The Pervert And The Virgin – Part Fifty-Three

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I woke at four to do a little energy work on Bryce and Tracy. I was lying in bed when four cute lads decided I needed to dispense two double-teams and take a load from Bryce up my ass. Dylan was happy to tell Tracy the reason I looked like a cat who had gotten some cream was the obvious one. My laughing housekeeper told him that was very naughty. She couldn't spank him because she agreed the opportunity was too good too miss. Dylan went looking to see if Tim had a hairbrush handy. Tim offered Dylan some tea which only led to increased muttering. Bryce was smiling at Dylan's antics when Innogen took him some tea. Sophie snagged her son and set about kissing his hurt better.

A good thing Mason had joined us for breakfast or we'd have been late Tim admitted. Lawrence and Richard joined us. Frederick was meeting with the real estate agent to buy the penthouse. He'd already spoken to the architect who assured him the addition and healing space would be no trouble.

When we arrived at the gallery the first thing I asked Mason was how much more Millie's paintings were selling for now. He told me our group could work on a fifteen per cent discount. I told him I wanted to keep the gallery if I could find a manager. He told me a young lady who had worked for him these past five years was ready to manage her own gallery. Mason would call her to see if she would like to move to our side of the continent.

“Let Frederick know what her salary is if she agrees.” I said. “Mason you have a better idea of what to pay her than me. Please make her a fair but generous offer. She'll become part of our family. Now I'd like you to show us around and educate us a bit about the business. Thank you for getting the door and desk replaced. Yes I was a little miffed.”

Surprisingly enough I enjoyed wandering through the gallery. I found the compositions and sculptures intriguing. The modern art was a lot of fun. Tim told Mason anything that relied on evoking feelings without obvious form would appeal to me. We took a short walk to a nearby coffee shop for some tea. Mason was returning to the gallery. My housekeeper had packed him some lunch. He promised to join us for dinner.

“Innogen and Amanda get the first pizza so Innogen can get a break from all our madness.” I declared. “What do you want on it? Sausage, peppers and spinach it will be.”

Tracy promised to make certain Bryce drank all his tea. They were working together on their decorating project. This would make it easy for her to dose him. Amanda promised to bring Innogen back for dinner. She promised to call if she needed any help. Dr. Deidre had kindly agreed to volunteer her help. I left my housekeeper to supervise the boys as they put together the last pizzas. I needed to get to my lesson with Jinsong.

Today Jinsong added postures and movement to the basics. Then he surprised me by saying we needed to spar in slow motion. I soon saw the wisdom because my body tended to sink into the old forms and not the new movement patterns. We were going slowly enough for me to correct myself. Jinsong kindly pointed out there were several years of muscle memory to undo but the new patterns would settle in sooner than I thought.

Later while I was cooking dinner the phone call I'd been expecting came through.

“You knew didn't you?” Amanda asked when Tracy handed me the phone.

“I suspected.” I said. “Yes I'll gladly let my Lady sing while you wait for Leslie. I'll have to set it on speakerphone. I need to keep cooking. Petersen and Leif are helping but we're a big group. Amanda it will be good to sing while we cook dinner. Yes we still have some grief tea here that Innogen is welcome to.”

“Thank you for singing to me Rohan.” Innogen said. “I don't want to keep you from dinner. They've got me on the couch under a blanket. Doctor's orders.”

“We've got Bryce under a blanket on the couch here.” I said. “We'll let you share a blanket when you get here. Now let's see what my Lady has for you this afternoon.”

They were songs of remembrance for the most part. Songs that brought to mind the love and joy people share with others in their lifetime. There was a haunting song of death and grief that really tugged at your heart. Almost imperceptibly the song lightened as my Lady sang of the healing found through grief. The others who had gathered outside the kitchen to listen laughed when Amanda told me she'd called me to cheer Innogen up not get all three of them crying.

“Rohan are you making pretty ladies cry again?” Leslie said. “I'll remember to ask him to sing the song for me when Innogen isn't around Dylan. Thank you for singing Rohan. Now go finish up those pasties. We'll be over soon.”

Leif asked if he could listen again when I sang it for Leslie. Petersen asked to listen as well. I told them I'd be happy to have them listen to it again. A few minutes later Belinda and Stephen arrived with Sister Celeste and Brother Murray. Morgan assured them they were in time for dinner. When Amanda texted me to say they would be at the apartment in ten-minutes I brewed some grief tea. Dylan didn't ask any questions when I told him to set it on the table in front of Bryce.

“Thank you for singing.” Innogen said hugging me. “Rohan I am quite capable of walking. I guess carrying me makes it harder for me to escape. Why would I want to?”

“Better to err on the side of caution.” I said setting her down next to Bryce and lowering the blanket over them. “This tea is for you. We'll have dinner when you have finished it. No rush. Leslie wants me to go upstairs and share the song.”

“I really don't mind if you sing it here.” Innogen said. “That song is beautiful. I think I cried because it released stuff. Yes I'm sure. Besides Bryce will lend me his shoulder to cry on.”

Once again my Lady sang the lengthy song of mourning and grieving. This time I sat and sang. Allowing myself to get lost in the song I found it sounded fuller and more vibrant. Innogen wasn't crying when I finished but she had snuggled closer to Bryce. She quickly finished her remaining tea so we could eat.

“Before we begin eating I have something to say.” my housekeeper said. “I want to let you all know Rohan now officially owns the penthouse. Thank you Rohan for allowing Tracy and me to rent it from you.”

“Congratulations Dad.” Adam said. “Tracy says we will have some bubbly after dinner.”

“Right after dinner.” Catherine said. “I have a smoothie mix from Lao for Rohan to drink at five tomorrow morning. Your workout begins at six. Somebody will have to cook breakfast because Rohan won't return until almost ten. His workout will just be a couple of hours Adam but he has to shower and have a massage as well. Then drive back to the apartment. Lao will be with us to make certain we are back in time for the meeting Leslie.”

“That will be perfect.” Belinda said. “I'll have time to ask questions. The best thing I can do is promise not to cook. We need another volunteer. Thank you Petersen.”

“See what happens when you ask for a workout at an ungodly hour my Love?” Tim asked. “You get it at an hour even the gods consider ungodly. Try not to make too much noise blending your smoothie. No point in both of us experiencing an early morning.”

This time Innogen slipped under the blanket with Bryce on her own. I set a second glass of champagne down in front of them. We watched a murder mystery and decided to make it an early night. I turned around to see Innogen and Bryce still in the loveseat.

“The two of you will be more comfortable in the bed upstairs.” I said lifting the blanket up. “I'll be bringing your tea up in a few minutes. Don't dawdle getting your natural splendor under the covers. Dylan is sleeping in my bed tonight. He has kindly agreed to help console Tim in the morning when he wakes to find me gone.”

“I'm so modest even I don't know I'm doing a good deed.” Dylan said. “I hope it isn't a sign I'm getting religion.”

“We'll indulge in some extra debauchery tomorrow.” Tim said. “Come along I'll help Dylan tuck you two in. First we'll say goodnight to the others.”

Moments before we fell asleep Tim reminded me we had a couple of tea cozies.

“What's a tea cozy Dad?” Dylan asked.

“An insulated condom for a teapot.” I said.

“Cool!” Dylan exclaimed. “Only our Tim could have an insulated condom.”

“Philistines.” Tim mumbled.

The next morning Tracy and Brother Michael surprised me by entering the apartment at five-thirty. I had already enjoyed my smoothie so we settled on the balcony for a mug of coffee. They smiled as they watched me take a pot of tea and a flask of coffee up to both rooms. Then it was off to my workout.

“Doesn't anybody sleep?” I asked when we arrived at Catherine's gym.

Lao, Jinsong, Daizan and Mu were waiting with my two trainers. Dr. Phyllis was there to record my blood pressure and heart rate.

“Free day today.” Lao announced when I was ready to begin. “You get to design your workout Rohan. Tell Catherine what you will be doing. She will keep an eye on your form and offer guidance for each exercise when needed. Call on whatever resources you want.”

Slipping inside I naturally sought out the advice of my Lady. Her response was to have me run chi up and down the center of my body. When the chi started to trickle outward I began saying the workout aloud. Teresa made notes as I spoke. The main focus of my workout was on my core. I pushed really hard through my cardio. Using the kettlebells as weights I balanced myself on some large inflatable balls for the first round. Second time around I slipped a resistance band around my waist. Then it was back to the ball.

Each round took thirty-minutes plus a little extra for blood pressure and heart rate recording. This left me with about fifteen minutes to do some slow sparring with Jinsong. Lao showed Juliet a massage that used meridians to clear my lymphatic system. I wasn't feeling as tired as usual after my workout and the massage left me feeling more energized. Lao had Tracy look at me after my massage. He suggested we return to the apartment a little early to allow them to greet the boys while I enjoyed a little breakfast.

“I'll meet you guys there.” I said as we left the gym. “There's a quick stop I have to make on the way back. I'd appreciate it if you could ask them to prepare a few breakfast sandwiches when you arrive. We'll arrive about ten-minutes after you.”

Tim was lying in wait for me when I stepped in to the apartment. He threw himself in my arms and covered me in kisses. Leslie laughed when Dylan told her it was because I'd put an insulated condom over Tim's teapot. Tim tickled Dylan while I grabbed a sandwich. My housekeeper, Bryce and Tim had chatted to our decorators. They gave Tracy an update while the boys greeted everybody with hugs and kisses. I managed to get in a sandwich and took one upstairs with me. Both Bryce and Innogen intercepted me on my way to the stairs to hug and kiss me for the coffee and tea I'd delivered this morning.

“You're looking a lot better than usual after a Catherine workout.” Leslie complimented me when we took our seats.

“That's because I didn't do a Catherine workout.” I said. “Lao decided to risk embarrassment and let me design my workout.”

“Good to see Lao survived.” Belinda said. “Weren't you taking a big risk Lao? Rohan is likely to push himself even harder if possible.”

“Helping Bryce has made a big change in Rohan.” Lao said. “I'd never tell Rohan but that healing work and helping Tracy let go of her medicine bottle made me feel a twinge of pride. I have even begun to think he might make it through the next mantra retreat without a meltdown.”

“There's another set of mantras?” Tracy asked. “The six whatchamacallit sounds? Thanks Jinsong. The primordial sounds. Don't worry Boss there's three less this time. Jinsong I was pretty certain they are more powerful if they follow after the others but I was trying to give Rohan some encouragement.”

“That's for another discussion.” I said quietly. “Right now I am certain Belinda has questions we need to answer.”

“Actually I really don't have many questions.” Belinda said. “Hearing Jinsong's explanation before I spoke to Bryce helped a lot. I was able to think of it in terms of our irrigation field. The biggest question I have for Rohan is how he is able to grasp all these new fangled concepts. He got brought up in a Western society but seems to have no trouble blending a Western perspective with Eastern concepts, beliefs and healing modalities.”

“Why not? That's the question I simply ask.” I replied. “We can all accept the solid table is actually a mass of vibrating particles so it is only solid in appearance. Once you accept the reality you see before you isn't a true reflection then when Lao tells me energy works on a level free from distance and time why not accept it? Honestly I have no idea what the real world looks like through the eyes of God. I am quite likely never going to see the real world or discover if there is one true reality. Maybe all of creation is merely one big constantly shifting ocean of energy that changes in response to every thought or new belief we adopt.

Chi has given my body the ability to do many incredible things so why not push further? I sometimes think of chi as being a sports car I bought and have just driven at sixty miles per hour. Why not press down a little on the accelerator? Let's say at one hundred I get scared and ease off the gas. That doesn't mean the car can't go faster. The car or chi will go as fast as we are comfortable.

The hardest thing for me was letting go of the energy work I did. The sealing mantra helps. When I finished working on Bryce I had to tell myself to relax and let go of any expectation. Genta's faith that people will naturally lean towards choosing good helped. I reminded myself to have faith that Bryce would take in as much help as he could get from the chi. Any doubts I had would mean a lack of faith in my Lady, Bryce, Lao and all my other teachers. Why not believe Genta is right in assuming people will surprise me by choosing more health, abundance and joy than I expect? This does tend to make me go overboard just a little because I am uncertain if I have offered enough. My Lady was there to tell me when to stop. Left on my own I'd have fed Bryce chi all night Jinsong.”

“The days when your Lady told you to wait must have challenged you.” Jinsong said. “One day soon you must have tea with Lao. He will explain why a little chi goes a long way.”

“This might be slightly off topic but how did you know Innogen needed help?” Belinda asked. “You asked Dr. Deidre to help before you knew that Innogen would crumble.”

“When we were at the cabin Innogen had everything meticulously organized.” I said. “Everything had a place and got returned to that place right away. She cleaned up behind herself and Bryce the first chance she could. Being disorganized seemed so out of character I thought it best to have some backup. Yes Leslie that's why I suspected something had happened to Bryce. The chocolate cake was worse than anything he would have made before his cooking lessons. Bryce also cares too deeply about the kids to let a simple relationship come between them. I had other people call to avoid overreacting.”

“After my chat with Brother Michael I agree you were too restrained.” Belinda said.

“What would have been the point in beating Nathaniel?” I asked. “One of the reasons I am studying with Jinsong is to learn how to use less violence. Another reason Tracy is Jinsong's connection to the spiritual tradition Daizan and Mu follow. The six primordial sounds play a big part. I'm not going to rush into this mantra retreat anytime soon. We have a lot to do and the holidays will be here soon. Then we have our Andes trip, Andalusia and a visit to Africa. Tracy you will be spending a lot of time working with me over the next few weeks.

Lao will it be possible for you to help Brother Michael improve his technique with the scimitar against multiple opponents? I'd appreciate it if you would ask Hui to help. Brother Michael will be facing at least three opponents. No more than five. I'll have him get pictures of the marketplace and surrounding areas from Hafiz. Lawrence can help create a 3-D computer graphic of the village. Belinda does Brother Michael need to stay at the chapter house to finish anything?”

“He needs to stay there until Brother Murray and Sister Celeste finish here.” Belinda said. “They can manage things while Brother Michael is training with Hui. They will be fine while Brother Michael is gathering information by sparring in the Middle East with your friends.”

“I'll make certain he gets to spend some time with you on his way back Tracy.” I said. “Brother Michael will need about two weeks with Hui and the same amount of time playing with my friends. I'm pretty certain the new addition will be ready when he gets back so we can have the debriefing here. Tracy you might need to leave most of the decorating to Tim, Bryce and my housekeeper. I think you will find yourself doing a lot more studying with Lao.”

“I think Lao needs to work with Innogen on her apartment and Tai Chi for most of this week.” Jinsong said. “Rohan could do with a sparring partner. May I borrow Tracy for a week or two Lao? I'll try not to teach her too many bad habits. Rohan will know where to get us a couple of scimitars.”

“Strangely enough this time I'm helping a lot of people other than Rohan.” Leslie said. “Juliet is still waiting to chat with you Rohan and I'd like some time to check in with you. I'll coördinate things with Tracy. I'll check my schedule with Abby this afternoon and let Tracy know in a couple of hours.”

“Rohan would you mind if I made use of this room this afternoon to spend time with Jinsong?” Daizan asked. “Mu and Lao you are welcome to join us. Right now I am curious to see what Tracy arranged for lunch.”

“So am I.” Tracy said. “The chefs asked if they could surprise me.”

The scurvy newlyweds guarded the door to the kitchen while Tim and Dylan each manned a panini press. The newlyweds kept us at bay with ladles. Adam wouldn't let Tracy in to grab some wine for us. He handed the wine to her at the door. I smiled and settled down to find out how my housekeeper's day had been. She told me she'd chatted to Tomek who had a lot of questions to ask her about the decorating. Then she had driven the fucketeers shopping for groceries and panini grills. I agreed Tim and Dylan looked adorable with their tall chef's hat and aprons.

