The Power of Music

Chapter 12

by Josh Chambers


The following story is about the development of a fully consensual and loving relationship between a man and a pre-adolescent boy.  At some point through the story's progression, there will be a graphic display of sexual acts between the man and the boy meant to show the natural progression and development of an intimate and caring relationship.  If the topic of man/boy sex offends you, or if this material is illegal in your place or residence, or if you are under legal age, please leave now.

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This chapter might be considered by some another turning point in the story, though in quite a different way than what happened in chapter 9.  This chapter contains a good deal of graphic language and graphic scenes, something I have largely avoided until now.  Though some would think this kind of chapter would be easier to write, I actually found it quite challenging and in truth am still not fully satisfied with it.  There are a lot of critical things that have to happen in the next few chapters, and I know it's going to be hard for me to write them. 

            So if you are offended by graphic language, especially spoken by 13 year old boys (and you can bet they really talk this way, if not much worse than I've written), then you should probably leave.  But, since your on Nifty, and have read this far, I assume you will be okay with it. 

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Josh Chambers




            "Alright, let's play it again, from the top," Will said, expertly strumming his guitar.  "Josh, switch the synth' back to piano, lets start again with your solo."

            "Right," Josh nodded his head.  As Will instructed, Josh pushed a few buttons on the full-sized electric keyboard until the LCD showed the selection he was looking for.  When he started to play, his amp sounded out the soft melody from The Smashing Pumpkin's Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

            Even though Josh had played much more difficult songs for Steven, there was something very enjoyable in playing the intro for the band.  Will was nodding his head slowly with the beat.  Sam, the drummer, was tapping his foot lightly, waiting for his queue.  Roger was nodding his head lightly, watching Josh play, his own guitar waiting eagerly to be played in his hands.  Roger's older brother David was also nodding, holding his large base guitar, patting the strings.

            Only a month ago, Josh would never have pictured himself in a band like this, playing rock music.  It wasn't that he really disliked rock, it was just something that he never really pictured himself playing.  Only cool people "jammed", as Will liked to call it.  Now he was playing almost every other instrument the band needed to make the song sound more full.  Even if he wasn't always playing the lead melody, it was fun switching the keyboard around, sometimes playing the strings, sometimes the organ, sometimes the harp, and a lot of other strange instruments.  Even when he wasn't playing, he was still nodding his head, enjoying the beat of the song, "jamming" with this friends. 

            The coolest thing now though was the fact that they were his friends.  He actually had friends, and they all treated him nicely, just like he was another part of the team, at least, most of the time.  There were times though when they poked fun at him, but he didn't feel as bad because they were poking fun of Roger, and sometimes each other too.  Roger and him were the only two sixth graders.  The rest of them were in the 8th grade.  Josh had also learned that the real reason Roger was in was because of David, Roger's older brother.  They seemed to be okay with it though, and Roger didn't play the guitar that badly, mainly following along with what Will played.  Sam was the only one who really seemed to resent having two younger kids in the band, but he was still cool most of the time. 

            At first, when Will had brought Josh over to his place, to his garage that was especially set up with drums, a keyboard, and amps for the guitars, Sam had been skeptical of letting another "little brat" into their band.  But, when Josh sat at the keyboard and played some of the ragtime revival Steven had taught him, Sam's jaw dropped like every other kid's when Josh had played for class.  Now Sam seemed cool with him being in the band, even if he was a few years younger and not as socially apt. 

            When Josh finished off the simple, yet expressive Smashing Pumpkin's intro, the band picked up with "Tonight, Tonight", then changed gears to a much more upbeat Metallica song.  When Will had said he liked to play across the "spectrum" of rock music, he wasn't sure what he meant.  Now he understood, and improvised as best he could by listening to the albums Will had lent him.  Though some of the songs were tricky, Josh did the best he could trying to creatively accompany Will and David when they sang the lyrics.

