had a brief chat with him. She came over to me and took a look at me. Then she snagged Tracy's bottle so we could have a drink together. Being in a group of gay and straight couples was obviously good for Leonard. He knew he could talk to Leslie, Garth, Christopher, Petersen or Leif if he needed. The scurvy lads were around to chat with as well. Leonard couldn't hope to find a better group to hang out with after his first gay sex.

Pastor Ewan thanked me for allowing him to take this Sunday off. Sister Faye assured me he'd be ready next Sunday. I didn't try to hide the joy I was feeling. My Lady wove it into every hymn and even the Gregorian chants sounded less solemn. I almost lost the connection when she said the original monks were idiots who thought you had to let go of joy to chant. I motioned Clifton forward at her request.

“Follow along just like it is a chant.” I shared with him quietly. “This is a short song. We'll do it softly a couple of times. My Lady believes your voice and gift need to expand. I agree. We know you can do it so will you join us?”

“Thank you. I'd like to try.” Clifton said.

The step from chanting to singing was not a very big one for Clifton. My Lady taught him one of the shorter Gregorian chants. Clifton took the lead. When he had completed the first of the three verses I channeled a few more voices and backed him up. We sang the chant three times. I hugged and kissed him before he returned to his seat. Tammy hugged and kissed him. I knew there would be many more for him at brunch.

Clifton asked my Lady to teach him another song to practice while we made our way to the farm. I tried to get her to teach him a drinking song but she wouldn't go along. Instead she taught him a simple song of thanksgiving and gave him another long-forgotten mantra. My housekeepers came over to let me know my schedule for the day. The gang was returning to London because their flight left tomorrow night. They wanted to relax and unwind. I suggested asking Nancy to take them to O'Mally's for dinner. Adam and Morgan would stay on another night or two in Winchester. This afternoon I was driving sedately to the treehouses where I'd meet up with Vernon and Tim. After dinner I was taking Leonard home because he had school the next day. The rest was up to me and Morgan's folks to decide.

“I know the boys want you to think of Leonard as your thank you gift but you know better.” Leslie said. “That was a gift. A very special gift. The rest of us will give you our own gift when you return. This has been an incredible time for all of us. You were right in thinking it would be good for all of us on so many levels. When you return we'll go on a milkshake date so we can chat about Poland. Good-bye Rohan. See you in a couple of weeks.”

The church dignitaries were leaving as well. The others laughed when I let Dabulamanzi pick me up in a bear hug and lift me above his head. We had to dance together one more time. Then we downed a pint of beer. I promised I'd visit him in Africa after the convention next year. I was watching them drive away when Sister Colleen came up beside me to hold my hand.

“The sweetest compliment I have ever seen is watching the melancholy settle over you when your friends left.” Sister Colleen said. “Come on guys we're having a beer or two with Rohan.”

The newlyweds had one beer. I took my second beer to go and walked them back to Marion's inn. Samantha was happy to help drag the boys ahead of us so I could have a quiet word with Morgan's folks. They didn't mind giving up a day for the boys to do a basic sailing course. I told them I had Dylan coming back in about ten days to join them. Naturally I'd include Samantha. Brother Murray and Sister Celeste were moving from the farm to stay at the inn. The boys would be up for sunrise tomorrow morning they promised. I let Marion know I'd be back soon when Vernon moved in to his cottage.

I walked back to the farm with Leonard. We were about to get in the car when Grace came up and handed us some sandwiches and treats for tea. Sister Colleen came over with some Maximus for when we made it to the treehouses. I had a Maximus and a sandwich on the drive to the treehouses. Leonard promised to hide the beer from any police officers. The drive was lovely. I let my hand roam all around under his clothing. We kissed often on the clear stretches of road.

“Here's your key.” the front desk lady said when I walked up to the counter. “Already paid for. We have your information in our system. I'm sure you know the way.”

“Thank you.” I said. “Come along Leonard. The sooner I get you in the hot tub the sooner I can get in you.”

True to my word I got into him moments after we stepped in the hot tub. I had Leonard lean forward with his palms resting on the edge of the tub. Having him kneel on the submerged seat placed him at the perfect height for me to mount standing upright behind him.

“The view is incredible from here.” Leonard said.

“You do have an incredible ass.” I said watching my cock slide between his cheeks. “Oh sorry the trees are amazing as well.”

“Thank you Rohan for making me feel so special.” Leonard said. “You might want to turn me around if you want this load.”

“That would spoil the view.” I said reaching past him and handing him a glass. “Can you guess why I'm handing an empty glass to you?”

“You're going to drink my cum from a glass?” Leonard asked in surprise. “I have to oh my see you do it. So close. Another two maybe three strokes. Yes! Oh fuck yes!”

I unloaded in his ass for the third time today. True to his word Leonard watched me drink down every drop from the glass. He laughed when I ran a finger around the inside to get every last trace of semen.

“Is nobody safe around you my Love?” Tim said walking over to the hot tub. “I catch you kissing pretty girls and now hot young lads. From what I can see above the water I'd suggest doing more than kissing him.”

“The boys just learning so I'm letting him up for air.” I said. “I'm afraid there isn't much left in the tank for you tonight.”

“Don't apologize Leonard.” Tim said. “This means I get to fuck him. There's plenty in my tank. Let me just feed Rohan a load quickly to release the pressure. I came to fetch the two of you for tea. You are joining me for tea even if I have to pry you apart with a crowbar. Leonard of all the men over thirty I've been with Rohan has the most talented mouth. The other old fogie admitted as much. He said if your wrist was half as supple as your tongue you'd be invincible with a rapier.”

“Would it be rude to ask how many over thirty there have been?” Leonard asked.

“I trust you to keep it from my husband so I'll tell you.” Tim said. “Scoundrel be a bastard and slip in a third finger. We don't want tea to get cold. That's wonderful Scoundrel. The answer Leonard is two.”


“Your choice of men is impeccable Beloved.” I said standing up to kiss Tim long, hard and passionately.