“I stayed to keep an eye on these two lovebirds.” Dr. Deidre said. “Amanda is showing the organizer around Innogen's apartment Lao. I'm sure they'd love to join us for lunch and a chat. Let me give them a call.”

“Here's the key to the penthouse Lao.” my housekeeper said handing it over. “Rohan kindly helped save the family the trouble of arranging an estate sale and bought the place fully furnished. His overpaid, under-worked housekeeper will arrange one when the decorators finish picking over the furniture. I think it will be a good place for you and Innogen to go chat with the other two after lunch.”

“I think we can get in another cup of tea before lunch.” Innogen said. “Yes Bryce we definitely must. Rohan is doing chi work on you, me and Tracy. We'll do everything we can to help him. The sweet newlyweds insist on making the tea Rohan. Tracy just tell them we each need a cup. I love the walking skeleton fund Rohan. Dr. Deidre took me for a walk to get the blend Lao ordered for me.”

Tracy brought a tray over with three cups of tea. Apparently I was as bad as Bryce when it came to drinking tea. We managed to get the medicine in before Amanda and the organizer arrived. Willow was around Innogen's age. Once she met everybody she got Innogen and Bryce to sit up so she could slip under the blanket next to Bryce.

“Innogen you have to share such a handsome man.” Willow said calmly.

“I am sharing him with five other guys already.” Innogen said.

“Then one more won't matter.” Willow said. “Lovely apartment you have Innogen. We took lots of pictures Lao. Amanda has promised me Tim will show me around your apartment Rohan. Really love what you've done downstairs.”

Sophie, J and Tracy set up the tables while Tim showed Willow the upstairs. The boys had made some lovely sandwiches for us. They told us the staff at the co-op had been very helpful in suggesting what cheese to buy. Tim grumbled about how hard he had worked to get the boys to include some chicken sandwiches. There was a limit to how many vegetables he could see go into the cart without some meat to balance the diet. Sweet potato fries and a Greek salad rounded off the meal. I teased them about taking over from me in the kitchen. Petersen kindly offered me a job at one of his restaurants.

“Lance's prediction that good things can come from bad events is working for Bryce again.” Dylan said. “You got beaten up and now you have two pretty girls fighting over you.”

“There isn't any fun aspect to having to decide between them Dylan.” Bryce said.

“The don't decide between them.” I advised. “Bryce all you have to do is lock the two of them in one of the penthouse bedrooms for the afternoon. Make certain there's enough snacks and drinks for a couple of hours and they'll figure something out.”

“Willow can you believe a man of the church would come up with such a suggestion?” a blushing Innogen asked.

“Well he just did so my only question is where are the services held.” Willow replied.

“We always have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand.” Dylan said. “Why wait Bryce? The sooner they figure it out the sooner you get to figure in their solution.”

“Those are two very pretty figures.” Morgan said. “Millie would have a field day with so much natural splendor to capture. Maybe you should hold off until we can get Millie in there with her paints to capture it for us.”

“Morgan you are as bad as your father-in-law.” Innogen declared. “The only thing saving you from a spanking is making me this delicious lunch.”

“Would you spank me if I made you a lousy afternoon tea?” Morgan asked hopefully. “I'm told Bryce has the recipe for a very bad chocolate cake.”

“A girl just can't win.” Innogen said with a sigh.

“I don't think you've done too badly in the past week.” Dr. Deidre said. “You thought you were merely tending to a patient and now have a handsome boyfriend and a very pretty potential girlfriend. The boyfriend can cook and bake. The girlfriend can keep your home organized. Sounds like a very good week to me.”

“Thank you for the compliment Dr. Deidre.” Willow said. “I'm sure you broke a few boys' hearts in your time. Maybe even a young girl's heart.”

“No I didn't.” Dr. Deidre said calmly. “The girl kept her heart in one piece. A couple of boys had theirs broken when they learned they'd have to share me with her. People weren't nearly as open forty years ago Adam. I refused to settle though. Eventually I met a man who embraced the idea and her. The three of us raised a family.”

“That explains why we haven't scared you away.” Dylan said. “Any chance of us meeting your family?”

“They will be visiting for Thanksgiving.” Dr. Deidre said. “I'm sure you'll get to meet them. There will be lots of hooligans to entertain Rohan.”

“Whatever you were planning to buy from the liquor store for the holidays Tracy you'd better buy twice as much.” I said. “Tim we might be able to rent a hut from Dabulamanzi for the holidays. They're easy to decorate. Remind me to give him a call.”

“Why would I want to go anywhere and miss seeing you buried alive under hooligans my Love?” Tim asked. “I think we'll need another photographer or two to make certain we capture every delicious moment.”

“Good luck getting me to put a condom over your teapot in the next thirty-seconds.” I said firmly. “Tracy you never should have let me take that medicine bottle from you until after the holidays. Somebody better schedule me a trip to the liquor store soon.”

“Exactly how many hooligans are we expecting?” my housekeeper asked. “A minimum of seven. There's room for more if they want to bring a friend with them.”

“More? That's one for every day of the week.” I spluttered. “There isn't any room for more. You are so lucky we already entered a lease or I'd reduce your rent. Brother Murray where are you and Sister Celeste working on this paperwork backlog?”

“Tracy lent us her key to the penthouse so we're working in the study.” Brother Murray replied. “Feeling the need to flee Rohan? A strategic withdrawal has its time and place.”

“Here and now.” I said.

“Sorry Rohan you get to stay right here for the here and now.” Stephen said. “We're having some of your delicious roast beef and Yorkshire puddings for dinner. Belinda is so excited about eating your cooking she is helping you prepare it while I sort through the paperwork. Your architect is chatting with the decorators and our lovely Order members about the sparring area tomorrow morning at seven.”

“My Love, my Scoundrel, my Sweetheart, the One I Adore Above All Others, the One Who Is Baking Scones For Tea how about a kiss before you start cooking?” Tim asked batting his eyes at me. “Wow! I'd tell you that kiss brought two lumps to my throat if there weren't ladies present.”

We all dispersed to our various meetings and work. I allowed Tracy in the kitchen to restock the wine fridge and check we had enough for dinner. Tim agreed to go with her to buy more red wine. My housekeeper assured him there was no way I'd serve tea before he returned. She also let him know we had enough candles for dinner tonight. He could spend $100 on flowers but not a penny more.

“Yes Mom.” Tim said kissing her. “I'll be good I promise.”

“You better be or I'll tell Dad not to spank you for a week.” my housekeeper warned.

Belinda spent most of her time chatting and supervising. Leslie arrived at five and saw my plight.

“I'm sure you have plenty to catch up on with Rohan so why I don't I give you guys a hand with dinner Belinda?” Leslie asked. “That's if you don't mind me barging in.”

“Go ahead it has been fun catching up with Rohan.” Belinda said. “I'll get you a glass of wine.

While Belinda had her back turned I hugged Leslie from behind and whispered a thank you. I smiled as I glanced down at the text message she was sending to Stephen. He decided he wanted dinner before sunrise and asked Belinda to go over their plans for the sparring area with them. Leslie nearly choked on her wine when Belinda promised to make leaving early up to me by helping me with breakfast.

“You've done great to get this much done Rohan.” Leslie said. “I've got you from nine until ten tomorrow morning. Juliet has you Thursday night.”

“The only reason I'm on schedule is because I kept it very simple.” I said. “Those two pots are for the carrots and onions to cook in. There are two pots of cauliflower in cheese sauce. The Yorkshire pudding will go in while the roast rests and I make the gravy.”

“How can we help?” Sophie asked. “Stephen lingered to refill his drink and asked us to help you get caught up.”

“Can you please set up an area for the roasts to rest and for the vegetable sides?” I asked. “We'll keep them in these fancy pots to stay warm and transfer them to serving dishes just before we sit down. Leslie will you ask Ivan to carve the meat for us? Thank you.”

When I started the gravy I sent the fucketeers around to let people know dinner would be served soon. Ivan began carving the meat when I set the gravy on the tables.

“This looks really good Dad.” Dylan said staring at his plate. “I know it will taste good but the colors look so pretty on the plate.”

“Thank you Dylan.” I said. “Belinda and Leslie helped me get dinner ready so remember to thank them in a bit.”

I liked the simplicity. Ivan did as well. He commented after dinner he felt full but not stuffed. I promised to make this meal more often. The boys were curious about dessert. Meringues were not something we had often but Tim had seen some at the co-op and had to buy them. Leslie was helping me prepare dessert. I let Abby and J help in our production line. Instead of the traditional strawberries I was making Eaton Mess with raspberries and blackberries. We made one of each for everybody. We left the second round in the fridge. We enjoyed seconds watching a travel show on TV.

Bryce was spending the week here. Innogen brought some clothes over. Getting her apartment in shape would be much easier if she wasn't living there. Lao was helping her through the emotional stuff while Willow fine-tuned her plan of action. Lao was also going to help Innogen in her apartment for a couple of hours each day. Tonight I let Dylan escape with the newlyweds to give me some alone time with Tim. We tucked Bryce and Innogen in for the night. Tim smiled when I entered our bedroom a few minutes after him with a tray containing two Eaton Mess and a couple of G&Ts.

“Beloved I'm sorry we don't have much time tonight.” I said. “Do you have anything planned for tomorrow afternoon? I'd serve an early dinner but there's no time to let everybody know. I can make certain we get to spend some time together in the afternoon.”

“I'll free up my afternoon my Love.” Tim said. “Tracy won't mind taking care of one or two things for me if anything crops up. How are you going to free up yours? You can't delegate the cooking because Belinda wants to eat as many of your meals as she can get in.”

“I know which is why I cannot stay up very late tonight.” I said. “Tomorrow morning I will have to get up at an ungodly hour to prepare some of it. Then I'll just have vegetables to cook and the prepared stuff to slip in the oven later. I've asked Catherine to shorten my workout to an hour.”

“You love your workouts though.” Tim said. “Yes we worry about you surviving them but nothing else helps you release stress like a good workout or sparring. I sometimes wish Charles and Vernon were here to give you a good sparring session. They aren't and that leaves just your workouts.”

“No matter how much I need the workout I need an hour with you even more.” I said. “We're going away this weekend if Innogen and Bryce are healthy enough for us to leave them with the others. I'm confident they will be okay.”

Tim sensed I wasn't going to rush things tonight because of time pressure. Being naked saved us some time. Pulling Tim on top of me I wrapped my arms around him while we kissed. I deliberately kept my arms around his back. Resisting his cute ass wasn't easy but I managed. Tonight I explored other areas of his body. My kisses stopped at hip level and resumed at the top of his thighs as I worked down his front. I'd explored, kissed, licked and sucked on as much of him as I could. Sometimes my body pressed or brushed against his cock as I reached for other areas but apart from incidental contact I stayed away from his tender bits.

When I rolled him over I avoided his ass. I made this as much of a sensory experience as I could. Kissing on either side of Tim's spine caused him to squirm delightfully beneath me. My fingers running over his ribs tickled him. When I began working my way up the soles of his feet toward his toes Tim really writhed in pleasure. You'd think I was sucking on his cock instead of his little toe by his reaction. Looking up at him I could his cock twitching.

“Sit on your hands if you have to but you're not touching your cock.” I said moving to the next toe.

“I love you my Bastard.” Tim said. “Oh fucking hell does that feel good. Damn you for keeping this from me.”

I slowed right down when I got to his big toes. These contained so many lovely points to stimulate. Sucking on them as if they were Tim's cock I got him to arch his back until his torso and legs were off the bed. I sucked harder. Keeping him off the bed became my challenge. My desire overcame my patience when Tim slumped back to the bed. Placing a last soft kiss on the tip of his left big toe I smiled at him.

“Time to bang my bit of Brit.” I said kissing Tim.

“About fucking time. Pun intended.” Tim said with a smile.

Placing my arms against the back of his knees I pressed his legs out and up toward his chest. Then I let the rest against my chest. Leaning forward caused his hips to curl up and expose his lovely hole. Avoiding any contact with his cock and balls I grabbed hold of my cock at the base and guided it inside Tim. Once I had slipped inside a couple of inches I let go of my cock. I took my time burying the rest of my erection inside him.

“I love you Imp.” I whispered. “I love kissing you to.”

“That's nice.” Tim said. “Do you love fucking imp ass?”

“Quite a lot.” I admitted and proved it by picking up the pace of my thrusts.

“This imp needs a little more convincing.” Tim said pulling me closer for a kiss. “I don't suppose I could...”

“No you can't.” I said kissing him again.

We held that position until the end. I worked my hips steadily but unhurriedly back and forth. Relaxing I let myself simply be with the thought of fucking my husband. Allowing the wonder and joy that went with my husband being a cute, fifteen year old lad. Letting the love I felt for him fill me at its own pace I waited for it all to culminate in the most delicious physical release. Resisting the urge to increase my pace when my balls rose wasn't easy. I deliberately let my awareness rest on memories of things we'd done together. Simply letting them arise spontaneously without any deliberate focus I enjoyed every one of the memories as if I were sitting in an arm chair recounting them instead of leaning over him with a burning desire to fill his ass with cum.

“Phew! I needed that.” I said when the last of my seed dribbled in to his ass. “What took you so long to get me off?”

“What took me so long?” Tim asked. “Me. I had nothing to do with it.”

“There you have it.” I said licking up a nice trail of cum. “Say no more.”

“Oh I intend to say a lot more.” Tim promised. “The nerve. What took me so long. You didn't see me dawdling over your body did you? Did I tease you with the lightest of kisses before sucking on your fingers and toes as if they were Clifton's cock? No I didn't. Never mind waking at an ungodly hour we'll be lucky if we are asleep by then. Do I have to remind you that you weren't the only one that waited an eternity to get off? I seem to recall it took me longer than you. Trust me I would have gotten right down to where it mattered most if some sweet, loving, tormenting bastard hadn't insisted I lie here and take it.”

“You really must be more careful about who you allow in your bed Beloved.” I said throwing him over my shoulder. “Don't worry I'm here to protect you and soap you and grope you and kiss you.”

Tim laughed as I set about proving my sincerity and kissed me. We had fun washing and drying each other. He told me having another G&T was not conducive to me getting my rest. I agreed but got us each one anyway. How much more tired could I possibly be I thought. About six hours later I woke up and slipped quietly from bed.

I had two hours before the chat with the architect and designers. The first hour was all about getting the meat sauce for the lasagna started. While I was preparing it I silently let the mantras ring within me. Thirty-minutes later I started softly singing a few songs and chants. I set the sauce to simmer and took a quick break to get the kettle and coffee started.

“That singing was lovely Scoundrel.” a sleepy voice said from the kitchen doorway.

“Good morning Beloved.” I said kissing Tim. “Don't move.”

I soon had a robed Tim seated on a dining room chair at the kitchen door. He agreed to supervise the breakfast casseroles if I kept him supplied with tea. Around six-thirty my housekeepers arrived with the scurvy knaves in tow. My housekeeper listened as I explained my plans for the day. She thanked me for shortening my workout with Catherine. Tim nearly lost his mouthful of tea when she calmly asked if I could shower with the four fucketeers and be back down by seven. Two double teams and the boys joining forces to give me a blowjob got it done.