            Lastly, they tried one of the songs Will had written.  Though the song was simple, it was still fun to play and watch Will and David bounce around the "stage" in front of the drums, tossing their hair around like they were serious head-bangers. When Will struck the final chord on his guitar, they all slammed the chords on their own instruments.

            "Sweet!  That was some bitchin' playing!"  Will said, pulling his guitar strap from around his shoulder.  "That's a jam for today guys," Will announced.

            As everyone began putting their instruments away, Will came to lean against the keyboard stand.  "Wow Josh, I like what you came up with for that Perl Jam song.  That was pretty awesome."

            If Will had been watching closely, he probably would have noticed Josh's face turn a little red.  "Thanks.  I just added a couple arpeggios in, and a few chords."

            "Still," Will continued, "that was still some good playing."

            After Josh had finished unhooking and moving the keyboard back to the side of the garage, and grabbed his backpack for the walk home, Will swung around and spoke to the group.  "Hey guys, since my dad's out of town again and my mom isn't going to be back until late, she gave me some money for pizza.  She said it would be alright for us to hang out for a while."

            Usually Will's mom was at home when they practiced, and when they were done, Josh usually went to Steven's for dinner.  Will's mom was nice enough though, letting them play as loudly as they wanted.  She had even made them cookies once.  But now that she was gone, Josh wasn't sure if it was okay to stay or not. 

            Will, as if reading Josh's reluctance, nodded his way.  "Stick around for a bit Josh.  We can play video games while we wait for the pizza.  It'll be fun."

            Josh took a deep breath then shrugged his shoulders.  "Sure, I guess so."

            "Sweet.  Let's go set up the Xbox and get some Halo on."

            The rest of the group cheered Will along as they followed him to the back of the garage.  Will held the door open for everyone, Josh following up last.  Before Josh walked through the door though, something caught his eye.  Mounted on the side of the inner wall had to be one of the largest gun racks he had ever seen.  This part of the garage had always been hidden from view due to cardboard dividers that had been set up to partition off Will's band setup from the rest of the garage. 

            Will, seeing Josh pause, stepped back out the doorway.  "Yeah, those are my dad's.  He likes collecting them."

            Some of the guns Josh didn't even recognize, though he had probably seen them in a movie and just didn't remember.  "Have you shot any of them?"  Josh asked, his mouth a tad agape.

            "Oh yeah.  My dad takes me hunting sometimes, and we go to the shooting range sometimes.  That's where we get to shoot the handguns," Will said, pointing to a whole sub-rack.  "I even know where the bullets are.  Mom made dad promise not to tell me what the combo to the safe was, but he told me anyways.  He said it was cool, just as long as I treated the guns with the respect they deserved."  Not really knowing what he was talking about, Josh nodded his head.  It would be fun to shoot a gun sometime.  Maybe he would ask Steven about it. 

            Not wanting to keep the rest of the group waiting any longer, Josh rushed though the doorway, and followed Will into the living room, where David and Sam were already busy setting up the TV for the video game.  Never having played before, Josh opted to sit out the first few games and watch. 

Will and Sam seemed to dominate, blasting David and Roger into oblivion with all sorts of strange looking weapons.  After Roger died for about the tenth time, he gave the controller over to Josh.  Josh unfortunately, died even faster.  Sam mercilessly ripped him apart, never letting him live for longer than thirty seconds, it seemed. 

They all joked around when they played, and though Josh was loosing, he didn't feel too bad.  Everyone lost as some point or another, and when they did, the others would all "give him shit about it" as Will liked to say.  One thing was for certain, Josh was learning all the "cool speak", and how to "hang with the gang".  Even if he didn't always feel like he fit in, he was still having fun.

Almost catching him completely by surprise, the doorbell rang, causing Will to snatch up the money he had sitting on the end-table.  "Pizza's here!"  Will shouted above the racket.   With almost frightening speed, they all started rushing around the house, getting what they needed for dinner.  Sam went to go get the sodas, David the napkins, and Roger the chips, while Will set the pies down on the end-table.  Within seconds, they were all scarfing down a large slice.