“Vernon only made me wait a month or two Leonard.” Tim said with a smile. “ This scoundrel made me wait years. You really are happy for me aren't you my Love?”

“Yes I am.” I said gazing deep into Tim's eyes. “Ask me about time spent on the hills in Andalusia with an older man. Now tell me is Sioned working? Good. Vernon must join us for tea. He'll get an idea of how well he trained Sioned if she waits on us.”

We bullied Vernon into joining us by using my argument and saying he had helped to make it a special night for Tim so he had to join us in a celebratory tea.

“Part of my training is it.” Sioned said laughing. “Vernon the four of you look like cats on the verge of dying from a cream overdose. Judging by how unsteady you old guys are on your feet I'd say you got laid. Repeatedly. Screw honor, pun intended, I can manage tonight Vernon. I'm calling you in sick. Vernon it is honest. You're lovesick.”

“I'm sorry Tim it looks like it will be all around the place soon.” Vernon said. “Oh, dear boy, I am not in the least bit ashamed but you're married to Rohan. I don't want to cause the two of you any embarrassment or awkwardness.”

“Rohan thinks I have great taste in men.” Tim said. “He's promised to tell me later tonight about his time frolicking in the hills of Andalusia. I believe there was some nudity, an older man and some steamy sex involved. I love a good romance just before I go to sleep. Sioned can you arrange to have an extra box of tissues sent to our treehouse? This romance Rohan is reading me might be a real tearjerker.”

“Tears won't be the only thing jerked.” Leonard said earning a high-five from Sioned. “What? Tim did say there was steamy sex involved. A spanking for the road sounds wonderful. These custard tarts are amazing.”

“Leonard is joining us for dinner so if you want to take Tim for a walk after tea I'll let you tell him a romantic story or two Vernon.” I said helping myself to another custard tart before Leonard finished them all. “A little gossip especially if it's true won't hurt or embarrass me. I am proud of his choices. People can gossip all they want. The four of us have no regrets. Leonard I won't shout out how lucky I got or how wonderful you were but I won't deny it. I'm proud being your lover.”

“I'm proud being Vernon's.” Tim said. “Nothing will ever change that or make me regret it. The levitation was a lot of fun.”

“Does Rohan know this trick Vernon?” Leonard asked. “Good then he can show it to me before dinner. Any chance of some more custard tarts?”

“I'll bring you each a plate.” Sioned said. “We thought Rohan ate a lot of desserts. I think you might be able to almost keep up with him.”

“Your training program was a success with Sioned.” I declared when she set a plate with six small custard tarts in front of me. “A lot more successful than with the clergy.”

“Oh I don't think the clergymen I've taught have turned out too badly.” Vernon said with a smile. “Leonard I've only trained one and he's sitting at the table.”

“I agree with you Vernon.” Leonard said. “I've had more religious experiences in the last day than in the rest of my life combined. A lot of oh god and the word holy cropped up plenty of times Tim. Rohan's well on the way to saving this sinner.”

“Praise the Lord.” Sioned said taking our plates away. “Rohan you're never going to set down a custard tart to spank me.”

“My Love I'm going to keep a little in the tank for when we get back later.” Tim said. “You go teach Leonard the levitation trick. I'm going to buy Vernon a G&T. Join us for one when you're done. We'll be on the terrace.”

Foreplay was the promised spanking for the road. Leonard didn't need much foreplay. We both wanted to spend time on the terrace with Tim and Vernon so I was giving Leonard a quickie. A hard, short spanking had him wriggling and squirming within minutes.

“This is why I lubed you before I spanked you.” I said lifting him up and sitting him on my cock. “Get it all inside.”

“Fuck I'm stuffed.” Leonard said kissing me. “Now how do we levitate?”

“Grab hold of my hands and wrap your legs around my hips.” I said standing up from the chair. “Cross your legs and pull them tight against my ass. Now lean backwards.”

“Wow! That feels incredible.” Leonard said when he was almost perfectly level. “Say when Rohan.”

“That's it.” I said looking at the wonderful lad stretched before me. “Think your stomach muscles can hold you in place? I'll hold my hands out.”

Leonard brought his arms out in an arc until they stretched out past his head. I grabbed hold of his hips and fucked him. He blew me several kisses while we fucked. Gods I loved how much fun he was having. Nothing jaded or repetitive about sex for this lad. Leonard's enjoyment and excitement were infectious. Reaching under him I cupped his hard cheeks.

“Go ahead and jerk off.” I said when my orgasm drew close. “Almost fucking there! Right there! Now! Oh gods yes! Take it Sweetheart!”

He took it and put on a show while taking it. I set him on his feet before I licked him clean. Sore stomach muscles was a small price to pay Leonard told me. When we were in the shower he was all tenderness and appreciation. He knew I appreciated the gift he had given me. Leonard apologized for not being able to love me in the way I loved him and the other boys. That's part of growing up I reassured him. You'll learn just as you will learn more about sex I explained. There was nothing to stop us from chatting no matter where I ended up. The only thing that would keep us out of his life was him deciding he didn't want us in it. A last kiss before we stepped out the door and he was racing me to the terrace. I picked him up in mid-stride and draped him over my shoulder.

Sioned never missed a beat and held her tray next to his head which was dangling by my butt. Tim got a lovely picture of it with his cellphone.

“Your mom thinks that photo has to go on the mantlepiece.” Tim said a few minutes later. “Of course I texted it to her. The scurvy knaves love it as well.”

The trolley dinner was roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Mindful of the time we didn't linger because Jessica would be waiting up. Leonard sent her a text to tell her we were on our way. Vernon joined us for the drive. Leonard laughed when I set Tim on Vernon's lap in the back seat. Then we were off on our drive. Tim was excited about the spa treatments he had planned for us. I laughed when he told Vernon he was getting some as a retirement gift from us. Leonard thought it wise to hold my position until I died so nobody could foist retirement presents on me. Vernon called it unsporting.

“Jessica it's late and he has school in the morning.” I said. “We won't stay for coffee. You guys need to chat. Thank you so much for giving us your blessing. Leonard our time together is something I will always treasure and never forget. I hope we get to spend many more such hours together. Hopefully you feel the same way.”