A text from Tracy let Stephen know we were up so he brought Brother Murray, Sister Celeste and Belinda to the apartment. My housekeeper had wisely kept the coffee brewing. The boys laughed when our architect told me Juliet could give me an epic spanking and my housekeeper wouldn't hear the slightest sound. The first room had a fold-down desk that double as a conference table large enough for three on either side. There was space to add a fold-up table if we needed extra seating. The other two rooms had shorter fold-down desks. They were large enough for the three scurvy knaves to work together if they wanted. There was plenty of built-in storage space to house study material and office supplies.

On the opposite walls between the addition and existing living room would be the Murphy beds. Bedside tables on wheels could be rolled out when needed. They could also double as coffee tables if needed. I told Emily a couple of chairs in each room was okay. We would need them for the six places at the conference table. I also wanted her to choose some chairs the boys could move them on their own.

“You just want them without armrests so it is easier to spank the boys.” Emily teased.

“No that's what we want.” Morgan corrected her earning himself a kiss from me.

The bamboo flooring was very durable our architect told us. A rug on either side of the bed would soften things and give people a nice place to put their shoes on. My housekeeper agreed it made sense to keep the weapon closets locked. I didn't like locking stuff away but we didn't want people getting hurt. There were two bathrooms at each end of the addition. There was a separate entrance to the addition and healing center protected by a combination lock. The private living quarters had the usual lock and key. Lao would speak to the decorators about furnishing the healing center. From what I saw it looked very nice. I excused myself so I could finish breakfast. Dylan, Adam and Morgan gave me a hand.

My session with Leslie was all about seeing how I was coping with the decorating and dealing with Nathaniel. I told her adopting the boys had prepared me for setting up a home. Being adopted and speaking to Vernon had helped a lot as well. Nathaniel had moved away. I wasn't giving any thought to the man. I was happy to let the gods decide to bring him back to me for some chastisement. Right now I had a lot to focus on.

“You do have a lot going on.” Leslie agreed. “I'm told you were up around five today and you hardly sat down at breakfast.”

“Others are dealing with a lot of what is going on.” I said. “Today got thrown out of whack by a spur-of-the-moment decision to spend time with Tim. I'm going to keep an eye on Bryce and Innogen but if they're well I plan on spending a weekend with Tim.”

“What about the love nest for the newlyweds?” Leslie asked. “The boys seem keen on the property you showed them. A lot of the gang think it is a lovely starter home.”

“Oh gods, I'd forgotten to chat with them about it.” I said. “Leslie I need your advice about how to deal with my decorators. They will want to work on anything related to the boys or our extended families but they have so much going on. How do I approach them about the newlyweds' love nest?”

“You explain your concerns and let them decide.” Leslie said calmly. “Call Caryn now.”

“There's no need to feel bad Rohan.” Caryn said when I explained my concerns. “Although it looks like I have a lot on my plate the homes in Blyth don't need much of my attention. I've already planned what goes in each home, the colors and all the accessories. Right now the painters are going through all the homes. We've had the contractors through to upgrade the windows and take care of the other repairs. I have nothing on my plate for the next week. Can you visit the house soon?”

“Yes he can.” Leslie said. “Rohan is busy worrying about two people here but they will be fine. Lao tells me Rohan is doing fine with his distance healing and we have two doctors, Lao, Jinsong and Mu to help. I think we will pack him and Tim off to see the house on Friday. You will have all the information you need on Saturday or Sunday.”

“You're sure it isn't too much?” I asked again.

“Rohan think of me as working for you full-time.” Caryn said. “That gives me thirty-two hours a week. All us decorators have a system we use when it comes to decorating a place. I'll chat with Morgan and Adam to find out what style they like. Then I'll put together a few rooms for them to look at. A bedroom is a bedroom Rohan. I can tweak it when I know the floor plan. Before you and Tim set foot in the house I'll have three-quarters of the work done.

I really do appreciate your concern Rohan. Yes I'll drag Holden with me to the chapter house for regular massages. You were right in saying I'd love to help decorate for the boys. This will be my wedding gift to those sweet urchins. Flowers would be nice Rohan. A simple vase for my desk would be perfect. Ask the urchins to call me please.”

“Thank you Caryn.” Leslie said. “We'll go let the urchins know of Rohan's plan now. Unless Rohan has anything further he'd like to chat about?”

“No I think that's enough for today.” I said. “Leslie would you let Tracy know what time you have open tomorrow? I might think of something I'd like to discuss? Thanks. Now let me go break the news to my husband and the urchins.”

Tracy smiled when I drew her into a hug and whispered instructions in her ear. She grabbed hold of J and pulled him in to the kitchen. I told everybody to gather in front of the TV. Tim did his thing and a few minutes later we were chatting with Caryn on Skype. When Tracy and J stepped out of the kitchen I squirmed between Adam and Morgan on the couch.

“Leslie tells me you two think the home in Bigfork is a nice starter home.” I said draping an arm over their shoulders. “Last night I promised Tim we'd go away this weekend for some alone time together.”

“Very brave of you.” Morgan said calmly. “They say Bigfork is very pretty this time of year.”

“I think we ought to verify that for ourselves.” I said matching his calmness. “Tracy why don't you give the estate agent a call and confirm the property is still for sale.”

“Alicia tells me if you put in an offer subject to a house inspection it is all yours.” Tracy said a few minutes later. “Sorry for the delay Alicia but the newlyweds are drowning Gramps in kisses. I'm pretty certain that means yes but I want to hear it. Oh Rohan will insist on paying the asking price less the cost of any repairs. He hates haggling. Well guys what do I tell this lovely lady? Does she have a sale?”

“Yes she does.” Adam said. “There is one condition though. We get to cook dinner for her and her family when we visit the home. Our home. Wow! Morgan we have a home of our own. I need an Irish coffee.”

“Fine we'll settle for some champagne.” Morgan said when J brought out a tray of drinks.

“Frederick will call you in a few minutes Alicia to discuss financing.” Tracy said. “I'll email you Rohan's itinerary later today but I'm certain he'll want to see the place Friday if possible. Rohan is a little busy today so I'll arrange things. You don't mind if I bother you with a few calls do you? Thank you.”

“Caryn these two sweet urchins are all yours.” I said getting up from the sofa. “Let's drink to the boys' new home. May it be filled with many, many happy memories.”

“To happy memories.” Tim said and the others joined in. “Hate to rush off but the dust is getting to me. Your gym bag is by the door my Love. I'm coming with you to your workout so we can head out straight from the gym. Your housekeeper wants you catching up on your lost sleep tonight because you have a date tomorrow night.”

Once again Lao had me design my workout. When I grumbled about my inner guidance going soft I swear I heard my Lady chuckle. She kindly promise to explain if I could fit in some time with her soon. Catherine and Teresa were equally surprised by the gentleness of my workout. Lao merely smiled and told me there was hope for me. Tracy and Tim had our itinerary all planned when Juliet finished pummeling me.

“What do you have planned for me this afternoon my Love?” Tim asked as I wrapped an arm around him.

“Shopping.” I said.

“Looks like you said the magic word Boss.” Tracy said when Tim swooned in my arms.

“Lunch first.” I said. “I'm starved. Thanks for taking my bag Tracy. You can update me when I get back. Depending on how much Tim spends I might call for a lift.”

“No problem Boss.” Tracy said. “We'll get you back to cook for Belinda. Have fun.”

We took a cab to my favorite steakhouse and had burgers for lunch. Thick, meaty, cheesy and messy burgers with lots of fries and no salad. Tim promised not to tell the boys I never had my veggies with lunch. We were leaving early Friday morning and arriving in Kalispell at one-twenty. Then we had a half-hour drive southeast to Bigfork. We were flying back early on Monday. I thanked Tim for making the arrangements. A quick slice of apple pie à la mode for dessert and we were off shopping.

“Serving Eaton Mess made me realize we don't have enough glasses.” I said. “We want some thicker glasses for serving desserts. Let's see what our department store has in stock.”

They had a nice selection of glasses. I told Tim he was the decorator so he got to pick them but I pointed out some that I liked. Tim called my housekeeper to discuss how much cupboard space we had. She suggested moving some of the glasses from the apartment to the penthouse. I agreed with Tim she was brilliant. My housekeeper laughed when Tim told her she could take them all upstairs. She promised to send J to help us get everything back to the apartment. Tim made a note of the cupboard space we had and went online to figure out how many glasses we could buy.

“Isn't he the best?” Tim asked our sales assistant when he looked at the final figure. “We'll need more though my Love. I have to chat with the decorators to see where we can put them. Let us go have a look at some hutches and sideboards. We might have to pop back tomorrow. This will do for now.”

The lovely sales assistant told us it was no trouble for them to keep these in their storeroom while we looked at other furniture. Tim emailed some pictures to Emily, Caryn and Tomek. Our next stop is a surprise I told him.

“You're right I'm surprised.” Tim said. “We'll need some more storage. I'll take some pictures when we go back to get the glasses. You are aware there will be a lot of kisses from everybody for this don't you? No I won't take a single one of them for you. Yes I do have to start. Now let's go have some tea.”

I discovered when Tim said tea he meant tea. I couldn't have coffee. We had tea and pastries. J texted to say he'd meet us at the store in ten-minutes so we quickly finished our tea and got on our way. J smiled, loaded the shopping bags in his SUV and hugged me. Then we headed inside to collect the glasses.

“No my Love you cannot hide in the kitchen.” Tim said taking me by the hand and leading me to the living room. “Glad you are here Dr. Deidre. You didn't mention how old the hooligans are so Rohan covered all the basis. He figured what wouldn't work for them could be donated to an orphanage. Go ahead and have a look in the bags.”

“Mom is this what people mean when they say he shot himself in the foot?” Dylan asked. “There's about two hundred hooligan friendly games. Thanks Tim. Two-hundred-and-seventy-five hooligan friendly and educational games. There are a couple more sets on the way just to complete things.”

“Well I didn't know their ages and the lady at the store showed me a magazine where these sets of educational stuff got a good write-up.” I said. “Sophie I'm not very good at this educating stuff. I just go with what the professionals suggest. They felt right.”

“This scoundrel asked the lady to let him know of any other good releases before Thanksgiving.” Tim said. “We'll pick up another gaming console when we collect the other sets.”

“Good luck getting the hooligans to leave.” Dr. Deidre said hugging and kissing me. “No I don't believe for one-minute you did this to keep them out-of-the-way. They'll be fighting you to get a turn at the controller. Thank you Rohan. This is very sweet of you.”

Everybody was busy looking at the games so I was able to slip away to the kitchen to finish dinner. Tracy joined me to help with dinner and update me about my Montana trip. Stephen didn't think there was a monk or nun with enough expertise to inspect the house close-by. Bram had gone online and called a few local home inspectors and engineers. He'd arranged for them to visit the property tomorrow. They had agreed to meet us at the property Friday afternoon. Tracy had suggested three in case our flight got delayed. Alicia was keeping her afternoon open for us.

“When will the scimitars arrive?” I asked as I unpacked some groceries I'd bought with Tim. “Friday is good. I'd like you and Brother Michael to start training with them on the weekend. Tracy think of Arabia in your morning meditation. You'll be fine. Apart from our lesson with Jinsong tomorrow morning what's on my agenda?”

“Rest.” my housekeeper said entering the kitchen to help unpack the glasses. “You flight leaves very early Friday morning. Obviously you can't cancel your date with Juliet or shorten it. You can rest on the flight. Lovely glasses Tim.”

Leslie and Abby were having fun going through the games I'd bought. Abby teased me I had enough to open a store. Leslie complimented me on all the educational games. Dr. Deidre was eager to try out some of the educational material I'd got on medicine and anatomy. There was even a surgeon training game. Dylan thought the fact I couldn't even do surgery in a game made me the greatest dad. I thanked him and suggested he start getting people to head to the table.

“I hope you guys don't mind but we have to enjoy some of the pasta dishes before the lasagna.” I said as I helped J and Sophie set some bowls on the table. “The flavor of the olive oil and herbs would be lost if we ate the lasagna first Adam. You'll understand in a moment.”

“I think Dad just wants us to eat our veggies first.” Dylan said.

“No complaints from me.” Morgan said taking a closer look at the pasta I'd set on the table. “What's not to like about lubricated spaghetti?”

Olive oil and fresh herbs with pasta was the first dish I served. Sophie asked me to share the ingredients because it was such a simple and delicious dish. The next dish was merely pasta and peas. After that the dishes became more complex with more ingredients. The interesting thing for me was seeing the boys helping themselves to more of the pasta and peas dish. Amanda smiled at me from across the table.

“You know you haven't done too badly when kids have more pasta and peas before touching the lasagna.” Tracy said. “Thank you Boss for getting up so early to prepare the lasagna and garlic bread. I think this is a great meal to celebrate the boys' new home.”

“I agree.” Adam said raising his wine glass in my direction. “Glad you have plenty of medicinal grape juice on hand Dad. Leslie stayed to chat with us when we finished talking to Caryn so we're doing good. I'm sure I'll shed a few more tears of joy later tonight. Something like this sinks in slowly.”

“Things worked out quite nicely today.” I agreed. “Innogen is looking well after her visit to her apartment.”

“That's thanks to Dylan.” Innogen said leaning to her right and kissing my son. “The clutter in my apartment was stuff I inherited from my folks when they died in a car crash. Most of it I never used but I couldn't part with it. Lao is helping me deal with the grief. Dylan suggested taking pictures of all the stuff. He remembered a graphic design student had offered to help Charles. When he gets her contact info from Charles tomorrow morning we'll give her a call and ask her to make some posters using the photographs. That way I can decorate my apartment with reminders and other people can benefit from using the stuff.”

“Run the designs by Lawrence.” I suggested. “He has an amazing eye for such things. I'm glad you are moving on. Bryce could do with a good example to follow and he'll need you at your strongest soon. There are times when he'll have flashbacks. You don't want to take it personally.”

“Holy crap!” Adam exclaimed when Amanda and Abby brought out the tiramisu. “What time did you get started on dinner Dad? You made more than enough before breakfast and came home to cook more? This definitely qualifies as spoiling us rotten.”

“All of us.” Ivan said. “Thank you Rohan.”

“I just wanted to remind you guys how grateful I am to have you in my life.” I said. “Sometimes I forget to say thank you as often as I'd like. Yes Dylan that is why I had to make the bread by hand and not in the machine.”

“Well if you have to spoil us like this you obviously let it go too long.” Morgan said. “I'm sorry Rohan but I'll have to thrash you before we leave tonight. Tim do you mind kissing Rohan's hurts better? He might need a lot of kisses though.”

“The man let me spend hundreds on glasses and even more tomorrow so I think kissing his sore butt better is the least I can do.” Tim said. “Don't make it too good a spanking because I don't want to have to do too much kissing.”

Tonight was obviously a game night. Dr. Deidre promised to test the surgery game in the morning while I was out sparring. Sophie told me the boys could benefit from a lot of the games just as much as the hooligans. She thanked me for making her aware there was such a wide array of educational material out there. I reminded her to place a call to the Order educators for guidance on what to buy. We chatted about the boys' progress. I had to play a few games before my thrashing from Morgan.

Thursday was a wonderfully relaxing day. I insisted Tim tag along to my sparring session so Tracy could take us shopping afterward. When Tracy and I finished our sparring Tim impulsively hugged us both.

“Good show.” Tim said. “Jinsong is happy you didn't embarrass him. Come along I'll wash both your backs in the shower.”

“Tim you're a married man.” Tracy said. “I'll wash my own back thank you.”

“Well my Love it's just you and me.” Tim said. “Tracy is being a spoilsport.”

The solution to our glass storage was a sideboard. Tim loved it because he got to buy a runner and other accessories to go on top. He even had to take the sales assistant from the glassware department down two floors to see it. Somehow we got it and Tim in the wagon. We passed Innogen on our way in to the apartment. She was off to do more organizing.