"So Will, are we on again for next Tuesday?"  David asked.

Will looked up from his food and shook his head.  "Sorry man, I gotta cancel that one.  Got a date with Jessica."

"Jessica oooh, man she's hot!" Sam piped up.  "So... how long you been going with her dude?"

Will shrugged.  "Only a few weeks now.  Tuesday will be our second date."

Sam blew a low whistle.  "You going to go steady with her man?"

Will put on an impish smile.  "Yeah, I hope so dude."

"No Shit.  Damn that girl has a nice set of tits on her.  God what I would give to squeeze them titties or that fine ass of hers even once.  I envy you man," Sam said, giving will an equally impish grin.

Will rolled his eyes.  "Hey, what about Tiffany, aren't you going out with her?"

Now it was Sam's turn to shrug.  "Yeah, but her titties aren't nearly as big," Sam retorted.

All of them laughed at that.  Josh smiled, even though he had no idea what these girls looked like.  It was kind of strange to think that both Will and Sam had girlfriends.  Josh wondered what they talked about, or if they hung out like normal friends, like what they were doing now.  Almost if to answer his question, Sam shot back with another remark.

"So, it's your second date, huh?  You gunna try and put the moves on her?" Sam asked mischievously.

"Dude, it's only our second date!  I'm just going to take her to a movie."

"You gunna feel her up in the theater then?  Cop a feel of her smooth legs, or brush your hand across her tits?" Sam asked.

"Damn man, if I put the moves on her that fast, shed probably dump me in a second," Will said.

Sam shook his head.  "Naw dude.  When I took Tiffany on our second date, I got a feel of her tits and she didn't say a word."

"That's because Tiffany's a slut." Both Will and David said almost simultaneously. 

Sam only shrugged.  "Yeah, maybe she is.  Just yesterday after school she let me French her, and I'm going over to her house tomorrow.  With any luck, I'm going to get some pussy tomorrow night!"

"In your dreams man," Will laughed. 

Sam looked ready to come out with another defense when Roger piped in.  "What's Frenching mean?"

Sam looked directly at Roger as if he were the stupidest creature on the planet.  Josh knew that was a bad question to ask, especially to Sam.  But at the same time, he really wanted to know himself. 

"It's when she puts her tongue in your mouth."

Roger made a funny, disgusted looking face.  "Eww, why would you want to do that?"

"Because it feels good, you dork," Sam said, punching Roger in the arm.

Roger, looking hurt, but not really hurt, rubbed his arm.  "Oww, I'm not a dork."

Sam only laughed.  "Yeah you are.  You probably wouldn't even know what to do with a woman if you had her in bed."

"Yeah I would," Roger protested. 

"Then what would you do, munchkin?"

Roger slouched back into the couch where he was sitting, appearing lost for words.  Josh knew that he himself would have no prayer of answering.  His mother hadn't told him about anything like this at all, and expressly forbade him to watch anything where people got naked.  Josh still remembered the incident in the tub when he was around eight yours old.  She had come in when Josh was playing with it.  He wasn't even doing much really, just adjusting it because it felt funny in the water.  She had come in right when he had his hand on it, and had told him that touching himself down there was bad, and he shouldn't do it anymore, that he should only touch it when he had to go pee.  So, if touching himself was bad, then he couldn't even imagine how bad it might be to touch someone else in a place like that.  So Josh remained silent, relieved that it was Roger in the spotlight, not him.

"Um, I would start feeling her boobs and maybe get her naked."  Roger responded slowly.

Sam smiled slightly, "and then what?"

"Maybe start kissing her and feeling her butt," Roger replied in a small voice.

"Is that it?" Sam asked.

After a while, Roger shrugged.  "I guess so."