“The chat will be a short one.” Jessica said before she kissed me. “Leonard kissing you out in the open tells me all I need to know. I'm happy to hear he has help explaining it to his lady friend. Good night guys. Thank you for everything.”

The three of us took a short walk to the stadium for a G&T we made with supplies from the car. I got to sit in the middle with the other two snuggling close. Reluctantly I got up and helped them to their feet thirty-minutes later. Tim rode shotgun when Vernon refused to let me play chauffeur and have both of them in the back. We shared a few stories of Andalusia. Tim roared with laughter when I explained the first red ass I received from Vernon was due to sunstroke. We'd forgotten the sunscreen but I was too young and horny to wait. A cheap price to pay we agreed. Getting my ass massaged with aloe for five days wasn't bad foreplay. Vernon told Tim the sunscreen was the first thing I packed after that experience.

Tim also enjoyed the story of the time we got chased naked through the a field by a bull. The bull had been given the field to enjoy himself with a few cows and wasn't willing to let us have a little part of it. They were pretty cows Vernon pointed out in defense of the bull. Yes they were so his protectiveness was understandable. A pity I was right on the verge of cumming when he charged. Tim was holding his sides when Vernon pointed out instead of cumming we went. Thank the gods there were two of us so the bull paused to decide who to chase. A local farmer enjoyed the story so much he gave us some pants so we could walk back to the village. The free drinks he'd get would more than pay for the clothing.

“Oh Tim there was no way we could be embarrassed.” I said reaching for his hand. “We were laughing harder than the farmer. One night we happened to hear the story as we walked past a bar. Nobody believed a word of it so we went inside to tell them it was true. Unless he got free drinks we were honor bound to pay for the pants.”

“Defending the bull earned us a lot of good will.” Vernon said. “They were cattle ranchers so they asked us more questions about the cows than anything else. Going back for our clothing and disturbing the bull with his cows would have been dishonorable. Our farmer friend ended up getting even more drinks. They all wanted to apologize for not believing him. We got drinks for seeing it from the bulls perspective.”

“You guys talk of Spain with such love.” Tim said. “One day I want to go see it with the two of you. Soon.”

“We will.” I promised.

I lay in bed later with my arm around Tim speaking of Andalusia. The food, the lifestyle, the sun and the crystal clear skies. I drove Vernon crazy a lot of the time exorcising demons as I battled to follow his path of honor. A good thing it was the bigger part of me that wanted to follow that path or I'd have given up. There were stretches of days when it wouldn't have been safe for me to use a weapon. One day I had woken feeling completely at peace. The last of the demons I was working through had packed up and left in the night. Vernon had known when he saw me that morning. My swordsmanship progressed rapidly from that day on. Almost as if the knowledge Vernon had shared could fill the space left by the demons.

“There's a little vacant space I'd like to fill.” Tim said rolling on top of me.

“About time.” I responded wrapping my legs around him. “You're stuck there until I feel your seed in my ass.”

“That won't take long.” Tim said slipping his cock inside of me.

Kneeling between my legs Tim fucked me. He kept himself upright and played with my cock. That feels so good I thought when he spanked my balls. The contrast between the soft touches on my cock with the sharp smack to my balls was incredible. Tim smiled when I complimented him on playing me so nicely. The spanking continued. All he used to get us both off was the spanking. Tim made certain my cock was pointing up the center of my body when I climaxed. Breathing deeply he visibly relaxed and joined me in my orgasm. The shaking of his body spoiled his attempt to appear nonchalant about proceedings. I never mentioned a word. Lying there while he licked me clean was perfect.

The others joined us Tuesday afternoon for tea. I laughed when Brother Murray showed me pictures of Adam, Morgan and Samantha stretching out the resistance band I'd used at the farm. They had worked hard to get it extended. Brother Murray had to help them when they moved toward the barn. Working out in it required the use of chi and ignoring the resistance I explained to Samantha. Reality is malleable to the extent you believe. The principles of flight have always been with us even before we learned to fly I told her. The people of ancient Rome weren't able to open to such a possibility so it didn't become part of their reality. Who are we to say there aren't more wondrous things lying all around us if we could reach beyond what we believe is possible. My work is simply to let my body and chi decide what it can achieve. The worst that could have happened was having to use a band with less resistance.

“Ready to go see your treehouses?” I asked them. “I'll take a plate of custard tarts with me. You guys have been patient enough.”

Samantha, Lucille and Henry had their own treehouse. Morgan and Adam were sharing theirs with Brother Murray and Sister Celeste. Tim told them they were welcome to share ours if they wanted. The boys decided to do that for a couple of the nights so their tutors could have the treehouse to themselves. They insisted because their tutors couldn't leave without experiencing sex in the hot tub. Tim would ask Vernon to choose a nice bottle or two of wine.

“You are at your cruelest when you are being kind Rohan.” Sister Celeste said when she saw their room. “How am I meant to get out of bed at sunrise in a room with such a view? No I can't send Brother Murray out on his own. He wouldn't mind but I'd feel bad.”

“I've spoken to the people at the spa.” Tim said on the walk back to the hotel. “We are all having a massage in the morning. Samantha I've arranged facials, manicures and pedicures for us on Thursday morning. You get to choose what you want on Friday. I suggest the chocolate wrap. Rohan and I are having it on Friday.”

“Saturday is when Vernon moves to the cottage.” I said. “We want to attend church with Pastor Ewan on Sunday.”

Morgan, Adam and Samantha threw the Frisbee around while us adults enjoyed sundowners. Lucille and Henry went for a walk through the garden. I chatted with Brother Murray about my plans for survival training in the snow. I was thinking of buying a little extra land to put up a place where monks and nuns could stay when they were on their survival training. Sister Celeste was happy to work on the ideal set up with Brother Murray. Once I knew how many structures we'd need and the size I would be able to look for a large enough property. Brother Murray agreed that the highest possible elevation would be best.