“Yes Tracy I do feel better about being away this weekend seeing Innogen so happy.” I admitted as we prepared chili dogs for lunch.

Tim and my housekeeper set the condiments on the table. A nice retro cooler of beer got placed beside the condiments. A smiling Tracy helped me carry out platters of chili dogs.

“No you can't have iced tea or a salad.” I said handing the boys a beer. “Chili dogs and beer. You can sprinkle extra crumbled bacon on your dog in place of the salad. Move along the others are waiting to get their lunch. Hop to it. Go play a game. We have enough to keep you occupied through lunch.”

“This is a great lunch Dad.” Dylan said touching his beer to mine. “After dinner last night I doubt we'll refuse you anything.”

“Good because the three of you are coming upstairs after lunch to tuck me in for a nap.” I said. “Tim will need your help preparing tea. Yes I'm taking a nap. My housekeeper insisted I get some rest so you get to bake.”

When they tucked me in the newlyweds fed me their cocks while Dylan unloaded in my ass. I fell asleep feeling very happy with life. The sweet lads even served tea to me on a bed tray. I told Tim the scones were great but lacking a little cream. He dropped his pants pretty quickly to correct that for me. I complimented him on his efficiency in correcting the matter. He complimented the gods quite vocally for making it such a pleasurable solution. I cooked chicken in wine with mashed potatoes and vegetables for dinner.

Juliet had chosen tonight for our date because our favorite local jazz singer was performing at the nearby bar. She told me Leslie had filled her in on our chat. Nathaniel hadn't shown up on the radar. I suggested she ask Stephen to get his picture out to the chapter houses in case he moved to a small village. Somebody who got beaten might go to the Hospitaller clinic instead of a hospital I explained. Juliet promised to ask them to share his picture with the local LGBT office. I promised to go on another date with her in a couple of weeks so we relaxed and enjoyed the music.

When I landed in Kalispell any doubt about choosing Montana vanished. Tim insisted we choose a nice luxury car instead of an SUV. He also directed me to a co-op so we could buy some sandwiches and snacks to eat on the way. I agreed Alicia needed some flowers and chocolates. The house inspector and engineer needed some beer. We bought some soda as well. Alicia thanked Tim for the flowers and chocolates. She laughed when he told her to let him know when she needed more and he'd buy her some more with my money.

“Do you know a good roofing contractor Alicia?” I asked as we approached the house. “I'd love to meet the idiot responsible for getting so many people to believe a metal roof is a good eco-friendly option. The noise when it rains makes sleep impossible. We're replacing it with a slate roof. I'll bet you three spankings Bram is already working on it Tim.”

“No bet.” Tim said. “I'll take the spankings anyway. That's one for each day here Alicia. Montana is treating me so well.”

Alicia introduced us to Colin, the house inspector, and the engineer Ian. Tim got the gang back home and Bram to join us for a Skye call.

“They start on the new roof Monday.” Bram said before we could say anything. “Ian has put me in touch with a general contractor to inspect each step of the work. I've let him know how I want it done. He'll make certain each step gets done properly. The boys told me this morning if there were no major problems they would love to own the house.”

“Alicia has agreed to let you deliver some soil samples to her office tomorrow so she can take them in for testing on Monday.” Sanne said. “I'll talk you through the process guys. We have a lot to do this weekend. The good news is the two of you get to do it together. You will have plenty of time for tea Tim.”

“You grinning rapscallions are certain you want this house?” I asked.

“Would you buy it if we didn't Dad?” Adam asked.

“Yes I would.” I said immediately. “I'd buy it for the land. This is a magical property. You guys are certain you don't mind us putting up some quarters for the Order guys on the land? I just want to make certain we cover all the bases before we settle. Can anybody think of anything else we need to ask or check on? Then I will call you guys a little later. I'm certain there's paperwork to take care of before it is officially ours. We also need to check in to a hotel or B&B.”

“No you don't.” Alicia said. “Because you were willing to pay such a fair price the owners agreed to let you have it fully furnished at no extra cost. Adam mentioned something about learning this from a penthouse purchase on the weekend.”

“I bought the penthouse for my housekeepers to live in and as a training space.” I said. “Colin that was on Sunday. This property is for my son and his husband as a wedding gift. I guess it has been a busy week for me. Honestly I have no idea how much the penthouse cost. My housekeeper and Frederick took care of it. Frederick will take care of this for me as well. Ian if this is what those two rapscallions want then the price doesn't really matter. I'd rather enjoy the sight of their smiles than stare at figures on a page.”

“Here are the keys Rohan.” Alicia said. “Frederick is taking care of the paperwork. I have an extra set of keys I can give to the contractor for you. I could get a ride back with Ian and Colin if you want to tour the house. You haven't even looked at it.”

“Alicia the land is perfect.” I said. “That's really what matters to me. I can change the house without too much trouble. Our decorator will want us to make a video of the place when we do our walk through. I want to get dinner started first. Tim please check we have some pots and pans.”

Ian and Colin were happy to accept the beer as a thank you. I thanked them for helping the sale go through. We were soon headed back to town. Tim insisted we get to know the locals so when Alicia pointed out the sheriff we had to stop to introduce ourselves. I agreed Alicia's support of the sheriff was reason enough to vote for him. He promised to let us know when the next election was being held. Alicia had to visit the co-op with us because it sounded like too much fun to miss.

The name of every staff member we chatted to got entered in Tim's cellphone. I agreed that just because we wouldn't be here to cook didn't mean we couldn't leave snack food for the roofers. Alicia gave us the phone number of the contractor. I reminded Tim we only had so much space in the car but we'd be in tomorrow and could get more.

“I'm certain the contractor will want to meet you to discuss the work so ask if you can load up his pickup in return for lunch.” Alicia suggested. “He loves a good barbecue. That's his favorite beer over there Tim.”

“Say that guy on the label looks just like me without the 'stache and I won't spank you for a week.” I warned Tim who was looking at the packaging and me with a smile.

“Scoundrel I was only smiling and thinking of you because it is a whiskey barrel porter.” Tim said. “That was a timely warning Alicia. I was sorely tempted. Excuse me are you the wonderful man who keeps the beer fridge stocked? Wonderful. I'm Tim. Pleased to meet you Barry. We'll be needing about thirty cases of beer during the next week. When does your delivery arrive? Wednesday. We'll need about three cases a day. Say ten instead of nine for safety's sake. We'll be in tomorrow. Can you let me know which beer you have in excess? Thank you. We're new to the community. The beer is for our roofers. We'll wait here while you check. Scoundrel this has been so much fun. We must do it again soon?”

“What about tomorrow?” I asked.

“Perfect.” Tim said. “Between tea and lunch will work nicely for me. How about you? So glad you agree. Hang on a minute Barry let me make a quick list. Got it. Can we call you in the morning when I know what they like? Thank you so much. Come along my Love. Alicia has a family to get home to. Hello Maria I'm Tim. No membership. We're new here. I'd love to buy a membership. Can Rohan's son use it? Perfect. I'll fill this out while Rohan empties our shopping cart and his wallet.”

Tim asked Alicia for advice on spending the $25 he saved me through my membership discount. Sure I'd spent $250 to get it but we must focus on one thing at a time Tim explained. I almost kissed Alicia when she suggested putting the money towards two cases of beer for us to enjoy this weekend. Alicia told me it had been a load of fun and the family was going out for dinner to celebrate her property sale. We hadn't delayed their dinner.

“Better not delay our dinner my Love.” Tim said. “See you tomorrow Alicia. Thank you for selling the house to Morgan and Adam. Home Rohan. Doesn't that sound sweet?”

“Yes it does.” I said with a smile as we pulled away. “You really are a blessing in my life Beloved. I'm one lucky man.”

“Quite right.” Tim agreed. “I haven't done too badly by waiting for you. Oh that sunset is exquisite. I must take a picture for the gang.”

I got dinner started while Tim chatted to my housekeeper about where to put our groceries. He started another list of things we needed that were inexpensive and couldn't wait until we'd redecorated. While the meat filling for the shepherd's pie cooked we took a the laptop out and walked around the house so the gang could see it. They loved the view of the sunset from the deck. Tim chatted to them while I assembled the shepherd's pie and put it in the oven.

“The kitchen is a good place to start.” I agreed. “Pretty standard range but the two warming stations are nice. The main oven is a convection oven. There's a small built-in fridge in the kitchen and a larger fridge in the pantry. You boys will have to decide if you want the cabinets painted. This is easily done so consider living with the wood before you paint it.”

Staying on this level we showed them the formal entry, living room, pantry, dining room and a full bathroom. There was a lovely enclosed fireplace in the living room. On the upper level was the master bedroom with an en suite. There were two private, covered balconies on the upper level. The second bedroom on the upper level had way too much wood paneling we all agreed. Fortunately Bram thought the boys could extend the closet doors higher which would take care of one wall. The other wall could be mostly hidden behind drapes. This room needed some painting the boys agreed.

The lower level was more an addition and could be a separate guest suite on its own. Lucille thanked the boys for choosing a property where the chaperone could relax undisturbed. Complete with separate entrance I thought it was perfect for what we wanted. I promised to show everybody the outbuildings in the morning. When Tim told them of our plan to meet the contractor the boys asked us to call so they could thank him. My housekeeper reminded me I'd slipped away to take the shepherd's pie out the oven earlier and didn't want it to get cold. I told her it was in the warming station but they needed to get to their dinner.

“Love the beer you bought Dad.” Adam said. “Thank you Dad. This is overwhelming no matter how often you say money doesn't matter. I”ll never take a gift like this for granted.”

“I agree.” Morgan said. “Rohan you just keep finding ways to spoil us more and more. Thank you for the gift of Adam and a home to share him in.”

“You have blessed our lives in many ways Morgan.” I said. “Both Adam and this home are well deserved. Now go enjoy your dinner and don't forget the veggies.”

Tim fell even more in love with the home when he discovered a tablecloth for the dining room table. A candelabra from the lounge helped set the perfect table. While I cooked some veggies I had Tim give our contractor a call. Tim put the call on speakerphone so we could introduce ourselves. Zak was a widower who lived on his own. This made it easy for him to decide to join us for lunch. He told me the local hardware store wouldn't mind delivering a couple of grills for me. I agreed to call them early in the morning and speak to Riley. Zak agreed to give some thought to working with us on the decorating. We arranged to meet at the co-op at midday. Zak was also willing to call the roofers to find out what they enjoyed grilling. I liked the fact he didn't waste any time. Ten minutes later Tim had a text that said the usual meat, potato, salad and breads would be fine and extended a thank you from the roofers. Tim was also armed with a beer preference.

This was a night when we enjoyed a leisurely, romantic meal. I asked Tim about his projects in England. He told me he was getting very close to launching the cellphone network. I asked if we needed to plan a trip to England for a few days. Tim told me we didn't need to go back to England but it would make it easier for him if he was there. The only drawback he told me was it would leave me on my own for three days. I didn't mind three or four days on my own in London.

Construction on the pub in Blyth had begun a week ago so the big project was underway. Tim's venture in Poland wasn't bringing in any cash at the moment because they were working on some big projects. Six weeks from now though he would earn himself somewhere around sixty thousand and two weeks after that another thirty-five or forty thousand. He thanked me for fronting him the cash he needed for materials and extra crews. Tim was really inspired by the village up north and was eager to reinvest some of his cash. I told him to speak to Frederick about the tax benefits of doing it through the Samuel foundation. Between Beatka and Jerzy I was certain he could come up with a worthy project. Tim made a note to call them next week when we got home.

Tim took care of the dishes while I made us some crepes with an apple filling for dessert. We stretched out together on the couch to watch some TV and fell asleep soon after finishing our dessert. I managed to get up off the couch with a sleepy Tim in my arms. I kissed his forehead and told him to go back to sleep. My husband didn't need a second invitation. He was sound asleep when I laid him on the bed.

“Thank you Scoundrel.” Tim mumbled when he finished feeding me his load. “Sleep well.”

“I will in a bit.” I said sliding behind him and pulling the covers over us.

Spooning my husband I kissed his neck and shoulder gently for several agonizing minutes while I waited for him to drift off. Finally he was breathing deeply and rhythmically. This was my opportunity I told myself reaching down to aim my cock at his hole. Sliding forward I forced my way up inside him. A few inches at first before I stopped to see he was still asleep. Then a little more. Once more to get the rest of me inside. Lying on my side I fucked him.

I find the thought of using somebody while they sleep very stimulating. The thought of using their body anyway I want without any resistance is powerful enough. The extra eroticism came from the fact they were oblivious to how I was using them. Keeping my thrusts slow, long and gentle I managed to fuck Tim's ass without him waking. How wonderful to have a real-live ass to use to get off instead of some fake toy. When I finished pumping my cum inside of him I slipped out and took a long, hot shower. Eager to get an early start the next day I went to sleep earlier than usual.

My decision proved a good one. I awoke feeling very refreshed and went for a nice run. Our house was at the end of the street so I thought a jog through the neighborhood would be nice. Nobody else was stirring between five and six this morning but I enjoyed seeing the homes. People took pride in their homes and gardens. The cold air helped me set a brisk pace throughout my run. I decided to wake Tim before I took my shower.

Stepping out of my sneakers and running shorts when I returned to the bedroom took seconds. Tossing the covers aside I lifted his legs up and plunged straight in to his ass. I smiled at Tim's startled reaction to his rude awakening.

“Good morning Sweetheart.” I said peering at him from between his legs. “There's a lovely crisp Fall morning waiting for you.”

“Well it can keep waiting.” Tim said. “I like the way my day has started indoors.”

“That makes two of us.” I said settling on my haunches. “Nothing like a brisk run and a good fuck to make a man feel good.”

“Also makes a teen feel real good.” Tim said with a smile. “Do you mind if I?”

“Yes I do.” I said reaching down to grab hold of his cock. “I want to jerk you off.”

I jerked him off with the sole intention of getting him to unload as quickly as possible. Tim's eyes widened as my hand stroked him briskly. I loved the effect it had on me when my stroking caused his hips to arch up. Such an intimate moment I thought as his eyes closed and he started moaning in pleasure. A few more strokes is all he'll survive I thought. How I loved the sight of him relaxing into the pleasure of being jerked off as if he didn't have an ass full of cock at the same time. Twisting, moaning and with his hips twitching my husband unloaded down the length of his body.

Leaving him coated in ropes of cum I rose up on my knees to work on getting myself off. The show he had put on was more than enough stimulation. Leaning over him I smiled at him as I picked up the pace of my thrusts.

“Thank you Scoundrel.” Tim said with a smile. “You've got my day off to a good start.”

“Good because it's just started.” I said enjoying the feel of my balls tapping against his cheeks.

Plowing his ass relentlessly with deep downward thrusts I silently finished off our fuck. Kissing Tim helped me remain silent when I climaxed. I broke our kiss when I was certain I'd deposited every drop of my cum inside him. Then I withdrew my cock from him and licked him clean. Keeping things moving right along I lifted him off the bed and took him to the bathroom for a quick shower. Well a quick shower by our standards at least. I had to kiss him awake. Then wash and dry the lovely lad. To avoid temptation I insisted we get dressed after our shower.

A couple of hours later we headed out with coffee in hand to show the gang the outbuildings. I started by showing them the greenhouse. Almost seven hundred square feet with raised beds and an inside spigot it had Sanne smiling broadly. She told me the greenhouse alone made this a good buy. I promised to do a scale drawing of it for her and take lots of pictures. Tim pointed out I didn't have a camera. When I told him we'd buy one locally the newlyweds insisted on paying for it. I was about to protest but Leslie gave me such a stern look from behind the two boys I merely thanked them instead.