Sam shook his head, giving Roger a large frown.  "Man, you are still just a little kid.  Your dick probably isn't big enough to satisfy any woman anyways."

"Alright Sam, quit teasing my little brother.  It's not like you have a lot of room to talk.  From the sound of it, you're still just as much a virgin as Roger is," David interjected.

"Not much longer if I have anything to say about it," Sam said under his breath.  "So what about you David, why don't you have a girlfriend yet, huh?" 

David only shrugged.  "I guess the right girl hasn't come along yet."

"So what are you gunna do, just wait?  I hear Megan has the hots for you, and she's damn fine looking too, being on the cheerleading team."

"Megan is such an airhead.  She probably has a brain the size of a walnut inside that blond head of hers," David said.

Sam looked at David like he had just spoke blasphemy.  "Are you joking with me man?  You got a chance to go with one of the hottest girls in the school, and you would turn her down?  Damn, sometimes I wonder if both of you are just queer faggots."

This time, Will spoke up.  "Sam!  Shut the fuck up dude.  Just because David doesn't have a girlfriend doesn't make him a faggot.  I didn't have a girlfriend for a long time either, does that make me a faggot too?"

That seemed to back Sam down a bit.  "Naw man.  I guess I know you and Roger aren't faggots.  But I know someone who definitely is.  You know Brian from art class?  If he isn't a faggot, I don't know who is."

"Why do you say that?"  both Will and David asked. 

"Dudes, have you seen the things he draws?  I once got a look at his drawing book, and he had drawings of horses inside.  Horses!  He's a fucking guy, and he's drawing horses and unicorns and shit.  Fuck, he probably has a bunch of Barbie dolls at home too."

"But isn't Brian the one who painted that big backdrop for the school play?  It looked pretty cool to me, with that big, medieval castle in the background," David retorted.

"Still...  Man, it's just the way he walks, and the way he talks too.  He talks with this fucked up nasal voice that sounds like this," Sam said, scrunching up his face in an impression of Brian, making his voice sound just as bad.

"I know he's gay dude.  Just yesterday, I saw him eyeing up another guy in the cafeteria.  His eyes were like glued to him the whole time!  I swear, if I ever see him pervin' on me like that, I'm going to fucking kick his ass.  I hate fucking gay faggots!" Sam spat.

Neither Will or David quite seemed to know what to say at that point.  Sam was like that sometimes.  He got really mad, and Josh had no idea why.  But gay people though?  Josh hadn't heard a lot about gay people.  He had only heard his mom talk about them once with Father Roberts, and she had also sounded like he didn't like them at all.  He couldn't tell with Father Roberts, only that "they were working to remedy the problem with gay and pedophile priests."  So, if they were a problem, did that make them bad?  Both his mother and Sam seemed to think so at least.  Josh however, was still not so sure.  Mustering up all the courage he had, even though he probably knew he was going to get it from Sam, Josh asked his question.

"Why are gay people bad?"

Though Will and David only shifted on their seats uncomfortably, Sam rolled his eyes.  "I swear, a whole bunch of little kids."  Will shot Sam another "don't go there" look, and Sam backed down again.  "But I guess I'll let you get away with it.  Alright, you wanna know why gay people are bad?  I would have thought it was obvious.  I mean, just imagine two guys going at it, kissing each other, getting naked, and doing all the sex stuff that your normally supposed to do with a woman.   It just makes me sick.  Shit, I imagine if Brian had the chance, he'd go down on me.  He'd probably want me to fuck him up the ass too.  All the fucking sissy faggots like him are like that."  Sam paused for a second, taking a drink from his soda.  Josh sat there in a trance, fixated on Sam's every word.  "God, just the thought of kissing another guy makes me want to vomit.  My dad and I went to San Francisco once, to visit my aunt, and we came across a gay couple.  It was sick man.  They were like makin' out right there on the street, French kissing and feelin' each other up. My dad says San Francisco is the city of faggots, and any guy who would want to live there is a fucked up queer.  But he said it would be good if they all moved there, that way we could just nuke the town and get rid of all the faggots once and for all!  I swear, I'll fucking bitch slap any queers who try to lay that shit on me."