Right after his massage I drove Tim to Vernon's rooms. I agreed it was Andalusia all over again. Tim was there to babysit Vernon until the party which was being held in one of the conference rooms. We enjoyed tea with the monks. They enjoyed chatting with me about our time in the different monasteries and chapter houses. A couple of hours later I headed off to join the others for lunch at the hotel. Tim was pretty confident he could figure out a way to keep Vernon at his rooms until he got the text to head on over.

Alfie asked me if I wouldn't mind sharing my thoughts on their interpretation of a Spanish dinner. Adam and Morgan had to watch so Alfie let them watch from his office.

“You are the reason chef is a four letter word.” I said by way of greeting when I called a Spanish chef I knew on speakerphone.

“Maybe but my food doesn't give a corpse diarrhea.” the chef responded.

“I wouldn't feed your tapas to my ex-wife and I'm gay.” I retorted.

“My life was going so well until you called today and screwed up the next decade.” the Spaniard said. “Why are you bothering me? I bought you a bon voyage card and wished you a happy life elsewhere.”

“Well it's not saying much about Spanish chefs but you're the best person to help when it comes to tapas.” I said. “Some British chefs are trying to do tapas for Vernon's retirement party. They need help. We want the authentic tapas and not the tourist-trap tapas you usually dish out.”

“Why didn't you say it was for Vernon sooner?” the chef asked. “Let me speak to the chef. Obviously that's not you. I said chef not cook. Hello Alfie. Grab some wine and let's talk about your menu. How is Vernon? You have him call me tonight you hear. Vernon not Rohan for the love of the gods. I've had enough of him for the next year. This is the first time we've chatted all year. That's why I said year not decade.”

The boys had to step out of Alfie's office at this point. We headed to the bar for a G&T. We loathe each other I told the boys when they had shared our conversation with Sioned.

“Sioned he judges quality by price.” I explained. “He thinks the lower the price the better the product. That's what makes him such a brilliant chef. The man has to be good to turn those cheap ingredients into something tasty. Naturally he charges five-star prices for his half-star ingredients. The only thing he likes about free range is the free. Nobody does tapas like him though. The lamb will be phenomenal when he's done sharing his secrets with Alfie.”

“Why would he share his secrets with Alfie?” Adam asked.

“Vernon stood up for him in a matter of honor which is still very, very important among the Spanish.” I said. “This was the first time Vernon had asked me what I thought. Everybody was discussing it in the plaza. This had to do with somebody leasing him and another person the same building for a restaurant. The landlord felt he could cancel the one lease and keep the one with the higher rent. His argument was Danel had signed the lease after the other guy had signed at the higher rent. I sided with Danel because the landlord hadn't waited until after sunset. He'd originally agreed to give Danel that long to decide.

Because I hadn't lived there long enough for them to consider me a local I had no voice. Vernon spoke for us although he couldn't mention me by name he used the term we when expressing his thoughts. You see the landlord claimed it was like somebody standing in a store debating to buy something and somebody else coming in and taking the item off the shelf. Why shouldn't he lease to the man who acted quicker? Vernon argued this was a relationship not an item Danel was investing in. The landlord had given him until sunset and Danel had acted within that time frame.”

“Does it hurt being honor bound to speak for somebody you dislike?” Adam asked me seriously.

“I found it hurt at first when I was younger.” I said. “I didn't realize you get to see a different side of a person and often become friends afterward. Thanks to that incident we are getting help for Vernon's retirement party.”

“You also get to help.” Alfie said. “I'd ask if you minded but I wasn't given a choice. Our chef will cook alongside you or I cannot use any of the information Danel shared with me. Something about us Brits being too timid for tapas. Danel was kind enough to work with what we had on hand. I'll get the proper Spanish ingredients later if tonight goes well. One day Danel hopes you will grow up to become a tapas chef not a tapas cook. Maybe tonight. He thanked us for giving him a good laugh.”

“I'd better get started.” I said. “Shall I take a bottle with me or will Sioned be able to keep me in G&T?”

“We'll manage to keep your glass full.” Sioned said. “You're just doing the tapas. I'll have the other waiters check on you.”

“Good but I ought to take a full glass with me.” I said. “Morgan will you explain to your folks and get them to the terrace. I'll text Tim to head over. Alfie we will need to turn off the fire alarms in the kitchen. The grill must be searing hot.”

The British chef only took off his apron and hat when Alfie nodded at him. He was much quicker to accept the G&T. Danel was right about the Brits being timid. The chef was getting very nervous as I let the cast iron skillets get really, really hot.

“Start with two skillets.” I advised. “The moment the ingredients hit the first skillet empty them to the second. You won't have time to use a spatula. So toss them back and forth a couple of times and call it good. Please get the guests in the conference room Alfie. I'll have the first tapas on the way before they get there. Here's how it's done.”

Thinly sliced beef took seconds to cook in a skillet heated to over four hundred degrees Fahrenheit. The vegetables would still be crisp and nicely seared. I didn't do raw tapas on principle. Everything must be close at hand. We each had an assistant chef who would place the cooked food on the bread.

“Cheers!” I said raising my glass. “Let the games begin.”

The meat hit the skillet three times before I set it on the counter top. Then I grabbed another pair of skillets from the back burners and began again. This time with bacon. Then chicken. Returning to beef. Then a vegetable medley. My hands were constantly moving skillets around like I was hosting a shell game. The British chef was young and benefited from playing lots of computer games. His hand speed was good. Once he had got the hang of what ingredients went with the different type of meat it became a lot of fun for him.

“Okay guys we're about to serve the main course.” Alfie said. “You can lay down your skillets. Good work.”

“There's still some ingredients left.” I said. “We'll make some up for the staff. Won't take but a few minutes.”

The British chef blushed when I told him he was a natural. He agreed an outdoor grill would have made it a lot easier. Alfie promised to set one up for the next time. There was a fresh set of clothes in a room upstairs for me to change into before I joined the others. I took a quick shower and dressed quickly. Vernon thanked me for cooking tapas.