“We'll have to get a move on my Love.” Tim said. “Can we show you guys the rest of the outbuildings later? We have a half-hour drive each way to the nearest camera store. I'll call Alicia and explain about the soil samples being late. We'll figure something out. This is important my Love. Leslie looks ready to spank you so let's get you in the car. Adam I'll text you the name and address of the shop on the way.”

Tim did allow me to grab a coffee refill before we left. Alicia told us to simply get the samples together and put them in a box with her name on it. She'd swing by the house and collect them on Monday. I entered the store holding the hand of a very excited Tim. The guy behind the counter motioned us over. He was chatting on the phone to Lawrence.

“I've been told not to do anything until you have spoken to Leslie.” the guy said when he finished his call. “Lawrence certainly knows his photography. Do you want to use the store internet for that Skype call Tim?”

“No thank you.” Tim said. “I've got a strong signal. I'll put the sales assistant on first Leslie.”

“Yes Leslie we do have everything Lawrence suggested.” the sales assistant said. “He's giving me his card details and is sending me an email authorizing payment. I've just got an alert on my phone so I'm assuming it has just arrived. Let me check quickly. Yes it's from Lawrence. I'll go take care of it while you chat with Rohan.”

“Rohan please hear me out.” Leslie said. “There are some things I've had to explain to the boys about the home being their wedding gift and how you'd see the camera as something you should buy. The boys aren't paying for the camera and whatever else Lawrence has asked him to include. I'm pretty certain you'll need to spend some time with Lawrence to learn how to use half the stuff. The rest of us would like to buy you this camera as a thank you gift for the wonderful holiday we had in the U.K. We've tried to think of something to buy you but you seemed to have everything. Will you accept it from us?”

“Thank you Leslie.” I said. “Yes I will be happy to accept it. Thank you guys for letting the others buy it.”

“No problem.” Morgan said. “We're making plans to thank you for A Chocolate Leaf.”

“Samantha is my sister-in-law so I can thank you as well.” Adam said. “I owe Leslie some flowers for reminding me. Can we see the camera Tim?”

“I think I owe Lawrence a kiss.” I said with relief when I saw it was a camera with just one lens.

“Rohan you don't need anything more.” Lawrence said. “Later if you want we can get creative with extra lenses.”

“No thanks.” I said. “All I need it to take pictures of the greenhouse and videos of the outbuildings. I assume I can do video with this camera. A lot easier to carry than a laptop. Thank you guys for the lovely gift. I'd better get Tim to the car before he embarrasses us.”

“My Love this is a top of the line Canon EOS 5D Mark III.” Tim said collapsing in my arms. “The lens is amazing. Take a picture of me naked with it from two hundred yards and you could count every hair on my er head.”

“Don't take his word for it Rohan.” Morgan said. “I want visual evidence. You have five acres. Two hundred yards will be no problem.”

“Yes the payment went through Leslie.” the sales assistant said. “Enjoy your camera and call me if you have any questions.”

“Scoundrel we take can all the pictures Sanne needs of the greenhouse from the main building with this lens.” Tim said. “You are one lucky Scoundrel. Thanks guys. Must dash or we'll be late to meet Zak. I won't forget you want to chat with him.”

Tim responded to Zak's text by saying we were just pulling in to the parking area. Zak was a tall, lean guy you immediately knew was deceptively strong. He had a firm handshake and didn't say much. Tim was happy to chat enough for three of us. He told Zak he'd ordered two grills. Zak just smiled and thanked him. Petersen had told me how to calculate servings so when Zak told me there were ten on the crew it was a simple matter to order the meat. I spoke to Calvin the manager of the meat department for a bit while Tim got the other supplies. He gave me the cost of the meat for the other days. I was leaving Zak with a gift card to pay for it.

“I can leave you with a gift card but then you'll need to fetch and carry the groceries Zak.” I said as we watched Tim grab a third shopping cart. “The meat is best bought fresh but snacks, bread and some of the vegetables we can get now. Let me know when we've filled your truck. The beer delivery is on Wednesday. I'll leave you something on the gift card to cover that as well.”

The twenty cases of beer took up a lot of room. Barry helped a lot by saying we could just drive round the back to the delivery area and we could load them straight on the pick-up. He gave our cashier the codes to ring it up.

“Rohan we'll finish the roof in a week and you've already bought for half the week so a thousand is too much.” Zak protested.

“There's always a family in need and if you have any cash leftover will you treat them to a barbecue at the house?” I asked. “Thank you. I'd like that a lot. Do you think we should give Tim a hand or leave him to have all the fun.”

“No sense in spoiling him.” Zak said. “Let's give him a hand getting the groceries to the truck.”

Along with the grills Tim had ordered an extra fridge. Zak helped me carry it inside and we filled it with beer and salad ingredients. While the fire in the grill got going we introduced Zak to the gang. The first thing he did was assure the newlyweds I was spoiling the roofing crew. They won Zak over within minutes. He promised to take a look at the redecorating project. Zak enjoyed gardening and readily agreed to help me collect soil samples this afternoon. He promised to send Sanne some information on rainfall and what vegetables he had successfully grown over the years.

“You boys have bought a wonderful home.” Zak congratulated them. “Good choice on going with the black slate tiles on the roof. You are lucky to have Bran helping you as well. He's put together a very solid, well-researched roof.”

“We are lucky.” Adam agreed. “Sanne will put together a solid garden. What we need to do is find a way to keep the vegetables from going to waste.”

“The co-op will buy any extra and there are always local kids wanting to earn some extra money.” Zak said. “You might need to get the garden in first though.”

“We'd like to do that when we visit in the Spring.” Adam said. “There's little point in doing it this close to Winter. Thank you for saying hi. We'll let you go enjoy some lunch.”

“Tim we know you're just itching to use Rohan's new camera.” Morgan said. “We'd love some pictures of the grills.”

“I couldn't use it before Rohan.” Tim protested.

“You'll need to show me how to use it so best if you gave it a test run.” I said. “Besides I can't take a picture of us at the grills.”

“Well if you insist.” Tim said scurrying away to get the camera.

“Rohan you are spoiling that lad rotten.” Abby said. “I think it's wonderful. You've even let go of pretending to dislike hooligans. Healing Bryce has been transformative for you. Would the two of you like to join Trevor and me for dinner? Good. Let's make it Wednesday.”

Zak obligingly posed for a couple of pictures with me in front of the grills. Then he posed with Tim. He didn't mind taking a picture of Tim kissing me in front of the grills. Zak told us he wouldn't reveal details without his friend being present but he did fool around with a guy. Tim insisted I practice using the camera and wouldn't take any pictures of the greenhouse or make videos of the outbuildings. Instead we chatted about the community. Zak let us know the sheriff was Alicia's uncle and a very laid back guy. This filtered down to his deputies which made it a very quiet, peaceful town.

After lunch Zak helped me collect soil samples. He just smiled as Tim tried to guess what changes Caryn would make. I had no doubt Emily and Tomek would do one of the outbuildings or at least a room. We sent Zak off with enough food for dinner. I concocted a stew for the two of us using leftover meat. Before showing the gang our pictures we sent them over to Lawrence. He called, gave me some tips and let me know there would be a book arriving at the apartment on Tuesday to help me get the most from the camera. I admitted I'd had a lot of fun playing with the camera today.

“There's a fair amount of natural splendor in Montana.” Innogen said with a smile a few minutes later. “You can see every hair on Tim's head at two-hundred yards. Nice of you to cover all the bases and do a front and back shot Rohan.”

“I think the next time you need to pinch his cheeks or something to put a little color in them.” Bryce said.

“Lawrence sent a copy of all the pictures and videos to Caryn.” I said. “We're emailing some recipes to the office store in town for them to print and laminate so Zak can make salads. I'll leave them with some salad dressings and will bake some bread. Maybe not enough to see them through the week but enough for a couple of days. I want to spend a couple of hours blessing the land.”

“You know I'll record it for you guys.” Tim said. “Love the camera. Love it! Love it! Love it!”

“All we needed to do to get Rohan to relax was send him to Montana.” my housekeeper said. “Don't worry Rohan we'll let you cook pasties for us Monday but the boys will have to make the dessert. Trifle needs time to set. Joseph called to thank the boys for putting him in touch with Millie and they asked for some pointers.”

“He's as excited about his commissioned art piece as Tim is about your camera Boss.” Tracy said. “We're having a very pleasant chat Boss and it will stay pleasant if we don't talk about scimitars. You can give me some pointers on Tuesday. I might still be alive. There isn't a shield Boss.”

“That's because you don't want to use a shield in a marketplace or it will snag on something.” I explained. “Think how easy it will be when we do get you one. A nice round one.”

“Boss I'm from Iowa not some Amazonian tribe of woman warriors.” Tracy said. “This sword flashing around me is a little unnerving. I don't know how the boys do it.”

“You have to think of it as fun.” Tim said. “That's why I joke about what-for and what-five. Keep reminding yourself you're having fun and one day it will become fun.”

“I think of it as a dance.” Morgan said. “Watching Rohan get stitched helped me realize it isn't such a big deal if we get a scratch. Nice leading by example Rohan.”

“Thank you Morgan.” I said. “Chat with Dr. Deidre about practicing some stitching. Tracy relax and trust the basics to keep you safe. You don't have to know all the fancy moves. That will come with time. Ask somebody to show you a simple defensive pattern and one offensive pattern. Practice these for as long as you can. Build a foundation to add the rest on later. You'll be fine. How is the design for the penthouse getting on?”

“I'm taking the plans in on Monday.” Henry said. “The permits and inspection schedule will be ready on Tuesday.”

“We're going to start on decorating the main living space on Monday.” Amanda said. “All the furniture we don't need is going to the chapter house here in town. We've arranged to have it moved to them on Monday morning. That's when the other pieces for your gang members get delivered.”

“Our talented decorators have found a way to decorate the addition so it matches the rest of the penthouse.” my housekeeper said. “I'm still trying to adjust to your fancy new home and I'll have another one in a couple of weeks. Being able to do it one room at a time is nice. I like the idea of crossing off each room.”

“I haven't seen the design for the penthouse Dylan.” I said. “My housekeepers like it so I am certain it will be stunning. I'm looking forward to being surprised. That's why I asked them to prepare a basic sketch of the addition and healing center without any color or patterns. I'm really curious to see the roll-up doors in action.”

“Scimitars at six inches in the penthouse!” Adam declared. “Rohan tomorrow I will need to have a chat with Leslie about my life. I want you to know I'll be doing a lot of talking about you behind your back. I've gone from an abusive home to owning two businesses, playing soldier with real swords, married and owning a home plus a couple of amazing holidays in Europe. I know Abby has invited you for dinner on Wednesday. I'd like to have you Thursday afternoon and cook dinner with you.”

“Thank you Adam.” I said sincerely. “Tracy please schedule this time in for me. Speak to the other scurvy lads about an afternoon and evening with them. I'm sure Tim will be able to work some free time in his schedule so he can do something with the other two on those afternoons.”

“We'll take Joseph out for tea and show him the art gallery on Thursday.” Tim decided. “Reginald could do with a break.”

“I'll send him a text to let him know.” Dylan said. “Mason is waiting to introduce you to the new gallery manager Dad. I think he wants to do it Tuesday.”

“Tracy please chat to him about having her join us for dinner on Tuesday.” I said. “Monday is just a simple menu of pasties. I can do something fancier on Tuesday.”

“She's joining us for church tomorrow and I'll ask her.” Tracy said. “I'll chat to you tomorrow afternoon about a shopping list. Now go spend some quality time with Tim.”

“This has been quality time Tracy.” Tim said. “I love chatting to my family.”

“I meant quality time between the sheets fucking.” Tracy said blandly.

“You heard the lady my Love.” Tim said with a grin. “Let's go fuck. Thanks Tracy.”

“You're welcome.” Tracy said. “That Rohan you have there is just too well-behaved for my liking. He's more unnerving than a scimitar in my face. We'd better call it an early night here as well. Caryn will be calling to show you boys her plans for the Montana house and you'll want to see them at an ungodly hour. No you can't wait Morgan. Kids deserve to get up early and be excited about stuff like new homes and Christmas and birthdays. Make certain you brew up a lot of hot chocolate for me. Of course I'll be here. Now say good night to those two terrors and go get yourselves some ass like Brother Michael.”

“My Love you'll have lots of hot chocolate ready when we join them won't you? Thank the gods we're a little ahead of them.” Tim said. “Good night guys. I love you.”

We didn't get to fuck between the sheets. I decided there was a perfectly good bathroom on the main level that would serve very nicely.

“Gods I love a hard fuck.” Tim said as he braced himself against the shower wall and thrust his ass at me. “The fucketeers tend to forget you can unleash your animal side.”

“That's why I hold it back for special occasions.” I said admiring the sight of his ass thrust back toward me.

This time Tim didn't need to ask I reached around and jerked him off the moment my balls kissed his cheeks. The lad was going to receive a good pounding tonight. I wanted his orgasm out the way so he could focus on being fucked. My eagerness surprised Tim but he soon understood as I drove in to his ass. So tight and hot it was easy to forget about love and tenderness as I fucked my teen. I had a cute ass to fuck and I did. Clenching down on my cock Tim helped me get off. He kept his ass clenched tightly around me when I had finished pumping my cum in his bowels.

“A few more squeezes and you'll find yourself getting fucked a second time.” I warned.

“Prove it Gramps.” Tim said. “Go on fuck my ass if you can. Oh my it seems you were right. Damn it feels so good to have you filling my ass Scoundrel.”

We slid to the floor for our second fuck. This time I made certain his cock was left alone from start to finish. Siding underneath him I let him fuck my face until I got to enjoy a good mouthful of his delicious seed. How wonderful it was to let my finger wallow in his cum-filled ass. I loved the image of it coated in cum inside his tight passage. Even when I had finished swallowing his load I let my finger rest inside him. Tim pulled himself off my finger by standing up and helping me to my feet. The sight of him scampering up the stairs got my cock to stir again but I decided to wait until morning.

When I woke I sent the boys a text asking them to let us know when they were chatting to Caryn. I got a text back at six-thirty saying they'd be online in thirty-minutes. A good wank would be the perfect way to pass the time I thought. A little anal stimulation would help speed things up. There was a lovely five-inch cock somewhere in my bed which would tickle my ass just right.

“Good morning my Love.” Tim said rubbing his eyes. “Glad to see you didn't let a little thing like me being asleep stop you from helping yourself to me.”

“No need to wake you when all I wanted was to jerk off.” I said stroking my cock. “You know how good it feels to jerk off while playing with your ass. I happened to find this very nice, hard cock in my bed and well you can figure out the rest.”

“I like what you've done with that cock you found lying about my Love.” Tim said. “I suppose it's my fault for leaving it out.”

“That and being so fucking cute.” I said clenching down on him. “We have about twenty-minutes before the boys chat with Caryn. How are you feeling this lovely morning Beloved? Glad to hear it. I'm feeling pretty good thanks. Once I've relieved this tension I'll feel even better. That's the trouble with sleeping with a young, hot lad. I tend to wake up tense.”

“Must be the Montana air because I'm a little tense down there as well.” Tim said. “Can't be the fuck. I mean I'm only inside the man of my dreams ass. The guy I desire, love and cherish so fucking much. We've only got about fifteen-minutes my Love. Best pick up the pace.”

“I'll only need a few seconds more.” I predicted. “There we go. Thanks for lending me your cock. That little inner stimulation came in handy. I'll go get the hot chocolate ready.”

“No you won't.” Tim said pressing down on my thighs. “You're not getting up until I get off. Fine we can change positions. Face down ass up works for me.”