If Josh had been uncomfortable when the conversation began, he was doubly so now.  He supposed Sam was right, that two guys shouldn't kiss.  He knew that his mother said it was unnatural, but... he still didn't understand why Sam had to get so mad about it when it didn't involve him at all.  Yeah, maybe he should get mad if Brian walked over and tried to kiss him, but he didn't think Brian would actually do something like that.  Even though Josh didn't know for sure, he figured gay people wouldn't try anything with you if you didn't want them to.  If Sam hated them so much, then why couldn't he just leave them alone, and they would probably leave him alone?

After a while, it became apparent that Sam was done with his rant, and they had all pretty much finished their pizza and where lounging back, sipping on their sodas.  If Will and David looked disturbed by what Sam had said, they didn't show it, and Roger had turned the other way poking at the video controller, moving one of the Halo characters still active on the screen.

"Hey, with all this talk about gays and shit, I really need something to take my mind off it.  I found this really awesome website last night.  It's got everything on it you could imagine.  It's got hardcore stuff on it like you wouldn't believe, tons of free pics and tons of free vids.  And you don't have to pay anything!"  Sam paused for a second, trying to judge Will and David's reaction.  "Come on guys, I know you wanna see this shit.  If you're straight that is."

That seemed to get them moving, and even Josh thought it would be best to follow along, or else he would hear no end of remorseless teasing from Sam.   They all trucked up the stairs to Will's room, another place in the house that Josh hadn't been to.  Will's room looked pretty normal for a thirteen-year-old, Josh figured.  He had several baseball posters up, and pictures of various bands that they had played music for.  Will also had a computer in his room, which was definitely more than Josh could say for himself. 

Will sat at the keyboard for a bit and punched in a few things, then the screen came up and he clicked on an icon on the desktop.  "Alright, where do you want me to go?"  After Sam told him, the images on the screen made Josh's eyes bug almost all the way out of his head. 

"Shit, it's just another porn site dude.  You got to do better than this."  Will said, rolling his eyes.

Even though Will didn't seem to be too impressed, Josh's eyes were glued to the screen.  He couldn't believe what he was seeing.  .  In the window Will had pulled up, there were pictures of women completely naked.  The top of the page read "Horny amateur college girls, hot XXX inside."  Not only were the women naked, but one of them was actually spreading her boobs apart, and the other one was in a sitting position with her legs spread wide.  The image left nothing to the imagination, showing what Josh supposed had to be the woman's vagina, with hair on top of it and everything. 

There was only one other time Josh had seen a naked women, and that had been during a movie he had been watching with his mom.  Once his mom had seen that, she turned the movie off right away and told him that it was inappropriate material for him to watch.  His mom had caught it so quick that he had barely seen a glimpse of her breasts before the picture had went dark.  Now here were pictures of nude women in full view for him to see, so graphic that his eyes felt like they were burning.

"Dude, but have you actually been into a porn site before?  Like actually in to see all the hardcore stuff."  Sam asked, a small smile beginning to form on his face.

"No.  You have to have a credit card to get into these things, and does it look like I have a credit card dude?"  Will said facetiously.

Sam only laughed.  "That's what you think.  Here, type this in," Sam said, reaching into his pants for a note with something written on it. Will looked at it for a bit, then clicked "enter" on the website.  As soon as he entered the password, even more pictures flashed across the screen. "I got it from this crack website where they were giving away all sorts of free shit.  They had the password to this website and I went there and it worked!"  Sam told Will to click in a few more places, navigating to the video section.  When they brought up a video, titled "Blond Freshmen does Two Guys", all four boy's eyes remained riveted to the screen. 