“That was way too much fun.” I said accepting a plate of tapas they had saved for me. “Did you recognize the flavors or was it speaking to Danel that gave it away?”

“The flavors.” Vernon said. “The seared Balsamic beef with cherry tomatoes could only come from one kitchen. I told him he had turned you into a tapas chef so there was no need to hide your friendship for each other. Rohan there was a lot of rationing after the war as well. The man was just a boy and the scars settled deep. Memories of being hungry last a very long time. Sometimes a lifetime. Please Rohan for both of you see if you can bring a little Genta in the next time you chat.”

“This is the second time this week I've had to face up to people I haven't treated well.” I said with a sigh. “Yes it is good to clear things up but it doesn't make me feel good about it.”

“Vernon is Spain very different from Poland?” Tim asked. “I mean are the people very down-to-earth and hard workers? Well my Love it all depends on how you feel but we have a successful animal farm and garden model in Poland. I'm sure Danel would be open to using organic vegetables and free range meat if he could get it cheap. I'm sure even if you sold it to him at cost you'd make enough from your other sales to show a slight profit.”

“Even if you just broke even you'd be providing healthy food to people and jobs for some of the locals at a good salary.” Morgan said. “Tim that's a brilliant way to apologize.”

“I love the idea Tim.” I said kissing him. “You and Vernon let me know when you've found the ideal properties. Don't forget the cattle ranch. We might as well go all in from the start.”

“Me. Vernon.” Tim spluttered. “This is your apology.”

“The three of us will work on it together.” I said. “Vernon has the contacts and the two of us will need something to occupy us while we linger in bed through the winter. Looking at properties in Andalusia and spending my money will be a fun way to pass the time. I'm taking Tim to Africa after the conference in the Andes so how does a visit to Andalusia in March or April sound Vernon?”

“Spending your retirement in Spain?” Sioned asked handing me a G&T. “Lucky devil. Time for you to say a few words Vernon. Dad's mumbling enough about holding the food in an oven so please make it short.”

Vernon did make it short. He thanked the hotel for accepting him into their family when he came to England. The time he'd spent here was just what he needed to heal. Sioned blushed when he told them he felt better about leaving with her to take his place. I blushed when he told everybody the greatest gift was reuniting with me.

“Brace yourselves.” Tim whispered to the newlyweds.

“There is one amusing incident of my time in Andalusia with Rohan I'd like to share.” Vernon said smiling at me. “We were out on a er let's say walk. Now it was a really hot day and the field was empty of other people so we stripped down to our birthday suits.”

When she finally got herself together Sioned asked if it really happened. She laughed harder when I confirmed it had really happened. When Tim added the bull had decided to charge at the moment critique she had to leave the room. Adam didn't know how Vernon had managed to get through the story without laughing. Samantha asked me if I could give her some pointers on how to have as much fun when she reached twenty. Lucille complimented her on her wisdom when she added she'd prefer not to involve any bulls in her travels.

I agreed with Vernon that the kitchen had nailed Danel's roast lamb. Vernon let the others know that after we helped him Danel would leave plates of food outside our door. Knowing of his fears about being hungry this made those gifts even more precious. When other guests asked Vernon if he worried about finding retirement boring he mentioned he was keeping an eye on a little venture for Tim. He only had to point out where there was Tim there was usually Rohan nearby for them to agree he wouldn't be bored for very long.

“We haven't spent much time together my Love but would you mind?” Tim asked when we were out on the terrace saying goodnight to Vernon.

“I'd like somebody to stay with him tonight.” I said softly. “Thank you for checking with me and being a friend to my friend.”

“We'll be extra friendly towards Rohan tonight.” Morgan said. “I'll pop back in and get us a bottle of wine to enjoy in the hot tub. Red or white Rohan? Got any suggestions for a light red wine Vernon? Thank you. I had a wonderful time tonight. Rest well and we'll see you in the morning for your spa treatment. Then we're all coming over to help you pack.”

“I don't know if the hotel is eager to see the back of you.” Adam said. “All I know is we want to have you all to ourselves in Winchester. Here's our wine so we'll be off. Sunrise will be here first thing in the morning and Dad needs his beauty sleep. Of course you need it Dad. Have you ever seen cuter newlyweds than the two of us? I didn't think so either. Now kiss the others goodnight so we can get you safely in the treehouse. That open lawn might be tempting to a bull.”

“We're after a different sort of impaling.” Morgan said leading me off the terrace. “The sharp end of the stick is not what we have in mind. Yes Adam it's sharp of him to realize it so quickly.”

“Tim you did leave the paddle out didn't you?” I called back. “Good it will blunt the attack of these scurvy newlyweds.”

“Oh I've never been called a scurvy newlywed.” Morgan said. “I like the sound of it. Say it again please Rohan. Dreamy. You say the sweetest things Rohan.”

“He also spanks the sweetest things.” Adam added. “That seared beef with cherry tomatoes was incredible Dad. I really think you ought to share it with Grace. Maybe go shopping with her. The chicken was good but lacked a punch. Ask Grace for some ideas. She cooks as well as you and Petersen.”

“The wedding feast was phenomenal.” Morgan said. “I'll just open the wine and set it by the hot tub.”

There was no reason to disturb the other guests with the sound of the boys' paddling so I took them over my knee inside. The looked so desirable lying stretched out on the couch. I had them both over my knee at the same time. Watching their flesh get pushed through the holes was proving a delightful experience for me. I remembered seeing a picture online of a clear paddle. Definitely time to invest in some of them. The thought of watching the glow spreading through their cheeks caused my cock to twitch. The weight of the two newlyweds pressing down on my groin might have played a part in the twitching of my cock.

“Our first spanking from Rohan as newlyweds is proving very pleasant.” Morgan said. “I wonder if he's going soft because we're married.”

“I think he's just lulling us in to thinking it will stay this gentle.” Adam said. “Please Dad would you spank me a little harder? Harder still? Almost there Dad.”

“He's fucking there!” Morgan shouted grabbing hold of the armrest in front of them.