Tim called Adam to let them know we needed a few minutes to get ready. They could chat but definitely couldn't see the design until we joined them. The others applauded when we finally joined them. I vowed to bar them from the kitchen for a week as punishment for the applause. Tracy thanked me for bringing some of the more familiar Rohan back. Amanda found it easy to believe Tim when he told them retrieving the more familiar Rohan had been a pleasure.

“Ahem if you don't mind.” Adam said. “I'd like to see the plans so I can decide how much medicine I need in my hot chocolate.”

“We've decided to leave the flooring alone.” Caryn said. “The boys asked for a Fall color theme with some green for pop. I'm going to start with the exercise and meditation room. I have no idea why the extended the tile only half way underneath the window. I think we either need to end it against the window or for continuity take it all the way under and up on the other side. Trying to match the tiles would cost more in time and effort so we'll just go ahead and replace it.”

“I like it with the tiles ending against the window.” Adam said. “That's where the sink area ends. I'm glad Charles was okay with us using the clan tartan in the room.”

“Good choice Adam.” Caryn said. “Catherine and Teresa are furnishing this for you. The next major decision is if we want to paint the kitchen cabinets. You guys don't need to do it now. I think if we get that anemic tile off the wall and put some color up we can keep the wood. Solid wood is rare these days. I think we should try keeping it. We're upgrading the kitchen appliances and countertops. A few curtains, some paint and losing the tile completes that room.

This tile continues in the bathroom. I swear if I ever meet the man who made them I'll introduce him to a mace. Sorry guys all of that tile is going. This is not debatable. Rohan or Tim will measure the double vanity for Bram so he can enclose them. We're replacing the countertops, painting and adding some curtains here. The room isn't badly done just dated.

I thought about keeping the furniture in the living room because it has nice lines. We can still keep the furniture if somebody can come up with a way to get them covered that doesn't involve a trip of a hundred miles. There's no upholsterer in Bigfork.”

“Bring the upholsterer to the house.” Lawrence said. “You have a nice outbuilding to set up a sewing area. I'm sure somebody can help you. What about some students from a college? Fly them in and let them do it as a school project.”

“I'll call one of my old professors.” Emily said. “We can afford to send a few to work on the project. They might even want to stay and help with other aspects of it. Hold off on the furniture until I've spoken to her tomorrow.”

Emily and Tomek had redecorated the lower level. The outbuildings were a collective effort. Juliet had put the playroom in an outbuilding. Tim insisted the kitchens here would be outfitted with the same equipment we had in our apartment. We laughed when he promised to give Tracy what-for if she objected to the penthouse kitchen being as nice. She blushed when Tim insisted the least we could do was make it half-as-pretty as her. Sanne revealed her design for the garden. A lot of the plants would grow in containers so they could be moved indoors. One of the outbuildings had an area with grow lamps and a misting system to water the plants.

“We'll find some local kids to keep an eye on the property.” I said. “We'll need somebody close in case the lights go out or the watering system breaks. I love the house.”

“Amazing.” Tim agreed. “My Love we will have to come up with something special for the housewarming party. I'll chat to Petersen, Paul, Peter and Joseph guys. Bryce you will be cooking with Rohan. Sorry Innogen but he'll be stuck in the kitchen for a few days. Think epic and more epic and even more epic. I must call the candle store. We'll needs lots and lots of candles. Flowers everywhere. Samantha you'd better start making the chocolates now. We'll find some fridge space to keep them in. You can't make too much.

I'm going to need some tea to help me with the stress Innogen. This will be so much fun. Emily why don't you give your professor a call today? A quick call my Love. Fine I'll wait until tomorrow to find out. Juliet if you're near the candle store today or tomorrow please warn them. I get to shop 'til I literally drop. We need something special my Love. Something amazing and enriching and grand to anchor everything. Something for the energy Lao. Any ideas?”

“Could we build a stupa Lao?” I asked. “A Buddhist shrine Dylan. We could do any shrine really. I just happen to like the look of a stupa.”

“I like the idea of a stupa Rohan.” Lao said. “That will give Jinsong and Daizan something to occupy their time and stop them from meddling for a bit. No need to let them know about that last comment is there? Good. They may need some help from the Order. I suggest you give Chen a call. He's quite possibly the most gifted engineer and architect on this planet. We will have some fun together. Good idea Rohan. I'm looking forward to seeing where your Lady suggest building it. All we need to find out is if Morgan and Adam agree and how many kisses they will charge us to play on their land.”

“We'll each take one kiss from Rohan, Lao, Chen, Daizan, Jinsong and Hui.” Morgan said. “We'll be there with Clifton and Eddie to record the shenanigans. Mom we have to see how enlightened folks party.”

“I'll be there to keep the children safe.” Jocelyn said. “I'm sure they'll be perfectly safe Amanda. That's an excuse for me to see how these wise men let their hair down.”

“Bram will be there to help build it.” Adam said. “We can't have Bram miss out on working with Chen. Sanne can you spare him for a week or two?”

“That all depends on when this project takes place.” Sanne said. “I might need to look at the greenhouse. We'll have to speak to Chen about his schedule.”

“I'll choose the site today.” I said. “We must finish the decorating first. Lao, Tracy and Brother Murray do you all have a map of the property? Good. I will be exploring the land for a site in a few hours and might be calling you. I won't call until midday. Y have time to attend service. Now I must go feed my husband before he wastes away on me.”

“Tea. I need tea.” Tim gasped. “Have fun guys. We'll chat soon. Love you all. Now Scoundrel how do you propose to explore five acres and get in a couple of hours to do a blessing? That's a lot of hiking. Yes you can leave the tea to me if you have to cook breakfast. Oh we're expecting guests. They're going to help us explore the property. You're being vague and mysterious on purpose aren't you?”

About an hour later I told Tim our breakfast guests were at the gate. I got another pot of coffee started before we stepped outside to greet them.

“Worth every penny to see my husband speechless.” I said shaking hands with Tyler and Warren. “Thanks for making the trip out.”

“The boys will love them.” Tim said. “They have to see them now Scoundrel. You heard Tracy. There are some things kids have to see early. Hello Tracy. Yes they've just arrived. I guess you'd have to know if you gave him the helmet sizes. Nobody else knows do they? Not even their moms? Wow. This will be fun. I'll go get the laptop.”

“I got you guys a little something to help you get around the property.” I said standing in front of the laptop. “I hope you like them.”

“Thank you for insisting we grab an Irish coffee Tracy.” Adam said when Tim turned the laptop toward the bikes. “Pleased to meet you Tyler and Warren. Thank you for delivering them. Yes Dad we will enjoy exploring the land on those bikes. They're street legal as well. We can't get licenses for a few years though.”

“The sheriff won't mind if you are sensible and don't drink before driving.” Tyler said. “Now which of these saddlebags would you like? Then you're all set. I'll leave our business card here so you can call if you have any trouble at all.”

“Thanks guys.” Morgan said. “Leslie I think you should join Adam in an Irish coffee upstairs. I'm okay. The shock will see me through until after lunch. Then we can chat.”

“Did you know these lovely guys have brought some extra helmets for us my Love?” Tim asked. “Morgan will it be okay if we borrowed your bikes to go find the stupa site?”

“I think it's very nice of you to give the bikes a test run for us.” Morgan said raising his coffee mug to the camera. “We'll chat later.”

“Don't worry Warren we'll have breakfast before the test run.” Tim promised. “I think getting Rohan off the bike will be tricky. Can we say goodbye now my Love or is another delivery truck going to show up in the next ten-minutes with a surprise?”

“I'm cutting back to one a day.” I said with a smile.

What Tim didn't know about was the delivery of three more bikes tomorrow. I certainly wasn't go to stand here watching the newlyweds head off on their bikes. We said our goodbyes and headed inside for breakfast. Tim grabbed the camera when Warren insisted I try the bikes before they left. He barely made it out on the deck before I took off on the first bike. I freely admit I'm biased when it comes to motorcycles. Unless it is the BMW off-road bike I will always buy a Yamaha. My first bike was a Yamaha.

Working smoothly through the gears I opened the throttle as quickly as I could without lifting the front tire off the ground. The bike responded perfectly. I hit top speed soon enough and kept it there all the way to the gate. Tim laughed as I hopped from the one bike to the other without a pause and repeated my little sprint. He seemed a little disbelieving when I told him it wasn't difficult to ride a bike. Staying upright might be challenging but the mechanics were simple. He did a few turns between the house and the outbuildings to familiarize himself with the gears. Then I suggested we follow the guys down to the gate.

“We need a couple of lances my Love.” Tim said when we returned to the house. “The passengers can joust with them. I guess their moms won't approve. Never mind we'll think of something. I'll wait here while you grab the tape measure and other stuff.”

Allowing my Lady to guide me made finding the stupa site really easy. Tim helped me stretch some twine between four pegs to mark the area. Knowing the boys wouldn't be back from their service yet I pulled Tim close while I sang a blessing for this land. Somehow it seemed perfect to do it standing on the stupa site. After ninety-minutes my Lady suggested a break for lunch. I loved her suggestion of having the others join in for the last part of the blessing.

We took the long way back to the house. Before we got back I bent Tim over his bike for a quick fuck. Tim contemplated getting me a bike back home because it had such an invigorating effect on me. I smiled, slapped his ass a few times and suggested he get his clothes on quickly or I'd be at him again. We rinsed off the bikes. I rinsed off Tim. Then I spanked him to help warm up. Nicely warmed up from his spanking we took a hot shower with some more sex to get his internal temperature up. I dropped Tim on the couch en route to the kitchen. He called the gang while I prepared sandwiches.

“Robes at lunchtime.” Dylan said right off the bat. “That can only mean a good day. My dad is actually glowing in the background.”

“He does love going for rides on bikes.” Tim said. “Rohan finds them so invigorating I'm tempted to buy him one to keep at the apartment. Yes Morgan that explains the robes. Can you believe we took a fifteen-minute stop on the way back?”

“Don't let Adam hear that or it will be one shock too many.” Morgan teased. “You're sure it was fifteen and not fifty? I think we'll have both doctors meet you at the airport.”

“Good idea. I might need one.” Tim said with a huge grin. “Innogen my sweet husband seems very interested in Montana's natural splendor. He's explored it a few times already and we're just at lunch. Anyway I'd better keep my promise to send you guys the details of the stupa site. You can see it from the balcony off the main bedroom. I think it will be a perfect backdrop for when you take coffee or each other on the balcony.”

“You forgot the salad Dad.” Adam said when I handed Tim his burger and fries.

“Sorry Adam.” I apologized. “Let me fix both our plates.”

“Much better.” Adam said when I placed a single baby spinach leaf with a drop of dressing on each plate. “We're having the same lunch. Our salad is a little more robust.”

“You guys are setting a good example for the adults.” I said raising my beer in their direction. “You've inspired me to have more salad with my seconds.”

“You're only having more salad with seconds because you couldn't have less Dad.” Dylan said. “Tim tells me your Lady suggested we all join in for the last part of the land blessing. We'll get in touch with the others and text you the time. We'll need an hour at least for lunch.”

“That's okay.” I said. “Tim needs some time to do the dishes. Yes Amanda this Montana lifestyle is a splendid one. The perfect balance between invigorating and relaxing. Tim while you're getting our seconds grab us a couple of beers please. Don't forget the salad this time or I'll be in trouble with my sons again.”

“I think the only thing that comes close to matching your financial wealth is the goodwill you've earned with the newlyweds.” Leslie said. “We'll say goodbye because it seems Rohan has that hungry look in his eyes again. Innogen is way too young and delicate to see such things.”

“Chat to you guys soon.” I said accepting a plate. “Tim's doubled up on our salad. Thank you. Well off you guys go. I've got lots to do.”

“A good thing this property has a well.” Tim said. “I think I'm headed for my second or third shower today. Bye guys. Text me the time.”

I insisted Tim do the dishes right after lunch while I prepared the bread dough. A half-dozen loaves would be enough for the roofers for a day or two. The boys apologized because they would only be ready at four. Tim told them that was perfect because it would give us time to get things done. He didn't need hardly any time at all to rise for me. Kneeling in front of Tim I parted his robe.

This time I intended to worship his cock and balls. I took him in my mouth after several minutes spent kissing his cock from balls up to the tip of the head. Pressing my lips against the head I slowly moved my head forward. Allowing the firmness of his erection to part my lips I took him inside my mouth in fractions of an inch. We were still in the kitchen. I wasn't going anywhere until I'd eaten my husband.

My hands slid under his robe as they made their way up his thighs to the curves of his ass. Spreading my fingers out I took as much of his ass in my grasp as I could. Kneading and rolling his flesh between my fingers I drove us both wild with desire. Teen ass felt so good in my hands. The groans of pleasure raining down on me were as pleasing as anything I could wish to hear. I wanted to make every hollowing of my cheeks and lick of my tongue perfect. I concentrated on blowing Tim as if it were my first time.

The fondling of his ass was gentle but I'd squeeze a little too hard from time-to-time just to stop him from falling asleep on us. Releasing his cock I nuzzled under his shaft to softly suck his balls into my mouth. Rolling them around I got to taste Tim's most intimate parts. He tasted so good. His pleas got to me though so I soon relented, released his balls and resumes sucking cock. My head was moving back and forth briskly as my hands worked his ass over. No penetration this time. A good groping. A hard sucking. A very nice load of cum to finish things off.

I held Tim upright as his knees buckled. The boy shook quite nicely in my grasp. He collapsed against me and just sighed when I announced trying to wriggle out of my grasp had just earned him a spanking. I slung him over my shoulder and carried him to the bathroom. Tim was all for recreating those wonderful memories of earlier. I took him on his back. While I fucked my husband I let him know in soft tones all the wonderful blessings he brought in to my life. I shared the feelings fucking him brought to the surface within me. He smiled when I described the physical pleasure as well. When I emptied my balls I held him close to me and let him know how precious he was to me. My sweet, beautiful Brit.

The Brit insisted on helping me shape some loaves. When they were in the oven we kept a set of clothes out to wear tomorrow and packed everything else away. We'd stay in our robes if we could for the rest of our time here except for the chanting. We managed to shape and get the second round of bread in the oven just before four.

“I'll repeat the chant three times and pause at the end of it each time.” I said. “This is one of the older chants from the wisdom that predates Tibetan Buddhism. Keep some water close at hand. Here we go.”

When I began the chant for the fourth time Jinsong and Daizan joined in. Clifton followed right behind them. He got started just ahead of Mu. Slowly the others joined in until the wonderful sounds were filling homes and blessing land out at the cabin, the apartment and in Montana. This was a simple enough channeling so I leaned back in my chair and relaxed. I let myself experience the tingling of the energy as it washed through me. The slow decrease in volume leading to the end left me feeling melancholy. My Lady just chuckled and promised to sing the hurt better for me later.

“Thanks Dad.” Dylan said. “That was a wonderful chant. Will it be okay for me to use it in my daily meditations? I'm glad. I really like it.”

“Today has been a very long day but filled with lots of good stuff.” Adam said. “Leslie helped me through it Dad. I can't say I'm fine but by the time you get home I'll be ready to whip your butt at some Smurf Racer. Any plans for tonight apart from fulfilling your marital duties?”

“You're kidding.” Innogen said. “I thought Rohan doesn't take modern medicine.”

“Then blame the chanting.” Dylan said. “I'm contemplating taking a shower with my brother before dinner.”

“On the plus side Rohan will sleep well tonight.” my housekeeper said. “Thank you Tim for taking such good care of him.”