Even though the scene started out slowly, with a blond-haired girl dressed in panties and a bra sitting on a bed which appeared to be in a messy dorm room with poor lighting and shit thrown everywhere, Josh knew he shouldn't be watching what they were about to see.  This was the kind of stuff that only adults were allowed to watch, and it had even said at the beginning of the webpage that only people 18 and older were let in.  Josh knew that he should probably stop them, or just leave, because if someone found out, they would be in a heap load of trouble. 

But as the seen unfolded, and a man appeared on camera, with the woman wiggling her body in a sexy way, Josh could not stop them.  He couldn't even avert his eyes from the screen.  The girl started taking off his shirt when the man walked up.  The man was breathing heavily, running his hands over the woman's skin, waiting for her as she finished taking off his shirt, then unbuttoning his pants.  Once the girl had the man's pants off, the man unclasped the girl's bra and started grabbing her bare breasts.  The man looked like he was squeezing them hard, but the woman didn't look like she was being hurt by it.  Actually, it looked like she liked it, and sounded like she was moaning.  After she was done with the man's pants, she fished her hand inside of the man's boxers and actually pulled out the man's penis. 

Josh couldn't believe what he was seeing.  The man's penis was huge.  He could actually see the blood veins running through it, and the camera took it's time to show it in explicit detail.  A queasiness began to form in Josh's stomach as the scene unfolded, and it only got worse as the woman began to stroke it and a clear fluid begin to leak out of the tip.  Josh knew he should close his eyes since it only seemed to be getting worse, especially when the girl began running her tongue across the man's penis, actually licking off the clear fluid coming from the man's penis.  Josh had never seen something so disgusting in his life.  His stomach felt like it wanted to wretch.

At the same time though, there was another feeling, a feeling he had only felt a few times before, yet had no idea what it had meant.  And the only reason he could be getting this feeling now was because of what was playing in front of him.  As the woman began to lick the man's penis even more, and then take it completely into her mouth, Josh felt his own penis begin to get hard.  Feelings of confusion rushed through his mind.  While this hadn't been the first time he had gotten hard, all the other times it had happened he had no idea why.  They all seemed to happen at the most inopportune times, and it seemed to happen more and more frequently.  He had only hoped that they wouldn't happen when a teacher was around, especially Steven.  What would Steven think of him if he noticed?  He knew it was wrong to get them, and especially wrong for him to touch it then, as it would probably only make things worse.  

Now, standing there in Will's bedroom, with his eyes locked onto the screen in front of him, his little penis was straining hard against the cotton material of his underwear, as hard as he ever remembered it, obscenely pushing out the front of the kaki shorts he was wearing.  Josh wished he could think of something to make it go away, so he tried arranging the front of his pants.  But moving it around only seemed to make it harder, and shivers of a feeling completely unknown to him pulsed though it every time he touched it. 

"My god!" Josh heard Roger say, temporarily taking his mind off his dilemma.  "I can't believe she's doing that."

Sam only laughed.  "That's what I said about you being a little kid Roger.  You don't really know what having sex means.  What the woman's doing now, that's called a blow job, or giving head, or going down on you.  It's called a lot of names, but they all mean when a woman sucks on a guy's cock.  Watch this next part guys, he's actually going to fuck her.  He's going to shove his dick up that nice tight pussy of hers until he cums all inside her."

What they did next completely blew Josh's mind.  After the woman did a few more licks on the man's penis, the man actually pushed her head away.  He then gently laid the girl down on the bed, guiding her hips with his hands, spreading her lags wide.  He got on top of her then, and took his throbbing penis and started rubbing her vagina with it.  Josh's breath was stuck in his throat.  He couldn't believe the two people on camera were actually doing this, and the sounds they were making... The woman was still panting heavily, and he could actually see liquid coming out of her vagina.  The man was leaking even more fluid from the tip of his penis as he directed it all around, finally pushing it in, making the vagina, which Josh could now only describe as a set of thin red lips, completely swallow his penis.  Josh bit his upper lip, feeling his own, much smaller penis pulsate in his pants just like the man's was.  Even though he wasn't touching it, or using it like the man in the video was, shockwaves of intense pleasure ripped through it, and though his entire body.   If this continued for much longer, Josh had no idea what would happen, but he didn't think it would be good.  He just had a feeling that he would probably end up burning in the fires of hell for watching this, and the more intense it felt, the hotter he would burn.  His only saving grace was that he knew Sam was going to burn in hell more for showing all this to him and Roger.