Adam was kicking his legs no less vigorously than Morgan a few seconds later. Their feet beat out a tattoo on the couch. Gods how I loved these scurvy newlyweds. Fine I especially loved freshly spanked scurvy newlyweds about to get a good fucking in the time it took to deliver the last six smacks. Done!

“Straddle Adam.” I ordered as I slipped my cock inside Adam's ass.

Adam was kneeling right where I'd had Leonard earlier. Morgan stood over Adam's back pointing his cock in my direction. I did what any sane man would do and took the sweet treat in my mouth. Boy cum is the best possible elixir in my book. Below us Adam was thrusting his ass backward to meet my thrusts. I wanted to cum soon so I let go of any ideas of holding out or making the fucking last longer. Surrendering to the sensations, relaxing my pelvic muscles and letting go on all levels I sank into the sensations of pleasure.

The times when I cum before the boys are the best. I unloaded in Adam's ass before Morgan climaxed. My pleasure was subsiding just as he was rushing towards the edge. Grabbing hold of my head Morgan held himself buried to the hilt in my mouth as he fed me his cum. I have no idea if Adam climaxed from the fucking or if he jerked off. Either way it was three very happy guys who settled down in the hot tub to toast married life.

“So far so good.” Adam said when I asked how it was going. “On the physical level nothing has changed. The energy has shifted in a big way. There's such a difference between betrothed and husband.”

“Husband is more definite.” Morgan agreed. “There just feels a greater sense of permanence now. I feel even more a part of your family Rohan. The inner circle and not the extended family. Thank you for having me.”

“I haven't had you yet but I will before we go to sleep.” I promised kissing him.

“Will that make me your only begotten son-in-law?” Morgan asked. “You'd better finish this wine or I'll be your besotted begotten son-in-law.”

The two of them snuggled close while I finished the last of the wine. The magic of the setting enveloped us and made it hard for us to go inside. I only went inside because the boys needed their rest. The opportunity to fill Morgan with cock and cum never once crossed my mind. Honestly it didn't. Well not once. Twice or thrice maybe. The question that needed answering was what to do with Adam's erection.

Adam found the thought of all of us fucking with me between them appealing. We lay on our sides and Morgan presented his ass to me. I presented my ass to Adam. Reaching out I lifted Morgan's right leg up and pulled him close. Holding his leg up I slid inside him. Adam got to set the initial pace. I let his thrusts press my cock against the inside of Morgan's boy-pussy. He stayed in control all the way to his orgasm inside my ass.

“Are you loitering in my husband's ass?” Adam asked as he withdrew from me.

“His ass is perfect for loitering.” I said.

“How about some littering?” Morgan asked. “Go ahead litter my ass with cum. Don't make me ask Adam to fetch the paddle.”

“Why not?” I asked curiously.

“You've got me there.” Morgan said. “I can't think of a reason.”

The hint was well-taken by my son. Soon the crack of the paddle filled the bedroom as Adam set about my ass. I rolled over to present my ass to the paddle and pin Morgan beneath me. When I pulled my cock back Adam drove me firmly forward with a good solid blow. This became our pattern for several delicious minutes.

“Getting very close Rohan.” Morgan groaned from beneath me.

I took the hint and flipped him over. Morgan loved watching the expressions on my face as Adam spanked me and I fucked him. We got in three kisses before he unloaded. I loved watching the expression on his face as he climaxed. Then I surprised him by pulling out of his ass and fucking his face. Only for a minute or two before I fed him my load. The thought of him digesting my cum was too hot to resist. Gods I loved the thought so much I felt like I'd never stop pumping the salty treat into him. Alas this good thing soon came to an end. Three very happy guys took a shower that night.

“How did you get Tim up in time to join us for sunrise meditations?” I asked Vernon the next morning.

“I let him sleep until we got to the gates of the hotel.” Vernon said. “Then I pulled over and woke him.”

“The mug of tea helped.” Tim said. “Well my Love let's get this show on the road. There are manicures, facials and pedicures to enjoy soon.”

The thought of all those spa treatments filled Tim with so much joy it was infectious. I had to spar with the lad. He swung his sword at my shield with a big grin on his face. The others had to stop to watch as the sound of his sword striking my shield was accompanied by cries of “What-for” or “Take that and that”. When he tried a thrust I used my longer reach to get in ahead of him. Lucille got a picture of Tim's sword a couple of inches from me as he stood with the point of my sword lightly touching his chest. Then dropping my wrist I was able to lean in and kiss him.

“Not too shabby my Love.” Tim said. “We might just turn you into a swordsman someday. Now I'll go give Vernon a few pointers. En garde Monsieur Vernon.”

Moments later he was off hacking at Vernon. I groaned and gratefully accepted the Irish coffee Sister Celeste held out to me. She asked if I'd help demonstrate some stuff for the boys. Brother Murray called out the strikes and I blocked them. We did the drill slowly so the boys could see the posture when attacking and defending. Once the drills finished I sparred with Sister Celeste for ten-minutes. The boys wanted me to spar with Vernon but I wanted that to take place Saturday morning. The day we were leaving.

There was time for coffee on the terrace before breakfast. Tim sat himself on my lap to everybody’s amusement. Alfie joined us to chat with Vernon about some of the ingredients Danel had suggested. When he asked us to pass on his thanks I told him he could do it in person. I needed to spend some airline miles so he might as well join us on our trip to Andalusia. Sioned kissed me and Tim when I asked her if she'd like to help me spend some airline miles.

“You're going to leave me in Spain alone with my daughter.” Alfie said in mock horror.

“We'll be on our own for a week.” Sioned said swatting his ass. “Better start saving Dad. I plan on doing some serious shopping.”

“Until you get tired of moping about you'll have to settle for spoiling your daughter rotten.” I said. “Make the most of it while you can. Somebody as wonderful as Sioned will not stay single for long. Alfie I don't like to pry. I won't do it when it involves stating the obvious. Call Garth and ask him what I mean if you must know. He's more tactful. Why do you think I swing the heavy mace instead of being a Hospitaller?”