“I'll enjoy collecting my five kisses from you tomorrow.” Tim said. “I mean it's not like the soft words of praise and adoration combined with the physical pleasure are enough on their own. The sweet old geezer took the time to tell me everything he was feeling and how special I am to him. He left me feeling a lot like Adam. Leslie we can chat tomorrow while Rohan cooks. I deliberately got us an early flight because I dislike goodbyes. We've had three incredible days here.”

“We'll stop somewhere for breakfast.” I said. “The only thing I'd like to do is greet the roofers and thank them. We're pretty much packed. These are the clothes we'll be wearing tomorrow. All we have to do is slip the laptop and our toiletries bag in the case.”

“I think we're having a stir-fry with some wine for dinner.” Tim said. “Chicken stir-fry. Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow. Have a good night.”

“Yes I will make you a pot of tea to enjoy while I cook dinner.” I said. “A pot of tea is worth seven kisses Beloved.”

I thought Tim looked really cute as he sipped his tea on the couch. When we had washed the dishes and tidied the place up I carried the wine and Tim up to bed. We lay in bed sipping wine and looking out over the property. This was a very magical piece of land. Tim thought it would be perfect for the newlyweds. I made love to Tim once more.

Early the next morning I slipped out of bed and called Dariusz. He promised to check his email and see what impressions he got from the land. Everything was going well at the chapter house. Donat and Maciej were doing their best to avoid Kasper. The yoga had been a wonderful experience for everybody. Dariusz told me the yoga teacher had insisted on having classes in his garden. She had left still disbelieving that the before pictures they showed her was how the land had looked. The yoga teacher was setting up a challenge for him. Darius promised to keep Dylan updated. A sleepy Tim joined us and said hello to Dariusz.

“Montana is a very civilized state Dariusz.” Tim said returning to the living room with a tray that had a pot of tea under a tea cozy. “We'll see about getting you and Dylan a home around here when you marry. I am pleasantly surprised to see a tea cozy.”

“A happy Tim is a fuckable Tim.” I said kissing him. “You'll need to replace it when we get home.”

“And send some more here.” Tim said. “Sorry to do this but we must say goodbye and get going soon. Dariusz can we call you tomorrow? Good. Dylan and I would love to have a longer chat with you. What if we joined you for dinner? Wonderful. Kiss Maciej and Donat for me please.”

“Bye Dariusz.” I said ending the Skype call and shutting down the laptop.

I stood on the deck with an arm around Tim enjoying the sunrise. Zak arrived at seven. He'd deliberately come early to see us off and let us know he'd decided to help with the redecorating. Caryn had sent him an outline of our plan including the proposed visit by the students. I showed him the bread and salad dressings. He thanked me for the salad recipes, the spice rubs and marinades.

“The roofers will be here at seven-thirty.” Zak said. “Can you wait another fifteen-minutes?”

“Yes we can.” I said. “I'll brew some coffee for them. Yes there's some in the flasks but we don't want to drink it for them Tim.”

We thanked the roofers and told them if they needed anything to speak to Zak. They thanked us for the food. Zak recommended a diner where the locals ate breakfast. I had to use the mantra to keep my seat. Even Tim winced when he tasted the food. Definitely not the place for Petersen we agreed. The food was typical diner fare with all the flavor of sand.

“Not impressed huh?” the older lady at the cash register said when I paid.

“Sorry but even my inexperienced sons know to use spices.” I said gently seeing her obvious pain. “I have a plane to catch or I'd gladly help in the kitchen. Here's my card. Please call me tomorrow or Wednesday.”

“He hasn't been the same since the stroke.” she said. “I'm Daisy. Pleased to meet you Rohan and?”

“Tim.” I said. “Please call me. I know some people who can help him with his recovery.”

“I will call you.” Daisy promised stepping around to hug us. “Thank you.”

I drove in silence for ten-minutes before I sighed.

“Oh my Love you are so sweet.” Tim said. “How you kept your seat I'll never know. I'm glad you did because there's always more to things than we see at first.”

“All across America there are places just like it.” I said sadly. “No wonder they lead lives of quiet desperation. Tim I'm not at the point of accepting it's all perfect just the way it is. A few herbs that's all it would take. Sorry my Love. Give me a few minutes and I'll shift the energy. Yes I think we need a song or two.”

Shifting the energy took most of the drive to the airport. I was in better spirits but still a little sad when we boarded the plane. Tim told me it was nice to see I was human after all and had my off days. Tracy, Sophie and J met us at the airport. I didn't say a word but headed straight to the bar where Chalky worked.

“My soul is heavy my friend.” I said. “Let us feed it some good medicine please. These people deserve it for putting up with my rudeness.”

“There are two things that are no joking matter around Rohan.” Chalky said to the others while pouring us a round. “People and food. The rest of you look okay so I'm assuming it was something he ate. Soda water and lime first Rohan. Go sit with your friends and your drinks. I'll charge you now because you won't need a second round. This will fix you right up.”

No matter how bad I am feeling a really good drink where I have to focus on the nuances, the skill of the brewmaster and think of all the time it has taken to get this ready for my enjoyment lifts my spirits. This was truly an exceptional Islay. Scotland immediately came to mind and soon I was asking about our friends over there. The others relaxed as we chatted about the fun we'd had with them. Lance was still enjoying his hot chocolate and cooking lessons with mom. I don't know how long we lingered but it must have been a while because Sophie responded to a couple of texts.

“Tim will explain it to you.” I said when we entered the apartment. “I need to cook. Thanks for waiting on me.”

Abby joined me several minutes later to scold me for putting extra pressure on her. She perked up a lot when I told her all she needed was a basic understanding of which herb worked with a particular food. Sage with sausage, dill with potatoes, basil with tomato and so on. Abby kissed me when I suggested she give Petersen or Philip a call for the name of a good reference book for cooking spices and herbs.

“Nicely done Rohan.” Leslie said from the doorway where she had watched all of this unfold. “You went from being scolded to opening up a whole new world for Abby.”

“I'll give him another kiss when I've tracked down the book.” Abby said. “That's if you survive when Tim sees the mountain of mushy peas you're making. You're safe for a while because he's unpacking and doing laundry.”

“Phew!” I said with relief. “Leslie if you're going to hover then come on inside, pour us some wine and give me a hand. There are lots of pasties to make.”

“Tomorrow is spoil Abby rotten day Rohan.” Ivan said. “Waffles and sausage for breakfast and roast pork with lots of crackling and crispy roast potatoes.”

“She's one of the unsung heroes of this gang and she deserves it.” I said. “That reminds me I haven't done anything special for Dr. Deidre or Dr. Phyllis and others. Ivan please ask my housekeeper to tell Trevor that tomorrow is Abby's day. I'm pretty certain she will know what I mean and arrange something. While Abby is tracking down that cookbook they can arrange something. Leslie I think it best if you spoiled her on another day with a nice lunch if you want to say thank you.”

“You're right it is good to let Trevor have tomorrow.” Leslie said. “After listening to your chat with Abby I can see what you mean about keeping it simple. Sometimes you do blend a lot of herbs and spices but it's mostly one or two plus a good stock or gravy.”

“That's what I've tried to tell everybody.” I said touching my wine glass to hers. “Remember the incredible flavors that Petersen and Grace conjured with just one spice? They used lots of different vegetables to add flavor. Read Petersen's training manual for the Order chefs in England and you'll see he threatens them with violence if they use too many herbs.”

“You've seen it?” Leslie asked in surprise.

“I'm the head of the Order so I need to keep an eye on things.” I said loftily. “Honestly I snagged a copy for the boys and Bryce. Brother Murray will pass it on to the school chefs. I was going to give them cooking lessons but we're headed back to Blighty for five days soon. Tim needs to finish his cellphone network. We'll do it in a couple of weeks so I can help Brother Michael and Tracy with their scimitar training.”

“Start with stocks, gravy and sauces.” Leslie suggested. “Tim will have a lot of fun buying storage containers for the boys to keep at their homes. I'll go ask Abby if she found the book locally and ask her to pick up four more copies for you.”

“My Love I hear you have some shopping for me to do.” Tim said wrapping his arms around me and kissing me. “I'll check with their moms and have J take us all shopping. Leslie we can bring the book over to you. Rohan has a scimitar dancing lesson with Tracy in the morning and a workout with Catherine in the afternoon. We'll have plenty of time.”

“I'll be with you guys to help you keep it to a manageable level.” Sophie said. “Tim you've been alone with Rohan for an entire weekend. Bram tells us Zak wouldn't believe him when he told Zak getting Rohan to only put a thousand on the gift card was miraculous. Motorcycles, grills and a fridge wasn't enough was it?”

“Speaking of motorcycles Warren called while you were on the plane.” Tracy said. “He wanted me to let you know the second delivery went off without any trouble.”

“Second delivery?” Tim asked from within my arms.

“Surely you didn't expect me to stand on the deck and wave as the scurvy newlyweds rode off.” I said calmly. “Three more bikes got delivered today.”

“You did say you were keeping your deliveries to one a day.” Tim said. “Very good of you to keep your promise. So there's a bike waiting for Dylan and me in Montana. Juliet what would you recommend the two of us use on Rohan later?”

“Mix it up.” Juliet said. “Use a tawes and a hairbrush.”

“Thank you Juliet.” Tim said. “Now my Love as part of your thank you I'll let you carry me to the table. Leslie your idea of British night was sheer genius. Look at this gorgeous plate of food. I can't believe I own a motorbike. Amanda it was incredible fun. There were a couple of scary moments when the tire slid a little in some mud but it recovers so quickly. British food to celebrate the new bike is perfect.”

Dylan waited until after dinner when I was sitting on the couch waiting for dessert to thank me for the bike. He sat on my lap and kissed me soundly. I don't think it was coincidence Sophie brought our dessert to us last.

“Now look what you've started.” I said when Sophie leaned in to hug and kiss me. “I hope you're a happy whippersnapper.”

“Yes Dad I am a very, very happy whippersnapper.” Dylan said. “Are you going to buy the diner if they call?”

“I have no idea what Tracy is going to do.” I said calmly.

“Me? What do I know about diners or businesses?” Tracy asked. “Nothing I tell you. What do you mean this is a fine time to learn Boss? I'm learning healing not business.”

“Everything in life is about healing.” I said calmly. “You'll be fine Tracy. Have fun with it. You do get so easily stressed. I must chat to Lao about it. Do you honestly think you'll do anything to hurt somebody? Neither do I. You'll be fine. They might not call. Lovely trifle guys.”

I did my best with some help from Tim to answer all their questions about the house. Eventually I just gave up and told my housekeeper to arrange a road-trip to the new property in a couple of weeks. Tracy told me Emily had called earlier to let her know the entire design class was heading to the property. There were about a dozen students. Caryn was ordering the material for the drapes and furniture. She would have it delivered on Monday. The students were driving up and arriving on the weekend.

“Tracy if you and my housekeeper would speak to the professor and arrange things for them that would be wonderful.” I said. “I think it's a twenty-hour drive. They'll have to stay somewhere overnight. I don't care if they can rotate drivers they're stopping somewhere nice. The co-op does gift cards if they'd prefer to buy their own food. Tim has the name of every staff member on his phone. Please chat to them about an account or something. I have no idea how long they'll be there or what they'll do. Better put Zak in touch with them. You are the best housekeepers ever.”

“That's because you have so many houses we get lots of practice.” my housekeeper said. “I think it's fun. Much like the spy network. Dylan try not to marry Dariusz anytime soon. The decorators need a vacation.”

“I'll check with them first.” Dylan promised. “Dear old Pater you know it is cruel indeed to have all those motorcycles delivered two weeks or more before we visit.”

“You're right and I have a full schedule all the way through Thursday.” I said stealing a spoonful of his dessert. “Maybe your mom will spare you for a few days so we can fly up Friday. Back home Sunday so he doesn't fall behind on schoolwork Sophie. I could fly you and your mom up tomorrow if you'd like. Warren will know somebody who can teach you to ride.”

“Oh Pater you're the best.” Dylan said offering me another spoonful of his dessert. “You'd do it without thinking twice. All three of us and our parents would be on a plane if we let you have your way.”

“They can wait.” Amanda said replacing my empty bowl with a second helping. “I am as eager to see the house as they are but it's best if we wait until they finish decorating.”

“Nobody teaches you how to ride a motorcycle like our dad.” Adam said. “We'll wait. There's enough to keep us busy here.”

“How's your stitching getting on?” I asked. “Is the game good enough or do we need something better? Dr. Deidre I just realized this would be a wonderful tool for the Order. I'll have Kasper try it but we might need college level software.”

“This is pretty thorough and realistic enough.” Dr. Deidre said. “Send a copy of it to your two British hooligans. They'll be able to give you a review from the Order perspective. The last thing you want is Kasper getting excited about surgery.”

“Great idea.” I said. “We'll call them tomorrow at breakfast.”

“The stitching is really cool Dad.” Adam said. “Next week Dr. Deidre is having us practice on pork belly if we do well enough with the game. Would you like to try?”

“You know I wouldn't.” I said. “Smart of you to ask out of my reach or you'd be soundly tickled. Yes Samantha even in a game I cannot bear the sight of blood or inner squishy bits.”

“Very glad you like the outer squishy bits my Love.” Tim said.

“There's nothing like an outer squishy bit that becomes an inner squishy bit.” Morgan declared.

“Brother Michael do we know how much land these newlyweds are donating to the Order for a training compound?” I asked.

“We're still negotiating.” Brother Michael said with a smile. “Brother Murray insists one acre is plenty of space but they want to give us two. The best I could do was suggest we wait until you got back to adjudicate. That's why you are in charge of the Order.”

“There's all the paperwork to consider.” I said. “In two weeks time we are going to visit the land so why don't we wait until we are there and you boys can see just how big an acre of land is? There is nothing to stop you from giving away more land if you want later. Morgan people have built mansions on an acre. Let me show you what I mean.

Tim please go to my bookmarks. That's the one we want. Thank you. I learned about this wonderful site from Caryn. Now I want everybody except Tim to close their eyes. Do a search for North Carolina please Tim. That's the property right there. Thank you. Now scroll down to hide the square footage. Okay guys you can open your eyes.”

“Wow! That is incredible.” Morgan said. “You can build something like this on an acre?”

On the screen was a home just under 5900 sq. ft. with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The wine cellar was large enough to hold eight-hundred-and-fifty bottles of wine. The vaulted ceilings allowed for large chandeliers and created an amazing sense of spaciousness.

“You could build seven of them and have a couple of hundred sq. ft. left over.” I said. “Scroll up Tim so they can see I'm not joking. There's about 43 500 sq. ft. in an acre. Seven times six thousand is 42 000. Less 700 for the rounding up and you get 41 300.”

“Damn that trick with the figures is as impressive as the house.” Dylan said. “You might be an old-timer Pater but your mind is almost as sharp as mine. Gives me hope for when I reach your age. Antiquity doesn't have to come with senility.”

The scurvy knave was sitting on my lap so naturally I responded with a tickling. Morgan and Adam told me this helped them realize how big an acre was and thanked Brother Michael for suggesting they wait to discuss it with me. I told them I'd have surveyors out to mark the acre before we visited. Then we would ride the perimeter so they could see exactly what an acre looked like.

“Yes Tim this is a great website.” I said. “There's so much I'd like to incorporate from it and ideas to try that I might need to find myself another village to buy. Now let's have a nightcap so these two miscreants can thrash me and get to bed at a decent hour.”

“I liked the tip with the numbers as well.” Samantha said while Tracy and J made us a round of drinks. “Do you know any others?”