 "That's what having sex is Roger, and if I'm lucky, I'm going to shove my hard cock up Tiffany's hot pussy, something you wont be able to do with your tiny little dick for a long time." Sam said, slamming his hand against Roger's back.

Will blew out a low whistle.  "Yeah fucking right Sam.  I seriously doubt she's going to let you fuck her."

Sam only put on a snide face and retorted, "How the fuck would you know?  She's already grabbed me a few times, and she's let me feel her breasts through her shirt."

Will shook his head.  "But that's a long way from her letting you fuck her.  Has she even sucked you off yet?"

Now it was Sam's turn to step back.  "Well no..."

"Has she even given you a hand job without your pants on?"  Will continued.

"Umm, well kinda...  She unzipped my pants a little, and felt me on top my boxers," Sam said in a weaker voice.

"So she hasn't even seen you completely naked yet, and you probably haven't even seen her yet either.  Have you even touched her pussy?"  Will asked, arching his eyebrow.

"Okay okay.  Shut the fuck up already.  Let's just watch this to the end, okay?  The last part of it gets really good," Sam said, facing back to the screen again.  Will seemed to let it drop and kept watching the video as well.

It was about when the guy, who was completely naked now, banging his hips madly against between the legs of the blond girl when another man walked up.  This man was already completely naked, and the woman wasted no time getting his already hard penis in her mouth.  The woman was loudly moaning now, due to almost twice the amount of stimulation.  Just when Josh thought he would have to go due to the sensations in his penis becoming too unbearable, Sam spoke up.

 "Hey, I have to go to the bathroom really quick guys," Sam said, turning and running out the hallway. 

Josh watched for a little while as Sam disappeared down the hallway.  Maybe he really did have to go to the bathroom, but something was telling him that it wasn't because he had to pee or anything.  Maybe he was feeling the same thing Josh was feeling and just had to get out of here.  When Sam got back a few minutes later, he looked much more relieved, so maybe he really did have to go to the bathroom. 

As soon as Will noticed when Sam got back, he stood up from his chair.  "I think I'm going to use the bathroom real quick too."

Right after Will left, Sam pointed at the screen again, directing Josh away from any further questions.  "This is where the really wild shit happens."

The man who had been getting sucked changed positions, and woman moved up a little on the guy who still had his penis buried in the woman's vagina.  She then flipped around so that the man was on bottom.  The camera paid close attention to the girl's bottom as she spread her butt cheeks apart.

"The other guy is going to fuck her up the ass now," Sam explained.

And the man did.  He buried his spit covered penis right at the girl's butt hole. It amazed Josh that the man was able to slide it all the way until his testicles were right up against her butt, and she didn't even complain.  Josh cringed up his face.  He wasn't sure what to make of it.  Why would the woman want to do this?  Even if she was shouting out "yes, yes, yesss... Fuck me harder, do me in the ass, fuck my pussy, I love having two guys at once," over and over and over again.  Were these people nuts?  Didn't they know how wrong all of this was?  Didn't they believe what god had said about it being bad to do these sort of things?

Almost right when Will got back, David bolted to the bathroom without saying a word.  After David had left, Josh looked over at Roger wondering whether he would be next, but Roger looked as perplexed as Josh did. 