“You don't like the sight of blood and broken bones.” Adam pointed out. “That would make it tricky to get through medical school.”

“I also lack the patience.” I admitted. “Lucille it takes a very special person to counsel somebody through relapses. Do you know that Garth worked with somebody for three years and through eight relapses before he got them off cocaine? I cannot imagine the patience and compassion it took. Tim I could hold the space for you and love you through it but somebody like Garth, Leslie or Mu would need to counsel you and work with you. I would take each relapse as a personal failure. How much good could I do if I was feeling badly about not doing enough to help you?”

“Very little.” Tim said. “You'd be in as much pain or even more than me. We'd both need counseling. There's a lot more to this than appears.”

“Dealing with people is more complex than you imagine.” I said. “People are complex creations. Alfie with all due respect to your staff I cannot wait any longer for something to eat. I'll take the next Irish coffee at the table thank you.”

“Are the baskets we send to the treehouses really that bad?” Alfie asked as we made our way inside.

“Try them one day.” I said. “Then we'll chat. I have no doubt some nutritionist came up with them. They're built upon your stereotypical mainstream good-for-you nonsense. There's not a single item in there that resembles something you'd find in nature. The fruit has chemicals on it. Slightly less than the sweeteners. Very slightly.”

“What about the cheese?” Sioned asked.

“Have you ever seen or heard of a goat or cow that produces low-fat pasteurized milk?” I asked. “All the germs that have ever existed haven't done as much damage to our health as the denatured, sterile, low-fat food we serve today. Ask Grace to send you a copy of the diet they came up with for Marion.”

“I can show it you now.” Morgan said. “Mom there's no way I could let Marion go on a diet without trying it myself. We've chatted about diet with Rohan a lot. That's why he sent us to school with snacks and insisted we eat lunch when we got home. Christopher and Lao came up with this one. Grace is giving it a month but she has expressed doubts. Nothing fat-free or low-fat is on it. A lot of alkalizing products. Rohan will love knowing there is green smoothie for breakfast. Tracy reminded them about it.”

“That lady deserves a pay cut.” I said. “Thank you Alfie I'd appreciate it if you made certain they weren't doing anything crazy like holding back on the grease or butter in preparing my breakfast. This plate will take the edge off my hunger Sioned. Once the others have their food you can bring me seconds. Sooner than later is good. I promise it won't get cold.”

“The next time we're alone in bed I'm going to ask you to pretend I'm your first plate at breakfast.” Tim said.

“Us newlyweds will be seconds and thirds.” Adam said.

“You weren't kidding Rohan.” Sioned said when she saw me with an empty plate before the others had been served. “I'll bring yours right out.”

I watched Alfie storm out the kitchen and head straight for the lobby. A grinning Sioned told me most of his anger was caused by his embarrassment of not checking the baskets sooner. We laughed when she shared his comment they were serving motel food at a five-star hotel. I wrote down Petersen and Garth's numbers for her to give to Alfie when he cooled down.

“Thank you Rohan.” Alfie said stopping at our table on the way back to his kitchen. “I've let the manager know we are not sending those baskets to the treehouses any more. You are right in saying I need to stop moping. Normally I would have gone through the kitchen from top-to-bottom and checked every aspect of it. This overly-long grieving has caused me and my late wife a lot of embarrassment. No more. This stops right here right now.”

“Petersen's phone number is on your desk.” I said. “You might want to give Garth a call first to set up a time to chat later. Alfie you need to work on both issues today. The moping has left your life unbalanced. There's no point in unbalancing it again by swinging the pendulum all they way to the other side and burying yourself in work. What about Sioned? Finding out how this has affected her would be good. Garth will be able to help her as well. This is part of our outreach so it is no problem. You help the students by giving them practical experience. We help you by sharing the knowledge and skills we have acquired over a very long time. Everybody benefits.”

“Alfie I will be just up the road in Winchester if you ever need to talk.” Vernon said. “I guess I have become one of them. Rohan came to me in Andalusia and now I am coming to him. Life is a splendid mystery indeed. There is only life Alfie. Variations of it but still only life. Rohan seems to have settled his hunger so we'll head to the spa. Thank you for a lovely breakfast. Come along Rohan. Tim wants to keep those raccoon eyes away.”

“They come on so quickly.” Tim said getting up from the table. “For some reason I always discover them first thing in the morning. A good thing I married a man who keeps good medicinal whiskey on hand.”

“That's a smart husband you have there Rohan.” Henry said. “Will you love me even more after my facial Lucille?”

“I won't love you any less.” Lucille promised.

“Fair enough.” Henry said.

I told Samantha if I had to feel like part of an assembly line this was the one I'd choose every time. There were three beauticians working on us. After the facials we'd move on to the manicurists and the pedicurists at the end. Tim bravely led the way through the assembly line. He returned with green smoothies for those of us still being pampered. The others were waiting for me when I left the spa. Sioned gave me a G&T to drink on the way to Vernon's.

We were ahead of schedule so I had everybody stop working while we enjoyed our burgers. I'd cooked in the landlord's kitchen. They'd accepted my payment of lunch on us and a bottle of wine. Our Order intrigued them and they promised they'd visit Vernon so they could get a better idea of what we were about. Morgan insisted they visit Marion. Adam told them about the walk alongside the brook. This was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable lunches I'd had in a long time.

Tim returned with us to the hotel because we would get back in time for tea. I agreed it was very important for me to learn how to treat my husband properly. Missing tea would not have been a good thing for either of us. Turns out a happy Tim was more than eager to relax after tea in the hot tub. I red my novel in the hot tub when I finished fucking my well-fed husband. The newlyweds came to fetch us for sundowners. They each fed us a load.

The next morning Vernon joined us for breakfast and let us know the packing was complete. We had left him with such a little he'd finished after tea. Everybody decided to enjoy the chocolate wrap massage. Thanks to Vernon we could spread them out over the entire day. He spent the day with us. We played Frisbee, croquet and kicked the rugby ball around. I sent him off to spend some time with Tim in our hot tub. He agreed when the newlyweds promised to share their hot tub with me.