“When you multiply figures with two or more digits write them next to each other and add them together.” I said. “Tim pick two numbers and show them on the TV for us please. 33 times 21. Multiply the last digits together 3x1 to get 3 and write it down beneath the 1 in 21. Then you add 3x2 to 3x1 and you get 9. Write that to the left of the 3. Now you are left with 3x2 so we write a 6 to the left of the 9. Our answer is 693. This goes a lot quicker when you're doing it and is really useful when you're multiplying three or four digit numbers.”

“What if the last digit was four or more?” Morgan asked. “You'd end up with a figure greater than ten Adam. What if we were doing 33 times 27? Then we'd start with twenty-one. So we write down the one but are left with twenty.”

“You add two to the total of your next sum.” I explained. “You'd have 3x2 plus 3x7 plus 2.”

“That's twenty-nine.” Morgan said. “Then it's 3x2 plus 2. So we get 891. Cool. Any chance of another trick?”

“How would you calculate a number ending in five squared or multiplied by itself?” I asked. “What is 45 times 45? There's a quicker way than what I just showed you.”

“Well using your fancy method I got 2025.” Dylan said. “Is it always going to end on 25? So we need to get the 20 with a four. That's four times five. The two digits we have in forty-five. No Dad it doesn't work for thirty-five or sixty-five.”

“Let's try 35 times 35.” Morgan said. “That's 1225. The twelve divided by three is four. Now I get it. You multiply the first digit by one more and end it in twenty-five.”

“So sixty-five squared is 4225 because it is 6x7 in front of 25.” Adam said. “Really? I can see why Morgan has so much fun with his geometry now. This is cool.”

“I'm glad you're having so much fun with your figures but we need to figure in some time for Rohan's thank you tonight.” Lucille said. “Even I thought that stuff was cool.”

“Tomorrow we might need to go over it again Boss.” Tracy said. “The side-on multiplication thingy and the rounding up. I mean what if I wanted to calculate six times $5.95? Six times six less six times five. Really. $35.70? So $5.99 would be six less than $36 or $35.94. Thanks for making me look like a genius with figures. We won't let the secret out will we?”

“I can keep a secret but you can't Tracy.” Dylan said. “You made a vow when you became a nun to share your knowledge freely.”

“Darn. Oh well. Perhaps nobody will ask.” Tracy said. “Good night Boss. Give him an extra smack for me guys.”

“We'll give him one for each of you.” Tim promised.

“That's a lot of smacks.” Samantha said.

“We'll be okay because there's two of us sharing the load.” Tim said. “Oh you were thinking of Rohan. He'll be fine. Mostly fine.”

Fifteen-minutes later I leaned forward and placed my hands on a chair. The moment the spanking began I silently thanked Juliet. The contrast between the hairbrush and tawes was amazing. There was a solidity to the hairbrush that balanced the flexibility of the tawes. Tim warned me they were going to make this a lengthy spanking because I had been very, very sweet and spoiled them rotten.

The burn in my ass was feeling really good when Dylan instructed me to kneel on the ground. Tim placed a short stool in front of me. Leaning forward I rested my chest on the stool. Dylan knelt next to me so he could reach my ass with the hairbrush. Tim was able to spank me with the tawes while standing. The more I sank into the comfortable feelings of the spanking and our scene the more I wondered if I wasn't a lot like Adam. A submissive who spanked others because he knew how good it felt to receive a sound spanking? Could we still be submissives or did this make us switches? I'd have to ask Juliet tomorrow I decided.

Refocusing on the now I praised the two of them for thrashing me so well. Dylan had me name the people who spent tonight with us. I got a smack for everybody I named. The hairbrush might have landed on the floor before Dylan slipped inside me but it would have been close. The sound of the last smack was still filling the room when I felt him enter me. He fucked me as hard and fast as he could from the get-go.

“Ride mine out Dad.” Dylan gasped in my ear. “Don't cum now Dad. Hold it! Thank fuck I don't.”

“I'll get you for this miscreant.” I growled gritting my teeth.

The spanking had me so turned on I was fighting to hold back my cum before Dylan started unloading. Thinking of other things would have been easier but I wanted to experience every moment of my son fucking me. I clenched my pelvic muscles and held them tight while Dylan growled through his orgasm. How I loved turning such sweet young lads into animals intent on finding release from their pleasure. The grunts, growls and curses would have been more enjoyable it I wasn't trying so hard to hold back my tide. Sweat beaded my forehead from the effort but I did it.

“Yes! Oh gods! Yes!” I exclaimed in triumph when Dylan slid from me. “No. Fucking hell that's no fair.”

“Of course it isn't.” Tim said entering me. “Neither was making you wait through the first fuck. Do you like the feel of Dylan's mouth on your cock? Bet it feels as hot as your ass. Luckily for you I won't last long Scoundrel. We'll say when.”

“You rapscallions better remember who is waking you in the morning.” I advised. “Oh it will be memorable all right. Just you wait. Harder Imp! Harder!”

Tim obliged more because he needed to get off than from any desire to ease my torment. Dylan was calmly tugging my balls down when they started to rise too high. He'd remove his mouth from around my cock to kiss my balls briefly. Then it was back to the slow, gentle sucking and licking. I was cursing them both very soundly when Tim climaxed inside of me. So lost up in my cursing and torment it took me a few seconds to realize I could finally relax.

“Thank the gods!” I cried out as my cum raced up my shaft. “Take it Son! Every fucking drop. Fucking hell that feels so much better. Now get out from under there so I can kiss you. Move Son! We're well past your bedtime.”

“And mine.” Tim said lying on top of me. “I don't know how you managed Scoundrel. You may have the honor of carrying me to the shower. Dylan can help you bathe me.”

“Very kind of you Tim.” Dylan said on the way to the bathroom.

The next morning I got my revenge. I was downstairs meditating when Morgan and Adam arrived. After some kissing and a double-team I led them quietly upstairs. They watched with smiles as I cuffed Dylan and Tim's wrists behind their backs. Gently and with tender kisses I kept them mostly asleep until I'd bound them. Then I slid two of my most powerful vibrators into those two cute butts.

“One. Two. Three.” I mouthed silently.

“Bastard.” Tim roared bucking on the bed. “Holy fuck!”

“Fucking hell! Scoundrel!” Dylan cried out loudly.

“It's an oldie but a goody.” I said watching them writhe. “Come along you two. Time for us to take a shower.”

“No! Don't leave us!” Tim begged. “Ah fuck I'm cumming! Please not again.”

“Oh at least two.” I said ushering the other two from the bedroom.

When the boys told me they thought the other two had climaxed again I sent Adam to the bedroom. He turned off the vibrators but left them bound with the toys in their ass. I enjoyed my shower with the newlyweds. Fucking Morgan while he was in a sixty-nine with Adam was just how I wanted to start my day.

“Those two rapscallions are all yours.” I said to the newlyweds when we returned to the bedroom. “I have breakfast to prepare. Waffles and sausage. Don't dawdle too much. What a splendid morning.”

“Oh just you wait Scoundrel.” Tim threatened. “I'll be able to walk in a month. You'd better get in a lot of practice with Jinsong.”

“I'll give my dear dad what-forty-four!” Dylan said. “Yes you did warn us. What's that got to do with anything? You kept that one from us long enough for me to forget. Very nicely done Dad! We're still getting revenge though.”

Adam and Morgan were licking them clean when I left the bedroom. Tracy laughed when I told her even better than the cream I got the scream. I warned Innogen now was not the time to dispense medical treatment. Twenty-minutes later Tracy took her upstairs to check on the boys. A pale Innogen returned and gratefully accepted an Irish coffee. I admitted to feeling very good about myself. A grinning Bryce led her to the living room and held her on the sofa while she drank her medicine. Tracy took him a coffee.

The boys got stuck in helping me prepare breakfast. They were eager to help because this was for Abby. Tim and Dylan manned the coffee and smoothie station. I added some whiskey to the batter. A little well okay a tad more than a little brandy found its way in the chocolate waffle batter. Trevor had simply told Abby he had some things to take care of early and slipped away ahead of her. He set a thank you card and a bunch of flowers on the table for Abby. There were a lot of tears and kisses when Leslie led Abby to the table.

“A new recipe for me to test.” Abby said in delight when Dylan set a plate with a chocolate waffle in front of her. “Touch that plate and die! I have a cook to kiss.”

“You deserved that kiss my Love.” Tim said with Dylan nodding in agreement. “Waking us like you did. Leslie we were bound and impaled on a toy. Yes it was very effective. I've never gone from asleep to so wide awake as fast as I did today.”

“Here's a proper plate for Abby.” I said handing a regular waffle surrounded by sausages, eggs and sautéed spinach to Dylan. “Don't forget her smoothie.”

“Rohan are you in cahoots with Trevor?” Abby asked from the dining room. “The flowers and card were more than enough. He doesn't need to get me drunk as well.”

“I think that's just the start.” I said. “You might want to speak to Juliet about getting something special to test tonight.”

“Now you're making me blush in front of the children.” Abby said. “Thanks guys but I'll speak to Juliet. Somehow it doesn't seem right to get suggestions from guys ten years younger.”

Abby got a lot of compliments on her flowers. Everybody agreed they shared the sentiments of the card and thanked her for all the joy she brought us. Dr. Deidre reminded me to call the British hooligans when I sat down for breakfast. Tim warned them of our plans to visit in a few weeks. Christopher asked us to send him our itinerary so he could plan a visit to Poland at the same time. They found the idea of the game intriguing and asked Dr. Deidre a lot of questions.

“Hello guys, glad I caught you.” Caryn said arriving behind the British hooligans with Holden carrying lots of material. “These are samples of what we're using in the home. I've sent most of it on to Bigfork. Zak agreed to bring it out to the house. You'll have to wait to see where the different fabric is going. I hear there is a nice little compound being built for the monks and nuns. I'll give Brother Murray a call after dinner.”

“We're going to visit the home in a couple of weeks.” Tim said. “Why don't you join us?”

“Holden you need to pick up the pace of your studies.” Caryn said. “You don't want to cause me to miss out on a trip to Montana. Believe me when it comes to spankings you want to enjoy the benefits of giving instead of receiving. Thank you for the invitation Tim. I'll gladly give you a call when I've finished chatting to Brother Murray. Always happy to help you get revenge on that sweet old geezer you call your husband. The more epic the revenge the better.”

“Telling me you are including my housekeeper in your conspiracy doesn't help me rest easier.” I said. “She helped the boys get you here and my life hasn't stopped getting better. Tim I have stopped trying to fathom it out and just let it wash over me. Why do you think I bought the bikes? I cannot buy you enough thank you gifts so I'll get in as many as I can. What Abby and the newlyweds are feeling is what I live with every day since you arrived.”

“You're the sweetest old geezer I've ever had for a husband.” Tim said. “I'd kiss you but these chocolate waffles with brandy are too good to leave alone. Think hot chocolate with brandy in a waffle Caryn.”

“That's reason enough to go to Montana.” Caryn said. “Enjoy your breakfast. We'll chat soon.”

We had a lovely breakfast. I sighed when my Lady suggested I stop eating the chocolate waffles and have a plate without them. No more plain waffles either she insisted. Tim guessed the reason for my pout. The others joined in his laughter when he shared it with them.

“Abby I'll show you where I keep my back-up makeup.” my housekeeper said while the boys cleared the table. “Actually why don't you go take a nice hot shower. The make-up and fresh towels will be waiting when you finish your shower.”

I smiled when my housekeeper handed Trevor some towels and the make-up bag with orders to deliver them upstairs. She told him not to return without Abby. Tracy added there was a very good reason my housekeeper had given him two towels. Better to play it safe than upset her Tracy pointed out. Especially when safe meant a shower with Abby. My housekeeper told us none of us were going upstairs until Abby and Trevor came down.

“You have your first client soon Leslie.” Abby said picking up her flowers and card. “We'd better get going. You look like you could do with some fresh air. Thanks for everything guys. I'll see you soon with that book Tim. Come along Trevor. We'll walk you to your car.”

Then without another word Abby led the two of them from the apartment. The rest of us smiled at each other. I left soon after them with Tracy and Brother Michael. The fucketeers were conspiring but I was feeling too good to worry about any conspiracy. We had time to take the bus instead of a cab. A little boy kept staring at the sheathed scimitar I was carrying. Eventually he got up the courage to speak to me.

“Is that a real sword?” he asked.

“Yes it is.” I said. “This sword is very sharp so I must keep it sheathed but if you like I can show you a little of it. Wold you like to see a little more of it?”

“Cool! Can I? Please.” he said.

“Place your hand on the handle over here.” I said taking his hand in mine and showing him how to hold the handle. “Now slowly pull back. Keep your other hand away. Good. Only a few inches. There you go.”

“Thank you Sir.” he said. “That was really neat. Do you fight with it?”

“I used to when I was young and foolish.” I said.

“Obviously he's not young anymore.” Tracy said causing the boy giggle and Brother Michael to smile. “Now he gets us young people to fight for him. Yes we are going to practice. He promised to teach me how to use it safely. You have a bit of growing to do but I know a very good man who will teach a lot of cool stuff if you want. He is helping teach this old geezer. Would you like to visit him? His name is Lao. Tell him Tracy suggested you chat with him.”

“My name is Rohan.” I said. “Pleased to meet you Travis. Tell Lao you met the walking skeleton who thinks Lao can learn a lot from you. Will you remember that message?”

“I'll help you remember Travis.” the lady sitting next to him said. “Thank you Rohan and Tracy. I'd rather he didn't learn to fight.”

“Rohan has spent decades learning to fight.” Tracy said. “Now he is learning from Lao and his teacher how to use less force and avoid a fight. Travis we are learning how to use these weapons because it helps us get fitter, stronger and more agile. Please speak to Lao. I think both of you should talk to him together and take some time to think it over before you agree to anything.”

“That seems fair.” the lady said. “My name is Genevieve. Yes Rohan we know that milkshake shop very well. Thank you I will allow you to buy us a milkshake while we decide. I promise to call you and your sons if we have questions. We are approaching our stop soon so we'll say thank you and goodbye.”

“Goodbye Travis.” I said shaking his hand. “Tracy would love a hug. You can also give her a kiss. Never miss an opportunity to kiss a pretty lady.”

“Rohan you will get him in trouble.” Genevieve said. “Yes it's true. Especially while he is a kid. I think if Travis can kiss and hug Tracy then I can hug and kiss you. That's only fair.”

“Help!” I said causing Travis to giggle. “Save me! Brother Michael you're fired as my bodyguard.”

“Your body doesn't need guarding from pretty ladies.” Brother Michael said. “Even Travis knows I need to rest so I have the energy to protect you when you get attacked.”

“That sounds very smart.” Travis agreed. “Did he really fire you?”

“No he didn't.” Brother Michael said. “Nobody else will take the job. I'm stuck with him. Tracy and I keep our swords at our practice area so we don't get into trouble with the police. Rohan is very old and cantankerous. He doesn't care what anybody says including the police. He usually kisses them until they see it his way. Lao is a very good man to learn from. Please listen closely to what he says and suggests. I think he will surprise you.”

“For somebody who dislikes hooligans you are very good to them Boss.” Tracy said.

“I'll make a deal with you Tracy.” I said taking her hands in mine and looking her in the eye. “Let's agree that if I stop pretending to dislike hooligans you'll call me Rohan unless ceremony dictates you call me by my religious title. I'd really like to be your friend. Rohan. That's me.”

“Sorry Rohan.” Tracy said. “I'd like that as well. Are there any other hooligans here we can spoil? I see three sets. Excuse me while I go sell them some milkshakes. You know our stop Brother Michael.”

I went and told Tracy our stop was coming up. She was chatting to the last set of hooligans. Before we got off the bus Tracy ran over and told the bus driver to stop for a milkshake.