Just when Josh thought he was going to have to run to the bathroom too, though he was not sure what for, his cell phone rang.  The phone, which rang in his right shorts pocket, nearly scared him half to death.  Quickly, Josh fished out the phone to look at who was calling him.  It was Steven.  Suddenly, all other feelings washed away, replaced by the guilt of not remembering to call him for skipping dinner.

"Josh, hey there.  Are you coming over for dinner tonight?" Steven asked in that pleasant voice that seemed like it could never get angry.

"Umm..."  Josh said back into the phone.  He didn't know what to say.  "Will ordered some pizza after band practice, so I'm over here eating with them," Josh said apologetically.

"Hey, that's okay.  You enjoy dinner with your friends.  Don't worry about me.  Just don't get into too much trouble, okay?"  Steven said softly through the phone.

"Okay..."  Josh said feebly, for as Steven was saying those very words, he could see the two men pumping their penises into the women on the screen.  Josh could only hope Steven couldn't hear what was going on in the background.  Almost gladly, though Josh hardly ever hung up on Steven gladly, Josh put the phone back into his pocket.

"Who was that, your girlfriend or something?" Sam asked as the video came to an end and the screen went dark, much to Josh's relief.

Josh cringed internally, not knowing what to say. 

"Yea, it sounded like you were expected on a dinner date or something."  David added.

"Awe, isn't that cute, little Josh has a girlfriend."  Sam taunted. 

"He's not my girlfriend," Josh shouted, then realized the serious mistake he had made.

"He?  Damn Josh, didn't I say you needed to stay away from fucking faggots?  But you're just a little fucking faggot boy yourself, aren't you?"

Josh was quickly becoming hot with anger.  Who the fuck did Sam think he was anyways?  "It wasn't a date, you jerk.  And it's none of your business, so leave me alone!  I have to go home now."  Josh had had it, he was done.  He was sick of all the things Sam was saying and he had to get out.  Josh wasted no time, heading straight out the door.

"Hey Josh, wait up."  Will shouted, running down the stairs after Josh.

Josh debated on whether or not to stop, but Will hadn't really done anything wrong, and he didn't want to take his frustration out on him.  So Josh stopped before he got to the door and let Will catch up with him. 

"Hey Josh," Will said, catching his breath.  "Sam was way out of line back there.  He had no right calling you what he did when he didn't even know who was calling you.  It could have been your mom for all he knew.  He can be such an asshole sometimes."

"It's okay," Josh said quietly, now that his nerves had settled down a bit.

"No, it's not okay.  I don't know if I'm going to let him stay in the band after this.  He's been a real jerk lately, I don't know what's come over him.  Especially with the whole gay thing."  Will paused and put a hand on Josh's shoulder.  "He doesn't really think your gay, it just seems like he's been obsessed with it lately.  Anyways... I'm sure you have to get home now, so take it easy, alright dude?"

Josh could only nod his head.  After they had collected his things and he had got his shoes, Will showed him to the door, telling him when their next practice was.  Though Josh considered saying no for just a little bit, he still nodded his head. 

It was only when Josh left, and finally alone could he really begin to think rationally, about everything that had happened, and everything he had seen.  He simply couldn't believe Sam had shone them all those things, especially him and Roger.  Josh was almost overwhelmed with a colossal sense of guilt, knowing full well what they had done was wrong.  More than that though, it had been all the things Sam had said.  And the way Sam talked about gay people.  He even thought Steven, who had only been innocently checking in with him on the phone was gay.  But Josh knew there was no way Steven could be.

Or...? No.  Josh shook his head.  There was no way.  Just because Steven had said he loved him did not make him gay.  Besides, Josh knew Steven didn't love him like that.  Steven loved him because of his playing, and because of how they both felt about music.  He had said so himself.  But... Steven had kissed him... on the lips, and isn't that was Sam said gay people did? 

Now, in an even worse state than he had ever been at Will's house, Josh rushed home, hoping to outrun the demons that seemed to be chasing him down relentlessly from everywhere.