“Room for one more?” a voice asked from behind us.

“Leonard!” I shouted. “Nobody said a word about you visiting.”

“That would have ruined the surprise.” Adam said. “No I'm not surprised you plan on spanking the three of us. Yes we'll let Leonard be in the middle.”

There was some kissing and fondling to enjoy before the spanking. Then I bent the three boys over the side of the hot tub. How gorgeous those three wet, upturned bottoms looked. Ten minutes later, sporting a nice red glow, they proved irresistible. I was more than happy to step up and impale Leonard. For several wonderful minutes I fucked him while fondling the scurvy knaves asses. Then I decided they needed a reward for arranging such a nice surprise.

Pulling Leonard back up we ended up with him on my lap and me seated in the hot tub. I fucked him like this briefly before telling the boys to join us. They followed my orders to keel on the seats. I fucked Leonard standing up. This put their cocks at the perfect height for him to enjoy.

“No unloading.” I warned them. “Switch out! Trust me you'll know when I'm done.”

There was no hiding our orgasms from them. I never made much of an effort to try. The boys had cooled off enough to fuck Leonard for a few minutes before unloading in his ass. Morgan kissed me when I told him I had come up with the idea because of something he said recently. Leonard told us he'd never felt this good feeling so dirty. Three loads of cum up his ass would always be a rare treat he predicted. We promised to visit him often to help make it less rare.

Henry, Lucille and Alfie were on the terrace chatting with Jessica. We waited until Vernon and Tim joined us before going for a stroll. I swatted Tim when he asked if I'd enjoyed my surprise. Tim had invited them to join us for dinner and stay the night because we had a spare room. Adam and Morgan offered Jessica their room because that treehouse would be a lot quieter tonight.

I asked Jessica how the kitchen was working for her. She told us she hadn't broken anything yet. Right now she was trying to decide what products to offer. I suggested brownies and coffee cake because they would be something new and could be bagged easily. Morgan let her know of our love for Chelsea buns. Sticky buns would be another option Alfie added. A little almond essence or cinnamon made them a little different he pointed out. Meat pies or vegetable curry pies. I promised to make one soon so Tim could send her the recipe.

None of us said a word when Jessica reached down and took hold of Alfie's hand. In all fairness to them they got caught up chatting about her business I don't think they realized they were holding hands for several minutes. They didn't let go for the rest of the walk. Sioned saw us approaching and got herself a drink when she saw her dad holding hands with a lady. Morgan let her know their treehouse bedroom would be available if her dad and Jessica wanted some privacy. She kissed him before heading off to get our drinks. There was no need for us to place an order. Sioned had the freedom to bring us whatever she thought was good. Tonight it was white wine. The rest of us had quietly moved away from the table where Alfie and Jessica were sitting. Sioned held up a bottle of wine and some glasses and when I nodded she placed it wordlessly on the table for them.

“That Garth is a miracle worker.” Sioned said coming over to me.

“I don't think they've even realized what's happened.” I said. “She took his hand without any thought and he just kept hold through the entire walk.”

“You might want to share Garth's phone number with Leonard.” Lucille said. “Sioned when things flow this naturally they usually don't stop until the altar. You and Leonard must be honest about your feelings on sharing your parent. Things come up we'd rather not face but working through them makes it easier for everybody.”

“When that day arrives Leonard and I will go off somewhere and get drunk.” Sioned said.

“Right after we see them on a plane for their honeymoon.” Leonard added. “Mom's always wanted to visit Greece.”

“Dad enjoys visiting Italy.” Sioned said. “They can do both. That way we'll be left in peace for longer Lucille. I might need a few days to sober up.”

“Don't rush things.” I suggested. “They might still have issues to work through between here and the altar. I agree it's a good sign but it's just one sign.”

“The first sign I've seen in five years.” Sioned said. “Mom will be so happy. She died of cancer Lucille. Thankfully it spread really quickly so she didn't linger. Looks like you guys need another round of wine. I'll be right back. Yes I think dinner is ready. I'll wave from the door if it is.”

“Sioned has found the two of you a table Alfie.” I said with a smile when Sioned waved at us. “No you haven't been rude and if you sit at the table Sioned has ready for you then you won't be rude and ignore the rest of us. We're all very happy for you. Don't rush it but don't let your head stop you from following your heart. Morgan let Sioned know their bedroom is available if she needs it.”

“Oh my.” Jessica said blushing. “That obvious is it?”

“We just thought you guys might be up late chatting.” I said easily. “I'll ask Tim to spank me for fibbing if you insist. Here's your table. Sioned called you in sick Alfie. She thinks you caught the love-sick bug from Vernon. Sioned will bring your food to you. You can trust her with your order. She's doing a wonderful job.”

Our group enjoyed roast chicken with the trimmings for dinner. I saw steak and potatoes with a vegetable medley go to Alfie and Jessica. Their second bottle of wine looked like a red. Vernon recognized the label and told me I was right. A good choice for the steak he agreed. When we thanked Sioned after dinner the others let her know they were expecting her and to let herself in if nobody was up.

“Try my treehouse on the way.” I suggested. “We're going there to watch some TV. Please pass on my compliments to the chef. Dinner was amazing. The waitress was cute which an old fogie like me appreciates.”

“Wouldn't you prefer a cute waiter?” Sioned ask with a smile.

“No I wouldn't.” I said quickly. “How would I concentrate on the food if the waiter looked good enough to eat Tim? I can enjoy all the beauty of Sioned without any hormonal interference.”

“Thank you I think.” Sioned said.

Apparently me closing my eyes during the gory scenes never gets old. While we were having a nightcap we chose to watch a travel show so I could join in the conversation with my eyes open. Very considerate of you all I announced. Henry helped the boys prepare our drinks. They prepared a drink for Sioned who had texted Adam to see where everybody was. She had told her dad she wanted them to have the place to themselves even if all they did was talk. A second nightcap brought our night to a close. I agreed with Henry that today had been a very nice day. Samantha thanked Tim for suggesting the chocolate wrap.